Campus Life: Rush Week
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Freshman year starts at Middlebury College for Deirdre Rivers and Andrea Steadman. As their first semester gets under way, they pledge the Sigma Lambda Tau Society, a group dedicated to recruiting and training courtesans from among college students. Along with other new students, these two ladies begin their journey into a new and different (and sometimes zany) world of sexual excitement and adventure. Based on characters created by and used with the kind permission of Vulgus.

"I am so sorry! The breeze just caught it and over it went. Are you all right?"

Deirdre Rivers slowly rose from the crouch she had assumed beneath the vinyl banner that had fallen over her. As she had ducked instinctively, she had noted that the banner had no wind cut-outs. It was inevitable at some point today that it would succumb to the breeze. Folks in the Middlebury College Drama Club evidently had no basic engineering skills.

"I'm fine. It's not really that heavy ... no harm done," she assured the other girl.

"I'm Kasey, by the way. I'm with the Drama Club here at Middlebury. Nice shoes, by the way. I hope they're not ruined by the mud."

"I'm Dee. I think they will be okay once I scrape them off."

The shoes were an extravagance for Dee. They were not quite of the style that guys and girls alike referred to as Come-Fuck-Me shoes. That was definitely NOT the message that Dee wanted to send right now, given her current situation. Technically they did not really meet the CFM criterion of heel height. They were only three-inch heels rather than the taller four-or-more inches.

But she had needed some really nice shoes to go with the summer outfit she was wearing for her walk around campus during the orientation week events. Even though she did not really mean to 'strut like a slut, ' it still felt good to be able to attract a little bit of male attention. These shoes definitely enhanced the sway in her walk.

She would have shrugged off any compliments about her looks. She knew that some folks thought her to be very attractive. She was 5'7" and slender, with shoulder length dark brown hair. She had a nice flair to her hips. Her breasts were nicely rounded, supported by a 34 C-cup bra. Her slender frame caused her breasts to be accentuated.

Her hazel eyes were probably the most fascinating feature of her pretty face. She was not what some would be called drop-dead gorgeous, but she seemed to turn enough male heads when she passed by to help her self-esteem a lot.

She did not really want to open up any doors for any idle conversations with guys today. This was simply part of acclimating to the new campus.

She was not new to college life. She had already botched up her first attempt at a freshman year at Radford. She had just not been able to get into the college groove that previous year.

Sure, she had finally gotten out of the family nest. But she had still felt a little like a boat without a rudder. If only her father hadn't ended up dying in that silly war in Iraq her senior year in high school! She had been so angry with the federal government at the time.

She had finally realized too late into her first semester that she had also been so unjustly angry at her late father. Sergeant First Class Richard 'Reedy' Rivers, a Special Forces Soldier, had had this deep determination to do what he called 'his duty.' Since his death a couple of years previous, and the funeral at Arlington, she had simply pushed everyone away for a time.

Her grades had stunk that first semester at Radford. She had made no real friends.

She had not been a virgin since she was fifteen and a sophomore in high school. She had only engaged in sex with a total of three guys during her years in high school, initially in Kentucky, and then in North Carolina, when they had moved right before her junior year. She had only had one sexual foray in her first college semester.

He had taken her just down the road from Radford to a football game at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. For the return trip, they had taken the old U.S. highway instead of the Interstate.

He had pulled off at an old farm turn out. They had made out in his car for a few minutes before adjourning to a small copse of trees that hid them from the view of the few passing motorists. Once there, he had not wasted much time.

It was basically done in three phases: get both sets of pants off, hop on her missionary style and cum, and leave her mildly frustrated and annoyed as they dressed and moved back to the car for the return to Radford. She never went out with him again, and refused to answer his calls, texts, or emails.

He reacted by trashing her on Facebook. Needless to say, that did not help her anger issues.

Encountering her undisguised anger at life, guys at Radford thought she was either a lez or a militant feminist. They would simply wander away after feeble attempts at civilized conversation with her that only got them withered by her attitude. She was truly living up to the Gaelic translation of her name as a 'Raging Woman.'

Worst of all, she had taken the lion's share of her grief and anger out on her mother, Helen Rivers. She and her mother had been in the process of moving from North Carolina to Vermont when Dee had left for college in Radford, Virginia.

This major move coincided with the loss in the emotional and family stability that both of them had shared up till her father's death. Add to that the aching loss of her dad, and it was no wonder that her anger and frustration continued to grow.

She had not even returned for second semester. During winter break, she had joined her mother at her momma's apartment in Middlebury, Vermont for a while. Eventually she had moved to Boston to look for work. Momma had objected, wanting to try to get her back on the path toward a good education and a good life, but Dee had not been interested at the time.

She had found a cheap apartment and a roommate. A girl named Brandi, attending Boston University downtown, offered to share the rent, paid for out of a parent's trust fund. They were civil to each other. Neither girl had a boyfriend, so the arrangement suited Dee just fine.

Dee had found a job at a specialty pizza shop that was part of a food court serving a small cluster of business offices. The working conditions stank, requiring her to be on her feet all day long. The pay wasn't a lot, but she got pretty good tips from the corporate types that stopped by for quick lunch and snacks. So, the income was adequate to afford the bare essentials to live.

After work every day, Dee would take the 'T' back to the apartment she shared with Brandi. There, she'd scan the classifieds in the daily newspaper that would inevitably be available in the dumpster out back, looking for a better job. If the stains and moisture from the coffee grounds weren't too bad, she would also try to enjoy the comics and do the crossword puzzle. Life for her at that time boiled down to two words--Bo Ring.

After Dee had been in Boston for a few weeks, she got a call from home informing her that her mother had been offered a good job in Middlebury, Vermont. Momma was going to be working as a housekeeper, of all things, for a corporate executive there. My momma is a maid! How disgusting and embarrassing!

Whenever she spoke with her mother on the phone, after working through the difficult conversations, Dee would be sad afterwards. She slowly began to realize that she wasn't helping matters by continuing her bitterness over the loss of her dad, much less by taking it out on her mother.

Momma was just trying to get on with life and help Dee to do the same. Dee really loved her mother. It was just difficult at this time in her life to say as much openly. But Momma was evidently getting on with life on her end in Middlebury.

Dee found out, to her great surprise, that the folks for whom Momma worked actually lived in a mansion. They paid her very well to maintain it and cook their meals--Momma was an excellent cook! They even provided Momma with an apartment right there in their house as part of the deal. Dee had not been back to see it since coming to Boston, but it sounded nice.

Momma would always give glowing commentary on her employers and friends. It was always Jan this and Brad that! It was as if Momma were more like a part of their family now.

Dee did not know quite how to take that aspect of things at first. But it had evidently helped her mother's outlook. Dee finally began to warm to the idea of Momma's getting on with her life, even if Dee herself couldn't seem to do so.

This couple, Brad and Jan Pittman, had even gotten Momma a date with the president of their company, of all things! Imagine Momma, a simple woman from a modest background, and a Soldier's widow at that, mixing it up with the Brahmins!

Evidently, Momma had been out on more than just ONE date with the old guy! Dee had not been too excited about that. But she knew that if anything were to develop in the romance department for Momma, Dee would not be able to stop it. Anyway, Momma deserved a break in life!

The Pittmans also had other domestic help in the person of their company-provided chauffeur, a gentleman named Dennis Way. Momma had found out that Dennis' twin sister, Dina, was successful in the design of women's fashions. Dina Way had a small boutique there in Boston and Momma had arranged through Dennis for Dee to interview for an associate's job with his sister.

By this time, Dee's attitude had improved a bit. Dee had been somewhat embarrassed at her own personal lack of sophistication and style. Dina Way evidently thought differently.

It was a brief interview. She and Dina (who insisted that Dee call her by her first name) basically just conversed about life in general. Dina surprised her when she told Dee to show up the following Monday ready for work.

It helped that she really did not have to give more than a few days' notice to the pizza franchise owner. It also helped that Dina's boutique was just three stops farther along on Dee's 'T' route. So things were very convenient.

After only a few weeks of working for Dina, Dee got a call from her mother that started to turn things in her life a whole new direction. Momma was getting married to that company president she had been dating for, what, only a couple of months!

Dee had arranged with Dina to get off work to be able to attend the wedding in Middlebury. Momma had arranged for Dee to fly by corporate jet ... well, la-di-dah ... to Middlebury for the big event.

Upon landing, Dee was met at the foot of the stairs leading down from the jet by Robert, the limo driver for Mr. Morris, Momma's new husband-to-be! Dee was somewhat intimidated by all this luxury, but impressed as well.

The Pittman's house, where the wedding was being hosted, was impressive too. It was definitely a mansion. Jan Pittman, her hostess for the weekend, laughingly called it 'The Palace.' Jan had paused only slightly between the 'The' and the 'Palace' giving Dee the impression that the very young but obviously very-high-society matron had almost said 'The Fucking Palace.' Imagining this had caused Dee to giggle to herself.

The weekend had flown by. Dee had finally met the rich corporate baron of industry who had won her mother's heart. She found herself taken by him very quickly. Even though he was in his early-to-mid-sixties, he had shown a lot of energy and was very warm with all of his employees. He went out of his way to treat them like old friends and family members, rather than peons.

Dee was impressed not only by this, but with the fact that he deliberately took some of the valuable short amount of time before the wedding to sit down with Dee one-on-one and talk to her. He assured Dee of his love for her mother. He also promised Dee that he would never try to take her late father's place in the minds or hearts of her or her mother. She found herself liking ... no ... almost loving Mr. Richard Morris right away--Mo, as Mr. Morris asked her to call him. Later Momma laughingly told her that he refused to come anywhere close to letting anyone call him 'Dick Morris'.

The wedding was a simple civil ceremony. Afterwards, everyone ate, drank, and partied. Some of Momma's friends made comments about there being too much clothing here at the Pittman's house to suit them. Dee took these comments to be just wedding day raunchiness and banter aimed at the coming honeymoon for the happy couple.

The next day, Dee arose with no real hangover or after effects of the wine she had consumed at the reception. She went downstairs to join her hostess, Jan, and Jan's very handsome husband, Brad. Mo and Momma were there also.

Everyone was enjoying a sumptuous breakfast being prepared and served by Jan's housekeeper, a very attractive lady in her mid-twenties named Dani. Jan and Momma had traded friendly insults about this having been Momma's job to do in the recent past. Both ladies had teased and laughed back and forth like lifelong friends.

After she had finished her breakfast, Dee had been prepared for the newlyweds simply to say their goodbyes and head out right away on their honeymoon. Mo had surprised Dee once again by leading her and her mother out onto the patio by Jan's pool. They spoke for less than half an hour, but the conversation carried a lifetime of meaning.

Mo, through his influence as a corporate donor to Middlebury College's general scholarship fund and capital campaign, had pulled some strings there. He had actually gotten Dee a conditional acceptance to that prestigious institution to begin this coming fall. Dee could give college a fresh start at one of the top five most prestigious liberal arts small colleges in the country!

After tearful hugs and thanks, the happy couple had departed for their honeymoon. With Jan's help, Dee had gotten her things packed for her return trip to Boston.

Upon arrival at work on Monday, Dee had given Dina the good and bad news about her upcoming return to academia in about six weeks. Dina had said that she would miss her, but she was happy for her as well.

At the apartment, Dee had made arrangements to get the lease and utilities worked out with Brandi. Another girl who knew Brandi would move in when Dee finally left for school and new adventures at Middlebury College.

Dee had worked hard for Dina until it was time to leave, learning what she could of the fashion trade and improving her wardrobe as well.

Finally, the day had come for her new life to begin. Dennis had come down to drive her from Boston to Middlebury in the Pittman's limo. The car had made quite a stir when she was deposited on the front steps of the apartment where Momma had arranged for her to stay. It had been too late to get Dee on-campus housing once they had made her attendance arrangements at the college--and, surprisingly, no one in the Housing Office seemed to want to object, despite the housing rules at Middlebury for underclassmen.

"So, do you have any theatrical experience? Want to consider the Drama Club?" Kasey asked Dee after she had scraped the mud off her shoes. She also brushed some grass and dirt off her knees.

"I only just got to the display area when that breeze hit. I haven't even begun to look at the one-hundred-forty or so clubs and organizations represented here." Dee paused as she glanced at the brochure in her hand as if to verify the numbers. "I really just need to wander through all the displays for a little while to get an idea of what they all are before I start considering any. But thanks anyway. I might just be back in about an hour or so."

Kasey shrugged her shoulders, as if to indicate, 'Whatever, I tried.' She turned back to her booth. With the help from a guy who was helping her there, they put the fallen banner back up as Dee moved down the line.

It was a nice day, and she was really in no hurry. The booths were arranged to allow easy passage. They were not so far apart as to require too many steps to move from the path to each of their 'spaces.'

She was regaled with many promises of experience and reward from intellectual stimulation, to improved physical fitness and sports skills, to opportunities to explore such rugged adventures as a hike on the Appalachian Trail. While she was looking at the displays and listening to the pitches, she was not expecting to see anyone she knew. That is why she was surprised to hear her name called.

"Dee, is that you?" Dee turned to find herself facing a slender, beautiful blonde girl, who somehow looked familiar, but Dee just could not place her right away. The girl smiled a dazzling smile and continued, "We met at your Momma's wedding. I'm Andi Steadman." Steadman ... Steadman ... oh, yeah.

"Oh, hi, Mrs. Steadman, " Dee smiled and extended her hand. She was finally able to link the image of the face in front of her to the happy event weeks earlier. "It's so nice to see you again. What brings you out to the campus?"

Andi's smile turned to a friendly grin as she glanced around to see who might be within earshot. "Call me Andi. Please. After all, I'm only seventeen. I'm younger than you even. As for what brings me here, I'm a new freshman as well!"

Dee was speechless for a few seconds. This sophisticated corporate executive's wife, who looked like a very hot twenty-three-year-old, was actually only seventeen? And starting college? "You are really going to have to tell me what THAT'S all about, and how this happened," Dee said finally with a return grin.

"No problem. How about we walk through this maze together?" asked Andi. When Dee waived them both forward, Andi quietly continued, "and don't mention that I'm Mrs. Steadman or Mrs. Anybody. I'm trying to fit in here and make it on my own. It's tough enough for a woman in the world today to be taken seriously for herself and her own accomplishments. But I want to give it a try; for a while, anyway." Dee glanced at Andi's left hand and noticed the empty ring finger that still showed a faint tan line where rings evidently had been till recently.

"Of course," Dee answered, as they both turned to continue on through the array of displays. As they walked, Andi told Dee briefly about how she and her husband, Dean, had met under unusual circumstances.

Andi briefly described herself vaguely as an orphan teenager who had been exploited by some evil men, until her soon-to-be husband had rescued her, fallen in love with her, and taken her off to live in a new life of luxury only months earlier. Dee somehow doubted that this 'Prince Charming' story was actually as simple as Andi was making it out to be, but she 'ooh-ed' and 'wow-ed' and 'awesome-ed' at the appropriate places in the short explanation.

Dee told the abbreviated version of her story. She dressed up the time of her anger and her temporary downward spiral simply as a period of grief over the loss of her father, and of being lifted out of the pits by her mother and her mother's new husband, Mr. Morris. Andi got a sparkle in her eye at the mention of Mr. Morris.

"Oh, Mo is a real sweetheart; and Helen is so lucky to be married to him." What Andi said next almost caused Dee to gasp. "And he has just the right package to keep Helen happy, too. And I'm not just talking about the financial package," Andi went on, wagging her eyebrows and smiling ... no ... on a man's face, that would have been a leer.

Surely Andi was not alluding to sexual knowledge of her mother's new husband! Dee shook it off and just chalked it up to idle conversation as they approached the end of the display area.

The watcher moved among the crowds in and among the displays. He was careful to blend in; dressed in nondescript 'Joe College' fashion. He sported sunglasses and a ball cap turned backwards, like some freshman trying to be different ... just like everyone else, he thought with a smirk.

It had been too long and he just wanted to practice the old surveillance skills he'd learned and practiced at Camp Mackall and Fort Campbell, as well in Iraq. It was still a kick to attempt to fit into the surrounding activities, among groups of people to which he did not belong, without their noticing the difference. He missed it, now that he was out and working as a civilian.

To ease the boredom, he had made himself a wager that he could dust off the old skills. It wasn't simply a matter of missing the old life, although that was a big part of it. He just wanted to have some fun and break the tedium. His job was very satisfying, but life was about more than just the job. With no steady girlfriend at the moment, he had a reasonable amount of free time when he wasn't on shift out at the plant.

As he walked, he decided to pick one or two people to observe more closely, as if he were building a surveillance portfolio on them. He spotted two likely candidates, both female. It was a random selection, but he couldn't help but notice that they were both hot! This would definitely NOT be boring.

Andi and Dee were just about to turn back toward the other displays. They spotted a lone display a little farther off the path than the others.

It was a very simple table, awning, and chair arrangement, with a rug placed on the ground amidst four chairs arranged in somewhat of a circle. Sitting together in two of the chairs were a young couple, obviously the age of college students.

There was an air of difference that separated those in the other booths they had encountered from these two in this booth, though. They were relaxed and quiet. They were not trying to work their booth as hawkers, like most of the kids at the other booths. Their clothing, shoes, and general manner simply oozed sophistication and worldliness, despite their apparent youth.

Their friendly smiles as Andi and Dee approached, and the manner in which they spoke, reassured the girls that his couple was not simply to be classified as the 'Skip and Buffy' stuck-up college preppie type. The girl actually gave off what Dee would later describe as a glow or an aura. Both the guy and the girl actually looked each of them in the eye and listened with complete focus when the girls asked questions, as excellent conversationalists should. They introduced themselves to Dee and Andi as Jack and Melanie.

"Just what organization do you two represent?" asked Dee simply.

"We are with the Sigma Lambda Tau Society," answered Melanie with a sweet voice that was at once melodic and gentle. There were no indications of put on attitudes or finishing-school nasals. This girl gave every appearance of really enjoying meeting and speaking with people.

"Not many people realize it when they come to Middlebury, but there are no single-gender fraternities or sororities here and there haven't been for over two decades. There is only one recognized society on campus and that is the Kappa Delta Rho house."

"Wait a minute," Andi dropped one eyebrow in thought. "If that is the only recognized society on campus, just what is Sigma Lambda Tau? Don't you need to be a recognized activity on campus to set up out here today?"

Jack pointed vaguely to a spot on the grass behind them. "Actually we are set up just a short distance off the campus property. And no, we are not a recognized on-campus organization, but our membership does come from the student body here at Middlebury."

"Just what is your society all about then? What do you guys ... and girls, I guess..." at which point Melanie nodded and smiled, "promote or represent?"

"Did either of you participate in cotillion in your communities growing up?" asked Melanie, rather than answering Andi's question directly. At the slight frowns from both girls, she continued. "Cotillion events in communities all around the country began as gatherings organized to help refine young ladies in the proper ways to behave in society, starting in their pre-teen years.

"They taught table manners, social etiquette, and formal and common dances. Over the decades, young men were allowed and encouraged to receive training in this as well. Did either of you participate in or hear of a debutante's ball where you grew up, or what they used to call 'Coming Out' parties in the south?"

"Oh, yeah," Dee answered with a not-so-friendly smile. "That's where the rich daughters were hung out by their parents like hunks of meat for all the animals to sniff around, under the guise of a big formal party. Usually, they were just hoping that they could snag a rich guy for a good match to keep both family fortunes intact, or else to allow one or the other to 'marry up.'"

"You seem rather jaded on the topic," remarked Jack, with a genuine look of concern that showed that he was not offended by her comment. He was truly interested. "While what you have just described did and still does happen, it is not the general rule.

"As for cotillion, that institution has served to teach good manners and etiquette, as well as social graces to many young people of all economic backgrounds years before they are old enough to get into the many varied mating and marriage rituals. But the institution of cotillion is fast becoming a thing of the past.

"What we offer in Sigma Lambda Tau is sort of a graduate level approach to cotillion. We not only help college-age students to refine their own social graces, we ... improve on their abilities to ... shall we say ... communicate ... on all levels".

"Well, how is that supposed to entice anyone enough for them to want to join up with y'all then?" asked Dee, "When there are so many other activities on display today that offer excitement and adventure? And I mean well beyond just learning manners and dancing.

"You guys need a better marketing approach if you want to interest freshmen who are new to college life and the excitement of being away from home for the first time." Dee shook her head and turned to Andi as if to lead her away. What Jack said next stopped them both flat.

"I'll make you a promise. If you come by the house, and like what you see, and then decide to pledge with Sigma Lambda Tau, the excitement and adventure you experience afterward will be more intense than you can imagine. Before long you will walk around in a constant state of sexual arousal, and along the way experience orgasms in number and intensity well beyond anything you've experienced or even imagined up to now."

For about ten seconds, neither Dee nor Andi could speak or move. Dee was quite shocked. Andi just seemed surprised.

It was not just the extremely frank words Jack had spoken without embarrassment. It was the confidence and assurance, without any hint of arrogance with which he had delivered this item to them.

"So, it's just an excuse to get together and screw then?" Andi said with a flat tone and the absence of expression on her face.

"Oh, no," responded Melanie, reaching out to touch Andi's hand gently. This caused a mild tingle where her hand came into contact with Andi's flesh.

"Sigma Lambda Tau is not like some new version of the old sex-and-leather Hellfire Club in Nineteenth Century London. We are a well-managed, organized society specializing in producing high-caliber young men and women who are prepared to meet any challenge they may face in their future lives after graduation with grace, style, stamina, confidence, and ... well, skill.

"Some of the training in our society may push against the boundaries of what polite society calls 'the norm.' But I assure you that we are not just some orgiastic, slap-and-tickle organization out to scratch late adolescent or early adult itches."

Jack smiled again and handed each of the girls a copy of the brochure that was on the table beside him, with the society's logo and a map showing directions to the house on one side. "Why don't you ladies drop by the house tomorrow evening to meet the elder member Brothers and Sisters at our rush mixer? I believe that just a few minutes of interaction with our members will convince you that pledging for membership in our society has the potential to change your lives forever; and very much for the better." Neither Andi nor Dee missed the mysterious smiles they received from both Jack and Melanie as they turned to leave.

Neither of the two girls said anything for a few minutes. As they walked, Dee examined the logo on the brochure. It was circular with the top half depicting what looked like twin mountain peaks. From the bottom and extending to the junction of the two mountains was a turreted tower. In scrollwork around the tower was the inscription, "Felicitas Est Intus Medius." Dee thought, yeah, everyone had to have either a Greek or a Latin phrase in there somewhere so that they could look like they fit in with an academic setting. But what did the motto really mean or imply?

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