Social Golf
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There are many benefits that arise in playing the game of golf, some of which are unexpected.

As he exited his car at the country's club parking lot, Vic Jensen knew it was going to be a hot day. The temperature already was 75 and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Sunny skies were the prediction with only a ten percent chance of rain.

Vic was at his club to play golf in the club's annual four person best ball net golf tournament. This was a tournament where after all the members who wanted to participate and have signed up to play are divided into four classes based on their golf indexes. Names are randomly drawn from each class as to which golfers will comprise the foursomes. It was a way for the new club members to meet other club members and become more comfortable with their club membership.

Vic had been a member of the club for twenty two years. He enjoyed this format since it was more social golf rather than serious golf although you couldn't tell that by how some of the members acted.

Vic had been divorced for twenty four years and was fifty six years old. He had retired from work last year, when the company he worked for had made an offer of early retirement to the older employees. The offer consisted of a beefed-up amount contributed to his pension with no discount applied because of his young age. Group health insurance was offered to those who accepted the retirement offer at the active employee rate. Couple that with his 401K, some stocks he had been successful in investing, and an inheritance from his parents which included 120 acres of land, some of which the State wanted to build a new prison on, all combined to put him in an enviable financial position.

He had put a large amount of his funds into the stock market and enjoyed managing the investments. He watched the total market value of his investments increase in value, despite now taking out some of his living expenses from them. A few of his friends had told him that he was too young to retire at fifty five, but he responded that "It was time to smell the roses."

Taking a look at the foursomes that had been posted for this tournament enable Vic to make a prediction as to whom the winners would be. It wasn't going to be Vic's foursome, but he thought that they wouldn't finish last either. His foursome consisted of Jim Cummings, John Meyers, and Jill Gregory. Vic knew the two fellows and had golfed with them a few times. He also knew Jill, who he had met through her husband Bill, a man he considered to be a friend. Bill was a super guy who unfortunately had succumbed to lung cancer and had passed away about three years ago. The word among Vic's acquaintances was that Jill was having a hard time getting pass her tragic loss.

Vic had thought that Jill was one of the more attractive and classy ladies among the club's members. She was just shy of fifty years of age, about five foot seven inches tall and somewhat on the thin side, with short dark hair. He knew from what Bill had said that she was no shrinking violet and that she spoke her mind when something bothered her. Bill had warned Vic that she usually had a nice personality and was easy to talk to, but you wouldn't want to get on her bad side. Bill had said that she could be a pistol if the need arose.

Checking the list as to which hole his foursome would start play on with this shotgun start, enabled Vic to find the golf cart where his golf bag had been placed. The other golf bag on the cart was a lady's golf bag, which had him assumed he would be riding with Jill. He was correct in this assumption because as he was applying some sun tan lotion, he saw Jill walking to the golf cart. Her attractiveness was pleasing to his eyes and he thought he would enjoy riding in the golf cart with her.

"I see where we are riding together today, I hope you don't mind riding with me?"

"Jill, given a choice of riding with Jim who wants to talk golf all the time, and John who constantly has a cigar in his mouth, I am blessed that I am riding with a smart and attractive lady."

"Oh Vic, you know how to make a girl feel good about herself."

"In looking at the foursomes I don't think we are going to win any trophies today, so let's just have a good time and enjoy ourselves."

They continued to get themselves ready to play golf as were a number of other participants who were gathered around the assembled golf carts.

Jill said, "Take a look at Cindy over there, what do you think about what she is wearing?"

Vic looked and saw that Cindy, who was in her early forties and was wearing what appeared at first glance, to be a very short white miniskirt that was at the very top of her thighs.

He said, "I hope that's a skort instead of a mini-skirt. If it is there are shorts under that skirt, so it is not as bad as it looks. Her modesty will be protected but I will say that, as a man, I can appreciate the nice figure she has. She certainly does have nice legs."

"Yes, she does have a nice figure, but that skirt is just too short even if it is a skort."

Vic could see that Jill was also wearing what he assumed was a skort, but it came down to her mid-thighs and was more respectable wear for ladies her age. He also noticed that Jill had nice legs as well.

The announcement for all the golfers to get into their carts and ride out to their starting holes for the tournament came over a loudspeaker. They followed the line of carts out on to the golf course and stopped when they were at the hole they were assigned to tee off from.

During the round Vic enjoyed talking with Jill. She was very pleasant and apparently well-educated based on how she spoke and her use of words. He had a chance to further observe her physical appearance. Maybe it was the cut of the skort, but from what he could see, she had a small butt with some very nice calves and ankles. What was a little surprising was that when the wind blew against the loose white blouse she was wearing, it showed that her breasts were larger than what he would expect because of her thin frame. Maybe it was the bra she was wearing, but they each appeared to be a more than an ample handful.

They talked about many things during the round of golf. One thing that Vic asked her was how she was doing financially.

"I still work at the clinic two days a week. Walsh Realty manages the two apartment buildings I own which keeps me from being involved too much with the buildings or the renters. The investments we had are handled by a broker that Bill knew and that is one area I wish I knew more about. I just don't have the time or the knowledge to handle the investments."

"Well, you know no one is going to care more about your monies than you. You do need to make sure that the broker is doing right by you. If you feel you can't do it, then you should have someone review your investments and give you an opinion of how your broker is doing."

"Who can I have do that?"

"Well, I do my own investing, but if you were to ask your lady friends I am sure they could recommend someone who is in the business and can do that."

"Thanks, I will do that."

They ended the round with a team score of seven under par. The winning team was sixteen under par. After a few drinks in the clubhouse, it was time for Vic to say his goodbyes.

On the drive back to his condo Vic thought about Jill. She was a nice lady who had been dealt a bad hand. She certainly was pleasant and interesting company. It wasn't that he was looking to date her as he already had a woman that he dated fairly regularly. It was well, just pleasant to be in her company. He hoped things would work out for her.

About two weeks after he had played in that golf tournament he heard his phone ring at home. Vic answered his phone and heard, "Hi Vic, its Jill Gregory."

"Hi yourself, what do I owe this phone call to?"

"Remember when we talked on the course about my investments? I haven't been able to find someone who I would feel comfortable in reviewing my portfolio and commenting on how my broker is doing. I know if I go to another broker and ask for a review he is going to want me to transfer my account to him for his handling. I wouldn't want to transfer my account if my present broker is handling it correctly. I would however like someone to give me a second opinion on his performance. I am wondering if you would be so kind as to do that for me."

"Jill, are you sure you want me to do that? I am not a registered investment advisor. Your financials are a personal matter. Are you sure you want to share them with me?"

"I have thought about it and I know you were friends with Bill. I would think that you would keep what you see confidential. I really would appreciate you doing a review."

"If that's what you want I will do it, but understand that my opinion is only an opinion. You can take it or leave it. When do you want to do this and do you have all the month end brokerage statements?"

"Yes I do, Mondays and Wednesdays are out, because I work then. Thursday or Friday at noon at my house would be fine."

"I will be over Thursday."

At the agreed time, Vic pressed the doorbell button at Jill's home. She answered the door and seemed to be in good spirits. Vic noticed that she was wearing a light blue blouse and a checkered skort much like the one she wore at the golf tournament. Jill thanked him for coming and asked him if he wanted anything to drink.

Vic passed on her offer by saying "Maybe later."

She showed him to a desk on which there was a notebook computer that was signed on to the net and she pointed out where the folders with the brokerage statements for the two accounts where. One of the accounts was an IRA, and the other account had been set up as a trust account. Vic told Jill to do what she had been doing and he would take a look at the statements. He wasn't sure how long this would take.

The first things Vic looked at were the year end statements. The statements reflected a nice increase in the value of the portfolios at the end of the year when compared to the beginning of the year which exceeded the S and P performance for that year. In going through the monthly statements, Vic saw that there wasn't much trading being done in the accounts. It seemed that the broker had a buy and hold philosophy. The specific investments pleasantly surprised Vic. The individual stocks and stock mutual funds were conservative and concentrated on the stocks that had a track record of increasing net income and increasing dividend payments. The income investments were in either insured municipal bonds or in individual bonds of established companies that were rated single A or better. There were also some diversified bond funds. Further income was generated from a smattering of REITs and a preferred stock ETF.

The allocation of stocks to income investments was an even split. In comparing the increases in values of both accounts to an established index balanced fund, Jill's performance beat the fund's performance. Vic had no quarrel with what the broker was doing in handling the accounts. There was no indication that he was churning the accounts or was making investments in loaded mutual funds with high expense ratios or 12b-1 fees. Overall, Jill was in good shape financially.

Vic went to find Jill and found her sitting on a couch in the family room reading a book. He told her of his findings and that he thought that with her wealth, she would not end up selling apples or anything else on a street corner which caused her to laugh. He thought the broker was doing a fine job in handling her investments.

"Who is this broker?"

"Ken Crawford, Bill met him when they were both going to school for their MBAs. We have gone out to dinner with him and his wife many times. We considered them to be close friends."

"The only thing I would suggest is that he needs to secure your approval before he buys or sells anything. When he does contact you, ask him why he is doing what he suggests. If what he is saying makes sense, agree to his suggestion. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is so don't let him do what he suggests. In that way you can learn vicariously about investing and your investments. I won't say it will happen, but there are a number of instances of investors who had invested with people they considered to be a friend only to find out later that they really weren't their friend. Those investors lost most of their money with these so called friends."

"The accounts are already set up that way and he does call me. I do know that when he calls that I sense he wants me to take that sort of an interest in my investments, but I haven't taken as much interest as I should. I will at your suggestion pay more attention. Can I phone you if I have some questions?"

"Yes you can, but again weigh what I or the broker says very carefully. You ultimately make the final decision."

Jill offered and Vic accepted a vodka and tonic. As they were sipping the drinks, Vic was looking around the family room and could see a number of photos of Jill and Bill. Jill noticed that Vic was looking at photos of her and Bill.

"I really do miss him. He was a good man and a fine husband. It is hard to get over his passing, but I am trying. I know he would want me to be happy. I miss his sense of humor but there is another thing I also miss."

"And what is that?"

"To tell it like it is... , I do miss getting laid. Bill was quite a lover and while we didn't go at it every night, we did do it quite often. I really do miss that."

Vic was in shock and he choked on his drink. He was coughing and had to put the glass down. He thought that was a lot of information that he didn't need to know. He wasn't sure of what to say or if he should say anything. He could see that Jill was looking at him waiting for him to give some sort of a response.

Finally he said, "I can see why Bill would want to make love with you. You are an attractive and desirable woman. If that's what you want, I am sure there are enough men out there who would jump at the chance to be intimate with you."

"I am not looking for romance or another husband at this time, maybe in the future but not now. I am looking now for someone who will just make love to me. Vic, will you make love to me?"

Vic picked up his glass took a sip and put his glass down on an end table. He could see the passion in her eyes by the intense stare she was giving him while waiting for his answer.

He thought about what she had just said for a few moments. Finally, he answered her by moving towards her, but she met him more than halfway. Their arms went around each other as their lips met for open mouth kissing. There was a passion in her kiss and tightness in the grip of her arms that were around him. He enjoyed kissing her and was in no rush to proceed to the next stage. There was no need to hurry, no need to rush. They both knew where this was going and they wanted to enjoy the time they had in getting there. The slight moan he heard that she made as he was kissing her was very sexy.

During the time he was kissing her, one of his hands was slowly unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse. She knew what he was doing and gave him room and implied approval for him to continue. Jill thought that most men were fascinated by women's breasts. After he had accomplished this task, his hand moved into her opened blouse and cupped a bra encased breast. It was a very nice and a surprising full handful.

Vic could feel that the clasp for the bra was in front and he was able to undo it. His hand slipped in under the open bra and clasped her breast again. He now could feel her stiff nipple pressing into his palm. He ended the kiss and bent to suckle on a nipple. While he was doing that, she moved forward which allowed the bra and blouse to slide down her arms.

With his desire for suckling her breast temporarily satisfied he moved back up to her lips, but his eyes were on her breasts. They weren't the breasts of a young girl, but they certainly weren't the breasts a fifty year old lady either. They were somewhere in between and were surprisingly large and very nice.

She saw where he was looking and said, "A Christmas gift from Bill. He wanted them to be bigger and I did as well. I hope they please you."

With his lips moving back to hers, he said, "Yes they do, but how do you gift wrap something like that," which elicited a little laugh from Jill.

He was kissing her and could sense she was becoming more passionate in her kissing. His hand was back at cupping her warm breast. After a short time his hand started to drift downward to where it was resting on her thigh just below the hem of her skort. Ever so slowly, it started to move upward under her skort. Jill opened her thighs so as to not impede his progress as they both knew where his hand was going. There was a temporary stop as his hand massaged the warm soft skin of her inner thigh, but then it continued upward. When it reached its goal his hand told him that there were no shorts, panties or thong to hinder him. He could feel the heat and dampness that was there along with a little pubic hair. He was a little shocked to realize that it wasn't a skort that she was wearing, she was wearing a miniskirt sans panties.

He immediately concluded that what they were doing was no a spur of the moment thing. Jill had planned on this happening which made him feel proud that she had chosen him.

She broke the kiss and with lustiness to her voice said, "Does that surprise you?"

"I am quickly learning that you are full of surprises, don't stop now."

"Why don't we move this to where we can be more comfortable? Making out with you on the couch has me feeling like a teenager again. It has been a long time since I did that and feel like I do now. Come with me."

She rose and extended her hand to him which Vic accepted and rose. Instead of walking with her, he took her in his arms and gave her another kiss with his hands giving her butt a solid two hand grope. His hands told him she had a small butt and it was solid. One hand slipped up and found the tab for her skirt and released it. He pulled the zipper down which let the skirt fall to the floor. Hand in hand they walked into her bedroom.

In the bedroom she turned toward him and started opening his shirt. She was not at all shy or embarrassed by her nudity; in fact she seemed proud of it. Once his shirt was off she worked on divesting him of his pants.

When he stepped out of his shorts she gazed at his erect shaft and said, "I can see you don't need any help from me, at least not this time. Please make love to me as I can tell I am ready."

They reclined on the bed together. By what she said he knew she wanted to get right down to it, but he wanted to give her all the satisfaction and pleasure that he could. His lips were leaving little kisses on her body as they descended to her most private part. She had some mixed emotions about him doing that as she didn't want to wait for their coupling, but when his lips touch her womanly essence she changed her mind and thought she would enjoy the wait.

He worshiped her for a considerable length of time. His lips and his tongue where concentrating on her clit which were not only giving her great sensations, but started giving her orgasms. All of a sudden her hips rose from the bed and she shuddered as she had one long continuous orgasm. She was telling him "no more," but he could sense by the tone of her voice that she didn't mean what she was saying. The words that she was muttering were telling him he was doing something right and was making him proud that he was doing it to cause her to react as she was. He inserted a finger in her and teased her G spot. She had a very strong orgasm and after she recovered, he could tell that she was now serious when she asked him to "please stop," as she couldn't take any more.

Her actions had made his shaft a diamond cutter. He placed himself between her spread uplifted thighs and her welcoming arms. She grasped his shaft and placed against her swollen lips. He pushed his shaft into her and felt it going into her very warm and extremely wet sheath.

He heard her say, "Oh my, it's big!"

With her arms wrapped around his neck and her ankles locked over his hips, his shaft went into the age old motion of; penetrate, withdraw, penetrate, withdraw. Jill was an active participant, as she was nibbling on Vic's ear lobe or probing into his ear with her tongue. When she was doing neither, she was telling him how good he was making her feel and encouraging him to continue.

These actions on her part were giving Vic sensory overload and he could no longer delay the inevitable. He discharged his warm sperm into her.

As she felt his warm spend, she said, "God, I love that feeling as it makes me feel so sexy."

Vic uncoupled from Jill and lay alongside her. She cuddled up against him with one of her arms lying across his chest. They both were calming down and catching their breaths from their recent exertion.

"I am sorry, but I didn't ask if it was okay to come in you."

"Thanks for the compliment, but that is no longer a concern. You can come in me anytime you want."

"Give me a few minutes to recharge my batteries and I may take you up on that. You don't know how much I wish I was twenty one again."

Jill giggled at his remark and was content to lie beside Vic caressing his torso. In a short time, her ministrations achieved the desired result. He was in between her spread thighs again, expressing the desire he had for her. She was on the receiving end of his expression and welcomed it. She told Vic that it had been a long time since she had felt these sensations and hadn't realized how much she truly missed them.

After this second session they rested. Jill caught the time on the clock and commented on how fast the time had flown by.

"How about if I make something to eat? For some unexplained reason you have given me a big appetite?"

"You and me both, that was quite enjoyable. You are a wonderful lover."

Jill gave him a quick kiss and then rose to put on a three quarter length white silk wrap as she went to the kitchen. Vic rose and went to the bathroom and took a shower.

After dressing, Vic went into the kitchen where he found Jill putting the finishing touches on a salad. Pasta was cooking in a pot and the sauce was perking on the stove. Jill asked Vic to open a bottle of wine. He did so and offered to and did set the table.

The meal was delicious and satisfied their appetites for food. The conversation during the meal talked about various subjects. The looks that they exchanged with each other during the meal revealed that there were some other thoughts on their minds as well.

When the meal was over Vic passed on her offer of coffee and proceeded to go to the sink to wash the pots and dishes. Jill's protest about his not having to do that was ignored and she then assisted which sped up the task.

Vic was back sitting at the table sipping his glass which contained the little wine that remained. As Jill was walking by Vic caught her wrist and gave a little tug. The end result was that Jill wound up sitting in Vic's lap with her arms on his shoulders. She enjoyed this closeness and being held by Vic.

As his hand slipped into her wrap to cup a breast, she said mischievously, "do you want to start something? I am hoping you do as I really enjoy being with you."

"I would like to, but I am not a young man and I don't know if I can finish what I start. I wasn't expecting this to happen, because if I did, I would have taken a pill."

With a devilish look in her eyes she said, "You know there maybe things I can do to help you. I don't know if what I do can help you, but I know I would enjoy doing it as it is one of my favorite things to do. I suspect that you might enjoy my doing it as Bill said I was pretty good at it."

After a kiss she rose and extended her hand to him which he accepted. They walked back to her bedroom together. Jill was successful in her efforts, which both of them appreciated and Vic really enjoyed. He was only able to make love with her once more in the conventional manner. Before he did, he cuddled and kissed her and then worshipped at her womanly essence for a considerable amount of time, which she said she enjoyed very much.

As the hour was getting late, Vic indicated that he needed to be going. He said he had an early tee time tomorrow.

Jill said, "Thanks for making me feel like a desirable woman. You are an excellent lover and have given me sensations and feelings that have been dormant. I am hoping that you could come back here next Thursday at noon as I have some papers that I would like for you to look over. I am sure we could think of other things to do when you are here as well."

They both knew what was being said or being offered in her statement.

"Jill, I want you to know that I am not going to be here next Thursday at noon!" Vic was somewhat emphatic and raised his voice a little as he made that response to her.

She was blindsided and flustered by his response and said, " I... , I... , I am sorry... , I thought we had... , maybe I was assuming something... , I didn't want you to..."

"Jill, please let me finish. I am not going to be her next Thursday at noon because I am going to be here at six instead to take the lovely and if I may say the sexy lady that lives here out to dinner. Maybe after dinner we can do the other things you hinted at we could do. Better yet, I am sure we can do those things as I will be better prepared and I will look forward to doing them with you. You are one magnificent woman."

"Oh, Vic... , please don't tease me like that... , my heart can't take it." She pressed herself up against Vic as she said that, and he could feel her trembling a little.

There was some additional cuddling and kissing but soon Vic was dressing to leave, Jill was lying on the bed watching him. She had that sexually satisfied glow about her. It is something that is hard to describe, but it's something you know when you see it. The bed sheet was up to her waist. She presented a somewhat erotic picture as she lay there watching him dress.

Vic looked at her and said, "You know that was one super Christmas gift you received. It's a gift that keeps on giving."

She laughed at his remark, but she didn't raise the bed sheet any higher.

They shared one last kiss at her front door, and then Vic was on his way back to his condo.

On the drive back, he thought of Jill and the time they shared today. It was too early for him to tell if it would lead to something further. It seemed that Jill was content with just having a physical relationship with him at this point and that was fine with him as she was an interesting person and an excellent sexual partner. Besides he thought, she also was just full of surprises.

His final thought was that the benefits of social golf were amazing. It seemed that you could score both on and off the golf course.

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