Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Now eighteen, and no longer controlled by her mother, or father...Becky sets out on a path of self discovery.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Lesbian   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Hairy   Big Breasts  

Carla had died in a sudden and tragic car accident. His wife of almost twenty some years, leaving William and his only daughter Becky to fend for themselves. A task that would prove even more daunting than either one of them could possibly imagine. William would be the first to admit, Carla had been domineering, especially when it came to her ideals and beliefs when raising a daughter. He had very little say in Becky's upbringing. Homeschooled, sheltered, and overprotected by a mother that felt she was doing the best thing for her daughter. Keeping her from being exposed to the wicked world that everyone was now living in. Years ago there had even been a brief discussion of sending Becky off to be raised in a girl's school, but that notion was soon discarded the moment Carla had read an article on how some young women, who were denied the friendship of boys in those places, ended up turning towards lesbianism. Another abomination of the sexes in her eyes, and one she wasn't about to risk her own daughter in becoming. From that time forward, Becky was raised, taught and guarded against the reality of life. And not too surprisingly, Becky resented it, hated her mother, and began to likewise dislike her father for never really supporting her, or making any real effort whatsoever when it came to taking her side on any given issue.

It was only two weeks until her eighteen birthday when her mother was killed. Sadly, Becky felt no remorse over her mother's death, nor had she been looking forward to turning eighteen either. Her mother had even had a hand in her life after that, though Becky would no longer be legally bound by her parent's wishes or desires. And had it not been for the sizeable trust that had been set up for her years ago, and now fattened considerably even more so now due to the insurance money she had likewise just inherited. She'd have left home, and gone out on her own. As it was, for her to claim any of it, beyond a small stipend of a monthly allowance, Becky was required to remain living in their home until she reached the age of twenty-one. The way Becky saw it, "|What was three more years of virtual imprisonment?" Though the upside to that was, with her mother gone, and no longer in fear of her mother's rules, or wrath, she figured she could now do pretty much whatever she pleased, and do whatever she felt like doing. The stupid, idiotic stipulations as written into the trust agreement that she had to live with, were things she felt she could work around, whether her father liked it or not. He hadn't been a harsh task-master with her anyway, not like her mother had been. Far from it. But she held, and had no respect for him either. As long as she didn't violate any of the conditions of the trust, she could put up with some of the silly, simple rules, and more importantly, avoid any confrontations with her father. Though growing up, the last thing her father ever wanted to be involved in, was some sort of emotional confrontation, he avoided things like that, like the plague, always finding an excuse, or a reason to be somewhere else when it happened.

Though Becky certainly wasn't homely, she wasn't exactly beautiful either. Had it been during the time of the Renaissance, she'd have been considered voluptuous. Sure, she could stand to lose a few pounds, who couldn't? She had large thighs, "big-boned" as was her family. She likewise had large breasts, larger than she would have preferred in fact, and planned on having a breast reduction one day when she could afford to do it, and when no one could tell her whether she could or she couldn't. Her eye-sight was poor, requiring the need for glasses, another future operation she also planned on having done when she was once again able to afford it and do so. She had worn absolutely no makeup whatsoever, and really had no idea how to apply it to make herself look at least a little better, and had finally given up trying. Content to work with the aspects of herself that she could, her light brown hair for one, which she cut short, as it was far easier to style and keep up with. Her clothing for another, which was basically the first thing she went out and did to change the person she had been, into the person she was trying to find. She knew her father wouldn't be happy with some of the things she had purchased, though even then she hadn't gone too far off the deep end, just enough to make it obvious she was doing what she now wanted to do for a change, whether her father liked it or not.

"It's a beginning," she said to herself as she stood looking at herself in the mirror. It was the first pair of bikini panties she'd ever owned as she admired herself, even if her ass was perhaps a bit larger than she would have preferred. She still thought she looked reasonably good in the much briefer undergarments she'd picked out for herself, along with the much lacier, dainty black bra, a color she'd never, ever been allowed to wear, let alone anything more than a full, wired, very uncomfortable, stiff-pointed bra, like her mother had constantly chosen for her, and required that she wear. She turned once again, looking at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw, though her waist was perhaps a bit thicker than she would have liked, or that her breasts again were too large for even for her own tastes. She liked the way she looked, even if the few boys she actually did know, wouldn't look at her, or see her in that way. But all that was about to change.

Becky might have been naive about a great many things. Especially when it came to boys. But ... she wasn't stupid either. If anything, she had a better than average intelligence, and had been wise enough to learn what she could, when she could, especially with regards to sex. Though what she now had were more questions, than she had answers for. But part of her mission now, was to change all that. And the first thing on her list, was to once and for all ... see a naked man, and find out what all the big fuss was about with regards to that.

Becky didn't own, nor had she ever learned how to drive a car. Another way her mother had ensured having some control over her while growing up. The one, tinny-weenie enjoyment in life for her when she had turned sixteen, her first ever date, though her mother had been reluctant even then to allow it. But only then with her father going along as chaperone. The three of them sharing the front seat of the car at the drive-in movie, a "G" rated movie no less, though it was far better than anything she'd been allowed to see up until now. Never any TV, of any kind ... and movies that only her mother condoned and approved of, and even then ... only once a week. And only if she had finished all her studies to her mother's approval. Which wasn't all that often. So going out to an actual drive-in movie, with a boy ... even with her father present, was just about the best gift she had ever been given. To her surprise, her father had left them in order to use the restroom midway through the movie. And though he wasn't gone very long, she had secretly taken advantage of the opportunity she'd been given, surprising her one and only true friend, and childhood companion, who she'd invited along. She had suddenly and without rhyme nor reason, leaned over, kissing him. Her first ever stolen kiss as brief as it was. But she hadn't stopped there either, curious about herself, and about some of the feelings and changes she'd been going through, learning only enough through the borrowed, secreted away magazines she'd managed to smuggled into her bedroom, Becky had taken poor Bobby's hands, and had placed them on her sweater covered breasts. It was again the first time that anyone besides herself had ever touched them. Though at the time, she didn't know ... it was also the first time that Bobby had ever touched a girl either. It wasn't much, especially as her father appeared a minute or two after that. But it had left her feeling light-headed and giddy. She had gone home after the movie with her father, and as she'd so recently begun doing, had fallen asleep with one of her pillows nestled between her legs, rocking against it, until the "tingly's" came as she called them. Falling asleep shortly after that.

And now, here she was, eighteen years old today. About to go out on her first ever date with a boy, and this time without a chaperone. And ironically enough ... it was with Bobby again too. And this time, she hoped he'd do a lot more than simply put his hands on her breasts for less than a moment.

William stood in the window looking out with mixed emotions. Though pleased that his daughter was about to go out on her first ever real date, his fears for her safety, and more importantly, her virtue remained foremost on his mind. He'd allowed the date with Bobby, though only because he knew and was familiar with the boy, and his parents. And though he didn't have much say anymore as to which friends his daughter chose to see or go out with, the three major restrictions built into the trust fund, were designed to control her even then. Curfew at eleven, period. Unless she was being chaperoned by an approved adult, or by himself. Two, that Becky maintain at least a B+ grade level in her studies, including the college she would soon be enrolled in, another requirement. Though Becky had in fact never earned anything less than an A, even when she was being homeschooled until such time as she was required to attend high school, where she easily maintained her grades. The third one was the one that even William was uncomfortable with. Becky was to remain a virgin until she had reached the age of twenty-one. Her mother had even gone so far as to go with her during her physical examinations to ensure that she still was. The only exception to that particular rule being, if she was asked to be given away in marriage before that time, and only then with her parents full approval.

Becky never knew that this was one point her father had insisted upon, in the event that some boy did come along, and actually ask her to marry him before she had turned twenty-one. Carla hadn't liked the idea, but had given into it at William's insistence. One of the few things she had ever given into, that and the idea of his chaperoning her on her sixteenth birthday. That had been his idea, and insistence on as well. They had had quite a brew-ha-ha over it after that. But it had been worth it, seeing the look of joy and pleasure in his daughter's eyes that night. A look he hadn't seen very often. And though she never knew it had in fact been his idea to go with her, her mother had made it sound as though it had been her idea to begin with, and that her father had reluctantly gone along with the whole thing. William didn't mind so much, just the look on her face when she found out she'd actually be going out with a boy had been worth all the heart-ache and grief he had suffered for it afterwards.

But as far as her being a virgin, and remaining one ... he could only hope that Becky would be intelligent enough to keep it that way, without his having to actually ensure that she was. The terms of the trust were unbreakable and binding. Basically she had three strikes, and she was out. Out of the money rather, which would then be given over to a charity that her mother had previously set up in the event that Becky ever did that. Even William couldn't do anything about that, he had foolishly signed off on the very same documents himself, under the penalty of losing his monthly, sexual privileges with his wife, such as they were at the time. He watched his still young, innocent naive daughter drive off with Bobby for the night out ... until eleven anyway, hoping for the best as she did. He then turned, wandering back into his private study, opening the floor-safe he had hidden inside there so many years ago now. A safe that even Carla never knew existed. And from it, he withdrew one of many X-rated video's he had long ago stashed away. It had become for him, even while still married to Carla, his one and only real pleasure in life. And though even now, still feeling a bit guilty and ashamed, he inserted the disc into the player, locking the door behind him, and began removing his clothes.

"Turn here!" Becky suddenly shouted, scaring the hell out of Bobby when she did that. He hit the brakes a little too hard, tires squealing as he made the sudden unexpected turn.

"But this is the road up towards the lake. I thought you wanted to go into town and see a movie!" He questioned, now thoroughly confused. "And we'll never reach the lake, or get you back home in time if we go up there," he added to that, the car already slowing as though expecting to turn it around again any moment now.

"Fuck the movie!" Becky spat, enjoying the sound of the word, one she had only used in private, and never amongst company, especially a boy. Even Bobby was surprised at her uncharacteristic vulgarity. "And we're not going to the lake either," she informed him.

"Then where ARE we going?"

"We're going someplace secluded, where I can have a look at your cock!"

Once again Bobby hit the brakes, stopping in the middle of the roughly paved, two lane road. "What the hell's gotten into you?" He asked almost worriedly, looking at her, his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. "Why are you acting like this?" He added.

"Because I'm eighteen, and I can," she responded back, now glaring at him. "Now, you interested in showing me your cock? Or not? If you're not, you can turn around right now and take me home again," she threatened.

Bobby sat for a moment longer, still unsure of what to do here, wondering briefly if Becky wasn't messing with him, teasing him for no good reason, realizing just as quickly she wasn't. "Well?"

He started moving forward again, inching forward. "There should be a place," he told her now looking through the windshield off to the right on her side. "There's an old dirt road, used to go up to some camp grounds before they closed them due to lack of funding a couple years ago. No one comes up here anymore, all the best spots are now up by the lake since they opened that up." Becky was looking too, spotting the almost hidden turnoff before he did.

"There!" She exclaimed pointing excitedly. Bobby easily made the turn, following what now became a somewhat rutted dirt-road, but passable as long as he drove slowly.

"Just ahead now," he remarked after driving further for another five minutes or so. Even then they almost missed it. Others had indeed been here, no doubt using it for the same purposes that it appeared they would be. What was once a locked gate and fence had been broken into and moved away. And though tall stalks of wild wheat grass obscured the entrance, the fact it was even standing gave them some assurance that no one else was here, or had even been here in quite some time. Surprisingly, there were still a number of picnic tables in reasonably good shape, the ground still barren in places as Bobby found a spot hidden behind and beneath a couple of tall trees, further obscuring them from the dirt road. It also had the additional advantage of placing them in position to get out in a hurry if they had to, as well as seeing any one else approaching them where they sat.

"Ok," Becky said, sitting back at an angle in her seat, resting her shoulder against the door, facing him. "Take it out ... let me see it."

"Jesus Becky!" Bobby stammered nervously, sort of fumbling with his belt buckle and zipper, though in no real hurry to do so. "I'm not even ... you know," he stammered again, looking at her almost pleadingly.

"Hard?" She actually chuckled, now smiling at him. "That's ok. In fact, I'd prefer that it wasn't. I've never even seen a guys prick before," enjoying the sound of that word too as she likewise used it for the very first time aloud. "I want to see one soft, and then see it grow, so hurry up ... take it out before it actually does grow!" She all but demanded.

Having finally managed to get his jeans unbuttoned, and zipper down, Bobby hurriedly yanked both his jeans, along with his jockey shorts down below his knees. Becky sat staring at his obviously flaccid member, which showed absolutely no signs of growing at all. She had even raised her eyebrows upon seeing it.

"That's it?"

"What do you mean ... that's it? Fuck!" He then added actually ready to reach down and pull his pants back up again. "See? That's why guys don't like exposing themselves until they're hard first," he grumbled. He was at best three inches in length, if that ... and with the coolness of the night air, he was about to be even smaller than that here in a second or two.

"So make it hard then," she mused expectantly. "Play with it."

Bobby tried doing that, stretching and stroking his soft cock simultaneously, but his nervousness, and shyness of sitting there in front of her like this wasn't going very well. "It's not working ... not happening," he said simply, looking at her apologetically. "I'm sorry ... I guess I'm just too nervous, and besides, normally..." he left off saying, once again seemingly stumped for words here.

"Normally what?" Becky pressed.

"Normally, whenever I jack-off, I've got something to look at, or think about, I just can't do it like this."

Once again Becky smiled. "Would it help if I let you see my tits?"

Now Bobby smiled. "Well, it certainly won't hurt. But yeah, I think that could do it," he grinned again hopefully.

Becky had planned on doing that anyway, eventually. It was the whole reason she had worn her new black lacy bra, so she could show it off, and then her tits. Wearing a black lightweight pullover sweater with a matching black and white checkered skirt, she reached down, crossing her arms, grabbing the hem and in one fell swoop, pulled the sweater up and over her head, tossing it into the backseat when she did.

"That better?"

Bobby was staring, smiling. And though her tits were still covered up by the bra, there was just enough hint of flesh, and nipple peeking through the lacy pattern to send signals down to his still soft, floppy cock. It was the first good sign that things might indeed be going the other way since they'd first got here.

"Some," he ventured, toying with his cock again at least. "But things might go a lot faster, if you take off the bra." Becky reached around behind her back, undoing the clasp, though in no big hurry to remove it from her breasts either. Still keeping herself covered even as the straps fell away. After she had teased him a bit longer having done so, she finally took it off the rest of the way, likewise tossing it into the back seat along with her sweater.

"Wow!" Bobby exclaimed excitedly, now staring at her very large, somewhat heavy looking bare breasts. Truth be told, Becky had never much cared for the way her breasts looked. She'd managed to see a few women's, some in school during gym class, and some others in men's magazines, though they all seemed too picture perfect. Even then, she hadn't seen anyone that had nipples, or rather areolas as large as hers were. And it had embarrassed her when she'd first actually exposed them in front of the other girls. One or two, even nodding, or pointing her way, whispering. Her areola's were so large, they all but covered the entire front of her fat rounded breasts, not to mention the almost over-sized nipples she had, a good finger-width thick, protruding at least a quarter inch or more when un-aroused, and easily a half inch or more when they were. Becky hefted up her own breasts, cradling them within her arm, though tweaking one of her nipples with her finger tips, much to Bobby's enjoyment.

"So ... you like my tits huh?" She asked, pleased now to see that Bobby's cock was indeed growing, and getting a bit bigger by the moment from what she could see. A fact that honestly took her by surprise too, as she'd been expecting it to simply get hard, though basically remain somewhat the same size in length that it had been, not fully understanding the mechanics of the male member at all. "I guess you do," she said softly, watching as it truly began to enlarge now. "Can I ... can I, touch it?" She asked.

"As long as you'll let me touch you," Bobby countered, his eyes obviously fixated on Becky's breasts, though why he found them so alluring, considering the fact she personally didn't think her tits were pretty at all, escaped her. Not when so many other girls had either 'perky' or nicely sized/shaped breasts. Sporting what she knew was a triple D, breasts though full, hung heavy against her chest. Becky would have easily failed the pencil test, in fact ... she could have failed a whole box of pencils had anyone attempted to do that.

"Ok," she found herself saying instead, too curious to try and reason out Bobby's logic, or worry about what he might be thinking. She knew what she was thinking, she wanted to hold a cock ... Bobby's cock. She wanted to play with it, sense what it felt like when she touched him. Becky reached over, replacing Bobby's hand with her own, gently fondling it, familiarizing herself with his girth, his length, not to mention the unexpected pleasurable feel she got when doing so. Even her pussy seemed to get considerably moist, more so than usual as she continued fondling his cock. But that also might have had something to do with Bobby playing with her boobs too. Especially when he lightly pinched and pulled on her nipples.

Sure ... she had touched herself plenty of times, she'd enjoyed the special little thrill that made her nipple's tingle ... just not like this. Nor did Bobby's doing it the way he was, make her pussy seem suddenly more wet, more aroused ... more tingly than when she did it. Always before, when she masturbated, though to be perfectly honest, she wasn't even sure she was doing that right, or if it could even be called that. She'd get that tingly, almost pleasurable sensation, and then slowly begin to grow numb, which is when she'd usually would stop. Her pussy was WAY tingly at the moment now, and she began to wonder...

"Bobby, I want you to do something else for me," she asked.

"What?" He asked not really paying attention to what she had to say, too engrossed in actually sitting there playing with a woman's boobs. He didn't want to tell her, but Becky's was the first he had actually been allowed to play with and caress as openly as he was. There had been Marjorie, that one time, at a party. But she had gotten drunk and passed out on the couch, falling over into his lap. When she did, her blouse had parted, revealing the fact she was braless, though she had very small tiny tits with very little need to even wear a bra. He hadn't purposely taken advantage of her either, his hand simply trapped when she toppled over onto him, her right breast literally filling his hand. He'd groped it, maybe twice, and then with help from another friend, reluctantly got her sitting upright again. But that was honestly, the closest he'd ever gotten ... up until now.

"I want you ... to touch my pussy."

"No shit? really?"

"Yeah, really." Before Bobby could think about it further, or perhaps even change his mind, Becky unzipped the skirt she was wearing, spinning it around, and then pulling it down and off. In moment's she had less on that Bobby did. Only her matching black bikini panties, which she then likewise began to remove.

"Oh god! Becky! Please, let me ... ok?" Bobby pleaded, already reaching for them, as she lifted her ass off the car seat in order to help him in facilitating that feat. He had soon pulled them down her legs, and then off her ankles, though holding onto them like some sort of pirates treasure. After doing that, he just sat looking at her. Truth be told, it was his first pussy ever too, but what he didn't tell her, was unlike some he had seen in magazine's and video's, hers was the first cunt he had seen that was this hairy. She obviously didn't trim, let alone shave it in anyway. And for a moment, all he could see was this wild, unruly looking thatch of hair between her legs, roughly in the shape of a triangle.

"Well? Are you going to touch it? Or not?" She asked worriedly now, as the look on his face wasn't exactly what she'd expected to see.

"Ah yeah ... just ah, spread your legs a bit more. Yes, that's it," he smiled as she did so, taking it even a bit further now, propping her right leg up onto the dash, and her left bent at the knee resting against the back of the bench seat they were sharing. "Oh yeah, now I can see it," he said without realizing what that might have sounded like, though Becky honestly didn't notice. She was far too aroused herself now, showing herself, displaying herself in this way, something she had never done before. In fact ... she hadn't really looked closely at her own pussy. Never once had she looked at it in a mirror, or done anything else to get a good look at it beyond simply glancing down at it from above on occasion. Bobby ran the tip of his finger through her wet juicy folds. It felt good, and she liked it, still holding, and now stroking Bobby's hard stiff cock while he did that, adding extra pleasure to that which she was being given.

"Not too far in," she warned as Bobby tried pressing the issue. "I'm still a virgin, and have to stay that way for a while," she explained. "But I like what you're doing on the outside ... yeah there, especially right there," she groaned audibly as Bobby's finger just then began twirling on, and about her hard little clitoris. As he did, she marveled at the sensations it brought, she had often enjoyed the feel of her pillow between her legs when she humped against it, rocking against it, but it was never like this! "Fuck! That's good! Keep doing that!" She moaned even louder this time, starting to feel things she had never, ever felt before. "Oh wow!" She exclaimed once again, that's ... that's..."

Bobby's sudden outburst both surprised and denied her. What was just then beginning to take on a whole new feel to it, turned into an almost cataclysmic disruption as she looked down, feeling a sudden warmth covering her hand. Bobby's eyes were wide in alarm and embarrassment, his prick oozing what looked like to be a lava flow of some sort of white creamy substance. Becky immediately pulled her hand away, looking at it. "What the hell is this?" She asked honestly curious. "What just happened?"

"What do you mean, what just happened?" Bobby asked, almost immediately reaching into the glove compartment where he just happened to have a wad of napkins he'd recently shoved in there from his last trip to McDonalds. "You made me cum!" He said, still panting, though obviously overwhelmed and caught off guard by it so soon, and so quickly.

"What do you mean ... come?" She asked, now feeling a bit self-conscious herself, closing her legs, and already starting to look for her panties, but then giving up, unable to find them.

"You know, cum? Climax? Orgasm? That kind of cum?"

She'd heard the term orgasm, or rather had read about it in one of the clinical books she had stolen from the library, that and another on masturbation. And though they had given her a general idea of things, they hadn't fully explained to her in such a way that she was able to put two and two together ... not having actually experienced any of that.

"So that's sperm? She questioned, now curious about it, lifting up her fingers to first smell, and then taste it, much to Bobby's surprise.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed seeing her do that. "I can't believe you just tasted my spunk!"


"Yeah, you know ... Jizz, cream, cum ... sperm," he added smiling. "Holy shit, what's it taste like anyway?"

"You mean to tell me, you've never tasted it?"

"FUCK NO!" He almost yelled as though that made perfect sense to her. "Guys don't do that ... only girls do. Something about genetics lets them taste differently than guys do. So ... what does it taste like anyway?"

"If you want to know, taste it yourself," she said holding out her fingers to him, though Bobby declined. "Suite yourself," she finished, licking off her finger, surprised to find that it tasted a bit salty, and sweet at the same time. It was an interesting sensation. "Take me home," she suddenly announced, though they still had well over an hour before her curfew. Bobby had already done himself up however, signaling to her that he was done anyway, leaving her somewhat confused and frustrated, and she sure as hell wasn't going to allow him to touch her, let alone look at her any more tonight anyway. Though perhaps there might be another time, when they could actually try this again.

Becky hurriedly dressed, having gathered up her clothing from the backseat, though still unable to locate her panties. Finally giving up even looking for them, she got back into the car, as Bobby started it up, and began making his way back down the dirt filled road towards the highway.

William was surprised to hear the sound of Bobby's car pulling up in front of the house. It wasn't even ten fifteen yet. Hurriedly, he made his way down the dark hallway from his bedroom where he'd been laying, pleasuring himself again. He'd been well on his way towards his second orgasm of the evening when he heard Bobby's car. Curious, he headed towards the darkened living room, peeking around and between the curtains just as Bobby walked around the car, opening the door so that Becky could step out. At least he was being a gentleman, though why they were home this early still concerned him. Perhaps Becky simply wasn't willing to take any chances, getting home well before curfew, or perhaps the movie wasn't simply worth watching any longer. William stood, watching the two of them head towards the door, and though he had purposely turned off the porch light, unbeknownst to his daughter as to why, there was still sufficient light to see the two of them from the lamp post across the street on the corner. Bobby was considerably taller, at least six feet, as Becky then reached up placing her arms around his neck, standing up on tippy-toe, kissing him! He figured that was to be expected, after all ... but then suddenly, causing him to actually gasp out loud, glad he couldn't be overheard, he saw Bobby's hands reach down, cupping his daughter's ass, her skirt bunching up just enough as he did that.

Becky wasn't wearing any panties!

Bobby and Becky broke their kiss. She turned, inserting her key in the lock. William now racing down the hallway back towards his bedroom again, silently closing the door, though standing there listening.

He heard the door open, a soft "Goodnight" spoken, and then the door closing again. For several long moments, he heard nothing else, and then finally heard Becky moving softly, quietly down the opposite hallway towards the stairs, and then taking them up towards her bedroom. William waited a moment more before opening his door again, peering out, and then even more quietly, padding down the hall in his bare feet where he stood at the bottom of the stairs listening. He heard the faint shallow click of her door, telling him that Becky had just locked it, he nearly turned away, back around towards his room, when it dawned on him. She'd never been allowed, nor had she ... ever locked it before.

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