Chapter 1: Dana's story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Slut Wife, Violent, School,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Dana's story - After Dan's Cheating Wife left him, he went into Business

My name is Dana Woodruff-Patterson, I'm 45 years old. I recently moved back to my old home town in Royal Oak, Michigan. The move was a chance to restart my life for the third time and maybe get over some of the stupid things I've done. I'm going to be teaching history at the community college here in town. A few years ago, I never would have accepted this type of position because I thought that I was destined for academic greatness. I was going to write papers and books and turn the world of history on its ear. Not!!

I didn't come to this delusion alone. I was led down the primrose path, kicking and screaming away from what I now know to be a great life, by people I believed to be of superior intellect and character. I wanted to be like them so badly that I turned my back on everything good in my life. And far too late I found out that they were just using me. As smart as I wanted to believe I was, I was just dumb pussy to them. I guess out in California they're probably still laughing at me now. After 6 years, I'm forced to slink my ass back home to try and pick up the pieces and move on. So that's why I'm here.

Before we get too far let me describe myself. I'm fairly short at barely 5 feet tall. I have short straight brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm kind of thick. I'm not fat, but curvy. I guess my best features are probably my legs. If I say so myself, they're beautiful. They're thick, toned and just ever so muscular. I'm dynamite in a short skirt. That was what had first attracted my ex-husband to me and also unfortunately, what attracted my professors to me and lured me away from my happy marriage.

Speaking of the ex, he's been on my mind a lot lately. Leaving him was of course the biggest, stupidest mistake I ever made. Not that I had much choice. Nope, I'm sure you've heard the story a million times. Happily married couple, she goes back to work or in my case, back to school. While she's there she discovers more excitement with a new class of people. She discovers what was missing in her previously happy marriage and is seduced by the dark side. She ends up screwing the boss or in my case, the head of the college history department. He then promises to help her realize her potential and assume her destiny as a doctor or a lawyer or an Indian Chief. In my case, I was destined to be a brilliant historian, and he was going to lead me to academic success at a level I could never reach with my boring old husband. And naturally he also led me straight into his bed.

At first, it was just the thrill of illicit sex with a man I believed to be brilliant. Then he told me I needed to broaden my horizons sexually as well as intellectually. Then, of course, my husband found out and kicked me out on my cheating ass. I can still remember the day he and his PI cornered us in the professor's office, and served me my divorce papers.

The professor said something really stupid, and Dan grabbed him by his throat. He looked at him and then just put him down, and actually apologized. I knew at that moment that he really was the smarter man. I couldn't even bring myself to look him in the eye after seeing how I'd broken his heart.

He refused to have anything to do with me. He never spoke to me again. He didn't even go to court. He just gave me everything and disappeared. None of our old, or should I say, his old friend's would forward him any messages or have anything to do with me either. The college did fire my old professor and settled out of court with Dan. The professor and I moved on. I had no other choice. There was nothing left here for me.

Once we settled in California, I noticed that the professor started passing me around to some of his colleagues. "All in the name of career advancement," he'd tell me. After a few years of it, it just became the norm. After a while I started to feel more like a "his-whore-ian," than a historian. Then I noticed that a lot of the other historians got the best teaching assignments, or research grants. They got them due to their hard work or their intellect and all I got was fucked, in more ways than one.

I guess it was too late by the time I paid attention to the fact that there was never any tenderness or emotion in the act. It was just the thrill of strange sex, and I started to crave more than that. I was shocked to find out that the professor had no intention of ever marrying me. He actually told me that I was not the type of woman that men married. That I needed more sex and more variety than any man could give me. Meanwhile no one ever really just kissed me, held me, or did things with me just to spend time with me. In short no one cared about me at all. It was always just, "Hey you're really smart, bend over and spread em."

The final straw was when I came out of the shower after screwing one of the professor's septuagenarian friends and overheard them talking about me. It seems that I was not really on their intellectual level. In fact according to them, I wasn't smart enough to teach history in high school, let alone college.

I spent a lot of time crying after that, and I had to make some hard choices. I couldn't sue the school or anyone because everything I'd done was voluntary. The professor wasn't married, but he did actually have a long time relationship with a physics professor in England. She didn't care who he screwed as long as he came home when she called him. In short, for bringing up the issue anyway, I was dismissed. They did agree not to taint my record with a notice about the issue though, so I could seek employment elsewhere.

That brings me home to Royal Oak. The community college here is really nice. Though not a majorly important academic institution, it gets the job done for the people it serves. My classes begin in 3 days, so this Friday afternoon finds me riding my bike around the campus to get the lay of the land.

As I passed an outdoor cafe, I looked across the street and saw 2 cars that had appeared to be racing stop at a light. The cars were two similar looking Mustang GTs. One was a red convertible with black trim; the other was a black coupe with red trim. The driver of the black car got out at the same time as the other driver. At first I thought there was going to be a fight or at least a yelling match.

They meet between the cars as the traffic behind them waited for the light to change. The driver of the red car was a striking young woman. The other driver kissed her as they met. What a kiss. They both put their entire souls into it as if they might never see each other again. I smiled, remembering how that felt, and how long it had been since anyone felt that way about me. The driver of the red car, the girl, now that I could see her face, was beautiful. She was about 5' 1', and slender, but curvy. During the past few years I'd experimented with women a couple of times, and though I wasn't really bi or gay, I'd do her.

She had long tawny hair, and big innocent looking eyes. From my distance I couldn't make out their color, but her facewas glowing. She had that glow that only women in true love ever get. That glow transcends mere concepts of physical beauty and attractiveness. She pulled the baseball cap off of the other driver, and held out her hand. He gave her his jacket, and she put the jacket on and the hat on backwards and stepped into the cafe throwing her keys to the valet. Among the cacophony of horns from other drivers as the light changed, the other driver turned around and got back into his car. As he sped off, I noticed that he's at least twice her age, though he's in incredible shape. I stood there with my mouth agape and stared as his car disappeared. Now I'm sure he's at least twice her age because he's the same age as I am. I no longer need to wonder about the whereabouts of my ex-husband and soul mate, I've found him. What the hell was going on with him and that girl?

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