A Train Ride to - Love
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam and Sarah first meet on a train journey, the attraction is instant and mutual, but Sam thinks that Sarah is too young and inexperienced, and so is determined to keep her at arm’s length. Sarah KNOWS that Sam is the guy for her, so can she convince him that she's the girl for him?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   White Couple  

(A meeting on a train)


"That train wasn't supposed to leave for another ten minutes"

"I think sir; that you'll find that was the 'five to train' which is running a bit late and I'm afraid that the 'ten past train' is also running a bit late so you might as well sit down and make yourself comfortable."

"Oh well if that's the case I think I'll go and get myself a coffee and a sandwich."

The female voice behind him caused Sam to spin around in surprise to find himself staring down into the face of one of the prettiest young women that he'd ever seen!

She grinned at him cheerfully before turning her back on him and walking away with the girl she had been talking to.

Sam looked back at the rail employee who was waiting patiently for the string of complaints that he had been listening to all day.

"How late?"

The man glanced at his watch. "About twenty minutes now sir"

He ran he fingers through his dark hair before turning abruptly and striding after the two girls.

When he reached the cafe they had entered, he could not see any sign of them and the queue seemed very long. He was beginning to feel like the world was against him. Those girls had been seconds ahead of him and yet they seemed to have missed this line of people. He joined the queue, helped himself to pre-packed sandwiches, and at the till requested a coffee to take away. Just as he was receiving his change, a voice over the loudspeaker could be heard.

"The ten past three to Derbyshire is now in the station, please could all passengers make their way to platform six immediately."

Sam grabbed his very late lunch and strode over to the train. He climbed aboard and entered the first carriage he came to.

The girl was sitting there munching away on her own sandwiches with a drink sitting on the small table by the window. He made his way over and taking the seat opposite her, he put his own cup on the table.

Opening his sandwiches, he took a huge bite and sighed contentedly.

"No dinner either?" the girl asked cheerfully between gulps of food.


The sounds of the doors being slammed shut could be heard; and then a few moments later the train lurched into motion. Food all gone the girl picked up her cup and took a grateful sip of her coffee.

Sam began to feel annoyed by this girl, and the fact that he could not seem stop watching her.

She glanced up to find him frowning at her and she blushed uncomfortably.

"I'm sorry have I done something to offend you?" she asked bravely.

He gave another irritable sigh. "No just thinking of the bad day that I've just had."

"Ah!" soft and sympathetic, and full of understanding; and then she started to rummage around in her oversized bag.

She dug out an old moth eaten paperback and curling her feet up under her, she began to read.

Sam glanced down at the floor to see her discarded shoes, they looked tiny almost childlike, if they had not been so ridiculously high; pale blue stilettos that matched the knee length flowing summer dress she wore. She wore her blond hair scooped up with a clip so that it was difficult to tell how long it was. He wondered if it was natural or from a bottle and began to imagine ways of finding out. His body responded accordingly and he shifted uncomfortably.

He moved the brief case he had with him onto his lap, and opened it up so that the girl was now out of sight. He picked out the papers he had bought with him to read on this train and slammed the lid down on his case.

She was staring at him! The colour rose once more into her cheeks as he raised his eyebrows mockingly.

"Is there a problem?" he asked.

She swallowed and the colour faded.

"Sorry I was miles away and didn't mean to stare."

"Penny for them?"

She laughed and her blue eyes flashed merrily. Sam felt his breath catch; she really was lovely!

"Even with change they're so not worth it!" she responded cheerfully.

She bent her head over her book once more and seemed to lose herself in it.

Sam was not fooled - not for a minute, she was as much aware of him as he was of her.

He put his head back against the headrest and watched her. Sure enough, the colour began to enter her cheeks again.

She glanced up at him and raised her brow questioningly.

"Sorry I was miles away and didn't mean to stare," he lied

She grunted softly the only sigh of her disbelieve, and returned her attention to her book.

He continued to watch her. She resolutely ignored him.

Finally she threw her book down, looked across at him, and stuck her hand out.

"Hello there my name is Sarah Chester it's so nice to meet you."

He leaned forward and placed his hand in hers.

"Sam, it's nice to meet you too."

Her hand was soft and small and very feminine and another bolt of awareness shot through him.

Her eyes flashed briefly and Sam realised she was responding to the contact of him.

He released her hand and moved his case and papers to the seat next to him.

"So Sarah, do you come here often?"

She laughed. "Every Friday at the same time, without fail ... You?"

"No ... Only when it's unavoidable ... I prefer to drive myself given the choice but that was impossible today."

"Oh? Why was that?"

"My car was rear ended this morning and it's in the garage now, there was no time to organise a hire car."

"Ah!" Again soft and sympathetic and another bolt of electricity shot through him.

This was ridiculous! He'd only just met this female, she was little more than a girl, and – ok a very pretty girl but, a girl none the less he'd swear she was no more than sixteen, and here he was having lurid thoughts about her.

"How old are you?" he asked abruptly.

She sat back and frowned slightly

"Twenty four ... why?"

"You look about fourteen!" he growled accusingly

She was silent for a moment and then she tipped her head back and laughed.

Sam was riveted. He could not take his eyes off her as she chuckled away to herself.

Finally, she managed to regain her composure and look into his offended face.

"I'm sorry," she finally managed breathlessly, "but I can't help the way I look. If it offends you so much then do us both a favour and look somewhere else."

She leaned forward provocatively. "But just for the record I am over twenty one and I am young free and single..." She leaned a little closer. "What about you?" she challenged.

He leaned away out of the reach of temptation.

"Way WAY over twenty one..." he responded. "And not young free and single."

She leaned back and sighed. "Pity!"

She picked up her book and hid behind it and Sam realised that she was embarrassed; by her boldness, and his rejection.

He wanted to take back what he had said, to tell her that he had lied; in a moment of cruelty and well, panic actually!

He sighed and picked up his papers again. It was probably for the best, he really was not in the market for another relationship at this moment in time; and he had a feeling that Sarah for all her bravado was a romance and marriage, and happy ever after kind of girl.

He began to read, and all thoughts of the girl opposite him melted away.

Sarah stayed hidden behind her book for the next hour. She squirmed in humiliation at the fool she had made of herself. It was so out of character for her to be so forward with a man – a stranger at that, but there had been something about the way that Sam had looked at her that did strange things to her deep down inside. He had not acted like a man who was involved. He did not wear a wedding ring, but it had been more than that, that had made her think that he was not only available, but interested as well.

The carriage door was suddenly pulled open and Sarah almost hit the roof.

"Refreshments anyone?"

Sam looked up and then dug his hand into his pocket.

"Coffee please." he looked across at Sarah. "What about you Sarah can I get you anything?"

"Same please." she nodded her head and the tea person poured two cups of coffee and handed them over.

"Anything else?"

Sam looked at her with his brow raised questioningly.

She shook her head. "Nothing for me, thank you."

He handed the woman a five-pound note and she gave him the change she had already been sorting out.

"Thanks very much," she said cheerfully and pulled the carriage door closed.

Sarah sat gazing at the passing scenery as she sipped at her coffee.

She could feel Sam's eyes on her again but refused to acknowledge it in any way.

She finished the coffee and putting her empty cup on the table she settled back with her book again. She made herself comfortable and having re read the same paragraph half a dozen times; she finally managed to take it in and soon lost herself in the novel.

It was a book, which she had probably read a hundred times already, but she could always find something new or forgotten in it and it never failed to draw her in.

Before she knew it, the train began to slow down and glancing out of the window, she saw the familiar landscape of home. She shoved her book back into her bag and leaned forward to push her feet back into her shoes. She refused to make eye contact with the brooding male sitting opposite her.

"Don't sulk Sarah, it's very childish you know."

She looked up her eyes flashing and the colour fanning her cheeks again.

She would not respond. She would not let him get to her, again!

He grinned at her knowingly and she wanted to throw something at him.

She stood up held out her hand again and spoke politely. "It was nice to have met you, and thank you very much for the coffee."

Sam stood too and towering over her, he took her hand. "It was nice to have met you too Sarah..." he began just as the train lurched to a halt.

Sarah staggered forward straight into Sam's arms.


"Oh indeed!" growled Sam in frustration and defeat; his head came down and his mouth claimed hers.

Sarah had been kissed before, but never like this!

His lips moved roughly over hers, and as his tongue entered her mouth; she felt herself leaning into him and reaching up, her arms moving around his neck.

"Damn!" Sam pushed her away so suddenly and so forcefully, she fell back into her seat helplessly.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "I'm sorry Sarah that was a mistake!"

He grabbed his briefcase and yanked open the door.

"Goodbye Sarah – have a nice life!"

And just like that he was gone!

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