Man, Woman, Birth, Death, Infinity
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by Carlos Tomas

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's funny and sad how life works out sometimes. In the end you just go with the flow, with wherever love takes you. Thanks to Jessy19 for helping me with this. Apologies to Ben Casey ;>)

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Tear Jerker   Interracial   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Workplace  

"I gotta sit down. My feet are killing me."

Lauren plopped her shapely ass down on the nearest chair with a gratifying sigh.

"Holy shit, that's great!" she exclaimed.

She slipped off her sandals and pulled up a knee, bringing her foot up to her hands which immediately began to massage.

"Maybe I need to get more comfortable shoes or something," she continued.

Lauren and I had been training new customers, and we'd both been on our feet all day. The trainees had just left, and we hadn't realized how exhausted we were.

I sat down in the chair right across from her. My feet hurt probably as much as Lauren's, and finally being able to sit was a blessing and a relief. Sitting across from Lauren gave me a chance to enjoy looking at her.

I figured Lauren to be about 25 or 26. She had vivid blue eyes, honey blonde hair, and perfectly tanned skin. I couldn't detect much bottle-based color in Lauren's shoulder-length, wavy tresses. She must have been going to the gym because she had a very shapely body, with firmly defined muscles, and no traces of fat. On this day she was wearing a pair of form-fitting slacks which showed off her slender legs and beautifully mounded ass. The size-7 foot she was massaging was slender without visible calluses, toenails painted a pale metallic pink, which was just the right accent to her natural skin pigment.

"Yeah, it's really great to finally be able to sit down. You did really good work today. You understand the material well, and it really showed in your presentation."

Lauren looked up and focused those incredibly blue eyes on me, with those full and sumptuous lips forming instantly into a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

"Thanks. That's very nice of you to say."

I could feel her sincerity.

"Confidence looks very good on you," I continued my well-meant praises.

"Huh?" she looked quizzically at me.

"When someone has a detailed familiarity with the training material, and combines that with a smooth, comfortable style, and an organized presentation, she exudes confidence. And that confidence rubs off on the trainees. They learn the material much more rapidly and thoroughly. You were all of that today -- and more."

Lauren's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Wow. That's probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. You did pretty good yourself, you know."

"I've been at it for quite some time. But I think you'll be passing me up in no time."

I really meant everything I said. Not only was Lauren knock-down gorgeous, but she was very smart, and very talented. There's no doubt she was headed for great things in her career. I had to work at it for many years, but Lauren seemed to be a natural.

She brought the other foot up and rested the heel on the edge of the chair as she began to massage it as she had the other.

"I'm told I give pretty good foot massages," I blurted out. It just came to me suddenly to say it, and I did without thinking. Had I thought about it for just a second or two more and I would have probably convinced myself not to mention it at all. And as the words came stumbling from my mouth I wondered if Lauren would think it was as dumb as I thought it was.

But instead Lauren's face took on what I could only perceive as a kind of grateful look, the kind someone gets when they're lifting something awkward and heavy and someone jumps in to help.

"Oh, yes, that would be awfully nice. You sure you wouldn't mind?"

"No. Not at all. It would be my pleasure."

I wheeled my chair closer towards the front of her chair.

"OK, let's have a foot."

She extended a slender foot in my direction, and I grabbed it gently around the instep and set it on the crease between my thighs. Immediately I began to press my thumbs into the bottom of her foot, moving them in circular motions.

"Oh my god, that feels so wonderful." She scooted her butt down in the chair, which pushed her chair back from mine a little. With a sigh she let her head fall onto the back of the chair. Her eyes closed and I could feel the tension being released from her body.

Without saying anything, I massaged one foot, then the other. I worked my way across the bottom of each foot, gently pressing my thumbs in. When I got to the heel, I cupped it in the palms of my hands, rubbing in a circular motion. I massaged my way up her ankles to the bottoms of her calves, then moved to her toes, slowly rotating each toe in its socket.

While massaging, I took some time to admire her body, the flatness of her stomach, the gentle curvature of her smallish breasts, the way her chest moved up and down as she breathed, and the smooth, unwrinkled perfection of her young face. Lauren was definitely a vision of beauty, and I smiled at my luck at being able to touch her.

"Don't move. I'll be right back," I said as I laid her feet down on the edge of my chair.

I ran to the office kitchen where the ladies who worked there kept a bottle of body lotion in one of the cabinets. When I returned Lauren hadn't moved at all, and was still in the position I left her in. I took a dollop of lotion and began to work it into her feet, making sure to get to every part, even between her toes.

"OK. You're all done," I said when I had finished.

"Already? But that felt so good. I didn't want you to stop ever."

When she directed her gaze at me her face had a pained, disappointed look. But it quickly dissolved into yet another endearing smile.

"You weren't kidding. That was fantastic." Lauren pulled her feet back and looked around for her sandals.

"Where did you learn to do that?" she asked as she slipped her feet into her sandals.

"Oh, I don't know. I just kind of make it up as I go along," I lied.

"Applying the lotion at the end was a really nice touch. I was already in heaven from the massage, but that took it up into the stratosphere."

"Well, after the good job you did today, I thought you needed the full treatment."

"Thank you," she said with one of those "awww" looks.

"It was my pleasure -- really. I enjoyed it. Maybe even more than you did."

"But I was the one getting the massage."

"Yes, but it makes me feel good to give someone such pleasure."

"That's so sweet of you to say. But I still think I got the better part of the deal."

We busied ourselves with straightening up the training room and putting together the manuals we'd need for the next day. Tomorrow was going to be another long day, and it was always a good idea to get everything ready to get a quick start in the morning.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Carlos," she said as we locked the door and went out to the parking lot.

"Good night, Lauren. Drive safe."

"I will. You, too."

When I got home I couldn't help but masturbate with visions of Lauren in my head. Long, powerful spurts of semen shot from me, weakening my legs such that I had to hold on to the edge of the sink as I came.

Lauren was wearing what looked to be a more comfortable pair of shoes the next morning. I lamented that I wouldn't have a chance to massage her feet again.

"Thanks again for the foot massage last night, Carlos. I felt like I was walking on air until I went to bed."

"You're welcome. It was my pleasure. Anything I can do to help, just let me know." She smiled sweetly and we got to work.

The training went just as smoothly as it did the first day. I marveled at just how talented Lauren was, and how quickly she caught on to everything she was exposed to. It's a rare thing to have such a beautiful woman be even more talented than she was good looking.

She was wearing one of those white semi-see-through blouses that buttoned in the back. Beneath it were a white camisole and a beige bra. I could see the straps of both coming across her shoulders, and in the back could be seen the slight bulge of the bra strap. Her smallish breasts made an enticing pair of graceful mounds across her chest. They jiggled slightly as she walked back and forth across the room as the day wore on.

As we had been the day before, we were exhausted when the trainees had left and were finally by ourselves. I found myself desperately hoping to give her another foot massage, but she wasn't rubbing her feet like she had the previous night.

"That was excellent work again today, Lauren. You certainly are a great trainer." She beamed from ear to ear.

"Thanks, Carlos. But boy, I sure am tired again. We really earn our money, don't we?"

"You got that right."

"I don't know what I did today, but my neck and shoulders are really stiff and sore. I don't suppose you can help me out there, too, can you?"

"I just might be able to do something about that," I replied. I was cheering my good fortune, but trying not to seem too eager.

"Let me get the lotion from the kitchen," Lauren said, suddenly jumping from the chair. She was gone for only 30 seconds or so.

"What do we do?" she asked.

"Well, let's see." I looked around the room to see what would be the best way to do it.

"Let's have you sit down in this chair," I said, moving one of the straight-backed chairs in front of me. "And sit facing the back of the chair with your legs straddling it."

Lauren did as instructed.

"But don't put your arms or hands on the back of the chair. Let them rest by your sides, or put your hands in front of you between your thighs. Your arms, hands, shoulders, and neck need to be completely relaxed."

"Like this?" she asked, putting her hands in front of her between her thighs.

"Yes, that's great. Now don't be alarmed. I need to bare your shoulders. I'm just going to undo the first 2 or 3 buttons on your blouse."

I was almost trembling as I unfastened the buttons.

"Now I'm going to let the blouse slip from your shoulders. And now I'll pull the straps of your camisole and bra down your shoulders, too. Is this OK?"

"Yes, that's just fine."

Her bra straps had dug into the tender flesh on the tops of her shoulders, leaving angry red marks.

"You poor thing. Those straps really bite into you, don't they?" I said, starting to touch the marks gently. I could feel Lauren shiver as I touched her.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No, not at all. It feels really good to get those straps off of me. Sometimes being a woman and having to wear all this stuff really sucks. Bra straps and underwires really dig in, but somehow we manage to put the pain out of our minds. And at the end of the day when we can take them off, it's such a relief."

"I don't think I'd make a very good woman. I'd never be able to handle all those straps."

Lauren chuckled. "And you wouldn't look too good in a dress, either."

I rubbed some lotion in my palms to warm it up, and began to rub Lauren's shoulders where the angry red marks from her bra straps were.

"God, you have no idea how good that feels." I could feel her relax more and more, surrendering herself to the pleasure of my massaging hands and fingers.

I started with the tops of her shoulders, moved to the base of her neck, and worked my way up to the base of her skull. Lauren was so relaxed her neck almost turned to soft rubber.

Then I concentrated on her deltoids, moving down her arms to the tops of her biceps and triceps. I massaged across her upper back. And when I got to the space between her scapulas I pressed into the soft tissue with my thumbs.

"That's wonderful," Lauren exhaled, pulling her shoulders back towards me.

I hadn't really tried to get a look at her front, instead focusing my attention on what I could see from my position behind her. But when she pulled her shoulders back, her blouse slipped a little more down her shoulders, exposing the tops of her bra cups in the front, and the graceful mounds of her delectable breasts beneath. The skin looked so smooth and creamy. My penis began to come alive.

As if they were attracted by the magnets of her breasts, my hands began the subtle journey up Lauren's back and across the tops of her shoulders to massage the soft muscles above and just below her collar bones. I could feel the hardened pectoral tissue give way to my touch. But I couldn't dare to go any lower. More than anything I wanted to keep my hands on her. And if I tried to touch her breasts, I might ruin the whole experience, for her and for me.

"Well, I guess that's it, Lauren." I had massaged everything and everywhere, more than once. She had gotten a much more thorough massage than I'd ever given.

"That was nothing short of miraculous, Carlos. Where did you learn to do such great massages?"

"Don't laugh or get the wrong idea. But I learned it from a book. 'The Joy of Sex'. A girlfriend and I read the book when it first came out, and we learned by massaging each other."

"I bet she was one happy girl by the time you got done with the book."

"And I was a pretty happy guy, too."

Lauren had started pulling her straps back up, then pulled her fallen blouse back up.

"Would you mind buttoning me back up?"

"No, not at all." One last chance to touch this beautiful woman.

"What happened to her?"

"After a while we went our separate ways. We were very young. She was my first real girlfriend."

"How do you mean?"

"Well, I had had girlfriends before her, but she was the first one I was ever intimate with. And I was the first one for her, too."

"You mean, you lost your virginity with each other."

I was beginning to get a little embarrassed with the turn our conversation had taken.


"That's so sweet. So you learned how to please each other from reading the book and practicing the techniques?"

"Yes." I couldn't help but think about those times so long ago. And my penis began to harden with the memories.

"Well, I think you learned your lessons well." Lauren stood up and turned to face me.

"Thanks for the wonderful massage, Carlos. I think I'll be sleeping very soundly tonight."

She smiled so beautifully and sincerely.

"You're welcome," was all I could think of to say.

"Oh god, look at the time. I have to get out of here. I'll see you tomorrow, OK?" She grabbed her things and headed for the door.

"See you in the morning, Lauren."

The door closed softly behind her, then I was alone. I hadn't realized it, but my penis had grown to full length and hardness, partly with the memories Lauren had helped bring to my mind, but also with the picture of the fleeting glimpse I'd had of her exposed skin at the tops of her breast mounds.

Moments later I was in the bathroom. It didn't take too many strokes before the long streams of sperm came out in powerful surges.

Lauren could not have worn a more provocative skirt when she came to work the next morning. I along with everyone else, was stunned to see so much of her tanned and shapely legs exposed beneath the short skirt.

It was one of those skirts that comes down, or should I say up, to the middle of the thigh, with buttons up the front. In addition, Lauren was wearing a form-fitting blouse with a hem that ended just at the waistband of the skirt. Every time she moved, narrow bands of her bare belly peeked out enticingly. Every so often she would move in such a way that revealed her pierced belly button and the jeweled ornament on display.

I don't think the trainees could keep their minds on the subject at hand. I know I had a lot of trouble. All eyes were on Lauren as she did anything at all. I noticed a couple of the guys adjusting their pants when they thought no one was looking.

God, but her legs were just about the best pair I had ever seen on any woman. But Lauren didn't seem to notice the effect she was having on us. A woman I once knew very well explained it to me a few years earlier. She said that that was the current fashion, and women wore skirts and blouses like that not to be enticing, but to feel good about being in style, and feel good wearing comfortable clothes. Not to be a dick tease or dress like a sleaze.

Whatever the reason Lauren wore them, I was grateful, and so it appears was everyone else in the room. Her skirt was short enough to get the imagination going and blood flowing, but not short enough to reveal anything more than her gorgeous legs.

It was tough to stay focused, but we managed to get through the day and the training successfully. Well after 6 PM, we finally got a chance to sit down and take a breather.

"Another long and tiring day, huh?" she said, more than asked.

"They're all long when you're on your feet all day. Speaking of feet, how are they holding up?"

"Your foot massage the other day really worked wonders. I haven't had a problem since."

"I noticed you're wearing shoes that look a lot more comfortable than those sandals you had on."

"Yeah, the sandals didn't have much support. But the shoes I have on now seem to be much better if you have to spend all day standing up."

"They're reasonably attractive enough."

"Well, looks-wise I really like the sandals a lot better. But if you have to wear enclosed shoes like these you could do a lot worse. You don't mind if I take them off, do you?"

"Goodness, no. Not at all."

She wiggled her toes as she took off the shoes.

"I could give you another foot massage if you want," I said hopefully.

"No they feel OK now that they can breathe a little. What really are giving me problems today are my legs."

"How so?" I was already beginning to drool at the prospect of massaging Lauren's legs. But I didn't want to get my hopes up just yet.

"Maybe it's these shoes. But yesterday and today my calves have started feeling a little stiff and sore."

"It could be the shoes and having to be on your feet all day. Sometimes our bodies compensate for things and we don't realize it until later when something begins to hurt."

"That must be it. Do you think you could help me with it? I mean, I don't want to impose on you or anything. You've been really helpful up until now and I'm worried you might think I'm trying to take unfair advantage of you."

She had a hopeful but apologetic look on her lovely face.

"You should know by now that I'm happy to help you if I can."

"Thank you for being so nice to me." Lauren smiled broadly.

"You're easy to be nice to, Lauren."

"That's really sweet of you to say."

The truth is I was rejoicing inside, and I would have done anything to be able to put my hands on her again.

"I'm not sure how you want me. I mean, should I sit in a chair or lie down somehow?"

"I guess you should lie up here on the table. Let me move some of this equipment out of the way to give you some room to lie down."

I pushed the computer equipment over to one end of the table.

"This is going to be little awkward in this short skirt."

"Don't worry about it. Just put your butt on the edge of the table, put your legs together, then swing them up."

Lauren did as instructed. She was able to get her legs up without revealing anything between them.

"This table is really hard on the back of my head."

"Here, let's bunch up my coat and we can put it under your head."

"Yeah, that's a lot better. Now what?"

"Well, you just lie there and I'll do everything."

"OK. If you need me to move anything just tell me."

"Are there specific places I should pay attention to, or do your legs just hurt all over."

"Actually it's just my calves and the backs of my thighs at the top."

"You mean right below your butt?"

"Maybe a little lower at the top of those big muscles back there."

"I think you're talking about the hamstrings."

"Yeah, those."

"OK, I'll start with your ankles and calves and head up from there. Be sure to tell me if I'm hurting you or causing you any discomfort."


I moved down towards Lauren's feet and wrapped my hands around one of her slender ankles. Her skin was warm and smooth to the touch. I was amazed by its firmness. But that's hardly a surprise given that she was so young and in such good shape. I worked up her calves, pressing my thumbs in to the soft tissues.

But when I made it up to the knee, I needed a little more room.

"I need you to spread your legs a little bit so I can get to the inside of your knees."

"Like this?" She opened them just a little.

"Just a little bit more."

"Is this OK?"

"Yes that's good right there."

I tried not to look but I couldn't help myself. Lauren was wearing pink panties. And the sight of them brought me to incredible hardness.

"That's so wonderful feeling, Carlos. I never had anyone ever massage my knees before. Is that one of the things you learned in that book when you were with that girl?"

"Yes. The knee is a neglected erogenous area. People just don't realize how sensitive it is."

"I feel what you mean."

From the knee I moved up to her thighs. The flesh under my hands was as smooth as a baby's. I pressed in extra hard with my fingers. The body's large muscle groups are large because they do most of the work in carrying us around.

"Oh my god, Carlos. That feels so incredibly delicious. No one has ever massaged me the way you do."

"Not even your husband?"

"Are you kidding? His idea of a massage is, well, I shouldn't be saying."

"That's OK. Let's just say his massage technique could use a little help." Lauren giggled.

I had both hands around the front of her thigh and was digging in with my fingers as I pressed down with my palms. As I moved my way up I ran into the bottom hem of her mini-skirt. I wondered if I should stop there or continue up. If I was to continue in going up towards her crotch, she was going to need to spread her legs more to give me enough room to get my hands in. As if on cue, Lauren moved her thighs apart another couple of inches.

"Do you have enough room?"

"Yes, that's good right there."

If I hadn't already been totally erect, I would have quickly gotten there. I could see the crotch panel of her panties, and a wet spot had developed. Maybe it was my imagination, but I thought the spot might be expanding as I was looking at it.

I could see down to the table between the tops of her thighs, and if I wasn't mistaken, Lauren was wearing thong panties. My penis was pulsing uncontrollably.

As I pushed my hands up her thigh, I pushed the hem of her skirt up as well. I stopped my massage just short of touching her crotch with my fingers. I repeated the process with Lauren's other leg, again stopping as my fingers felt the heat of her pussy beneath the fabric of her panties without actually touching.

"OK, I'm done with this side, so I need you to turn over so I can get better access to the backs of your legs."

"OK. Hang on. I guess I don't have to try to keep my legs together since you've probably already seen my panties in the front."

She turned over, not caring about keeping her legs together at all, giving me a generous view of her pink panties and the hollow places at the top her thighs where they intersect with the pelvis. I was right. Lauren was wearing thong panties.

I didn't say anything, but just started massaging her ankles, working my way up her legs as I had when I massaged the fronts. Lauren's skirt had risen up a little, and although I couldn't see too much, I could enjoy the view of her legs up to the bottom of her butt cheeks. She spread her legs a little more without having to ask her when I moved up past the back of her knee and onto her hamstrings.

"That feels so great, Carlos. I'm jealous of your girlfriend. I'll bet she wants you to massage her every night."

"What girlfriend? In fact I can't remember the last time I massaged anyone."

"You're kidding, right?"

"I wish I was."

"If you were my guy I'd want you to do this to me every night. When was the last time you had a girlfriend, if you don't mind me asking?"

"No, not at all. It was a few years ago, I think. We were together for a while, maybe a year or two. I don't know when things started to go wrong. One day I just realized that we had grown apart somehow."

"We don't have to talk about it if you don't want. I don't mean to pry into your personal life."

"It's OK, Lauren. I like talking with you. You're easy to talk to."

"Thanks. Oh god, that feels so wonderful right there."

I had moved both hands to the inside of her thigh right above the knee and was kneading her flesh. Lauren spread her thighs quite a bit more. I could see where the thin thong disappeared into the crack of her lovely ass. It seemed to be soaked with her vaginal juices. I could see the shiny sheen of moisture on the insides of her thighs.

I wrapped both hands around the top of her thigh just beneath her butt cheek and began to dig in gently with my fingers. One of my fingers slid on the slippery skin where I had seen the gathered moisture.

"Oh, yes, right there. Don't stop."

Lauren's breath had quickened, and she began to move her hips slightly. Drops of juice appeared at the sides of her panties where the crotch panel was attached to the thong strap. My penis was so hard and uncomfortable in my pants. I wanted to straighten it out, but didn't want to take my hands off of Lauren and destroy whatever it was she was now feeling so intensely.

"Oh my god. That's heaven," she said, when I sensed that she was not reacting so strongly to my touch.

"OK, now for the other leg," I said, moving my hands to the ankle on her other leg. While moving my hands I put my wet fingers up to my nose to smell Lauren's scent. Musky, heady. Delicious. I wanted it all over me everywhere, but didn't dare to think it would ever happen. I resigned myself to my massage duties, and thanked whatever lucky stars made it possible to be able to touch this beautiful woman.

Like I had her other leg, I worked my way up to the tops of her thighs. And just like before, Lauren started to writhe her hips the closer I got to her pussy.

She was moving even more than before as I placed both hands around her thigh top and felt the leaked nectar with my fingers. Her breathing became erratic and uneven, and the table had become noticeably wet from her secretions. I was getting close to being finished, and would definitely need to head to the bathroom to give myself some desperately needed relief after we were done.

"Could I ask you for a big favor?"

"Sure. What do you need?"

"I feel kind of awkward asking you this, but could you massage my butt, too? I could understand if you didn't want to."

"It's no problem, Lauren. The butt is one of the largest muscle groups in the body and is used more than just about any other group. It's always neglected during massage sessions because of the moral aspect. So I'm happy you want me to massage yours."

Lauren reached down and pulled up her skirt, exposing fully her naked ass. And what a beautiful ass it was. Full, but not bulbous. A hardened muscle, but still soft to the touch.

"Leave your legs spread like they are so I can get everything."

"OK. I just have one special request. Do it just like in that book you read."

"Are you sure? It might get pretty erotic."

"Yes. Please do it that way."

I grabbed one sumptuous ass cheek with both hands and started to dig my fingers in. As I pulled her flesh, her inner ass crack was exposed, revealing the pink rosebud of her anus. I inched my fingers towards it.

In the book "The Joy of Sex" the sensuous massage touches the flesh surrounding the vagina and anus, but doesn't actually touch those places. That's what causes the erotic sensations. The idea is that it heightens the senses so much that when the sexual act finally begins, it's that much more enjoyable.

And when I massaged down her cheek to where it joined with the top of her thigh and pulled apart her crack, the very bottom of her shiny pussy lips came into view. Before I had begun to massage her butt, I had quickly adjusted the position of my penis, and now it was at its unencumbered full length and hardness. I could feel leakage staining my underwear. Tonight's masturbation was going to set records.

I finished with one cheek and moved around the table to the other cheek and began to massage in like fashion. Lauren's breathing had become more and more uncontrolled, and now she was moving her hips up and down.

"I'm sorry, I have to," she whispered urgently.

At first I thought she meant having to pee. But that wasn't it at all. She raised her hips enough to get a hand beneath her. She snaked a finger beneath her panties and inserted it into her vaginal hole, then began massaging what could only have been her clitoris. Her hips bounced up and down as she stroked herself. She had pushed her panties off to the side a little, exposing her glistening vagina to me.

"Whatever you do, don't stop," she was barely able to say.

As ordered I kept massaging her ass, watching as she pleasured herself. It didn't take too long before she brought herself to orgasm.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god ... oh, oh, oh, ungh, ungh ... aahhhhhhhhhhhh," she muttered as she reached her goal. With each orgasmic contraction of her pussy, she squeezed a considerable amount of liquid from her vaginal canal. It ran from her fingers down onto the table. I could smell her heady intimate aroma. Then she was still, but continued to breathe heavily for a couple of minutes more.

"You must think I'm some kind of a slut," Lauren whispered when she could finally catch her breath.

"I think nothing of the sort." I had stopped with the massage when she removed her hand from her vagina.

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. Your massage felt so good I just had to make myself come."

"It was beautiful, Lauren. One of the most erotic things I've ever seen."

"I have to go," she said suddenly, lifting herself quickly off the table. Lauren pulled her skirt down and grabbed her things. Her face was very red, and I wondered if it was from her orgasm, from embarrassment, or maybe a little of both.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she said, and headed for the door without looking at me.

The door closed and I was alone. It was then that I noticed the puddle on the table where her juices had dripped. Now it was my turn to not be able to help myself. I put my face close to it and inhaled deeply.

"Oh god," I said to myself. "It smells so good." I stuck my tongue out to taste it. It was sour and sweet at the same time, and maybe a little salty.

I unzipped my pants and took out my swollen penis. I coated it with a generous portion of Lauren's pussy juice. It took all of 5 strokes before I began to squirt. The first jet made it completely over the table, while the second landed right in Lauren's puddle. Subsequent streams fell shorter and shorter, until my knees had completely weakened and the only things coming out of me were drips and oozes.

When I arrived to work the next morning, the secretary told me that Lauren had called in sick. And she called in sick the next day, too. I was disappointed for a couple of reasons. One was that I'd have to do the training on my own. Lauren was very smart, and a great asset to the staff. Having her help with the training made everything go much smoother. But I was also disappointed because I wouldn't get to see her. I was falling for her and my heart ached not to have her there with me.

And when Lauren came in to the office the following Monday, she delivered some bombshell news. In our usual Monday morning company meeting, Lauren announced her resignation. Her revelation took everyone by surprise. It shocked me completely, as I'm sure it did everyone else.

After making her announcement, which she did with tears beginning to form in her eyes, she left the room immediately. She avoided eye contact with me, and I wondered if her resignation had anything to do with me. Lauren avoided me for most of the day, too. It was only in mid-afternoon that I was able to speak to her alone.

"I have to say, Lauren, that I'm really saddened by the prospect of you leaving us."

"Yeah, that's what everyone has been saying to me."

"Was it something I said?" I said half jokingly.

"No, it's nothing like that," she said, with the first smile I'd seen on her beautiful face since the previous Wednesday. I looked at her with a hope that she'd continue and tell me why she was leaving.

"My husband wants to move to Houston, and I've decided to go with him."

"You mean, there was a possibility you wouldn't go to Houston with your husband?"

"Well, you remember last week when I mentioned he might not have been the most attentive husband ever?"

I remembered Lauren's telling me that he didn't give great massages, and I guessed that's what she was referring to. I nodded.

"Our problems go a bit deeper than that, and I had to think about it long and hard. But I decided to make a go of our marriage. Maybe moving to a new town can regenerate what we've lost."

"I hope you can find some peace and happiness there. I'm sorry to be losing you, both as a co-worker as well as a friend. You really are quite brilliant, you know. I'm sure you'll find a job in Houston right away. Some lucky company will recognize your talents and snap you up quickly."

"Thanks, Carlos. You really know how to make me feel better -- in more ways than one."

Our eyes met for a brief moment, and I knew what Lauren was talking about. I wanted to tell her how I felt about her, but knew it wouldn't be appropriate. I'd just have to keep it to myself. It probably wouldn't have worked, anyway, given the age difference between us. And maybe all I had felt for her was based on lust.

"Lauren. I need to speak to you for a few minutes." The company president had come up to us, and I know he wanted to chart out Lauren's last days with us, so we wouldn't lose any of the work she'd been doing for the past months. I went back to my office.

We didn't have much to say to each other during the next 2 weeks, Lauren's last weeks with us. We'd meet in the hallways and say hello and inquire about each other, but in a sort of superficial way, the way most people do. I guess she was beginning to distance herself from me, and us, so maybe her final departure wouldn't be such an emotional farewell.

Her final Friday rolled around all too soon. We had a little party for her, with a cake and goodbye cards and speeches. And then came the time for Lauren to leave. There were lots of hugs and tears, and promises to stay in touch. But you always know that while the promises might be heartfelt at the time they're made, keeping them would be a different story.

I was among the last to say goodbye to her. She hugged me very chastely, then turned her attention to a couple more people to hug, then closed the door, waving as it shut behind her. We looked at each other for a few seconds, but there was really nothing more to be done. Lauren was gone, and it was time to get back to work. We still had an hour or so to go before we could leave.

As usual I was the last to leave. I turned all the lights out and was about to set the office alarm when the front door opened and Lauren came in.

"I knew I'd catch you before you left," she smiled as she said it. She had changed clothes and was wearing tight fitting jeans and a cropped bottom blouse that revealed her perfectly flat stomach and jewel-pierced belly.

Without a word she came up to me and placed her lips on mine for a few seconds. It wasn't the fake kisses she was giving out earlier when she was saying her goodbyes. This was a kiss with a deeper meaning, one that usually led to other activities.

"I have a special goodbye reserved for you. I couldn't let on earlier because there were too many other people around. But now that we're alone..."

She let her words trail off, and we began to kiss again. Her mouth tasted like candy and when her tongue forced its way between my lips my knees got very weak and I melted in her arms. Needless to say, a certain part of my anatomy rose quickly to the occasion. Lauren pulled me closely to her so our bodies were pressed against each other from hips to mouths. After a minute or two we came up for air.

"Thanks for all the great massages you gave me after the training classes a couple of weeks ago. Now I want to do something nice for you, too."

"Lauren, you don't have to do anything for me. It made me feel good to make you feel good."

"Mmmmm, right answer. But I want to. You're a really sweet guy and I want to thank you for being so nice to me. Besides I don't want you to think I just take from people without giving anything back."

"Just to see you is enough for me. You have no idea what just being around you does for me."

"Somehow I think I do," she smiled, as she wiggled her pelvis against mine.

"Lauren, you don't have to do this."

"You don't even know what I have in mind."

"I can guess."

"The first thing I hope you'll want to do is give me another massage."

She focused her beautiful eyes on mine and reaching down pulled her top up and off. Without looking I knew she was naked beneath.

"They've been aching for your touch."

I knew which "they" she was talking about.

"Lauren..." I started to say.

"Shhh," she whispered, putting a forefinger up to my lips. "Be gentle. They're a tiny bit sore from that darn underwire bra I had on all day."

I didn't know if I could continue to stand up straight when I gingerly began to touch her breasts. The first thing I felt was her hardening nipples on my palms. Then my fingers closed around her mounds. They seemed to be perfect fits for the size of my hands.

"They feel so beautiful, Lauren," I whispered, looking down at them for the first time. I could see the red marks left by her bra, and I wanted to do whatever I could to make the marks, and her pain, go away. I knew right then that I could easily make the decision to devote the rest of my life to her. My only goal every day would be to bring her pleasure.

"I have to lie down," she said, pulling away from me and heading into the training room, the scene of all of our previous closeness.

She lay down on the table and beckoned me towards her chest, looking at me unwaveringly with those bright blue eyes, holding her arms out in invitation, her perfectly white teeth pinning her lower lip.

"Oh god," she said as my hands once again found her soft and smooth breast flesh.

I gently massaged, with my entire hands and also with my fingers. I traced lines around her nipples and areolas, and around the entire mounds themselves. I massaged down her ribs and up her sides, her shoulders and underarms.

Then all of a sudden I had my mouth on them, tracing the same lines as I had with my fingers only a few minutes earlier. Her nipples hardened even more in my mouth. Lauren began to writhe her hips.

Lauren reached down, unfastened the button on her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Her panties were as yellow as her blouse had been. I didn't remember, and didn't really care where she had dropped it. A pleasantly erotic floral aroma wafted from her opened jeans. If I hadn't been totally and incredibly hard by then, I would have been at the sight and smell emanating from this vision of beauty laid out before me.

"Massage me -- there," she breathed as she grasped the sides of her jeans and panties and began pulling them down. I put my hands on hers and helped with the pulling. They were smooth and warm. The top of her shaved slit came slowly into view.

"Help me get them off."

I pulled the flats off her feet, and she wiggled her toes in gratitude. She raised her hips and I pulled her jeans and panties off in one stroke. Lauren was completely naked before me.

"Please -- there," she whispered urgently, pulling her knees up and splaying her thighs.

Her pussy was shining with moisture, drips forming on her prominent inner labia. It looked delicious and inviting, and I knew I had to have my mouth on her right away. The aroma was strong of both the floral scent I had detected earlier as well as her womanhood.

I bent down and began to taste tentatively with the tip of my tongue. Lauren had already been moving her hips, but now picked up speed as soon as I started to lick her vagina from top to bottom.

"Ahhh, ooooo, ohhhh," were the only sounds Lauren could make. She bucked her hips up almost violently when my tongue circled her clitoris.

"Oh shit," she yelled suddenly. "That's so fucking great." I had homed in on her clitoral core and was flicking it playfully with my tongue.

I licked all over her pussy, up her legs, down the crack of her ass, around her mons. I wanted to work her up into a frenzy, so she wanted me to bring her off more than anything in the world.

"I have to come, I have to come." Lauren pulled my head up towards the top of her pussy, and I knew she was ready.

I placed three fingers into her juicy hole and pumped them slowly in and out while my lips first, and then my tongue focused on the button at the top of her slit.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit," she moaned and yelled. "Oh my god, oh god, oh god. You're so good to me."

Her hips were bouncing wildly, and I had a difficult time keeping my mouth on her. But I managed somehow to stay with her. I could feel the tension begin to build in her movements, and I knew she was getting close.

"Oh god, here it comes. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh god. Oh my fucking god. Ahhhhhhh!"

With one final bounce up of her hips, Lauren's entire body stiffened. Her face looked like it was permanently fixed in a grimace. Her mouth was wide open but no sound was coming. Her hands gripped the sides of my head, pulling my mouth onto her as she came with one of strongest surges I'd ever seen. Juice was flowing from her hole and dripping down her ass crack and my chin.

After a moment, she pushed my head back and began to relax and lower her hips back down to the table.

"Oh shit, that was amazing. Where did you learn to do that? Was it from that book, too?"

"No, I developed that technique on my own."

"I think 'perfected' would be a better word than 'developed'." Lauren was panting, trying to catch her breath as she spoke. "OK, now it's your turn."

She pulled herself up off the table, grinning mischievously, revealing a rather large puddle of pussy juice that had spilled beneath her.

"Here, let me help you with your shirt."

Lauren pulled the hem of my shirt out of my pants. The fabric tickled my penis as it slid by. It pulsed a couple of times, anticipating what might possibly happen in the next few minutes. My shirt joined the growing pile of strewn clothing on the floor.

"And now for those pants." I could have sworn she licked her lips as she crouched her naked body down in front of me, her luscious breasts swaying gracefully, her beautiful bald pussy still dripping its glorious juices. "Let's just see what's been causing this bulge that's been driving me crazy."

She unfastened my belt and pulled down my zipper, looking up at me every couple of seconds. Slowly, the outline of my penis, straining at the cotton fabric of the underwear imprisoning it came into view.

"Oh my, Carlos. What have you been hiding from me?" If it had not been a rhetorical question, I would have been too far gone to answer. My penis was pulsing, fluid leaking from the tip staining my underwear, aching for her to release it from its trap, anxious for her to gaze upon it, as if just her eyes were enough of an aphrodisiac, lusting for any part of her anatomy to touch it.

I slipped my shoes off as she pushed my pants down far enough for me to step out of them. Tentatively she pushed just her fingertips into the waistband of my briefs. She paused for a moment, perhaps delaying the gratification, before beginning to pull the fabric slowly down.

First the tip of my circumcised penis came into view. My sperm hole was shiny with clear fluid. Lauren stuck her tongue out and dabbed at the moisture, causing it to lurch, and her to smile and giggle. As she pulled further, the shaft was revealed, little by little, purple and hard, vascular and huge.

"Oh, my god. It's so beautiful and big. I have to have it..." she looked up at me with a wanton look in her eyes, " ... everywhere on me and in me." She finished her sentence.

Lauren pinned the tip of my penis against my abdomen with one hand, and gently rubbed her other hand lightly up and down my exposed shaft. She quickly replaced her fingers with her lips, rendering tender light kisses at first, then lovely little licks with her tongue.

"Mmmmm, you taste so good," she said, finally licking my hole, and the moisture that had again gathered there.

My balls were exposed as she pulled my underwear even further down. She let go of my penis, and with both hands pulled the waistband down past my hips and down to my knees. When she let go they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, now completely naked, my penis sticking ramrod straight out and up in front of me.

Without another word Lauren French-kissed the head of my penis, her tongue flicking the tip and pee hole as it had my lips and tongue when we kissed so messily earlier.

"Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmm," she hummed as she took more and more of me into her mouth. The vision of Lauren sucking me, and the intense feeling of her oral attentions were enough to begin to boil the sperm deep within me. My penis felt like it had doubled in size.

"Don't come just yet, Carlos," she warned, pulling her lips from me in a loud slurp, looking up at me with pleading eyes. "Here, get up on the table."

I backed up to the table and slid my butt up on it, the sliding made easier by Lauren's puddle of pussy juice I was laying on. The juices felt cool on my ass cheeks. But knowing it was Lauren's secretions made me even more turned on than I already was.

Lauren began to massage me, much like I had just massaged her, except with more urgency, her smooth and warm hands traveling lightly and quickly across my skin. From toe to head and everywhere between she touched and rubbed me, staying away from my penis. She must have sensed that if she touched me there, I don't think I could have avoided boiling over, my semen rushing out quickly and prematurely.

"Turn over, Carlos," she ordered. And when I did the first thing I felt were her lips and tongue on my butt, kissing and licking her viscous nectar from me. She only spent a few moments on my back, anxious to get to the next stage.

"I have to have you in me. I can't wait any more."

Lauren scooted up on the table next to me, pushing me over as she laid on her back, grabbing me to pull me on top of her. In one fluid movement, she spread her thighs and pulled me between them. Her hand guided my throbbing penis to her opening. A couple of rubs of my glans up and down her slit to lubricate me, then a deft push up from her hips along with a strong pull on my hips with her hands, and I was firmly and deeply seated within her slippery hole.

"Oh, Jesus," she whimpered, rocking her hips up and down, back and forth. I knew I wouldn't last long, so I was trying, mostly in vain, to avoid a lot of movement.

I hadn't realized that my eyes were closed as I entered her. And when I opened them, I found Lauren gazing at me passionately with those lovely blue eyes, her lips fixed in the shape of an "oh", the kind of "oh" when someone is experiencing exquisite feelings of pleasure.

Why it popped into my head just then I'm not sure, but suddenly her blue eyes reminded me of an article I had read in which the author conjectured that blue-eyed men subconsciously sought out blue-eyed women because if both parents had blue eyes, the baby would always have blue eyes, too. But if the baby had an eye color other than blue, it would prove that the female had been unfaithful. The article concluded that blue-eyed men naturally looked for blue-eyed women to make babies with.

As I said, I'm not sure why it suddenly came into my head, but I found myself desperately wanting to make a blue-eyed baby with Lauren, right then, right there. And as if on cue, I could feel the sperm begin to rise from deep within me.

Lauren had splayed her arms out over her head, and I reached for her hands, our fingers intertwining, our eyes never swaying from each others'.

"I can't hold it much longer," I gasped, the pre orgasm haze beginning to cloud my brain.

"Come in me, Carlos," she whispered urgently.

"Oh, Lauren ... you're so beautiful. I..." I was about to say "I love you." And maybe she realized it because her forceful kiss prevented me from finishing.

As she pulled her lips back from mine, I could feel my penis expanding as it prepared to explode within her. I grabbed her hands with more pressure. My entire body was shaking. I was possessed by this gorgeous woman. My only mission in life at that moment was to release a torrent of come at the entrance to her womb.

Although I thought I might black out from the intense pleasure, I managed to keep my eyes locked on hers as the pressure mounted to the breaking point, and I released what seemed to be my entire being into her clasping vagina.

"Oh, god," we screamed together. Stream after stream jetted from me. Her pussy muscles gripped and milked every pulse, every drop, until nothing was left in either of us. Completely spent, completely drained. I collapsed on top of her, our lips and tongues coming together in a messy tangle.

"Lauren. Beautiful Lauren," I was finally able to mutter after quite a few panting minutes. "I've never come so hard or so much."

"I don't suppose you learned that from the book, did you?" she asked, with a sweet smile.

"No, I think I perfected it just now with you."

We laid there for a few more minutes, still gazing into each others' eyes, our fingers still woven together, until we knew she had to leave.

We were a mess. When Lauren stood up, the insides of her thighs were shiny with our love. Several drips were rolling towards the floor. And when she put her panties back on, they were instantly drenched. Her nipples had relaxed, but when she saw me looking at them, they began to harden, and she smiled that lovely smile that endeared her to me even more. Her nubs pointed through the flimsy fabric of her crop-top.

My poor penis had really gotten a workout. It had shriveled up, and was dripping its last few pearls of semen. Lauren noticed as I was pulling my underwear up. She kneeled down in front of me and took me fully into her mouth, working me around with her tongue and the inside of her cheeks. Then she stood up and kissed me sloppily, spreading saliva and the last of my come all over our faces. I'd never tasted my come before. I could taste traces of Lauren's pussy, too.

"You taste so good," Lauren said as she stroked my cheek. "I wish we had more time so you could come in my mouth."

We finished dressing, and then we kissed and groped for a few more minutes. My penis began to come back to life.

"Maybe another time," Lauren said tenderly as she grabbed the growing bulge in my pants.

"Goodbye, Carlos," she stammered on her way out. I could see the tears forming in her eyes.

"Goodbye, Lauren," I almost couldn't say, my own tears flowing, my voice catching.

The door closed, and she was truly gone.

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