Mixed Emotions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, Cuckold,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I made some mistakes but wanted to do the right thing. Now I'm all mixed up.

In the last few days my life has been turned upside down. My emotions are boiling over. I'm just not sure what to do next.

I'm Jeff Holder and one confused young man, only being twenty-two years old. I come from a very good and happy family. I have one sister Susan, who is three years older than me, and I believe happily married with a son of her own.

I need to go back a little and tell you about my upbringing. I had always lived in the same house since I was born. I remember my sister would pick on me but that was just sibling rivalry. We now get along great.

Next door lived the Cooks. There was Mr. and Mrs. Cook and their daughter, my best friend ever, Charly. Her name was Charlene but she liked to be called Charly. She was what my parents would have called a tomboy.

We went to the same school but she was a year behind me. Ever since the first grade we walked to school together. We were pals and told each other everything. I used to get mad when people called her my girlfriend, because she wasn't; she was my pal and best friend.

We talked like all kids do about different things. One day we talked about kissing. I remember I was eleven at the time and not really into girls yet. We decide to kiss and we had our eyes open and touched lips.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked.

"I didn't really feel anything. I don't get why people think it's so great," replied Charly.

"It was like kissing my sister, ew," I said.

It was funny because we would swim together, play ball and even wrestle when we were young. When we became teenagers we still walked to and from school together like brother and sister. We studied most evenings together.

At other times we rode our bikes and went to the movies. We would even camp out in the back yard. The only thing we didn't do when we got older was have sleepovers. When we were younger we did, but we made tents on the floor. Our parents thought we were too old for that now.

I belonged to a few organizations at school, and even played baseball and soccer. I was just a regular kid and knew I didn't have a future in sports. Charly joined the band and played the saxophone. She could play a few of the other wind instruments also. She was great in girls softball, she could kick ass.

So we didn't see each other as much during high school. One of us always had a game or a practice. I asked her if she wanted to go to the junior prom but her mother told her she was too young so I took another girl.

My senior year I didn't go, when Charly told me Mike Hagan asked her and she said yes. I was going to ask her but never got around to it. She did tell me she had a nice time until Mike tried to kiss her and she had to set him straight. She didn't tell me what she did but it made me smile.

I graduated and started working at a parts manufacturing plant. One day when I came home I saw Charly sitting on her porch with a good-looking girl. I walked over and she introduced me.

"Jeff, this is Candy, my cousin. Before you ask, it is her real name. She recently moved here from Arizona. Her dad, my uncle, is in the military. Candy, this is my pal or best bud, Jeff."

I told her I was pleased to meet her, and asked what she did for a living. I found out she was twenty-one; I was nineteen at the time. She told me she worked in an insurance office as a secretary. I have to say she was a good- looking woman.

I don't think Charly liked the way I was looking at her. Surely she wasn't jealous. The three of us talked for a while on the porch and I decided to ask Candy out Saturday night to a movie. I was surprised when she agreed to go.

"As long as Charly doesn't mind. I don't want to take away her boyfriend," replied Candy.

"Why would I mind?" said Charly. "Jeff and I are just good friends. Isn't that right Jeff?" she said as she stared at me.

I could tell by her tone that she was a bit mad but tried to hide it. "Yeah, we're just good friends. Besides, there is a football game Saturday and Charly is in the band."

I got Candy's address and phone number and told her I'd see her Saturday. I went home and had dinner with Mom and Dad. I mentioned Candy and they asked me what Charly thought.

"She didn't say much of anything. Besides, she has to play at the game Saturday."

On Saturday I went and picked up Candy and met her parents. They seemed nice enough but didn't say a lot. Candy and I headed to the movies. I was surprised she wore a skirt and blouse. Charly always wore jeans when we went to the movies.

We talked a little about our jobs on the way to the movie. We got some popcorn and Candy wanted to sit way off to the side. I just followed her.

During the movie she put her hand on mine and moved it over on her thigh. Up till now I had felt up a couple of girls and even got a blowjob from a date. I never told Charly about it. Didn't seem like the right thing to do even though she was my best bud. I knew if she let a guy touch her I wouldn't want to know.

Candy was different. She was older, twenty-one, and must have dated for a while. She had told me she went to college for two years and got her degree in Secretarial Science.

During the movie I moved my hand up her skirt. She just watched the movie like she didn't know what I was dong. I slid my hand up under her skirt until I reached her panty-covered pussy. Damn, I was nervous. I had never been that far with a girl before.

She spread her legs and continued watching the movie. It was awkward but I got my hand inside of her panties through the leg hole. I felt her bush and a very wet pussy. I got a finger into her and was finger fucking her. I felt her juices flowing. Her hand came over in my lap and touched my cock through my trousers. I used my free hand, unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

Thank God, no one was around us. She grabbed my cock and began jacking me off while still watching the movie. I now had two fingers pumping in her. This went on for about ten minutes when I came. I shot my load all over the back of the seat in front of me.

It was then that she finally looked at me and smiled. I had pushed my fingers hard into her. She made some noises but I don't know if she had come. I pulled my fingers out of her and smelled my fingers. It was the first time I had my fingers in a pussy.

I handed her some napkins, that we had gotten from the popcorn stand, to wipe my cum off of her hand. I took a couple and wiped off the seat in front of me. I put my cock away, and Candy and I watched the rest of the movie.

After the movie we parked and were making out. She let me feel her all over. She had some nice tits and I was about to put my hand on her thigh when she stopped me.

"Do you have any protection?" she asked.

I never carried condoms. I bought them once to masturbate in to see how it felt but since I never had sex I never bought them again. I told her I didn't and she told me she wouldn't do it without them. She did let me touch her some more and said to me, "Maybe next time."

I knew I wanted to start dating her. I asked her out again the following weekend. I would make sure I kept plenty of condoms in my car. I couldn't stop thinking about her. I can't say I loved her but I knew I felt different.

I saw Charly a couple of days later. "Jeff, we need to talk."

"What is it?" I asked.

"You have to watch out for Candy. She's pretty wild and I don't want to see you get hurt. She told me what you did at the movies and asked me if I ever did it with you. I told her no, we were just good friends and not to play with your feelings. I mentioned to her that I didn't think you've had sex yet; have you?"

"What? You talked about what we did? How could you? Now I look like an idiot, thanks a lot."

"Jeff, I care for you; you're my best friend and I don't want to see you get hurt. I wish I never introduced you to Candy." She then turned around and went home.

I thought 'Women, I just don't get them. My best friend is mad at me and her cousin probably knows I've never fucked a woman before. Great! I guess I'll have to see how it goes on Saturday.'

I picked up Candy and she had on slacks and a blouse. I do have to admit that she looked nice but I hoped to put my hand on her bare thigh again. We went out for dinner and talked. I asked her, "How come I've never met you before, since I lived my whole life next door to Charly?"

"My dad is in the service and was stationed all over the place. Charly and her parents visited us a few times throughout the years. We visited here twice but I don't know why I never met you. Charly probably wanted to keep you to herself."

"It's not like that between me and Charly. Really, Charly and I are just good friends. Why did you tell her about what happened at the movies?"

"She asked me what we did and I told her. I think she got mad at me. I'm going to make her even madder tonight."

"Why would you do that? What are you planning to do?"

"I have the key to the apartment of my girlfriend at work. She said we could use her apartment for a few hours. Do you want to have sex with me or go to a movie?" She was laughing now.

We headed for the apartment. It wasn't the nicest apartment but all I knew is I was going to get laid. We started out by kissing; she was a good kisser. I began to unbutton her blouse. I could see her white bra underneath. I slid her blouse off of her shoulders and pulled her tight to me.

I unclasped her bra and saw her firm breasts. I couldn't help touching them. "Kiss them," she said to me. I did as I was told. I was sure glad I'd read a few porno stories. I wanted to do this right.

I remembered they said to always be gentle. Don't grab or squeeze a woman's breasts until your partner is ready. She put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her breasts.

Damn, this was good. Now I wanted more. While sucking her nipples I undid her belt and the buttons on her pants. I opened them and pulled them down her legs. She was now standing there in her panties, sexy ones too.

She told me to get undressed, which I stood up and did. I was near naked in five seconds with only my jockeys on. She reached over and squeezed my cock. "Damn! I'm going to love this," she said.

We got on the bed and she removed her panties. She asked me if I ever ate a pussy. After I said no, she told me it was about time I did and to get between her legs. Her bush was trimmed and I put my face into it. I could smell her sex. It wasn't long before I was eating her out. My tongue was buried deep in her, and her hips were gyrating and pushing against my face.

I tongued and licked her pussy with my face pressed hard against her. I couldn't wait much longer. I slid off my jockeys and put my cock against her pussy opening. She held me back, because I'd forgotten the condom. I quickly took one out and put it on.

She smiled as I entered her. "Fuck me, shove that cock in me."

I felt her come and it wasn't long before I came right behind her. God, I had my first taste of pussy; it was great. We lay there for a while and kissed. I also played with her nipples. It wasn't long before I was hard again. I changed condoms and we went at it again.

I had both of her legs held up high as I pounded her pussy. We fucked for quite awhile before I came. It must have been a massive load; it felt like it went on for minutes. I could feel her pussy squeezing my cock. I knew she was coming. I knew my cock was getting soft but I held it in her for her to finish.

When I finally pulled out my cock the condom wasn't on it. I looked down and was surprised. "What's the matter Jeff?"

"The condom came off," I replied.

"Oh shit! You have to get it out," said Candy. "I can't get pregnant."

I reached in her very wet pussy with two fingers and finally touched the condom. I squeezed it between my two fingers and pulled it out. The only problem was it got turned around and the open end came out last. I didn't say anything to Candy except that I got it out.

"Candy," I said, "is there any chance you could take birth control pills? I'll use condoms for a while but the pills might be safer. I'll even pay for them."

"Ok, I guess I'll make a doctor's appointment and see what she says. Until then you have to use the condoms."

We dated regularly. The sex was great but we didn't seem to be as compatible as I was with Charly. Don't get me wrong here, I liked Candy but she was just different from Charly.

I still talked to Charly but she was really pissed when she found out Candy and I had sex. "How could you do that to me, go have sex with my cousin? I told you she's bad news but no, you wouldn't listen. I thought we were best friends."

"You still are my best friend. It's just that I'm a guy and wanted to get laid. Candy seems like a nice person and I thought you'd be happy for me."

"Men are so dumb. No, I'm not happy for you. In fact I'm on the verge of hating you for what you did to our friendship. I don't know if I ever want to talk to you again." She got up and stormed home again.

What the hell did I do wrong? I'll never understand women. I kept dating Candy and she kept putting off getting the birth control pills. I was still using condoms but hadn't had any come off lately.

Charly would say hi to me and not much else. I found out she was going to her prom and didn't ask me. I went over and knocked on her door. "Charly, I thought you wanted me to take you to your senior prom. What happened?"

"You and my slut cousin is what happened. Do you really think I'd go to my prom with you while you're fucking my cousin? How stupid could you be?"

She shut the door on me. I liked Candy and the sex was good, but I missed seeing Charly. Shit, my life was all mixed up and then it got worse. I got a call from Candy; she said she needed to see me. I went over to her house that evening.

"What's the problem that couldn't wait till Saturday?" I asked.

"I went to the doctor to see if I could get birth control pills and the doctor told me I was already pregnant; just under three months. My periods are always mixed up so I didn't think much about it. What are we going to do?"

I was in shock. I did use condoms and it did fall off the one time but what was I supposed to do now? I was in lust with Candy but not in love. We were just sex partners, I thought.

We sat and talked about the options. Abortion was one but I really didn't like the idea and it would be hard to cover up and also kind of expensive. Candy was worried about her reputation and her job.

We came to the conclusion that we would get married. I knew that it was the right thing to do. I remember reading in a story where it said, "You want to play, you've got to pay."

I cared enough for Candy and believed I could love her. We told her parents that we were getting married. They tried to talk us out of it till they found out she was pregnant. They were really pissed, but happy that I was doing the right thing in marrying their daughter.

I told Mom and Dad that night and they were really pissed at me. I know I really let them down but it was too late now. The hardest person to tell was Charly. She already knew when I went to tell her.

"You're an asshole, Jeff. You're making a big mistake marrying Candy. You would be better off not marrying her and just supporting the baby. Jeff, I know it's too late now but I want you to know I've always cared for you. When the time comes, and it will come, I will be there for you."

I wasn't sure what she was talking about but she started crying, gave me a hug and closed the door.

Candy wanted to get married right away, before she began to show, so we had a small private wedding the following weekend. Just our parents and my sister were there. Charly didn't even show up, which made me feel bad. We found a small apartment that we could afford. It wasn't much but at least we had a place to live.

Our parents and other relatives gave us enough household items to begin housekeeping. Life was so different. I'd come home at night and wait for Candy. She always got off later than I did. I would usually start some kind of simple meal for us for dinner. After that it was watching TV or visiting one of our parents.

As she got bigger she got more irritable. I just took it all in stride. I did go to Charly's graduation. I was proud of her. Candy got mad at me for going. I had asked her if she wanted to go and she said she didn't so I went myself. I don't understand women.

I hugged Charly and I told her I was sorry for whatever I did to hurt her and gave her another hug. She asked me about Candy and that was about it. I felt like I just lost my best friend when she walked away.

I was busy working and getting all the overtime I could to help pay our expenses. Thank God, Candy had insurance to cover the delivery of the baby or should I say babies. Yes, we were having twins. I couldn't believe it, two kids and I just turned twenty. I was lucky to have a good paying job, which would put the kids on my insurance at birth.

Life was going by fast now. I spent most all my time working and putting away money. In our apartment we had two bedrooms. We set up one for the babies. People at work gave us all kind of things we could use. Mom threw a baby shower and everyone knew we were having twins.

During the final couple of months, sex became damn near non-existent. She did jack me off twice. Yippee!

I was both nervous and tired. This was all too new to me, being a husband and soon to be a father of twins. One day Candy went to her parents. I chose to stay home. I was never the most welcome person at their house. I guess they felt Candy could have done a lot better than me but I was trying.

I was sitting there putting some baby furniture together when there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened it and there stood Charly. She had a baby gift in her hand.

I was so glad to see her. I gave her a hug and she felt so good. She told me she was sorry she didn't make the baby shower and thought she would bring over the gift. I invited her in and she asked me where Candy was.

I told her she went to see her parents and I was putting together furniture. She smiled at me and we started putting the furniture together. Damn! I missed her.

She told me she was going to college for two years for nursing and had already started. I remember telling her she would make a good nurse and could nurse me anytime. It almost felt like old times till Candy came it.

"What the hell are you doing here? I told you to stay away from my husband. You had your chance and blew it. Now get out of my house and stay away from my husband!"

What the hell just happened? The two of them argued and I tried to stop it but Candy told me to stay out of it. What did she mean Charly had her chance? What was going on? Good thing Candy was pregnant because I know Charly was capable of knocking her out. I finally told them both to shut the fuck up.

"Candy, I don't know what the hell is going on but Charly is and always will be my friend. She stopped by to drop off a gift for our future kids. There isn't anything going on between me and Charly. There never has been."

"Look," said Charly. "I'm sorry for all the misunderstanding. I wish you two the best. I better go now." She had tears in her eyes as she walked out the door.

"Candy, what the hell was that all about? Charly's your cousin and we've always been best friends. You had no right to treat her the way you did. I know you're pregnant and your hormones are all mixed up but Charly didn't deserve that shit you were spewing."

"You stupid ass! She loves you and always has. You were just too stupid to see it. You're my husband now and I don't want you being alone with her ever."

I was lost for words. I wasn't about to start up another argument with Candy. I just let it go for now. I did have to wonder if she knew something I didn't. Did Charly really like me that much?

As time went on we did our best to communicate. Candy had a few good days but most was her blaming me for her being pregnant. She was scared and so was I; we weren't ready for parenthood but here we were.

I got a call at work and it was Candy. She had to go to the hospital, the babies were coming. I left as soon as I could and met her there. I called her parents and mine; they arrived shortly after I got there.

Candy was cussing up a storm. Most of her words were aimed at me. "You son of a bitch, you better never touch me again."

"You can take that fucking dick of yours and stick it up your ass."

"God it hurts! I wish it was you pushing these babies out of your cock so you know what it feels like." She kept going on and on. Thank God our parents didn't hear her.

I was in the room for the delivery. She hardly said a nice word to me. I knew she was in pain but there was nothing I could do. I offered to hold her hand but she wanted no part of me. Finally she screamed out and I saw the head of one of the babies. It was a boy. It sure looked messed up. My stomach was becoming queasy.

The nurse looked at me and saw the look on my face. "Don't worry, they all look that way till we clean them up." She gave me a very welcomed smile.

It was a few minutes later that the second one arrived. It looked pretty much like the first one except she was a girl. Candy lay there looking like she just got out of a shower. Two nurses cleaned up the babies and another helped Candy clean up some. I stepped out and told our parents that they were now grandparents.

"You have a grandson and a granddaughter. The doctor said they seemed in perfect health." I was happy the ordeal was over with.

We all waited in the waiting room till we got the ok to see Candy and the babies. She still wasn't talking to me. She wasn't saying much of anything to anyone.

They brought the babies in and of course everyone seemed really happy except Candy. I knew she went through a lot but I thought she would be more excited. The grandparents sure were.

We named them Larry and Sherry. They sure were cute babies even though they were mine. I was really happy; I was now a dad. A very proud one.

In the days that followed we took our babies home. Their room was all ready for them. Candy seemed a little better toward them now. I tried to be as helpful as possible. Candy didn't want to breast feed, so our babies were on formula. I promised to help as much as I could.

Candy had taken a two-month maternity leave. When I got home from work she would nag at me and tell me it was my turn to watch the babies, she had to do it all day. I really didn't mind because I really loved being a dad. I was even able to change diapers right from the start.

Each day I was excited to get home and play father to my twins. Candy did what most mothers do but she never had a fire in her belly toward the kids. I figured it was just her emotions were overwhelmed. I did my best to comfort her.

She joined an exercise club to help get her body back. Now I knew what the problem was. She was afraid she had lost her beautiful body. She went to exercise class for an hour each evening after I got home from work. In no time at all she looked great and I told her so.

It was two months before she would have sex with me. She did get on birth control. She didn't want any more kids. We needed a plan for after she went back to work. My mom suggested she could watch the kids while I worked. She was crazy about the twins.

Candy would drop them off in the morning before leaving for work and I would pick them up unless I had to work overtime. It worked out pretty good. Sometimes Mom would even have dinner ready and I would eat there. Candy hardly ever made dinner. I would take a plate of food home for her.

One day while I was at Mom's Charly stopped in. God, it was so good to see her. I gave her a hug and asked her if she wanted to see the twins.

"Jeff, I see the twins most everyday. I stop in after school and sometimes help your mom feed them. I'm not sure what word to use but they are adorable and precious." After Mom walked out of the room Charly said, "Too bad their mother is a fucking bitch. They deserve so much better."

"Charly, that's my wife you're talking about."

"I know, thank God they have a father as nice as you." She gave me a hug and went home.

Mom came back in the room but kept quiet about Charly. We talked about the kids before I took them home.

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