Passions Aflame in France
Chapter 1

My first attempt at writing a French romance novel had sold well and my readers were asking when I would write a second one. In the process of writing the first book, I realized that I really needed to go back to France. I knew it would be helpful to refresh myself on the feel of the country, and maybe gather some photos to be used in the book. I also wanted to do some more research, to insure that my information and historical references were correct.

Writing the first book had been very time consuming, but I had enjoyed it very much. I had also been busy promoting it at various events and book signings. I mentioned my desire to return to France to my husband. He seemed rather cool to the idea, but I kept working on him. I knew, from our discussions, that he had set aside some money for some special projects, and a few toys for himself.

I had originally borrowed the funds, for the publishing of the first book, from him. I had assured him that I would be able to pay him back. Sales were good and I think he saw that it should be an easy feat for me to repay the loan.

Let me tell you a little background about my husband. His name is Chad and he is a good man. He is a hard worker and he has always provided for my needs. He is not able to give me all the things that I want, such as; a bigger house, frequent trips to Europe, or fancy meals and evenings out. He does try hard, and I realize that he is doing the best he can. When I express my desires or wishes for these things, he just groans and replies that we should be happy for the things we have.

When I married him, we were in love. I was jealous of his waist, which was smaller than mine. He was funny, handsome, and unlike the other guys that I knew. He was romantic and did nice things for me. I really liked that in him. Somehow, over the years, our relationship had changed. His face grew larger and so did his waistline. We no longer talked for hours like we used to.

He would come home from work and plop down in his special chair. Sometimes he would work on the list that I always had ready for him. I was always asking him to remodel or refinish some room. He is a very good craftsman and I have always complemented him on his fine work. When he would complete one task, I would always have another project for him. Sometimes he would just come home and watch sports or a movie. He complained about the expense if I wanted to go out to a fancy restaurant. He said the food was better at home anyway.

I began to notice things I didn't like about him. He would wear his favorite old sweats around the house. If he was working hard, his body would become sweaty and smelly. Sometimes his breath would be bad because he loved garlic so much. Although he was still handsome in his own way, he wasn't dashing like the men in the movies. I would tease him and comment about the things I didn't like. For some reason he would take offense and become hurt by my comments.

As time went on, I began to look to old movies and romance novels for my excitement. That is what led me into writing. I found that, in a story, I could express myself and go off on flights of fancy. I could experience things that I never would be able to in real life, with my husband.

I began to be more careful about how I exposed my body. I would often dress in the closet so that I wouldn't get him excited and entice him to make love to me. I was usually up late, working on my book, and I didn't really need the distraction.

Of course, we would have our occasional tryst, but it wasn't something that I sought out. I was more than content to find my fantasies in my writing. I decided to put all my efforts into being the best writer that I could be.

One day, during a book signing, I noticed a handsome young man in the crowd. He looked to be in his twenties and he was very athletic looking. He was incredibly handsome and I couldn't help but glance at him every chance I got.

After some time, he came over to my table and began to page through my book. I said "Hi, do you have any questions?" He replied that he was just looking. He laid the book down and mentioned that he had always wanted to go to France.

I noticed that he had a fancy camera hanging over his shoulder. I asked if he was a photographer. He replied that he did some free lance work and also some weddings on the side. He said he used the money to help pay his way through college.

The wheels in my head started to turn and I mentioned that I might need some freelance work done myself. He gave me his card and then walked off to the next table. From the very professional looking business card; I learned that his name was David.

I watched him closely as he walked away. His strong handsome face, his broad shoulders, and his tight little tush were all quite pleasing to the eye. I made a mental note to contact him, and then turned to help another person who was interested in my book. When I arrived home, my husband was already in bed, snoring away. He had worked a long day and I was content to let him sleep.

He had often let me know that he would be very happy to wake up and find me making love to him. Although I knew he would like it, I decided to let him sleep. I went to my study and continued to work on the book. Occasionally, I was interrupted with the vision of David running through my head. Wouldn't it be exciting to get to know him a little better?

About a week later, I called David and arranged to meet him at a local coffee shop. I was feeling somewhat frisky, so I put on my sleeveless top, which showed off my nice toned arms and complemented my lovely breasts. I also wore my high heels and my form fitting jeans.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I still looked pretty good, thanks to some great genes, that had been passed down. I have always liked my legs and butt the best. I know the effect I can have on men, and frequently catch guys checking me out. Occasionally I get a few whistles. It sure does a lot for a girl's ego.

The meeting with David went very well. Like me, he also showed up wearing a sleeveless shirt. He was extremely well proportioned and he had very nicely developed arms, probably from working out. His hair was neatly trimmed and he had on wonderful smelling cologne. It was really quite intoxicating. We had a stimulating conversation and I couldn't help but notice what an attractive man he was.

I proceeded to tell David about our possible trip to France. I told him that I was hoping to get some photos to use in the book, or to use as inspiration for some future illustrations. I also said that I was looking for someone who was comfortable around computers. David said that he was very knowledgeable about computers and had set up some web pages for his friends.

He asked when we might be thinking of going to France. He mentioned that school would be out in mid May and he should be able to free up some time after that. We discussed compensation and he said that he would be content to have his expenses paid for. He said that he had always wanted to travel to France. We agreed that I would take care of his travel expenses and he would help with photos, research, and the computer.

When I mentioned there might be some fringe benefits, I noticed a little twinkle in his eye. I leaned forward to point to the date on his calendar, and once again caught a whiff of that incredible cologne. I found myself becoming very interested in this young man. We left with the understanding that I would talk with my husband about the finances and dates of the trip. As he walked away, I again stared at that beautiful little butt.

When my husband arrived home, we did our obligatory peck on the cheek. He went off to read the paper while I proceeded to make dinner. During dinner, I mentioned that I had met with David and that he was very interested in working with me on the project.

Chad looked up at me with questioning eyes. I had always loved his eyes and their intense beauty was not lost on me. I explained that this project was very important to me and that I needed this trip in order to properly prepare for my next book. I also reminded him of how well I had been doing in the process of paying him back. He said that he would think about it.

Later, when I heard him in the shower, I slipped off my clothes and joined him. I washed his back and he washed mine. We dried each other off and then we slipped into bed. I again brought up the subject of the trip to France. I could see that my ploy was working, because Chad said he would have to check his schedule. We stopped talking and then made love. It turned out to be a pretty good romp and we both drifted off into a restful sleep.

The next day, Chad called me from work and gave me the days that would work with his schedule. I contacted David and then set the dates for our trip. I called our travel agent and had her book the flights. I then began to plan our itinerary. Chad gave me his credit card and asked me to charge all the expenses on it so that we had an itemized accounting of the trip. It looked like this trip was really going to happen.

I decided to arrange for a time when Chad could meet David, before we left for France. I agreed to make dinner, and asked David to meet us at 6:00 PM, at our house. I let Chad greet David at the door. It sounded like they hit it off pretty well. I think Chad could see how intelligent David was and how he could be a great asset to the project.

I chose to wear one of my sexy dresses that I knew Chad liked. It showed off my long legs and exposed a good portion of my cleavage. I put my hair up and wore some of my larger earrings. When I gazed in the mirror, I was pretty pleased with myself. I said, "You've still got it old girl." David smiled when he saw me. Gauging by the look in his eyes, he was very pleased by what he saw.

I asked everyone to be seated, then proceeded to bring the food to the table. I decided to serve the food myself. I made sure that my chest was properly aligned, so that David could get a good look at my cleavage. Dinner went well and we retreated to the family room to talk about the details of the trip. When Chad seemed satisfied with the arrangements, he excused himself and said he had to get up early for work.

I brought out my laptop, and we proceeded to go over some information, and began planning the itinerary. As I sat next to David, his cologne began to work its magic on me. I would lean forward every chance I got. I could tell by his reaction that he liked what he saw. Several times I got close enough so that I could feel his breath upon my cheeks. I was wearing my most expensive perfume and I could tell it was having an effect on him.

Several times, I got up from my chair to refresh our drinks. Upon returning, I would hike up my skirt as far as I dared. When we completed our work, I gave him a peck on the cheek and sent him on his way. As I lay in bed, thoughts of David occupied my mind. I fantasized about what it would be like to be with him.

The next month was filled with preparations for the trip, the book, and promotional obligations. I arranged to meet David one more time to finalize some details. We met at our house while Chad was at work. I wore a light t-shirt and decided to go braless. I also put on my shortest shorts. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with what I saw.

Once again, I could tell that David was pleased when I greeted him at the door. He had on a button down shirt that was open at the chest. His chest was free of any hair, unlike Chad's. It was an instant turn on. He was also wearing those long silky shorts and looked very youthful. Once again, we sat as close as we dared, breathing in the smells and heat from each other. I had not been this turned on for many years.

Well, the big day finally came and we headed to the airport. Chad had one of his employees drop us off and it didn't take us long to locate David. I had all I could do to keep from running up to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. When we received our boarding passes, I was disappointed to see that David had been placed several rows back.

It wasn't too difficult to convince Chad to switch, since David had a window seat. I convinced him that we needed to get some work done, prior to our landing in France. Chad seemed to understand my explanation, but I could tell he was disappointed that he would not be able to sit with me. I had been so anxiously looking forward to being close to and taking in the essence of David. I couldn't wait to have him sit next to me, for the eight hours we would be on the plane.

The plane took off and David and I went right to work. We began by discussing logistics and planning out which museums we wanted to visit. I would playfully hit him on the leg, at various times, in order to make a point. As we got farther into our flight, I became more comfortable with resting my hand upon his leg. David didn't seem to mind this at all.

For the rest of the flight, we tried to get some sleep. I sensed that David was trying to look me over, whenever he had the chance. I obliged him by unbuttoning a few buttons, explaining that the warm air in the cabin was making me hot. As the flight wore on, I drifted off to sleep, with my head on David's shoulder. I awoke to an announcement from the captain that we would be landing soon.

The landing went smoothly, we picked up our luggage without any problems, and then we went to get our car. I was finally here. I was in Paris with a handsome young man. I knew that some very good times were in store. Of course, Chad was along, but I knew how to handle him and keep him in tow. For me, the next few weeks were going to be very productive.

I had a slight twinge of guilt as I looked over at Chad. He smiled back at me and I knew I shouldn't be having those desires. But it was so exciting, almost to the point of being an obsession. It was like Chad had become an old friend, and now I had a fresh new lover.

Chad had developed all those little things that I found so annoying, but here was David; young, handsome, and virile. I wasn't sure how this would all turn out, but I sure didn't want to look back and say that I had missed an opportunity for excitement and adventure in romantic old France.

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