Husband for Hire
Chapter 1: In the beginning

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: In the beginning - An unfaithful housewife offers to rent out her husband to a friend for a weekend.

Terry nodded, and Tara felt a deep sense of happy contentment as down between her legs, she felt Terry shuffle closer ... His slightly hairy legs brushing against her soft and shaven legs causing caused her to giggle a little as he arranged himself between her thighs...

After a moment or two of awkward shuffling, Tara felt his cock press firmly against her swollen pussy lips. She whispered,. "Now darling, " knowing that he was kind enough to await her signal, and she gave a little gasp the head of his cock pushed its way inside of her, and then stopped briefly.

Terry began slowly and gently, fucking her with just the head of his cock. Tara winced a little as he stretched her tight pussy a bit, but her unusual amount of

lubrication made it surprisingly easy for him as long as he took his time.

It was almost as though Terry's cock were pushing in, and becoming part of her.

Tara let out a long sigh, and quickly sucked in air as she felt him push himself farther into her with every stroke. Terry leaned over and planted his lips on hers, as he started moving deep inside her - every stroke of his cock seeming to find hidden depths inside her

Terry smiled down at her and nodded, trying not to break his concentration, lest he cum too soon. She could now feel his lower body pressing close to her, as he tried to push all of his cock into her tight, grasping pussy. Terry reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks with both hands, and she moaned happily. Tara raised her buttocks a little higher, and moved her hips slightly locking her legs round his hips so that she could feel his deeply buried cock press against her inner walls in ways that it normally


"I wish I was married to you Tara " he whispered quietly, as he remained perfectly still, just letting me control their moment. "In a way you are darling I never have sex with Tony any more since I met you. I only want you..."

Tara giggled a little as she spoke, she glanced up at him, and saw his expression.

"Oh Terry you make me feel so good " She said, gasping as she felt Terry's body tense up. The warmth emanating from his cock almost ready to fill her waiting pussy, suddenly becoming hot. She could feel Terry's cock pulsing and throbbing inside her, and she could see the sudden panic cross his face, as she sensed he was about to shoot his baby seed deep inside her waiting womb. But she felt her body respond almost simultaneously, as she too went into spasm after spasm of ecstasy, joining him, as their bodies locked together in mutually expressed love and passion. Their lips locked in a long passionate kiss.

As she looked at the clock and gasped "You will have to go sweetheart, Tony will be home soon, and you must be gone by then."

"Can't I wait and tell him that you are leaving him?"

"No way Terry dear, I will tell him when the time is right."

Tara was a very confused lady, she had met Terry at the local supermarket when he had helped her load her packages in the boot of her car. One thing had led to another, and now his visits to her were a regular Wednesday and Friday happening. But she really knew very little about him.

Tony meanwhile, was driving home from the office his mind trying desperately, as it had done for some weeks trying to unravel what had gone wrong with his marriage. They had been so happy, and then suddenly Tara had insisted in moving into the spare room to sleep. He had made up his mind that today he wanted answers, and tonight he was going to have a showdown with Tara to get at the truth...

On arriving home he found a note on the kitchen table

"Gone to keep fit darling, dinner in the oven Love T.

That note confused him even more, this was typical Tara, in all other respects she was the perfect loving wife. They rarely argued and she kept the house clean,, but they never went out together any more. She always seemed to have a good reason...

In the Sauna after the keep fit class that night Tara sat talking to her friend Chloe, who was a Regional Sales Rep for a well known firm of Cosmetic Manufacturers with a world wide sales base. Chloe was a lovely slim winsome blonde, but tonight she seemed a little depressed, and as they talked the reason came out, when she said "I have just been nominated as the top Salesperson in the Region and I have been awarded a long weekend for me, and my husband, at the Grand in Brighton. next weekend.:

"But you don't have a husband any more. "Tara said.

"I know, but what can I do?. The company think I am married, in fact they insisted I had to be married to get the job in the first place. I have never told them I am divorced."

"Ouch nasty one! "Tara replied.

"I don't even have a boyfriend I can take."

"I could lend you mine. as you are such a good friend."

"You are not serious - are you?.".

"I wasn't, but it sounds like a good idea to me, and it may just be possible." Tara said, as she suddenly thought that with Tony out of the way, she could have Terry in her bed, all to herself for the whole weekend.

"Then Chloe said " I would give anything just to go and have that weekend."

"How much?. "Well honey how much would you pay if I rent you my husband - you know he is quite a hunk."

"If you are serious Tara it would be worth at least a couple of hundred pounds and all expenses paid."

Tara said facetiously, "No honey from Friday morning to Monday evening has to be worth a lot more than that."

"Yes Tara you are right of course. How about five hundred and no restrictions?"

"Ok It's a deal, I will let you know if he is free tomorrow morning.".

To Chloe it seemed like a good deal ... She had always envied Tara being married to a man like Tony, and she did say no restrictions...

On arriving home that night Tara flung herself into Tony's arms. " Oh darling I am so lucky to have a husband like you - you are so patient with me, and all my silly foibles."

She took Tony by surprise. "What brought that on?

"Nothing darling, I was just talking to Chloe Maddox, you know that sexy blonde rep who comes to see me occasionally, and she has to miss a free weekend, for being the top saleswoman of the region, because she has not got a husband. I told her I would lend you to her, but I did not think you would even consider it?

"And just suppose I did what would you do with yourself?" Tony replied as his mind thought about a what a weekend with the sexy Chloe would be like...

"Oh, I suppose I would go and see Mummy. You mean that you would consider it?"

"I might, tell me more?"

"Well you would have to pretend that you are Freddie Maddox and take your dinner jacket, but that would be all I suppose. Is a lot of dancing and a boat trip and everything.,".

Tonys current disenchantment with his marriage, and the thought of a weekend in the company of the glamorous Chloe made him think seriously of the implications. Then he heard himself say.

"Why not darling, if you really don't mind, it could be fun."

Tara immediately got on the phone and rang Chloe. He's all yours sweetie, have a good time, and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Friday morning arrived, and Chloe and Tony set off for the station. As soon as they were out of sight a car arrived with Terry Tara's lover all set for a sexy weekend.

The company had provided Chloe and her husband with First Class travel, and on the journey Tony and Chloe talked, and although they had known each other previously when Chloe visited their home to see Tara. On the journey they really clicked, they did not discuss the extent of their relationship, for the weekend, The thought of sleeping with each other, was on both their minds but not spoken about. But to both of them the thought was rather exciting...

At Brighton to their surprise, a Chauffer driven car was waiting for them, and they were whisked away to the hotel. At the hotel they were given the Honeymoon suite on the top floor. There were flowers and champagne waiting in the room for them. Tony looked at the large double bed, and wondered just how far he was expected to go, although with Chloe he had no reservations, but he did not really want anything to get back to Tara, but as an afterthought he realised that he really did not care anymore...

Chloe however was not put out. She looked at him and said

"Darling Freddie, remember I must call you Freddie from now on. We are going to have a very long night tonight. Shall we shower and have a little rest?"

Chloe was not at all shy as she undressed and put on a robe, so Tony followed suit. She called. "You go into the shower darling while I take my make-up off."

A few moments later as Tony showered, to Tony's surprise Chloe joined him in the shower. She wasted no time as she locked her arms round his neck, as she pulled him close to her. Her beautiful pouty sensuous lips clamped fiercely on to his, as she smothered his face with passionate kisses. After a few seconds she pulled away, her arms loosely round his neck. She spoke as she looked at him.

"Don't worry, about anything now darling, we have four whole days to ourselves"

Tony kissed her back passionately, his mind in a whirl, not replying as he pulled her wet body against his. He could feel her breasts, with their hard nipples pressed against him. Her hand reached down slipping his cock between her legs, as her hips rotated

slightly. He could feel it rubbing against her soft wet vagina hair.

"This is the nicest surprise". She murmured, as Tony taking the soap began to

soap her body slowly and carefully, paying special attention to her breasts,

then her vagina. She was really enjoying his attentions, her moans were unrestrained; but she knew this could not last long, she knew she could not take much more of this

erotic massage. She pulled away ; the water was running down her face, her long

hair was now dark with the shower water, but her eyes were full of wild

unrestrained passion. "I can't take much more of this Tony dear."

As she was speaking she had put her arms round his neck and then catching hold of his hair tightly in one hand, she pulled his head back. She kissed him hard, on the lips

and on his neck while her other hand was holding his cock, helping, and guiding

it expertly inside her hot wet vagina. Tony felt it slide gently, and smoothly

inside her. Her hips pushed hard against him. She kissed him gently on the eyes,

and nibbled his ears, as they moved slowly together, the warm shower pouring

over their bodies as she clutched his firm hard body to her.

Chloe had always liked the look of Tony, from the very first time they had met. She knew all about him, and he had been in her thoughts every day since she had made the deal with Tara. The interest that he had shown in her on the train could not disguise the sexual longing she saw in his eyes. That look had been on her mind all the time on the journey

It was just as though her dream had suddenly come true. She knew Tara was two timing Tony, and she guessed that this weekend, had been the perfect excuse for Tara to get her hands on her lover - but if that was the way Tara wanted to play it she was quite happy to play that game.

Tony had never experienced anything like this super exotic feeling before. She

was good His cock was encased in a warm wet vibrating cocoon, her hips moved slowly, with his in perfect harmony. They were working very much as a team, producing a range of erotic feelings that were out of this world. The feel of her body snuggling in his arms was nice. The feel of the warm water pouring over them as they made love, acted as a lubricant, as their bodies rubbed together. It seemed to him as though they had been made for one another...

The passion was intense, yet it could not be hurried, both were determined to

demonstrate their newly found desire for each other in their love making. At

first they moved slowly, as the pace increased, so did their enjoyment. They

were moaning almost in unison, their lips locked together, gradually building to

a crescendo.

Chloe was the first to start with several small orgasms. Tony wanted to make it

last as long as he could, and had deliberately and desperately tried to hold

back, but, it was no good, he could not delay, his need was so great as he

thrust hard into her, holding her tight he started coming in long pumping yet

almost imperceptible strokes.

Almost too late, and just as he was beginning to slow down, She joined him in a

long drawn out massive climax. Her arms locked round him, almost crushing him in

their intensity pulling him close into her, holding him so tight against her

vibrating body.

"That's never happened to me before. That is the first time for a long time. I've ever

had a proper climax. She whispered."

They stood locked together, arms round each other for a long time, before she

led him back to the bedroom by the hand Sitting him on the edge of the bed, she

dried his hair. Tony locked his arms round her waist, gently kissing her

fondling her naked breasts while she worked on his hair. He started sucking her

hard nipples...

"What am I going to do about you Tony." She said eventually.

"I'm not sure yet, I am confused" Tony replied.

Turning round she kissed him on the lips.

Then Chloe said "Come darling we have a large bed, and the day is still young as

they sank back on the bed their arms wrapped round each other.

That evening they joined all the other guests in the ballroom, for a pre dinner drink. They were both surprised that they were receiving such V.I.P attention from the company directors. They were further surprised, when they found that they had been assigned places at the top table.

After dinner the Company Chairman got to his feet and announced. "Ladies and Gentlemen as usual this weekend is to honour for the top sales persons of the company, and amongst you I am pleased to welcome so many top sales people from Europe, and the USA Australia and Canada. This year we have agreed, that we should make a special award for the most outstanding Sales person of the year this comprises the whole of the companies world wide sales force, and I am pleased this year to announce the first winner of this award goes to Mrs. Chloe Maddox who is sitting with us here at the top table."

A stunned Chloe stood up to rounds of applause, and was presented with a cheque for Five Thousand pounds. Chloe came back to Tony and threw her arms round him her eyes filled with tears, as she kissed him.

Then she was given a microphone to give her reply. "Ladies and Gentlemen.I must thank the company, and all of you for this award, and also especially for my loving husband here who has supported me, and encouraged me so much in my work."

After she sat down she turned and kissed Tony again. "Darling I would give this Cheque away, and everything I own if only you were really my husband."

Tony heard himself saying. "That could be arranged my darling." After the formalities were completed, and the dancing started Chloe grabbed Tony, and said "I want to go and replace my make-up - are you coming with me?".

In the bedroom she turned and threw her arms round Tony's neck " I love you Tony did you mean what you said?" "If you take that lovely dress off I will prove it to you Chloe dear.

It was about two hours later, that they rejoined the festivities in the ballroom. Chloe was whisked away by two of the directors for half an hour. When she came back she said "They have offered me the post of sales Director Europe, but they want an answer within a week. I will be based here in the UK, but as I explained I needed to discuss it with my husband."

It was four days later that they returned home. Tanya was waiting for him, a little subdued. She said. "Darling I have some wonderful news I am pregnant."

Tony said that good news for you, I hope you and Terry and your baby will be very happy. I will be back tomorrow for the rest of my clothes."

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