The Land Lady's Daughter and Beth
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, BiSexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The world is sometimes filled with wonderful things, really marvelous things you'd never expect. Sometimes you meet someone who really is centered and alive and wise and wonderful. And sometimes, this all circles around years later and leaves you thinking about things and how they worked out and wondering how they will work out? Meet Mrs Finley, who has my vote for Mother of the Year!

The way reality sometimes happens to you can just stagger you with thinking about 'what are the odds?' All those rumors flying around work for the last few weeks, a phone call out of the blue from my old landlady in college, thinking about having to suddenly give up my job or retire, lots of odd thoughts zinging their way around inside my head these last few days and I thought putting them down on paper as a story might help me sort it out. I find that when your thinking gets fuzzy and you can't explain what you are thinking or feeling, sometimes just writing it down helps you think about stuff and gives you a bit clearer vision of what it is that it bothering you.

So here goes.

I lived in this in-law unit for my last two years of college. Getting out of the dorms was a good thing as the constant partying and the noise that comes from a bunch of kids living together didn't make it easy for me to study.

I'd inherited this cottage from a friend of mine's friend who I knew in a vague sort of way. He wanted to pass it on to someone and 'keep it in the family', rather than just having the landlady post a notice and get some total stranger moving in. I'd been over there a few times and really liked the place so when the chance came up. I grabbed it.

The deal was that I had to do some work around the house as part of my rent but it wasn't hard work. Just putting a few hours in every week pulling weeds and like that.

My landlady, Ms. Finley, and I meet and I guess that I was what she was looking for. I'm kind of a nerd type, never getting out of my shell except for times I'm talking with people about stuff we shared interests in. She didn't want a lot of parties going on and I wanted a quiet space.

There was a hot tub that came with the deal that I hadn't known about. It was in back of the converted garage that I'd be living in. The apartment wall that looked into the back yard was almost all big window doors that gave a view of the brick patio surrounded by planters, a grape arbor over the patio and this big oak tree over everything. Even though it was in town, it was a very private and secluded place.

Ms Finley was in her mid thirties, I think. From twenty, that's a major difference in age. She was pretty, in an older woman kind of way. I was surprised to find that she had a daughter.

I worried I'd blown the interview meeting Annie, the daughter. She was this gorgeous, ripe, fantastic looking blonde and that description doesn't do her justice. She popped in while I was talking with her mom in the kitchen and I had to turn around to see her. She and her mom discussed something or other, then she said it was nice to meet me and bye and I said something in return.

Then I just turned to Ms. Finley and blurted out, "Holy cow!"

She laughed as I shook my head. Annie had the impact of Farah Fawcett.

"That going to be a problem?"

"No, it's just that I wasn't ready. She's gorgeous!"

"Yeah. But she's a good kid."

"I think I'll be okay, once I get over the shock."

"I think you will, too."

I got a few friends to help me lug my junk and moved in Saturday afternoon. My girlfriend, Beth, meet my landlady and they seemed to approve of each other. Beth and I had been hitting a few second hand stores and scored all the kitchen stuff I needed. We unpacked my books into the built in shelves and soon had it all put away.

After a dorm room, the place was palatial. It had a little kitchen along the wall that made up the outside of the bathroom. You could pull a screen and it disappeared. There was a big, dark wood table and three chairs, a couch, a bed in an alcove and a standing fireplace. The window doors made it seem much bigger than it actually was.

I made the first meal in my new home and I laid a small stack of wood in the fireplace for later.

Beth isn't the world's best looking woman, but then, I'm not the world's best looking guy. We weren't each other's first, but we were each others first real lover. You know, the difference between getting her home for curfew and sleeping together all night long?

Beth had a skinny little body she usually kept hidden under baggy clothes and was a charter member of the itty bitty tittie commitee. But she and I had a really good sex life together and she was amazingly adventuresome in things we tried.

Tubs were something that we had gone to before, but having one in the back yard was something else. Shortly after it got dark, I suggested that we take one. I told her it was house rules to shower off first, and we used my little shower to fool around. I told her that we'd have to be quiet, because it was summer and the neighbors might hear us.

I loaned her my robe and wrapped a towel around my waist, as the next door neighbors could see into our yard from their back porch. But the tub enclosure was back further and they couldn't see into it.

We tip toed into the back yard and I opened the gate. I was pretty disappointed when I saw a candle already lit and my landlady in the tub. I excused myself and was starting to close the gate to give her some privacy when she spoke.

"It's all right, you can come in."

I glanced at Beth. She gave me a look that said it was okay with her, unless I wanted to go back inside and mess around? I shrugged. "If you're sure it's okay?"

"Yeah. I like to be social in a tub. We're pretty informal around here."

Well, social nudity was new to me then, plus I had a pretty good hard on from the messing around Beth and I had been doing in the shower. But the candle was in a bowl up on a shelf on the garage wall and didn't illuminate the area beside the tub. I was loosing my hard on pretty fast. Beth just took off her robe and hung it on a peg and climbed in and I was right behind her.

Being neck deep in the hot water, the ivy over the tub and the candle made an intimate environment. We talked about the move and drank some jug wine out of paper cups. The only thing that made it any different was that we were all naked.

Being twenty and socially awkward, it was pretty exciting to me for a while. Just knowing that I was sharing a tub that had two naked females in it had my hormones raging, but the casual way they were talking was very every day and my dick softened up in the hot water. I was feeling pretty sophisticated about it all, but I was at last able to get up and sit on the deck without embarrassing everyone.

Mrs. Finley said that if someone hung a towel on the gate that meant that whoever was in the tub wanted privacy. She was very diplomatic about it. After about a half hour, she excused herself and climbed out. She was casual about toweling off in front of us, but she'd been sitting up on the edge of the tub to cool off and I'd already saw all of her. She was in good shape and way past Beth in the tits department.

We fooled around in the tub, moving around each other weightlessly. Beth was into sci-fi like me and said she always wanted to fuck in zero gee.

Well, a few weeks went by and I got to see Mrs. Finley's daughter in her birthday suit. I got over her amazing beauty and found she was a nice person who had suddenly been transformed into this goddess. She talked to Beth and me one night out in the tub about how everyone was just suddenly goofy around her. All the boys drooled and all her girlfriends were wary of losing their drooling boyfriends to her. She had just turned sixteen and showed us a picture of her at her fifteenth birthday party. Gawky, skinny and going through a horrible case of pimples: I couldn't believe it was the same girl.

Beth and Annie had talked for a while about how she was handling the situation. She was still the same kid, only all womaned up. Beth laughed at one point, confessing how she felt insecure about herself around Annie. She wasn't nasty about the laugh, it was more rueful than laughing at, if you see what I mean. She gave Annie a good looking over while she was sitting on the edge of the tub, then confessed how envious she was of her body. It made Annie a little uncomfortable, being scrutinized like that. Then Beth sighed mornfully, hamming it up a little. "I'll never look like you. Life is just so unfair!" The way that she delivered the line got the laugh she intended from the both of us.

Looking back, I'm not really sure how long it took me to accept Annie for who she was, not what she looked like. Behind the intimidating great looks, she was a good person. Beth's being over all the time allowed Annie to feel secure about being in the tub with me. I think it happened fairly quickly, because I don't remember ogling her after the first time the three of us shared a tub together. And that was just for a few minutes. Annie had given me a pinch and a glare, but then laughed at me while Annie was getting into the tub. I apologized to Beth with my eyes and she eased off and gotten into a conversation with Annie. After a while, I stopped thinking about the fact that I was naked in the same water with such a goddess and began to accept her for who she was, not what she looked like.

A few weeks went by and I settled into living in the household. I learned about the garden and what plants were weeds and which were flowers. Ms. Finley and I worked together well and had some interesting conversations while we did the mundane work that the garden needed. She was an interesting person who it was easy to talk to about anything. I'll give you an example of what I mean by this.

I think it was the second week that I was living there. Beth was off to the library doing some research and it was just the two of us. Ms. Finley was wearing a baggy pair of shorts and a halter top while we did the weeding in the rock garden part of the garden. She caught me staring as she bent over. Instead of giving me shit about it, she laughed. "Can you tell me something? How come my tits are so fascinating? You've seen them before." I was crimson at being caught checking out her chest.

"I, uh, well." I didn't really know what to say. "I don't know."

She gave me a smile that let me off the hook. "Funny, isn't it? Clothes make my chest interesting, but you don't look at me like that when we're naked. Why do you suppose that is?"

I thought about it for a while and we had a conversation about nudity and how concealing something can make it more interesting, like secrets are more interesting to find out than something that is common knowledge. What could have been a very awkward situation evolved into a discussion that went on to cover a lot of territory. She admitted she found it a bit flattering when men checked her out, if they did it without being too intrusive. We talked about how men were drawn to women with good bodies, while women always checked out how men were dressed first. I learned a lot from her while we worked in the garden. She was very easy to talk to and it was like being in a bull session with other guys, except different. There wasn't any fear of saying something stupid with her. She was easy to talk to, very open and accepting of anything that someone might want to say. You knew that she would never laugh at you, but always with you.

Looking back at it, she still remains one of the best people that I have ever met in my life. When I first moved into the apartment, I was attracted to the privacy and the seclusion of the place. Of course, the in-law unit didn't really have that much privacy as I found out one morning while I was standing in my birthday suit drinking coffee and watching a squirrel in the back yard. Mrs. Finley came out and waved casually at me and began watering the plants. I put on some cut-offs and went out to apologize. She said that nudity didn't bother her and it was fine with her. I knew she meant it and relaxed about it. I liked the morning sun streaming in the big windows and never put the blinds down.

I think that it was about a month later that Beth and I were enjoying some Sunday morning sex and I caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and there was Annie, looking in while I was doing Beth doggy style. She had been on her way out to the tub, but our activities had caught her attention and she was frozen outside. When I looked at her, she hurriedly turned around and went back into the house. 'Oh shit, ' I thought as I stopped and pulled a sheet up over us.

I explained to Beth what had happened and we talked about what we should do as we got dressed. I thought that it might be the end of my tenancy. I talked Beth into going into the house and talking to Annie. She wasn't really looking forward to the conversation, but could see that it would be less awkward for her to have a woman to woman conversation than for me to try and talk to her.

I was on pins and needles for the next twenty minutes or so. Finally Beth came out of the main house and I could see that she was all right and a great weight left my mind. Annie stuck her head out the door and called out something that I didn't catch to Beth, who cracked up at the remark. Annie glanced over and saw me, blushed, then shrugged and grinned and went back inside. Beth was still chortling uncontrollably when she got to me and gave me a hug.

"What's so funny?" I asked her.

"Wha, ha ha, what she said was, ha, ha, ha! Your pretty well hung for such a skinny fuck! Ha, ha, ho, oh!" She went back into hysterical laughter while I gave in and joined her, hugging her and holding her up.

Beth explained (when she could finally talk straight) that Annie had been as mortified as we were by the situation. Annie had apologized to her for her for watching us before Beth could say a word. Beth had apologized to her for not pulling the blinds and then they had a conversation in which they both agreed that nothing would be said to Annie's mom about what had happened. It was a great relief to all of us.

Of course, the next time the three of us shared a hot tub, it was slightly awkward between Annie and I. She was already in the tub when Beth and I went in. I was blushing furiously and couldn't look at her. Beth took off her robe and climbed in. Beth told me that Annie was blushing just as red as I was and couldn't look at me. I think that her ribald remark was flashing through both of our minds in bright bold letters about twenty feet high.

Beth looked back and forth at us and cracked up.

That broke the ice. I looked over at Annie and we exchanged sheepish grins that grew into genuine smiles. Beth was holding herself up on the side of the tub with one hand, almost in convulsions as she got into one of those all time laughs. I put a leg over the side of the tub, then casually took my free hand and pushed Beth's head into the water as I eased in, cutting off her maniac laughter.

She came up sputtering and splashed me. I got it full in the face and retaliated. I got Annie and the book she'd been reading, making it an instant free for all. Or girls against the guy.

In the next few minutes, the entire tub enclosure was soaking, towels, plants, deck, robes. We must have splashed about an eighth of that tub out. Finally we called a truce and were catching our breaths.

"I'm sorry I didn't pull the blinds," I told Annie.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to throw water on you two, like we had to do with the Plummer's dog."

That was unfair, I hadn't caught my breath from the splashing. Try laughing your guts out while breathing your lungs out. It hurt to laugh like that, but I couldn't keep from doing it. I'd get myself under control, then look at one of them and burst out again.

I finally turned around and was leaning on the side of the tub when the gate opened and Ms. Finley walked in. She stood there for a moment, with a towel over her arm in her terry cloth robe and looked around at the water dripping off everything. She seemed like Annie's mom as she stood there. While the specific house rule No Rough Housing in The Hot Tub hadn't been mentioned, and we all instantly went into kid-caught mode. Then she grinned and shook her head. She asked us as she hung her towel up on a peg what was so funny?

That set us off again.

It took about ten minutes of giggling and eye glances before we decided that it was okay to let her in on our little secret. She was hipper than all of us put together and it wasn't fair not to let her in on the joke, then another ten to tell it, which was pretty hard to do, what with the interrupting each constantly. When we were finally done, we got a laugh that was appreciative, but didn't get down to what we'd gone through. It was one of those 'you had to be there' experiences.

It was a good time in my life. I was in love with Beth, though I didn't really know it at the time. We were so hungry for each other's bodies with that ferocious sexuality that only the young can have. We were wrapped up in the discovery of what we were finding out for the first time and we thought it was about sex. We had sex in the stacks at the library. We had sex at overlooks, stealthy sex and every way we could think of sex. Though Beth had her own dorm room, we spent most of our time at my place and she became an accepted member of our little household.

I wonder now about how we must have looked to outsiders, Beth and I. We had a certain aura about us, I am certain. That musky, smoldering, passion leaves a bubble around a couple, a bubble that draws sexual interest from others. The basic, instinctual attraction we felt attracted attention. And I wonder now about why Ms. Finley was so accepting of us. With a teen age daughter suddenly blossoming into a swan, I would have worried about the fascination she would naturally be having towards things sexual.

The gardening we did together gave us private time to talk. Funny how when there's work to be done, others just naturally disappear.

We had conversations that ranged freely across a lot of subjects and I brought up 'how should I deal with this?' the next time we did the garden. Ms Finley taught me a lot about plants and how they grew. I began to pick up a lot of knowledge from her about botany. She taught it at the University and was a natural teacher.

'Well, I think it's pretty well okay, don't you?"

"We'll be more careful about the blinds in the future. I promise."

She leaned back and wiped her forehead off. Then she asked me if it bothered me to be seen fucking? I thought about it for a second, then shrugged. "I just don't want ... you know."

"Annie to be traumatized by the sight of something that goes on in the world hundreds of millions of times a day on two billion channels? Can I trust you with a secret? You can tell Beth if you want to, but you both cannot tell Annie."

I could tell she was serious. "Like what? She's fathered by the aliens who abducted Elvis?"

"No hints. Just your word or we talk about something else."

Curiosity got the cat and it nailed me, too. "All right, I promise."

She relaxed and breathed out. Then gave me a glance to see if I was telling the truth. I was.

"Annie has seen other people besides you."


"I've always had students living out here and I've always chosen those that are in relationships, as it makes for less chaos around here. Boys looking for girls tend to be more chaotic, more into partying and chasing girls. Annie grew up with older couples around who were very sexual. The carriage house is like it has always been since it was built in the twenties and we've always had the tub. You're not the first couple she's seen. Can I ask you for advice?"


"Yeah. You're closer to Annie in age than I am."

"But I'm a guy!"

"Yeah. That's why I want to ask you something."


"When Annie got to be eight, she found a way to climb out her window at night. She liked to come out to the garden and play on full moon nights. Some people have trouble sleeping at a full moon. I know she must have inherited it from me."

"Far out."

"Yeah. She was really cute. I would be up and see her running around naked in the back yard, jumping all over the place: Must be some Druid blood in the family somewhere."

I smiled.

"She'd shiny down the big branch that runs over the fence. One night, I saw her prancing around in the back yard, when she stopped suddenly and froze. Then she walked over to the tree and climbed up it. I thought she was going back to her room and waited to hear the thump she'd make against the wall on the way in. But I didn't hear the thump and got up to look out the window and she's half way up the limb and looking into the tenants window." She could see I understood the scene, and then went on. "I didn't quite know what to do. My mother had caught me looking at some magazines my brother had and it was a horrible scene. I didn't want to put my daughter through that kind of memory, so I just didn't run out and yank her out of the tree. Then I thought, she's just curious and how better to find out? She was such a little pagan, dancing naked in the moonlight. So I let her watch and never said anything about that night."

"I see," I said. She'd gotten to me with the story, and I could see her point.

"My parents were very proper people and I dropped out of high school and started dropping acid." She went on, "I found out a lot of things about my self and eventually went back to school. I was lucky that child care was available then, because I'd already had Annie. I've tried to figure out what's best for her and avoid loading her up on guilt feelings about her body. My mother did such a job on me the time she caught me masturbating over my brother's skin magazines that I didn't really start to enjoy sex until I was nineteen. I don't think that people should be brought up the way that I was, but I don't really know a better way. I'm making it up as I go along."

"I think you did a fantastic job with Annie."

"Thanks. She's a good person, isn't she?"

"Yeah. She's really great."

She blew some of her breath out through her lips. "Well, I never spoke to her about her moon dancing and somehow couldn't bring myself to say anything. If you look up over your head, you'll see a stub sticking up out of the top of the limb, over there?" She pointed it out. "Annie likes to lay across the limb there." She chewed her lip for a moment and I let her think. "She deflowered herself on it one night about two and a half years ago."

I was stunned. She was confiding in me things that I wasn't sure I should know.

She glanced at me. "Pretty heavy, huh?" I nodded. "This thing has been going on for years and I worry about it and still can't figure out what to do about it all. If I talk about part of it, I have to talk about it all and I think that isn't what she needs. I think that she needs that moon dancing to be who she should be. Does that make any sense to you? If I say something, she won't dance any more. I sense her spirit needs that. I know that children in other cultures grow up seeing adults have sex. But we don't live in tee pees anymore and our society says it's wrong to look at people having sex. Yet men like to look at it and become aroused. I've seen a few skin flicks and gotten off on them. I think that being curious about sex is perfectly normal. But I can see that I should be bothered and upset by this. So my question is, should I stop her? What would I rather have myself, seeing real actual sex or seeing some strangers doing sex tricks on a tape?" She picked up her trowel and went back to her transplanting. I weeded and thought.

"I don't think that it's doing her any harm."

"Talk to Beth about it and let her know, would you please? The full moon is in two days and she might like some time to decide whether to pull the blinds." She gave my jeans a glance and went on with her work. I took a second to register that she had just checked out my cock and, yes, it was pretty visible and yes, she was okay with it. I began weeding and thought it over. She was one very deep woman and I wondered about how she got to be able to have conversations like we had just had and make me know that I could be more relaxed about hiding my sexual life and being aroused. She had treated me for the first time in my life with an adult respect dealing with an adult subject. Allowed me the space to be a sexual being and given me a Zen lesson that I would take years to fully appreciate.

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