Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, BDSM, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Voyeurism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My girlfriend and I have an open relationship, but there are consequences for cheating without permission... (Note that parts of this story have a high 'yeuk' factor)

I had been well and truly busted. My girlfriend, Claire, had caught me in the stationery room trying to suck the tonsils out of the cute little red-haired temp she had hired for the week. Knowing my weakness for redheads, I wouldn't have put it past Claire, who was the office manager, to hire one deliberately just for that purpose. Claire herself was a redhead, a very pale ginger, almost a strawberry blonde, whereas the temp was a full-blown, in-your-face brilliant red.

Claire gave me a knowing smile, a wink, then closed the door behind her so quietly that the temp didn't even know we had been discovered. I continued snogging her face off for as long as she reciprocated. After all, I'm a gentleman and she was clearly enjoying it. It's not as though we were about to fuck or anything.

Claire and I have a complicated relationship. It's open, provided that we warn each other in advance. If we cheat by not informing each other, we get to punish the offender. I regret to say I've been caught out rather more often than Claire, or perhaps I'm too ready to confess my sins.

I'd marry Claire like a shot but she insists we keep a distance between us, including separate apartments. As I said it's complicated, but it seems to work and Claire and I have the most mind- blowing sex-life, always fresh and innovative.

I had needed help finding some legal forms and the temp had offered to help. She was struggling to reach a box on a high shelf and I sort of pressed against her while trying to help her. I was overcome by the delicious natural scent all redheads have, and when she turned to face me, her plump breasts cushioning nicely into my chest, it seemed the most natural thing in the world for me to lower my head and lock lips with her. What was I to do? I couldn't exactly ruin the moment by ringing Claire on my mobile and telling her I was about to snog the temp.

Claire let me suffer for half a week before putting me out of my misery.

"My place, tomorrow night, seven pm," she ordered, "and make sure you're completely clean shaven down below."

"Do you want me to clean my insides out?" I asked hopefully.

"That won't be necessary."

In a way I was disappointed. That meant I wouldn't be getting my favourite punishment, Claire raping my ass with her strap-on dildo. The dildo fixes securely over her clit so she gets stimulated while thrusting into me and it has a curved shape so it rubs my prostate. Claire cuffs my hands behind me and even without any penile stimulation I end up ejaculating while Claire has a nice little orgasm too.

Thursday evening I arrived at Claire's apartment, freshly shaven down below. I like to keep myself bald down there because it feels so sensuous but it's quite a lot of effort to shave and wax regularly and I often have some short stubble.

Claire let me in, shutting the door behind me. In the middle of the room was the frame of a wooden-slatted bed, one slat missing from the middle.

"Strip then lie face down on the frame so your cock and balls dangle through the gap."

Claire used a full set of restraint equipment on me, cuffing my hands behind my back, tying my torso securely to the frame with cords so I couldn't move, then stuffing a ball-gag into my mouth and blindfolding me. I was very uncomfortable on the hard wooden slats but perhaps that was deliberate.

When shuffling sounds came from underneath me I deduced that Claire was manoeuvring under the frame and my guess was proved correct when she used her hands to coat my cock and balls liberally with some sort of gunk. Shortly afterwards my cock and balls were threaded through the wide neck of some sort of jar. I imagined that in other circumstances a jealous wife might well be inserting her cheating partner's cock into a jar of acid, but I knew Claire would never do that to me. The jar was supported so it was pressing firmly against my groin, then Claire sealed the rim against me with masking tape.

"I'm going out. When I come back I'll bring dinner. Chinese okay?"

I managed to nod my head.

"Are you quite comfortable there?"

I wanted to tell Claire how hard the frame was and ask for a blanket to lie on, but the ball-gag prevented me from speaking.

"Good. See you later. Enjoy!"

Shortly afterwards the door slammed and I was left alone with my cock and balls coated in gunk and dangling into the unknown. My poor shrivelled cock felt about an inch long.

Long minute followed long minute and absolutely nothing happened except I tried to shift position occasionally so that different bits of me were pressed against the hard slats of bed frame. Suddenly something inside the jar touched my cock. Instinctively I tried to pull my cock away, but I was powerless to move. Whatever it was started crawling on my cock. Another joined it, then another and another until I thought I could feel at least half a dozen crawling on me.

Whatever they were, they seemed to be feeding on the gunk. It was the most revolting feeling I had ever experienced, and yet as the gunk was eaten away I started getting the sensation of miniature pieces of sandpaper massaging my cock, which unwillingly responded by growing hard, increasing the sensation.

When one of the creatures crawled onto my balls and started massaging them with its sandpaper, the feedback from my straining erection caused my groin to tighten, then suddenly I erupted, spurting ropes of cum into the depths of the jar. Normally when you cum there's some sort of constriction round your cock; a pussy, a mouth, a hand, a rectum. With no such constriction it felt as though torrents were gushing through my piss-tube, possibly most copious ejaculation of my life.

My torment wasn't over and my cock stayed hard. The creatures continued to massage my cock and balls. I could now count at least ten of the creatures, and as the gunk was eaten away I could feel that they were sliding rather than crawling. I made an educated guess at what they were and shuddered. Nevertheless, as the creatures continued to devour the gunk and massage my cock with their 'sandpaper', I felt my arousal growing again. When it came, my second ejaculation was just a few, weak spurts. I felt an irrational feeling of guilt and betrayal because I had never cum twice so quickly when I was making love with Claire.

My prostate felt tired at the double milking and so did my cock, and yet it stayed hard as the creatures continued to feed and massage it. After a while I felt one of the creatures on the very tip of my cock and I was suddenly petrified at the notion that it might try to invade my piss-hole. I found that by clenching and unclenching my PC muscle I could make my cock jerk, but I couldn't dislodge the creature.

Of its own accord the creature moved off, finding the underside of my cock, my most sensitive part. I could feel it 'sandpapering' along my frenulum. I felt my arousal start to grow rapidly; surely I couldn't ejaculate for a third time. Another creature manoeuvred round to join it so now I had two off them on the most sensitive part of my cock. I groaned into the ball-gag as I felt my tired groin start to tighten. Suddenly my cock was throbbing again, a couple of weak, almost painful spurts.

My cock was now aching and very tired yet still it wouldn't go soft. My prostate was aching too, having delivered three batches of man juice and still being asked for more. My torso was also hurting where my naked body was lying on the hard wooden slats.

I lay there praying for some respite from my discomfort and my turgid cock but none came. The deliciously terrible massaging continued and my aching cock tried to respond but my aching prostate was completely drained.

Despite my discomfort I must have drifted off to sleep because I awoke with a jerk when the door opened. My cock was still hard and desperate to cum but my aching prostate was still unable to deliver.

My nose detected the delicious smell of a Chinese takeaway so I knew it was Claire. I heard her go into the kitchen and switch on the oven so I guessed she was putting the food to keep warm.

Shortly after I heard shuffling sounds as Claire manoeuvred underneath the bed frame, then the masking tape securing the jar to my groin was mercilessly ripped off. It stung like crazy and I was glad I had previously removed all my pubic hair or it would have been much worse. The jar was pulled away from my cock and balls and all the creatures fell or were scraped off.

"And how did my little babies do?" sang Claire in a mocking tone. "Wow, what a lot of man juice! Still, better in you than some slutty temp."

At last Claire got around to releasing me, removing the cords binding me to the bed frame, the handcuffs, the blindfold, and the ball-gag.

"What was in the jar?" I asked as soon as I was able, unable to contain my curiosity any longer.

"Slugs," Claire replied, confirming what I had feared. "I got the idea off the internet. They're very clean and their slime is a mild antiseptic. You just have to starve them for a few days until they stop shitting. And they love yeast extract."

Gingerly I stood up. My thighs and torso had red stripes across where I had been lying on the slats. My liberated, aching cock had rapidly shrunk to miniscule proportions, its skin bright pink. I looked at my watch. Over two hours had passed, and my cock had been continuously hard for almost all that time.

Claire looked at my groin and smirked. "Looks like someone's going to have to use his tongue tonight."

Then Claire forced a serious look on her face. "Are we cool?"

That was something we always asked after a punishment, a check that we hadn't gone too far.

"I guess so."

"And are you going to cheat again?

"Mmmmm. I think I'd better plead the Fifth Amendment on that one."

The smirk came back onto Claire's face.

"Oh good, I've got something really special in mind for next time."

"Next time I'd appreciate a blanket to lie on," I retorted, pointing to the red stripes, which were slowly starting to fade.

"I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

Claire leaned forwards with her eyes shut and her lips pursed. How could I possibly resist? I met her halfway and we shared an innocent, chaste, closed-lips kiss.


"Good. Go and have a shower and I'll put plates out for the food. I was going to invite the temp round for dinner but I can see you're not up for a threesome."

Somehow my exhausted cock managed a twitch or two at that notion as I headed for the shower.

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