Happy Endings
Chapter 1: Jack and Jill

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Jack and Jill - A bit more story than pure sex. Although I do enjoy writing sex stories and it shows. Jill meets a man and falls for him. Will they have a happy ending? Or is that just a fairy tale?-- oh and I didn't put rape as a rating although there is an attempt.

It was hot. I was cranky. I was sticky. I knew my movements were jerky and sharp and made an attempt to control them, slow them. A warm nose turned in my direction and snorted.

"I know Jack." I said through my teeth and cinched up the girth. "I know."

I took a deep breath and bent at the waist, I lifted the rear hoof first, clean, good. Then proceeded to lift the other three. All good. I walked Jack around in a slow lazy circle, counting to ten, purely to cool my temper. I checked the girth and mounted, all of my movements were still jerky despite my efforts.

"Let's get moving Jack."

Jack and I started out at a walk, I wanted him to stretch a bit first. Gradually I increased our speed till we were at a gallop, then a full out canter. The ground sped by blurring the grass into a dizzy green streak under Jack's hooves.

I'd had a bad day, that was a fact. It started when I opened my eyes this morning in bed. Late. The alarm had of course failed to sound. My feet had hit the floor running, there hadn't been time for a shower ; I fell into my clothes with my eyes still blurry with sleep as my mind was racing as fast as Jack now raced. I'd had to skip breakfast and haul ass. It wasn't a good start at all.

Jack leaped over a fallen log, one I'd have to remember to remove later. I leaned down close to his neck so his mane touched my face. It felt like we hardly were touching the ground, so sure footed and fast as Jack was.

I'd been due in at the bank that morning at nine but was supposed to have picked up a truck of feed from town which of course I was late for. Normally this was no big deal but Tim was getting married today and had agreed to open just for me because yesterday I'd fired Jarred who was supposed to have gotten it done on Monday...

I growled at the thought of Jarred.

Downhill now, not steep but enough that we slowed down, reluctantly, to a trot.

Then the truck wouldn't start, because Jarred didn't get it fixed yesterday when he didn't go get the feed. An hour and half late I arrived at the bank already tense, already dirty, and already angry. Not a good way to go to refinance the ranch. Which of course was denied. Well, I knew it would eventually be approved, it's just the bank owner wanted me to grovel a bit, sweat it out a bit and...

I ducked under a branch, low hanging, it's leaves limp with the draught.

"Slow a bit boy, take it easy." We slowed and I made an effort to relax as well. We were walking now, heading for the lake. We'd made good time and covered a lot of ground. It was a hot day. I was hot, and now Jack was hot.

"Misery loves company?" I patted Jack's neck.

The cost of fixing the truck had been more than I thought it was going to be. Naturally.

"But at least it's done," I tried to look on the bright side.

Jack nodded.

When I came home it seemed every single thing I touched just went wrong. I'd tried to make a sandwich, simple enough right? Wrong. I dropped the plate which smashed into pieces all around the floor, sliced my finger cleaning it up, and then promptly slipped on the mayo that greased my floor to a skating rink. At that point I'd given up and grabbed a banana and left the house before I burnt it down.

I pushed my fingers through my sweaty hair which was now knotted with the wind, and winced. I saw the sweat on Jack's withers and hoped I hadn't pushed him too hard in the heat.

After leaving the house with my banana I had turned the corner, heading for the barn and what new site had greeted me? A white pick up truck thundering down my drive kicking up dust and coating everything.

"Not that everything wasn't already coated hey? Jack, it's been so damned dry." I spoke out loud then sighed and Jack exited the wood, the lake wasn't far at all now. Just on the other side of a small clearing. Why did I have to replay the entire day in my head, was something going to change?

"The surveyor." It was my turn to snort. "Mr. Kevin Thompson."

Jack ignored my comments.

Well Mr. Kevin Thompson had surely been as friendly as he could, I admitted to myself. Any other day ... I sighed and dismounted.

"Nice enough there Jack? Some fresh new grass, clean water, a bit of shade." I listed to him as I unsaddled him.

The bank had arranged for Thompson to come by. I hadn't expected him so soon but he said he'd received the call and was at the neighbors so came on by today. Lucky me hey?

I dropped the saddle in the shade and removed the blanket, soaked with horse sweat.

"There, a walk around a bit hey?" I walked a bit with Jack, not wanting him to cool too quickly and have his muscles lock up.

Without much thought I'd just told Mr. Thompson to do whatever he had to do he'd have the run of the place. Normally I'd go with him, but today- I called over Billy and told him to ready a horse for the man and promptly dismissed him from my mind. After all there had been feed to unload, thankfully Tim had waited for me. I decided to grant Larry the honor of doing Jarred's job. Larry was very tall with a husky voice and very quiet. He seemed to work without ever seeming to move or make a noise but it always got done. His biggest draw back was he reminded me of Lurch from the Adams Family show.

"There you go." I patted Jack softly on the neck.

I had to smile thinking of Larry. When I told him of the pay raise he was being granted he merely nodded his head and walked out. Lurch indeed. There were countless things to do today. I compiled a list and sat it on Larry's new desk. Not of course before the ink pen exploded on my shirt. I glanced down at the red stain. I looked like I'd been shot.

I went to pick up a bale of hay and the string snapped. I had stood there, looking down at the hay and said something very unlady like. I counted to ten. Then counted again. And finally turned to get Jack.

I dropped the reins now, by the lake.

"Counting to ten never works." I told Jack. "You won't take off and leave me now would you boy?" I stroked his forehead. "Not even today."

We were back in the shade and I stepped back and simply sank onto the grass. Not soft and welcoming instead it was sharp course and almost crunchy ... Even here the grass was feeling the effects of no rain. I didn't care. I let my head fall back and I simply breathed. In- hold it- out- repeat. Slowly I could feel the tension leave my body. Maybe if I hadn't been up half the night ... stop thinking ... In- hold it- out- repeat.

I slowly opened my eyes. The sky was blue. A tall deep forever blue with nothing, not even a cloud, simply blue like a very large bucket of paint. I need to paint that one section of the house before ... Breath in- hold it- out. I need to let it all go, just for a little bit, I reminded myself firmly, pushing the thought of house repairs and bills and away.

Lowering my eyes from the sky I watched Jack. He was oblivious to the heat of the sun happily munching on grass. Tail twitching lazily over his back.

Lower, my eyes fell on the red stain on my shirt. It looked like I'd been shot alright, and I sure felt like it. I unbuttoned my shirt and simply let it fall back off my shoulders. Damn, bra ruined too. I sighed. What did I care?

"Screw it." I said out loud. Jack picked up his head and looked at me. Grass sticking out of both sides of his mouth.

I stripped off my boots and headed for the lake just as I was.

Relief. The first to experience the relief was my toes. My toes sent up a message to the rest of my body saying it was warm, but cooler than the air and oh so inviting. Without pause I waded in to mid thigh. That's when my legs told me my feet had lied! It was about 75 degrees. Which was perfect for such a hot day. But my body, being overly warmed told me it was freezing. I took a deep breath and drove in head first from where I stood. Ah. Perfect. I surfaced a few feet away pushing the water and hair back off my face. The cool water was heaven.

I unhooked my bra, rinsed it twice and threw it to the shore. Jeans, wet, were no small feat to remove, but I managed and tossed them to the shore where they fell with a loud heavy plop. Panties barely made it but that was that. I hadn't had time for socks this morning and I wiggled my toes in the sandy mud. I feel backwards and let myself sink enjoying the cool water. Rolling over I made my way a bit deeper with a lazy breast stroke till I was able to stand with the water chest deep.

My heavy breasts floated in the water. I'd always enjoyed this feeling, the water was taking their weight from my body. It was not exactly floating but that was the only word for it. Once again I pushed my wet hair back, smoothing it over my neck. I leaned my head back and looked up at that blue sky, eyes squinted against the sun. My hands went automatically to cup my breasts, nipples puckered tight in the cool water. Always so heavy it felt very different for them to float weightless.

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