Blind Leading Blind
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Anal Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The little blind girl changed Aaron's life. She made him an offer he couldn't refuse, no matter how much he wanted to.

When I first met Diane I was 22 and I had just returned from 4 years in the Army. I was renting a small house and working in a warehouse driving a fork lift. It was a nothing job going nowhere.

Most of my friends from high school had either, gone to college and moved away, or they were married and absorbed with their families. This made for very little social life and I was pretty lonely. My closest friend was starting his own business and didn't have much free time. As much as I liked him, we didn't have much in common anymore and would only visit occasionally. In the Army I had worked in a supply room counting sheets and David had been an MP. He really took the career to heart and with the help of his folks had started a private security company. He already had several big clients and looked to do quite well at it.

I didn't feel comfortable in bars or clubs, and as much as I would like to date, I didn't know how to go about meeting a girl. I was about as plain as the day is long and while I had dated some in school, I never had a steady girlfriend. My first sex happened with a hooker in Germany. Later on I was able to bed the wife of the warehouse manager where I worked. She was a nympho and had practically raped me after work one night. Her husband found out about her screwing around and divorced her, but luckily he didn't know that I was one of the men she had been with.

My major hobby was bowling. I wasn't looking to go professional, I just liked to bowl. I was considering joining a league in the fall as a way to meet people with whom I would have something in common.

One Saturday morning I was at the lanes throwing a few when I noticed the group next to me. It was a father, mother and daughter who were having problems. I recognized them as living a couple of doors down from me.

The mother came over to me and asked if I could help them. She said that their daughter had learned to bowl at school and wanted to keep in practice, but the parents didn't know anything about the game. I had been interested before, because it was obvious that the girl was blind. She was doing a pretty good job in spite of this, but she was getting a little testy with her folks.

I said that I would help where I could, and that is how I met Diane Ward and her folks.

Diane was 24, and the kindest way to say it would be that she was not pretty. At first glance you would try to look away from her, but your eyes would be drawn back with morbid fascination. Her dark hair was cut short and her face had a sunken look around the eyes and a uni-brow. Her complexion was kind of sallow, as if she didn't get enough sun. She was also rail thin with barely discernable bulges on her chest. You could see the shape of the bones in her arms through the dark hair curling around them. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I felt sorry for her folks.

I joined them, and after watching her throw a couple of balls I determined that what she needed most was better information. She had learned to bowl at the blind school and had been taught to set herself by stepping a specified distance from the ball return. The problem was that each bowling alley had a slightly different size and shape ball return. Diane was stepping the same distance as she had been before, but was ending up at a different place. Every part of Diane's game came from her starting position; being blind she was not able to adjust to suit a new bowling alley. In order for her to bowl properly she had to start from the same point each time. Once placed at that point she would be able to approach and throw very consistently. I adjusted her placement until I found where she should be. I then showed Missus Ward the proper way to get Diane going. She was going to have to be placed at the line the first time on every new lane.

Once she was set her score went up dramatically. Diane had a nice easy style of bowling and I was amazed at how she did it. When she had her ball and was in position facing the pins she would smoothly approach the line and throw. A lot of sighted bowlers could take a lesson from her. The biggest problem most bowlers have is consistency, they vary their approach and throw without realizing it and so their score goes up and down. Diane's only problem was that when she threw the ball, she tried to put too much strength into the throw, instead of letting gravity do the hard work. I pointed this out to her and explained what she could differently. Diane was a quick study and picked up on it quickly. Soon she started doing better and the last game we did she broke her personal best of 140. She was thrilled.

After the games we went our separate ways and I didn't think much about it till I saw them again next Saturday and they again asked me to join them.

Saturday morning bowling with the Wards became a regular thing, and we would go out for lunch afterwards. Each week I would give Diane a few new tips to help her game and I would then observe her to make sure that she was doing it right. The second week we worked on her follow-thru. A good follow-thru is critical to a consistent throw. The arc your arm follows needs to be the same for each throw. You need to continue the arc up past your shoulder to keep the point of release consistent. Many bowlers ignore this part of the game and their erratic scores show it.

This went on for a couple of months until one Friday evening when I got a call from Mr. Ward.

He asked if I could do them a favor. He and his wife had to go out of town for the weekend to see her sister. He wanted to know if I would take Diane bowling tomorrow.

I agreed and the next morning I picked Diane up at their house. We had a good time bowling and we went on to lunch the same as we usually did. The difference was that this was the first time that I had actually talked to Diane about something other than bowling. When her parents were with us she was very shy and quiet. Today I found that she has a very quick mind and a sharp sense of humor that a bit too often was directed at herself.

At the diner we kept the conversation pretty general, weather and politics and such, but during the drive home it got personal.

"Mom says that you don't have a girlfriend, Aaron. Why not?"

"Girls just never notice me, Diane. I'm kind of boring and plain so I don't date much. Add to that the fact that I don't really have a way to meet anyone to date."

"Your appearance is superficial, Aaron. You are a very nice guy, probably one of the nicest I have ever met, and I'm sure that there is someone around who would be able to discover that. You just have to get out with people so you can meet her."

"I'm glad you think so, Diane. Why don't you have a boyfriend?"

"It's a lot harder for me, Aaron. I know just how ugly I am. Girls like me either find someone at the blind school or die an old maid. Pretty blind girls get a sighted husband, but sometimes they also get raped or abused. There is a down side to everything. The rest of us compete for the blind guys at school. If we don't connect with one of them, there are few chances of finding a man later."

This was getting pretty awkward, so I was glad when we got to her house. I helped her in and said goodbye.

A little later I was watching football on TV when I got a call from Diane. She said that she had forgotten to go to the library yesterday and she had a couple of books that were due and wanted to get some more. She asked if I would take her, and I said okay.

I hoped that our earlier conversation would stay dead, but no such luck.

"You know what would be great, Aaron?" When I professed ignorance, she said "If I could have a baby while mom and dad are still young enough to help me raise it."

I got a little flustered at that, "Do you have a father in mind?"

She turned that ravaged face to me and it was if she could read my mind. "The only guy I know probably won't want to do it, Aaron."

We got to the library then, and after I helped her in, I looked around while she took care of what she needed.

I loved to read but hadn't been to this library for some time. I mostly shopped at used bookstores and the mall.

When Diane was ready to leave I saw that the books she had gotten on tape were the same ones I read. This gave me a new avenue of conversation to get away from the stickiness of earlier.

I thought that I had avoided a bad situation until we got to her house. Diane turned to me as I stopped and said "Aaron, would you please fuck me and get me pregnant?"

To say that I was stunned would be understating by a few values. The last thing I wanted right now was the complications of this. I liked Diane, but the thought of holding and kissing her did not excite me at all, in fact my cock was trying to retreat back into my abdomen.

The silence was starting to get solid when she continued, "Look, you don't have to stay around or anything, just get me pregnant and mom and dad will do the rest."

I had to ask, " ... do they know about this?"

"Sure, I would never do anything like this without talking to them first. They want a grandchild and they agree that you would be a great father for it. If I'm going to do this mom says that a least the guy should be someone I like."

She was talking so fast that she was having trouble breathing, "I know that I'm not pretty but I don't want to die alone and a virgin. The only thing I'll ever be is a pity fuck, so please pity me enough to take my maidenhead."

I couldn't see a way out of this, if I said no it would destroy her and she might never have the courage to ask anyone again; but if I said yes I wasn't even sure I could do it.

At this time in my life my only sexual release was at the coin-op porno booths at the local sex store, and rented videos. The booths gave me the creeps because of the faggots who would stand around waiting to give or get a blowjob, and there were only so many videos available. The upshot is that I was usually horny, but that would only take a guy so far. She was asking for way beyond that.

I tried to stall, "I don't pity you Diane, I do like you, but more like a sister than a date. I don't want to hurt you and let you think I wanted to be your boyfriend."

"Oh come on, try a little incest then. Be my big brother, take my cherry, and plant a bastard in me as if you want to. If you say no I will probably have to pay a bum to do the job. I promise I'll leave you alone after I'm pregnant and you'll never have to see me again."

I really didn't have much choice, "when?"

"This is as good a time as any, I should be ovulating now and you can get the job done quickly."

"Damn it Diane, don't talk like that. This is not an unpleasant task to be gotten through. (That is what was in my mind, but I could never be so cruel as to say that to her. The more I thought about it the more I realized that the one-eyed snake was as blind as she was and maybe this wouldn't be too bad.)

"Oh I don't expect it to be unpleasant at all, in fact I expect you to make me feel better than I ever have before."

"Diane, I haven't got much experience at this so don't get your hopes up higher than I can reach. I will do my best for you, but I'm not making any promises."

"Would you like to go to my place or stay here Diane?"

"I think your place would be better."

When we got to my house, I took her hand and led her into my bedroom. I could feel her pulse and it felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. I needed some way to calm her down.

"I'm sorry Diane, but I didn't get a shower this morning, and I am starting to get a little rank. Would you mind if I got one now?"

"Can I join you?"

Oh well, in for a dime, in for a dollar. "Sure you can, that would be fun. I'll go ahead in and get undressed, you can do it here."

"Don't be silly Aaron, I can't see you and you are going to see me soon anyway, just go ahead and take your clothes off and so will I."

It felt weird undressing in front of her, and it just kept getting weirder. She took her blouse off and she wasn't wearing a bra, she didn't need to. Her boobs were two nipples lying on flat eggs hanging against her ribs. When she took her slacks down and kicked her shoes off my partially growing erection vanished. Her feet were long and narrow and her legs were very thin and slightly bowed out. The worst thing though was the hair. It was everywhere. I had spent time in Germany so I was used to women who didn't shave their legs, but this was ridiculous. I have never seen that much hair. It started around her navel, and continued down her legs to her feet. Most of it was thin enough to see the skin beneath, but the bundles of wiry curls sticking out of the top and legs of her panties were obscene. Diane took a deep breath and pulled her panties down, and I couldn't see anything but hair.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and I couldn't do either without hurting her feelings.

"This isn't fair Aaron, you can see me but I can't see you."

"What do you mean?"

Then I remembered when we first met and she had "seen" my face with her hands. She had run her fingers lightly over my features and gotten a mental picture of my face.

"Please Aaron, let me see you."

She was slowly walking toward me as she said this. I didn't have any way out, so I took her hand and pulled her to me where I sat on the bed.

Luckily she didn't go directly for my dick, which was about as soft as it could get. Then I got a surprise. She started with her hands at my face and slowly moved them around and down and the feeling was incredible, her hands were just barely touching my skin as they moved and the feeling was almost an electric tickle. By time she got to my nipples I was starting to get aroused again and when she got to my hips, Herman was at attention.

I reached down and started to rub her shoulders and neck, but then she went on down to my feet and started up again. She left my dick for last and then just took her time and felt every bit from the balls to the tip.

"If you keep that up I may have an accident Diane."

"Oh we wouldn't want that," she stood up "which way to the shower?"

I took hold of her upper arm and steered her to my bathroom. While I got the water to the right temperature she continued to move her hands over and around my body. The sensations were getting pretty extreme and I was becoming glad that I taken her up on her offer.

When the water was right I helped her step into the shower and handed her a washrag and a bar of soap.

"Will you do my hair for me Aaron?"

I wanted to ask which part, but didn't. While she soaped up the rag I squeezed some shampoo onto her head and mine. I proceeded to work the shampoo in and get a good lather, and then did my own. Diane wasn't idle either; she was running the washrag over my chest and down to my crotch. Up and down about four times, then she stepped in to me and moved the rag around to my butt. She wiped it all around and into my crack and made sure I was clean.

Then she handed me the rag and said that it was my turn.

I got the rag soapy and started at her neck and shoulders. Her little nips were rock hard when I got to them and I made sure to lift the pouches of her tits and clean under them.

Moving down into the jungle I marveled at how soft the hair was. Most dark hair is springy and feels like a Brillo pad, but hers was silky smooth like the finest mink. I made sure to clean between her legs and then took the showerhead off and sprayed to rinse the soap off. My bare hand moved down and slowly parted her nether lips and I found the most amazing thing.

She had a very large, and very distended, clitoris. I lightly touched it and she jumped straight up and yelped.

As we were drying each other off I decided that this could be fun.

Taking her hand I led her into the bedroom again. I sat on the bed and pulled her down into my lap. Her bony ass wasn't really comfortable on me, but I kept on. I was running my hands up and down her body and snuggling my face into her neck. I massaged her little tits and pinched the nips. Diane was moaning now and squirming in my lap. I leaned back and pulled her over onto the bed with me.

She came to life then and started to run her hands all over me. Her fingers went to my cock and just began to stroke and squeeze.

By this time I had one finger in her vagina and was moving it up and down the slit, stopping to rub her clit every time at the top.

She was getting very wet by now so I decided that it was time to move to the next step.

I started to move down on the bed and she asked if I was going to fuck her now.

"No dear, you are not ready for that yet, I am going to prepare you."

"What do you mean Aaron? I'm as ready as I can get."

I didn't answer, just moved down between her legs and blew on the silky hair till I saw the object of my intentions.

She inhaled deeply as I placed my mouth on her lower lips. She started to moan again as I licked up and down on her slit and let out a short scream when I took her large clit into my lips and nipped it with my teeth.

Diane tasted sweet and musky, a flavor that I had never tasted before, but knew I would like to have again, and I no longer regretted the situation. I pulled her skinny legs over my shoulders and buried my face in her cunt. She jerked her hips off the bed every time I touched her clit and then she yelled out that she was cumming. I continued to lick, but slowed down while she had her orgasm, then stopped and pulled away when she was done.

I slowly moved up between her legs and placed my cock at the junction and stroked it around her lips to get it lubricated.

Slowly I pushed into her, just the head at first, and rested a moment, "are you sure that you want to do this Diane?"

"Fuck me Aaron, don't you dare stop now."

And with that she humped herself up and pushed my cock in until it was prodding her maidenhead. I backed up a little and proceeded to fuck her with short strokes four of five times then I slammed it all the way in and broke through the cherry.

She let out a yell and I rested at the bottom, letting her get accustomed to the feel of me inside her. When I started stroking again she quickly got into the feel of it and was answering every thrust with one of her own.

"Fuck yes!! Fuck me harder, harder."

I grabbed her bony little ass in my hands and proceeded to slam into her again and again. I wasn't going to last much longer. As I thought this I could feel the urge building too fast to be denied. I blasted the biggest load of my life into this ugly little blind girl and wondered what I been afraid of. Appearance doesn't matter worth shit. All that matters is a willingness to share pleasure.

Diane was cumming again right after me so I kept pushing against her to help her out. My dick was already soft but all she needed was pressure against that marvelous clit.

"OH Aaron, that was fantastic. I never thought that anyone would ever make me feel that good. I know you don't want to, but will you do it again if I am not pregnant?"

"Diane, I would be glad to do that again whenever you want, whether you are pregnant or not.

Lying there in the afterglow, Diane was cuddling close to me with her face against my chest and one hand moving back and forth across my side, my arm was around her shoulders holding her close to me with my hand diddling her little tit.



"What you did before you started fucking me, with your mouth?"


"Do you think that I could do that to you?"

"Why sure dear, anytime you want to."

"Like now?"

"Well, yes, but let me get cleaned up first. I have my juices, yours, and some of your blood on me right now."

"I know that silly. I want to taste them."

"Are you sure?"


"Then be my guest."

With that Diane moved down my body and proceeded to lick all around my groin until she got the whole of my dick into her mouth and sucked and licked me clean.

"Oh boy, Diane, that feels fantastic."

"I'm glad you like it, the taste is not at all what I thought it would be. I could get used to this."

Just then the phone started ringing. I wasn't going to answer it, but I didn't have very many people who knew my number, so it might be important.


"Hello Aaron. This is Madge Ward, Diane's mother. Do you know where Diane is? We have been calling to check on her but she doesn't answer the phone and we are beginning to get worried."

The thought of talking to Mrs. Ward while her daughter was sucking my rising cock was a very sobering experience. I almost jerked her head out of my lap in nervous reaction.

"Sure Mrs. Ward, Diane is right here, she said that she was lonely and wanted to visit for a while."

"That's bullshit," she said. "Diane loves being alone in the house and relishes every chance she gets. Did she try to get you to have sex with her?"

"Uhh,,, here she is ma'am."

With that I shoved the phone down to Diane's face and said, "It's your Mother."

Diane grabbed the phone and said, "Hi Mom, what's up?"

"Just checking up on you. Are you trying to get Aaron to knock you up?"

"Yes, of course. And he did try. I can't believe how good he made me feel. He ate my pussy and everything. I was just starting to suck his cock and see if I could get him to do it again when you called."

"Well that's good dear. Don't try to do too much this first time, you might be very sore down there tomorrow, and you don't want to make him sorry that he agreed to breed you. Now put Aaron back on Dear, I love you and will talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay momma, I love you too. Give my love to Aunt Sue."

"Here Aaron, momma wants to talk to you again."

As she handed me the phone she went back to what she was doing with my dick.

I had heard the conversation between mother and daughter, and my face was the color of fresh raspberries. I was very flustered and didn't know what to think.

"Hello Mrs. Ward, what can I do for you?"

"Well first off you can start calling me Madge like my friends do."

"Okay Madge, what next?"

"Thank you for taking care of my little girl. I know she isn't the prettiest peach in the basket, but she is still my baby and I'm glad she is in such good hands."

One of those hands was at that point moving around on her bare ass trying to gain access to her rose bud.

"Believe me Madge, the pleasure was all mine; well maybe not all, but an awful lot."

"I hope you had a good time, Aaron. Diane likes you a lot and I also hope that you will not let her become a burden. She is likely to become attached to you and you must be firm in keeping your distance. If you let her infatuation grow she will be very hurt when you break it off. I don't think that you want that to happen, so you have to be sure she knows that this will only be a temporary physical thing."

"I'll try Madge, but it is very hard to stay detached with my dick in her mouth. It is also very hard to have this conversation with my finger in her butt."

"Oh Aaron, you don't have to be crude."

"Sorry Madge, I got kind of carried away. The head up top isn't really the one in charge right now."

"It's alright dear, I understand. Now you remember what I said about stringing her along. I don't want her to be hurt. Now tell her goodbye for me and hang up the phone."

"Okay Madge." I hung up the receiver and told Diane, "Your mom says goodbye."

"Mmphmf, that's good Aaron, I love to suck you. You are getting hard again. I was afraid that momma had made you limp for life."

"Well can you blame me? That was the strangest conversation that I have ever had. Your mother knew what we were doing and approved."

"Of course she approves. She loves me and wants me to be happy, and if we don't do this she may never have a grandbaby."

"Don't be silly Diane. You would have other chances."

"Not with someone as nice as you, and not while mom is still young enough to enjoy her grandchild. Now do you think you are ready to do it again?"

"Not quite. There is something that I have wanted to try, but never had the chance."

"What is that?"

"Well, you got to taste our combined juices, and I would like to as well, if you don't mind."

"You mean you want to eat me out again? While I'm still full of your cum?"


As an answer Diane sat up and moved up to my shoulders and straddled me facing the head of the bed. I guided her pussy right over my mouth and as she settled down she grabbed the headboard for support. I could see our combined juices dripping down from the mass of hair surrounding her cunt and rolling down the insides of her thighs. There was a small smear of blood mixed in with the fluids, which made it even sexier. I started by licking these drops as she sank down onto me.

The taste was almost like salty cream without the sweetness. The more I tasted, the better I liked it. A little hesitant at first, before long I was lapping her pussy like a starving dog at a buffet.

My tongue traced the folds of her lovely no-longer-virgin labia and delved as deep into her vagina as I could. My nose was rubbing over her clit and into the hair over her mons. The hair was so silky that it added to the pleasant sensations.

After what seemed like hours, but could only have been ten or fifteen minutes, Diane started bucking against my mouth and I could feel her pussy contracting around my tongue.

She rewarded me for my ministrations with a new volume of fresh fluids.

I lifted her up and started to move her down to my newly hard cock.

"Why don't you stay on top this time? That way you can control how much I penetrate. You may be a little sore from just losing your cherry."

"That sounds like fun. But don't worry about hurting me, this feels so good that pain just adds to the fun."

"That reminds me Diane. Your mom said for me to be sure that you know that this is just a temporary thing and that there is not going to be a long-term commitment. She doesn't want you to be hurt by me."

"That's okay Aaron. I know that we aren't going to get married and live happily ever after. You are going to find someone you can love sooner or later. I just want to enjoy you while I can. You don't have to see me anymore and I won't keep bugging you to fuck me."

"Diane, this has been the best experience of my life, and you are not going to be someone I try to avoid. I would really love the idea of you carrying my child and my being a part of its life. I don't know about marriage, but dating sure sounds like fun. Now push your pussy down onto my cock and let's try again to get you pregnant."

As she bounced up and down on my hard dick, she started to pant and kept getting faster and faster. Since I had just cum less than an hour ago, I was able to last much longer this time.

"This feels great Aaron, but I'm starting to get tired. I'm not used to this much activity. Bowling is the most strenuous thing I've done in the past few years."

"Then take a break." I said as I reached up and pulled her down onto my chest.

Keeping my cock inside of her for the moment I then did something I as of yet had not done; I kissed her.

Our mouths met as if we were both starving for affection. My tongue pressed into her mouth and as I withdrew it hers followed.

"Is that our flavors on your mouth?" she said.

"It must be, that's the last thing I did before we kissed."

"Oh wow, I didn't think it would taste that good."

"Obviously I didn't either. The only other cunt I've tasted was old and well used. It wasn't nearly as nice as yours."

"Thank you Aaron, that was a nice compliment."

"Roll over and get on your hands and knees hon, I'd like to try doggie style."

As she did this and I slid into her from behind, I realized that my long lonely weekends had suddenly gotten a lot more interesting. Then as I reached around her and started frigging her clit between my first two fingers she began a long series of climaxes which caused the muscles in her pussy to spasm causing my cock to jerk and the feelings were so intense that all thought was on hold for the next few minutes.

"Jesus H Christ I'm going to fill your pussy with my cum."

"YES! YES! Fill my pussy with your marvelous cum, get me pregnant with your sweet, sweet cock."

As I looked down between us I could see the white foam around the shaft of my cock and it forced my cum out of her fully filled hole.

Diane collapsed forward removing my dick from her pussy with a liquid sounding plop. The sperm continued to leak out of her cunt and formed a puddle on the sheet of my bed.

"We are going to have to change the sheets before we can go to bed tonight." I said.

"What do you mean when we go to bed?" asked Diane. "Do you want me to stay the night?"

"Only if you want to." I said, "I would hate to send you home to an empty house when we could both feel so much better together."

"Remember what my mom said Aaron, don't let me become a burden on you. You have to have a private life, I'll just be around when you need me."

"Well, I guess that includes tonight, 'cause I don't think I can get rid of years of horniness with just two fucks."

"That's okay Aaron, I can wait for the next time."

"I wasn't talking about you Diane."


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