What Next? a New Start
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "What if?" story about Casey Anthony and how her life might have gone if she'd had the porn film contract to take after her "not guilty" verdict in her murder trial.

The verdict had been returned by the jury – "not guilty" on all counts, except for the four counts of lying to the police. After nearly 2 ½ years of being held in jail, accused of the capital murder of her own 2-year old daughter, and potentially facing the death penalty, Casey Anthony was going to go free and start a new life.

New life? What kind of new life could Casey possibly hope to start? Casey was sitting in her jail cell that evening after her day in court where she'd heard the "not guilty" verdicts by read out loud by the jury forewoman. She knew she might still be sentenced to some time in jail for the guilty verdicts on lying, but she hoped the worst of this experience was over for her. Her jailer had already brought Casey some more comfortable regular clothes so she could get out of the stark, plain jailhouse garb she'd had to wear for so long.

Suddenly, Casey's female jailer came to her cell door and told her there was a phone call for her. Casey quickly walked where she could take her call, and it was one of her defense attorneys. They had received word of a job offer for Casey and wanted to let her know about the offer as soon as possible.

"What kind of company has offered me a job?" Casey asked.

"Casey, it's an offer coming from Vivid Film Productions. They're very impressed with you and they want to offer you a contract to start working for them as soon as you're released," Amber, the attorney, told her over the phone.

Casey caught herself thinking over the words "impressed", "contract to start working." What kind of employment opportunity could this possibly be, Casey wondered.

"You've never heard of Vivid Productions, have you, Casey?" Amber asked.

"No, have you?" Casey replied.

"Can I be bluntly honest with you, honey?" Amber asked.

"Sure, Amber, you've always been straight with me," Casey said.

"Vivid Productions is impressed with three things about you, Casey: your acting potential, your physical appearance, and your past reputation."

"Hmmm, that's interesting,"Casey responded."

"It may be very interesting if you take their offer, Casey," Amber told her twenty-something client. "Vivid makes porn films, Casey, and they see you are a very hot item right now."

"Porn? You mean, this offer is for me to work for a fuck movie production company?"

"You've got it. Good girl, Casey. Vivid Productions has folks–talent scouts-constantly looking for new talent. You've been staying busy for quite awhile with your trial, but you've received some amazingly high profile exposure, and Vivid's management thinks you've got some very high potential to create a successful working future for yourself and for their profit margin, Casey."

"Wow, Amber, really? What do you think? Is this a good offer, is it something I should check into?"

"Casey, we can talk more about this tomorrow, but sleep on it and give the offer some serious consideration. Trust me, the world awaiting you outside the doors of the jail is not the world you left when you arrived. OK? You're not going to find very many people welcoming you outside with open arms, Casey, so you may need to consider what you can do to form a new life for yourself where you are not forced to mingle and function in society every day. Do you know what I'm saying?"

"Casey, let me speak frankly for just a moment. OK? Clearly, you're a very attactive young woman who has a very sexy body. You're obviously not a virgin; you've been pregnant and had a child. Vivid Productions, I assure you, has talked to a lot of people who knew you very well, Casey. Very well. They've seen images of your new tattoo, and they've seen images of you out partying. OK? Tomorrow they're going to see you in new non-prisoner clothing and a nice bra that's going to accentuate your well-endowed chest, and your hair fixed much nicer."

"Here's the question you must answer to your satisfaction, Casey. Are you ready to take your personal life, your public image, and your own lifestyle to another level? Do you have any idea what somone who works for Vivid Productions really does and what they are busy doing?"

"You said it, Amber, I'm not a virgin. And, I am a party girl, and I do love to party in every description of the word. You do know that, right?"

"Casey, have you ever had sex before with anyone else watching beside the guy you were doing it with?"

"Mmmm, Amber, you mean like an orgy? Oh yeah, I sure have."

"Really? You've had sex before others there watching you?"

"Yes, Amber, I've done that many times."

"Casey, could you do that same thing in front of several other people, especially in front of a film crew catching your every move? That IS what Vivid Film Productions does – you know that right?"

Part II

Casey had taken the porn film contract with Vivid Productions, but the actual filming session did not turn out as she'd anticipated. Casey had shown up at the studio location, but after she'd been shown to makeup and then wardrobe, Casey realized that she was starting to feel woozy and quickly beginning to lose consciousness. When Casey came to, she immediately knew that she'd been placed over some kind of contraption and she was totally naked and strapped down by both her wrists and her ankles. She looked around as she began to come to and be able to see more, and then she saw a rather hot, muscular man standing there next to her face.

"Well, you've finally decided to join us, bitch," Scim (real name, Rod) said as he stood there naked and stroking his large thick cock that was already fully hard and ready for action.

"We didn't want to begin this film shoot without your full and active participation, Casey," Scim said. "Oh, my name is Scim, and that's my on-film name that's short for Scimitar. See this big fucking thick cock of mine, Casey, it looks just like a scimitar, one of those big-assed curved swords that the soldiers during the Crusades used to carve up the hapless Crusaders who were foolish enough to take them on. I'm planning to carve your cunt up the same way, Casey."

Without another word, Scim stood there in front of Casey's face, with her bound hands and feet so she could not get away and she could not do anything but take what she was about to get.

"I'd let you suck my cock, Casey, but I don't fucking trust you, to be very honest. Actually, I don't think anyone trusts you anymore, you fucking cunt."

Scim moved around behind Casey's naked exposed ass and he spit on his fingers and then began rubbing them coarsely up and down across the slit of Casey's exposed pussy. When he'd gotten the lips of her cunt wet that hadn't been fucked in over three years, Scim moved in behind Casey's exposed backside, and then quickly positioned the tip of his swollen cockhead straight into the horny brunette's tight fucking cunt. His cock truly did resemble a Moorish scimitar and he got the tip of the cock in her cunt lips and then Scim surged forward into Casey's cunt, bringing a loud and obviously shocked moan of pain from her lips. Scim backed out an inch or two and then he thrust his strong muscular ass forward again, and quickly reached down, grabbing Casey's naked waist by both hands and then he began to thrust in and out of the young restrained woman's cunt as though this was the last fuck she'd ever get with such a huge massive cock. Scim didn't really care one way or the other; he'd been given his directions, and whether anyone ever saw this fuck film didn't matter. He was going to give Casey Anthony one of the most powerful cunt-wringing fucks she could ever imagine or that any woman could ever handle.

Scim was quite a spectacular porn film actor with the large, thick curved hardon that looked like some kind of deadly flesh weapon out of the imagination of a horny scriptwiter. Scim held onto Casey tightly because he knew that she not only hadn't felt a man's real cock inside her cunt in her years in jail, but he also knew he was possessed with quite an daunting sexual tool between his thighs.

Scim stroked his hard thick curved cock in and out of Casey's tight pussy. She was moaning desperately as though she'd never been fucked before; Scim knew it was because she'd never taken such a large thick, long and curved cock in every single millimeter of her cunt that hadn't been fucked the entire time she was in jail. Scim knew he could last for hours, and he set into fucking Casey as powerfully and as painfully as he could penetrate her.

Then, without missing a stroke, Scim pulled his entire cock out of Casey's tightly filled cunt, spit on the tip of his large swollen hardon and then aimed the tip into Casey's tight virginal rosebud asshole, and he felt the tip touch her cherry backside as he jammed his cock strongly inside her butt. This time Casey Anthony, a fucking baby-killer who'd gotten off, felt like a red-hot poker straight from the depths of Satan's hell had taken her up the ass. It had. Scim slid over six inches of his large scimitar-shaped cock into Casey's ass and he penetrated to the very depths of her bowels. Then, he picked up a rapid hard-driving rhythm that made Casey moan so loud that some of the film crew actually felt sympathy for her. Unable to resist, Cunt Casey Anthony felt herself explode into overwhelming powerful orgasm and as Scim ravished her unfucked butthole, Casey lost it in total and complete orgasmic contractions. She was done; Scim had taken her in the most completely depraved and merciless way possible.

Casey didn't think it was possible from the roughness of being restrained and then taken by Scim, but when he'd penetrated her tight ass and then fucked her until she exploded in orgasm, the powerful thrill of the pleasurable orgasm was so powerful that Casey began to move and thrust back towards Scim's deeply fucking cock inside her backside.

Scim pulled his cock out of Casey's tightly clasping cunt and then he flipped her over onto her back almost instantaneously, and spread her thighs wide apart, allowing the hard curved shaft of his cock to find the lips of her ravished cunt. He was so hard and so horny that he was able to place the tip of his engorged cock in her cuntlips and he thrust forward powerfully, instantly penetrating and burying his cock inside Casey's cunt almost three inches deep. He pulled his cock back out slightly, and reached down, grabbing Casey's ankles and spread her thighs wide apart as he bucked his tight muscular ass back and forth, burying every single inch of his thick curved cock inside Casey's young cunt to the very top. She continued to orgasm again from the violent fucking she was taking, and within a few minutes, Scim could feel his first cum beginning to start. He pumped in and out a few more times, and then he withdrew completely and aimed the tip of his cock straight into the lusty young brunette's face. His large cumload blasted powerfully onto her face and hair and the look on Casey's face told it all – she was loving every minute of being sexually ravished by a horny male porn actor with such an amazingly large and sexy tool.

The film crew there working the fuck scene in the room with Scim and Casey were loving it, too. All of the male members of the crew had raging hardons and they were intent on catching all of this on film, but most of the men on the crew wanted to unzip and stroke their aroused cocks. This sexual humiliation scene of Casey Anthony was so hot that everyone wanted to do what comes naturally when watching a woman being taken so completely by such a massively endowed hot muscular male.

"Now, Casey, get your ass up and suck my cock back to hardness again," Scim demanded. The look on Casey's face was priceless. It was exactly what anyone who'd seen Casey's murder trial would have expected –petulant, defiant, and the facial expression of someone who was not going to comply with any request they didn't want to go along with.

"Bitch, what does that expression on your face mean?" Scim asked as she reached over and grabbed Casey's long brunette hair and jerked her head to face him directly. "What the fuck do you think this is, woman, a game? Hardly, Casey. Didn't you read the details of your contact, bitch?"

"Suck this cock until I'm hard and I'm going to take you again, Casey. NOW!!!!"

Casey suddenly seemed to realize that this was not a game Scim was playing with her, and she also realized he had the ability of inflicting significant pain on her with his massive cock if he wanted to.

Scim and the film production crew knew Casey's reputation –that she was quite the party girl, and loved mixing it up in groups of men and women that were designed to lead to lusty sexual activity. Scim was quickly rewarded with Casey moving over in front of his semi-hard cock and shed quickly took his thick, hard manhood in her left hand and guided the tip of his cock in between her cock-hungry lips. Casey had missed this kind of lusty sexual activity so much and now she couldn't get enough of it. She didn't much care for the way Scim talked to her and dominated her, but Casey was loving the intimate physical attention she'd been missing all those years lost while she was locked up.

Casey thought back to earlier years when she'd been a care-free teenager with no cares in the world and nothing on her mind but getting laid by the best looking boys in school. She loved getting fucked and sucking horny guys' cocks more than anything. In fact, Casey had become such a party-girl that she'd pull a train for all the guys there if the setting seemed to lead to that. Everyone marveled at how voracious and lusty Casey was and how much she threw herself into group orgy scene. Casey couldn't seem to get enough sexual action to satisfy her. All it took to attract a large crowd at any party Casey attending was announce, "Casey's doing it again," and soon everyone else would stop making out and congregate wherever Casey was getting wild and letting it all go. She was a wild and very entertaining woman to watch having sex.

"Suck me off, bitch, I'm waiting," Scim said as his words brought Casey back to her present situation. "You fucking spaced out on me; get busy sucking my dick, girl."

Casey decided she would go Scim one better. She pushed him backward so he was reclining and then she bent over, taking his cock in her hand and began stroking him back into full, urgent erection. She'd suddenly taken the control of the set and Scim was willing to let her see what she could do. Casey continued firmly stroking Scim's curved cock and then she leaned over, opening her mouth and taking the large full tip of his cock in her lips. Scim tried to keep from moaning in pleasure. Casey sucked and stroked Scim's cock until it was large and fully curved in hot erection again. Then she threw her leg over his body, taking the tip of his hardon in her hand and guiding it straight up into the mouth of her tight cunt lips as she mounted him for another on-camera fuck with this renowned male porn star. Because of the pronounced curve of Scim's cock, Casey actually slid down and backwards as his large cock filled her horny cunt.

Casey loved the feeling of being in control this time. As far as she was concerned, the film crew and camera weren't even there. And, she was going to fuck herself on this magnificent specimen of a hot lusty male and she was going to take his load inside her unprotected pussy. Casey hadn't ever been on birth control, and she certainly hadn't been while she was locked up in jail. Nobody offered to fuck her there so there was nothing to protect against. Now, Casey was mounting Scim to fuck him and she knew she was supposed to let him pull out for "the money shot," but she also knew you could get knocked up from the pre-cum inside you before the guy ejaculated. Casey didn't really care whether she got knocked up again or not. That wasn't her main concern – she just wanted to have fun and enjoy her newfound career possibilities as a porn film actress. They might try to humiliate her and hurt her; she intended to make a goldmine out of it and enjoy the wild hot lusty sex in the process.

Casey slid fully down onto Scim's cock and she was amazed at how full and stretched her pussy felt. Even though he'd fucked her violently just a few minutes earlier, Casey had always loved being fucked. Casey leaned over Scim's body underneath her as her full tits dangled naked and full in front of his face as she rode back and forth on the length of his impaling cock.

"Mmmm, your cock feels so nasty and wonderful, Scim," Casey moaned as she felt herself reaching an orgasm much more quickly this time. Scim was actually lying there motionless and letting Casey do all the work. He was loving this young twenty-something babe actually losing herself in front of the film crew and forgetting that every move she made was being capture on film forever. He wondered what she'd think later when she saw herself on film doing this sex scene with him.

As Casey exploded in another strong orgasm, Scim grabbed Casey tightly so that he was now controlling the fuck as she reveled in her cum, and then he began to bump his ass off from the bed, sliding his hard cock in and out of her tightly filled pussy.

Realizing Scim was now aggressively fucking her again, Casey let herself enjoy not only orgasming, but also in being fucked by the biggest cock she'd ever felt inside her cunt. Scim actually bucked his firm muscular ass off the bed, screwing his large curved hardon deep up inside Casey's tight young pussy on each full inward fuck stroke. Casey felt totally possessed by this hot porn actor's actions and she knew this was going to be a very interesting experience.

Scim continued to thrust in and out of Casey's tight cunt and she exploded in orgasm again as he felt his own balls release their virile load of babymaking jism and he buried his meat hard and deep inside Casey's cunt and relished the hot rush of sexual release as he knew he was pumping a huge load of his sperm deep within the fertile pussy of this budding young porn queen.

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