Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Ice Woman, an uptight religious tease, changes to a willing, submissive woman, after finding love and something...more.

She was a stunning "babe," head to toe, a beautiful, magnificent feminine goddess. Arlene was hot enough for Playboy or any other magazine of that ilk to publish. She stood about 5' 7," 125 lbs., slender, lithe, a muscular, athletic body.

She was ladylike, though, and very nubile. Her light brown/blonde shoulder length hair complemented her electric blue eyes, brilliant white teeth and soft, cherry pink, cupid bow lips. She looked much younger than her age. Her shape, a perfect hourglass showcasing big, firm breasts, a tiny waist, wide low slung hips and strong, smooth, shapely legs. She was very fit, doing aerobics, running, tennis, volleyball and the sport she excelled at, softball.

She was the rare woman who could not only hit the ball, but also hit to all fields with power She threw accurately on the run. Many men and women on opposing teams had underestimated the bat speed she generated. Even more were thrown out trying to run on her arm. She could catch, hit with power, hoover up' hard hit balls, throwing accurately to bases, and was unafraid of bad bounces.

When she turned around, though, her most arresting feature became visible. She had the most beautifully shaped, twitchy, rippling, mesmerizing, heart-stopping ass. It was by far the most spectacular ass you ever had the pleasure of watching. Those strong shapely legs caused her smooth, firm, cheeks to stretch out her clothes just so, and when walking, moved hypnotically. She usually wore baggy outfits but she wore form-fitting clothes occasionally.

Her ass moving with every step was a thing of beauty. Watching her walk caused you to pause to marvel at her. Her cheeks moved up and down just so ... and the sway of her hips moved them just so ... It was impossible not to notice the magic her walk did with her ass. Some guys got hard watching it, and many men ogled her openly, but she ignored their attention, both the ones who asked her out, and the crude ones that made nasty comments about her nubile beauty. She was not unaware of what she did to men, but she was not interested. She dated, but just a very few men got her phone number.

A regular churchgoer, stopping just short of proselytizing and being the obnoxious religious freak, she was glad to quote the Bible regularly to anyone. There were lots of stunned-by-her-beauty, dazed men who hung around her and pretended to listen. They were all looking at her sexy ass or her stiff nipples and adjusting their hard-ons.

Arlene was focused on one thing. Finding Mr. Right, her soul mate ... the yin and yang. Her husband. She knew he was out there, the One who would ring her bell, a man to give her love to. She just knew there would be a man of her faith that would take her, as her lover and her husband. Those men that she thought might have qualities her husband should have, those men were brought under her intense focus and the ones she researched and pursued. She pored judiciously over data in her pursuit of those men she deemed eligible. Her standoffish attitude and responses to the men who hung around her did not dissuade most of them. They hung around, just in case.

Arlene was focused on finding the one ... heedless to other men. She would speak to them only to invite them to church or give them one of her lectures on morality and religion. Some of them responded to her church invite, but all got the same crap. Some were lucky and met a nice woman at the church and disappeared from sight.

(Most men do not realize the sheer numbers and availability of women at various churches. You have to wade through a lot of fluff, but the sweet beauty is there.)

She was sure that she had found the man she wanted at the first softball game in her second season with her friend Rhonda's team. Her team had a new left fielder.

She was transfixed, staring at him; she knew this man was different. In practice he ranged around left field, taking flies and whipping the ball to home on a rope. In the game he seemingly drifted to the perfect spot to catch fly balls then make the throw. He threw out a runner trying to take home on a sac fly. He hit effortlessly in the gaps, driving in runs and getting on base. She marveled at him being quick, but not seeming to be that fast.

When he was introduced to her at the team huddle, his gaze and an electric, tingling jolt of pleasure transfixed her body centered on her clitoris, as she shook his hand. Her nipples popped, a warm glow spread in her loins and she felt the wetness in her vagina and knew it was leaking and soaking her panties. She gasped slightly, as she realized she was going to orgasm whether she wanted to or not. She wanted. It felt too good not to enjoy it. Her vision dimmed, as the pleasure took her awareness away except for the warmest pleasure.

He extricated his hand from hers and the pleasure faded. She inhaled quickly with a little squeak and then groaned aloud, not wanting the pleasure to end.

She realized where she was then, snapping back to her ice queen persona, she lost her legs and her balance. He quickly and firmly gripped her, and she fell into him. She felt the strength of his grip and his warm cock against her body and pleasure bloomed again from his touch in her brain and her orgasm extended. She shook and trembled, her head against his chest. She hung in his grip, pulsing juice from her suddenly flooding pudenda. He asked her if she were okay, his hand holding her chin, her lips trembling.

She smiled up at him, and told him "Oh! Wow ... Oh, yeah, I'm ok, now, thanks."

Her face was red, and she was embarrassed. He smiled at her, and asked,

"What's your name?"

"Sure, same here. Thanks."

There were titters of laughter from the team, and Arlene blushed even more profusely. She couldn't believe how this had made her feel. She came. She had the kind of an orgasm like she only got after preparing herself for masturbating and letting herself slip into her erotic fantasies. She never imagined an orgasm just by meeting a man. This was way too much to think about right now.

She'd get her shorts out of her bag and change her wet panties too ... Her body hummed with the pleasure from the contact with his hand and his touch and she was stunned at how wet her crotch was. She was embarrassed at her body's reaction, and turned away, striding to the bench.

The manager said, "Arlene! Where you goin', girl? Take the field!"

"Awkk', skipper ... Sorry!"

She turned and put her glove on, while running to second base. She played the game, watching him as she could, receiving the balls snapping into her glove from left field. They combined on a blooper hit to left that he somehow ran under, catching and pegging the ball to her standing on second. Double play, inning over.

On the way in, she waited to tell him "nice hustle to get that blooper. Not too many guys have your speed."

"Thanks. Not too many young girls think to cover second on a play like that. Most don't move. That was also a nice throw you made earlier to beat that speedy little bastard."

She blushed redly, a bit miffed at his "young girl" comment and the 'bastard' word, but said, "Oh, Thank you."

He held his hand out and up for a high five. She would have ... but didn't. She looked at him, and laid her hand in his. A flash of electric blue pleasure spread again through her, centered in her sex, the pleasure of it lighting her brain, firing her senses in a tingling embrace. He grasped her hand, pulling her to him and hugging her. She swooned as she lost herself, loving his touch. She melted into him, as the world was right in his arms. She spasmed and pleasure arced from her crotch to her brain, she saw bright light, exquisite pleasure bloomed in her awareness and she moaned her release. She came, again.

He kissed her forehead and then held her away, looking in her eyes. She blinked and blushed even more redly.

"Oh, Ryan. I'm sorry. You ... uh, I just felt so good in your arms, just amazing."

Smiling, he replied, "I wanted to hug you, and more. It seems there's a connection here."

"Yes, I felt ... Oh, God, I don't know what I felt. I've never felt anything like it, before. Uh ... I hesitate to say ... I just don't know yet what to think what happened, but it feels so... oh, just wonderful to be with you."

She smiled ... and fell into his eyes. He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards home plate. She stumbled along, her body betraying her.

"Come on, we gotta get off the field."

When they got to the dugout and were greeted with high fives, slaps/hugs/fist bumps. Grinning, she grabbed her towel, and sat on the bench, immediately feeling the wetness between her legs. She reached in her bag and pulled out shorts to replace the wet ones she soaked. She had good aerobic tights on. They were completely soaked, though. Her body was tingling, her sex pulsing and dripping wet, and she smelled the unmistakable musk of arousal she only got when she let herself go into fantasy sex. Alone! Not in public! Oh, she was embarrassed. She grabbed her towel, shorts and her purse and flew into the clubhouse.

She was batting 6th, so she had time to freshen up. She made her way back to the dugout. Everything seemed ok, Ryan smiled at her, and she blushed, but smiled wanly back.

Her face burning, she was saturated again with the pleasure her body was giving her. She closed her legs, tingling with embarrassment, knowing her body was giving her secret away. She just knew everyone smelled her, but she calmed herself and smiled as she realized Ryan knew what was happening with her. This pleasure, this satisfaction had to be understood. She had to have this again.

She took his hand and squeezed it gently, and lost herself again in his eyes.

"That felt really good, Arlene. You had an orgasm in my arms. You want to talk about it?

"Huh? Oh. Uh ... Well, sure, I guess ... How did you know, uh, well, you know?"

"You fainted. Your nipples were hard as rocks. You dry humped me and you shook all over. Your pussy got really wet and you flooded your panties and shorts. I could smell your arousal. You shook, trembled and groaned. You came and you came hard. Then, you fainted. I held you up. You jerked and shook a bunch more and you soaked your crotch and your legs. That's an orgasm, Arlene."

"Oh, God. I know. I couldn't help it. I felt this uh, kinda ... Ah, static electricity ... no, it was a blue/white kind of light from you ... well, not from you, but oh, like, somehow, part of us. It tingled and then I felt this incredible pleasure in my uh ... oh, you know, down there, and this warmth ... oh, such a nice feeling was there in me in ah, you know, down there. Then, it brightened into a beautiful light and scorched up my spine ... I say scorched, because that's what it felt like ... a hot pleasure zipping up my spine. Then, it uh, oh, like, expanded, just like, you know, uh, just bloomed in my brain. I lost all touch with who I am and where I was. It was beautiful. Forgive me for zoning out."

"No apology needed. I watched you orgasm. I felt that warm pleasure with you, and as it traveled up your spine. You're certainly no novice to fucking."

"Oh no! Not me. I've never f ... Uh, had sex, uh, well, I mean, you know, no man has been inside me. I don't believe in premarital sex. I'm a virgin till I'm married."

"Well. You'll be a great fuck. If you can get by the premarital sex thing."

"Oh. No. I won't be a great fuck. I'll make love to my husband, and I'll do anything for him. I'll be the best mhmmuh, you know, like the best sex he ever had."

Arlene stared at him, knowing she wanted to find out more about him ... and to gain some insight to the tempest storm of pleasure she felt just touching him.

"We need to go out after, uh you know, the game ... to talk. I mean, we've experienced something great here, a blessed event. I, uh, you know, like I orgasmed just from touching you. That is pretty mind-blowing. I need to find out what happened."

"You mean you want to feel it again, don't you?"

"Uhmm. I'm not sure what I want. I know that kind of pleasure could be addicting. Yes. I guess so; I'd like to feel it again. I'm scared of touching you, though. Mhm ... you said that you saw the, uh, pleasure shoot up my spine? Gosh, when it did, the pleasure was so much ... it was ridiculous. If that's what happens when a man, uh, you know, like, puts his thingy in my hoo-ha. Like, uh you know, having sex. Oh! I want that. Oh, yes! I'll be really good at that, but only with my husband, the one that takes me. I'm sorry but I'll not be unmarried to do it. My husband will be the one that takes my virginity."

"You have some pretty nasty baggage, my friend. You won't find that one you are seeking with that thinking. The men you desire will not marry you without seeing how a relationship would work. I would not marry a woman without seeing how the relationship would all work with each other."

"Well, that's not right. A woman should be mated to the man who pierces her hymen and takes her. The man and the woman bonded together forever. The bible says a woman and a man should cleave together, forging new life."

"I'd love to give you new life, Arlene ... But, there's no way that I would marry you without seeing how we get along together in a long term deal.

However, in the meantime, I'd love to talk with you over food and conviviality and get to know you better in friendship."

"I'd love to be with you and discuss things. I'd like you for a friend. Let's get together tonight, my interesting man."

"That's a plan ... let's do it."

She brightened then, but noticed several of the male team members frowning and the girls smirking and looking disgusted. She blushed, but knowing she had to find out about Ryan Blanc and how he came to be here now. She thought it an interesting coincidence that her last name was Ryan.

'Arlene Ryan Blanc ... Oh, wow ... God, getting way ahead here.'

She concentrated on finishing the game, packing up to leave and attending the team meeting where everyone was invited for refreshments, Arlene watched Ryan as he listened to the manager and wondered how it would be when she gave him her virginity. She felt she had met he who she was searching for.

She was stunned at how this scenario was, blown away by the way her body was behaving, Her juice was leaking out of her, wetting her crotch and her inner thighs. This had only happened when she wanted and prepared things so carefully, when she was alone and secure and she could take care of her little kitty.

She helplessly gushed again, the flood of juice wetting her panties, thinking of feeling his hardness deep in her and orgasming as his cock spurted into her womb. She wished she could be alone and could rub her little kitty.

God, she wanted to cum again. 'Oh yes.' Oh Lord, please, let him be the one," she prayed as she quivered in ecstasy.

The memory of her dating disasters, after she was allowed to date without a chaperone, washed through her consciousness. The first boy she dated alone was much fun and things were going perfectly until she felt his hand on her thigh in the darkened movie theatre. She squeaked and gasped, but she was unable to move as her date shockingly fondled her bare skin with growing boldness and caressed her kitty through her panties. The hot pleasure she felt between her legs and the wet mess she generated caused her to orgasm and she lost control of herself, losing consciousness briefly. She freaked out, and broke free from her date, and ran as fast as she could from the theatre, her date puzzled by her reaction to his touch. She thought she had peed her panties, but when she checked it seemed not to be urine. She was frightened, since she had not imagined anything like this happening. From that moment, she had shied away from boys in fear.

As she'd grown somewhat, she discovered the sweet pleasures her fingers could give her, even though it scared her a little at first to touch her sex, what scared her more was that she got so wet in her vagina. She was afraid she was abnormal. She knew she would never forget the first orgasm. She was thirteen years old and had no idea what an orgasm felt like. It ran her over like a freight train, and the pleasure took her fully and she felt the ecstasy in her brain. Once she knew, she had to do it again, and more, till she was too sore to continue.

She felt guilty and dirty, and her religious upbringing caused her to think it was shameful and a sin. She was so aroused though and she was wet so much of the time that the strength of her pleasure overrode any guilt she felt. She found it hard to believe that anything that felt that good could be wrong. After some online research and digging in the public library, she realized she wasn't abnormal, and many women got wet when sexually aroused. She did more research and discovered much information; She was fascinated with what she read about the G spot. When she found hers, 12 seconds after she rubbed it she went off, the orgasm feeling like the top of her head was blown off, and she lost consciousness for a short time. She thought she peed because her crotch, her thighs, and the bed sheets were flooded with streams of juice. She quickly discovered it wasn't urine. She was amazed it had happened when she orgasmed. She thought she must be abnormal to excrete so much moisture. It felt so good, though, that she was already thinking of when she could do it again. If it felt so good like this, she wondered what it would be like for a man to rub that spot with his penis. She shivered all over, and then caressed her clit rubbing herself quickly to orgasm. She made herself a promise to find her man and marry him.

After researching a lot more, she finally understood that she was sexually normal, but possessed a high sex drive. She learned she was one of the women who ejaculated when her G-spot was stimulated to orgasm. She was still embarrassed about being so wet and that she smelled when aroused, but accepted that it was going to happen and the intensity of the pleasure she received was too good.

She resolved to hold to her belief that she would not have a man inside her till her wedding night. She became known as the "Ice Queen." She ignored all the barbs and jibes, fashioning her life to deal with her libido, continuing to read and investigate what she could about sex. She balanced her secret sex with her religion and morality. She would rub herself to relief, enjoying the orgasms, and praying that she was not sinning. She designed and made several devices she used to get off with, and train her body for real sex. She continued her search fervently for the man who would be her husband and head of her household.

She shook off her daydream, turned and looked for Ryan to walk with to the parking lot. He was talking with Marna, the first baseman. She approached them and they stopped talking. Ryan smiled at her, but Marna did not.

Ryan said, "Ready to roll?"

"Sure, let's go."

"Bye Marna." Ryan smiled and kissed Marna on the lips. He kissed her well, and she melted in his arms, her tits and crotch pressed to him. She kissed and nibbled his cheek and neck and licked his ear. She leaned into him, her mouth to his ear.

"I'd fuck you on the spot, if I could, Sweet man. I need you soon, long dick. It's been days. Please fuck me soon, my cowboy."

Marna kissed his ear and whispered to him.

"Be careful with that one, cowboy. She'll hurt you."

"You know I will. See you Friday, Stretch."

Arlene looked daggers at her, but Marna just grinned, as they broke their embrace, Marna headed away to the parking lot.

Arlene looked at Ryan and said, "It's obvious she is very interested in you, and likes you a lot, you know. Why did you call her Stretch?"

Ryan looked at Arlene..."Duh! She's 6 feet tall, 150 pounds, fit, athletic, and the best glove at first I've ever seen ... man or woman. She really fit and very limber, and she has major league skill with that glove. It blows me away how she does the splits so easily while able to catch both accurate and uh, not so accurate throws, not to mention keeping her foot on the bag. You know that in baseball, a first baseman that can stretch and catch the ball in the air and pick balls on the ground is super valuable. You know how she hits too ... she's almost as good as you at hitting to the opposite field.

And yes, I am interested in her. She's an exquisite lover. We met some time ago in a mixed league, both on different teams. We hit it off, she asked me out, and we've been dating and making love ever since. That flexibility is awesome in a lover ... and I'll tell you what ... when I think of doing the splits and hitting the ground with my legs stretched out that way ... Whoo. It makes my balls hurt just visualizing it."

"WhhooHa ha ... yeah, I can dig that!" Arlene laughed.

"Well. Yeah, she is great that way ... and she can stretch. She rarely misses a throw either, and she certainly can hit. I suppose I take her for granted. She was here before me, and I know she doesn't like me. I get it that she's a good player. We need players, like that ... and, like you!

Mhm ... And ... Ah, Uh, you're uh, having sex with her, Ryan?"

"Yes. Of course I am. Like I said, we've enjoyed each other several times. She's a wonderful girl."

"I'll bet. I think she's a slut, just out to use men."

"Whoa, hold on a second ... She's not like that. She's good people! And, if anything we've used each other.

Damn! That's probably the reason she doesn't like you! I mean she's definitely not a slut. She's an excellent lover, though, and a very nice woman. I like her and enjoy her company. Can't a woman and a man like each other and have fun together, doing things, laughing, and enjoying the pleasures of sex?"

"You should not have sex without being married, Ryan." She replied, stonily.

"Tell me, Arlene, why not? If the guy and girl like each other and are agreeable, it's wonderful. Friends with benefits is great for both."

"Oh no. You can't do that. A woman should be virgin the day she is married. It's a bad sin to fornicate."

"Really. So, in your opinion, as long as you are married, it's ok to fornicate?"

"Umm, it's not fornicating then. It's sex between husband and wife."

"Sex with a man's cock inside a woman's pussy is fornicating ... fucking, in the vernacular."

She turned completely red. "Oh, OH! Ryan. Don't say those nasty words."

"Arlene, what's the deal? You're a college grad, working in a good job, enjoying the life ... why the hang-up?"

"I just believe that fornicating is a major sin in the eyes of the Lord. I won't have sex till I'm married."

"Hmm ... I see. You do know that Jesus was hanging out with a whore ... Mary Magdalene. The accounts about her have been conveniently left out of the Bible. What do you think might have happened with Jesus and Mary Magdalene in all those years? Obviously, she loved him as a man. And he thought well of her. You think they went looking for a preacher to marry them, before they fucked?"

"Oh, no! I can't listen to this. This is blasphemous. Please. Let's not talk about this. I can't handle this blasphemy."

"Well, damn ... Fine, Arlene. Let's eat, then."

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