Double Trouble, Double Pleasure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was *this* close to having sex with my girlfriend before I moved away to a new city with my family. We moved in next door to twin sisters who were disliked by every guy at school and rightly so but I found something good about them. Something REALLY good!

"Oh, Ava," I moaned softly into her ear. I could feel my girlfriend tremble in my arms.

"Mmmm," she let out as I placed kiss after kiss on her neck.

My hand was under her shirt on the soft skin of her stomach. I slowly moved my hand up. I wanted to clutch her tit for the first time even if it was through her bra.

"Ooooh," she gasped softly.

Excitement filled me as my hand touched the edge of her bra. My cock twitched.

"Alex," she said.

"Oh, Ava," I replied.


It was then that I noticed my girlfriend wasn't saying my name in the sensual manner she was saying it earlier.

"What?" I said, kissing her cheek now with the same eagerness I kissed her neck.

"Remove your hand," Ava said.

"Ava," I protested.

"Alex!" she said insistently.

I wasn't about to give up so easily. Not this time. My dad got a new job and so I was moving away in only a couple of days. This afternoon in my bedroom would be the last chance I had to have sex with Ava.

"I love you," I said. "I'm ready. I want to be with you." I told her the same thing for the past month without success. We had dated for several months. She was a sexy 17-year old. I was a year older. We were both seniors in high school.

"You said you'd wait until I was ready too."

"I'm moving," I said, in case she somehow didn't remember.

"I know."

"What better way to show our love before I leave?"

"We'll see each other again. Maybe then."

Maybe? All I heard was maybe. I wanted a YES!

"Alright," I said reluctantly and pulled out my hand. I knew we wouldn't be fucking today no matter how much I tried to talk her into it.

"Did you hear Mike broke up with his girlfriend?" she said.

Mike? I didn't want to talk about Mike or anyone else from school.

The rest of the time I listened to Ava gossip about different people from school. I squelched my emotions.

Our new house felt rather orderly already considering we only arrived Friday though I didn't know where a lot of things were yet. Today was Monday and I was attending my new school already. I didn't look forward to making new friends because I missed my old friends. I missed Ava. I missed that it was just a matter of time until we had sex.

Mom drove me to school this first day of school to help check me in and make sure everything went smoothly. It was a good thing because they not only had my last name spelled wrong but they had me listed as a 9th grader. I was definitely a 12th grader!

Like most schools it wasn't too hard to find my way around campus. I even met a possible new buddy, Jason. He was in two of my classes. It was an okay day but I felt glum. I missed my old school. I missed my old friends. I missed my old life.

"Where are the bowls?" I asked Tuesday morning. I could have sworn they were in this cabinet.

"Next cabinet," Mom replied. "I moved them."

She was still organizing. Until she decided where everything would go, I wouldn't know where anything belonged. At least the pantry narrowed down where the cereal would be.

After breakfast, I headed out on my first walk to my new school.

I stepped outside and at the same time someone stepped out of the house next door. I was seeing double but then I realized it was twin blonde girls. They looked around my age plus they were pretty.

As I moved to the sidewalk, the twin girls noticed me and hurried to the sidewalk. I would have to go by them.

"Hi!" one girl said, gushing with joy.

"Hi!" the other girl said just a moment later and matching her sister's emotion.

"Hi," I said with much less enthusiasm.

"You're the new neighbor!" the first girl said.

I nodded.

"What's your name?" the second girl said.


"I'm Nikki."

"I'm Vikki," the first girl said.

"Hi," I said again.

"You're cuuuuuuute!" they said at the same time then grinned at each other.

"I need to get to school," I said, beginning to walk.

"We'll walk with you!" they said together again and again looked at each other.

This must be a twin thing. How often did they say the same thing?

"It's going to be great walking to school and back home with you," Vikki said, "because you're so cuuuuuute!"

"Oh, yeah!" said Nikki.

There was something strange about these girls. Definitely something weird.

They chattered about school. I was only interested because it gave me information I didn't already know. However when they talked about boys they repeatedly said, "But you're much cuter than him." I was kind of flattered they thought I was cute but these girls were totally obsessed with the cuteness of boys!

The school day was okay. I connected with Jason again. He was a nice guy and his friend Ethan seemed okay. I had some interests in common with Jason. We could hang out and do things like I used to do with my buddies from my old school.

During the lunch break I sat at one of the tables expecting to be joined by Jason and Ethan but minutes later I was joined by Vikki and Nikki.

"Hi!" Vikki said, in that ever bubbly way both girls seemed to say about everything.

"Hi," I courteously replied. I took a quick look around for Jason.

"So how are you?"

"Okay," I answered.

Nikki was just sitting there staring at me with like dreamy eyes or something. It felt disturbing. I took a bite of sandwich.

"I missed you," Vikki said.

"We saw each other this morning." I wasn't in any of the same classes as them though they were in the same grade as me.

"That's a loooooong time."

Nikki was still staring.

"What?" I snapped.

"You're just soooooo cuuuuuute!" she said.

"Oh, yeah!" said Vikki, going into that sickening dreamy state too.

"We told the other boys that we like someone else," said Nikki.

What? Did they mean me?

"I have a girlfriend," I spouted.

"You do?" said Vikki surprised.

"Yes, back where I used to live."

"You're not going to see her anymore."

"Sure I will."

"Well, you need a girlfriend here," Nikki said.

They both gave me this moony expression. Ick!

Where was Jason? I looked around again and spotted him sitting at another table. Why was he over there?

"So guess what?" excitedly said Nikki.


"No, guess," said Vikki with equal vigor.

"I don't know."

"Come on."

"What's it about?"

"In English class..." Nikki began. The twins proceeded to tell me the scoop on everything that happened today.

I ate my lunch slowly. I didn't feel that hungry anymore.

I was so relieved when the bell rang.

"See you after school!" they chirped and headed out.

I stood. Jason and Ethan FINALLY came over.

"I see you've met the twins," Jason said.

"Yeah, they're my next door neighbors."

Ethan broke out into a big laugh.

"Oh, that totally sucks!" said Jason. "They're the most annoying girls in school."

Ethan still laughed. Now THAT was annoying!

"They've liked every boy in school," Jason said. "You're next."

"How do I get rid of them?" I asked.

"You can't," said Ethan. "They have to move onto another boy."

"So I got to get them to like someone else?"


"But you live next door," said Jason.

"You're screwed!" said Ethan. He resumed laughing.

"Yeah," agreed Jason. "Until they tire of you but you're going to have an extra hard time getting them to like someone else."

"You've saved the rest of us," said Ethan. "Thank you!"

I didn't like this. I didn't like this one bit.

I stayed late after school and thought I could avoid the twins but they were still around waiting for me.

"Hi!" they said together and smiled at each other.

"Hi," I said quietly, feeling like a prisoner walking to the death chamber.

"So guess what happened in history," Nikki said.


"No, guess."

"I'm not good at guessing. Just tell me."

"If you had a bad day," said Vikki, "don't take it out on us."

"Sorry," I said. They were my bad day but it's not something you can come out and just say. "So what happened?"

The twins proceeded to tell me. I could so careless. I shouldn't be so polite. They talked about this incident for the whole entire walk. I could have explained it in 15 seconds! I was never so glad to arrive home.

"So that's your house?" said Nikki.

I answered with a nod squelching the desire to respond, "Duh! What do you think?"

"Can we come in?" asked Vikki.

"Come in?" I stammered. Why would they want to come in?

"Yeah, stay right there. We'll put our stuff away and be right out."

Nikki added, "It will only take a minute."

I must have stood out there for over ten minutes and almost went in when they finally came out. In hindsight I should have gone in as soon as they were gone but I just couldn't be that rude.

"Hello," greeted my mom, giving the twins a look.

"This is Vikki and Nikki," I introduced. "They live next door."

"I'm Vikki." She raised her hand in greeting.

"And I'm Nikki."

"Glad to meet you girls."

"We just met Alex and we're best friends already," said Vikki.

"Oh, yeah!" agreed Nikki.

"How nice." Mom ignorantly smiled. She didn't know these girls. "Would you like something to drink? Pepsi? Water? Milk?"

"Pepsi is good," said Vikki.

"Yeah, Pepsi," concurred Nikki.

"We'll ... uh... ," I said, " ... just sit out back."

"Ooooh, like a picnic," said Nikki.

"The beach blanket is in the hall closet, Alex," Mom said. "Why don't you get it and spread it out on the grass?"

I wrinkled my face. Mom wasn't helping. I didn't want to spend my afternoon with these two.

"Our first picnic together," said Vikki.

"Oh, yeah!" they said together and looked at each other.

Mom looked at them curiously. Good. She was noticing the two girls were demented.

I retrieved the blanket and spread it out on the lawn. I sat down.

"No, you have to sit in the middle," the girls said at the same time. They smiled at each other.

That habit wasn't as endearing after you saw it three thousand times.

I scooted over. Vikki sat on my left and Nikki on my right.

"This is our first date," said Nikki, looking affectionate.

Date? We met each other for the first time this morning. What was she talking about?

"You have to plan a time to take us to the movies?" Vikki said.

"Oh, yeah!" said Nikki.

"What?" I said.

"That's what people who date do. They go to the movies," said Nikki.

"You can take us to dinner too," said Vikki.

"But we like going to the movies best so we don't have to go to dinner but we'd liked to do both."

"Oh, yeah!"

"We're not dating," I said.

"Yes, we are," they said together.

"Since when?"

"It feels like a date," said Vikki.

"It sure does," said Nikki.

"Well it's not a date."

"Yes, it is."

"It's not."

"It is!" they said together.

"Remember? I'm dating someone."

"You mean the girlfriend you'll never see again?" said Vikki.

"We'll see each other again."

"I thought you liked us," said Nikki. Was that a tear in her eye?

"I do like you, it's..."

"I knew it!" said Nikki, suddenly becoming exuberantly happy.

"But I'm dating someone." I stood. "Ava's expecting my call. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

I successfully ended my date. I mean my non-date! The twins looked confused but that was their natural state so no big deal.

Mom said good-bye to them and they were out the door.

"So when are we going to the movies?" Vikki asked before I could close the door.

"I don't know," I said.

"Friday?" Nikki said.


"Yes!" they said together.

"Wait!" I said feeling a moment of panic.

"It's a date!" they said. "See you!"

They went home looking as happy as they could be. What just happened? Was I really going to the movies with them?

I called Ava.

"Where were you?" she asked right away. "You said you were going to call an hour ago."

"I had to get rid of the neighbors..." I began.

"Guess what happened at school?" Ava interjected.

" ... they're annoying..." I trailed off.

"Bailey is already dating Tyler and Mike is completely jealous."

"They're twin girls who go to school with me," I tried to continue.

"Mike and Tyler almost came to blows!" Ava reported. "Mike and Tyler!"

"Really?" I said blandly.

Ava proceeded to tell me about Mike, Tyler, and Bailey and even though this was only my second day at my new school I was completely disinterested in the happenings at my old school. I had already mentally detached from it.

"So what are you doing?" she asked over ten minutes later.

"Nothing. I met a couple of guys and of course the twin girls."

"Did you hear about Monica?"


"Monica. Everyone thinks she's pregnant."

How could I have heard about Monica? I lived somewhere else?

Ava zipped off on the new topic.

"Vikki and Nikki are twins," I said. It didn't seem to register to Ava. She was in her own little world.

Finally she shut up again and asked, "Do you like your new teachers?"


"Oh, I got to go!" she squealed.


"Talk to you later. I love you."

"I love you too."

We hung up. She certainly would talk to me later. I didn't get a chance to talk at all. She said she loved me but it felt like she didn't care.

Vikki and Nikki were waiting for me the next morning. There was no chance for a peaceful walk to school. We walked and talked.

"We want to see 'Romance on the River'," Vikki announced.

"What's that?" I asked.

"It's opening Friday," said Nikki.

Did they always look so happy? Did anything make them sad?

Let me test it.

"I'm not taking you out."

"We've already told our mom," said Nikki.

"She'll drive us to the mall," said Vikki.

"We're not dating," I said. Did they hear me? Did anyone listen to me?

"You said you'd take us out!" said Nikki, looking a little shook.

"You promised!" said Vikki.

"I..." They looked so sad. It was pitifully sad. I gave in. "I'll go out with you on Friday."

"Please don't joke like that again," said Nikki.

"Yeah," said Vikki.

They latched onto my arms.

After a few steps I said, "It's too hard to walk this way."

"Oh, okay," said Vikki.

"Is there some way..." started Nikki.

" ... that we can walk and touch you," Vikki joined in with Nikki.

They looked at each other. "Oh, yeah!"

"We can touch each other later," I said annoyed. Wait? Did I just say that?

"You be good!" the girls said together.

"I will," I promised. I'd stay as far away from them as possible.

School was okay. I was getting used to my new campus. It was a little smaller than my old school.

I tried to eat lunch with other guys but I was shooed away.

"We don't want the twins over here."

"There's no room for them," I replied.

"They'll force their way in."

I didn't push the issue. I walked away. This wasn't right. The girls were keeping me from making other friends.

I ate lunch with Vikki and Nikki again and no one else. Sigh!

We arrived at our homes.

"Be right back," they chirped, heading into their home.

THIS time I went inside before they returned.

The doorbell rang 15 minutes later and Mom escorted the twins in.

"Why didn't you wait?" Nikki complained.

I shrugged.

"That wasn't very nice, Alex," Mom butted in.

"I didn't say I'd wait for you," I said.

"You did yesterday," said Vikki.

"But you take so long."


"Yeah, sorry," said Nikki.

"It's alright," Mom said for some unknown reason. "You're here now."

"Get the blanket again!" said Vikki, bouncing giddily. "That was fun."

Mom displayed a bemused smile. Don't be fooled, Mom. These girls weren't as innocent as they appeared. In reality they were evil. They sucked the life out of any boy they set their sights on.

So in a few minutes I sat with a pretty girl on each side of me. It would be a nice fantasy if it were anyone but Vikki and Nikki. I mean they really were pretty. It was just too bad...

My thoughts stopped midstream. The twins were two of the prettier girls in all the school. Sitting with them should be a good thing. They said we were dating. It should be a thrill to date not only one but two girls who looked like Vikki and Nikki.

They were strange as any girls I ever met however. Besides I was dating Ava. She was probably wondering why I hadn't called yet. I could use that as an excuse to end my time with the twins but honestly I wasn't that excited to hear Ava prattle on about my old school. I wanted to talk about us and not other people. We didn't have much of an "us" living far away now but I still had hopes we would finally do it when we saw each other.

"You're so cuuuuuute!" said Vikki.

"Oh, yeah," concurred Nikki. "So cuuuuuute!"

"Thanks," I mumbled.

"So have you thought about what movie you're taking us too?" asked Vikki.


"Don't tell us!"

"Yeah, don't tell us!" said Nikki.

"We want to be surprised."

"Oh, yeah."

"We just want to know if you've thought about it."

"But you told me you wanted to see..." I said.

"Stop!" said Nikki.

"Don't tell us!" screeched Vikki.

I shut up. They told me they want to see 'River' something just this morning. How could there be a surprise?

"I've thought about it," I said.

"Yes!" said Vikki.

"You're the best!" said Nikki.

"Oh, yeah!"

Together they said, "And so cuuuuuute!" They looked at each other. "Oh, yeah!"

Yes, I HAD thought about it. How to get out of it. They were such pretty girls. Why did they have to be so annoying?

"We told our old school boyfriends that we don't think of them anymore," said Vikki.

"Some were in denial," said Nikki.

"Denial!" chirped Vikki.

"But they took it okay."

I think Jason said the girls dated lots of boys. At least from the girls' perspective. I doubt any boy was heartbroken that the twins no longer had eyes for him. I was the object of their warped affection and there was little chance of escape since we moved in next door to them. Ahhhhh!!!

We chatted. Yes, I talked too. They did most of the talking. They were girls after all but they asked about me and I told them about myself.

The twins lived in their house all of their 17, nearly 18 years. They mentioned their birthday was next week several times. The girls were best of friends, no duh, and didn't have any other close friends, super no duh. I learned a lot about them. I immediately forgot a lot about them. They'd expect me to remember, I just knew it, but it wasn't happening. If I could do a brain wipe I would.

Just before 5:00 the girls said they had to leave. At last! It was two long hours with two girls who thought I was dating them both. There were better ways to spend my afternoon. Like using a potato peeler on my skin!

My cellphone showed Ava called three times. I called her back.

"Where you been?" she demanded. No "Hello" or "I missed you" or even "Thanks for calling back". It was just Ava being bitchy. Females!

"Having a picnic with Vikki and Nikki."

"That's nice," she said. Was she even listening to me? "Guess what happened?" Ava sounded super-excited.

This was ridiculous. I didn't want to ONLY talk about her. What about me? The thing was I realized she was always this way. Even Vikki and Nikki let me talk but not Ava. She was too self-absorbed. I had ignored how she was because I was so focused on getting between her legs. There was no chance of that now. I needed to end this relationship.

"Ava..." I began, trying to think how I could gently say what I needed to say.

"Mike asked me out!" she blurted.


"Yes! We're going out tonight!"

"You what?"

"I've wait so long but he's always been with Bailey."

What? I was just a temporary boyfriend until someone better came along? She was an asshole!

"It happened right before..."

"Goodbye, Ava."

" ... third period. I was..."

"Goodbye, Ava!" I said louder.

"What? Do you have to go? I want..."

"Don't call me again."

I hung up without giving her a chance to respond. I didn't want to hear it.

It was the right thing to do but I still felt sad ... and lonelier.

"Good morning," I greeted the twins. There was some truth in that. After understanding how Ava didn't really care that much about me, I was kind of glad that Vikki and Nikki liked me despite their obsessiveness.

"You seem happy," said Vikki.

"You're smiling," said Nikki.

"I guess I am."

"I can't wait until tomorrow!" Vikki crowed.

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow!" Nikki bounced. I couldn't help watching her tits jiggle up and down.

We headed to school and while walking along I paused and they got a few steps ahead of me before stopping.

"What are you doing?" Nikki asked.

"Oh, nothing," I said, catching up. We continued.

What I really did was check out their butts and I liked what I saw. I felt a tingle in my cock. Was I really feeling ATTRACTED to them? I mean it was Vikki and Nikki! The two most obnoxious girls on the face of the earth - probably. Did I get brainwashed overnight? Was I that desperate to have a girlfriend? They were pretty however. That was unmistakable.

It couldn't be but I think I was looking forward to tomorrow's movie date now! I must be going mad!

When we arrived at school I said, "I can't wait until lunch so we can be together again."

Truly and honestly I said that. There was no ventriloquist using my mouth or puppeteer from above. I, Alex, said that with my own will and volition. "Volition" was the Word of the Day on the kitchen calendar. Those things could be useful after all.

"Good news!" Mom said. "I got a call. I'm starting my new job on Monday."

"That's awesome!"

Once Dad got the new job and we knew we were moving, Mom started applying for jobs out here. She had gone to a couple of interviews earlier this week.

It was cool to see Mom so happy.

"Vikki and Nikki are coming over again," I said.

"It's nice that you made friends so quickly."

I nodded. It would be nice to have some guy friends, not in a sexual way, but just buddies I could hang out with and talk sports and girls. I was significantly more interested in the twins now so I was glad to be ... dating? Was that the right term? They said we were dating. I wasn't sure if I wanted to call it that. I mean the girls were still giant flakes ... but I was interested in them now. I guess I could acceptably call it dating.

Whoa! I just felt a head rush. I wasn't just dating one of them. I was dating both of them! I think. They seemed to think I was going out with them both. Yes, it was true. I was dating two beautiful girls at the same time and they were okay with it. They wanted it that way. Wow!

I had the blanket laid out in the backyard before the twins came over. I sat in the middle as usual. They talked and I kind of listened. My mind was elsewhere.

My left hand wandered close to Vikki's right hand. I paused to decide if I should proceed then took her hand in mine. She looked at me in surprise.

"What are you doing?" Vikki asked.

"Holding your hand," I answered.


"We're dating. That's what a boyfriend does with his girlfriend."

I turned my head to Nikki and took her left hand in my right.

Two pairs of attractive feminine eyes stared at me.

"This is nice," I said. "Tell me more about..." I purposely dropped my words because I wasn't paying attention to what they were talking about earlier.

The girls started back up in talking. It felt very good just holding their hands. My cock hardened. Not fully but it pressed against my underwear and pants. Yes, this was nice.

I rubbed my thumbs softly on the back of their hands. I needed this. I needed to touch soft, feminine skin.

"You're so beautiful," I said.

Vikki stopped mid-sentence.

Both girls said, "Thank you." They smiled.

Nikki said, "This feels like you're a real boyfriend."

"It sure does," agreed Vikki.

"I thought you had lots of boyfriends before," I cautiously teased.

"But they..." Nikki said. I think she lost her thought.

"It's never been like this before," said Vikki.


"Like what?" I carefully probed. I wanted to know more without scaring them.

"It's just..." said Nikki and stopped again to think.

"You seem to... ," Vikki tried. "I don't know."

Together they said, "Like us."

"I do. So beautiful, so sexy."

Vikki blushed before my eyes. I looked at Nikki and she turned the same shade.

"Don't talk that way," said Vikki.

"What's wrong with that?" I asked. I didn't understand.

"You know."

I shook my head.

Nikki said in hushed tones, "That we're sexy."

I matched her quiet voice. "Why not?"

"It just feels ... weird."

"Right," added Vikki.

"I'm not going to date someone I don't think is sexy. You are sexy." They were very sexy. They just had personalities that blotted out the ability to see it.

"But don't say it," said Vikki.

"Right," said Nikki. "Don't talk that way."

"It's wrong for me not to say it."

"It is?" the girls said together.

"Oh, yeah," I replied and recognized it sounded similar to how the twins said "Oh, yeah!".

"Sure. A good boyfriend tells his girlfriend..."

"Girlfriends," they corrected.

"Girlfriends," I said, "that she's sexy."

Vikki looked behind to make sure no one else was around. "I guess it would be okay."

I nodded and looked at Nikki.

"Yeah, I guess so too," Nikki said.

I took a dramatic sigh. "That's a relief. For a second there I thought I would have to take someone else out to the movies."

"Noooo!" said Nikki. "Take us!"

"You can't take anyone else," said Vikki. "We're dating."

"I only date girls I think our sexy."

"Then we're sexy," Vikki said with a desperate look at Nikki.

"Oh, yeah," Nikki agreed.

I didn't quite understand why we had this conversation but it went very well. I smiled and relaxed. My relationship with the girls might progress all the way to being extremely interesting.

"Good," I said. "So we're going out tomorrow."

"Oh my god!" said Nikki, speaking each word distinctly and pulling her hand away. "We're going out tomorrow!"

"We need to go shopping!" said Vikki, like she came to the same realization.


"We have to go," said Vikki, excitedly. She stood.

"We need to tell Mom to take us shopping," said Nikki.

"This isn't going to be anything fancy," I said. This was going to be a fairly cheap date. "I'm not dressing up."

"We still need new clothes," said Nikki.

"Of course," said Vikki.

"No ... stay," I said. I wanted to hold their hands for longer.

"Bye!" they said together.

They bustled out of there.

This was so weird. What was I doing going out with these two?

I stood and had to adjust my cock. Oh, right. That was why.

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