The Blanchard Home
Chapter 1: Welcome home

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, TransGender, CrossDressing, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Hispanic Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Size, Body Modification,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Welcome home - Jordan Newton finds himself living in a mansion where the residents aren't what they appear to be. He must struggle to hold onto who he is as he becomes one of the house's girls.

Jordan Newton stared at the tall iron gates as the grimy taxi sped away. He knew he should move, either towards the large estate to accept the fate that had been thrust upon him or in the opposite direction as far away as his thin legs could carry him to freedom and all the hardships that accompany that path. Anything other than just stand there like a skinny statue.

Ultimately the decision of what to do was made for him when the gates opened and a tall middle-aged in a conservative dress with long black hair streaked with gray stepped up to Jordan. "Am I correct in assuming that reason you are standing outside my property holding luggage is because you are the new ward I am expecting?" Jordan meekly nodded. The woman's steely blue eyes caught his attention and refused to let go. Jordan had to crane his neck to maintain eye contact since the woman towered over his short frame. "Good. Come along now. We have much to do and precious little time to do it." she said. Seemingly sensing his urge to run the woman took him by the elbow and led him up the path to the huge house.

At the end of a hall on the first floor of the east wing was a room that the woman took Jordan to. The small plaque next to the door proclaimed the room to be the office of Renee Blanchard. Inside the woman, Renee, had nearly shoved Jordan into a chair. She then walked around a large oak desk and took her seat in a large plush chair that was almost more akin to a throne than a piece of office furniture. The room itself was the first modestly sized thing Jordan had seen since he arrived. Most of the space was taken up by the desk, a bookshelf, a filing cabinet, and a couple of potted plants leaving only enough space for a few people to be in the room at any given time. The lack of personal trinkets made the room seem a bit cold and sterile to Jordan, more like a movie set than a place any actual person spent any significant amount of time.

"Well young Mr. Newton, I am Renee Blanchard, owner and proprietor of the Blanchard boarding house. You will address me as Ms. Blanchard until the time has come when I feel you have earned using such familiarities as calling me anything by any other name." Renee said, her manor stern and forceful.

Who the hell talks like that? Jordan thought as he struggled to keep a straight face.

"What I do here is provide shelter to young men such as yourself while helping them down the path to who they are meant to be. These young men must of course meet very specific criteria, I unfortunately have neither the time nor the inclination to aid every hard luck case that comes my way. My wards come here for various reasons. Some come here because they have a clear picture of who they want to be and know I can get them there. Some come here because they got into trouble and might find themselves on the wrong side of a set of bars without my guidance, don't worry though, I don't take the violent ones. Some come here because they have become financial burdens their families can no longer bare, I have quite a few that after college had to move back home. And then there are wards like you who for whatever reason no longer fit into their families."

Jordan's face darkened. "My new step mother and I don't get along. I get that she doesn't like having a left over from my dad's previous marriage around but why did they ship me off instead of just waiting a few months for me to go off to college?"

"Well," Renee said, not appreciating being interrupted "Whatever their thought process was you are here now and under the agreement signed by your father you are to stay here until I determine that either you are fit to join society and obtain a safe and stable living situation or that you are a complete and utter lost cause and are beyond my means to help."

"You mean I can't leave? What am I, a prisoner?" Jordan felt dread rising in his chest.

"No you are most certainly not a prisoner. As I have already said you are my ward and in accordance with the contract your father signed I am your legal guardian till I deem fit to relinquish that role. Until I am certain that you can be trusted not to run away, endanger yourself, or bring shame upon my house you are grounded as it were."

"I don't remember agreeing to any of this."

Renee waved her hand dismissively at Jordan. "You didn't have to. You were still a week shy of eighteen when your Father signed. Since he was your legal guardian and you were still a minor at the time your input was not needed. Like it or not your father signed both his name and yours to my contract and you are bound by it." Renee leaned back in her massive seat. Her expression was as stern as ever and her arms crossed over her ample chest. It was clear to Jordan that this woman would not entertain any argument.

"Now, Mr. Newton, place your luggage on my desk." When Jordan reluctantly complied Renee opened it up and began rummaging through Jordan's belongings. Her face softened a bit when she saw how meager his belongings were. Just a few plain t-shirts, a pair of pants, and some undergarments. She had met Jordan's father several times prior to the signing and he did not seem in any capacity poor and she had told him in no uncertain terms that the severing of ties would be immediate and permanent. There would be no correspondence, no care packages, and no shipping of personal belongings at a later date. That's why most of her wards came with at the very least a favorite book, a cherished childhood toy, a well worn family heirloom, or a few photos of their old lives. Some tie to their former lives to give them comfort during the changes in they would soon go through. But Jordan was barely adequately packed for a weekend long trip.

Closing the bag Renee's blue eyes once again focused on the young man across from her. "Here we have a dress code and I am afraid none of your clothes are up to snuff. Remove what you are wearing." Renee said. Jordan Sat there unsure of whether he should comply or if she was joking. "Come now, quickly. We don't have all day." Jordan stood and slowly began to disrobe till he was standing only in his underwear. "The boxers shorts too." Jordan looked at her horrified when she said this. She recognized the fear in his eyes all too well as she had seen it many times before. "Young man, I can assure you that I have seen many penises of all different shapes, sizes, and colors so I will be neither repulsed nor impressed barring any unique deformities. Now off with them."

Renee stood and walked out of her office door. She turned to make sure her new ward was following. The woman was disappointed to find Jordan was covering his small package with his hands. "Hands at your sides, Jordan. We do not have shame for our bodies here. What's more you have nothing that everyone who lives here hasn't seen many times before."

Much to Jordan's relief Renee didn't laugh, giggle, or have any reaction to his genitals, which were doing a very convincing impression of a frightened turtle, other than to look at them briefly. Jordan stepped softly to keep his small privates from bouncing too wildly as he followed Renee back down the long winding hallway back to the massive foyer. The sunlight from two frosted glass windows made the metal railings from the staircase shine dimly. Jordan caught sight of the front door and thought about making a run for it, Renee after all wasn't holding him anymore and was walking several steps ahead of him. Surely if he made a run for it her long dress would encumber her enough to give him an edge.

He was so tied up in his own thoughts that he missed the cute blonde flounce down the stairs. The hem of her blue summer dress and her pigtails bounced in time with her skips. She stopped on the second step of the stairs.

Jordan was stirred from his contemplation by a high pitched squeal that was quickly followed by the sensation of the tip of a finger poking his cock-head. "Aw, so cute! I love when they pull in like this!" the blonde said, a sparkle of mischief in her blue eyes. "Hey little fella. Can you get hard for me? Huh? Can you, can you, can you?" By this point in her excitement the blonde was pushing the button that was Jordan's flaccid cock like she was ringing a doorbell. It was starting to hurt and in a rush of panic Jordan wrapped his hands around the blonde's hand not realizing that all he had accomplished was trapping her finger mid push.

"Charles, what have I told you about doing that? Leave Jordan alone." Renee said. Charles pouted but slowly removed her hand from Jordan's grasp. "Now run along. I'm sure you have more constructive things to do than poke other people's puds."

Jordan's mind had ground to a screeching halt. "Charles?" That couldn't be right, could it? Surely it had to be some sort of nickname. He looked up at Renee, hoping to find mirth written on her face. But when he saw she was just as serious as ever things started to click together in his brain. Why Renee was so tall, why her voice was deep, why she wasn't fazed by the sight of a penis, and why this girl was named Charles. Renee had a penis and Charles probably did too. This couldn't be what Renee intended him to become, could it? He couldn't just stick around and find out. The door was right there. Even without any clothes he had to take the chance.

Jordan had been mid stride when Renee's hand shot out and grabbed his arm. He struggled violently against the vice like grip but it was to no avail. The young man was panicking as he tried to wrench his arm free. In his nearly delirious state a stream of urine burst forth from his tiny cock.

"Shoot, look at that mess." Charles said as Jordan soaked the front of Renee's dress and the floor beneath them.

Renee remained calm and collected as her newest ward continued to relieve himself on her. "If I remember correctly, Charles, relieved yourself too when we first met."

"Well yeah, but I had two big gulps before I got here."

"In any case I need you fetch the mop. Now." With orders given Charles scampered off leaving Renee and a squirming Jordan alone in the grand foyer. "Jordan, look at me." Renee reached out with her free hand and held Jordan's chin. "I said look at me. Running away won't do any good. Where will you go?"

"Home! I don't care how fucked up things are."

"This is your home now. You can't go back to where you were. They are not your family anymore and if you try to turn to them they'll follow the contract. You'll either be turned out into the streets or be sent back here. You know I'm right." Upon hearing this Jordan's resistance relented a bit. "Where do you think you'll have a better chance, here or the streets? Out there is harsh for a young adult with no family, no college education, and no experience. Here you'll have food, shelter, and companionship. What's more by the time I'm done with you you'll have a purpose." Renee pulled Jordan into a tight embrace.

Tears streamed down Jordan's face. He realized the hopelessness of the situation. This amazonian transsexual had him right where she wanted him. He had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. He didn't have the skills and know-how to make it on his own. He was truly at Renee's mercy. "Why?" Jordan bellowed into Renee's bosom. He couldn't fathom how fate could be so cruel.

"You'll know soon enough." Renee's focus was soon interrupted by the return of the bubbly blonde. "Charles, you know the procedure by now, right?" Charles nodded. "Good. Take Jordan through the rest of the initiation while I clean up."

"Sure thing, Ms. B." Charles took her new "sister's" hand and led the way to their destination in the west wing.

Renee dipped the mop in it's bucket and began the task of cleaning up Jordan's pee. She stopped briefly when something occurred to her about Charles' personality. "And don't spend all day poking his pud!" Renee yelled despite knowing her order would fall on deaf ears.

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