Steve and Chuck - Changes and Life Adjustments
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A continuation of the Steve and Chuck's saga within Florida Friends. New arrivals cause a stir while Chuck is confronted with new challenges.

We had arrived home today after a two month sailing trip to Europe, with a side trip visit to Chuck’s island on the way back. Tiny had made sure we were all welcomed back in style with the big tent, our favorite caterer, and a bunch of announcements.

All of us were having a good gab fest when Tiani came to get Chuck. A few moments later, I could see some commotion near one of the doors. I saw Chuck and his girls half carrying Frieda out. I said, “Something is wrong with Frieda. We should go find out.”

Shawna said, “I’ll bet she’s going to pop. She’s been acting funny for a couple of days. I think it’s past her time.”

I tried to push my way through the crowd and when I made it outside, I saw the taillights of Chuck’s big cart going around the corner.


When Tiani came to get me, she just told me that I should come to help Frieda. I didn’t know what the problem was, but any of the women who claim me are important to me.

When we reached Frieda and the rest of the women in our group, Frieda was standing spread-legged, leaning against a table with a puddle between her feet. One of the ladies near us said, “Her water broke, you need to get her to the hospital.”

Holy shit! Now what do I do?

Frieda gave me a chance to think as she let out one of the most pained groans I’ve ever heard. What should I do to help her?

Brandy and Lisa solved that problem, Lisa told me, “Help Frieda out to our cart so we can take her home and to the hospital.”

Brandy added, “Be gentle, she’s having contractions.”

As I drove us to the back of the development where our house was, I kept thinking, ‘Hey, Buddy, you’re about to be a dad.”

Lisa, who was in the seat next to me, turned to watch Frieda, who had Julie next to her comforting her and giving her instructions. In the third seat were Tiani and Brandy; Nancy and Judy were in the fourth seat, with Gina and Maria in the last seat facing backwards. Another cart was following us as I pulled into the driveway.

Lisa said, “I’ll get the Expedition for some of us. The rest of you get the other SUV and follow us in.” Lisa told Maria, “Go get Frieda’s hospital suitcase.” She turned to Julie, “What do you think, should we call the paramedics or do we have enough time?”

Julie said, “I think we have time to drive to the hospital, usually a first time mother doesn’t give birth rapidly. Her contractions are big, but not that frequent.”

When the big Expedition was pulled out, Lisa told me, “You and Julie sit with Frieda, I’ll drive.”

We were on our way with Brandy in the front seat with Lisa. Julie and I were in the middle seat with Frieda, and Nancy, Judy, and Tiani were in the back.

The trip was going to be at least twenty minutes, possibly thirty, if traffic was bad. It was Friday evening and it was only a little after six.

Frieda was leaning back in Julie’s lap, with her legs across mine. She had a blissful smile on her face as she held Julie’s and my hands. She closed her eyes and groaned again, and I could actually see her stomach contract as her legs stiffened. She squeezed my hand, smiled, and said, “I hope our babies are okay, I’ve really tried to be sure I was healthy with them.” She groaned again and said, “That was a big one, I feel pressure down there.”

Julie had a concerned look on her face and said, “Lift her skirt and look at her vagina.” Wrong move. As soon as I pushed her skirt up I saw what Julie expressed, “She’s crowning; she may have this baby really quick.” Julie petted Frieda’s head, “Frieda, Honey, don’t push, even when you have your contractions, try not to push. Let’s get you to the hospital to have your babies.”

I was spellbound as I could see a hairy something trying to push out from Frieda. I looked up to see how far we were only to see we were not even halfway down to Martin Luther King where Women’s Hospital was. We should have taken my Chevy with the lights.

It was right about that time two county police cars came up beside us. The driver’s window came down, so Brandy pushed the button to let hers down.

A deputy hollered out his window, “We’ll run interference for you, let’s get your lady to the hospital. Mickey said you were on the way to Women’s, right?”

The two Sheriff’s cars sped ahead with lights blazing and siren blaring. As usual, not all cars moved aside quickly, but with a spotlight in the non-yielder’s rear view mirror, they pulled over. We were turning onto MLK Boulevard when Frieda gave an even louder groan and a small head came out Frieda’s stretched opening.

There was nothing else I could do but begin catching the infant as it slid from Frieda, who gave a happy groan. Tiani handed me some Kleenex so I could wipe the goop from the newborn’s nose. I could see the little face wrinkle up and snort more goop from her nose. That followed with a very loud squall, squeal, cry, or something noisy from the baby. Nancy had pulled a baby blanket from Frieda’s hospital case that I laid the baby on.

Now what do I do? In training we were told to sever the umbilical cord and clamp it off. But they didn’t discuss twins. What if cutting the cord would harm the other twin?

Julie asked, “Do you know how to tie the cord off?”

“I thought you were supposed to clamp it, then cut it.”

Julie frowned and asked, “Do you have a clamp?”

I shook my head, “No Ma’am, what should we do?”

Julie dug in her purse, pulled out a small knife that must have been very sharp. She was about to cut the cord, rather long I thought, and told me, “Pinch off the cord and hold it while I tie the cord as close as I can.”

Julie’s dexterity was perfect as she used the very sharp knife to cut the cord, then tied the cord into a knot close the baby’s belly. As soon as she finished that, she tied the end that was sticking out of Frieda’s vagina, and that’s when those of us who were in position to see, saw another hairy head start pushing out.

Frieda said, “I’m sorry, Chuck, I’m sorry, Julie, I can’t hold her in, she’s moving, she’s coming. I’m trying not to squeeze.”

Julie looked up at me and said, “Get ready for your next daughter.”

I handed the first crying baby to Nancy and accepted some more Kleenex and another baby blanket. I could hear Brandy on the phone advising the hospital that Frieda was giving birth in the car and they should be prepared for us.

I couldn’t believe this, the second baby didn’t come out slowly; she slid right out into my hands. I mean it was like she was on a slip and slide. I cleaned the nose and mouth, but this one wasn’t making faces or crying. Julie said, “Hold her upside down. You’ve seen the movies, pat her bottom to get her going.”

I didn’t have to give the baby a welcome to the world spank. As soon as she was upside down, her little face screwed up, turned red, and she announced her presence to the world. As soon as I lay her on the baby blanket, Julie had me pinch the cord again and repeated the slicing and tying. That’s when she told me, “Get ready, we may have to deliver the placenta. It’s going to be messy. Hand the baby to Judy, Tiani do you have a plastic bag or something?”

Tiani asked, “Will a Publix plastic grocery bag work?”

Julie said, “I don’t know what a Publix is, but a plastic grocery bag should work.”

We were almost to the hospital, just a couple of blocks to go. I could see the lead Sheriff’s car blocking the intersection so we could pull into the side street where the emergency entrance was.

Frieda gave another groan and Julie said, “Be ready, this is going to be messy. See if you can hold it and try to get it all in the bag.

It was messy and a huge mass of placenta came out into my hands. I funneled the mass into the grocery bag with Tiani’s help. The tiny girl was leaning over the seat to help.

Julie was comforting Frieda, who complained, “I want to hold my babies. Please let me hold them.”

Nancy held the baby over the seat for me to give to Frieda. The infant had quit its loud crying and was making some noises that almost sounded like purring. Judy handed me baby number two and I helped Frieda cradle the infant in her other arm. She asked, “Which one was first?”

I pointed to the one in her right arm. She said, “Who has a magic marker or a Sharpie? We have to mark her because she is Farah. This other creature in my left arm is Sarah.”

Brandy had been digging in her purse and came out with a Sharpie. She handed it to me as the car slid to a stop. As someone opened the door, Julie said, “Put a little x on her foot. That way you can tell them apart.”

I no sooner handed the pen back to Brandy before I was being pulled from the car. Two attendants were there to take the two babies. Another two helped Frieda from the car and put her on a gurney they had brought. We had drawn a crowd of people in white, green, and blue hospital staff scrubs when I asked, “I have the placenta in a plastic bag, what should I do with it?”

One of the women staff held out her hand for the bag, as others were pushing Frieda into the emergency entrance. I was a little dazed from the experience as the rest of our entourage and two Sheriff’s deputies gathered around the Expedition. Julie said, “Come on, let’s go help inside. You’re the dad; you get to be with her.”

Mickey was hugging the two deputies as I followed the white coats and blue and green suited hospital staff. I heard Lena say, “Tina is going to be so mad that she wasn’t here for the birth. She’s been saying she was going to do it, but Chuck and Julie did it.”

Inside the hospital, there was a frenzy of activity as a pediatrician checked over the two infants. They were weighed, foot printed, tagged with a tiny ankle band, and cleaned. When they were wrapped up in a new clean baby blanket, the two babies were placed in Frieda’s arms. She had her legs up on some foot rests while the gynecologist made sure Frieda had passed everything and her insides were okay. The smile on Frieda’s face was beautiful. She looked a little tired, but she was smiling.

In just a couple of minutes, a nurse pointed to me and Julie before telling me, “We’re going to take Frieda up to a room. You can come, or her mother can come, but only one.”

Since I was confused at the comment about Frieda’s mother, the nurse pulled on Julie and said, “Let’s get you up there to help. We need to put diapers on the babies and you can write their names on the ankle bands.”

I finally got it together and followed. At the door, the nurse with Julie said, “Go to the waiting room. I’ll be out to get you in a minute.”

While I was standing in front of the door waiting to be summoned, the rest of our family came into the waiting room. They all wanted a hug to let me know they were happy for me. Gina had Giovanni and Sophia with her. Giovanni looked bored, but Sophia was excited. Gina and daughter gave me a hug with everyone else. Giovanni asked, “Should I shake your hand or get you a cigar?”

That gave me a smile and laugh. “Thanks, Gio; a handshake would be good.”

The little boy looked at me very seriously, “Now that you have two little ones, will you send us home?”

I knelt, gathering the two children into my arms. “No Gio and Sophia, you two are my kids now too. You can’t go anywhere unless it is to visit. You have a home and I hope I can be a father to you.”

Both of the kids hugged me and Sophia softly said, “Papa.”

Gina was kneeling now and hugged the three of us with tears in her eyes. She mouthed, “Thank you” to me.

Lisa was standing behind Gina, smiling along with Brandy and Tiani.

A nurse came from the double doors and asked, “Who is what Frieda called the rest of the Fab Five?”

The four remaining girls giggled, but followed the nurse. She stopped and turned, “Only Dad right now, come on, your daughters are waiting.”

I gave Frieda a gentle hug as she was cradling both of the girls. She smiled at me and said, “Thank you, this is what I was put on earth to do. I’m going to be the best mom in the entire world and I now have two little ones to prove it.”

A nurse came to the bed and opened the gown Frieda had changed into. She wiped Frieda’s breasts with something, then placed who I thought was probably Farah on one breast, and Sarah on the other. The nurse milked or expressed a couple of drops from each breast, and using her finger, wiped some of the milk on both of the little girls’ mouth. Both began smacking their lips and were soon nursing.

Another nurse came in and announced, “There is a huge crowd in the waiting room to see the mom and the two new babies. Let me suggest that dad and your mother stay, and we rotate about four visitors at a time for a while. Frieda smiled and nodded, then turned to Julie, “You are, you know, kind of like my mother that I haven’t had. You fawn over me, you give me advice, you help me when you’re around, and now you’ve helped deliver my babies. I like that. I like you being my mom.”

Julie leaned over and kissed Frieda on the forehead. “I like being your mom.”

When the other four of the frantic five stepped into the room, they were overcome by the sight of Frieda sort of sitting up with an infant at each nipple. I don’t think they were eating; only occasionally making a sucking noise. The peaceful look on Frieda’s face told it all.

The four girls wanted to hold the babies, of course. The nurse who had remained because she knew what was coming said, “Let me show you ladies what to do after nursing. I see two of you are close to birthing too.” She picked Farah up and gently put her on her shoulder and just rubbed the infant’s back for a little while. A soft burp announced the baby was done. She then gently put the infant into a bassinette next to the bed. She looked at me, “Okay, Dad, let’s see you give it try.” She saw my hesitation, “Go on, pick her up gently and remember to support her head. Here, let me put a little burp cloth over your shoulder.”

The four other girls looked on enviously as I put the tiny creature on my shoulder and imitated the nurse by rubbing on Sarah’s back. This was having a huge emotional effect on me. She gave an almost silent burp, so I gently put her into the other bassinette. Both of the little ones were asleep.

Frieda held out her arms for a hug, so I gently gave her one. She winced when I held her too close, and while cupping under her now enlarged breasts, said, “These babies are a little sore, be careful with me for a while.”

I stepped back while the five girls jabbered about everything imaginable for a couple of minutes. Brandy finally said, “We have to let more people in to see your babies. We’ll be right outside if you need us.”

Those four left and four more instantly entered the room. This time it was the Asian sisters, Maria, and Lena. They all hugged and kissed Frieda before oohing and aahing over the babies. They exchanged a few words before exiting and another group came in.

Tina burst into the room, followed by Gina, Giovanni, and Sophia. Tina ran to Frieda and told her, “You were supposed to wait for me. I could have gotten off work early if you had called, but I guess you didn’t have a lot of time.” She turned to Julie and me, “I talked to the gynecologist and she said you two had done a great job delivering the babies and even the placenta.” She gave Julie, then me, a hug and kiss and said, “Good job.”

The next four were Sue, Mercy, Juanita, and Kathy. They were really excited. Sue kept saying, “Oh boy, now we have babies again. This is so much fun.”

I could feel Mercy probing and just smiled at her. The feeling stopped when I looked at her as she blushed.

Next came Glenda, Mickey, Sandy, and Mandy. They were very effusive about how great it was to have twins.

They were followed by Peaches, her two girls, and Pops. They were very happy to see the babies as well as Frieda.

This kept on until I swear everyone in the park had come to look at Frieda and the babies. The nurse finally said to Julie and me, “How about giving the new mom a chance to nap. We’ll be waking her in just a little bit to feed the babies again. Go get some rest; you’re going to need it. I’m sure your new family will be sent home with you tomorrow.”

After some sweet kisses, Julie and I left and were greeted by almost everyone who had passed through the room. Steve said, “We haven’t finished the food, and we still have some announcements to make. “Let’s go home, enjoy some food, and listen to people brag. I’m sure you’re going to want to get to bed early, as tomorrow is going to be a big day. It will be very exciting to have your new babies at home.”

As we left the hospital, Sue said, “Don’t forget that you have to bring the babies over to the patio for all of us women to spoil. We still have the cameras and monitors, so there is always a place for the babies to rest.”

Lisa wanted to drive so I got into the right front seat of the Expedition. Julie and Maria were in the middle, while Gina and her two kids were in the back. Tina had Lena and the Asian sisters with her, and four of the Fab Five were in the other SUV.

We went straight to the patio where Tiny handed me a tall glass with clear liquid. As I took a big drink, he handed me a box of cigars. He said, “Here, I got you a couple boxes. Since you have twins, I guess you have to give two away to all us guys.”

I ate and made sure all of my family ate. I didn’t feel like drinking much and didn’t even finish the Beefeaters. While everyone was relaxing, Tiny used the microphone to make some announcements. “Hey, everyone, listen up for a minute.” He paused for a couple of seconds as people shifted around to look toward him.

“You know this meeting was called to order to welcome our world travelers back home. I have to say that whenever Steve travels, our companies’ revenues skyrocket. Perhaps he should just travel all the time.” There was a lot of applause and hollering.

“Because of the arrival of a couple of new residents, I’m going to cut this short. First, I’ve probably told everyone, but we have just experienced two of our best months ever. S&S is totally in the black, as is Quality Wear. The air and boat charter services are booked solid, giving us a real bonanza.”

“I need to let a little of the cat out of the bag. You all know about Chuck’s island, and how Mark is down there using a lot of our skilled construction people to build the island’s infrastructure. I’m told that they are expanding their construction and will need every available man for the coming jobs.” The roar was deafening.

“Next, I have some news that is going to knock your socks off. Our financial advisor has given our 401K plan a huge boost. We were involved in a joint investment project that we just sold. Our fund has just deposited, listen to this, one billion, one-hundred and fifty million dollars.” There was hush as the amount sank in.

“Listen again, folks, we just deposited One billion, one-hundred and fifty million dollars.”

The crowd began murmuring louder and louder, until they were applauding, whistling, and hollering as loud as they could.

Tiny finally held up his hand and said, “Your fund has just guaranteed retirement for everyone in the fund. This is big, beyond big. Part of that money is going to the Quality Wear 401K plan as we used some of their money. But know this; your retirement is complete now. So you old codgers, you can retire in style. We still need you, but I want to make sure you know your options.”

As the noise settled down, Tiny said, “There is one more announcement. For that I’m giving the microphone to our resident birdman, Wes.”

Wes stood up and smiled at everyone. “This is not as big as the big 401K deposit, but it will affect the company in a positive way for a long while. This past week, we negotiated a license agreement for the use of our twin engine experimental aircraft. It seems several companies here in the states and in a couple of other countries want our model. We’ve been flying the heck out it, putting it through more than can be expected of an aircraft and it has passed everything, proving our engineering and construction methods are the best.”

Wes happily paused, “How this is going to affect the whole company is that we will have to build a separate plant for our composite material. We can probably join it with the fiberglass people, but our composite material is known as the absolute best, just as our aircraft designs have been declared better than expected. My friends, we are looking at long range employment for all of us.”

Now the folks applauded and cheered.

Wes handed the microphone back to Tiny, “One more. Most of you have probably ridden on one of our charter fishing boats and/or one of our sailboats. We’ve added that huge yacht, a couple of smaller sailboats, and a couple of more big sport fishing boats. Surprisingly, we are still booking trips even though fuel costs are way up.” Tiny paused for effect, “Here’s the scoop; we’ve outgrown the yacht club. They have even asked us if we could reduce our boat inventory by half as they need the space. Instead of blowing off boats and business, we have purchased the main gulf dock just north of Clearwater and we are going to build our own yacht club. We’ll have enough room for all of our boats, as well as for a lot of boat owners who want a fair deal for dock space. You may want to know how big this is. It’s really big, when you start talking about the Gulf shore area. The beaches in this location aren’t all that good, and we have to do some major construction to build hurricane proof facilities. We can’t protect the boats, but we can protect our docks and buildings. This is going to take about six months to build. I’m told that we need a lot of men down in Costa Rica, but we also need a lot of men right here. So, go tell all of your construction friends who are on welfare that if they are willing to work, we have a job for them. Oh, and it starts last Monday.”

There was a lot of applause, but not as much as the 401K announcement.

Steve took the microphone, “Listen, everyone, it’s late so a lot of us are going to bed soon. Party for as long as you like, but if you’ve having a few, make sure you use our drivers to get home. Goodnight, and once more, congrats to Frieda and Chuck on the birth of their new twins, Farah and Sarah.”

It wasn’t that late, only about ten o’clock, but I was beat and began gathering our folks. There still were some carts here, so we were going to drive them home. The three vehicles made it home, and we all ended up at the counter between the kitchen and family room.

Nancy was sitting on a stool and quietly told me, “You know, I think I’m next. This thing is really low and I feel small contractions about every ten minutes. They don’t hurt, so I probably have a few days before anything happens.”

Tina overheard Nancy and took her into the bedroom to do an inspection. While they were gone, Judy went into the bedroom with the other two women. Tina came to the door and asked Julie to step in the bedroom. That got the curiosity of Tiani and Brandy, so they went in too.

Julie came out to the kitchen and said, “Would you like to do what we did today all over again?”

“What do you mean, come home from sailing?”

She said, “No, Dummy, I mean deliver another couple of babies.”

“What! You have to be kidding, right?”

Julie sighed, “Tina is getting them ready to go right now. You’re not getting any sleep tonight.”

The Asian sisters and Maria took off for the bedroom and Tina came out. She said, “There shouldn’t be any panic, but both of those ladies are going to give birth in the next twelve to eighteen hours max. I want them to go in now. I’ve called the gynecologist and she respects my opinion as we’ve worked together at University Community a couple of times. She’s one of the staff doctors for our internships.”

Taiying and Sing came out with Nancy’s and Judy’s hospital bags. Maria and Julie were walking with Nancy and Judy. Nancy said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think this was really happening.”

Judy was grinning, “I know I felt funny, but not this funny. Hope this kid doesn’t keep me up all night; I’m tired.”

Once again we took two big cars to the hospital. As we drove, the two girls were timing their contractions with Tina’s help. Julie was sitting in the passenger seat with me and said, “Somehow I just knew this was going to happen. I’m surprised the two didn’t just drop their bundles while we were there earlier.”

I handed Julie my phone and said, “Use the contacts and call Steve’s place. Tell whoever answers what’s happening.” At that second, I felt Mercy, she was laughing, not saying anything, just laughing.

Julie called and advised Sue of what was going on. Sue told her that she guessed something like that as Mercy and her mother are giggling and laughing. They were all told we would call them if they needed to be awakened.

The hospital staff had changed, so they didn’t recognize us. The doctor arrived and had Tina assist her. They gave the two girls a thorough inspection. The one who the doc said was going hatch first was Judy, so they put her in a room with a birthing bed. I was instructed to sit next to her and hold her hand. If she needed breathing instructions, Brandy was right there to help.

The doc came to the door and looked at me. She waved at me and said, “Can you come out here a second?”

When I got into the hallway, the lady doctor said, “You were here with Frieda earlier and now with Judy. Nancy just asked for you to come see her as you’re the dad. What’s going on here; you knocked up three women? What’s the deal?

Before I could answer, Tiani came from the room Nancy was in and said, “You better come in here, Doctor, Nancy is doing something.

I looked in at Judy to see that Brandy and Tina were watching her, so I followed the doctor and Tiani into Nancy’s room. Julie was holding Nancy’s hand as Nancy was almost arched, pushing up with her feet flat on the bed.

The doc flipped the hospital gown up and her mouth dropped open. I swiped one of the baby blankets from a tray and put it under the little crème colored baby that was almost completely out of Nancy. The doctor recovered, put gloves on before pushing me aside, and gently delivered the baby the rest of the way.

The little critter did the same thing as Frieda’s first. She screwed up her face, snorted mucus as the doctor was trying to swab it from her nose and mouth, just as the infant let out a very loud cry. The doctor smiled, so that must be good. Knowing what she was doing, she immediately had the cord clamped and handed me the scissors. She indicated to me where to cut, and as I was cutting the cord, she said, “I still want to talk to you about what we were discussing.”

With my hands still covered in the mess babies live in before birth, I went up to kiss Nancy. She had the most ethereal smile on her face I’ve ever seen. As I kissed her, she had her hand on the back of my head and whispered, “We did it, didn’t we?”

The doc was busy delivering the placenta from Nancy as a pediatrician came bustling into the room and took the baby from an assisting nurse. He busily checked the baby over, counting fingers and toes, cleaning the tiny little critter as he measured and weighed her. The assisting nurse put a tiny bracelet on the baby’s ankle and another on Nancy. While the doctor was finishing up with Nancy, the pediatrician brought the baby to Nancy and laid the newly wrapped baby on her chest.

As Nancy grasped the baby, totally oblivious of what the doctor was doing to her below; she smiled as big as I’ve ever seen from her. As she looked down upon her newly arrived baby, Nancy said in a softly cooing voice, “Welcome to our world, Nitika. We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Julie Atom, Nancy’s mother, came through the door with a nurse and rushed to her daughter and new granddaughter. She kissed Nancy on the forehead and leaned down to give the red cream colored face sticking out of the bundle a kiss on her forehead. “Are you okay? Why didn’t you call me when you felt like it was coming? Who brought you? Oh, silly question with Tiani and Chuck here.”

My Julie stuck her head in the doorway, “Doctor, I think it’s time. Tina wanted me to get you. Come on, Chuck, come see your daughter born.”

The doctor was finishing up and gave the assisting nurse some instructions. She gave me a really strange look, raised her eyebrow, and said, “You better come along, Studly; you’re getting another bundle of joy.”

When we went into Judy’s room, Tina was on the stool between Judy’s legs on the birthing bed. You could see she was busy, and as I looked over her shoulder, there was another red skinned baby covered in the goop she had lived in for the last nine months. An assisting nurse was handing Tina a clamp, and had scissors in her hand. The doctor asked me, “Want to cut this one too?”

Tina was smiling, but never looked up from what she was doing, “You’re darned straight he wants to cut this one too. You know where to do it, Chuck, you’re getting enough practice.”

As soon as I cut the cord, the doctor took the baby and told the assisting nurse, “Go get the pediatrician before he goes down for coffee. He should still be at the desk.”

I went to Judy and kissed her as she was lying there, still panting from the effort of giving birth. She said, “Wow, she came really fast. I thought this was supposed to be a long drawn out affair. The doctor even told me I would have more trouble giving birth as I was so small. I guess I stretched.”

The pediatrician came in and the doctor and pediatrician finished cleaning and checking the baby. I watched as a band was placed on the baby’s ankle at the same time the assisting nurse placed one on Judy’s left wrist. Judy held up her wrist to look at the band with her ring reflecting the bright light around the room.

Tina sat back and said, “That takes care of it, Judy. You didn’t tear or anything. You really did a good job. All that exercise you’ve been doing has paid off, hasn’t it?”

As the baby was placed on Judy’s chest, Judy smiled, “Little Julie has made it all worth it. I’ve dreamed of my own baby for so long. Now I can give her all the love a mother should, and we can all give Julie all the love a family has to give.”

The doctor said to me, “You know, you are not very sterile. You’ve handled another baby with your bare hands, and have touched everything around. Go over there and wash your hands real good, then come out to the desk to help me with some forms.”

I kissed Judy again while the older Julie looked on with a sweet smile. Tina had rolled back from between Judy’s legs and was lowering the leg supports and closing the spread parts of the bed. Tina stood up and smiled, “Good job, Judy. My first full solo delivery was made even more special because it was you.”

Tina gave me a quick kiss while holding her still gloved hands out from us. She said, “Dr. Marten has some questions for you. I’ll be out in a sec to help explain.”

Out in the hallway, at what was referred to as “The Desk,” was actually a nurses’ station. The doctor was filling out a couple of forms as I came up. She looked up at me and said, “Give me a couple of moments. The two women will be taken up to a room so they will be busy for a few minutes. I want to talk to you.”

While the doctor was finishing, Tina came out of the room, taking off a backless smock she had worn while delivering little Julie. She came up to me and gave me a one-armed hug and stuck her face up for a kiss. She took a chain from her neck, slid her ring from it, put the ring on her finger, and re-clasped the chain around her neck. As she did this, the doctor kept looking up, watching what was happening, and busily went back to filling out paperwork.

When she rose from the desk, folding up two charts, she said, “Let’s go get a cup of coffee. Tina, isn’t it? Come with us.”

Nothing was said until we were sitting at a table in the corner of a small cafeteria with our coffee cups. As the doctor put sugar and a couple of creamers into her coffee, she said, “You came in with Frieda and actually delivered her twin babies in the car on the way here. Frieda gave every indication you were the father and the birth record shows Charles Johnson as the father. Nancy indicated you were the father of her little girl, Judy didn’t say it, but you are obviously the father of her daughter, and then I see Tina giving you a kiss and hug by the desk.” She pointed at Tina’s ring, “And that is a near duplicate of the ring Frieda, Nancy, and Judy have. I’m going to look at the fingers of the two other women who are coming to see me now that are a couple of months along.”

Tina said, “No need, they have a ring almost like mine.”

The doctor asked, “What’s going on? You know there are laws against having more than one wife.”

Tina said, “He is not married to any of us. We chose him before he chose any of us. Chuck is our man and we live with each other, committed to each other, and will raise these kids with each other. I think you may be seeing another patient, Maria. She is a part of our group. There are more, but we have all chosen Chuck and each other to live with.”

Doctor Marten was alternately turning red, then almost blue from holding her breath. She said, “I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. What does this man hold over you that you are controlled by him?”

Tina chuckled softly, “He doesn’t hold anything over us. We hold a lot over him. I think if he had ever made a fuss and chose only one of us, we would all have left him. Instead, our family has grown and we want it to grow with these new babies.”

The doctor was shaking her head, “But, Tina, I know you, you’re progressing through your internship right now. You have your choice of men out there; you don’t need to share one.”

Tina leaned toward the doctor and said, “You have a choice of men out there, but don’t have any. You have a nice roommate, or is that a partner? Remember, I met her at our commencement. The way you were hugging and kissing each other out in the open made me think that she is more than a roommate.”

The doctor’s face started to turn red, but Tina, still speaking softly enough that no one else could hear, said, “Don’t be embarrassed. You see, all of us girls feel toward other girls as you do. The difference is we all also wanted a man to have. It’s reasonable that we collectively have only one man that we trust and love. Chuck is that man.”

There was a dawning on Dr. Marten’s face. She said, “So, you mean you girls are all into each other, but all enjoy this man as well?”

Tina nodded as the doctor continued, “So he is like a toy, a human dildo? Is that what he is? Like a doormat?”

“Oh no,” Tina said shaking her head. “Chuck is much more than that. He gives each of us all the love he can. It’s never enough, but it is what we enjoy and as you’ve seen, some of us want to have his baby. In truth, Chuck’s Fab Five, as he calls them, were together before he came along. One of their life’s goals was to have babies. They are doing that. Before they permanently chose Chuck, they brought other girls into the family and when they were comfortable, they made sure that Chuck fathered their babies.”

“You mean he bred them. Sounds like animal husbandry to me.” As she was scowling, you could tell the doc was still not convinced.

Tina asked, “I’m sure you and your partner will want to have a baby one of these days. When you do, are you going to get some mystery sperm donor and go the turkey baster routine? You’re too smart for that. You will review all of the available donors and select one who is smart, well-built, with a good personality, and who is a good person. Then you’ll do the in vitro fertilization process thing and carry a child with no father. These women wanted to know the father. I don’t think they planned to fall for the guy and want to live with him, and they may move away now that they have their babies, but I think they will be around for a long time. Chuck is a good man, about as nice as you could ever want. You can see he’s nice looking, well spoken, and doesn’t panic when the chips are down. The more you know him, the more you may want him to father a child for you. You’ll have to meet with a bunch of lezzies to get your wish, but we’ll talk him into it.”

I said, “Ah, Tina, I am right beside you.”

She smiled, “I know, I just wanted to get my point across.”

Tina continued, “Dr. Marten, I love Chuck, I love all of the women in our family, and we will possibly welcome even more to be a part of us in the future. It does have its benefits. Just imagine having six or seven girlfriends that you can love up any time you want. You rarely get lonely, but you do miss any of them when they are gone. When Chuck is gone on business, we all sit around moaning that our man is not with us, but we do go to bed and put each other to sleep, if you know what I mean.”

The doctor sat there, digesting what all had been told to her. She said to me, “And you’re all right with these women pushing you around like that?”

I told her, “I don’t feel like I’m being pushed around. I’ve occasionally felt like I might be a tool, but over all I’m loved, cared for, and have found a whole houseful of helpmates. I will forever wonder at how all of these women get along with each other, but they do. If there are harsh words between them, I haven’t heard them. Oh, I take that back. I’ve heard some of them being told that they shouldn’t leave for their other house all the time, but it wasn’t mean-spirited.”

The doctor looked at Tina with a new attitude, “You and Karen are in internship together. You have both indicated you want to specialize in gynecology and pediatrics. You know you’ll have to make up your mind as they are really two different fields. I’m hoping that Karen can do her residency with me, and you’re welcome to do that too if gynecology is going to be your field.”

The doc looked around and said, “You two should probably go up to see the two girls and the new babies. Your lifestyle is very abnormal, but you’ve explained it to me so that it is sort of understandable. I know of another family similar to yours. As a matter of fact, they live close to where you live.”

Tina said, “You’re talking about my Uncle Steve and his ladies. You’re treating Mickey right now and have brought a bunch of his other children into this world.”

The doctor was now shaking her head, “What must be in the water out there? Remind me to bring bottled water with me. Go, get out of here. Chuck, I want to talk to you and your family again about this. If I was a psychologist, I would do a whole research project on you. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Tina and I went up to the floor where the girls had given birth to see where they were taken to. A nurse took us to a room down the hall. There were a lot of people in the room. It was a good thing there were only three beds in the four bed room, but there were also four bassinettes in the room.

A nurse was busily going between the two new mothers, making sure their babies had taken their first bit of mother’s milk. She did something unexpected by expressing a dab of milk onto a glass slide and putting it into a small container. I don’t remember that being done with Frieda. She also drew a vial of blood from all three of the new mothers before cautioning everyone to speak softly and for us all to get ready to leave soon.

Along with Sam and Julie Atom, Nancy’s mom and dad, Glenda and Martin were there with Steve, Sue, Mercy, Juanita, Kathy, and Mickey. Tiani and Brandy were there along with the Gina, Taiying, Sing, Maria, and Lena. I was wondering where all the kids were. I kissed each of the ladies, checked on each of the four babies, then said, “We should get out of here and let the ladies and babies rest. If they are let out tomorrow, you can all visit them either at the house or maybe they might be able to come to the patio.”

Sue said, “We’ll get the little room set up for the babies. We still have the video and sound monitors, along with the plastic cribs we use for all of the new babies.”

I don’t know about everyone else, but I was bushed. This had been one hell of a long day. My watch told me it was already Saturday morning and it will soon be time to get up.

We left the ladies and adjourned out of the hospital. I was surprised they let so many people into the room like that. As we were finding our cars, Steve said, “You know, you brought two kids back with you, then instantly added four more. You’re going to catch up with me in no time. Relax and enjoy them, Chuck. I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe not for breakfast, but soon after, I’m sure.”

A large group of my women were in one SUV and Lisa, Tina, Gina, Julie, Brandy, and Tiani joined me in the Expedition. On the way home, I asked Gina, “Where are Gio and Sophia?”

Gina answered, “I took them to Steve’s. They are sleeping there. Sophia and Gio are with them, so I’m sure they are all right. I’ll make sure I’m up early so they don’t worry about me.”

Tina giggled, “How do you know who is to answer when someone calls out Gio?”

Gina grinned, “Oh, it is easy. I always say Giovanna to my sister and Gioia to her daughter. My Giovanni answers to Gio. Sarah and Mario are easier though. All of us are named out of respect of my father and mother.”

Julie said, “They were up pretty late, so they will probably sleep a little later in the morning.”

Tina said, “You might be wrong about that. Saturday mornings are busy around that place. The kids are up early and I’m sure they will wake up Gina’s. All of the kids want to ride the dirt bikes and they have guitar lessons later. There is a lot happening around that place on Saturday. A lot of the guys go fishing, and of course, some of the kids want to go with their dads. You’ll see, Gina, this place is busy all of the time.”

Gina was thinking about what Tina said, “You do have a big family. I guess they are not all family, but it feels like it to me. It’s like it used to be at Christmas or a holiday. All of the family would get together for a big meal and visit. The kids would play together in groups of their ages and then it would be over. I guess your place is like a big holiday, every day, all of the time.”

We all arrived home, and I waved at Steve as he took his family back to the main park. When we got into the kitchen, some of the girls perched on the counter chairs as I said, “Okay now, a couple of you girls are pregnant, but no more sudden rushes to the hospital. Let’s go to bed before anything else happens.”

Everyone began getting undressed, tossing clothes toward chairs or anything available. Julie was looking at the big bed with a questioning look. I said to her, “Julie, you are a part of the family now, come to bed. The girls will figure out closet space for you and Gina tomorrow.”

Brandy gave me a kiss and said, “That’s another reason we added on to the house. We now have four additional spaces, fourteen in all. Taiying and Sing may share one, but I wanted to make sure Julie had a room, and I just knew Lisa and Julie were going to keep Gina.”

I shouldn’t have asked, but I did, “Why so many?”

Tiani wanted to be picked up, so I did and laid her on the bed. The tiny dark beauty said, “Well, there is Lena and big Tina; I have a darling sister; and you never know who might show up.”

“No, no, no, that’s too many women. Let’s go to bed before I get nightmares about having so many women.”

I took my leg off and tried to get on the outside, but was pushed between Tiani and Brandy. As we were settling down, Lena came into the bedroom and lay down on the other side of Tiani, putting her hand over her to touch me. Oh man, too many women.

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