Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An eighteen year old highschool girl visits her neighbor and his visiting friends. They end up giving her what she came to them for.

It was a warm Saturday morning in late May, John, Ray, Kyle and myself were at my house kicking back soaking up some rays and some "Bud", around my pool. We are junior executives, in our mid to late twenties and work for the same large multi-national corporation who's corporate headquarters are here in Hartford Connecticut. Ray and I are in finance, Kyle is in the legal dept. and John is in marketing.

The occasion for the gathering was a house warming of sorts. I say of sorts, because I had grown up in this house, gone to college and returned only to eventually buy the house from my parents who decided retired to Boca Raton Florida.

My three friends had helped me move from my apartment in Manchester, CT, where I have lived for the past two years. My friends worked hard last weekend, so I was rewarding them for helping me haul my shit with free beer and a cool pool.

As we were talking, my neighbor's eighteen year old daughter poked her head over the five foot high wooden fence and called me over. At five foot two she had to stand on her tip toes to see over the fence.

"Billy, Could you come over here a minute please?"

Groaning, I got up and headed in her direction, I good naturally said, "Don't call me Billy."

Now don't get me wrong, Carol is a very attractive young blond, with a brand new diploma from high school. She is slightly rubenesque, mostly from genetics rather than being overweight, and she had creamy white skin to die for.

The guys ribbed me as I walked toward the fence.

"Go get her Billy boy."

"Ruff, ruff."

"Here Billy, Billy, Billy."

As I got close to the fence, I said, "Hey kid. How was your graduation creimony?"

"It was great. I would have in vited you if I had known you were around." she said with a smile.

"It was Last weekend, right?"

She nodded yes.

"I was moving last weekend so I could not have come even if you had invited me. So," I asked" What's up?"

"I heard you guys talking and I thought I would say hello."

She had on a white bikini that really looked good on her. I could tell she was fishing for an invitation to meet my friends, so I thought I would make her sweat a little.

"How's your brother Joey?"

"He's fine. He will graduate from the University of Florida next year. In fact he should be home for the summer in a couple of weeks."

"Tough life he has, you don't get that Florida sunshine up here in Hartford." I said grinning.

"Today's pretty warm," she said, trapping her tongue between her even white teeth.

I smiled, big hint, I thought. Their house used to have a pool, until her dad filled it in and made a rock garden out of it. That was after Joey left for Gainesville three years ago.

"Why don't you come over and cool of in the pool." I finally said, letting her off the hook.

"Well thanks neighbor, don't mind if I do." she said in a mock Texas drawl.

I walked over and opened the gate for her and she rolled in like a walking ball bearing factory. I could hear the murmuring of the guys behind me. Bubba, my parents four year old Rottweiler that they were unable to take to Florida, came bounding across the lawn to investigate.

Carol and Bubba were old friends. My parents used to hire her to look after Bubba whenever they went away. As soon as he recognized who it was he nearly knocked her down with his display of, 140 pound doggie affection. She didn't even have to bend down to pet him. She held his head firmly in her hands as she told him what a good boy he was. Bubba was sniffing her privates like all dogs do. Then she commanded him to "go" and the big Rottweiler slowly wandered back over to his spot under the red Maple. It almost looked as if he his feelings had been hurt by her dismissal.

Carol and I walked over to the guys and I introduced everyone. The guys stood up. She was standing next to John who is six foot six, two hundred and forty pounds of muscle rippling black man, who played defensive end for the Tide. He dwarfed her. Of course John dwarfed just about everybody. His shaved head glistened in the sun and he reminds me of a black Mr. Clean.

Kyle was just the opposite, a five foot seven, wiry, red headed Irishman, with green eyes that danced like a leprechaun. Ray, on the other hand was the Latin lover type. Raymond was his given name but we just called him Ray. Five foot ten, 160 pounds, with black bedroom eyes that the girls would get lost in. Of every one there, I was probably in the worst shape, at six foot 180 pounds, the four of us worked out twice a week, Kyle and John make it three days, usually on Saturday.

I popped Carol a beer and encouraged her to sit down. She accepted and slid her small frame into the lounge that I had been sitting in. So I went to my garage and pulled out an old beach lounger, the kind that just barley keeps your butt off the ground.

By the time I got back to the party, all were chatting like old friends, Carol was telling them about her high school and that she placed fourth in the state in gymnastics last November.

"That seems like it was such a long time ago," I heard her say, "although I have kept up most of my limbering exercises."

I sat my lounger across from Carol and when I sat down my eyes were parallel with the juncture of her legs and the narrow band of white cloth that covered what most men are interested in. Her suit was pulled up slightly into the folds of her sex and a few fuzzy blond hairs were peeking around the edges.

I was not the only one who had noticed. Ray, who was next to me was already adjusting his Speedo's and had placed a towel on his lap. I was thankful I had on my boxers. John and Kyle did not have our visual vantage point and were not aware of our discomfort, apparently neither was Carol, because if she was, she was playing it for all it was worth.

As she sat there, her right leg strait, the left, bent at the knee, which she rocked back and forth, making more and more of the thin white cloth disappear. Wiping my brow, I announced that I was going for a swim. I jumped up and did a can opener into the pool soaking every one.

Ray had pulled his towel over his head to block some of the water, exposing the tent he was making in his suit. Every one noticed that, even Carol, though she pretended not to, but a small smile played across her lips. Ray immediately joined me splashing water in my face and dunking me under.

Soon, the rest of my guests entered the cool clear water and joined the fray. Water was spraying like the golf course at Augusta. After a few moments of horse play we settled down and kind of leisurely floated around.

I noticed Kyle and Ray had maneuvered themselves so that Carol was between them in the shallow end. Kyle, being the boldest of the group, now had his hand in the small of her back, gently scratching her bare skin with his nails. A couple of times I noticed goose bumps on her arms. Another thing I noticed was that when her suit got wet, the top at least, became translucent and her nipples were clearly visible through the material.

I got out of the pool and handed everyone a fresh beer, then went inside to relive my bladder. The cold air from the AC gave me goose bumps as I navigated my way to the bathroom.

On the way back out I grabbed my video camera and starting shooting the gang. Everyone waved at the camera and Kyle kissed Carol on the cheek. Ray not to be out done planted a big wet one on her ruby lips. He must have stuck half his tongue down her throat because she came up breathing hard and smiling.

John hollered, "I want one of those, waded over and pecked her on the lips.

Looking disappointed she wound her arms around John's neck and kissed him deeply. Kyle jumped in and scored one for the Irish, while letting his hands wander over parts of her previously untouched body. She loved every minute of the attention. Then she pulled away from Kyle and did a back stroke to the deep end of the pool, proving that the bottom of her bikini was just as translucent as the top.

Ray got out of the pool, no longer bothering to cover his arousal, and motioned with his eyes, for me to follow him into the house. John came in right behind me. The three of us watched Kyle's hands wander over Carol's body, through the kitchen window.

Ray asked me, "how far will this girl go."

"I have no idea. Even though I have known her most of my life, I really don't know her well at all. Hell she is ten years younger than me. When I went off to college she was eight. I knew her and her brother as "the little kids next door". I baby sat for them maybe twice under emergency circumstances. Her brother Joey was a hand full, but Carol was the perfect kid. Even when I returned from Perdue I only lived here with my parents for a couple of months before I got my apartment in Manchester and since I moved in last weekend I have only had a couple of conversations with her."

John spoke, "She sure does seem to be enjoying herself."

"Well I know I'm going to try to end up with her tonight." Ray responded.

"Why not all of us?" I said.

Both of them looked at me surprised.

"That's not like you Billy boy," Ray said. "You're the shy one."

"You game?" I challenged.

He nodded and we looked at John.

"I want that girl more than I have ever wanted anything," the big man said. "But I don't want to hear any possibility of rape. She's got to be willing, understand?"

We all agreed

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