Was He Guilty?
Chapter 1

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Suspense Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story begins with Jeff telling his story to a writer named Joe. He meets Darcy also.

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Mystery   Wimp Husband   Cuckold   Swinging   Violent  

I'm Joe Baker and I write books as a hobby. Mostly, I write crime novels, but just lately I have been writing a few erotic stories on adult sites. I'm best known for writing cheating wives and retaliation stories; not real big on wimps but more for the husbands that get even. In the real world I work as a salesman for a major appliance outlet.

I recently received a letter from the state penitentiary. It surprised the hell out of me. How in the hell did this Jeff Johnson get my home address? It made me think about the commercials where they say, "If I can do it anybody can". I wondered how many people could find the real me. In my books, I never showed a picture and never gave any address. This Jeff fellow asked me to visit him at the prison. He wanted to tell me his side of this whole lurid story.

I remembered following the case on television and in the papers. He was considered a nut job and he used insanity as a defense, but since it didn't fly he ended up pleading not guilty. In his letter to me, he said he wanted to tell me his side of the story. He said it was even weirder than the stories I wrote or the ones I posted on the Internet. It was all about revenge and a cheating wife.

I don't know why I did it, but I called the prison and asked if I was allowed to visit. I explained about receiving the letter, and that this Jeff fellow read my stories. That's when he thought about me, he said, and decided to see if I might be interested in hearing his side of the story.

He had written to me, "I've read all your books and your stories on the Internet. I like the way you tell a story. I decided to finally tell my side of the story. I will give you permission to write my story. I don't think it will change anyone's mind but it's something I want to get off my chest. Maybe it will help my family cope a little better."

His family consisted of his mother and father, and recently a son. He was still married to Darcy but no longer considered her family.

We knew that we only had two days and we didn't waste any time.

"First things first," said Jeff. "I need to tell you I'm innocent! It is the truth. I want you to try and see the story from my point of view. I don't honestly believe that it will change your mind but I do think I know how I was framed."

Oh shit! Right off the bat he says he's innocent. I wonder how many people behind these bars have said the same thing. I told him that I would try and keep an open mind and see both sides of the story. I would let him explain his side but would play the devil's advocate from the viewpoint of the prosecutors. He agreed that this was fine with him, as long as he got to speak his piece.

Jeff told me he that his family had money. It was something I knew just by reading the papers. He explained that his family was prosperous but he didn't consider them rich or among the elites. His father was the president of the local bank and has been for a number of years. Jeff had went to college and after graduating got a position at the bank. In less than a year he was made a vice president. It didn't surprise anyone that they wanted to keep the power in the family. In high school Jeff was picked on since he wasn't all that big and didn't play sports. He was seen as a geek. Hell, I know he was. He graduated top in his class in college. That spells "geek" to me.

One day one of the jocks, Brad Skinner, befriended him. He told some of the other guys to leave Jeff alone. Brad and Jeff were more like acquaintances than friends. He did help Brad with a few of his subjects in study hall. Other than that they didn't hang together.

At their fifth year high school reunion they met up again. They were now adults and talked of their lives. Jeff told him about being the vice president at the bank and Brad mentioned he was the foreman in the local factory. He had a date with him and introduced her to Jeff. Her name was Shauna and Jeff couldn't get over how beautiful and sexy she was.

He told me she looked foreign, and later found out she was from Denmark. Tall, blonde, well built with the big boobs which she wasn't afraid to show off. Jeff figured that Brad's build was his best asset so they seemed to be a good match. He mentioned he started fantasizing about Shauna. He pictured being in bed with Shauna and coming between her tits.

She said how nice it was to meet him and asked if he was coming to their wedding the following month. Jeff didn't know about the wedding. Brad explained to her that he hadn't seen Jeff for five years, but he was welcome to come to the wedding.

Jeff told me that he accepted the invitation. He had been with a few women through college but he never dated anyone like this blond Amazon, as he called her. For the next month he dreamt what it would be like to have sex with a woman like this. He often masturbated thinking about her. He said how at that time he would like to fuck her one time.

At the wedding reception he really didn't know anyone. Brad introduced him to some of the people he worked with. There was a long table with a number of his fellow workers at it. He sat down and joined them even though he really didn't fit in. The group talked at lot about Shauna and how lucky Brad was to have her. She was one sexy woman.

It was then that another young women came into Jeff's life. She sat next to him at their table and introduced herself. Again Jeff couldn't believe his luck; the beautiful woman sitting next to him looked like an angel. The funny thing was, in appearance she was the complete opposite of the woman that Jeff had been fantasizing about for the last month.

He tried to explain her to me. She was short, maybe 4' 11", probably 110 lbs. and gorgeous. Her dark hair was cut short in some kind of pixy hairdo. Her light pink lipstick and eye shadow were so inviting. When she looked in his eyes, all Jeff could see was 'fuck me, I want you'. She attracted all the attention from the men at the table when she sat down.

Her name was Darcy Adams. She worked in the office at the manufacturing plant. Jeff explained she had this tiny but perfect body. She wore a very tight and very short blue mini dress. When she sat down Jeff couldn't help but look at her legs. He figured if he bent over far enough he could probably see her panties. He said he was beginning to feel like a pervert.

The men at the table were drooling over her when she sat down at their table. They began joking with her and telling her how hot she looked. It didn't take Jeff long to figure she was quite the flirt. She loved the compliments and smiled when anyone said anything sexy about her.

When the dancing started, the guys started taking turns asking Darcy to dance. The other girls at the table were good looking but Darcy was in a class of her own. They were all asked to dance as well. Jeff said he just sat there and watch the different men dance with Darcy. They would all pull her close and she would always smile, say something to them and put a little distance between them.

A couple of guys slid their hands down to her ass. She would give them a naughty look and push their hands back up to her waist. She never seemed to get mad or yell at the men.

At one point two guys, Mark and Bob, were sitting at the table and talked with Jeff. "What do you think of Darcy?" Mark asked.

"Nice, very nice," Jeff had replied. "Is she seeing anyone? Damn, she looks like an angel," Jeff said to the guys.

"Not that we are aware of," replied Bob. "We all want in her panties but even though she flirts a lot, none of us had hit a home run yet. Hell, I don't know if anyone got to first base with her. She even went out with Brad a few times. He said he got a few feels but never in her pants. Even though he just married Shauna he vowed he was still going after Darcy."

Jeff told me he couldn't believe that he wouldn't be satisfied with his Amazon woman. He'd give anything to get in her pants. He also said he wouldn't mind getting into Darcy's either.

As he got more comfortable he did say he danced with the women at the table as well as Darcy a couple of times and held her close but didn't try anything. He knew she was just flirting but it made him feel pretty good. She might be twenty-two but looked like a sexy teeny bopper. He told me that she was the kind of woman you'd expect to see in Hollywood.

He danced with Shauna as well and said his face was right at her boob level. If he danced any closer he would be sucking on her breasts. Shauna had laughed while dancing with Jeff and pulled his face to her breasts, and he said he had to kiss them. He just hoped Brad didn't see it. Shauna laughed.

Near the end of the reception Darcy slipped him a piece of paper with her phone number on it. He couldn't believe it. This little sexy flirt wanted him to call her. Jeff said she took his hand when no one was looking and put it on her thigh and pulled it up a few inches toward her panties. He started to get hard. She smiled at him and then pushed his hand away.

That night he couldn't sleep. He couldn't get the thoughts of Darcy out of his head. He lay on the bed and masturbated while thinking of Darcy. He finally went to sleep. The following day he called her and asked her out. She told him she was going shopping at the mall, and asked if he wanted to come with her. They could go out for dinner afterwards.

He picked her up at her apartment. She had on a white blouse and black mini skirt. He had a hard time driving because he was busy looking at her legs. She knew it and just smiled.

"We went to a shoe store; Darcy wanted to get a pair of high heels. While she was trying shoes on I stood across the aisle and watched the store clerk helping her try on shoes. I could see her black panties from where I was standing so I knew the shop clerk was getting an eye full. All the while Darcy acted like she didn't know what she was showing.

"She ended up buying a pair of heels and I believe she had the store clerk standing behind the counter with a hard on. I knew I had one but stood by the loafers till it went down. We went and ate dinner at Friday's and talked about our jobs. Darcy said she had moved to Ohio from Illinois, went to college there and stayed after graduation. She liked her job but said the guys were always flirting with her."

They talked about the wedding. She told him that Brad was a supervisor at the plant but she was mainly friends with Shauna. She mentioned that Shauna worked in a hair salon and that's where she got her hair done.

Jeff said he knew that she was a tease but he wanted her. He told her about him going to college and about his job as vice president of the bank. She seemed impressed. After that Jeff asked her if she wanted to see a movie. She agreed and they sat away from the few people who were there on a Sunday night.

About halfway through the movie Jeff said he reached over and took her hand. She pulled it up and again she put it on her thigh. This time he didn't need help pushing his hand up her leg. Once he reached her pussy he pulled his hand back. He put his left arm behind her and leaned over and kissed her. She didn't resist.

He couldn't believe that a woman like this would even go out with him, let alone kiss him or let him touch her. He took his right hand and slid it up her thigh. He reached her panties and pushed his fingers against her mound. She just kept kissing him. Pushing her panties to the side he pushed a finger into her. She was so wet that he now had two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy.

She reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. She began to jack him off. He couldn't hold back and came, his load shooting on the back of the seat in front of him. He felt embarrassed and Darcy started laughing, as Jeff had to take his fingers out of her pussy and take out his handkerchief. He handed it to Darcy and apologized for coming all over her hand.

She wiped off her hand as he tucked his cock back into his pants. He wiped the cum from the back of the seat. He ended up throwing the hanky away on their way out of the theater. He had to wonder why everyone said she was just a flirt, while a wimp like him was able to finger fuck her while she jacked him off on their first date.

When then got back to her apartment she didn't invite Jeff in. Jeff asked her out again for the following Saturday. She said yes and they kissed goodnight. He called her every couple of days after work. By Saturday he wanted her so bad. He had met her a week ago and was already falling for her.

They went to the local lounge where a lot of the employees from the plant hung out. It wasn't Jeff's first choice of where he wanted to take Darcy but he liked the idea that she was with him. Again she was dressed in a sexy mini skirt and blouse with the top couple of buttons undone. Many of the male customers had noticed her as soon as she entered the lounge.

Jeff both liked and hated the attention she received. He wanted everyone to see that this knockout woman was with him but at the same time he felt jealous. Darcy could see this and was always able to appease him. She would come back to their booth and kiss him lightly, letting everyone know that it was Jeff she was with.

Everyone seemed surprised that she was with Jeff. It wasn't that he was all that bad looking but that she was so attractive. She could probably land most any man she wanted and for some strange reason she wanted Jeff. He said he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

He told me about the stories he read of mine where the husband wanted to see his wife with other men but was torn that she might fall for someone else. He thought about that every time Darcy danced or talked to another man. This bothered him because if someone tried to force Darcy, he wasn't sure how he could hold him off. He would do his best to protect his woman.

Again when he took her home there was no sex. She kissed him passionately and said she wanted to see him again. The following week they went out for dinner and ended up at the lounge again.

Mark and Bob unfortunately were there at the lounge. They asked Darcy to dance and she smiled as she danced with each of them. It bothered Jeff but there wasn't a lot he could do about it. He didn't own her and he knew she was a flirt when he met her. The guys tried to get a few free feels but Darcy always pushed their hands away.

"I was thinking about Darcy with other men and didn't notice when she returned to the table. She asked me to take her home but she smiled when she said it. When we got to the car she said dancing with other men made her horny and she wanted to make love to me. That's the way she said it, "Make love to me."

"We went to her apartment and her pussy was so wet that we didn't need much foreplay. She asked me to eat her pussy, which I did with gusto. Damn, I loved this woman. She came all over my face. As soon as she calmed down I put my cock in her and we started up again. God, she was hot. I stayed the night and we made love a couple of more times. I couldn't get enough of her.

"I went home the next morning a very happy man. I did have a few problems. I loved being with Darcy but I had to wonder if it would last. I wasn't sure I could live with all the flirting and would always be afraid of losing her. Hell, she wasn't even mine yet and I was already worrying about her.

"I remember in some of your stories where men wanted to watch their wife with another man. I can see it as a fantasy but always wondered how a man would handle it after it happened. I found out, which I'll tell you later."

His dad asked him at the bank why he was so happy. He explained that he had found the girl of his dreams. It made his dad smile but he was also a bit concerned not having met this woman yet. He asked Jeff about the girl and where she worked and was told at the manufacturing plant as a secretary. He asked Jeff to bring her to their home for dinner so he and his mother could meet her.

Jeff's dad had stopped a couple of relationships that Jeff had been in. He never told his son that the women were in it for the money and he didn't want to see his son get hurt. Jeff was his only child and he looked after him.

"On Sunday I went and picked up Darcy and took her to my parents' house. I had my own apartment too but I didn't keep it the cleanest. I would have to clean it up soon before showing it to Darcy. It was actually a condo, which I was buying.

"Dad and mom greeted Darcy with a smile. I don't know why but I knew dad had thoughts going through his mind wondering why a woman like Darcy would be with a man like me. Hell, I wondered the same thing. I figured he would be running a background check on her the way he did many of my other dates. He didn't think I knew but he paid off a couple of my ex-girlfriends to stay away from me.

"I sure hoped it wouldn't work with Darcy. I felt she just might be the one and she definitely was the most gorgeous woman I've ever cared about or dated. She was sweet, very attractive and fun to be with. She was everything I could ask for in a woman.

"Mom and dad treated her with respect. They must have asked her a hundred questions. She said she didn't remember her parents and was raised in foster homes. Later she told me that her mom wasn't married and was killed in an auto accident along with her boyfriend. Darcy was three at the time. She never told me how she found out but I knew it hurt her to talk about it.

"She was taken by children's services and was in and out of a half dozen foster homes. She admitted she tried to run away a lot of times but they always caught her. The odd thing was she said she really had no family to speak of and really no place to run to.

"When she started high school she said she finally got her head on straight and realized she had a whole life ahead of her and she could do whatever she wanted. She buckled down and started taking part in school. She liked the choir and drama classes. Like a lot of girls she thought she might some day become an actress. She said she was in all the school plays. She liked playing the villainess.

"She went to college in Ohio and after she graduated from college she moved out on her own and started a new life for herself. She started at the manufacturing plant as a secretary. She found out while she was growing up that by flirting a little she could usually get her way. I remember her telling me that men were so naive. Most seemed to think with their lower extremities.

"After having dinner with mom and dad we went out regularly. I remember dad did run a background check on her and it was just like she told me. She was an orphan. It made me want her even more. I could give her the things she never had. Dad asked one courthouse in Illinois if he could see her records but was told her records were sealed."

Jeff was telling me that they began dating regularly. His dad wasn't real happy about it because as he had said, "Something just doesn't feel right."

A few times they double dated with Brad and Shauna. Jeff was never comfortable when the four of them went out. He thought more than a few times Brad had flirted with Darcy. Either Shauna didn't notice or didn't care.

Jeff mentioned that he remembered Mark saying Brad was still going to try and get in Darcy's pants. Jeff told me he had to wonder why it was so easy for him to have sex with Darcy. Did she really care for him? He had almost touched her pussy the first night he met her and fingered her the next day.

What did he have that she refused all these other guys? He told me it really bothered him. He figured it could be money but Darcy never asked for anything. If she was a gold digger he would have spotted it pretty easy.

"We went to a lounge and were dancing. I would always hold Darcy close and sometimes put my hand on her ass. She would just smile. I saw her and Brad dancing and she wouldn't let him hold her as close or touch her ass.

"I was dancing with Shauna. Damn what a woman. She was taller than me with her heels on and my head nearly rested on her breasts. God I wanted to just grab them. Shauna saw me staring at her cleavage and asked me if I liked her breasts. Thank God we weren't near Brad or Darcy.

"Yes, they are very nice," I replied. She pulled my face into them. I couldn't help but kiss them but backed away quickly.

'You're a funny guy, Jeff. I like my tits looked at and handled, ' replied Shauna.

"I was glad the dance was over. When Shauna pulled me to her I started to get hard. What kind of pervert am I? At the table Brad said that he thought it would be fun to go to the beach the following week. Both Darcy and Shauna loved the idea. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I did think it would be nice seeing these two women in bathing suits. I still worried about Brad going after Darcy, even though he was married."

"Jeff, did you ever talk with Darcy about your fantasies about her with other men?" I asked.

"To be honest, in the heat of passion I have said a lot of things. She has asked me if I get turned on when other man touched her or tried to feel her up. I have mentioned that it did turn me on but I didn't know if I could handle it if it actually happened. It was said at highly emotional times.

"She even asked me if I wanted to see Shauna's tits and I said, 'how could any man say no to seeing her huge tits?' I think I might have even said that Brad has probably fucked them a dozen times. When we got hot and made love we said all kinds of things. I guess I hoped Darcy forgot about it after we were through with our orgasms. She never brought anything up."

"So, did you go to the beach the following week?" I asked.

"Yes, both women wore bikinis. They had such different builds. Shauna with the big boobs and big full ass. Her suit must have been two sizes too small. It was so tight and fit her like a glove.

"Darcy had a bikini on. It barely covered her tits or her ass. Darcy's tits aren't real big but they are perfect for her build and I've never seen a nicer ass. I couldn't help staring and either could Brad. Both of these women were totally sexy but yet so different.

"I was surprised that when we went in the water that Brad actually left Darcy alone. I might add he did have his hands full with his wife's tits and ass. I knew they were fucking in the water. I knew it turned both Darcy and me on, watching a couple fuck in the water. They didn't seem to mind either.

"Darcy and I did a lot of kissing in the water and I did finger her pussy and she did jack me off. We saved the fucking for later when we got home and were alone."

"Ok, Jeff, tell me about your getting married."

"About another month went by and Darcy asked me if I loved her. I told her I did more than anything and she asked me to marry her then. I couldn't believe she asked me to marry her. I never in my life figured I could be with a woman that looked this good. She didn't want a big wedding since she didn't really have a family. So we decided that in two weeks we would elope to Las Vegas for a week and get married.

"My mom and dad were against it. They liked Darcy but said we hadn't known each other long enough. I knew dad was probably still checking up on her. I told them we loved each other and wanted to be together. My dad asked me to get a prenuptial agreement.

"It's a hard thing to ask the woman you love if she'll sign an agreement that if our marriage fails, I get my money back. The problem is I was worth a lot of money. As far as I knew then, Darcy didn't know the half of it.

"I went to her apartment to talk to her. She could see I had a problem and asked me what it was. I told her that I had told my parents that we were going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to be married. They were happy for us but my dad said for me to get a prenuptial agreement.

"She stared at me for a few seconds and then told me she loved me and would have no problem signing one. She had no intention of ever divorcing me and asked me how I felt about it.

"I told her I loved her and had no intention of ever divorcing her either but I would get a prenup to make my dad happy. The only thing was I would make it a one sided agreement. It was to show her how much I cared for her. If I left her, which I would never do, the prenup would be void and we would share the estate.

"Looking back it was quite the stupid thing to do. I wanted to please her but if she did ever leave me for any reason, the prenup would be effective. At the time it seemed like it pleased everyone. Later I found out it burned me pretty good.

"At your trial your lawyer brought up that you had an affair with Shauna, which she denied on the stand. Would you mind elaborating on it a little?" I asked.

Jeff shook his head back and forth. "It was a huge mistake on my part but I think it started a lot of our problems. Let me explain.

"It was two weeks before the wedding and Darcy had called me at work and asked me to stop by Shauna's house to pick up some brochures she had about Las Vegas. I didn't think much about it but when I got there Shauna was dressed in a flimsy halter top and a pair of tight white shorts.

"You have to understand that now I've had months to think about everything, I do feel I was set up from the beginning, but I didn't at the time."

"So you now feel that Shauna was part of a conspiracy to get you?"

"I guess you could put it that way. Anyway, when I saw her she invited me in for a beverage. I sat on the couch and waited for her while she went in the kitchen getting the drinks. Brad was still at work at the time. Looking back it was the first time I had ever been alone with Shauna.

"I couldn't help staring at her breasts. She caught me staring and asked if I wanted to see them. I was dumbfounded. She was Darcy's best friend and Brad's wife, but I remembered my early fantasies about her. Before I could answer she pulled her top down and took my hands and put them on her breasts.

"I know I shouldn't have done it but I began to squeeze them. She told me, 'Harder, harder, ' she liked it rough. I began to kiss and bite on her huge nipples. I knew my cock was getting hard.

"God, I knew this was totally wrong but I was weak and wanted to fuck those titties ever since I first saw them. I had to wonder why Shauna was letting me do this. She told me, 'I like my tits played with. Brad and I played around with another couple before we got married. He told me how he always watched you staring at my breasts and if I ever wanted to that I could accidentally show them to you.'

"I wasn't sure if she was telling me the truth or not. Brad always did play around with the ladies. I could see where he might not mind Shauna showing off her body. She was a flirt like Darcy. Although I don't think he would want another man fondling his wife, I wasn't sure and right then I didn't care."

"So, I take it you had sex with Shauna two weeks before you were to be married? Did you tell Darcy about the affair, if I might call it that?"

"Yes and no. I didn't fuck her. I would have loved to but this all happened so quickly. Shauna unbuckled my belt and took out my very hard cock. She took it in her hand and looked surprised."

"Why was she surprised?" I asked.

"She said since I was short and on the skinny side that she thought my cock would be much smaller. It made me feel pretty good when she said I was bigger than Brad. I didn't think about it at the time but she did say that Darcy said I was big in that department but she didn't believe her.

"Before I knew it she was sucking the head of my cock. Before long she was lying on the floor with her top off. I had my cock between her tits and was going to town. She held her tits together and kept telling me to fuck her tits. 'Faster, Jeff, faster, come all over my big tits'. I couldn't hold back any longer as I let loose with a string of cum. The first hit her in the face. The next few were on her neck and tits.

"When I was finished she began rubbing my cum all over her tits. She even tasted it and said it tasted better than Brad's. I began to get nervous. I knew it was something I could never take back. I fucked the tits of my future wife's best friend. This could end our marriage before we even got there.

"Shauna looked at me and asked, 'What's the matter? Didn't you like it?'

"'Yes, of course I did, '" I answered, 'but if Darcy finds out she'll never marry me. I'm so sorry'.

"Don't worry about it. Who's going to tell her? We'll just keep it our little secret but I wish I could have that cock in my pussy sometime," said Shauna.

"Thank you, but I don't want to cheat on Darcy. I don't want to take a chance of losing her," I told Shauna. "After that I got the pamphlets and went home. A couple of days later I took them to Darcy's. She told me she had a big surprise for me."

"Jeff, Shauna and Brad are coming to Las Vegas with us. They are going to be our witnesses. Darcy said that she and Brad didn't have a chance to go on a honeymoon so they are going with us. Aren't you happy?"

"She was as happy as could be that her best friend was going along. I wanted to tell her right then and there about the sex I had with Shauna but I was afraid it would bust our little bubble. I really didn't want Brad and his wife going on our honeymoon with us but I had no way out of it."

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