Chapter 1

The day started normally as it always does is when the morning was shattered by the sounds of gunfire and screaming. Suddenly the sounds of various emergency sirens rang through the air this sending chills down the spines of people nearby. No one knew what caused this but within the next hour people will get more than they bargained for.

Captain Monroe walked in the command van and the noticed the tension as they tried to reach the people who had taken over the school. He picked up a headset and watched where the monitors showed the various entrances where his personnel were standing by for his orders to either enter or to pull away any escapees.

He turned to lead negotiator and asked if he has had any luck in reaching anybody inside.

"No luck yet sir and dispatching says there has been no cell phone calls out by any potential hostages yet."

"I don't have to that that bothers me more than else right? I mean at the very least we should have had at least a dozen calls from people inside."

"that's true Cap, everything we have tried just ends up being a dead end no access to security cams calls are not going through just getting that deadline ringtone, no responses to our trying to reach them with the bullhorn, nothing no visibility through the windows either so snipers cannot see in, absofreakinlutely nothing!"

"Has the robot arrived yet?"

"Should be onsite in 5 minutes ready to roll in 10"

Captain Monroe just let out a sigh and shook his head "Where are they holding the escapees at?" "Over at the football field just down the street, you want me to tell you what they had to say or d'ya want to get it straight from them?"

"Let me hear it from them, make it easier to form my own opinions, hold down the fort for me will ya?"

"You know I will Cap, I will let you know when we get a response from inside."

"Thanks, hopefully we will see this end with happy ending ... Happy for us at least" he chuckled at the smile that brought to the negotiators face "Amen to that boss"

15 minutes later he returned from the field shaking his head a look of confusion on his face as he processed what he had heard from the escapees,

approximately 10 minutes after the tardy bell had rung anywhere from 10-20 people had entered the school and proceeded to start shooting not at the students but pointed at the ceiling over their heads seeking to drive them outside and go out they did apparently running out the school doors expecting to be shot from behind, the most severe injury he had seen was twisted ankles as the students and a few staff members had run for safety, from what he could gather most of the gunmen had cleared the lower 2 floors but had herded everyone they could find on the 3rd toward an unknown area that they could control access to.

He walked around the barricades sidestepping the news vans managing to stay out of sight of the various reporters, Lord how he hated them always buzzing about drawing manpower away when it was needed most to secure the area all asking the same question different ways trying to get him to say something he didn't say.

As he rounded the corner he noticed there were some new people standing by his command van, he raised his Head and sighed and resigned himself to talking to them. "You know you're kind of early still right? Well we figured since we were in the area and since we've heard about your little problem here we thought we would see all we could do to help.

And I'd say that sound like a really good idea except for the fact that have not yet determined what exactly we are facing as of yet, not to say you can't stay here and observe but let us try to defuse the situation before you go all cowboy and call in your little team and blow everything up.

we will see Captain Monroe just so you know they are standing by 5 minutes out already loaded with flash bangs and those fancy tazer rifles of theirs they have been going over the building schematics for the past 15 yrs looking for loopholes in and out trying to figure out how to get in and put an end to this situation ASAP, you copy?

I got your...

suddenly everyone dropped to the ground as gunfire tore through the air everyone trying to look towards the direction the shots were coming from while trying to stay under cover, almost as soon as they started the shots ended everyone could see the breach/bomb robot was laying in pieces from the staggering amount of bullets that had just pierced its body, dropping a deathly quiet over the scene as an amplified yet obviously distorted voice rang out next time stay away next time you try to get in we will drop a hostage out the window head first after gutting them like a fish. Be prepared for our demands in 3 minutes when you call the mainline of this building! Just as suddenly all hell broke loose as officers rushed to push back reporters another block, and keep control of nearby residents.

CPT Monroe turned to the suits standing next to him but who had all their intention on the building looking as if they had just heard a ghost speak to them.

You know who that is? he asked as he started to drag them to the negotiators van, because if you do a little info would be nice!, they looked at each other and nodded after a second and told him everything they knew, telling him he was now only the 12th person to know just how serious the situation was

4 blocks away in a converted up armored bus that had previously belonged to a former Rock and roll band, the members of the Special Tactics Reconnaissance Infiltration Kinetic Response Squad or STRIKeR Squad 1 and 2 sat watching the situation unfold on their special flat touch screen from the hacked police and news feeds.

Damn I guess he didn't die in LA, next time Johnny you gotta double the Semtex and make sure you call in an airstrike from your buddy in the Marines preferably a Herc full of Napalm, which should do the job.

nah too much paperwork just call in Pepi and tell him we need that special satellite of his to do a special drop on the bastard, just a nice smoking crater, everyone laughed that nervous laugh as they tried to hide their concern over the latest development.

OK people we now know we are dealing with Serpico, aka Danny the snake aka Dragon of The West coast aka the fucker who got away, now we gotta change up the mission parameters, lose the light armor and break out the ceramics and the chem. masks you never know what surprises he has hidden and change your pants and boots to the reinforced and...

Ok chief we get the gist of it, this is now a level 1 situation, and we are now in command of the area right?

You got that right XO, next time let me finish will ya? I only get to do the speech every so often and it makes me happy!

Everyone laughed as they all were getting changed one of the guys leaned over and nudged his neighbor; you know what would make me happy Delgado? Delgado looked up with a long suffering smile on her face and sighed, let me take a wild guess Riggs, a beer, 2 packs of cowboy killers and the latest issue of your favorite skin mag? everyone laughed as she said this because she nailed what most of the guys had planned for later that night, nope you me and a wonderful late night cruise followed by you taking advantage of my while I look through that skin mag, he said laughing

Wouldn't happen Riggs, I gotta thing about guys looking at skin mags with their sisters on the cover and their mom in the room next door! She said this then winked as everyone else on the bus howled with laughter

hey that's was just the one time and she wasn't on the cover I didn't even know that she was in the mag last I knew she was at a community college, how was I supposed to know she had transferred to a party school and had turned into a girl at that last time I saw her she was a tomboy who everyone was a step below turning into a bulldyke!

Riggs next time just shut up while your ahead man and finish getting dressed. The squad leader said as he tapped their driver on the shoulder and said roll out and watch out for the civvies.

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