Beyond Shattered Dreams
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Exhibitionism, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I walked out on a bad marriage to start again and found love that i didn't know existed.

I felt fantastic as I walked through the busy resort, the gentle breeze coming in from the sea kept lifting the hem of my short dress, but knowing that I was naked beneath it only added to my pleasure.

At that time I was thirty eight years old and I'd just waked out on my abusive husband after eighteen years of marriage, I'd come down to Cornwall to spend the summer getting some sun on my back, on my first day here I'd landed a job in a local café and I loved it from the start.

The holiday makers were the main customers and I liked them all, but the young man I'd just spent the night with was exceptional, he'd been quiet and shy as well as perfectly well mannered and it had taken him two whole weeks to ask me out on a date, a holiday romance was the last thing on my mind but I agreed and he took me out for a meal, we had a lovely night and he was a perfect gentleman.

After walking me back to my little flat he asked if he could kiss me! And when I agreed, he touched his lips to mine and thanked me for being such a lovely companion.

After that we went out regularly together, he was great company but I was beginning to wonder why he never made any attempt to do anything else other than give me a peck on the lips when we parted.

"I wouldn't want you to think I was being disrespectful" he said, "And anyway, I'm not too experienced with girls whereas you've been married"

"Yes" I agreed, "But I'm not married any more and I think I'd very much like it if you were to be a little bit more um adventurous"

"What you mean, er make um, make, well you know?"

"Make love Mark" I finished for him, "Yes that's what I mean"

"Really?" he looked amazed,

"Yes really" I laughed, "It's what people do you know, well at least they do when they like each other"

"Oh wow"

"Look I tell you what, come round here tomorrow night at about half seven, I'll cook us both a nice juicy steak, we'll share a bottle of wine and we can see where we go from there"

"Thank you Maureen" he said and then took me into his arms and kissed me, this time our mouths opened and I flicked my tongue between his teeth, I heard him gasp and felt what seemed like a very promising lump in his jeans as I pressed myself into him.

"Oh yes, that was much better" I said as we drew apart, "That was what I call a kiss"

"That was lovely" he said shyly and on impulse I opened the door to my flat and ushered him in,

"Would you like a drink?" I asked, "Or would you prefer another kiss?"

By way of an answer he kissed me and pushed me back against the wall, I felt the light switch against my head and as it clicked off he drew me down to the floor,

I helped him find my zipper and then left him to it whilst I busied myself undressing him, he only wore tee shirt, jeans and pants while I just had on a dress over panties and within seconds we were both naked,

I felt his lips on my neck and I heard him whisper that he'd never done it before,

"You'll be perfect" I assured him as I pulled him on top of me and opened my legs,

He was too and took to it like a duck to water, I let out a long sigh as he entered me and unlike my husband's semi erect little thing, his cock felt as hard as iron, he began moving slowly, savouring the grip of my sex around him, I wrapped both legs round his waist and began to match him thrust for thrust while our mouths were locked together and our tongues duelled fiercely.

"You won't break me" I whispered, "Use me Mark, do what you want to me"

He reacted immediately by ramming me savagely whilst cupping my buttocks and I gasped as I felt a finger running over my tiny rear hole,

"Mmm yes" I moaned into his mouth, "I like that Mark"

The finger rubbed again and I felt it prodding me gently,

"Do it Mark" I hissed, "Push it in me"

He did and I squealed with pleasure at the twin assaults,

"Am I hurting you?" he asked concernedly,

"God no" I gasped, "You're wonderful Mark, fuck me darling, fuck me"

I think my language took him by surprise because I felt his cock stiffen and he growled,

"I've never heard you swear before"

"You've never fucked me before"

"God you're sexy"

"I'm going to come Mark"

"Yes" he grunted, "Shall I pull out?"

"No, oh fuck no"

"I'm coming, Maureen I'm coming"

"Yes" I hissed, "Yes shag me Mark, shoot it all up me, Mark, MARKKKKKK"

He stayed all night and fucked me twice more before we finally fell asleep wrapped around each other.

I spent the following day half asleep at the café, during my break I called him and cancelled our date for that night,

"Don't you want to see me again?" he sounded like a petulant kid,

"Of course I do Mark" I soothed him, "I want some more of what I had last night, in fact I want a lot more, but you wore me out, I need an early night"

"Grrr" he growled and sent a shiver down my spine, "I tell you what, tomorrow's Friday, you come round to my place and I'll do the cooking, yes?"

"OK" I laughed, "I'll supply the wine"


"I have to go now Mark, I'll see you tomorrow night about seven, ok?"

"Ok, bye"

I had my early night and slept like a log, the café was busy, very busy, but the hours flew by and at last I could get ready for my date, I soaked in a warm bath for half an hour before doing my hair and carefully applying some light make up.

I decided to make myself look like a seductress, so I chose a little black dress that was long enough to cover my stocking tops, a filmy black suspender belt and a little black g-string, my breasts were still firm enough not to need a bra, besides I liked the way my dress caressed my nipples!

It was exactly seven o'clock when I rang the door bell of his flat and heard the speaker crackle into life,

"If that's a stunningly beautiful woman, come in, if not clear off, I'm expecting a hot date tonight"

"Your hot date has arrived" I giggled and the door buzzed open, A short flight of stairs led up to where he stood at his open doorway holding a huge bouquet of flowers,

"For my lady" he smiled and handed them to me,

"They're beautiful" I smiled and curtsied with a laugh,

His flat was much bigger than mine with a huge lounge and a balcony overlooking the wide golden sands of the beach,

"This place is gorgeous Mark" I exclaimed truthfully, "It must cost a fortune to rent"

He looked embarrassed as he answered,

"My parents bought it for me for my eighteenth birthday"

"Nice" I said not knowing what else to say, but he volunteered the information anyway,

"They're a bit rich"

"They must be, it must have cost them an arm and a leg"

We walked through into a kitchen that was far bigger and better equipped than the one at the café and my nose twitched at the aroma of two large steaks gently frying on the hob,

"Oh wow" I laughed, "Not only good in bed but a good cook too"

"Do you really think I'm good in bed?"

"No, I KNOW you are"

He laughed and reddened but still managed a kiss,

"With a bit more practise you'll be great"

We enjoyed two glasses of wine out on the balcony whilst the steaks were cooking and he told me all about himself,

"I'm studying art at the university, but dad wants me to follow him into the diplomatic service"

"Will you?"

"Probably, although my paintings have started to sell pretty well, if I can keep myself by selling more, I'll just paint"

I'd noticed a painting of a nude on the wall of the lounge and I asked him if he'd done it,

"Yes" he smiled and his smile grew wider as I said it was good,

"Who's the lady?"

He reddened again and told me it was his sister.

"She had a bikini on though, I had to use my imagination for the rest"

"I'll pose for you if you want"

"Oh yes, but you'd have to be naked"

"Well yes I sort of expected that"

"Oh wow" he looked like the cat who got the cream,

"I'd pay you of course"

"In bed I hope"


"I'm hungry Mark"

"Oh bugger I forgot the steaks"

They were cooked perfectly, he served them in a beautiful, thick onion sauce with just a handful of chips and watched in amazement as I wolfed mine down hungrily.

"Beautiful" I smiled as I pushed the empty plate away, "You cook a mean steak"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, what shall we do now?"

I laughed at his innocence and saw the puzzlement on his face,

"Oh Mark, you really don't have much idea do you?"


"You're supposed to seduce me"

"Oh ok then"

"Shall we go for a stroll along the beach?"

"Yeah, let's go to the bar at the other end"

I found myself fancying another drink with this quiet and studious young man, in fact I fancied whatever it took to get him into bed again.

It was a lovely warm evening as we strolled along the beach hand in hand, he even kissed me twice without asking permission!

I think I surprised him in the pub by having a pint of lager, but the wine hadn't been very strong and I didn't want any inhibitions to get in the way when we finally went to his bed,

"I think you're a very beautiful lady" he said softly, "Thank you for dining with me tonight"

"The pleasure was all mine Mark" I smiled and moved closer to him so that my breast was pressing into his arm,

"But the night's still young"

"Yes" he whispered and laid a hand on my thigh,

"Do I detect a new found confidence?" I grinned and allowed my legs to part slightly, under cover of the table his hand slid higher up my thigh and he gasped as he felt the top of my stockings,

"Stockings" he almost shouted, "Oh God Mo, I love stockings"

"In that case" I suggested, "Perhaps you should take me to bed"

"I'll be better tonight, I've been on the internet"

"Hey, you were good the other night, very good"

"Yes but I read that girls like oral sex as well"

"Well this girl loves oral sex" I laughed and felt the wetness in my panties at his words, the last time my husband went down on me was just after our marriage and he'd never done it since!

By the time we reached his flat I was practically trembling with desire, I'm sure he sensed my arousal because as soon as he shut the door he took me into his arms and kissed me, I moaned into his mouth as I melted into him feeling his hands lifting the hem of my skirt, I helped him by shrugging off my dress, he stood back for a second to allow it to drop to the floor.

"Oh my God Mo" he breathed, "You're really gorgeous"

I felt myself blushing under his scrutiny and was powerless to resist as he pushed me gently back down to the couch, he kissed my nipples first teasing them into hard little nubs of desire, then he kissed my stomach while I caressed my own breasts.

His mouth moved down to my stomach and I felt his tongue licking at my belly button,

I let out a long, low moan as he kissed the fine, sheer nylon of my panties before pulling them off and touching his lips to my yearning flesh, I felt his tongue opening me like a flower and I thought I was going to die of pleasure when he licked at the wet inner flesh of my pussy,

"Mark" I moaned softly, "Get naked for me darling, please Mark I want you naked"

He stripped in what must have been a world record and I was pleased to see his cock standing almost upright,

"Do you know what a sixty nine is?"

"Of course" he laughed and lay down with his beautiful cock almost in my face, he went straight back to his task sending shivers of lust to my groin, as his mouth went to my pussy so his cock slid straight between my lips and I heard his groan of pleasure, I squeezed his balls gently and for the first time in my thirty eight years I enjoyed sucking on a man's penis.

It was hard to concentrate on it though, because his tongue was busily exploring my depths and sending massive shocks of pleasure to my brain, I felt his fingers opening me and his tongue swiped up the whole length of me from my clitoris to my anus, then he concentrated on the tiny area between my pussy and vagina where the nerves were close to the surface, the sensations were incredible but suddenly he tried to jerk away from me,

"Mo, Mo I'm cumming"

Quickly I grabbed his buttocks and held him,

"Maureen oh God no Mo, no"

He never stood a chance of escaping, his penis jerked and my mouth was filled with his cum, I loved it, I loved the taste of it and I loved the thought of what I was doing, all my attention was focused on this thing in my mouth, this beautiful penis that was honouring me, a mental picture of what we must have looked like flashed into my brain at the same time as he slipped a finger into my rectum,

I screamed and the most intense feeling I'd ever experienced claimed me, my legs tightened involuntary around his neck, every ounce of my being was concentrated on the finger inside me and his mouth on my sex.

The next thing I knew was waking up in his arms,

"I thought you'd died" he smiled,

"I should have done" I pressed myself into him, "That would have been the perfect way to die"

"I take it you enjoyed that then?"

"Oh God yes, only one thing can make it better"

"What's that?"

I ran a hand down between our bodies and took hold of his penis,

"Put this where it belongs"

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