A Bit of Magic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, First, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Prince needs to defend his kingdom against a stronger neighbor, perhaps an ally and a bit of magic can help ?

The prince glanced at his princess.

They chose well he thought. Being in care of the court, his wedding was fixed by the court or rather the sullen old Saki. Saki had ruled this kingdom in his name.

She was beautiful, tall and well proportioned, her face of uncommon beauty. Younger then his twenty years, at eighteen. She slept on the large bed, a center piece of the room decorated for their wedding night.

He walked to where she slept, to the edge of the bed. He gently caressed her face and she moved in her sleep arranging herself to become more comfortable.

It was only this night, he could be certain of. He would be off to defend the kingdom the next morning. His much larger and stronger neighbor had just attacked his border villages. The attack itself didn't kill many people, though if he failed to free the livestock that was stolen, many would be as good as dead.

He moved over her, lying down beside her and tried to sleep. The canopy was covered with flowers and ornaments and he spent the next few hours staring, planning startegy in his head.

She woke from her sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. She realized she had fallen asleep waiting for her prince. Their marriage had been a festive affair, the whole city involved. Being from a smaller principality, it both amazed her and made her nervous.

She turned around to find the prince staring at the canopy, lost in thoughts. Shyly, she glanced at his features. She had only seen him for moments during the ceremonies and she had been happy with her lot.

She moved closer to him, and he became aware of her movements.

He held her hands in his, caressesing them. When her eyes met his, she quickly looked down, her cheeks blushing red. He got up, lifting her. She was still looking down at the bed when he raised her face. She shied away and he gently kissed her cheeks. He slowly removed each ornament on her body, while she shyly blushed when their eyes met. He now kissed her lips, sucking on her bottom lip as she struggled to hold on to him. Moving away he began to undress as she watched him. When he became naked, she looked over him, her curosity overpowering her shyness.

He approached her again, removing her dress. As she became naked, her curosity made her look at his member, now enlarging before her eyes. She looked up at him and he smiled.

"I will try to be as gentle",

She nodded in agreement.

He caressed her body, touching her and sensing her responses. His hands had stopped at her breasts, and they explored them, rubbing and exciting her nipples to hardness. She moaned her approval and her hands began their own exploration. When their lips met, he kissed her harder this time, and she returned his kiss. He pulled her closer to him, and lay her down. He climbed over her. His hands reached between her legs and searched for her opening. Her hands now were holding on to his shoulders, trying to raise herself to meet his body. She could feel her pussy become wetter as he rubbed and explored it.

He moved away and picked up the oil vessel next to the bed. Rubbing it over his member and a little around her slit, he moved back over her.

As he started moving his member along her slit, she moaned and her finger nails bit into his back. His member gently penentrated her folds and he slowly moved in and out of her. It took him quite a number of slow thrusts to seat his member within her.

They moved in rythm now, as their lips found each other and she reached her peak, several smaller peaks followed, and he finally came in her. She collapsed back into the bed, he moved to lay beside her. Sleep quickly followed to her eyes.

By the time she had woken the next morning, he had left for the kingdom's border.

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