Classy Conversions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Snuff, Swinging, Group Sex, Violent, Cannibalism,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How would people cope with regulated human cannibalism? What kind of society would we have if 90% of the births were Women, and one percent per year were slated for the table. Or as pet food? Like any other breaucracy? This story is not for the strokes, nor for gore. But it does change the way you look at a steak.

When the situation is as nutty as a squirrel turd, you make the best of it.

Classy Conversions

Not a factory experience, but a custom one

No forced early departure. It is your time, and your trip.

Every possible entertainment allowed by law

Why wait in long lines to be graded and embarrassed in a crowd?

Do you want to pick how you go, from painless to a spectacle?

You should have your choice on how you leave. And from a wide selection

Come to Classy Conversions.

Where you are Human for as long as you are alive.

(Permanent) Cast:

David and Margaret Findlay

David 42 A Small business owner specializing in Human Protein Processing

Margaret 40

Housewife Degree in English Literature and some culinary studies

Mark and Helen Gester

Mark 41

Manager at Brighton Construction

Helen 39

Housewife Degree in psychology and a Minor in Art

James and Carol Burns

James 42

Managing Executive for Walker Investments

Carol 38

Senior Attorney at Dewey Cheatem and Howe

Peter and Elizabeth Carter

Peter 45

Director Marketing for UMC Financial

Elizabeth 37

Senior Manager, Marketing UMC Financial

Nancy Abbot Ph.D. 34

Associate professor of women’s studies at U of Chicago

Christina Louise (Candy) Mitchell 19

Graduate Parkland High School (New Apprentice - Meatpackers Union 23)


By 2060, there had been a large number of far reaching economic and social changes both nationally and internationally. Issues like Gay Marriage were far in the past. Most societies looked upon marriage as a commitment between individuals of any sex or creed. Gay relationships had gone the way of Racial relationships. Much of this was due to evolving acceptance. Other events had also influenced some of this tolerance.

There are many theories of how this state of affairs came about. Most experts agree that a large portion of this started in China. With their 1 child per family rule, the second children were often aborted in an attempt to minimize China’s population problem. With the focus on single male children to support the family, a generation of poorly educated men grew to imbalance China’s population with a 60/40 shift to male over female.

Chinese political theorists felt that this would cause an unstable and dangerous situation. Chinese medical researchers discovered a means of offsetting sperm to force higher activity in female sperm than in male sperm. This short-term medical treatment was to have global consequences when it was made into an aerosol compound.

In 2017, the composition of the “Mai-Luni” drug was smuggled into the Internet. Where a few very interested fundamental ministers of Islam, Catholicism and fundamentalist Christianity, all of whom felt they could make a greater and more peaceful impact in the world if most of the world’s population were manageable women.

This did have an effect -- with some unintended consequences. In 2019, 80 percent of the live childbirths in the western world were female. In 2020, it was 90 percent.

Meanwhile, in the developing world in 2017, it was far greater (almost 100 percent).

With the Eugenic blight attacking most beef, goat and sheep, the larger world was left with eating pork (Not allowable to the Muslim community) or other vegetable substitutes.

The Chinese led the way in a practical sense. Owning most of the western world (because of the economic transition of the early 21st century) their solution to a complex problem was quietly assimilated across the rest of the world.

In 2060, after almost 15 years of female-only childbirths, China instituted a lottery for the purpose of minimizing the population imbalance and to also reduce pressure on the food supply. Eligible females were between the ages of 16 and 50 were entered into the database. Exceptions were granted to women who had male children younger than 18, as were women who presented exceptional potential in education achievement. The selectees of this lottery were “converted” to the status of meat animals and treated to prepare them for the table.

In 2070, this same sort of gender imbalance pressure forced other countries – those in Latin America and Africa -- to look into this sort of solution.

The World Court found this practice acceptable (because of the fact that the World Court was owned by China by this time) and as such, the United States found this lottery to be a state issue, not federal. Because lotteries were allowed for cases of financial gain, they should also be allowed for cases of loss, so long as they were to be strictly administered without any bias to race, creed, or economic status. (Discrimination was disallowed with respect to the Chinese model after the 2045 Supreme Court decision of Fergusson v. New York Meat Selection board, The difference being a upper age limit of 40 was to be used in the United States. )

By 2100, the cultural acceptance of female humans as meat and as a population management measure was global. Although the ratio of male to female births had improved to 20/80 from an earlier 5/95, the process of human females had become culturally accepted. Enforcement in the United States tended to be economic and used confinement of the adult males as a mechanism. (Large fines and jail terms for the adult males, immediate selection for females attempting to assist in hiding selectees from the assignment board)

Not that there were not some cultural challenges. There were still some strong arguments around the handling of human blood (both from a religious and a public health aspect). The strangest upshot was the establishment of a kosher board established for finding the better methods of slaughter for prospective meat sources.

For those not selected for specific human consumption, some of the rules around conversion were not so stringent, Pet animals were more resistant to blood-borne diseases that were human sourced. The processes for animal food yielded less income for the processors, however. So the challenge to those who provided lower quality “Produce” were constantly looking for a means of improving their economic model

David Findley was just one such “Processor.”

Findley looks for a Way.

That, David Findley thought to himself, was the fuck of a lifetime.

When David walked into the door at home, he was attacked by his wife, who was acting as if she had been without sex for a year.

“Darling, I didn’t get picked this time either,” Margaret giggled as she wrapped her nude body around him. “That means that I pass on the lottery permanently.”

Margaret had just reached her fortieth birthday and had received official notice that she was no longer within the Lottery. She was safe, beyond the age of selection.

“So that is the reason for the wonderful greeting,” David said with a smile. “And I thought it was because you loved me.”

“I do love you, silly. I was having a bit of anxiety and survivor guilt.”

“Survivor guilt? Why?” David asked.

“Helen called me earlier today. She got her selection notice.”

“Poor Helen. Where did they send her?”

“It looks like Hill and Steinhauer,” Margaret replied. “Evidently they had some problem or other and all of their stock is being held up.”

“Yeah, I heard that they had a problem with tainted product and they won’t be back up to capacity until next week. The USDA has ordered them to do a complete cleaning. That is why I am late. I was on the phone with the PCA. I have been asked to expand capacity to keep up with the needs of the 4th of July week, but we don’t have that much capacity to spare.”

“Could you process her? She is almost as old as I am, and obviously we are not prime for the table any more,” Margaret asked with some hesitation.

“Darling, I would never call either of you “Past Prime.” I will have to call the board and try to have her re-assigned.”

“But you know,” David continued, “we are not a major provider to the human market like Hill and Steinhauer are. She will end up as pet food, or in a can of soup, not prime cut in the shop.”

“I don’t think she cares about that. She is more worried about how she is treated. She and I went to the Magill’s party and saw Mary being spitted, and it was just awful. She was thrown down on the table and clamped down like some animal.”

“Honey, once you are signed off as at-home product, there really is no nice way to process someone. It is especially not nice with a Spit. It is very hard to do a clean kill.”

“I know, Dave. You have told me that time and again. But it just seemed so unfeeling and cruel. And it was crude, too. I mean there was no consideration at all for her or Mark or anyone else there. I mean to tell you, it left us all feeling uncomfortable. Even if she did taste good.”

“Well, you know that the entire thing is for show, don’t you?” David asked.

“Yes, You told me and we saw it. After all her pain, they had to back the spit out and clean out the body cavity after she was dead.”

“That’s right. All you get is a show with a lot of unnecessary pain and noise. That is what you get for having a spitting party at home and not picking up the meal pre-spitted.”

“Maybe. But even after that, Mark was sent a bill for $3,500 for the processing in lieu of the meat value and the time and travel. That seemed like a lot of money, especially with how it was done.”

“Margaret, ever since that darn expose came out, people have been polarized. Some want to do it, others want to do anything but what they saw. I have had to chase away reporters three times since that came out. I do know that USDA frowns upon commercial processing at the home like Mary did. You have to sign waivers and a host of other things. It is a real rip-off.”

“Isn’t there some kind of compromise?”

“I don’t see how. Not easily. The economic model is based on the income for the meat. You have to provide some assembly line for the process or you don’t make the rent. And you don’t pay for your wife’s trips to Cancun and Hedo,” David said with a smile.

“Well, I wish you would think about it. Helen and I are going to have a talk tomorrow, girl to girl, and she has to start on her detox protocol.”

“Tomorrow? Not yet. You usually don’t do that until the evening before. If she has a week to wait, she doesn’t need that yet. She can still drink and enjoy.”

“Really?” Margaret asked incredulously. “The people at H&S told her she had to start tomorrow.”

“Stupid front desk. We schedule three days. Gives people time to get affairs in line. And we don’t use any Detox any more.”

“Darling, can’t you please get Helen shifted to your shop?”

“Margaret, how would you feel about her being processed at our place? Wouldn’t you be upset?” David asked tentatively.

“Not if it was done right, with respect, instead of like she is some kind of bum. We are talking about Helen, one of our best friends.”

“Okay. I will call the board and H&S tomorrow morning.”

This is not the usual favor your wife asks you to do for her best friend, Dave thought to himself. What a strange world we live in, where your wife asks you to kill her best friend because others will botch the job.

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