Tremors Before the Quake
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Anal Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A slow process of my wife and I discovering the downunder of human sexuality. A couple very slowly and over a long period of time seduce my lovely wife, bringing me along, captive to the fantasy of it all

My name is Andrew or 'Andy'. I am 42 years old now. I can't say exactly how old I was during the events of this story because I am not sure when it all began. I'm guessing it expands a ten year period before I became intensely aware of the situation. I am quite certain that I was the last one in a large group of people to recognize what was happening.

In retrospect, I always considered my wife, Lucinda, or 'Lucy', who is ten years younger than me, to be naïve and innocent to a fault where matters of a sexual nature came into play. I considered myself to be worldly and knowledgeable. I now wonder about the truth where she is concerned and marvel at how totally dense I was during the process.

We had been married for ten years with two daughters ages 3 and 7. They, the other couple, Anthony and Sue, were a little older and had been married a bit longer. They had two boys, ages 14 and 16.

Sue, the other wife, had known my Lucy in grade school. The friendship had taken a back seat to both of them going sway to school and then going other places with their respective hubbys etc. They had reconnected when we returned to our birthplace on a job transfer. The church that we attended was also attended by Sue and her husband.

I was introduced to Anthony and the four of us became almost inseparable. It was the two women who staged this combining of the two families socially. I realize now that I was immediately intimidated by Tony. He was bigger physically. I am 5' 8" and he is well over six feet. He was far more successful. His homes, his cars, his wardrobe, the total lifestyle of his family, buried mine when it came to material wealth. He was far more confident. I was not really that comfortable around him but I also enjoyed the fruits of our relationship. I swallowed my pride so to speak to enjoy the benefits.

Tony had a cabin in the mountains. Tony had a big lake boat. The relationship between the two couples was my ticket to cheap vacations every summer!

With us, as I suppose it is with any adult group, sex soon comes into play. Even in the most prudish gathering there is always that friendly question or prod or joke or suggestion that is at least marginally connected to sex.

There was certainly no overt sexual commentary or action between us. There was no use of four letter words. We were very respectful of each other I will say though, in my opinion, Tony had a cache of dirty jokes far beyond the normal.

He chose not to tell them when there was just the four of us. He was the life of the party when there was a large group. You could usually find Tony surrounded by the guys and an occasional female as he told his latest dirty joke.

My wife would hear the jokes sometimes and generally completely miss the point or the punch line. I would relate jokes to her and she would get this quizzical look on her face and look for the reality in an imaginary situation. She was not fun to tell jokes to. That is what I mean about her naivety. It's not like she didn't know what sex was. After all she had bore two children.

Anyway as time passed and the four of us became more and more comfortable with each other, well let's say the three of them did so anyway, things began to change. I missed so many subtle hints that I now, retrospect, find very revealing.

Lucy began to spend more and more time at their house. Although both men worked Anthony was in a position to take off when he wanted to quite frequently so it ended up being the three of them doing things during the day or even sometimes at night and on the weekend when I was struggling to keep a new business working.

One thing Lucy liked to do was spend money and she was even accommodated in that respect by her friend Sue. Sue would want to go places and Lucy would say no because she could not afford it. It could have been the entry fee to a fun park or the cost of transportation to whatever. Sue would not hesitate to foot the bill and even provide food and drink for everyone.

I began to feel like a fifth wheel in a foursome. I was jealous of the fact that they could actually show my wife a better time than I could. I was jealous of the fact that the three of them were out having fun when I was there with my nose to the grind stone. I finally commented about it to Lucy only to be told by her that I was being very unfair not to encourage her to enjoy herself when she could. She ended the thought, by saying, "and at no cost to you." That hurt.

Then there were the incidents. I probably don't have them in chronological order but close. The four of us went out to dinner and drinks one night. We drink a bit more than usual. We took an alternate route home that night with Anthony driving and came to an xxx video booth store. I knew what they were. I have been in a dozen of them while I was in the service. Lucy had no idea. Sue claimed innocence but somehow I felt she was lying. Anyway it was suggested, by Sue I believe, that we go in for a laugh. The four of us crowded into a booth and somehow Lucy ended up sitting on Anthony's lap with Sue half standing, half kneeling on the bench in between me and them. Of course it was Anthony who came up with the quarters and the selection. It was a terrible quality series of scenes of sexual intercourse ending with an up close view of a penis and balls from the rear view slamming into a vagina. At first I could not figure out what we were looking at. I said" what the hell is that?" Lucy was quiet. Anthony laughed and said,"well if you never checked it out from this angle you might have difficulty figuring out what it is." He laughed. Sue pointed at the screen. That is his balls! I was amazed and entertained at the same time that she used that phrase. I had never heard such explicit sexual words from her before.

Anthony whispered in Lucy's ear but loud enough for everyone to hear. "You know what those things are Lucy?" I looked around Sue for the first time at my wife sitting on Anthony's knee. The first think I was I the dim light was Anthony's hand on her thigh. She was fully dressed in a skirt but the sight of his big hand on her thigh sent a shiver thru me. I stared at it for a few seconds. I was waiting for it to move. It did. There was a slight twitch of the finger tips but definitely a soft massaging touch on my wife's inner thigh. I felt anger, confusion and mostly sexual arousal. I was even more confused at the realization that I was sexually aroused by seeing another man' hand on my wife's thigh.

I tore my eyes from the sliding fingers and moved up to their faces. Anthony was looking down at my wife sitting on his lap. He was smiling. She was looking up and smiling also. I felt as if they had a secret just between the two of them. I had forgotten his question until she answered. "I sure do."

"Looks like fun to me." It was Sue talking. "Look at the size of that thing. Oh my God!" "Hey wait a minute." It was Anthony talking. "He ain't any bigger than I am!" Sue replied with a phony consoling tone of her voice and a grin. "Ok baby, that's right. You got all it takes." "So you don't think so?" Anthony was challenging Sue's comment in its sincerity. It happened quickly, Anthony took Lucy's hand that was resting on his leg bracing herself and moved it quickly over the bulge in his pants. He pressed down, holding her hand there I was leaning over mesmerized. "Tell her Lucy. That's a big one ain't it?"

Of course Lucy was mortified. She jerked her hand back laughing. She hit Anthony's shoulder in a friendly way. "Anthony!" She exclaimed. "You are a bad boy. You better stop." "You better stop shouting he replied with a grin on his face. "What do you think the folks outside think is going on in here?" He chuckled. Lucy was mortified. "There is nothing going on in here." She shouted it out. We all laughed.

Sue chimed in. "Well what do you think? Is the one up here, she pointed to the large penis still plunging in and out of the swollen vaginal lips, the biggest or not?" It was if everyone in the room was seriously concerned about the size of Anthony's cock. There was a moment of silence and Lucy answered. Laughing, giggling, covering her eyes with her hand she muttered. "Anthony's may be bigger." "I win1" Anthony shouted." I was shell shocked at the direction and depth the conversation had taken. I was a bit jealous that no one had chosen to discuss the size of my peter.

I peeked round Sue again at my wife and Anthony. In the little struggle they had and the ensuing moments, Lucy's dress had climbed half way up her thigh and Anthony now had his hand on her bare skin. His fingers were still exploring in little tiny circles. I felt a definite stiffening of my own cock. The film ended and as Anthony had to shift position to get more coins out of his pocket it broke the spell. We all decided that we had had enough of xxx videos and called it a night. WE picked up our car and said our goodnights. I had a hard-on all the way home. We undressed for bed and as soon as we were settled in I spooned her and whispered in her ear. "Did you really feel Anthony's penis?" I felt her stiffen. "Of course not, well not voluntarily. He put my hand on it. I couldn't help it." "Was it really bigger than the one in the movie?" "I'll really rather not talk about it." She whispered the words. I pulled her hand around behind her and placed it on m own hardened member. "Is it a lot bigger than mine?" "It's not the size that matters." She whispered again. I had to chuckle at that statement. I was grateful that she left her hand on my cock and had begun to give it little squeezes.

After a moment of measured silence she spoke again. "Actually I already knew about Anthony's plumbing." That was a term that Sue had often applied to her description of sex organs. "What the hell do you mean?" I whispered anxiously. Sue told me about him. She told me about how big he was and about how he loves sex and how she never turns him down but she gets tired of it sometimes. So if she gets tired of it I guess it's no big deal after all.

"You and Sue discussed the size of Anthony's cock!" "Yes." "What else have you discussed? Have you discussed our sex life?" "Not really." "What do you mean "not really." "Well we talk about a lot of things. I told her how difficult it is for me to feel you sometimes since the babies." I felt anger. "Well did Mrs. Smart ass have a solution for the problem?" there was silence then a weak whispered, "yes." "Yes! You say? "So what the hell was her solution?" Lucy uncurled herself from me. She eased out of the bed. "Where are you going?" "I'll be back in a second." I stared into the darkened room watching my wife's progress across the room. She stopped at her dresser, opened a drawer and removed something. She returned slowly across the room to the side of the bed. "Promise you won't get mad?" "Mad about what." I hated it when she did that. She would make me promise not to get mad about something that inevitably I found impossible not to get mad about!

She unfurled her arm from under her other arm and revealed what she was holding. I recognized the shape immediately but still did not believe my eyes. It was a dildo of seemingly immense proportions!

I lay there staring She put a knee on the bed and proceeded to roll back under the covers. She was holding the dildo above the covers like a wand. "Let me see that." I took the object form her hands. I felt it's' smoothness. I felt the diameter. She lay there quietly watching me. "You sue this?" I asked. "No, not yet." She replied. "It's smooth." I announced that fact as if I had made a life changing discovery. "Ok course." "Well I thought they were rough so you could feel them better." "No, not that one." It's better than a rough one." My mind raced. "Who picked it out and where the hell did you find it?" Sue picked it out and we went to an adult store in the city. I was angry that that woman had shared such intimate experiences with my wife. I had fantasized about dildos and doing her with one to her liking and how we would go about finding the right one. My mind had traveled the whole gambit but not once had I ever discussed it with her and now she had gone thru the whole experience with her friend; a friend that seemed to be intruding into my very personal life and my marriage more and more every day.

I reviewed the conversation of the last few minutes and suddenly realized what my wife had said. "You said the smooth one was better than a rough one." How do you know that?" I was sitting up beside my wife who was now lying down. I had taken the dildo from her and was holding it, moving my fingers up and down familiarizing myself with every inch of it. Imagining that it was a big cock. Wondering what it felt like to her.

When I asked the question there was, again, a rather long period of silence. "We tried a rough one out. I mean we sort of tested it." "How." My question was quick and demanding of an answer. "We bought one. Sue has it. I tried it. She helped me try it." Dead silence. I forgot all about respect. "I leaned down and spoke to her in a rattled voice. "Sue fucked you with the rough dildo." Again a long silence. I repeated myself. "You let Sue fuck you with the rough dildo?" She finally answered. "It wasn't like that she is my friend. She was just helping me. "Did you fuck her with it?" A pause, "yes." I wanted to be sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing. "You took turns fucking each other with the rough dildo?" "I don't want to talk about it anymore.

I sat in silence for a very long time. Lucy had rolled over on her side and was also silent. I was a basket case of emotions. My wife had just confessed to fucking and being fucked with a dildo by another woman. Did she not realize that that was a full blown lesbian act!? What the fuck!

I realized that I was holding the dildo. I knew in an instant what I wanted to do. I eased out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. I opened the cabinet and took out the KY. I returned to the bed and sat up carefully coating the head of the dildo with the lubricant.

When I thought it was ready I slid the covers from the beautiful hips of my wife. I tugged gently at her shoulder until she rolled back over on to her back. I passed up the usual petting process. I touched her pussy lips with my finger tips and massaged them. She jerked at the touch and then relaxed. I didn't waste any time. I tugged on her panties, pulling them down to her knees and then off. I did it with one hand while I held the dildo like a banner in the air. I didn't want anything to lessen the amount of lubricant I had spread on it. "What are you doing?" "Shussss. Relax." "NO." She reacted to my pressing her leg apart but she did not put them back together. I think she sensed that I wanted sex, revenge, a fantasy fulfilled, who knows. I just knew I was going to fuck her wit that dildo.

I got between her legs so she could not close them. I felt for her cunt, spreading her lips and massaging her clit. She lay quietly, not responding. I didn't care if she was ready or not. I used two fingers to spread her entrance and pressed the end of the dildo against her flesh. She grunted when the cold surface touched the heat of her body. She made a long ahhh sound when I pushed it in the first two or three inches. Her body resisted it immediately. I didn't see how she was going to take enough of it for me to really fuck her with it. I kept pressing. She kept moaning and shifting. I grabbed for the KY and squeezed more onto the surface of the dildo and her flesh surrounding it. It began to sink in. She threw her head back and moaned loudly as the dildo found its' way several inches into her body, spreading her cunt lips and causing her to spread her legs wide.

I had enough of the thing in her. I created a rhythm of pushing and pulling as I worked her tunnel with the instrument. She was now struggling to match the thrusting. I knew it felt good to her. I felt her juices flowing down over my fingertips gripping the dildo. I began to her the sloshing/sucking sound of a swollen wet pussy getting filled.

She began to buck against the instrument. I grabbed myself with my other hand and began to masturbate to the same rhythm I was sucking her with the dildo. I imagined it was me entering her body.

She exploded. She made weedling sounds ending in a muffled scream with her arm across her mouth I felt my own jizim flowing up and out and I sprayed all over the bed sheets.

She was done. I was done. I dropped the dildo over the side of the bed and lay next to my wife. I held her tenderly in my arms and smelled her fragrance. There was a mix of the scent of her bath and the juices of her beautiful body. For a brief moment I thought, "maybe I own Sue an apology."

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