My Father's Son
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young woman discovers her father might have had a son with another woman.

"Are you sure you don't have a pencil with a better eraser?" Wendy asked as she furiously rubbed her neck with the short pencil eraser.

I looked up from my Elle magazine. "You're never going to get those off you know that right?"

Wendy stopped and lay the pencil down. She rolled her eyes at me. "This works, trust me. I've seen Kerri Michaels do it."

I laugh. "Since when did you start listening to Kerri Michaels?" I asked surprised that my best friend would pay attention to what the biggest school slut said.

Wendy pouted. "I don't know I just overheard her telling some of her friends that rubbing a pencil erases your hickeys."

I put my magazine down glared at my best friend. Wendy was the coolest friend anyone could have but sometimes she tended to be somewhat naïve. Here we were bored on a Saturday afternoon. Wendy had spent the night and was now regretting her little love moment with her "friend."

"It's not going to work. Stop it already. Look, if you want you can borrow one of my scarves. Your mom will never see the hickeys."

Wendy sighed and came over to sit down on the bed next to me. "This sucks Sara. I didn't think Marvin would do this to me. He knows how strict my mom is."

I try not to laugh. "Well ... what did you think he was doing when he was sucking on your neck? Trying to steal your blood?"

Wendy playfully grabs a pillow and hits me with it. "Shut up! I mean I knew I guess I just didn't think about the consequences."

She looks down for a moment. I saw tears pooling in her green eyes. I felt bad for laughing at her. Marvin was her on again and off again boyfriend.

"Look, its ok. Here," I got up and grabbed one of my many lightweight scarves and handed it to her. It's green and white and matches her eyes.

She hesitantly put it on but smiled once she had it on. She looked at herself in my full length mirror and pretended to pose for a picture.

"I must admit, this scarf looks fabulous on me," she beamed.

"Yes it does. Now just remember next time be careful with the hickeys."

She kept looking at herself in the mirror and fixing her long brown hair.

"So are you going to prom with Gabriel?"

I sat back down on my bed and shrugged. "I want to, but I don't think Gabriel is into me you know."

She rolled her eyes and fixed the scarf. "Yes he is! I mean do you see the way he looks at you? I mean his eyes are focused on you!"

"Well, then why hasn't he asked me out? We flirt a lot but he hasn't bothered to ask me on a date."

Wendy sighed and flopped on the bed. "Sara, this is not the 1950's. Why don't YOU ask him out?"

"I don't want to. Call me old fashion but I think a man asking a woman out is better."

She laughed. "Don't be such a prude. Just ask him out. I'm sure he'll get a boner."

I winced. "Ugh Wendy! Shut up!"

She laughs louder. "Sara, when are you going to lose your virginity? You're the only school senior that is still a virgin."

"I seriously doubt that Wendy."

"I can bet that you are!"


I thought about Gabriel. He was the one guy I was totally crushing on. I always got nervous around him and found myself blushing a lot. I kept wishing he'd have the balls to ask me out but he never did. I knew soon enough I would have to suck it up and ask HIM out.

Just then we heard the doorbell ring. Wendy jumped up and ran to answer the door. Even though it was my house, Wendy always liked to answer the phone or answer the door. She was weird like that.

I groaned and got up very slowly. My parents were out running their usual Saturday afternoon errands. When I got to the living room, Wendy was talking to someone. A male.

"Hey, who is it?" I asked as I approached the door.

I saw a tall dark haired guy with icy blue eyes at the door. He looked my age or slightly older. When our eyes met, I felt shivers.

"He's looking for you dad," Wendy announced. She had a huge smile on her red lips.

"Oh ... um he's not here," I said sounding timidly.

He stared at me more. My heart was pounding in my chest. This guy was taking my breath away.

"Ahem," Wendy said clearing her throat. "Yeah Mr. Evans isn't here so you want to leave a message?"

He looked away but then looked at me again. "Are you his daughter?" He asked me.

"Yes she is," Wendy answered for me.

He glared at me as if was studying me.

"Do you want to leave a message?" I asked in a squeaky voice.

"Um ... no I'll come back later." With that, he walked away fast and hopped into a black Camaro and sped off.

"Wow!" Wendy said closing the door. "WHO WAS THAT?"

I shrugged. "I don't know."

"Well, whoever that was ... oh my god! He's freaking hot!"

"Did he tell you why he was looking for my father?" I asked quietly.

"No, he just said is Edward Evans here? And I said no and then that's when you got here."

"Hmm ... I wonder why he was looking for my dad."

"He looks like a college guy. Maybe he wants an internship at the radio station?"

"That's probably it, but any interested parties have to go to the radio station. I don't know why he would come here."

"Maybe he wanted to speak to your dad directly so he can get the internship."

I thought about it for a moment. Wendy could be right about that but I doubted it. My father was a famous morning DJ at one of the cities rock stations. He was known as DJ EJ Evans. Edward James Evans. He had announced several weeks ago that he was looking for a possible partner host for his morning show. As soon as he announced it, his email was flooded and his phone rang constantly. He made to sure tell everyone that if they are interested, they should submit a tape recording of themselves and an application to the radio station.

"Well ... if he's a college guy then I'm even more interested in him," Wendy gushed.

"Hey, what about Marvin?"

She rolled her eyes. "What about Marvin? I'm in love Sara. So in love with this stranger!"

She went back to my room singing and dancing. I laughed and took another look outside the window to see if the stranger had come back but he was clearly gone and I was somewhat disappointed.

Wendy left before dinnertime. I told her to just keep the scarf on and tell her mother it is a fashion statement. My parents had picked up a pizza for dinner. I told my father right away about the stranger who came searching for him.

"I hope it wasn't a hopeful intern. You are already getting enough emails and phone calls about this internship. You don't need stalkers coming to the house now." My mother said.

"Don't think that way Annette. This young man was probably harmless."

"He didn't look dangerous dad," I said and thought about how hot the guy was. Did I just say he was hot?

"Well in any case, you should probably tell your boss about what all this internship has caused." My mom indicated.

"Annette, please don't worry about me. It'll be ok. If others come looking for me, then we'll have a problem." He takes a quick bite of his pizza and looks at me. My dad, with the pretty blue eyes that I didn't inherit. Instead I got my mother's soft brown eyes and dark hair. I liked to keep my hair short, just under my ears so I could just wash and go. My skin was sun kissed like my mom's too.

"Well we don't even know if he was looking for you for the internship. He didn't even leave a message dad. He just walked away and said he'll look for you another day."

"Hmm oh well," my dad said nonchalantly and went on enjoying his pizza. All I could do was think about the stranger.

A week passed until the stranger showed up again. It was Saturday evening and my father was watching TV and my mother and I were cleaning up the kitchen. We were talking about me possibly going to prom with Gabriel when the doorbell rang. I almost jumped at the sound of it.

"I'll get it," I announced.

I opened the door and saw the same sexy, mysterious stranger at the door. He looked at me and didn't speak at first.

"Oh ... you came back?" I asked. My heart was thumping loudly again.

"Y-yeah. Is ... Edward Evans here?" He asked and looked away. I felt he couldn't look me in the eye.

"Yeah ... um ... can I ask your name?"

Our eyes met. "My name is Jack," he said and looked away again.

"Ok Jack ... um do you want to come in?" I offered.

He nodded. "No I'm ok. I'll wait."

"Are you sure?" I smiled.

He just nodded again and looked away.

"Ok ... I'll go get my dad."

I left the door slightly ajar and went to get my father. He was in the middle of a laugh from watching a comedy sitcom. "Hey daddy, that guy is looking for you again."

My dad frowned and turned off the TV. He got up and went towards the door. I stood a few inches away from my father.

"Yes?" My father's deep voice boomed.

"Edward Evans?" I heard the young man.

"That's me," my dad said proudly.

"Can we ... talk? Alone?" He added when he saw me standing behind my father.

I quickly walked away. My dad went outside to talk to the young man. My mother and I were in the kitchen wondering what the stranger wanted.

"Did he say what he wanted?" My mother asked concerned.

"No mom, and I wasn't going to ask him because it's probably none of my business."

"You should have asked Sara. How do we know he's not some stalker?"

"I think we would have heard dad yell help by now."

"Not if he stabbed him as soon as he went out the door!"

We could hear voices. "I doubt that mom. I think they're talking."

My mom kept looking towards the door. "If he's not back in five minutes I'm going out there."

"Mom, just chill out. Let dad take care of this. I'm sure it's nothing. He's probably an aspiring DJ.

We waited five minutes. Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Finally after thirty minutes my dad walks back in the house. His usual cheerful face looks shocked.

"Dad? Are you ok?" I asked when I saw him.

"Edward? What's wrong?" My mom questioned.

My dad sighed and took a seat at the kitchen table. He looked spaced out.



He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at both of us. "That young man ... he claims he's my son."

My mother and I were both flabbergasted.

"Your son?" My mom asked angrily.

"I have a brother?" I asked happily.

"Annette, I don't know if he IS my son or not but he claims he is."

My father stood up and paced the kitchen floor.

"What do you mean? How could you have a son? Have you been cheating on me?" My mom asked lividly.

My father stopped and glared at my mom. "I would NEVER cheat on you. You know that."

"Well can you explain how you might possibly have a son then?" My mom demanded to know.

I listened intently. If my father did in fact have a son that would mean I wouldn't be an only child anymore. The thought of having a brother made my heart flutter. Don't ask me why it just made me feel somewhat ... happy.

"Look, you know that you and I married almost right away after meeting right?" My father asked my mother.

My mother nodded.

"Well ... a few weeks before I met you, I had met Debbie. Debbie was this waitress that worked at one of the bars I used to DJ at."

My mom listened carefully.

"Well ... one night Debbie and I ... well ... we ... um," My dad blushes and looks at me as if he doesn't want me to hear that he had sex with a woman named Debbie in his past.

"Ok so you slept with this Debbie woman so what?" My mom asked impatiently.

"Well ... supposedly she got pregnant but by that time I already landed a job with the radio station and I met you."

My dad had met my mother at the hospital where she had started working at. The radio station had a charity event going on to raise money for cancer. They were at the hospital giving t-shirts and door prizes to anyone who donated money. My mother was a nurse and as she was leaving from her shift, my dad saw her and claims he fell in love. My mother says she thought my father was a bit too cocky but eventually fell for him too. They married within two months, they got married and a month later, they made me. So while I was being made, Debbie was already at least four or five months pregnant with Jack.

"So ... Debbie tried to find me to let me know that she was pregnant but by that time, I was already planning to marry you. She didn't want to ruin our wedding plans so she never told me and raised Jack all by herself."

"Jack?" My mother asked.

"That's his name," my father mumbled.

I sat back, amazed by the story. I thought it was all pretty neat. My mother didn't think so.

"I can't believe this Edward! So now what does he want? Money?"

"Mom!" I snapped.

"Well? I mean he's come looking for him. Does he want child support that you never gave him?"

My dad's eyes flashed. "Annette, he didn't ask for any money. He just wanted to meet me. That's all."

"So that's it? He just wanted to say 'hi I'm your son Jack' and then be on his merry way?" My mom inquired.

"Pretty much," My dad answered.

"Ok so now we can go on with our lives?" My mom wondered.

"I guess so but I told him I'd like to get to know him."

My mother sighed. "Edward! Are you serious? I mean what if he isn't your son?"

"He's got blue eyes like dad," I blurted out.

My mom gave me a cold look. "So what? A lot of people have blue eyes."

"His lips look like dads and he has thick hair like dad too," I added.

"Sara, stop it," My mom warned.

"It's ok Annette. I asked to get to know him but he said he didn't want me to. He just wanted to meet me ok?" My dad spun around and walked out the room. He sounded hurt.

I stared at my mom who looked away. "He doesn't have proof that he's Edward's son."

"I know mom but I think maybe dad would like him to really be his son. It feels that way."

My mom rolled her eyes. "You and your father, both live in a fantasy world. It could all be a set up too. You know how popular your father is on the air and in real life."

"Mom, he's not a rock star or anything. He's only a DJ. I mean why would anyone lie about something like this?"

"Sara, this is a cruel world." With that, she got up and left the room leaving me feeling bad for hoping that Jack was indeed my father's son.

"Oh my god! You can't be serious? So you're telling me I have the hots for your brother?" Wendy asked eagerly. We were having lunch outside on the benches and this is the first thing she asks me after I tell her the whole story.

"Yeah ... I guess," I said quietly. "I don't know if he is my brother or not. I mean he just wanted to meet my dad and then just walk away and never talk to him again."

"You can't let him do that! I mean I'm totally in love with him. Go find him and tell him you're his sister and that you have a lonely and beautiful best friend who would like his company."

I laughed. "If it were only that easy Wendy. I can't force someone to do something they don't want to."

"Well I honestly don't think you should let it all end here. I mean you want a brother don't you? You always complained about how you hated being an only child. You always tell me how lucky I am to have a big family."

It was true. I envied Wendy for having so many brothers and sisters. She had four sisters and three brothers. She was the youngest and the only one living at home.

"I say, you should try to find him. Tell him that you'd like to know him because you are related," Wendy continued.

"I guess I could try but I don't know where to find him. All I know is his name is Jack and his mother's name is Debbie."

Wendy smiled. "Ask your father what Debbie's last name is or was."

"Maybe she got married and the man adopted Jack and who knows what Jack's last name would be now."

Wendy frowned. "Oh shucks that's right. Damn. You could still try though."

"I don't know," I said looking away. It would be nice to have a brother but would he want a sister? Maybe he was happy being an only child or maybe he had other siblings?

When I got home later that afternoon, I saw the black Camaro parked across the street. I got off my car and squint my eyes to make sure it was the same black Camaro that belonged to Jack.

I heard him start the car up but the car just made loud clacking noise. Car trouble it seemed. I walked towards him and he tried harder to turn it on but was unsuccessful. I approached the car and he cursed and slammed his hand on the steering wheel.

"Um ... hi. Jack right?" I asked as I leaned into the car.

He turned slowly and his icy blue eyes glared at me. "Yeah."

"I'm Sara," I said extending my hand. "I hear we might be related."

Jack looked away. "I guess." He didn't bother to shake my hand.

"So ... were you needing to talk to my dad?" I asked.

"I was ... but I changed my mind."

"Oh ... so I see you're having car trouble."

He sighed as if I was annoying him. "Yeah I guess I am. Excuse me," he said warning me before he opened the door. I stepped aside and let him step out. He was a lot taller than me.

He popped his hood open and began to check on the car.

"Did you need for me to call a mechanic?" I asked.

"No," he snapped.

"Are you sure? My best friend's dad is a mechanic and I could call him."

"No! I don't need you to do anything but leave me alone!" He barked at me.

I was taken back. "I was only trying to help," I said softly.

"Well, I don't need your help ok? Just go!" He lowered his voice and went back to fiddling with his car.

I felt anger rise but I wanted to keep my cool. I spun around and headed back inside my house. Something made me turn before I opened the door to the house. I saw Jack's blue eyes from a distance looking at me. He quickly turned back to the car.

Once inside the house my hands were trembling. Why had he been so rude to me? I was only trying to help. If he was mad at my father for never supporting him, then that was between them it wasn't my fault!

I felt angry tears form in my eyes.

"Don't cry..." I warned myself. I hated crying. I went to my room and threw my backpack on the bed. I paced the room and felt tears run down my face. I took a few deep breaths until I had calmed down.

Here I was so excited about having a brother and turns out he didn't even care I could possibly be related to him. Maybe my mother had been right. What if he did want money from my father? He obviously had car trouble. It looked like a 1980's Camaro but what did I know about cars?

I let my body fall onto my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I kept thinking how different my life would have been if I'd had a sibling. Maybe I wouldn't have liked it? But deep down I knew I would have loved it. I didn't care. I would have loved to have had a brother or sister. Being an only child tended to get so lonely.

I looked out the window and saw that the Camaro was still there only Jack had left. He'd probably gone off to call someone for help. Why hadn't he accepted my help?

I almost jumped up when I heard the doorbell ring. I groaned and got up from bed and went to answer the door. Jack stood before me looking somewhat embarrassed.

"Hey ... um look I'm sorry I was an asshole ok?"

I just listened.

"Um ... you said you knew a mechanic right?"

I nodded.

"Could you ... possibly get in touch with him? My car is completely dead. I thought I would be able to fix it but I can't."

I glared at him. "Don't ever yell at me like that again ok?"

He looked down. "Yeah ... ok. I'm sorry."

"You want to ... come in?" I asked quietly.

His eyes met mine. I felt my breath being taken away. I had to look away.

"Y-yeah. I mean if that's ok?"

I stepped aside and let him in. I knew I might be taking a chance letting a complete stranger into the house but he seemed harmless. Besides, he might be my brother.

"Have a seat," I offered him a seat in the living room. He sad on the recliner my dad usually sat on when he watched his comedy sitcoms.

"That's my dad's favorite seat. Maybe you two are related," I joked.

He stood up right away and sat on the other couch.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to piss you off again," I apologized.

He shrugged. "It's ok. You didn't. I just don't like sitting in people's favorite chairs that's all."

He was a horrible liar. Just like my dad.

"You want something to drink?" I offered.

"Just some water if you got any," he mumbled.

"Of course we have water. What do you think? We don't pay our utilities?" I joked again and he didn't laugh. Oh boy this was going to take some time. "I guess you'd like watered bottle huh?"

He shrugged. "Don't matter."

"Ok. I'll be right back. I'm going to call my friends dad so he can take a look at your car ok?"

He nodded.

I went off to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. My mother was always buying them for when she went to the gym to work out. I looked through my parents little phone book they kept by the phone in the kitchen and called up Wendy's dad. He said he was a lot of work today but would stop by after seven. I only hoped Jack would stick around that long. I came back with two bottles one for him and one for me.

"Here you go," I said handing him his bottle and I took a seat on my dad's recliner.

"Thanks," he said and drank all the water within seconds.

I looked at him and he caught me looking. I quickly began to open up my bottled water.

"My friend's dad will be here around seven if you don't mind hanging out for a while?"

"I don't mind," he said shyly.

I felt myself smile a little.

"So ... um how did you find out about my father possibly being your father?"

He closed the empty water bottle and put it on the coffee table. "I asked my mom. She didn't want to tell me at first but I thought I deserved to know who he was. At first she lied me, you know. She said that Mick Jagger was my dad."

I almost spit my water out. I couldn't help but laugh. "She told you that? And you believed her?"

"I was ten years old at the time. I wanted to believe her too. I mean who wouldn't want Mick Jagger as their father right? I knew he slept around a lot and my mom told me she saw the Rolling Stones in concert and that Mick saw her and invited her backstage. So she told me he was my father and that she tried to tell him but he ignored her and denied being my father."

I laughed more. "So then what happened?"

"Well one time we were in Houston just looking around in the Galleria mall and guess who we run into?"

"Mick?" I asked excitedly.

He nodded. "Exactly. He was shopping with his wife. They had just come out of Tiffany's and they were holding hands. The paparazzi were all over the place. You should have seen it. It was a mad house!"

"So then what happened?" I asked curiously.

He laughed a little. His laugh, so deep and soft. I loved it right away. "I let go of my mom's hand and went running towards him. No one stopped me since I was a kid you know. So then I grab Mick's arm and yell out "daddy!"

I started laughing so hard it was getting hard for me to breath.

His smile grew wider as he told the story. I noticed how he had a nice smile just like my father's.

"What did Mick say?"

"He looked at me as if I were crazy! His wife was like 'huh?' and my mom was red in the face."

I laughed more. "Oh my god! I bet that was embarrassing!"

"Yeah tell me about it. I told Mick that my mom told me he was my dad and that I wanted to go live with him and have him marry my mom so we could be a big happy family."

I was panting for air. I couldn't help laughing so much.

Jack laughed now. "So then ... Mick goes over to my mother and he asks her 'lady? Have you been telling this young man that I'm his father?"

"My mom was beyond embarrassed. She just nodded yes and looked down. Paparazzi were having a field day taking pictures. Mick sighed and told my mom "can you please clear that up with the boy. As much as I would love to have fathered him, I'm not his daddy."

I finally caught my breath. "Aww no. So then what happened?"

"In front of the whole paparazzi, Mick and his wife, my mom had to tell me the truth that he was in fact not my father. I started crying like a baby. I dropped down to the floor and cried hard."

"Oh no!" I said sadly but still couldn't help laughing.

"Yeah it was horrible. But the good thing about it was that Mick signed my t-shirt that I was wearing at the time. It was a Transformers t-shirt too," he paused and scoffed. "I still have it actually."

I thought that was one of the coolest stories I had ever heard.

"Wow! That is pretty neat! I'd like to see that t-shirt sometime..." I stopped for a moment. "I mean if that's ok?"

He shrugged. "I guess it'll be ok."

"So then when did your mother finally tell you who your real daddy was?" I asked.

"Not until about a year ago. I had just started driving and I turned on the radio to hear my favorite morning show, which is the one he hosts. I saw my mother looking uncomfortable. Then she said to me that the man on the radio was my father. I thought she was playing with me again like the Mick Jagger incident but she started crying and told me the whole story."

Our eyes met again. My heart pounded. Just then my father arrived. He always got home a little after when I got out of school. He paused in the door way when he saw Jack and I talking.

"Oh ... I didn't know you were here."

I wasn't sure if my father was talking about me or Jack.

"Hey daddy. Jack's Camaro went kaput so I already called Mr. Jennings to come over later to take a look at it."

My father's eyes met my possible brother. "Hello Jack," my father said timidly.

"Hey Mr. Evans," Jack said and looked down.

"Have you two eaten yet? I can go get something to eat for us. You're mother will be home in about another hour."

"No I'm ok Mr. Evans," Jack said right away.

I could see the hurt in my father's eyes. He was trying his hardest to be nice.

"Are you sure Jack? I mean Mr. Jennings won't be here for another few hours. I think you're going to get hungry," I said calmly.

Jack looked at me and then at my father. "Yeah ... ok I guess I mean if it's not an inconvenience."

"Never," my father said right away. I could see the glow on his face as he looked at the person that could possibly be his son.

My father joined us. It was a little uncomfortable at the beginning but then Jack seemed to open up. I learned things about my possible brother. I learned he loves rock music. He's got all of the Rolling Stones CD's and videos. He also loves Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and The Sex Pistols. He likes other music too like Alice in Chains, Aerosmith, AC/DC ... also enjoyed other music like The Smiths, Depeche mode ... and the list goes on and on. I learned he bought his Camaro from his uncle who likes to work on older cars. I learned his goes to school across town from me and that he's only five months older than me. I didn't urge him to tell my father the Mick Jagger story because I wanted that to be something we shared with each other. I don't know why I wanted it that way. I also learned he wants to be in the music business. Not in a band but maybe a DJ like my father. I listened to his voice and it definitely belonged on the air. He had this soothing deep voice that someone could listen to for hours. He would be attending community college in the fall and major in radio and television. I saw my father's proud face when he mentioned about radio.

"I'd like to take you on a tour to the radio station if you let me," my father suggested.

I saw Jack's eyes light up. "Yeah? That would be awesome."

I sat back watching the men talk. I loved how my father communicated with his possible son. We were having a great time until my mother got home...

She walked in wearing her workout gear since she went to the gym right after work. Her face fell when she saw Jack.

"Oh ... good evening," she said trying to sound polite.

Jack stood up looking nervous. "Good evening Mrs. Evans."

"I didn't know we were having a guest tonight," my mother sounded terse.

She looked at my father and then at me for some type of explanation.

"Well ... Jack's car broke down so I'm having Wendy's dad come take a look at it. He'll be here around seven."

My mom nodded. "Um Edward can I talk to you in the kitchen please?"

I saw my father slowly get up and follow my mother into the kitchen. I knew my mom was pissed off.

"Can you excuse me?" I asked Jack.

"Yeah no problem."

I went into the kitchen to make sure my mother wouldn't go off on my father. When I got there sure enough she was livid.

"Why is he here? Why did you invite him in?"

"Whoa mom, it wasn't dad it was me. I invited him in. His car broke down."

"What a coincidence that his car was on our street right?" My mom said angrily.

"Mom, please. Don't be so mad. Look, I'm sorry. I just felt bad for him. He was stuck ok? I wanted to help."

My mother glared at me. "What if he would have raped you or killed you? What then?"

I was shocked. "Seriously mom?"

"Annette, don't say that. He's my son ok?"

My mother was shocked by my father's words. "How do you even know he's your son? Have you had a paternity test? Huh?" My mother raised her voice.

"Shh..." I warned.

"Don't shush me," my mother argued. "I'm serious Edward. If you want this young man coming around you better ask to get a paternity test. I'm not dealing with someone else's kid if I don't know for sure he is yours."

My father clenched his jaw. "You can't be serious Annette. I know he's my son. I just know it."

"I want proof," my mom insisted.

My dad hesitated. "C'mon Annette. I can't ask him for that."

My mom crossed her arms. "Why not? Don't you want to know for sure?"

I could tell my dad didn't care if this young man was his son or not. He just wanted a son figure I know he did. He loved me dearly, but every father wants a son. And I wanted a brother so neither of us cared.

"I just can't ask him for this. He might get upset and then never come back," my father explained carefully.

My mother frowned. "You seriously want to take care of a boy who probably isn't your own?"

My father shrugged.

"Then I'm moving out," my mother shot back.

My father's eyes widened. "You can't be serious Annette! You're leaving because of this?"

Even I was dumbfounded by what my mother had just said.

"Well ... if you don't want to lose your wife you will do the paternity test. That's all I ask for. If he is indeed your son I will accept him with open arms I promise," my mother promised sincerely.

My father looked at me and then at my mother. "That might mean seeing Debbie again. I'm going to have to tell her about the test too. She can't be left out."

My mother sighed. "Well if you do have to see that woman, then I'm going to be there with you. She might try to seduce you."

My father laughed. "Oh Annette she wouldn't. Even if she did..." My father walked towards her and put his arms around her. "I saw you and fell for you. I married you not her."

My mother forced a smile. "That's true."

"So ... are we still having dinner with my possible brother?" I asked anxiously.

My mother raised a brow and looked at my father. "Dinner?"

My father squirmed. "Yeah. I thought we could order something and he can eat with us while we wait for Edgar." Edgar, which is Wendy's father's name.

My mother shrugged. "I guess so. I'm going to take a shower. But remember, after dinner you're going to ask for a paternity test."

My father hesitated to agree. "Fine. I will."

"You promise?" My mother asked.

My father turned to walk about to the living room. "I promise..." His voice trailed off.

During dinner, silence mostly filled the table. We had ordered some Chinese food, my father's favorite and from the looks of it, it was Jack's favorite too. My mother kept her head down and mostly played with her food.

I stole glances at my possible brother. I noticed how long his fingers were and how he chewed on his food. I noticed his pale pink lips, his long eyelashes, the hair on his arms and his strong hands. I kept wondering if they would be warm on my skin ... then I remembered he could possibly be related to me and I went back to eating my dinner.

Mr. Jennings came as promised. He was outside with Jack and my father looking trying to fix the car. I stared from the window in my room. They were talking and joking as if they've all known each other for years.

I heard my phone ring and saw it was Wendy calling me. I smiled and answered.

"So I hear your super hot brother is having car trouble huh?"

"Yes, Jack is having car trouble. Thanks to your dad, he can get the car running tonight."

"I wish I could have gone over with my dad. I wanted to take another look at Jack. Mmm, mmm, mmm. I must say you and I can be sister in laws some day. I tell you, since I saw Jack I wanted to marry him and have like ten babies with him."

I laughed. "I bet you would."

"Well ... he is hot don't you think?"

Wendy waited for my answer.

"He's good looking ok. He might be my brother so eww I can't say he's hot."

"You can admit it right now if you want since you really don't know if you got the same blood going on."

"Whatever Wendy," I laughed.

"Anyway, you got Gabriel to think about right? Your dream man. The man you masturbate to every night."

I cringed. "Yeah ... whatever you say. I gotta get going. I'll see you in school tomorrow."

"Ok, bye and give a big kiss to your brother for me." She giggled and hung up.

A big kiss? The thought made my heart race. I went back to looking out my window. It was funny that Wendy mentioned Gabriel, because for a second I was saying to myself "Gabriel? Gabriel who?" As I stared at Jack.

I heard Jack's car roar as he started it up. I was glad to know Mr. Jennings had fixed it. The men stood outside taking for a while long. I decided to go out there to say good bye to Jack before he left.

As I approached, I heard AC/DC playing loudly. Shook me all night long, which was one of my dad's favorite songs. They were laughing and talking as I approached.

"Hey, you got it fixed," I said over the loud music.

Jack reached in the car to turn the radio down. "Huh ... oh yeah. It wasn't anything big but since I don't know much about cars ... well makes me look dumb."

My father laughed. "Don't say that. I don't know anything about cars, but how to change a tire."

"Well I better get going now. The wifey's going to wonder why I'm taking so long," Mr. Jennings said.

"Thank you Edgar. I appreciate you helping my son out."

I was surprised to hear my father say "son" as if it was the most natural thing in the world to say.

"Thank you Mr. Jennings," I said.

"How much do I owe you?" Jack asked opening up his wallet.

"No charge son. Just remember to keep checking on that battery. You'll probably need a new one really soon."

"Ok will do," Jack responded.

Mr. Jennings left and it was only my father, my possible brother and I left. It was starting to get really dark out. My father looked at his watch. "I better get going. I have to take a shower and head on to bed. As you know my show starts at five in the morning."

"Yeah I understand," Jack said sounding slightly disappointed.

"You can come visit anytime," My father said and slowly walked back into the house.

Once my father was out of sight, I was alone with my possible brother. "So ... now you got your car running. I bet you're happy huh?" It was stupid to say but I didn't know what else to say.

"Yeah," he replied and then silence. The only noise was the music playing faintly from his car.

"Well ... I better go," he said. He turned and I don't know what made me do it, but I put my hand on his arm. His arm felt strong. He turned to look at me.

"I have to do this if you don't mind. Since we are possibly related. I need to do this." Then I wrapped my arms around him. He felt warm, strong, and I could smell car parts on him.

It took him a few seconds to digest it all but then he hugged me back. We held each other for a few seconds before I broke our embrace.

"I just had to do that ... bro." I said happily.

I smiled. "Ok sis."

My heart fluttered.

"I guess I'll go now," he said hesitantly.

"When will you be back?" I asked desperately.

He stammered. "Uh ... tomorrow I mean if you want."

"Of course I want!" I said a little too eager.

He laughed. That same low smooth laugh. "Ok then I'll stop by tomorrow."

He got in his car and blasted his music. He looked out the window and flashed me a sweet smile. He waved goodbye and sped off. I watched feeling somewhat heartbroken that he'd left.

When I stepped in the house I could hear my parents arguing. I rolled my eyes wondering what was going on now.

"I can't believe you forgot! You promised that you would!"

"Well I'm sorry Annette, ok? Next time I see him I'll bring it up right away ok? Does that make you happy?"

I had almost forgotten too. My father was supposed to have asked Jack if he's willing to do a paternity test.

"I swear you don't listen to me. I ask you to do something for me and you completely ignore me!" My mother was beyond livid.

"Annette, I said I'm sorry. I'll ask him next time," My dad said calmly.

My mom narrowed her eyes at him. "Good. If you don't ... then I will!" With that she slammed the bedroom door shut leaving my father to sleep on the couch.

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