The Perfect Storm for Little Miss Virgin
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It was too much for Little Miss Virgin to ignore. She had to do it now. Right Now. Her fingers found the sweet spot and soon she was spinning in a mist of euphoric release. She hoped her silent admirer was watching from across the courtyard. She twisted her naked body to give him a good view of the cream between her legs. The knock on the door made her heart beat fast and she sprayed her juice onto the pristine white carpet.

The pretty young girl couldn't wait any longer. She had to do something to relieve her terrible itch. It was really too much. She was at her breaking point. Her juices had to flow. They had to start running right now.

She wanted it this very instant without further delay.

Her girlfriend Tiffany was supposed to meet her for a film after dinner. She could not make it and so Little Miss Virgin had to go alone. It was not fun alone even though she enjoyed the film about a girl who finds her true love on a tennis court. She was counting on Tiffany to take her edge off with non-stop kisses in the darkened theater. Tiffany knew her pussy geography like the back of her hand.

The ability of her BFF to bring her to a very satisfying release with just a few twists of her talented wrists never ceased to amaze Little Miss Virgin. It took her forever and a day to do it alone.

Then the guy she picked up at the coffee bar was so drunk he passed out on the tram on the way to her apartment. She was so upset she just left him sitting there with the stupid look on his face.

It was really getting too late to find a substitute to bring her off without worrying about being pressured to give up her cherry. She wanted to keep it a while longer just in case she met a guy that had to have that old school seal of purity to come through with a marriage offer.

The coffee bar guy was a sure bet. He promised to lick her and finger her front and back and suck her pretty little nipples until they stood out nice and hard. She really liked that a lot. All she had to do was jerk him until he shot his creamy load. It seemed like a good deal to her. He was nice and safe because he was wearing a wedding ring and she could see he had an erection the entire time she talked to him.

As usual, the elevator was out of order again.

When she reached her floor, Little Miss Virgin paused in front of Apartment 303. This was Nick's apartment. He was a really nice older man and he always opened the front door for her. She toyed with the idea of asking Nick to rub her pussy until she was able to release her juices. It was true he was older than she liked in a man, but he did have nice teeth and a sweet smile on his face all the time. Then, she thought better of it. It would be far too embarrassing if he declined her offer. He might be not interested in girls or just plain asexual. No, it was too dangerous. Her ego might be crushed.

She really wished Tiffany was here to take a shower with her. Tiffany would be sure to go down on her knees and start Little Miss Virgin's pussy purring like a kitten.

As soon as she locked the door behind her, Little Miss Virgin shed all of her clothes. She wanted to be open to the air all over. She wanted her skin to breathe without restrictions of any kind. She skipped down the hallway and into the living room. The young 18 year old girl could see her reflection in the full length mirror. Her hair was swinging to and fro. Her body was nubile and ready for sex. Little Miss Virgin put her hands over her breasts and twisted her nipples hard. She fell to her knees and panted like a runner at the end of a long run. She saw her ass sticking up high in the air and used the palm of her hand to spank her ass cheek with a loud slapping noise.

Little Miss Virgin was whimpering now. The feeling of being a naughty girl made her pussy lips start to brim over a little bit. She wanted to be a bad girl. She wanted to be punished for being a bad girl. A thought flashed into her mind. Maybe Mr. Nick in 303 would give her a good spanking if she asked him very politely. She started to slide her fingers up and down her slit thinking about Mr. Nick holding her over his knee and administering a harsh correction to her slutty ass. Little Miss Virgin knew she needed to be punished badly.

She remembered the last time she had been corrected in the motorcycle clubhouse with all the men watching her get a good spanking on her bare ass. Her boss and his brother had taken her there to display to the other rough men. After the spanking, the boss's brother rubbed his 9 inch cock in between her ass cheeks and shot his load on her back. She was so humiliated when the men laughed at all the sticky cum on her back and ass cheeks. The best thing about it was that nice sized cock had made her have a very satisfactory orgasm at least twice as she was bent over the table in full view of nearly twenty men.

Her boss was actually her step-uncle so it was not really incest for him to have his sexual pleasure by using her body. Both he and his younger brother were very careful not to violate her virginal privacy. He often spanked her in front of others to make his point when she was naughty. Little Miss Virgin had to admit it was all very exciting and she almost always had a nice orgasm before it was over.

Little Miss Virgin's hand was rubbing her slit faster now. She was vibrating her thumb roughly all over her delicate and sensitive clit as her fingers slid easily into her tight wet opening. She could not help but shudder whenever the tip of her fingers touched her hymen tissue. The pretty little girl with delicious pouting lips and sharp pointed nipples knew she would be happy when her cherry was finally plucked by her knight in shining armor.

She removed her fingers from her pussy and looked at them. She could see her reflection in the mirror. A pretty young girl with her ass up high looking at dripping fingers in front of her face. Little Miss Virgin sniffed her fingers. Her sex scent was overpowering. She slowly opened her puffy cock-sucking lips and put the wet fingers inside her mouth. Her taste buds came alive at the memory of sex juice. Almost with a will of its own her tongue began to lick each and every finger and she sucked the liquid into her throat and down into her tummy.

She saw in the mirror her saliva dripping hand go back to her ass cheeks. She watched as this time her fingers began to probe with a practiced ease the darkened crack of her sensuous bottom. Her sensitive anus was quivering in anticipation. Little Miss Virgin knew that one or two of her fingers sliding deep into her pucker hole never failed to bring the desired juices flowing out of her tight little pussy slit.

Her body was beginning to shake with repressed emotion.

Little Miss Virgin could hear a female voice pleading for release from the torture of unfulfilled sexuality. It sounded so intense. It was exciting to her ears. She looked but there was no one else present in the room.

She realized with sudden arousal that the female was none other than she alone. Crying for the ultimate penetration. Panting in sexual exhaustion for the quick, painful, final entry that would release her into a world of flesh slapping conjugal bliss and the pleasures of a fully varied sex life.

Her fingers had worked their magic.

Little Miss Virgin quickly moved her hand to her sensitive clit and frigged furiously. It could not be stopped now. The waves of orgasmic release started to convulse her all over her body. She saw how she quivered and quaked in the mirror. It spurred her into a series of vaginal squirting that saturated the towel underneath her. She had learned from experience to protect the lush carpet from her sticky secretions.

She stretched out and lay flat on her face on the floor. Now and then, another convulsion would rack her slender beautiful body in an erotic dance of physical satisfaction.

When she stood up, her naked body was reflected in the full length mirror. Little Miss Virgin was ready to take a nice shower. First, she stretched up high on her tippy-toes. A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that a couple of her admirers across the courtyard were using their binoculars to bring her body into full view. She knew they probably did not see her masturbating on the floor but with the right angle could easily watch her in the mirror on the wall.

She started into her sensuous dance routine accentuating the bounce of her full breasts and the roll of her erotic hips and rear end. Every now and then, she bent over and touched the floor with the palms of her hands. Little Miss Virgin knew her ass cheeks spread apart when she did that and her fans could see not only her tiny little brown pucker hole, but they could see the pink inside of her beautiful shaved pussy.

The young girl with the heart-shaped ass hoped her audience was taking advantage of her display to whip out their aroused cocks and stroke them to the beat of her music drifting across the courtyard. Maybe Mr. Nick was there watching her. Little Miss Virgin thought of Mr. Nick's cock being stroked and could almost feel the spray of creamy cum land all over her back and legs. She shivered in delight and released a fresh spurt of pussy juice onto the towel beneath her feet. She could feel the liquid run down the inside of her naked legs

Little Miss Virgin padded on her bare feet into the shower.

She was purring like a little kitten.

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