Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, TransGender, Science Fiction, Humiliation, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Transformation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rejected and insulted, a teenage wallflower finds she has the means to get revenge in a spectacular way.

"That's no good -- I look like a little kid!"

Elena was pissed. She had a Halloween party to go to and anything she found seemed to subtract rather than add years to her appearance.

Just shy of 18, Elena looked more like 15 with her spindly limbs and double-A cup chest. She insisted on hair that trailed down between her shoulder blades to stop people calling her a boy but still couldn't avoid the occasional "little girl".

It was bad enough that strangers made the mistake but the males around her age seemed just as unaware of her femininity or her desires.

It wasn't that puberty hadn't hit Elena but rather that it had unfairly lapped at her toes like an ebbing tide while someone like her voluptuous classmate Desirée had been struck by a 10 metre tsunami that left her with a D cup and a head-turning butt.

Now Elena was stuck standing, contemplating costumes that still fit after probably 5 years though admittedly only two had been used for Trick or Treating while the others had been for family parties. She didn't mind the ghost costume as much as the others; under the sheet she would be anonymous which wouldn't be the case with Wendy the Good Witch which had been converted to Little Red Riding Hood the following year.

Two years ago had been the white gown and frizzed and frosted hair that let her be the Bride of Frankenstein or at least the monster's bride. Unfortunately it had meant she had spent the evening avoiding the attentions of her "husband" -- a boy she didn't know well who smelled like he was made from decomposing corpses.

That experience had made her go to last year's party in mufti and, if she had ended up a wallflower, Elena had felt then and later that that had been the lesser of two evils.

She looked at the bits and pieces from her wardrobe, seeing if there wasn't something that would spark an idea.

If she could buy some stuff from the second-hand store and add a few trinkets from one of the discount or department stores, Elena felt she could get by on the tight budget her limited allowance provided. Since Dad had moved out there hadn't been any extra for fancy costumes. It was make do or do without!

Elena wouldn't have minded going as some bulimic emo chick but, though she could come up with some suitable holey hose and a torn t-shirt, nothing she had was black -- including her hair and what makeup she had gathered when times were better if not quite good.

It would have simply been for show though. Elena liked how some of the other girls looked but she certainly didn't feel comfortable with them or interested in what she knew of their likes and dislikes.

A vampire, maybe, but again the costume would be tricky -- and a popular choice. It would be better than plaiting her hair and going as Pippi Longstocking or Pollyanna -- Malice in Wonderland though... ! Nah, nobody would recognise who she was. There were scarves, a belt made of golden disks and two wide leather belts. Perhaps she could organise a pirate outfit; no! a pirate queen!

Elena looked at what she had and visualised what she would need.

A white blouse. No, she should have her shoulders bare (provided that the belt draped across didn't rub.)

"Okay", Elena decided, talking to herself in the privacy of her room. "I'll see if I can find something like that at the Opportunity Shop. She'd allow time to launder anything a couple of times since, although the clothing was clean, it seemed to pick up its own special sort of mustiness which would not go down well at the party.

Unfortunately, she wasn't really equipped to fill such a top. Elena put one of her normal blouses on to see whether the effort was worthwhile or if she should think of something else.

One leather belt around her waist, the other over her shoulder and between the slight dit that on Desirée could be considered the Grand Canyon.

Elena tied a scarf around her head and draped the golden belt around her neck before deciding it was better around her waist. Maybe a longer scarf around there as well?

The second belt didn't look right running over her other shoulder so she discarded it for now. She would need a sword, a cutlass! Bit harder to get; maybe a couple of daggers instead.

Boots would be necessary and then she needed to consider whether knee-length pants would be better than a skirt. Either would match the outfit but the skirt might stop people calling her the Pirate King!

Elena turned back and forth in front of her mirror.

"If only I was bigger. I could go topless and would probably still pass for a king!"

Still she didn't look quite as bad as she had imagined. Maybe the belt broke up the view of her chest so it appeared that she had cleavage?

No! Elena pressed her hands to the fabric and looked closer at her reflection. She was bigger!

It had to be an illusion! Elena knew how big her tits were each time she wrapped them in a bra that was really quite pointless. Rather than pointless now, it seemed to be tighter than normal.

Elena removed the belt; her chest stayed proudly prominent.

"I'm going to open my blouse and see everything just as I left them!"

There was no-one there to hear the prediction and no-one to witness Elena's disappointment when it came true. Her tit flesh could barely be seen behind the bra instead of overflowing it as Elena had felt was indeed the case.

"Oh well. Easy come,..."

The boots looked a little worn, but a bit of polish helped. The bodice matched the peasant skirt though Elena had to stitch some elastic into both. An eye-patch from the drugstore and a black marker pen worked out cheaper than the pirate kit from the Costume Shop -- especially pre-Halloween -- and helped distinguish Pirate from Gypsy.

Some large hoop earrings (which could have taken the costume in either direction) finished off the outfit and once again Elena stood in front of the mirror.

Since none of her bras could be worn strapless, Elena was trying out the costume bra-less. It wasn't as if it would be uncomfortable or particularly revealing though Elena did worry that a mischievous finger could drag the top of her bodice down to her navel before she had a chance to defend herself. Perhaps some ties to make it harder to sabotage? Pity that there wasn't a tougher barrier to cross.

As Elena turned from side to side she watched in amazement as the mounds grew. Two minutes passed and Elena felt sure she was now a B cup or possibly a C. It was she had hoped for but was she just imagining it or was it real but liable to vanish as easily as it came?

Elena's top was now too tight to pull down but the base, not having to stay in place, quite easily lifted to show her there was nothing imaginary about the change -- unless she was insane.

Like anyone, it was impossible for Elena to really believe she was mad, though not impossible to wonder if that was the case. Fortunately there was another possibility but it carried with it the price of being more terrifying -- Elena lived in a time when mutants were appearing across the world.

The humour of the situation meant Elena's laughter was anything but maniacal though. It was a relief to find the ridiculous in the situation. Across the globe people were being persecuted, even martyred, for displaying wondrous powers that struck fear into the hearts of their fellows.

And what awesome ability had Elena been blessed with, hmm? She could make her bra tight!

Cupping breasts far larger than she had ever held before made them feel like they belonged to another; likewise the touch of her hands felt smaller and therefore not hers.

Watching fingers arouse nipples in the mirror, Elena wished she could keep her new form. The overall look was much healthier, though in actuality she was neither anorexic nor bulimic.

The pirate outfit made her think of Geena Davis and a minute later a stranger's face looked back at her from the mirror. Not an unknown stranger -- Elena had grabbed a copy of Cutthroat Island to see what a Pirate Queen looked like and now it was Geena's character who looked back.

Elena didn't try to understand how her body was rearranging itself. Insects did it all the time while pupating so perhaps a similar mechanism was involved.


Elena had inserted two large gold hoop earrings. Geena in the movie hadn't been so gaudy. Elena put the movie into the player and moved to get a good view of the pirate.

Then she returned to look in the mirror to compare her impressions and found that somehow her earrings had changed to those in the movies. So much for pupae!

Okay. It was scary but it was also fun -- and wasn't that always the Halloween spirit?

Elena was young enough at heart to enjoy dress up and wishful enough to want to look as good as she could. If she could fill out one part of her body then she should be able to flesh out the rest. Slender limbs became more pleasing to her eye and, since she could apparently manipulate her local environment...

Elena looked down at her boots. Pretty standard and they would look nicer with fold down tops to give them a much more piratical look.

This time Elena watched them change, lifting her skirts so the result was visible. When she looked up though her face looked back and her original earrings dangled from her lobes.

Patting her still ample chest, Elena realised the reversion wasn't due to some time limit though there might be some constraints that either meant she snapped back to her original form (Cinderella style) or else retained the change permanently (when the wind changed) or, at least, permanently until she made some other change.

Perhaps it was like juggling though and she had reached the limit of how many balls she could keep in the air at once. Always assuming of course that it wasn't just some elaborate form of self-hypnosis.

Elena looked down at her boots again and thought of the left one as it had been. Twenty seconds later it was and she imagined it a pristine white instead.

Now to test whether she was losing her marbles.


"Yes dear?" Elena tracked her mother down.

"What do you think of these boots with the costume?"

"Oh! You look lovely dear. The boots?"

Elena lifted the hem of her skirt.

"Oh the black ones, definitely dear. Where on Earth did you find them though? They look authentic."

"Not this one?"

"White? Not for a pirate, though it is a nice boot."

"They were out cheap at the second-hand shop. I played around with them a bit to make them look right."

"Can I say something about the rest of your costume without upsetting you dear?"

"I guess."

"It's just, you might want to rethink the padding." Elena's mother waved her hand in front of her own chest.

"You've done an excellent job but if it's just loose padding you're going to feel silly if it shifts around at the party."

"It's pretty secure." Elena wasn't going to deny the difference nor insist it was all her. Her mother had just proven she wasn't unobservant and also that Elena hadn't imagined any of the changes. She wasn't sure about owning up to how she came to be the way she was yet. Padding was a convenient excuse.

Elena practised -- often. Without any really close friends, she had plenty of time. Her father had moved out and economic necessity meant they had had to move as well, leaving her old friends behind. There were people she sat with and spoke to at school but no-one that she had bonded with.

Elena was interested in reliability and limits.

Reliability because if she went out in public she didn't want to suddenly find her persona melting away.

Limits because she wanted to know what she could and couldn't do in an emergency as well as for entertainment.

Elena found she could alter her attributes but not their function. She could also change adjacent objects but not their substance. Her gold earrings had become smaller gold earring but no mass had been lost -- she had simply ended up with a lump of gold behind her ears where they weren't so noticeable.

She couldn't for instance change silver to gold, though if she had an amount of base metal she could coat it with the gold or silver to make a bigger object without reducing the original density until it was unbelievably light.

Except for elemental objects like gold and silver, the colour of something wasn't too much of a problem. Her powers seemed to cause a sample of the organic material to combine in various ways, ranging through the spectrum until her subconscious was happy with the result. Otherwise, leather remained leather; cloth, cloth at least at a broad molecular level.

Experimenting with her body was both scarier and more satisfying. Skin remained skin but she could increase the melanin to produce freckles, a tan, or a darker brown, or even to match the darkest "black" to be found in human history.

Reducing it, she became whiter then the fairest English or French flower when exposure to the sun was frowned upon in high society. With her own imaginary colour chart, Elena passed "Dracula Paleness" and "Albino Pink" until she almost reached "Michael J Caucasian" before restoring her original healthy hue.

Her hair changed too from her off white to a peroxide blonde then back through ash, golden straw and honey; amber, auburn and orange; darkening through fiery reds, hennas and browns until she reached blue-black.

Then she really had fun!

Clown blues, greens and yellows -- firstly as single colours and then mixed in patches and finally a rainbow rising from her shoulders in red to the deepest indigo and violet at her scalp.

Elena's skin could do more than change colour though. She could thicken it to resemble a rhinoceros hide or thin it to a transparent membrane which allowed her to directly view the veins in the back of her hand.

Nails on hands and feet could change to claws; teeth could change to vampire fangs for real or to hollow fangs that could spray saliva in lieu of cobra venom. (Elena wasn't about to accidentally poison herself with snake venom.)

Naked, Elena watched her breasts blow up like balloons. She didn't seem to find any actual limit but it was not practical to go too far or they started to feel spongy. Since Elena couldn't imagine actually wanting hood ornaments that big it wasn't going to be a problem.

She could make herself more flexible though and could not only touch her toes with her forehead, she could touch her heels with the back of her head when bending backwards or turn her head 180 degrees at least to look where she had been.

Looking at her own pussy at a closer than normal distance, Elena was tempted and extended her tongue. She wasn't interested in other girls but this was personal. If it was okay to rub her pussy then licking it when the opportunity arose couldn't be wrong and she already knew she liked the taste from cleaning her fingers.

Elena was more than just a virgin; she had never shared any intimacies -- sex was a solo affair but she knew what she liked and was soon flooding her mouth with her own juices. Elena experimented, making her tongue wide so her whole pudenda felt its touch simultaneously; making it pointed so she could confine the caress to a single small ticklish region; making the surface cat-like abrasive which had her screaming almost as soon as she made contact.

She thickened it and pushed it inside her; a warm rigidity with a soft cover that pumped back and forth until her muscles tired.

Elena wasn't quite supple enough -- yet! -- to cover her pussy with her mouth so she extended her neck vertebrae giraffe-like until she could reach.

The sensations felt enlivening and Elena made her clit grow, increasing the number of nerves carrying pleasure signals back to her brain. Soon she had to stop and fingered herself as in the past.

It was one of the best orgasms she had felt -- certainly she couldn't concentrate on making tongue or lips do what was necessary when eating her own pussy felt so good, but they brought her close enough that fingers were more than fine.

With Halloween approaching quickly now, Elena wondered how she could use her powers to finally get a boy to fuck her. Only, those she didn't want anything to do with had been the only ones to show an interest and she avoided thinking how their appraisals of her might parallel her own of them.

Not invited to others' homes on an individual basis since the time she had moved here, Elena was included in the very general invitation to the members of the classes attended by their host. Outsiders could be brought as guests subject to prior approval but the host's parents were engaging a security service to see there were no gatecrashers.

But being invited wasn't the same as being made welcome. Most of the other students didn't care one way or the other about Elena -- talking to her, helping her out, but not seeking her company while still letting her join them. There were always a couple though who sought prestige by putting down others. Francine was one such who found Elena's lack of respectful adoration towards herself an affront and accordingly took every opportunity to snipe away at Elena.

"Are you going with anyone?" Desirée's query was honest interest. Desirée wanted to know any and all gossip about people's relationships.

"She probably intends hanging around the cemetery or the morgue to see if anyone's free. Just make sure they didn't die of anything contagious."

As insults went it was at the level of "sticks and stones..." but Francine's subsequent comment had been harder to ignore.

Francine hadn't intended that Elena hear her but she certainly didn't care if Elena did and didn't notice that Elena had headed in the same direction as Francine and her friend.

"I asked Martin if he knew anyone who might make a good blind date for her at the party and I had to point her out to him."

"Why would you want to set her up with a date?"

"Well if she was with him she wouldn't be likely to want to hang around where I was."

"And did he? Know someone, I mean."

"Martin just said he didn't know anyone he hated that much."

Elena had been hurt by the laughter and turned back the way she had come. She would rather be late for, or even miss, her next class than let Francine see her wet eyes.

Francine, her boyfriend Martin, and even Maureen -- the giggling companion -- were all marked out for Elena's revenge.

Elena's feelings festered in the couple of days left before the party. Thoughts of revenge against the three who had mocked her extended to most of the males who would be at the party. They had shown no interest in her as a woman!

Elena didn't want them to suffer like Francine, Martin and Maureen but she wasn't going to worry about their wishes when it came to having some fun.

Francine knocked on Martin's door just after lunch.

"Hi Honey. I thought you were going to be busy until later."

"Things got jumbled. I wondered if I could borrow your car for a little while."

"Sure but I can drive you if you want."

"Not this time -- it's for a surprise."

"A surprise, hey. Something nice, I hope."

"Well I'm pretty sure one of us is going to enjoy himself."

"My folks are out. Any chance of getting a preview?"

"No but maybe we can organise something else. Do you think you can recover by tonight? I'd hate to leave you with nothing for later."

Martin led his girlfriend into his room and was delighted when she cupped his balls and rubbed his prick almost immediately they were in the door.

"I really can't stay too long but it wouldn't be fair to just kiss and run so I'll accept a quickie now if you promise to make it really last later."


"I want you to make me scream."

"Oh, I think I can do that."

"In that case, tell me how you want me."

"What? Something different?"

"Well not too different but if you're lending me your car and promise to show me a good time later then I think you deserve something special. Maybe I want to know how good your imagination is today."

"I don't suppose coming in your mouth would be okay?"

"Do I have to answer?"

"I can only hope."

"If you really make it good tonight maybe I'll consider it."

"But you said you'd never..."

"It's only a maybe. So, do you want me or not? The clock is ticking."

"Bend over the bed then and I'll fuck you from behind."

"Just that mind!"

"That was all I intended, honest."

"Yeah, well."

Between kisses Martin helped Francine strip off her pants. She told him to leave her top on as she really couldn't afford the time to get totally undressed if she was going to get everything that she wanted done before the party. When Martin turned back from getting a condom Francine was bent over the bed with her underwear on the floor beside her feet. She rested over a couple of pillows and stood with her feet apart, slowly swinging her ass from side to side.

"Ride me Martin."

Martin covered himself and found the entrance. Without foreplay of any sort Francine was still sopping wet. Had she gotten excited by the thought of having hot, fast sex or had her fingers been busy?

Martin slid inside. It felt warm, good. Not expecting to get anything until after the party, Martin wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"Don't worry about me -- see how fast you can come so we can compare it tonight."

It wasn't like Francine to ignore her own pleasure but she did reward him on occasion -- never like this though. She was also one to trade favours and, if she had preferred Missionary or Cowgirl in the past, she hadn't been totally unadventurous. Plus, she had said "Maybe"!

Even with the condom on, Martin found the feel of Francine's cunt incredibly delightful. Normally he held back as much as possible, wanting Francine to have time to enjoy things as well. Francine soon let him know if he had failed!

Being allowed free rein was a luxury that saw him come in less than thirty seconds. Even then he felt he had done well to last!

Pulling out, Martin noticed the condom had split. It was a first and he dreaded how Francine would take it.

"Honey. We have a problem."

"Isn't that supposed to be 'Houston'?"

"The damn condom broke."

Francine took it better than he'd expected. "Well I'm fairly safe today, even if I'd forgotten my pill -- which I haven't. We're not seeing anyone else -- I hope! -- and there's been plenty of time to see if you had any nasties since you broke up with bitch-face so I think we're okay. Of course, if you do give me anything, you're going to be hanging your balls from your car mirror. You know that, don't you?"

At least it was said with a smile and Martin knew he hadn't had the inclination to have an opportunity to catch anything.

"You won't."

"I know I won't Martin. If I'm held up do you want me to bring the car back here or meet you at the party?"

"You need it that long?"

"I hope not but today is hectic and I might not get a chance to drop it back earlier."

"I guess if it's after 3 you should just go there. I have to help set up the rest of the decorations. I can get a lift."

"You're sweet. Sorry to fuck and flee but I really can't stay."

Martin peeled off the remaining ring of latex and dropped it in his WPB before getting his keys out of his pants pocket.

"Here you go."

"Was that nice sweetheart? I don't mind more of that if you want when we're in a hurry. It was exciting. Imagine us coming in here for a quick fuck before your folks wonder where we are."

"Lovely idea."

"Think of lovely ideas for tonight. Maybe on the hood under the stars. Hmm?"

Francine gave Martin a long kiss while holding his sticky prick then let herself out. Martin heard his car driven away as he washed himself. It was annoying to lose his car but it was only temporary and he could get one of the guys to pick him up on the way.

It had been worth it really though.

Elena, still disguised as Francine, had found the fuck enjoyable enough. Though it was her first and she knew the speed wouldn't normally have allowed her much pleasure, she was able to keep her nerve endings pressed where they would benefit the most. When a girl's whole vagina could become a g-spot when she wanted it to, a fast fuck wasn't quite as one-sided.

Elena was very pleased with her performance; Martin had been fooled. Elena knew enough of Francine's mannerisms to imitate her with some accuracy and an occasional overheard item of intimate gossip gave her clues on how the pair of them would have sex.

Martin hadn't noticed Elena pick up his mobile phone and Elena pulled over to use it.

She found Francine's number and pressed the fast dial.

"Honey?" Martin's voice issued from the adjusted voice box.

"Martin? What is it sweetheart? I'm kind of busy."

"I know. I was going to be tied up getting the party decorations ready this afternoon but there is more to do than we expected so I might be late picking you up so I thought, if I drop my car off to you later this afternoon, you could drive it and meet me there if that is okay."

"Oh, I thought we might have some time together before the party."

"I might be able to arrange some private time at the party if you'd like."

"I like. I really have to go now though."

"Okay honey. I'll see you later."

Elena didn't mind that Martin's semen had been deposited inside her. She wasn't worried about getting pregnant; she could control her body so that that didn't happen or she could start a baby with parthenogenesis if she really wanted without the need of a male. Other than she now wasn't a virgin she could have had a real virgin birth.

The semen wouldn't find its way into Elena's uterus or fallopian tubes though. It had been collected in a little cyst created in the wall of her vagina. Much more civilised than douching.

Elena had learned near enough about her body to qualify for a doctorate. She had the intelligence to understand much of the information she had sought out and the imagination to find uses for each skill.

Body parts could be redesigned for different purposes. Blood vessels or lymph ducts could be isolated from the rest of those systems and moved where she wished. Hair follicles could produce fine or heavy hair as she wished; hair itself could be made to retract or grow and changing its colour was now old hat.

Elena had restyled her pubes in many fashionable ways. She had ranged from infantile baldness, through runways, vees, hearts and diamonds to dense bush that would need a brush cutter to permit access.

Elena initially used melanin to provide imitation tattoos and then instead absorbed actual coloured ink spread across the surface of her skin and relocated it to make them more realistic. Earrings resting over her body parts could be painlessly turned into piercings. Learning had been fun for Elena.

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