Camryn's All Night Adventure
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Camryn's fantasies finally become a reality in an orgy of sexual exploration that makes her reach the peak of erotic passion.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Spitting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex  


Camryn was taking a shower. This was a very special shower. She washed carefully every part of her young and attractive body. Her skin glistened with the luster of a woman in the prime of her life. She bent low to wash inner legs thoroughly. Her tiny scissors had already neatly trimmed her pubic bush. Only a small area remained unshaven. Her deep ass crack had already been subjected to complete hair removal at the spa this very afternoon. The colonic cleansing was a bit tricky, but she felt it necessary to prevent any unpleasant issues at her party tonight.

This was the night Harry had promised to give her in celebration of their first anniversary together. It was her idea, of course. She had suggested the soft flexible restraints, the blindfold, and, best of all, the presence of Matt, Harry's best buddy to fulfill the fantasy of two men using her body at the same time.

The water was hitting her sensitive nipples full force making them stand out in hard tiny points at the tips of her lovely breasts. At the same time, her hand was buried between her legs spreading her vaginal lips apart. Her fingers slid inside and Camryn gasped at her own sense of overwhelming horniness. She experienced a sense of uncontrollable horniness that drove her into a frantic desperate frigging of her delicate clitoris. She felt her vagina emit uncontrollable squirts of pussy juice onto the shower floor.

It felt so very good.

Camryn stood there motionless in the shower waterfall. Slowly, the waves of her orgasm subsided. Her heartbeat returned to normal. The contractions of her sphincter muscles ceased and she relaxed her clenched ass cheeks.

She saw the padded velvet restraints on the bed. Next to them was the blindfold. She had already tried it on when Harry was not at home. It really worked well. She could not see a single thing when it was on her head. Her crotch-less pantyhose and cutout nipple bra was also on the bed. She shivered as she looked at the nipple clamps resting there so innocently. Camryn had never used them before, but she always wanted to have them on her sensitive nipples.

It was going to be an intense evening for her. She couldn't wait for it to begin.

Camryn applied her favorite perfume to her pussy, her sparkling clean ass crack, and even to her sensitive nipples. Her nipples jutted out hard as little nuts at the touch of the perfume stick. She wanted both Harry and Matt to inhale her womanly scent with the hints of her Paris perfume to drive them wild with desire to use her body in every way imaginable.

She heard the car come up the driveway. No, make it two cars. Her pulse beat a little faster. Matt was here too. Quickly she dressed in her exotic underwear and slipped into a revealing long silk black dress with slits up the sides. Her "Bang me boys" six inch heels were the last thing she added to her costume for tonight's festivities.

"Honey, we're here! Matt is chomping at the bit to finally meet you."

Camryn moved into the living room with a slinky glide worthy of a professional exotic dancer. Both Harry and Matt were slack jawed at her appearance. They were both coming to a point like experienced pussy hounds.

She exuded sex.

It was so sexually charged in the room that both men tried to hide their visible hard-ons by sitting down on the couch. They smiled at each other when Camryn bent over right in front of them to put their drinks on the low coffee table. Her perfect heart shaped ass was easily seen inside the clingy black silk dress.

Camryn smiled to herself.

"They still don't know my black fishnet pantyhose are crotch-less!"

The thought of their surprise made her a little wet between her legs and she quickly crossed her legs to conceal any errant drops from falling.

"Matt, I don't make you nervous, do I?" asked Camryn in her sweetest little-girl voice.

Matt reached over to Camryn sitting between Harry and him on the couch and cupped her generous tits with his huge work hardened hands.

Camryn's nipples popped out immediately and she held her hands over Matt's hands to show him how much she liked his aggressiveness. This encouragement led Matt to insert one hand inside her cleavage to play with her nipple. He smiled at the discovery of her bare nipples exposed in the nipple cutout bra.

"Harry, Your Camryn has got bare nipples and they are hot as hell!"

Harry slipped a hand inside and rolled the other nipple with his fingers.

Camryn lay back on the couch and let the two men play with her titties. They took them out and both sucked them and licked them at the same time. She was in a delirium of ecstasy. This was her wildest fantasy come true. Her pussy was so wet that her ass cheeks were in a puddle of pussy juice on the leather couch.

"Matt! I think this little minx has been naughty and needs some corrective action."

They looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile.

"Camryn, go into the bedroom and get your blindfold and get your ass back in here on the double!"

Her heart beating rapidly, she hurried to comply with her instructions. Were they both going to spank her naughty bottom? It would be so humiliating to have them both subjecting her ass to something as personal as a spanking.

"Here. Harry. Does Matt have to see me get it?

"Let's get this blindfold on! Honey, Matt is going to get first dibs on your sweet ass."

The blindfolded Camryn felt herself being placed over a pair of muscular legs. Her ass was up high in the air and her dress was pulled up to reveal her bare ass cheeks in the crotch-less pantyhose. Both men laughed and hi- fived each other. She wiggled and struggled to no avail. Her ass was going to get it no matter what she did. Her wait seemed endless. Then, the first smack of a heavy hand pierced her ears and she felt a stinging pain on her left ass cheek that brought tears to her eyes and a cry of outrage to her lips. Despite this, Camryn was in seventh heaven, her pussy was sopping wet and she felt a bulge of cock meat pushing up into her tummy. This was almost as good as getting fucked.

The first 25 smacks from her first spank partner made Camryn orgasm at least twice. The last five hits on her cherry red bottom made her squirm to get away even though she knew she wanted them desperately. She felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart and first one, and then, two fingers were inserted rudely into her tight little anus. Camryn moaned a low wailing sound and lifted her ass up higher to meet her spanking partner. The area inside her ass crack was not cherry red like her tormented ass cheeks but this was a long night and it was unlikely to remain in that condition too long.

She was pulled to her feet and unseen hands roughly twisted her tender nipples. The treatment was totally humiliating and Camryn loved every second of it.

She felt herself bent over and pushed down over bare muscular legs. This time, the bulge pushing up into her tummy was absolutely huge. It couldn't possibly be male genitalia, could it? No cock could be that big. The pressure of the huge cock made Camryn nervous.

What if she was unable to take it all in?

No, she was determined to take it all no matter how big it was. She knew she was about to be spanked by Matt, Harry's friend because Harry's cock was so familiar to her, she could identify it in a darkened room with little difficulty.

Camryn knew she was in trouble from the very first blow to her fully exposed rear end. The dull meaty sound of the huge hand crashing into her already tender bottom was followed immediately by her shrill outcry and plea for mercy. She shook in helpless obedience to each and every crushing blow to her defenseless ass. Matt, it had to be him, paused for a moment after the 19th spank and tenderly cupped and rubbed her ass cheeks all over. Camryn's tears flowed heavily at the sign of this sign of affection. Her self-pity exploded inside her and made her pussy juices flood her vagina once again.

Those last six spanks were exquisite torture for Camryn.

She knew it would be several days, before she could sit down, without remembering her all night Anniversary Party.

"Stand up! Put your hands on your top of your head"

Camryn obeyed instinctively. Both of her fully rounded tits were slapped at the same time by two different men.

Camryn loved it!

Suddenly, she felt her two nipples being fitted into the nipple clamps. They must have gotten them off the bed when she was receiving her spanking. She whimpered softly after they were attached to her nipples. Camryn's nipples had hardened into stiff little buttons of sensitivity. One of the men stood behind her holding the silver chains attached to the clamps. She felt a tug on her right nipple and turned in that direction to avoid the stinging pain that stabbed through her entire body. The application of the same thing on her left nipple and she quickly learned to change direction like a blind horse being put through a series of complicated moves. A heavy hand pushed her down to her knees and elbows.

"It must be Matt ", she thought.

On her hands and knees, like a trained circus animal, Camryn was led slowly into the bedroom. When she moved too slowly, one of the men tapped her hard on her still reddened ass cheek with a hard thin stick. The first time that happened, she yelped in surprise. This was so very humiliating. Yet the treatment was just what she had asked for and now that she was really getting it; Camryn was trembling, not with fear, but with sexual excitement. She felt her pussy lips dripping with her own juices.

Now in the bedroom, she was prodded in the ass to stand up again. She was led by her nipple clamp chains to the bed and climbed up as instructed. Harry told her in a firm voice to lie belly down over the mound of pillows in the middle of the bed. She felt her hands bound in the soft velvet ropes and securely attached to the bed frame under the mattress. Her legs were also bound and attached, one to the foot of the bed and one to the head of the bed. She lay down sightless, humped up over a mound of pillow with her anus and pussy spread wide open. She could not move her hands at all and she could not pull her legs together to protect her ass and pussy.

For the first time, Camryn was a little frightened. Her pulse was racing and her breathing was erratic. Harry saw that and calmed her down with a soothing voice that reassured her she would only be getting exactly what she had ordered for her own party.

Camryn relaxed and let her pussy sink down into the soft pillows beneath her. Her pussy juices spilled out of her flooded vagina and quickly soaked the pillow under her pubic mound. She was not to get much rest as a whole new part of her evening was just beginning.

Her ass was poised for a full workout.

First, she was subjected to the insertion of the beads.

They were pushed in with plenty of lube deep into her rectum. Slowly, one at a time, each bead stretching her sphincter muscles to their limit. Finally, all six beads were crammed deep inside her stuffed asshole. Every five spanks hard on her ass, one bead would be pulled out. The pulling out was the hard part. As each bead was removed, Camryn groaned in anguish. It was so demeaning this punishment for her innocent ass. After the last bead was withdrawn, both men massaged and played with her ass until she begged them to fuck her ass and be done with it.

"Fuck me in the ass right now. I have to have cock back there. I can't wait any longer. My ass needs to be stuffed. Stick it in me, please. Both of you stick your cocks in me. Fuck my holes nice and deep, one right after the other. Take my ass."

They told her, no, too soon for ass fucking. That would have to wait a little longer.

Next, she saw the biggest butt buster dildo Harry could buy at the sex shop. He was very generous with the lube because he knew how super tight Camryn's pucker hole really was.

Camryn tightened her ass cheeks together when she felt the width of the head of the dildo pressing against her asshole. The pressure stayed steady and eventually she felt her sphincter muscles gradually give way and slowly open up to give entry to the huge dildo. When the head was lodged in her tightly stretched anus, she realized just how large it really was. Her thoughts centered on that sudden gaping of her rectum and she lost all concerns with her pinched nipples, her dripping pussy and the saliva drooling out of her open mouth.

This monster dildo impaled her with no mercy. She knew there was no escape, so she relaxed and the ten inch black beauty slid up her rear channel inch after fearful inch. When she was fully penetrated, her wail of distraught fear and pain made both Harry and Matt pause to make certain she was ready to continue.

Camryn reassured them both that she was enjoying every minute even though she acted the victim.

"Don't pay attention to me, boys. I like to feel that you are making me do it, forcing me to take more. I want to feel helpless in your hands. Believe me when I say ... please, please don't stop."

The dildo vibrated nastily in Camryn's upraised ass. Her slit was leaking something fierce wetting the pillows under her convulsing pussy lips.

Harry took advantage of the moment to slip his throbbing cock into Camryn's open mouth. He had to feel her wet lips around his shaft sliding up and down. Camryn was so engrossed in the deep gaping of her tortured ass; the insertion of Harry's hard on resulted in an automatic performance. Her wet, saliva dripping mouth opened wide for his cock and she took it to the back of her flexible throat. It was a welcome addition to her evening of exploration.

Harry shot his load deep into Camryn's throat forcing her to swallow hard and fast to keep from gagging. The nasty dildo was on high-speed. She felt the orgasm take control of her body rolling in waves from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head.

Her nipples swung pulling on the clamps but she did not care.

Her pussy squirted streams of pussy juice on the already wet bed but she did not care.

Harry's cum was in her throat, her mouth, her teeth, her lips, and dripping from the corners of her mouth but she did not care.

The only thing that mattered was that the orgasm was so deep and overwhelming; she was unable to get enough air into her lungs.

Camryn spiraled down -- deeper and deeper into a mystical faint. Her body was lost in another worldly space. A place so unknown to her that she retreated into a tortoise shelled corner of her mind as she regained her equilibrium.


Camryn came up from the ever tightening spiral, her brain still spinning, drifting slowly back to the softly lit bedroom. She could make out the forms of Harry and Matt leaning over her.

They must have removed her blindfold.

"Honey, are you sure you are OK?"

A worried Harry held her head cradled in his arm. Matt was rubbing her hands to help her return to full consciousness. His huge hands completely covered her delicate little hands and fingers and she felt helpless under his looming bulk above her.

"I was having such a good time; I guess I let my orgasm take over my body."

Camryn giggled at their faces. Her pussy was still dripping on the pillows. The monster sized dildo was withdrawn from her well stretched anus and a more conventional butt plug was keeping her ready for the next part of her anal exercises. She never thought she would be happy to have a nasty butt plug deep up in her ass, but it was a big improvement on the huge dildo she had just recently opened wide to receive all the way inside her stuffed rectum.

"OK, Camryn, honey. We have to get that blindfold back on."

Harry was anxious to return to the festivities designed by Camryn herself. He knew her pucker hole was stretched and ready. Now was the time for some serious ass fucking. He put the blindfold on the panting young girl. Her velvet cords were set snugly and her ass was sticking up high on the soft pillows beneath her tight little belly. No words were spoken as Harry positioned himself behind Camryn's heart-shaped ass cheeks. He withdrew the butt plug and quickly placed his rock-hard cock on her gaping anus. Her sphincter muscles quivered at the new sensation but Camryn stayed open to receive his sudden thrust as he rammed his long shaft deep inside her sparkling clean rectum.

Her whimpers changed to low drawn-out moans of pleasure at the touch of Harry's cock sliding in and out of her butt-hole. A well lubed tight little ass hole gripped his cock with desperate desire. Camryn wanted his cock deep inside her when he shot his creamy load. The thought of his heavy load being shot inside her gut made her pussy quiver and little spurts of her own juice flowed down the inside of her legs.

"No, it is too soon. Wait for the cum to start streaming inside me!"

Camryn wanted their orgasms to be simultaneous in order to achieve her ultimate release of the precious bodily fluids stored so lovingly inside her throbbing vagina. Her beautiful ass cheeks were being slapped hard now by Harry's legs and hanging ball sack swinging with savage rapidity against her tender pussy lips. The sound of her debasement was music to her ears.

Her blindfold removed her sense of sight and her sense of touch, smell, and hearing were greatly enhanced. The touch of Harry's cock, the smell of the heated cum, the sweat from their body, and the sound of her own impalement, and her own moans and whimpers, put her in a frenzy.

Her need to release her liquids and the little uncontrollable spasms in her pussy and ass told a tale of impending orgasm.

Matt could see and hear Camryn's ecstasy build higher and higher. Choosing the perfect moment, He pinched her nostrils together forcing her to open her mouth for air. Quickly, he rammed his huge cock into Camryn's open mouth. The move was so sudden that Camryn lost control of her desire to delay her orgasm. Her body went stiff and her sphincter tightened instinctively around Harry's plunging cock. Like falling dominoes, Harry started to shoot his load, stream after stream of creamy cum deep into Camryn's hot rectum.

The force of Harry's cum shooting deep inside her made Camrym lose her control completely. Her quivering vagina loosed a flow of pussy juice soaking the pillows with her fluids.

Matt saw Harry's face as he came with absolute pleasure in Camryn's tight little butt. Unable to restrain himself, Matt shot his load into Camryn's wet mouth finishing up with several streams of creamy cum on her face and hair. There was no way she could swallow fast enough to take in all of Matt's cum without receiving some of it on her pretty face.

The three of them lay there for a moment resting after the exertion of a good ass fuck and a good mouth fuck.

Camryn could feel her ass hole opening and closing as little spasms of pleasure permeated her body with sensuous strokes.

Then Harry and Matt changed places.

Matt was now positioned directly behind Camryn's luscious tempting ass. He stroked her hanging pussy lips damp with the dew of her pussy juices. Her juice flowed into his huge hand. He took her juice and rubbed it on her still open ass hole. Camryn's anus tingled and jerked spasmodically in anticipation.

This ass fucking was another story for Camryn's little ass hole. The touch of Matt's huge cock made her tense up with the realization that this was no ordinary ass fuck. Matt's cock would be the biggest she had ever taken in. She knew he had only put about half of his cock in her mouth. Probably, he knew it was too huge and took pity on her since it was her first time with him. The cock was now lodged firmly just inside her anus.

"I think it may be too large for me!"

No answer, just another inch sliding inside her.

"I don't think I can take it all in ... please ... stick it up my ass slowly."

No answer, another two inches deeper inside.

"That is quite enough ... Do you have much more for me?"

The answer to her question this time was the sudden ramming in of the remaining eight inches of Matt's huge cock. Camryn gasped at the scope of her impalement. She felt as if this cock would soon be exiting from her wet saliva drooling mouth.

"Oh, please ... don't move it yet. I need just a second to get used to it."

But Matt was too driven to ass fuck this adorable young girl's ass and was compelled to start his cock sliding in and out of Camryn's slick asshole without any delay.

"Oh, god ... it's huge ... unnn ... please, take it out ... no, no, ... stick it all the way up my ass ... I love it ... deeper ... stick me deeper ... oh, yes ... grab my ass cheeks like that ... squeeze them hard ... I want it hard ... good, slap my ass cheek nice ... that's it ... spank my ass cheek and stick it in deeper ... Aggh ... Aggh ... Ah, yes ... that's a good boy ... fuck my ass hard ... hard ... pull my nipple chains ... yes, like that ... make my nipples feel your power ... oh, flick my clit with your finger ... yes ... your big finger on my little clit is so good ... right there ... yes, right there ... you are making me do it all ... make me do it"

Harry could see Camryn's wide open pucker hole being rammed hard by Matt. He saw Matt's finger playing with Camryn's wet dripping pussy and rubbing her tender clit. Harry pulled on her nipple clamps fastened to her rock hard nipples making her gasp in pleasure. He lined his cock head up with her luscious lips and rubbed his cock on her lips until she opened her mouth to receive him inside her mouth all the way to the back of her throat. Her tongue began to lick his buried cock all over giving him the sensation of being bathed in a pool of saliva and sweet scented pussy juice. He knew he could not delay too long before shooting his entire load deep inside Camryn's mouth.

Matt was cumming to his final stage before shooting his load into Camryn's fully stuffed ass hole. He felt his balls churning his creamy cum just before sending it up his long thick shaft buried in Camryn's tiny ass.

This was a simultaneous orgasm for all three of them.

Matt's creamy load shot deep into Camryn's gut.

Carmryn rode her orgasm of tortured nipples, throbbing clitoris, squirting vaginal juices, and clutching ass hole.

She convulsed with an anal orgasm filled with gobs of creamy cum from Matt's willing cock.

Harry shot his load into Camryn's pretty mouth at the same time that Matt and Camryn reached their climax. Unlike Matt's copious load, she was able to swallow every drop and licked his penis clean as she sunk into the puddle of her own juices on the bed.

Matt slowly withdrew his long, thick cock from Camryn's creamy ass hole and watched her pucker hole throb long after he was out. The marks of his heavy hands were visible on her ass cheeks like a badge of sexual achievement.

Now it was time for the finale of Camryn's night of pleasure.

She was going to discover the thrill of two cocks inside her at the same time. One in her juicy pussy, the other in her well stretched ass.

Harry removed Camryn's blindfold. He wanted her to see this final act as both he and Matt entered both of her openings at the same time. She begged Harry to fuck her pussy but Harry wanted to fuck her ass. He knew she was worried about taking Matt's huge cock deep inside her vagina. He positioned himself under her and slipped his cock deep into her still open ass hole with little difficulty. She gasped a bit but did not object to the impalement.

Camryn saw Matt poised above her. Her eyes were drawn as if by magic to his magnificent cock. It was the biggest she had ever seen. It was difficult for her to picture that monster deep inside her tiny little ass. The cum still leaking from her pucker hole told a different story.

Matt lubed his cock keeping an eye on his target. The pretty little pink pussy with the cock stuffed asshole. He decided that this fuck would be all the way. He was going to shove his cock all the way inside this beautiful young girl. He wanted her to remember him and remember his greedy cock.

Matt's cock slid in easily at first. Camryn was skittish but eager to please. Slowly it slid in, deeper and deeper, forcing Camryn to open wider and wider to accept his length. She looked down; she still had to take about another five inches. It seemed almost impossible.

"I may not be able to take you in all the way, Matt."

Matt smiled and looked deep into her eyes without speaking.

"I think you are on my back wall, Matt"

The look in Matt's eyes told her that she was going to get it all, every last inch.

"Oh, it's in. It is all the way in. Harry, fuck my ass a little. Make me feel Matt's cock fuck me hard. Yes, Matt ... pump me hard ... slide your cock in and out ... hard ... harder ... Fuck my ass, Harry ... spread my ass cheeks and fuck me good and hard in the ass ... ohw ... ohw ... in the ass ... Yes, Matt ... Fuck my pussy ... fuck me ... you're both fucking me ... so good ... so good ... That's it Harry ... shoot all your cream in my ass ... Oh, Matt ... give it to me good, baby ... shoot it all up there Matt ... cream me up good."

When it was all over, Camryn lay on the bed in puddles of creamy cum leaking from both her ass and her pussy. The creamy cum merged with her own copious pussy juices which had flowed from her throbbing vagina.

She sprawled like a marathon runner crossing the finish line.

She was totally satisfied.

She was completely content.

She was at peace with her happy thoughts. Now, she could make plans for future delights and new adventures.

(This concludes Camryn's All Night Adventure. Hope you liked it. I feel Camryn did. The following is a short little love poem for the real Camryn, the inspiration for this story. Her imagination is limitless and unique)

The Mystique of Camryn
Shrouded in mist

On a distant shore
Camryn stands waiting

For a true lover
Or a golden ring

Her juices are strong
Her milk quite divine

She trembles with desire
A hunger desperately sublime

Fly to her now
Give her your seed

Cover her with creamy offerings
Supply her every need

Fill her to the brim
Let her spill over

Take her fantasy yet spoken
Make her your muse

You will never regret
Seeking her inspiration

Mysterious Camryn the Divine

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