Dean's Adventures
Chapter 1

This all begins one night when lightning and thunder was crashing down all around the apartment and sometimes hitting the top of the building. All the lights where out throughout the whole of the apartment complex where Dean lived. It made Dean think of some of the poems from Edgar Allan poe. To be more precise the poem named Ulalume- A Ballad. Dean was in bed having no clue that his life was about to change drastically.

All Dean could think about though was the simple fact that outside lightning was striking the earth and the top of his building. He was awestruck and terrified at the power and majesty of nature doing its thing all around him. He felt an ominous chill when right out side his window less than 3 feet away a bolt of lightning struck and for a moment he saw the man standing right in the way of the lightning. Of course what can you expect when Dean saw that and immediately fainted.

The next thing that Dean becomes aware of is that man is in his bedroom standing over him and Dean is trussed up on his bed, naked as the day he was born. The second thing he became aware of was all the glowing sky blue runes covering his entire body. The third thing he noticed was the simple fact that he was diapered like all the times he dreamed about his life changing. Even with the predicament that he was in Dean did not feel threatened because all his dreams came flooding back and he saw that this time it truly was not a dream.

"I see that you understand that your life is going to change tonight", said the man black as the night outside. "That will make this all the simpler for me and for you. But you might ask and I might tell you who I am. Even if this is the first and likely only time in all of existence that we will ever meet. You may call me 'AGNA'."

"Now you might ask why are you trussed up like your gonna have some of your deeply seated fantasies played out? Well the simple fact is that you are not gonna have any of those occur this night no matter how much you might or might not desire that. The simple reason is I need you to remain in the same place since the other participant occupies the same area just separated by a thin veil of time and space, or as you might put it he's in another dimension my dear boy. And boy you shall be."

And with that AGNA takes out a dark kriss like bladed knife. The biggest thing that you the reader might notice of this knife is it glows a sullen red kinda like the light that comes from a red light in a dark room. The other thing you'd notice is that it shimmers like heat is coming off it which is the truth since this knife was made from some otherworldly metal.

Agna says, "Now you might wonder why I've taken this knife out my dear little boy. The time approaches very rapidly and I can still speak and perform the preliminary shall we say incisions now or be all rushed. Your choice but I truly don't want to hurt you so my choice is we start NOW!" with that AGNA plunges the knife down in the weirdest of spots. Directly into Dean's brain in the top and you can tell that it's perfectly in the middle of the brain.

"Now that the incision is performed and you and your dimensional twin are nailed together we can speak for all eternity Dean. Your name when this is all done will be your choice but I think it would make sense to use Henry raymond truelove 1st or maybe JR since that is what your twin is named. Now to tell you a bit more when I pull the kriss out of your brain it well your going to have the ride of your life but you will NOT die since the blood price for this is being paid by Henry on the other side. He has taken ooh just a whole bottle of pain medicine and if it wasn't for me he'd be dead. To him this is all a crazy drug dream but I think even he realizes he's dead. Something else to keep in mind Dean my boy is the simple fact that you are a mutant in the other world. That shall we say is going to make your life insanely interesting for the rest of your life, but you can handle it. Don't stress out since that will be your killer. You will have the most impressive of defenses that shortly after you arrive will literally save your life since well I could not do this without some damage be done but you'll be ok. Now that is it for your primer to your new life. I wish you god speed and good luck my boy." and with that AGNA puts his hand on the kriss knife, leans down and kisses Dean and says one last thing. "we might meet again my boy, and who knows maybe I will make your other dreams real." and chuckling evilly at Dean's deep blush he pulls on the kriss blade and reality skews sideways for Dean.

The first thing that Dean notices is the simple fact that he was in a glowing blue bubble that surrounded what appeared to be his room. The second thing was that what appeared to be him was sitting at his computer. And the third thing he noticed was he was still tied up at his bed. Naked except for his diaper. Him 2 said "well it seems the reality has taken a momentary flip to the weird side. As AGNA said my name is Henry Raymond the 1st. I am you but I made a mistake by deciding to commit suicide. My life was just as messed up as yours but at least you seemed to get the best you could. I on the other hand was spat upon by life. So at least one of us will win out of this. All my memories and gifts are in that computer and I can see the lines of fate have gifted you mightily. You carry what is known in this your new home as, the Metagene a gene that imparts all of the people who have it with 2 things. Number 1 is mutant abilities and the second what is known as a body image. You and me are old but the way thing will work out you will be about 14 years old give a few months."

"Now since this trip is one way for both of us I will be completing my work which I hope I have enough time for." and with that Henry starts typing furiously. All Dean could think, was damn both of them where right, reality has taken an odd path. Henry seemed by the seconds to be slowly disappearing. But with a exclamation of triumph henry yelled "YES MY WORK IS DONE! Good bye Dean I know we never will meet again. AGNA I AM READY!" and with that Henry seems to fade and blow up at the same time. The weird thing was the bubble was slowly shrinking all that time which could not have been more then 5 minutes. The residue of Henry seemed to be trapped in the bubble and it came streaming into me. It made Dean feel tingly for the first few seconds till the bubble contacted his skin that's when that everything well to put it mildly, became interesting.

What Dean saw next would stay with him for the rest of his life. His little sanctuary was rushing towards him. His 2 computers from his bedroom, his roommates laptop and the other junk computers that he had laying about, his xbox, multiple broken playstation 2 all his books and everything else that a geek would love and he had. He thought for a second that he would die, however when the first thing touched him his body just accepted it without any pain. The curious thing was when any metal would strike him it would leave a film around him. Not very thick but it was growing. His body was also starting to change in a dramatic way.

The first change that Dean felt was that his body was slowly shrinking, and that was exactly the case. His body was losing 150 Lbs all at once. Of course some of it was being turned to muscle instead of just being lost. It was a weight watchers dream and Dean was feeling all giddy and happy now which was a good thing. Otherwise he'd be feeling all the tearing and loss of strength that came from his body generating a new organ.

With those changes occurring, Dean noticed that his senses had completely changed. He felt a weird sense of what he'd classify as the ambient energy that was surrounding him. At the same time he also felt his conscience expand. He started noticing a speed to his thoughts that was nothing like what he was used to. At the same time all the things that had happened in his 36 years of life he just suddenly remembered like they just happened, along with the simple fact that everything that was on his computers he possessed. It sure was weird for Dean, since some of those things where of a very personal nature.

After a few seconds and the what seemed everything of his apartment had entered him, including the kitchen sink, he noticed that he was in his old apartment but that his apartment well it was gone. There was a big hole where his apartment used to exist. He now knew. He had arrived.

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