Station 18
Chapter 1

0800 Station 18 343 West 4th St.

I leave my office and walk to the rec room. "BEEP!, BEEP!, BEEP!" the alarm screams. "Engine 18, Medi 15, Heart case, 332 Compton road, 332 Compton road, cross street Magi Time out 0801." the dispatcher says over the radio. "Engine 18 10-4" I say into my radio as the Pierce Engine Screams as it leaves the station bay. "Captain, you and your crew head out to check the New Hydrants on 16th street up to Maple ave. there are 6 to check." I say to Captain Johnson. "Yes Chief. you making chili to night? he asks. "Yes I am. i will get to the store as soon as you leave. I say as Iturn around and walk to my Ford F650 Command Truck. "Dispatch Battalion 18 Mobile." I say into the radio. "Battalion 18 Roger." dispatch says back. I start the truck up and leave the bay turning onto 4th st I head east. "Beep, Beep, Truck 18, station 40, Man trapped on the Bridge. Lincon Bridge Cross street 5th. Time out 0815." Dispatch says. I hear the comformation calls as I turn left onto York Way.

0820 Foodway market 1900 york way.

I pull into the foodway market and park in the front. I put on my Turnout pants and boots. I walk into the store. "Hey Chief Burfoot what is up?" A youthful voice cries out. I turn and see my neighbors son "Well Jimmy how do you like your first job?" I ask him. "It is fun and I am learning alot. sir." he says. "Ok Jimmy have a nice day." I say as I load up a cart with stuff to make my firehouse Chilli.

After I pay for the food as I am walking out the door my Radio Bleeps. "Beep, Beep, Station 20, Station 13, Truck 80, Battalion 18, Explotion at the factory, Micky's Candy factory 11243 Market. 11243 Market, cross street 8th Time out 0923." the dispatcher says. "Damn hey can you deliver this food to station 18 for me?" I ask the clerk. "of coarse sir." she replies. "Battalion 18 Roger." i say into the radion as I put on my turnout coat and get into the truck. I flip on the code 3 lights and fly out of the parking lot. I arrive on the sceen 3 mins after station 13 arrives. I pull in behind engine 13 and exit the truck. "Truck 80 come to the front and set up a water tower opperation, engine 20 lay duals from the hydrant at 11238 market to truck 80 and supply his water tower operation, Engine 22 hit the south side wall. Medi 13 standby for victims, Dispatch this is Battalion 18 we have heavy fire at this location request a second assignment." I say into the radio. i than set up the Command Center. I hear on the radio of other compannies being dispatched. Station 1, engine 40, 43, medi 40, 23, battalion 14 Respond to a second alarm Micky's candy factory, 11243 Market, 11243 market cross street 8th time out 0930." the dispature says. I turn and look at the factory and say a silent prayer that we could get the fire contained.

1000 Candy Factory Fire 11243 Market

I hear scirens and look up to see my troops rolling up. "Truck 1 start SAR, engine 1 protect them, Medi 40 and 23 standby for victims. engines 40 and 43 relive engine 13, and hit the structure." i say into the radio. the crews fight the fire and find 12 people many with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and all suffering from Smoke Inhealation. I find that a hour has passed and the fire is comming under control. "Dispatch this is battalion 18 Fire under control all units out over a hour." I say as I turn the scene over to battalion 14. I put everything away on my truck and get into the truck. My arms start shaking from the adrenaline rush i have been feeling the whole time. I pull out and start heading back to the station. What a way to start the day. I think to myself not to mention the paperwork.

Station 18 343 W. 4th ST. 1300hrs

I back my Truck into it's bay and exit the truck. I grab my turout gear and bring it to my office. Luckley I have a second pair in my office. I exchange them than take a shower. I look at my self in the mirror in the Shower room "uggh I need to loose a little weight around my belly. and cut down my burger intake." I say to my self. I hear a beaping sound and Assume one of the Apperatuses are back, I put on a fresh uniform. than make my way to the kitchen to make my FireHouse Chili.

"Smells good Chief." one of the firefighters say as the chili cooks. "Secret Family Recipie Gibons." I reply. I lowered the tempeture to low and went to my office to complete the after action report about that fire earlier today. "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!" the alarm screams "STATION 18, MEDI 40, Traffic Accident with injuries, 854 Hope Dr, 854 Hope Dr, Cross street Marble, time out 1355." the dispatcher says over the radio. "STation 18 10-4!" I say into the mic. I return to the kitchen and turn off the stove. I rush over to my truck. "Dispatch Battalion 18 responding to Traffic Accident with Station 18." I say. As the FOrd Screams out the bay and down the street. "Battalion 18 10-4." the Dispatcher says. I turn left 4 blocks down and arrive at the scene. I grab my turnout gear and put it on. I watch as my men move to extracate 3 persons from a car that was fit only for the scrap pile. I turned my head and saw a 18 weeler on it's side with fuel running out of it and engine 18 spraying water on it. I keep a watch on the men they know I am there but keep doing what they where trained for.

I get into my truck after the last victim is pulled from the car. 'Dispatch, Battalion 18, 10-8 to HQ." I say. "10-4 Battalion 18." the dispatcher replies. I turn around and leave the scene heading to the main HQ building. I really need more Medi's here." I say to myself as I drive to the main Fire Department HQ building.

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