It's All In The Mind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Violent, Nudism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - No good deed goes unpunished, or does it? I suppose it depends on your point of view. A man gets beaten into a new life. He expected to die, but he awoke to find that everything had changed or was changeable. [Not all codes apply to all chapters.] NOT edited by Drenkara, whatever it says in the heading of Chapter 1!

Sorry folks, but this is a story with sex rather than a one handed read. If you want a quick fix I suggest you look elsewhere.

Please note, this is written in English English, by an Englishman in England, consequently all spellings are English, measurements are metric, dialogue is in single quotes and there are English expressions and slang terms that may be unfamiliar to American readers, but then, that's part of the fun! Isn't it?

You could call it fate, or karma, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place at the right time depending on your point of view, but although the incident nearly got me killed I couldn't have acted any differently, even if I'd wanted to. Anyway, at that particular moment in time I didn't give a shit whether I lived or died; or so I thought.

I was walking, well, I say walking but I mean limping, down the alleyway to get back to my car which was parked in a Disabled Driver's parking bay close by. I was leaning on a hiking pole; not because I was likely to go far or anywhere rugged, just that I was too damned proud to use a walking stick. So, I was leaning on this pole as I made my way painfully through the litter strewn on the floor of the alley, kicking my way through discarded plastic carrier bags and packaging. The alley, I suppose it was an arcade in its early life, ran from the market place to the car park and was lined with shops, most of which were empty and waiting for redevelopment. As I passed one of the empty shops I heard a woman scream, then the scream was cut off as if someone had clamped their hand over her mouth. I couldn't help but look for the source of the noise, and I noticed the door to one of the shops had recently been forced.

Despite the pain in my back and feet, I pushed open the door and heard scuffling and cursing in the back room of the shop so I headed towards it. As I stepped into the room, it only took one glance to see what was happening. The woman who had managed to scream was stretched out on the littered floor; her right leg pointing towards me, her left leg stretched as far the other way as it would go. Her blouse was torn leaving her breasts bare and her skirt was rucked up to her waist. Her stockings were ripped, and the gusset of her panties was in tatters exposing her shaved vulva (funny what you notice in times of stress). The remnants of her brassiere were stuffed in her mouth forming a crude gag. A man was kneeling between her legs, his erect penis in his hand preparatory to driving it into the woman's unwilling vagina. There were three other men there, one holding her arms above her head while the other two held her legs apart.

In the microseconds it took me to take in the scene, I came to the conclusion I was going to get a beating at best, and, most likely, something worse. Deciding to try and shorten the odds a little and growling with anger, I took the handle of my hiking pole in my left hand, grabbed the rubber ferrule on the bottom and pulled it off, continuing the movement to lash out and strike the nearest rapist across the throat. As he fell back with a gurgle, clutching at his throat, the rapist between the woman's legs reared back and started to push himself to his feet, I pivoted slightly and stabbed him in the ribs with the steel point of the hiking pole I'd exposed when I'd ripped the ferrule off. The rapist holding the other leg had released it and was now on his feet, so I grabbed the pointed end of the hiking pole with both hands and swung a roundhouse hit to the side of his knee with the heavy rubber grip. I heard the bone snap as it connected and felt the light aluminium pole bend.

I was out of breath now and slow to recover, so the piece of shit that had been holding the woman's arms was on me before I could do anything and pain exploded in my kidneys as he caught me in the back with a couple of solid blows. The woman was on her feet by now and I managed to shout at her to run and call the police before the next blow landed. By then it was too late for me, and I found myself at the centre of a maelstrom of flying fists and kicking feet.

I was on the floor, my back felt like fire, I felt some ribs crack, I saw a boot swinging towards my face and suddenly I realised I didn't want to die. Time seemed to slow down and it was as though everything was happening in a giant vat of golden syrup. Somewhere, deep in my mind, something seemed to crack open and blossom like an exploding volcano. I felt power course through my mind like surging, red hot magma and build until I thought my head would explode. I voicelessly shouted, 'No!' All that stored power surged from my mind; then everything went black.

Have you heard those stories about people who stood outside their bodies and looked down on them? 'Out of Body Experiences' they call them don't they? Well, that's how it was for me. I don't recall waking up or moving, but now I was hovering up near the ceiling, with a bird's eye view of what was going on. I could see that I was in the Intensive Therapy Unit of the local teaching hospital; I'd been there before, though as a visitor not as a patient, thank Gaia.

Although my body was comatose, I, the bit that was me and appeared to be on holiday at the moment, was having a good look round; most particularly, I was looking at myself, lying in the high tech bed, covered only by a modesty towel and looking like the remnants of a good meal. Judging by the colouring of the bruises, I'd been there some time and my belly was no longer a rotunda, more like a ruined old church. My hair, what there was of it, that I normally kept sheared off was spiky and unkempt and my beard, apart from where it was shaved off to accommodate the tracheotomy that hooked me up to the ventilator, was equally straggly. I'd lost a hell of a lot of weight; and I looked like shit with skin hanging in folds; far older than my sixty-three years! Somehow, a chicken carcase came to mind.

It was a trussed chicken carcase though, there were wires and tubes everywhere and what seemed to be an inordinate amount of sticky tape was plastered on my hirsute body. I just hoped that when the time came, I would be given a general anaesthetic for its removal!

I wasn't alone though; my son was sitting at the side of my bed and, believe it or not, was holding my hand! Anyone that knows my son knows that hand-holding and him do not go together! His other hand held a book, and that was when I realised I must have been bad, he was reading David Eddings again! I did notice he was sitting in a position that allowed him to keep an eye on winsome nursie though!

There was a slight rustle through the unit that barely impacted on the noises from the monitors and respirators and I saw the ITU consultant had entered the ward; he had to be a consultant by the way everyone deferred to him and the entourage followed him around at a respectful distance. I didn't really take much notice of him until he came to my bed and looked at my chart. He said something to the nurse and in an effort to hear what he was saying I sharpened my attention on him. Before you could say, 'scalpel, ' (pun intended) I was reading his mind.

I managed to contain my shock and surprise when I realised this poor man really did care, and he was steeling himself to tell Andy, my nearest and dearest, that today was the day, today I was off life support, win, lose or draw! He thought the worst, and he was sure that those two packets of cigarettes I'd been smoking every day for the last fifty years or so were going to finally see me off. I looked at my battered corpse and again I sharpened my attention, but this time on my lungs and I could see them! Better than any X-Ray, CAT or MRI scan, I could see what a pile of shit my lungs really were. Without even thinking about it I looked at the lungs of the young nurse, (and yes, it really was her lungs I looked at) that was sitting at the end of my bed and saw how they differed from mine. With no knowledge of how I did it I rebuilt my lungs to look like those of the nurse; young, fresh and untainted.

I'd just like to say at this point, I still don't know how I do these things; I suppose the best analogy I can come up with is that it's like 'cut-and-paste' on a word processor, I can see how things are, I can see how they should be and I just make it happen. Do you know how your brain stores memories or how the muscles of your hand work to pick something up? Of course you don't, you just remember things or pick things up, and that's how it is with what I do, I just do it. I have to confess I was taken aback a bit at what I'd done, but a glimmer of what might be possible struck me. I lost track of the consultant's conversation with Andy for a few moments as he told him what had to happen and the likely outcome. When I came back to it, Andy was looking stricken, the consultant was looking grave, the nurse's eyes were watering, and I still looked like shit!

I thought maybe it was time to influence things a bit, so I made my body open its eyes (the tape holding them shut had been removed when the consultant examined me) and squeeze Andy's hand. As he turned to look at me I smiled and winked, and I frightened the bastard nearly to death! I still laugh at his expression at that moment! The consultant jumped into action as though he'd been kick-started, doing all the things that a consultant does at such times with the nurses jumping to carry out his orders and his followers trying to look as if they knew what was going on. I managed to let go of Andy's hand, (my other hand was full of IV needles and such) motion to the tracheotomy and get across the idea that it should be out, I closed my eyes and let them get on with it.

While the consultant and the nurses were dealing with my corpse, I skulked up in the corner near the ceiling and watched all the excitement. When they'd finished I was disconnected from all the paraphernalia and sleeping easily. The tracheotomy was history. I took another leisurely look at my corpse and using the same technique I'd used on my lungs I corrected all the problems that had made my life miserable. With knowledge I filched from the mind of a passing consultant endocrinologist, I rejuvenated my pancreas and nervous system to cure my diabetes and get rid of the diabetic neuropathy; I then rebuilt the discs and vertebrae in my spine that caused me such pain. Don't ask me how long it took because I don't know. I was so immersed in what I was doing I didn't think to keep track and anyway, in my current state time meant nothing.

When I eventually started noticing my surroundings again, I saw that Andy had gone and the chair was decorated with the delectable body of my daughter-in-law, Jeanette. Yes, I know she's forty years old, but I'm sure her body's only twenty; it's still taut and athletic with high, firm breasts that can still go braless, shapely hips and long legs. I say long legs, but they were proportionally long to her petite stature; she stood a mere one metre-sixty without her shoes. She was small, but perfectly formed as they say, with auburn, collar length hair, high cheekbones and a square chin. Her mouth was generous and her nose well shaped and exactly the right size. I know that doesn't sound extraordinary when you write it down, but on Jeanette it added up to being strikingly beautiful. If my dick hadn't been held down by the catheter taped to my leg, it could have become embarrassing! As it was it was just painful!

Jeanette was clinging on to my callused paw with her comparatively tiny hand and this new sense of mine was getting some strange signals from her. I could tell she was distressed about the condition I was in; probably more than a good daughter-in-law should be it seemed, and I noted that for later consideration. She also exuded fear for some reason and I decided to see if I could find its cause.

I didn't have to search too deeply into her mind to find out she'd received a letter that morning recalling her after a mammogram and she'd immediately thought the worst. Now, I'm not really a tit man, though I like the shape and feel of a warm breast as much as the next man and Jeanette had lovely tits, but to mentally start searching her breasts for abnormalities was weird! I didn't actually find anything, but then again, I wasn't exactly familiar with my abilities as yet, so I decided to keep a mental eye on things. Just to take her mind off her troubles I repeated my squeeze, wink and smile routine, but instead of being happy she started to cry. I can't stand it when women cry, I want to move heaven and earth for them to make things right, but usually have to settle for holding them and letting them wet my shirt.

I said in a very quiet, hoarse voice, 'It's okay Jeanette; it'll be all right, ' at least, that's what I tried to say, it came out more like, 'Unk net ilbrit.'

That was when the police turned up.

By this time Jeanette had stopped crying and I'd returned to my lurking point up near the ceiling, so I was nicely placed to appreciate the female representative from the strong arm of the law; she was a cracker! Have you ever noticed how those trousers cling to their arse like a second skin, and how the anti-stab vest just seems to emphasise it? She was a real beauty, tall and blonde with the grace of an athlete. I couldn't imagine her dealing with pathetic, violent drunks on a Saturday night. She was wearing the uniform though, so I guessed she was able to look after herself. Her partner was another matter. He must have been two metres tall, about twenty centimetres taller than his companion, but where she was beauty, he was the beast. He wasn't exactly ugly, but he'd certainly had a hard time somewhere along the line and he was built like a brick shithouse. I could imagine him stuffing piss artists in the van four at a time, two in each hand. He was in plain clothes, but he was obviously a copper, so I guessed it was a bit serious.

Feeling in a playful mood, I oozed back into my body again, snuggled down, had a mental wriggle or two to get settled, then I opened my eyes. Beauty was still as gorgeous from this angle! I turned my head and looked at Jeanette.

'Immi rink shi?' which roughly translated as, 'Give me a drink chick?'

Before Jeanette could move, the nurse came to my side and offered me a glass of water with a convenient straw; she must have been fluent in Fuckwit! I slurped a couple of mouthfuls and immediately started to feel better. A couple of mouthfuls more and I could feel my body coming back from the brink, especially as the repairs I'd made were feeding my cells with more oxygen than they'd had in years.

I squeezed Jeanette's hand again and looked at the coppers on the other side of the bed.

'Two of you! Beauty and the Beast! I'm honoured!' I was almost completely coherent now, although my voice was still a bit weak and whispery, 'Did you catch the bastards?'

Beast didn't know where to look, but Beauty was smiling when she said, 'No sir, we didn't need to, they were all dead!'

Another little aside here, sometime during my spiritual ceiling lurk, I'd come to the conclusion that it would be morally wrong, for me anyway, to keep reading people's minds willy-nilly. To be honest, I didn't think I could imagine a greater invasion of privacy, so I'd decided not to indulge unless I had good reason; but then again, I got to decide what was 'good reason' didn't I? So, because I'd not been looking the statement came at me out of the blue.

My mind ran through a whole gamut of emotions. How could they be dead? The last I knew they were kicking the shit out of me! Four of them; dead! Did I do that? Had that explosion in my mind done something to them? If I had done it, how did I feel about that? I'm the person who hates to tread on snails, who lifts spiders out of the sink and releases them to run wild in the house (if you put house spiders outside they'll die). The only creatures I'll willingly kill are wasps. On the other hand, they had been trying to rape that lass and in my mind, that put them several rungs below wasps in the scheme of things. I decided I wouldn't worry too much; yet anyway. Irrationally, I also decided I could make an exception for snakes too; I could live with killing the occasional snake as long as it was poisonous.

'Huh?' said I, eloquent as ever.

'Yes sir, dead! As a parrot! Deceased, no longer with us, they are no more; with serious head injuries as the cause of death!' Beauty was being very emphatic about the perpetrators being somewhat poorly, 'We rather hoped you could tell us about that sir? By the way, I'm PC Wrath and this is Detective Sergeant Simion.' She indicated towards her hulking friend.

I was taken aback for a moment, I thought she'd said 'simian' which would have suited our DS down to the ground, and it took me a second or two to catch on. My thoughts must have been reflected in my face because the beautiful PC Wrath grinned at me.

'Well, I'd love to help you but I haven't got a clue, ' I croaked, 'the last thing I knew they were playing football with me.' Suddenly it seemed as if the weight of the world was pushing me into the bed. 'I'm not trying to brush you guys off, but could we talk again tomorrow? I've only just woken up and I feel the need for sleep again.' I closed my eyes. I never saw them leave, I was gone in seconds.

This time I really did sleep, no ceiling lurks, no mind games, just sleep. Just as I drifted off, I realised I'd never had a chance to talk to Jeanette.

When I woke again I felt much better and the chair at the side of my bed was empty. The aches and pains had mostly disappeared, and I felt the urge to get out of bed, though I knew it wasn't going to happen any time soon. The consultant came around, prodded and poked me, asked me a few stupid questions and signed me off to be moved to an ordinary ward, bypassing the high dependency unit. At last! I finally got rid of that fucking catheter!

I was sitting in the chair at the side of my bed at last, wondering how to con some sucker into pushing me outside in a wheelchair so I could visit the smoker's den round the corner from the main entrance; I was dying for a fag! It appeared that after my last meeting with Mr and Mrs Plod, I'd slept for about fourteen hours, moved to an open ward then slept another ten. I was feeling pretty good now; I'd even woken up with a morning woody for the first time in about ten years. As a result, my thoughts turned to illicit cigarettes; I wanted to celebrate! Technically, it was a smoke free site, not just inside the buildings; however, they didn't like patients walking all the way to the road with their drip trolleys and stuff, so they turned a blind eye to the den. Anyway, that's beside the point, because I was sitting by my bed when Beauty and the Beast turned up again. This time Beauty was in plain clothes too.

Beauty took the lead yet again, 'Good afternoon Mr Baratt, how are you feeling?'

'I'm much better, thanks PC Wrath, but please, call me Danny. Drag up a chair; I'm not quite up to furniture moving yet.'

'It's DC Wrath now!' she smiled broadly.

Both she and the enigmatic DS Simion pulled up chairs and sat opposite me.

For the first time in our acquaintance DS Simion spoke, 'Can you tell us what happened Danny? I'm Alun by the way and this isn't Beauty, at least, that isn't her name; this is Daisy, ' he nodded towards his assistant.

Another surprise, Alun not only spoke quietly, his accent was cultured and his eyes shone with intelligence. Yet another reminder that things were rarely as they looked. Again Daisy looked at me with a knowing grin on her face; she'd caught me out again. She knew I'd prejudged Alun as a Neanderthal and was delighted with the briefest flicker of surprise that flashed on my ugly visage when I'd realised he wasn't.

So I told them everything I knew; up to a point. Needless to say, I didn't mention anything about volcanoes in my mind, voiceless shouts or explosions of mental power.

Alun scratched his nose, 'That foot never connected with your face Danny, the man's leg was sheared off below the knee, just as it would have been with a sword strike or an axe. Well, not quite the same, the pathologist tells us he's lost a seven centimetre section of his leg. We still haven't found that section of leg by the way. Both he and his companions died, simultaneously to the best of our knowledge, from terrible head injuries. Can you tell us anything about that?'

'I really don't have a clue Alun; they were all alive when I lost consciousness, 'cos they were beating and kicking the shit out of me. Sorry Daisy.'

'That's OK Danny, I've heard worse, ' she made a deprecating gesture. 'When our lads got to you, there was blood everywhere in that shop and the four rapists were lying around you. The one that had tried to kick you left a line of arterial spray that ran across the boot of his severed foot, across your face and up the wall. If he'd connected he would have killed you. If he hadn't died with the others, he would have bled out pretty quickly.'

'I'm relieved he didn't connect then, I'm perfectly happy with being alive.'

'You very nearly weren't alive Danny; you were hanging by a thread when the ambulance crew got to you; you were a mess.'

'I still am a mess!' I laughed ruefully and Alun shuffled in his seat a little.

'You can't tell us then how the men suffered such additional trauma?' Alun asked and I looked him in the eye.

'No, I'm sorry, I have no idea whatsoever, but whoever did it has my thanks! Truth be told, I didn't think I was going to survive that little ruckus when I started it, ' involuntarily I shuddered. It had been a close run thing.

Alun and Daisy stood, Daisy grabbed my hand, squeezed it briefly and said, 'we'll need to talk to you again Danny, I'm sorry, ' her skin was warm and smooth, but her hand was gone before I could squeeze back.

'No need to be sorry chick, you have a job to do. I'm hoping to be going home soon, but I'll let you know where I am. Can I contact you at the cop shop in town or do I need to ring the city office?'

'Just ring the local number, the switchboard will find us and if they don't, we'll find you.'

Did I tell you? Daisy was wearing black trousers and a bomber jacket; it was a real pleasure to watch her leave. What an arse!

It was my lucky day, no sooner had my two favourite police persons closed the door behind them than it opened again to admit Andy, Jeanette, my eighteen year old granddaughter Kirsten and a lady who looked familiar, but I was sure I didn't know. It was only as they all gathered around my bed that I realised that the last time I'd seen the strange woman, she was starfished on the dirty floor of the old shop.

It was utter chaos for a few minutes, everyone was talking at once, Andy was shaking my hand and Jeanette and Kirsten were kissing me, something to be enjoyed at every opportunity I might add. It was only as the ruckus died down that the lady stepped forward and reached for my hand. As she took my hand, I grinned at her and looked into her eyes; I could see she was nervous.

'Hi! I almost didn't recognise you from this angle!' I kept hold of her hand and she blushed prettily, 'Are you OK? They didn't hurt you did they?'

'Luckily I got away with a few scrapes and bruises thanks to you Mr Barett, and they're mostly healed now, ' she smiled and her whole face lit up. She wasn't what you would call classically beautiful; I judged her age to be late thirties early forties, and her body looked to be trim and strong and about my own one metre seventy five in height. She was what was once called a 'handsome woman'; until she smiled. That smile not only lit up her face, it lit up the whole ward, or so it seemed to me.

'I think we're well acquainted enough for you to call me Danny, erm... '

'Amanda, Amanda Lennox, most people call me Annie.'

'Well, I'm pleased you escaped relatively unscathed Annie, and it's lovely to meet you in more auspicious circumstances, ' I smiled at her again, hoping she wouldn't realise I still had her hand in mine.

'I wanted so much to come and see you earlier Danny, but they wouldn't let me in to the ITU; they weren't going to let me in here either until Andy and Jeanette brought me in.'

'Bloody nurses! Think they're in charge, they do!'

'It's not the nurses Dad, it's the policeman sitting outside the door!' Andy plonked himself on my bed and laughed, 'I think they're worried you might do a runner!' he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

'I might just do that! Can you fix me up with some groceries and stuff at home? If that bloody doctor doesn't discharge me tomorrow I'll discharge myself.'

Unaccountably, I suddenly realised I didn't even know what day it was, let alone what date. That stunned me slightly, and I involuntarily gripped Annie's hand a little tighter, Andy noticed I was still holding it.

'I think you can let go of Annie's hand now Dad, she's going to need it when we leave.'

I reluctantly let her go, feeling again a little of the loneliness that had gripped me before I'd met her in such an unconventional fashion. Andy and Kirsten sat on the bed, Jeanette and Annie sat in the chairs left by my earlier visitors and we chatted about the usual inane things people chat about on hospital visits.

Eventually, it was time for them to leave and Annie came over to my chair.

'Danny, I don't know how I can thank you for what you did for me, ' she spoke quietly and I could see tears welling in her eyes. She took my hand.

'I know some women fantasise about being raped, but I never have. That afternoon was my worst nightmares come true. If it wasn't for you I'd probably still be lying on that filthy shop floor with my throat cut.' The tears were rolling down her cheeks and dripping off her chin now; true to form I stood and took her in my arms trying to comfort her, her hands gripped my shoulders.

'Thank you so much Danny, thank you.'

'You don't have to thank me Annie; it's what anyone would have done.'

'Bollocks Danny, you know most people would have walked by and left me to suffer, but you didn't, you saved me!' suddenly she flung her arms around my neck and sobbed as if her heart was breaking.

'Th-they were going to h-hurt me Danny, th-they were g-going to k-kill me!' I did the only thing any red blooded male would do in that situation, I stroked her back and murmured stupid clich├ęs in her ear.

I felt two more feminine arms around me as Jeanette and Kirsten embraced us both, tears streaming down their faces too, then Andy put one arm around my shoulders and the other around his wife and we clung together in a soggy group hug. Tears were running down my face too, but being the old goat that I am, I still relished the feeling of soft breasts pressing against me.

Gradually, some sense of normality reasserted itself, everyone hugged me and kissed me goodbye. I was particularly gratified when Annie kissed me hard on the lips with just a fleeting touch of her tongue to my lower lip. I was glad I was wearing a pair of slips under my dressing gown or it could have been embarrassing. In five minutes, I was alone with my thoughts again.

I should just point out here that I don't possess such a thing as a pair of pyjamas, I've not worn them since I passed puberty and I'd refused to wear them just because I was in hospital. Needless to say the hospital authorities were outraged so I compromised by wearing briefs. The powers that be were not amused, but when they realised I didn't give a shit and they couldn't throw me out, they gave in disgracefully.

To tell the honest truth, I'd been alone with my thoughts quite a bit these last couple of weeks of my convalescence. Gradually, I'd been removing the folds of slack skin left by the loss of my layer of fat; I'd been more than fifty kilos overweight, well over a hundred pounds for you recidivists; that's a lot of fat! Mind you, I don't recommend four weeks of induced coma in an ITU as a means of weight loss! In reality, I was now too light for my build for the first time in my life. For most of my life obesity had just been one of those things I had to live with.

I corrected other things as well, rodding out the odd artery here, removing a chunk of internal fat there and so on. I had some long conversations with the doctors and nurses too, but best of all, Andy brought me my laptop in and I accessed relevant information from the Internet. I had to be a little subtle about the external changes I made though; I didn't want to get myself noticed. My profile was already far too high for my comfort.

The internal alterations were great; unless they suddenly decided to inflict a barrage of scans on me, nobody would ever know what I'd done. I had to be careful though, it was a bit like repairing a car engine when it was running; do the wrong thing and it stops! Mind you, there had been one or two close shaves with the doctors, particularly when I had to stop medicating for my diabetes. It was worth the risk though, for the first time in ten years, I was without pain when I walked; no cramps, no numbness, no strange sensations and the insulin pen was in the bin. The jewel in the crown though was the fact I was waking up every morning with a stiffy! My dick was working as well as it had in my twenties! I was ecstatic! I was also masturbating regularly! Life was definitely on the up!

When I finally got home, I nearly went back to check the door number again to make sure I was in the right place. All my clothes, far too big for me now of course, were washed, ironed and put away. The decorating I'd been putting off for the last five years or so was done, and it looked as if the carpets had been professionally cleaned as well. The place was pristine.

Andy had picked me up from the hospital and he was hovering around me with a big grin on his face, I looked at him and cocked an eyebrow.

'Don't blame me Dad, the girls took over, I just got to do the heavy lifting.'

'Bugger, I'd just got it comfortable too!' Truth be told though, I was feeling quite moved that they cared about me so much, the place had been a bit untidy to say the least. I was really glad to be home though. I sat down in my favourite chair with a heartfelt sigh and Andy went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. He came back with two steaming mugs and we sat in companionable silence for a while as we drank. It was Andy who eventually broke the silence.

'You know Dad; you've really changed since you came back to us.'

'For the better I hope?'

'Oh definitely! Physically you look better than I've seen you in years; I can hardly believe how well your body's recovered. You look like a fit forty year old, not like you're sixty three.'

'I feel like a fit forty year old too Son, ' I laughed and decided to ignore the inherent double entendre in that sentence.

Andy didn't though, 'I'll see if I can arrange for one to pop round then Dad!' he laughed and stood up, I stood too.

'I have to go; I got time off work especially to pick you up, so best not to do it too brown.'

He swallowed the last of his coffee then, instead of us parting with the usual handshake, he pulled me to him and hugged me before leaving, shouting his goodbyes as he closed the door behind him. I picked up the coffee mugs, took them into the kitchen to place them in the dishwasher then returned to the living room and settled in my chair again.

Not only had I spent a lot of time during my convalescence working on my physiology, I'd also spent a lot of time exploring other aspects of my new mental abilities. Now, instead of just being able to read minds or not, I'd managed to find out how to pick up surface thoughts without getting in too deep. I could still focus down into one individual if I wished, but now I had all the gradations in between too. It was as if that first explosion of power was followed by a steady trickle that increased my abilities a little more every day.

I sat there in my living room, with the late summer sun pouring through the patio doors, filling the room with golden light and rainbows from the hanging crystals I'd put up when I first moved in. I felt as though I was illuminated by some sort of celestial spotlight in a rainbow world. I felt good! I felt alive! I listened to the world outside, like listening to the waves breaking on a beach. Then, like a surfer riding one of the waves, Jeanette's consciousness came towards me. I didn't have to dig deep to realise she was coming to see me, though I did wonder why she was so excited. I went to the front door and opened it to let her in.

'Hi Dad, I've brought you some dinner, ' she went through to the kitchen and started bustling about. 'We didn't think it was right for you to have to cook for yourself on your first day home.'

She came out of the kitchen, put her arms around me and lay her head on my shoulder. I put my arms around her, relishing the feel of her body against mine, her breasts pressed against me. I hugged her back, feeling my dick rise and thicken. I was so engrossed in the feel of her I didn't think to read her and see what she was doing, before I knew it she had a hand on my stiffened cock!

'Jeanette... ?'

She moved back a little keeping hold of my member, then leaned in and kissed me, hard!

'I love you old man, ' her voice was intense and she looked into my eyes, 'just as much as I love Andy, I can't help myself.'

'What about Andy, we can't do this to him!'

'He knows Dad, he knows I'm here and he knows what we're going to do. He loves you too, ' she grinned, 'but not in quite the same way!'

As we talked Jeanette backed me into my bedroom, still gripping my erection. The back of my knees hit the bed and I fell back onto it. I'd hardly stopped bouncing when Jeanette grabbed the waistband of my jogging trousers and pulled them off, dragging my briefs and Crocs with them, leaving me naked from the waist down, my swollen dick standing proud on my belly. I realised her urgency matched mine.

Jeanette pounced on me like a cat on a mouse, her hand going straight to my cock and holding it gently, but firmly. She moved her hand up and down slowly, pumping even more blood into my straining prick, she pulled my foreskin right back and plunged her mouth over my sensitive flesh. I've never been struck by lightning, but that must surely be how it feels! My body convulsed like a newly caught fish on the floor of the boat.

'Jeanette! Shit! That's gorgeous! Darling girl! Ugggh... '

She started to work me, sucking hard as she drew back then plunging her mouth down again until she hit the root. She pulled back up and swirled her tongue around the head before plunging down again. After ten years of what was essentially abstinence, the feelings were sensational, exquisite, I could feel myself getting ready to blow.

'Jeanette! Love! I'm going to come!'

She redoubled her efforts and I exploded into her mouth, feeling as if everything inside me was going to follow through. I hit such a high I felt quite dizzy for a moment, then I relaxed.

Jeanette stood and quickly stripped off, not trying to be sexy, just to get naked as quickly as possible. She took off my sweatshirt then lay down beside me, her beautiful tits pressed against me. She kissed me and I could taste myself on her mouth and tongue.

'Does that feel better old man?' She laughed, 'you've been wanting me to do that for years haven't you, you old goat!'

'It would be a sin to tell a lie sweetie, I've imagined doing far more than that with you!'

'Well now you'll get your chance you randy old fucker!'

While we'd been talking she'd been stroking my stomach and fondling my balls, occasionally gripping my tool, pulling and squeezing it. The result, despite my recent, brain scrambling blow job, was fairly predictable and my prick started to swell again. I rolled her onto her back and kissed her before kissing down her neck, suckling gently on each of her breasts, then back up to kiss her again, our tongues performing an erotic dance in each other's mouths.

I kissed and suckled her breasts again, but I was too impatient and didn't spend the time on them they deserved. I kissed down her belly, slipped to my knees on the floor and pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. I put a hand beneath each knee and spread her glorious legs. Her beautiful pink pussy was before me in all its glory, she was very neat and tidy with the inner lips totally enclosed, but her outer lips were plump and hairless, gaping slightly to reveal the moistness within.

Almost reverently I leaned forward, smelling the fragrance of her bath oil mixed with the cock stiffening scent of aroused womanhood. I drew the flat of my relaxed tongue up her slit, starting just above her bottom and sweeping up to the top where her plump, nether lips met, she jumped and I did it again. Gently, I inserted the point of my tongue between her outer lips and teased out her inner lips, tasting the musky sweetness of her. I pushed my tongue deeper into her moist hole, picking up a hint of bitterness as she started to lubricate more. I swirled my tongue around then moved up and assaulted her pleasure point, flicking my tongue against her nubbin as she writhed and moaned. Driven by my impatience I pushed her over the edge into orgasm as quickly as I could without turning her off. She screamed my name as she came and clamped her legs around my head.

As she slowly relaxed I climbed up on the bed again, urging her to move up so that I could kneel between her legs. Her face was flushed and her hair awry, she was pulling at her own nipples and squeezing her breasts. Almost savagely I kissed her again, holding my weight on my arms above her, bringing my fully hardened shaft into line with her warm, wet opening.

Her knees were drawn up and with no need for manual intervention the end of my prick found the slick target it sought. Suddenly I could feel her sensations as well as my own. I felt her slick tunnel gripping me and the pressure she felt as I penetrated her, sliding inside her to the hilt in one stroke. I almost lost it there and then! I felt the walls of her sheath gripping me and the feeling she had of my hardness inside her.

'Danny! Oh Danny! How are you doing that? I can feel how it feels for you! That's wonderful!' she gasped, 'fuck me Danny, fuck me hard! I want you so much!

I was lost in sensation now and all I wanted was to reach my climax at the same time as Jeanette. I could feel her orgasm building rapidly and mine with it as I thrust inside her. Feeling with her the different sensations caused by a change in the angle or force of my bursting prick, transmitting to her the feeling of her vagina clasping me, almost sucking me in.

In an explosion of sensation and emotion we both cried aloud as we came, each one driving the other over the edge. My body was rigid as I felt my come pump into Jeanette's willing cunt, trying to force every last millimetre of myself inside her. Simultaneously I felt her orgasm wash over her, clenching her muscles on my hardness, milking me for the last drop.

We were both drenched in sweat, despite the shortness of our coupling and I held myself up on my arms to try and keep my weight off Jeanette. She reached up and pulled me down to her, kissing me feverishly, murmuring incoherent words of love and endearment. My prick had softened a little now so I slid onto my side. Leaning on my elbow I kissed her again and again, stroking her tits, her belly and her beautiful cunny.

'I love you Jeanette, I always have, since Andy brought you home the first time.'

'Well, it wasn't quite that quick for me, but it's been a long time. Andy's known for a long time too, but we only decided to do something about it once Kirsten turned eighteen, ' I opened my mouth to speak, but she put her hand over it, 'Let me finish. Andy and I decided early in our marriage that we would tell each other everything and we have and our marriage has been the stronger for it.

'When Kirsten came of age we decided to extend that same courtesy to her and when it came out that I wanted to fuck you, and Andy was happy with it, she agreed. I wouldn't have wanted us to do anything behind her back and have her find out later you understand?'

I nodded my agreement, 'I wouldn't want to hurt her either.'

Jeanette continued as if I hadn't spoken, 'Nearly losing you brought it all to a head and we decided I'd come to you as soon as I could. Kirsten gets the next turn.'

On that bombshell she sat up and looked at the bedside clock, 'I must get on or the guests will be here before the dinner's cooked!' she kissed me hard, got up from the bed and walked naked into the kitchen.

I was gobsmacked to say the least, probably even shell shocked, stunned; I certainly couldn't put a coherent sentence together, so I decided to keep quiet until I'd thought things through. Mechanically I took off the quilt cover that was stained with our sweat and bodily fluids and replaced it with a clean one. Going to the bathroom I got a facecloth, soaked it in warm water, went into the kitchen and gently cleaned up my lover as she stood at the counter chopping vegetables. We kissed and I returned to the bathroom to clean myself up.

Genetically, my teenage granddaughter had the best of both worlds, the best genes from each of her parents resulting in a stunning young lady. She was slim muscular and taut, she wasn't skinny though. Her hair was ash blond and she wore it long, almost to her waist. Her breasts weren't massive, but I knew she had large areolas and lovely plump nipples; her belly was flat, but her mons was plump and her bottom was every man's wet dream! To think that she wanted to make love to me was astonishing to say the least!

As I sat there on the bed, cross-legged and naked, just thinking about her started pumping blood from my brain to my cock. I began to get hard again. I quickly got up and walked into the kitchen. Understandably, Jeanette was now wearing an apron to protect her nakedness, it did nothing to hide her lovely back and bottom though.

'D'you need a hand sweetie?'

'No thanks Dad, it's all under control.'

'Do we need to get dressed before our guests arrive, I'm quite happy naked, but I wouldn't want to frighten anyone off, ' I laughed and caressed her derriere, framed as it was by the apron.

She pushed her bottom against my hand and wriggled it, 'Hmmm ... I think we'd better, at least for the meal anyway.'

I followed her into the bedroom as she took off the apron, picked up her skirt and blouse from the chair where I'd placed them when I folded them up, there were no undergarments. With a little groping and kissing we managed to dress in a more or less, civilised fashion and leave for the kitchen again.

The first guests to arrive were Andy and Kirsten. I let them in and after I'd closed the door again Andy hugged me, I was sure I felt a brief press of his lips against my cheek. Kirsten however, threw her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me, her plump mons massaging my partial erection. I cupped her bottom in my hands as she kissed me like a lover; I of course kissed her back just as eagerly. Our lips parted and I almost gasped for breath.

'Are you sure about this Kirsten? I ran my hands up her back then down again to squeeze her bum cheeks.

'Oh yes Gramps! I've never been so sure about anything in my life!' we kissed again.

Before things could progress further the doorbell rang. My mind was fogged by chaotic thoughts of Kirsten and Jeanette, so I opened the door cold to find Annie and Daisy on the other side. Having counted the place settings at the table I realised our party was now complete. I stood back to let them in and they both kissed me in a much more than casual fashion. No prissy air kissing for these girls, just toe curling, full on smackers that left me feeling as if I'd been run over by a truck. I pulled myself together, tried to be the regular host and showed them into the living room where drinks were being distributed.

I was beginning to get the feeling that my life was no longer under my control. A bit like that feeling you get on a roller coaster when it pauses for a second at the very top of the first big drop. I knew the drop was going to come and I knew I could only hang on for the ride.

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