Little Lies
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Humor, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - One last special day before it all falls apart

My Jeep Cherokee hummed its way down the highway. Its complement of passengers all engaged in their own thoughts and pursuits. In the back, my two kids argued about which movie to watch on the rear entertainment screen. They knew.

Beside me, my wife of the past 20 years, fretted and sulked like a child. She didn't have a clue.

My wife, Joyce, is an average looking woman. She's no raving beauty, but she's also no troll. Her light brown hair curled gently around her face and set off her blue eyes well. Her legs, though a bit plump, had always been one of my favorite things about her. I preferred big legs on my women.

To keep things in proportion, God had seen fit to give her a relatively big butt too. Another thing I really appreciated though she'd tried for years to exercise it away.

She was smaller on top. Though I didn't prefer that, I didn't mind it either. Call me a sucker but I loved everything about Joyce. I'd been smitten by her from the first time I saw her 21 years ago.

Even though I was barely twenty at the time and she was only 22, I knew that she was the woman I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

I guess one out of two isn't terrible, but it's not great either. I did marry her, but this would be the last day we ever spent together. Like I said the kids knew, but Joyce didn't have a clue.

We were on our way to our favorite state park for a family picnic. A last day together before my son Brian left to begin his second year at college and my daughter headed for Europe as an exchange student for her junior year of high school. Only God knew what arrangements we'd make for where she'd stay next year.

I was supposedly leaving on business, first thing in the morning. But really I was just leaving.

In the back seat apparently the kids had selected a movie and quieted down as we got on the freeway for the nearly two hour drive to the park. Picnics in this park had always been Joyce's favorite thing to do. She loved getting us all together away from our busy household and just spending some time together in a more relaxed and natural setting.

In recent years I suspected that she loved the park even more because I wouldn't ever drive my prized Mustang to the park. First, because I didn't want to expose the low sitting car's under carriage to the dirt roads and possible rust and corrosion. And secondly, because the car's back seat was simply too small for either one of our kids to fit into.

Joyce had been jealous of the car since the day we bought it. At first she considered it to be my third child. Then she started complaining that it was more like my second wife. I often told her that I needed another wife because with all of her causes and charity events, she was rarely around.

I looked at her face across the front seat. She'd actually stopped fretting and seemed to be more relaxed as we left the city limits. I reached for the stereo knob and turned on the radio. A Fleetwood Mac song was playing. I couldn't tell at first which song it was, but I recognized the signature rhythm section at once. Mick Fleetwood's frenetic all inclusive drumming style locked to John Mcvie's rock solid bottom end bass.

Many years ago, I'd played guitar in a few heavy metal bands. Before taking up the guitar, I'd been forced to play classical piano by my parents. They felt that I needed the discipline and structure in my life.

Music became an important part of my life that would carry me through the years. Even now I couldn't begin to take the first step of my daily run without my iPod. The music I listened to often influenced both my mood and the decisions I made on mundane matters. But music also seemed to sometimes reflect things that I was feeling. In this case, the song was almost prophetic.

The song "Little Lies," though not one of my favorites was eerily appropriate.

Joyce reached to adjust the station just as Christine Mcvie began to sing.

"If I could turn the page in time then I'd rearrange just a day or two," she sang.

"No, leave it on," I told Joyce.

"Close my, close my, close my eyes," sang Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham as back up singers.

"But I couldn't find a way. So I'll settle for one day to believe in you," sang Christine again echoing exactly our situation.

"Tell me, tell me, tell me lies" Oozed through the speakers so richly that they may as well have been sitting in the Jeep singing to us. In the rear view mirror, my daughter's eyes locked on mine. I could tell the significance and meaning of the song wasn't lost on her. As she turned back to her movie and Joyce looked out the window at the scenery, I thought about what the words of the song meant to me; to us.

I had always loved Joyce with all of my heart. She'd never been a raving beauty, even when we first met. I'd been attracted to her personality and upbeat attitude as much as anything else. Our shared experiences had brought us so close I'd thought that there was literally no one else on earth I'd ever considered being with.

All the way up until 2 weeks ago when I discovered that Joyce was cheating on me.

As Christine sang about rearranging a day or two I totally agreed with her. If I could turn that same page in time, the two days I'd change would have been the day Joyce met Matt Blake and maybe the first time she'd fucked him. But like in the song, I couldn't find a way, so I'm giving Joyce, one day. One last day with the family she claims to love. One more day with the husband she's betraying.

I'm giving her one idyllic last picture of perfection. A fun family picnic in her favorite place, before circumstances destroy everything we've built together over twenty fucking years and I move on with my life.

She reaches over and takes my hand as I drive. "I love you Bill," she says smiling. "I guess some times I lose track of that, but never doubt it for an instant."

Behind us my daughter snorts derisively. I'm not sure if it's a reaction to something in the movie she's watching, or to her mother's words. I find myself thinking, "Holy shit, talk about sweet little lies."

"I guess it's because you guys are always so busy with school and work and other activities. I get stuck at home and it seems like I don't have a life. That's why my groups and charities are so important to me," said Joyce.

"Jeezus Mother, why didn't you just get a dog?" asked my daughter from the back.

I didn't even think about it. I was running my mind over how Stevie Nicks' voice could still send chills up my spine after all of this time. Stevie was still hot too, and she had to be at least 50.

"You understand, don't you Bill?" asked Joyce. "Sometimes you see a situation and you realize that you just can't sit by and watch. You have to do something to end it."

"Oh he understands that, way more than you think he does," said my daughter Jessica.

"No arguing today, Jess," I said. "No unhappiness, no feuds. Let's just all spend today together as a family and let all of the unhappiness not touch it. Tomorrow we'll all be off to other things."

Joyce nodded and smiled. My eyes locked with Jessica's in the mirror and she bit her lip and said, "Okay."

Joyce squeezed my hand again and laid her head on my shoulder. She reached up to kiss me and at that instant I turned my head to read a sign we'd just passed. It was very smoothly done and I don't think that Joyce realized that I'd purposefully avoided her kiss. A series of tee-hees and giggles from the back seat let me know that my daughter hadn't missed it though.

I had to work on my acting skill. For the remainder of the day I had to pretend to be the dutiful, loving husband I'd always been. If I couldn't pull it off, my last gift to Joyce would be ruined.

As we ate away at the distance I found myself wondering why she did it. Had she just fallen out of love with me, or had she just never felt the way about me that I'd felt about her? Maybe it was like she said, we all had things to do that occupied our time, and she didn't.

But that was her decision. She was the one who'd decided that the rat race wasn't for her. She wanted to be a housewife and stay at home mom. Joyce had picked the home we bought, the cars we drove and the schools the kids attended. She was the one who decided when we went on vacation and where we went.

Everything we did had her stamp on it. If she'd ever been unhappy or bored, she could have said something. I wondered also what Matt Blake had to offer that was worth more to her than our marriage? Was it that he was younger? You really couldn't tell that he was younger than us though, with his receding hairline. And shit he was thirty five, I was forty, he wasn't that much younger.

I wasn't an Olympic caliber athlete but I'd kept myself in pretty good shape. Matt was kind of doughy. So maybe it wasn't an appearance kind of thing. Maybe like in those online divorce stories, Matt has a foot long dick that's four inches in diameter. He probably fucks her until she can't walk and leaves her begging for more. I smiled thinking about that, because I knew that wasn't true. I'd seen them together and still couldn't figure it out.

I was just lucky that after I suspected her and got the confirmation from the investigators that I had gotten a DNA test done. My kids actually are MY kids, though most people could tell that by looking at them.

Brian is totally me when I was his age. He's already met the girl he thinks he'll grow old with. Maggie Chu is a very petite Asian woman he met at school. I wonder if he trusts her as much as he did before we all sat down and talked about his mother. Brian isn't as good of an actor as Jessica and I are. He loves his mother very much but he's really upset with her. For the present he can't bring himself to even talk to her.

Jessica on the other hand is so pissed at her mom that she is dying to have it out with her. Jess is my biggest worry today. Though she's promised not to do anything to give it away, I have my doubts that she'll make it through the entire picnic without starting a shit-storm.

The scary thing is that Jess doesn't leave until after I do, tomorrow. I have a feeling that things will be interesting after I leave. Jess has no respect left for her mother. She's already told me that when she comes home from Paris next spring she wants to stay with me. I've let her know that she's always welcome, but she'll only be seventeen, so more than likely the judge will make that decision during the divorce.

Divorce, even the word hurts. It's funny how seven letters arranged in a particular order can bring your whole world tumbling down and make you hurt more deeply and longer than any physical blow.

As we drive into the park, I stop at a booth and pay the entry fee. "Maybe we should get one of those license plates that would give us access to the park without paying," says Joyce.

"With the kids away I didn't think we'd come here very much," I answer.

"This is one of our favorite places," says Joyce. "We'll come here whenever we can just as we always have."

"Just the two of us?" I said skeptically.

"Of course," she smiles. "Can't think of anyone I'd rather come here with."

Even as the words drip from her lying lips, I can hear Stevie Nicks' beautiful deep sexy voice singing, "Tell me lie-i-ies."

A few minutes later we were all engaged in unloading food, blankets and other things we'd need during the day.

"Jess, don't put the blanket too close to the grill," I yelled.

"Okay dadeee," she answered cheerfully. "I only had it that close for mom. She said she was cold."

"No Honey, I didn't," said Joyce. "You must be remembering another time that we were here."

By this time Jessica was near me and only I heard what she said.

"More like I was getting you used to the weather in hell, you whore," said Jessica under her breath. I turned and looked at her. For the first time I began to see what this breakup was doing to my kids. I knew that I'd been devastated, but the kids were suffering too.

Brian had Maggie to talk to about it and lean on emotionally. On the other hand Joyce's actions had also put a strain on their relationship too. He'd begun to trust her less and he'd also become much more suspicious of her goings and comings as well.

Then there was Jess. My little angel was obviously suffering from some anger issues. I was going to have to get together with her program director and arrange for her to see a therapist, and also stay in much closer contact with her myself. Also as soon as possible, I'd have to move out of the apartment I was planning to rent and into a house.

"Dad, are you ready to go over to the lake and see which one of us can throw a rock the farthest?" asked Brian. It was a family tradition. He used to win every year until he turned sixteen and I stopped letting him. For the past few years he'd inched ever closer to equaling my throws. Who knows maybe this would be the year he actually beat me. God knows that my heart wasn't in it.

"Later Champ," I said. "Let's get the grill lit and some food on first." He smiled and nodded. Then he pulled out his ever present phone and tried to call Maggie.

"Dad, there's no service here," he spat angrily.

I just laughed.

"Brian, race you to the lake," yelled Jessica as she took off before her brother even realized that they were racing.

That just left me to the moment I'd been dreading since the day began. Joyce had laid down a blanket on the grass and gestured for me to come over to her and sit down.

"I have to start the grill Honey," I said. "But save me a spot close to you. I've been looking forward to that all day," I said. Ooh shit my acting skills were getting better. Joyce wasn't the only one who could tell sweet little lies.

What occurred next though extremely childish was one of my greatest performances ever. Joyce blew me a kiss. I caught it in my left hand and spun around. When I came out of the spin I had my right hand up as if I'd caught it there and put it gently on my face. Un-noticed I threw the hand that actually caught the pretend kiss towards the ground as if I was throwing the kiss away, then stepped on it.

Joyce didn't notice the deception and smiled. "I wonder what you'd do with a real kiss?" she smiled.

"We'll find out later," I said. God Damn, these little lies were becoming contagious.

"I'm going to go out and find some wildflowers," she smiled. "Have something cooking for me when I get back. And if you see Jess send her my way, she loves to pick flowers too." I nodded as she started to walk away. Then she turned back at the last second.

"Bill, I'm really glad you insisted that I come today. There's nowhere I'd rather be right now. We have to spend more time together. We all get so busy doing things that aren't really nearly as important as spending time together. Maybe we've begun to take each other for granted because we've always been together and we know that we always will be. But from now on I want us to make it a point to do things together like we used to." Then she walked off smiling, in search of her flowers.

That was the sweetest little lie I'd ever heard. As the tear rolled down my cheek and I remembered how much I loved her, I couldn't help but think that if I hadn't forced her to come today, she'd probably be fucking Matt by now.

I got the charcoal out and put it into one of the built in grills that the park supplied. I saturated the coals with lighter fluid, because everyone knows that match light stuff just doesn't work. The repetitive nature of the tasks that I'd done literally hundreds of times allowed my mind to wander again.

I can still remember the way I cried after watching the DVD the investigators had given me. I'd watched it alone in my home office while Joyce was at one of her "Charity Meetings."

It showed that bastard Matt coming over to our house to see Joyce a few days before, when neither the kids nor I was there. Apparently charity began at home. Joyce smiled as she looked around to make sure that no one was watching and practically dragged him inside. The scene then shifted as they were picked up by one of the cameras planted in my living room.

They were sitting on my sofa having coffee but I could feel the tension between them even though I was only watching them on video. They talked about so many inane and mundane things that I wondered why the bastard put up with it. Finally it was Joyce whose hormones got the ball rolling. Yet another reason why there could be no forgiveness.

She asked him pointedly if he thought that her legs were too thick. She told him that her husband loved her legs but she thought they were old and fat. He told her that he couldn't tell from the parts that he was seeing. So naturally Joyce took that as her cue to raise her skirt up higher.

"Well the parts that I can see don't look bad," said Matt, his voice thick with lust, "but it's hard to make a decision based on partial information."

"I guess you want to see all the way up then," said Joyce smiling back at him. I could tell by the look on her face what she'd do next. I recognized that look as the same one she gave me when she was really horny.

Joyce pulled her skirt all the way up and revealed that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Oh God," said Matt looking at her hairy bush.

"Come and get it," said Joyce. She leaned back on the sofa and spread her legs. Within seconds Matt was shedding his clothes and on her.

If I'd been expecting to see something out of this world or extremely kinky like in the porno movies, I was disappointed. From the angle of the cameras I couldn't see how well endowed Matt was but their movements didn't inspire lust.

It looked awkward and silly, like two people, both gifted with two left feet trying to dance. Seeing Matt's boney ass thrusting between Joyce's flabby thighs was simply hilarious. They couldn't seem to get to a rhythm and their moaning and groaning just seemed comical. I wonder whether lost in the throes of passion they realized how ridiculous their coupling looked?

I wonder if Matt realized what his actions would cost him. I was sure he had no idea of the hell his life would become within twenty four hours. And my beloved Joyce, I truly hoped that she'd end up happy in her new life. I'd decided to be a complete gentleman about all of this. I was going to be modern about it all. No caveman tactics here, after all the better man won, as he should. I'd simply assure that my children were taken care of and bow out.

My lawyers would deliver to Joyce my proposal for the divorce and settlement. There would be no negotiations. She either took what I offered, or she got nothing. I was actually offering her very little anyway, but if we went the divorce route, her name would be dragged through the mud in an extremely vicious way. I'd scorch the earth and her reputation in our town would be destroyed.

Neither the kids nor I'd be affected because Brian would be back in school halfway across the country and Jessica would be in Paris. By the time the mud-slinging was done Joyce wouldn't be accepted on any of her committees or charities, or anywhere else in town. She'd have to move away just to get a moment's peace.

The easiest thing for her to do would be to accept my terms and move on with her life as I was accepting her choice and moving on with mine. As I sat there in my den that day watching the two lovebirds engaged in their clumsy act of copulation I was so focused on the screen that I didn't notice my daughter come up behind me until it was too late.

She wiped away my tears and said, "So now you know."

I only looked at her and nodded my head. "I wanted to tell you Daddy, but I just couldn't find a way to do it without hurting you."

"How long have you known about this?" I asked.

"Since the beginning," said Jess. "They've been flirting for months but this has only been going on for about two weeks. As near as I can tell, they've only done it twice. I heard Mom telling her friend Susan that she was going to end it. So at least it'll be over soon."

"Too late," I said. "From the second it started things were never going to be the same."

"Can't you forgive her, Daddy," asked Jessica.

"I'm sorry angel," I said. "I'm simply not the forgiving type."

"Good," she smiled. "Because I'm not going to forgive her either."

"Jessica we have to do this in a very calm and dignified way. So until I know what I have to do, please don't say anything to anyone and try not to treat your mother any differently."

"A penny for your thoughts," asked Joyce from behind me. I'd been so busy thinking that I hadn't heard her come up from behind me.

"Maybe you'd better not light that yet," she said as she noticed how much lighter fluid I'd put on the coals. Luckily I'd brought a second bag. I quickly scooped the oversaturated coals out of the pit and back into the first bag. I'd dump it in the lake a few times before throwing it away to make sure that it didn't accidentally start a fire.

I put the second bag of charcoal into the grill and just barely applied fluid to them and then lit it with a lighter I'd bought at the same time.

"Come and sit down with me on the blanket, while we wait for the fire to die down." smiled Joyce.

I sat beside her and she took her hand in mine. "Bill, I had a thought on the way down here," she said. "I know that we've never talked about this before but we're about to start a new chapter in our lives together. We've had a great life so far and I'm looking forward to the next leg of it, but I'm not sure this one is over yet."

I looked at her as if I really didn't understand her point. In actuality I just wanted to get as far away from her as I could. I probably shouldn't have been thinking about the way I felt while I watched her fuck Matt on that video. It was making me want to throw up as I looked at her.

"Okay, Honey, I can see that you're confused," she said. "Being here with the people I love most has made me see things a bit differently. And actually something Jess said started me thinking. Our kids are grown and leaving the nest, so I'd been feeling kind of old and unattractive and useless. I guess I wanted to charge my life back up..."

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. This bitch was getting ready to come clean and admit that she'd been having an affair. I'd never heard of that happening before. What about my plans now? What about my revenge? Shit this just fucked everything up.

" ... So, I joined all of those stupid committees thinking that the way to make me feel better about myself could come from outside of the family. All it did was to pull us farther apart, whether you know it or not, we've all become more distant from each other over the past few weeks."

"Hmmm," I said, as if I was actually thinking about the shit she was spewing. Come on get to the part where you started fucking the balding thirty five year old bag boy from the supermarket who still lives in his mother's basement, I thought.

"Do you realize that it's been two weeks since we had sex?" she asked looking at me for my reaction.

"Hell yeah," I thought. "Why the fuck would I ever touch you again after seeing you with Matt?"

"No, Sweetheart, I didn't" I said reaching into my own bag of little lies.

"Well I know that you've been looking forward to a time when it's just the two of us and we can run around the house naked," she said.

That was the furthest fucking thing in my mind, believe me.

"You're always telling me how you'd burn all of my clothes and I'd always be naked so you could just fuck me whenever you felt like it," she smiled. "But I think part of that, is going to have to wait."

"All of that, is going to have to wait until hell freezes over," I thought.

"We aren't old enough to really retire yet, Bill," she smiled. "I love you and I want us to have another baby."

Suddenly I couldn't breathe. I was choking and coughing. Joyce started patting me on my back to help dislodge whatever had gone down the wrong pipe.

All sorts of things went through my mind at that time. Maybe she was already pregnant with Mat's kid and wanted to palm it off on me. I discarded that one because it was too soon to tell. Maybe she wanted to get pregnant with Matt's kid and then palm it off on me. Maybe it was guilt and she was trying to jumpstart our sex life that she had unknowingly fucked up. I didn't know. I didn't care. All I wanted to do was give her this last day together and then get free.

Surprisingly Christine Mcvie saved me again. I thought back to the song and had my answer.

The second verse of the song goes, "Although I'm not making plans, I hope that you'll understand there's a reason why."

"Joyce, let's not make any plans right now. I hope you can understand there's a reason why, I just don't want to plan anything out just yet," I said echoing the songs sentiments.

"Ooh, you want me all to yourself for a while," she smiled. "That's so selfish. Have you been thinking nasty thoughts about what we're going to be doing with the kids out of the house?"

I just nodded my head and smiled. But I was thinking that all of my nasty thoughts involved two pikes mounted in my back yard, with her and Matt's severed heads facing each other as they rotted away.

I couldn't believe that my anger at her actions had driven me to thoughts of violence.

As the song said, "We're better off apart, let's give it a try."

Joyce seemed to only bring out the worst in me lately. She placed my hand over her heart and then pulled it down onto one of her breasts. The nipple hardened immediately under my palm and she pulled me on top of her. As if on cue Jessica appeared.

"Are we going to put any food on that grill or not?" she asked. "Daddy, is my stomach going to have to be a victim of your hormones all day?"

I nodded a thank you to her for her assistance and headed for the grill.

I put hot dogs, hamburger patties a few steaks and a couple of chicken breasts on the large grill. I also put a couple of pieces of salmon wrapped in aluminum foil on.

"Okay maybe I can see why you'd want it to be just the two of us for a while," said Joyce sneaking up behind me again.

"Dad, the lake awaits," called Brian. I shrugged my shoulders and headed off after him, with Jessica tagging along as the official judge.

Brian threw his first rock almost to the edge of the log that some kids had towed out and anchored in the middle of the lake. It was a good throw and he smiled about it. "Beat that Dad," he smiled.

I picked up a rock and for some reason I was still thinking about Matt's receding hairline and sallow complexion. As I let the rock fly I imagined slamming my fist right between that bastard's eyes.

"Whoa Dad," yelled Brian. "Where did that come from? Your rock flew clean over the log. You threw it more than halfway across the lake." Both he and Jessica were staring at me in shock.

"Let's go eat," I said, trying to muster some kind of enthusiasm. "We probably shouldn't leave your mom alone for too long."

"Right, we might end up catching her fucking a bear," smirked Jessica. I was alarmed again, but Brian just laughed.

"Can you imagine it," he said. "They'd get to moving around so much that the friction would cause a forest fire. Then Smokey the bear would come out with a new line of lubricated anti friction condoms and beg people to wear them when they did it in the woods."

"Only you can prevent forest fires," said Jessica in a deep voice like the bear from the commercials.

We got back to camp to find that only the hot dogs were done, so that's what we ate. After lunch, Brian decided that he was so stuffed that he just wanted to take a nap in the jeep. Joyce wanted to show Jessica where all of the wildflowers were growing.

Jessica asked me to go on a hike instead. Joyce had never been much for hiking so she went to pick her flowers.

During our walk I tried to explain to Jess that what was going on with Joyce and I had nothing to do with her. I told her that we were both always going to be her parents and both of us loved her.

I also tried to explain to her that in the days to come her mother would need her for support because it would probably be hard on her when she realized that I was gone.

"Why should I help the whore who tore our family apart?" asked Jessica.

Truthfully I had no answer so I just said, "Because she's your mother and you love her."

"Dad, men don't notice things," said Jess. "If it's not right in their faces they never notice anything unless it's about work, football or cars. But girls and women do. We pick up on very subtle clues that men would miss. Probably half of the girls that I know are aware that my mom is fucking a bag boy. It's embarrassing."

I stopped walking and just looked at her.

"I love you Daddy," she said. "In the spring when I come home from school, and on my Christmas Break, I'm coming to stay with you."

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly. We did a lot of family oriented games. We played catch with a Frisbee. We stared at the clouds to see what they were shaped like. We ate a lot and all of us even went out with Joyce to see her beloved wildflowers. As we headed back to the camp to eat dinner, exhausted after our flower hunt, my son almost inadvertently ruined it himself.

"It's hard to believe we're never going to do this again," said Brian.

"Of course we will," said Joyce as Brian, Jess and I stared in shock.

"But I meant..." started Brian trying to clean up his statement.

"I know what you meant Honey," said Joyce. "Maybe next time you'll bring Maggie with you. And maybe the time after that Jessica will bring someone too. Then maybe you and Maggie will bring my first grandchild, but we'll always come here. It's a family tradition. The family will just be getting bigger that's all," she said elbowing me.

"So maybe that will make it even better." Brian smiled and nodded. I could tell he was relieved that he hadn't let the cat out of the bag. Joyce leaned over to kiss me and didn't see the angry look that Jessica gave her big brother.

I've lost track of how many times I've kissed Joyce over our years together. But there was just something different about this kiss. It was as if some of the sadness in Brian's words had caused her to try to put more into it than she ever had, as if she thought that somehow our entire relationship hinged on that single kiss.

"Have you given my proposal any thought?" she asked. The look in her eyes was so hopeful that I almost forgot how pissed at her I was. It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. At that moment when I looked into Joyce's eyes I could see the love in them.

For a half of a heartbeat, I thought about fucking Joyce one last time. Who knows, maybe she might've gotten her wish. But then I realized that if she did get pregnant, I could never walk away from my child. Besides I hated the thought of her bringing up one of my fucking kids in Matt's mother's basement.

It was beginning to get dark as we loaded the jeep up. We were all yawning as we started the long trip back home. The trip back would take even longer since we had to drop Brian off at the airport. He'd gotten a redeye flight back to college so he'd have an extra day with Maggie before classes began. Maggie had gotten back to school this afternoon and I don't think she knew he was coming.

I think Brian wanted to show up at their apartment in the middle of the night to check up on her. To see if she was even there and if she was there, to see if she was alone. God Damn Joyce for fucking with our kids' lives with her cheating. She'd damaged countless lives because of her insecurity and boredom. None of us would ever be the same. The whole family was both broken and damaged. I really hope Matt was worth it.

"Are you okay to drive sweetie?" she asked.

"I'm fine," I said. "I have a lot to think about."

"Oh?" she said. "Have we come to a decision?"

I was actually thinking about other things, but I decided that one more sweet little lie wouldn't hurt. I wanted to make her as happy as possible on this our last day together. The whole point of the day was to give both of us one glimpse of how perfect our life was supposed to be, one final snapshot of the love that had lasted for most of our adult lives.

Like the song said, "I couldn't find a way, so I'll settle for ONE DAY, to believe in you."

It just seemed fitting that the final way to make her happy would be to let her think that she was getting what she wanted.

"I'm trying to figure out names," I whispered.

The look on her face was priceless. It was love and adoration and lust all rolled into one. It was the same look she'd always given me until two weeks ago when she started fucking Matt. Since then all I saw in her expression was guilt and questions.

"Are you going to fuck the shit out of me tonight, baby?" she whispered back. "Are you going to pound my pussy while I wrap my thick legs around you until you squirt your baby juice in me and give our bad assed kids another sister or brother?" She was lightly rubbing my dick even as she whispered.

"We'd probably better wait until I get back from my trip day after tomorrow," I said. "We don't want Jessica to hear us and it's going to be nasty."

As we drove towards home and our stop at the airport, I was confused. Joyce really did seem to be back to herself. Even the way she was holding my hand constantly, told me that no matter what had happened she still loved me. Maybe as she'd hinted this was just something that happened because she was bored and lonely and had lost track of what was important.

Was this simply a forgivable mistake in an otherwise solid marriage that I was blowing way out of proportion, because of ego and insecurity? I really had to examine my feelings on the matter. As soon as I said that I knew that I was fucked up in the head. Men, at least most of us, don't operate on our feelings. Women do. Men react from our gut instinct and then we analyze the situation and follow logic. My gut instinct had been to gut Joyce like a fish and Matt along with her.

Analysis tells me that if Joyce pulled this shit once and got away with it, at some point later down the line she'd try it again. So both my gut instinct and logic had told me that it was time to move on despite what my heart was saying. I did not intend to spend the rest of my life at the mercy of her hormones. Life is too short not to have a good time.

At the airport Joyce and Jess were both asleep as I let Brian out. I slipped him some money even though we'd already given him a debit card to use for expenses and things. I hugged him one more time.

"Dad, don't forget as soon as you know which office you're going to transfer to, email me. Jess and I are both pulling for Hawaii. Oh, I'm bringing Maggie for Christmas. We're probably going to her parent's house for Thanksgiving. That should give you time to make the new place presentable," he said. "But let me know, Thanksgiving on the beach sounds cool.

"Brian, what if your mom and I are still together?" I asked.

He looked at me dubiously. "Then it'll probably be a pretty miserable Christmas, with you looking under the tree to see if she's getting presents from her boyfriend, or having to check the number of places around the table to make sure she didn't invite him. And the worst part will be constantly checking the chimney to make sure she's not trying to fuck Santa Claus. I love you Dad, just do what's right for you. We'll stand behind you no matter what that is." He rubbed Jessica's head and lightly kissed her.

"Don't tell her I did that," he smiled. Then he headed for the terminal, no longer just my son, but a man in his own right.

I got back into the car and headed for home. Joyce sleepily reached for my hand while Jess lightly snored in the back, even while asleep Joyce instinctively reached for me. "Love you Billy," she said. That only served to confuse me more.

The woman was telling me she loved me while she was asleep. Can you fake that? And another thing the way she behaved when she was with Matt was nothing like the way she was with me. Was she faking it with him? Or had she been faking it with me for nearly twenty years? Was I really going to throw twenty years down the drain because she'd fucked some pathetic loser twice?

I'd also begun to doubt my plan. It seemed kind of cowardly to just leave without telling her why I was leaving her. When a dog fucked up you had to at least smack him with a newspaper to let him know that he shouldn't shit on the floor. Didn't Joyce, after twenty years, have a right to know why I was ending our marriage? Didn't she deserve a chance to respond?

I guess that was my mature side coming out. The best way to do this would be to make some coffee, invite Matt over and the three of us sit down and talk about this like reasonable adults. What the fuck was I thinking? I must have seen too fucking many of those Lifetime network movies.

That cunt had cheated on me. She didn't deserve shit.

"Wake me when we get to the airport so I can say goodbye to Brian," she mumbled.

"Uhm we left the airport twenty minutes ago," I said. "We'll be home in another 15 minutes."

Joyce's eyes popped open. "Brian is gone?" she asked. I nodded.

"But he didn't tell me goodbye or anything," she said. I could tell that she was hurt.

"He kissed me goodbye," said Jessica, purposefully twisting the knife. "It was hard to pretend to be asleep while your apelike brother is slobbering all over you. I guess that's the way they show you they love you though."

"Go back to sleep, Jess," I said. "Her smile at me in the rear view mirror told me that she'd already made the point she was going after.

"He knew that you were tired Honey," I directed at Joyce. "He wanted to let you sleep. He knows that you'll have even more work to do on your committees since you took a day off to be with us."

"I'm supposed to be with you guys," she said. "No more committees, no more charities, no more projects. Except for the one you and I are going to work on."

"Was that another little lie? Or was she telling the truth? I couldn't tell anymore.

I pulled into our driveway and carried Jessica up to her room. "Love you Daddy," she mumbled. "Forever and ever."

"Love you too Angel," I said as I started to leave.

"Don't forget to call me when my plane lands so I can tell you how she took it," she snapped. Her eyes were fully open and she was alert. "And Dad, I'm living with you. In our state, kids over thirteen get to have some say in which parent they live with. I'm seventeen, so pick Hawaii because I look awesome in a bikini. Claudia and I get along great too." I wondered why she brought up Cludia.

"Jess if you're awake why did I have to carry you up the damned stairs?" I asked.

"Because today is about the last time we'll do certain things," she said quietly. "I remember when I was little and how safe I always felt when you'd carry me up those stairs and tuck me in. Neither you or I may ever set foot in this house again after tonight, so I wanted to feel that one more time too." I just nodded.

"Maybe it'll be at another house. Or maybe someday you'll watch me carry my granddaughter up the stairs in your house," I said.

"Yeah that'll be great Dad. You can do it while you're explaining to her why she doesn't have a grandmother," she said bitterly.

"Who knows," I said. "Maybe we can still save this."

"No Dad," she said solemnly. "You can't. You're not that guy. And if you were, you wouldn't be the Dad I love and respect. It's time for a new start for you. With someone who really loves you. Maybe there's already someone waiting for you."

I went back down to the car where Joyce still sat snoring. I opened the door and lifted her from the seat too. Her arms went around my neck reflexively and I carried her up to our room. I put her down on the bed and began taking her clothes off.

I pulled the covers over her and kissed her one last time, as the day ended. "Love you, Billy," she said as I lay down beside her. True statement or sweet little lie? Somehow it didn't seem to matter anymore.

"Love you too Joyce," I replied as the last tear I'd ever cry for her rolled down my cheek.

I lay there in the bed we'd shared since the very beginning of our marriage. It was somehow fitting that this was where I'd be as I contemplated its end. Almost as if I was closing the circle.

All kinds of questions went through my mind as I tried to sleep. Was I thinking clearly? Should I try to fix things between us? Did I still love her enough to try? Had she ever fucked Matt in this bed?

The last one made me angry. Did she really prefer that doofus to me? Or was he just someone who was convenient when she needed a strange dick? I had worked my ass off all during our lives to give her the things she wanted and this was the way she repaid me.

Somehow, sometime during the night I fell asleep. My sleep wasn't restful. I kept having dreams of Joyce and Matt living in my house with my kids, while I was trapped in his mother's basement.

I showered and dressed before the sun came up and loaded my suitcase with all of my toiletries and personal items. I went silently down the hall and hugged my daughter goodbye.

"Love you Daddy," she said her eyes forcing themselves awake. "The adventure begins," she smiled. "See you in a couple of months or maybe sooner. Say hi to Claudia for me."

Jessica would be heading for the airport in about three hours herself. Then Joyce would be alone for the first time in her life. I hoped that after all was said and done that Matt made her happy. The surprises that I'd arranged for them would be the perfect tests for their love, I thought as I chuckled.

I got into my Mustang and looked back at the house once as I started the powerful motor. A part of me was sad. The end of my marriage represented a failure of sorts. On the other hand I was looking forward to what life would bring me in the future.

On the way to the airport I called the office. I was expecting to leave a message for my ex assistant Claudia, but I couldn't get her voicemail. I punched in the switchboard number. Surprisingly I still didn't get voicemail. I got a real live human voice.

Ellen Magnuson our switchboard operator and receptionist answered, though why she'd be in the office at 6 in the morning shocked me.

"I'm here every morning at this time," she said.

"Ellen, I need to leave a message for Claudia Denton," I said.

"Claudia no longer works in this office," replied Ellen. "She transferred out yesterday."

"Where'd she transfer to?" I asked.

"I don't have that information," said Ellen.

I was surprised by that. Claudia had been almost like a second wife to me for the past 10 years. I'd hired her right out of college and she'd grown into the perfect assistant. I felt really bad that I'd treated her so shabbily. I guess I was more consumed with my split with Joyce than I'd realized. I'd give it a few days to find out where she landed and contact her then.

That settled I headed for the transport company I'd signed with. I had of course chosen the Honolulu office as my new workplace. Jessica had nothing to do with it, but I was glad that my daughter would be pleased with my selection.

I would drive my Mustang to the transport offices near the airport. They would truck the car to the coast and have it ferried over to the island for me. The car would arrive about a day after I did.

I took a shuttle bus from the transport office to the airport. I checked in and sat in the terminal while waiting for my flight. After about 15 minutes a woman sat down beside me. I didn't look up from my magazine to see her but she smelled great. Her perfume was very pleasant yet also familiar.

Her legs were thin yet sculptured. They weren't Joyce's thick sexy legs, but I supposed that the majority of men on the planet would have preferred them. I kept looking up from the legs and found a nice trim waistline and larger breasts than Joyce would ever have, although on a smaller frame which made them seem even bigger.

"It's not polite to stare at a strange woman's breasts," she said. "Besides, aren't you married?"

"Used to be," I replied. "But now I'm open to new opportunities.

"Aren't you supposed to be at work, Claudia," I smiled. "You are the best assistant that anyone ever had."

"I know I am," she smiled. "But now I'm open to other opportunities."

"Claudia," you shouldn't have left the company just because I did," I began.

"I didn't leave the company," she said. "I'm just transferring to wherever you're working."

"How did you know when I was leaving or where I'm going to?" I asked.

"First I made all of your arrangements remember?" she smiled. "And secondly Jessica told me what's going on. She thinks that we might be good for each other and she didn't want you to go through this alone." I looked at her suspiciously but she just smiled.

"Bill, I've wanted to be more than your assistant for a very, very long time," she said. "Don't I deserve a chance too?" I'm not asking you to marry me. I'm not even asking you to commit to me. Can we just take this one day at a time?"

I just smiled and held out my hand.

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