Elly and Her Father in Law
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Slut Wife, InLaws, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - elly is a whore and decides she needs to meet the needs of her frustrated father in law.

Elly didn't really mind the antiseptic atmosphere in the hospital, after her recent stay in the psychiatric unit she actually found it quite comforting. She looked down at her still sleeping husband and was glad to see the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed easily. She had been terrified when the call had come to say he had been taken into the emergency surgical unit as his apendix had burst, however they had operated quickly and he was going to be ok.

The ward was a small one, only 4 beds in it each bed having a beeping cardiac monitor attached to a patient. 2 white clad nurses and 1 male doctor in a lab coat had just drawn the curtains around a elderly man and were mumbling to each other as they discussed his case. Elly saw no sense in disturbing her sleeping husband so she bent down and kissed him tenderly on the lips and then stood up to go, her heels clicking on the tile floor. As she headed for the door one of the nurses emerged from behind the curtain and Elly instantly recognised nurse Jill from the psychiatric unit, noticing Elly Jill's face went bright pink and managed a smile in recognition. Elly had fond memories of lying between jills open thighs tasting her juices and fingering her warm wet tight slit. Closing her eyes with the pleasure of the memory Elly felt a little surge of excitement pass through her groin!

"Well? Is he ok?"It was Charlie, ellys father-in-law who had driven her to the hospital, he went on, "I've just spoken to the doctor and all went well, he should be awake in the early hours and might be out in 3 or 4 days"

Elly quite naturally took the older mans arm as they made for the exit she asked, "Are you sure that's all he said? You know they don't always tell you everything?" Charlie turned halfway round and gave her a re-assuring smile before continuing, "He is going to be as good as new Elly, no need to worry!" A young doctor passed them by and both Charlie and Elly saw the appreciative look he gave her, her shoulder length light brown hair neat figure and shapely legs in her tight jeans would have made anyone stare, she was gorgeous!

As they left the ward Elly noticed the ladies room, turning to her father-in-law she said, "I'll just be a minute need to use the loo, ok?" Charlie smiled and replied, "No problem take your time" Elly entered the toilet and to her surprise met Jill who was washing her hands at the sink, instinctively elly walked up to her and slid her hands around the nurses slim waist and hugged her. Jill gasped audibly at the touch and turned to face Elly, she returned the hug their bodies grinding into each other. Elly felt the old familiar wetness seep into her knickers, her cunt began to throb and pulse! Elly and Jill were about the same height, Elly felt the lovely blonde womans warm breath on her neck as they hugged, ellys arms tightened around Jills narrow waist, Elly could feel the shapely warm body beneath the crisp white nurses uniform, feeling her pulse race elly kissed Jill full on the mouth, her tongue penatrating the moist warmth between her lips. Jill gasped,"Elly god elly! Not here! Oh god, I want you! Oh god elly oh god! Not here, for goodness sake anyone could come in, elly darling darling!" Elly kissed her again, then quickly she slid her right hand up inside the nurses skirt feeling the smooth warmth of her thighs beneath her tights, then she slid her hand down inside Jills knickers, down to her cunt where she quickly slid in a finger then two making Jill part her legs as she began to masturbate her cunt! Jill began to move into ellys fingers then with a gasp of frustration and need Elly removed her hand from Jills panties and rapidly dropped to her knees and put her head up inside the nurses skirt! Deftly she pulled down Jills knickers and tights and then elly began to lap furiously at Jills pussy! she kept this up for a minute or so, her tongue caressing Jills clit, whilst her fingers probed and searched out all of Jills private places! Wetting her finger from Jills cunt Elly began to slowly push her forefinger into Jills tight anus, with every push her finger went deeper into Jills arsehole till it was deep inside her svinctor! Jill moaned with the pleasure of it all, dropping her body down time and time again to allow ellys fingers to go ever deeper inside both her cunt and her anus! then she felt Jill spasm in orgasm, removing her tongue from Jills fragrant soaking wet slit elly emerged from beneath her skirt, her mouth was sopping wet with Jills cunt juice but they still kissed longingly and passionately!Realising time was short, elly said "come into the loo I need to pee" They went into one of the cubicles elly quickly pulled down her pink knickers and honey coloured tights and had a pee! Jill watched fascinated as Elly parted her thighs to allow a betterr view of her open slit peeing!when she had finished, Jill quickly dropped to her knees and began to administer a warm wet tongue on Ellys clit, elly smiled at the memory of her pussy being full of Jills twin brother Jacks come and how much Jill had enjoyed licking it out of her fanny! Elly came quickly, spraying Jills face with her juices as she exploded all over her in sheer orgasmic extasy!When she had calmed down Elly asked? "Jill take your panties off, I want to swop! It'll be so nice feeling your cunt against me for the rest of the day!" Without hesitation Jill pulled down her black tights and revealed a pair of brief black lace knickers, she took them off as Elly quickly removed her brief pink panties, smiling each put on the others dirty knickers and pulled the crotch up close to their pussys!Both women gasped slightly with the pleasure of the moment, then completing their dressing they washed their hands and went out to where Charlie was waiting. Elly smiled at the older man and said, "Sorry to be so long dad, we got chatting and well you know what us women are like once we get started!" Charlie nodded absently and mumbled "it's ok no problem!"

It was late when they got back to the house, Charlie had been staying with them for a few weeks whilst his own property was being renovated. Elly made them both tea and some ham sandwiches then said, Sorry dad" she never knew or was really conscious of calling her father-in-law "dad" it just was the way it was. She went on, "It's been a long day so I need to go to bed, will see you in the morning?" Elly saw the older man nod his head in acknowledgement, also the slightest of leers which made her smile inwardly, she was a whore so wasn't surprised at his barely disguised sexual glances. She went into the bedroom and quickly undressed, slipping on her pale blue nightshirt she was about to get into bed when she decided to put her dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Picking up her or rather Jills black lace panties and bra and honey coloured tights she made for the door, the laundry basket was situated in a cupboard in the kitchen which was handy for the washing machine. She casually shoved her clothes on top of the heap, replaced the lid and went back into the bedroom.

As she lay down to sleep she was concious that her mind had been in something of a turmoil, the incident of her husbands sudden illness and the unexpected meeting with Jill had pulled her mind in differring directions, all of wich were keeping her mind active and thereby preventing her from going into a deep restful sleep. Instead she dozed fitfully tossing and turning her mind alternately worrying about her husband and the thought of Jills open fragrant tight cunt on her lips!Eventually she decided that some warm milk might help so got up from bed, used the toilet and went into the kitchen via the living room. As she went in she switched on the light and had to do a double take, her father-in-law was sitting on the settee with his pj's down and a pair of Jills dirty black knickers wrapped around his swollen member. The whole tableau seemed to freeze as both were suddenly aware of each others presence. Elly felt her legs go a little wobbly so headed to the nearest armchair where she flopped heavily down facing directly towards her father-in-law. She noticed that his erection had all but deflated, her little black panties lay in a crumpled heap on his thigh, Elly felt herself want to laugh or something but couldn't quite figure out what to do next.

Elly dearly loved Charlie, especially since his wife passed away a couple of years earlier. She knew he was at heart a decent human being but the loss of his wife had somehow broken him. She recalled a recent incident when the police had brought him home drunk, he had apparently been trying to engage with some local prostitutes, asking them to do weird and wonderful sexual acts. They had gotten him sober, visited the doctor who said he was just a sad and lonely older man and after a few months he should pick up again. Elly almost smiled at her own self-righteous indignation, she had been abused by men for years never mind what they had done to her lingerie! Sighing deeply she said, "Well dad? What can I say? Do you often do things with my undies?"

Charlie looked sheepish then his expression altered, almost angrily he replied, "Have you any idea what it is like? Every single night I have to endure listening to you two doing it, I hear you both giggling, I hear the slap of your skin on his, I hear the gasps and moans of pleasure, god I even hear you both come!" Taking a breath he went on, "Sometimes I even listen at your bedroom door, I can hear you both talk dirty, I can hear you suck him off, I can even hear the wet sucking sloshing noises whilst he is inside you and you wonder why I need a prostitute?"

Elly all but gasped in astonishmen at this outburst, closing her eyes she realised how selfish they both had been, they hadn't given a thought to his needs, her train of thought was further interupted when Charlie continued, "As for your underwear, I know the contents of your knicker drawer and laundry basket better than you!I have at some stage sniffed licked and ejaculated onto or into every thing you have in them. Elly I need ... I need ... s..." Charlies head dropped to his chest, Elly noted that he couldn't quite bring himself to say the word "sex" Then she saw his gaze alight on her naked ankles, travel up her creamy smooth thighs her short pale blue nightshirt only coming halfway down her thighs. Taking a deep breath and smiling to herself Elly asked,"Is this what you need dad?" With that she hoisted the hem of her nightshirt up to her small waist and opened her legs wide to let him see and appreciate the neatly trimmed triangle of damp light brown fuzz which surrounded her cunt, instantly Elly saw his penis react and begin to harden.

Before he could react Elly got up from her chair and lay down on the settee, she opened her legs wide and lifted them into the air, she said breathlessly, well the least I can do is keep it in the family! Now dad, come and have a good look at what you have been missing!" As Charlie came to her she was delighted to see that his cock was as big as his sons, and equally hard! Charlie seemed mesmerised by the wet open pussy in front of him, then with the agility of a younger man his lips were on her slit, fingers and tongue probing each orafis enjoying the scent of a horny woman feeling the soft yielding flesh at his touch, hearing the gasps of pleasure coming from his daughter-in-law! Then he was on her, his cock desparately seeking her entrance, finding it and then forcing its way noisily inside her, burying itself up to the hilt in her cunt!

Elly knew his desparation was such it couldn't last long, as usual she had orgasmed on penatration and marvelled at the strength and intensity of it. She felt his cock throb and thrust deep inside her, his warm skin on hers, her breasts press against his naked chest, her thighs wrapped around his, once again she all but screamed in extasy as she came again, then it was his turn, faster, faster and still faster his body slammed into hers till he gave a almighty gasp and Elly felt her cunt flood with his come!

No words had been spoken, none were necessary, only when both hearts had slowed down and each was able to speak Elly muttered, "Well dad? Better now?was that nice inside your little daughter –in-law?" For his part Charlie took a little longer to control his breathing but when recovered he rolled off of elly his now semi limp prick flopping against his thigh, he said, "Oh god Elly, what have we done? For goodness sake you're my sons wife! He'll kill both of us!" Elly closed her eyes and replied, "Actually dad he won't, if we knew our love making was such a problem for you we would have made certain that your needs would have been taken care of, either by me or some whore that we would have happily paid for!"

Charlie was naked now and sat heavily on the chair facing the couch, still with a look of shock and astonishment on his face at what had just occurred! Elly went on, "Well no secrets now dad" With that she raised up her arms and removed the nightshirt from her shoulders, she continued, "I much prefer being nude, only wear this in case I need to go to the loo during the night, Ally likes me naked, means he can explore or touch anything he wants when he wants, Do you like your daughter-in-law nude dad?" She stood up and standing in front of him she parted her thighs letting him have a view of her beautiful 34 C tits and her beautifully trimmed bush of light brown pubic hair, a dribble of charlies come went onto her thigh and Elly delicately put it on her forefinger and deftly put it in her mouth and sucked the digit clean! Elly instantly saw the reaction to this act on Charlies fast recovering cock, smiling she said, "I see like your son your cock likes me to do naughty things?come on, we might as well be comfy, my bed or yours?" Charlie stood up quickly and was about to answer when he noticed the pair of little black lace knickers, he asked,"These knew? Never saw these before, I like them!" Elly smiled and ignored the question she just replied, "Seems to me you are very knowledgeable about my lingerie, if I had known earlier I would have made sure you got anything you want, of course you can look into my pantie drawer or laundry basket anytime you want, I am glad it turns you on!" Elly took him by the hard on and led him into her bedroom, snuggling beneath the quilt she allowed Charlie to explore her body, parting her thighs wider and wider to accommodate his needs whilst her own hands were busy on partially wanking him till at last he mounted her plunging his hard cock into her hole!

When she awoke in the morning she could tell by the feeling in her cunt that Charlie had enjoyed her body a number of times but the bed was now empty and she knew it was time to get up. She went to the toilet then dressed and went into the living room, Charlie was on the settee reading his newspaper, Elly asked, "Have you had breakfast dad?" She saw Charlie glance at her and they both shared a smile, Elly had dressed simply in slacks and a burgundy T shirt, Charlie replied, "Yes thanks Elly I ate earlier, didn't want to disturb you" He went on, "Sit down and I'll make you something to eat, all that sex must make you hungry, I know it does for me!" Elly giggled and was pleased that there was no residual embarrassment from the nights happenings, so as Charlie passed her chair to go into the kitchen he said, "which knickers are you wearing today?" A little taken aback at the directness of the question elly equally casually stood up and standing in front of him pulled down her trousers to reveal a pair of plain white cotton panties, she said, "You like your little daughter-in-laws knickers dad?" Charlie stared at the clean white brief panties and laughed saying, "Oh yes, those ones I do know, actually rather well!"

Elly finished her breakfast then phoned the hospital to see how her husband was, on hearing all was well they made plans to visit him in the evening, Elly asked charlie, "Need to do some shopping will you drive me?" It was wintertime and elly knew the roads would be tricky, she had been learning to drive and Charlie had been particularly patient with her but she decided that he should drive this morning although she might have a go later.

As Charlie drove to the shops elly saw his gaze pass over a number of girls and women, she asked, "You like?I see you have a good look, what are you thinking?" Charlie sighed with a little smile on his face as he replied, "Actually elly I sometimes play a game in my mind, I try to guess what colour of panties and bras they are wearing and wondering what they would smell like sometimes it makes me so hard just to imagine what they are wearing!"

Just then they passed a group of teenage schoolgirls, their knee length navy blue skirts and red blazers set off with white socks and black shoes, Elly saw his reaction immediately and said, "Those are definitely off limits dad, far too young and definitely illegal! However, would you like me to dress up for you? Would that meet your needs!" Without waiting for a answer elly quickly slipped her right hand onto his lap, his cock was rock hard in his pants so she got her answer but she went on, "Tell me dad, do you like the idea of me dressed up in other uniforms or anything else, remembering last night you can speak freely!" Traffic flew passed their car for a couple of minutes before Charlie spoke, "Yes Elly to be honest I do have these fantasies, would love to see you in a school uniform the nurses uniform also looked great! Would love to see you dressed in a mini-skirt and heels like a proper whore and yes elly I would love to see you and fuck you in your wedding dress!" I'm sorry if it's odd and strange but you did ask!!"

Elly smiled at the older man and said, "Well I can see that the next few days will be very very interesting indeed!" They completed their shopping and headed home, they had some lunch and then Elly said she wanted to sleep for a while so she had a bath and then went to bed for a few hours. When she awoke she got up, used the loo, Charlie had prepared the evening meal so they sat down and chatted quite amiably about anything but sex. At the end of the meal elly stood up and said, "Dad I'm going to get dressed now then it should be time to go to the hospital, is that ok with you?" Charlie just nodded and sat on his favourite chair and switched on the TV, elly went into the bedroom and began to choose her clothes for the night, as was her habit she changed to fresh everything, she chose a matching turquoise and gold pantie and bra set, quite brief but she felt comfortable in them, a new pair of honey coloured tights a black skirt and warm bright red sweater which was tight enough to show off her tits and heavenly shape!

On arriving at the hospital ward elly and Charlie had enquired if there was any update on her husbands condition but other than saying he was much better there was no real news. Ally was delighted to see them both, he said he was still a little sore and a little woozy from the meds but otherwise much improved. Elly kissed him tenderly on the lips and put some fruit, water and some food on his bedside cabinet, she like everyone else knew hospital food was crap! They chatted easily so the alotted hour for visiting passed quickly, promising to return the next day elly and Charlie made for the door. Elly scanned the ward and corridor for a glimpse of Jill but she wasn't to be seen, probably not on shift at this time. On the drive home Charlie had offered to let Elly drive but she had said no, Charlie then said,"Why don't we take the scenic route and pop in for a drink up near the lake, should be quiet enough there at this time of the year!" Elly thought she saw a gleam in his eye as he said this so asked, "Do you often drive up there at this time of night?what for?" Charlie looked a little guilty but shrugged his shoulders and said, "I enjoy the peace and quiet and sometimes to be honest I masturbate in the open, it's lovely!"

As charlie drove Elly noticed the traffic thinning as they got out of the city, the roads became ever quieter and Elly noticed that Charlie was concentrating on his driving quite deliberately as though occupying his mind with something else! They took a turn off the main carriageway and lighting was few and far between charlie switched on the internal light for a second to look for something and elly noticed her skirt had ridden up halfway up her thighs, charlie also noticed this and muttered with a little laugh "deary deary me!" He switched off the light and Elly asked, "Dad you horny?" charlie just coughed slightly so elly slid her hand onto his lap and felt the immediate hardness! Laughing to herself she quickly undid his zipper and brought out his manhood, she said "Now you drive and I'll play with this! Drive carefully though, don't want any accidents do we? Is it all right if I pull back your foreskin now?" Elly didn't wait for a answer but gently slid the older mans foreskin back, the car lurched a little as he gasped aloud then he seemed to settle down and enjoy his whore of a daughter-in-law wanking him as he drove!

Eventually Charlie slowed down and carefully parked the car on top of a viewing carpark at the head of the lake, There was only one other car and that was barely visible in the dark and was at least fifty yards away, Elly turned to Charlie and asked, "Why here?it's no where near the pub" She said this teasingly as she knew well enough why he had picked this remote and private spot beneath the trees. Charlie said, "god elly my cock is leaking!" Elly giggled and quickly bent over and cleaned it with her tongue once again making Charlie gasp, he went on, "Tell me elly please, which knickers do you have on tonight? I really really need to know!" Elly shifted slightly in her seat so as to face him, she replied, "the turquoise and gold ones, do you like those ones?" She was still gently masturbating him as she spoke then she said, "Dad this is silly, let's go into the back seat and I'll show you my panties!"

The car was a large ford and elly had no trouble in removing her heavy outdoor jacket before quickly slipping into the back seat with Charlie, Quickly and without ceremony she pull off her shiny black court shoes and threw them onto the front passenger seat, as they reached for each other in the dark she whispered, "Oh dad, I'm afraid your daughter-in-law is gonna be bad!do you want to kiss?" For answer Charlie took her in his arms and began gently to kiss her mouth, his tongue going deep into her wet warm lips, both were breathing heavily now and both began to explore each others body, Elly tugged on Charlies trousers and boxers till they were at his ankles giving her freedom to play with his large cock and balls. For his part Charlie had slipped his hand up Ellys sweater and had lifted up her bra cups to explore her gorgeous tits, Then elly gasped,"Do you want to see my panties dad?do you? Well I think you better pull them down and off don't you?"

Not needing a further invitation Charlie reached up inside her skirt, found the elastic of both panties and tights and gently pulled them down over her thighs, her knees, over her delicious ankles and off over her feet. Charlie then began to feel her, fingers going deep inside her pussy, making Elly squeal with lust and delight! Elly suddenly straightened and said hoarsely, "fuck this!" With that she undid the clip of her skirt and took it off throwing it onto the seat in front, her sweater, and bra soon followed so that she was now totally nude in the car, she asked, "Well dad? Do you want me to fuck you or do you want a blow job first!?"

Charlie gently but firmly pulled Ellys wet warm lips down towards his erection, with a little gurgle and slurp Ellys mouth engulfed charlies cockhead, meanwhile elly endeavoured to maneuver herself so that she could lie on her side to suck Charlies cock and at the same time spread her thighs wide apart to give him easy and ready access to her cunt!Charlie groaned aloud at the delights on offer, his prick was in his gorgeous ddaughter-in-laws hot mouth, her tongue swirling and teasing his cockhead whilst her soft warm hands gently wanked him, like a child in a sweetie shop Charlie didn't know what to go for first, her beautiful 34c tits? Her smooth flat belly? Her incredibly warm smooth creamy thighs? Her juicy open wet cunt? Her clearly available anal pucker? Unsurprisingly he chose her slit, first inserting one then two fingers up to the hilt and plunging them quicker and quicker up and down, up and down inside her,, the wet sucking sound loud within the confines of the car. Elly moaned and groaned at being so vigorously finger fucked, her thighs rising and falling in time with Charlies thrusts! Then quite suddenly Elly let his cock fall from her mouth, she scrambled first onto all fours then positioned her open thighs above his prick then with her knees up at her chin she slowly oh so slowly lowered her cunt onto Charlies hard on! Both moaned loudly at the penatration, Elly orgasmed immediately and Charlie wasn't far away!

Elly locked her arms around Charlies neck whilst Charlie grasped Ellys naked buttocks and tried desparately to get elly to go quicker! Elly though wanted to go slower, as Charlies finger found her anus Elly whispered and moaned, "Oh dad, enjoy me dad, Oh dad, enjoy me, love me dad, love me!" Elly felt the onrush of another massive orgasm, somewhere deep inside her pussy Charlies cock was pulsing and throbbing leaking come into her wet slippery cunt!She kissed him then, first gently on the mouth then probed her wet tongue deep inside his mouth, returning the passion Charlie allowed his forefinger to slip into Ellys anus, just a little, then a little more, then it was in, right up to the knuckle and Elly didn't seem to mind at all! This was too much for the older man, he felt his cock throb and pulse then the first explosion of come rocketed up inside Ellys pussy, feeling it shoot up inside her Elly came once more and went as fast as she could to give Charlie maximum pleasure as he shot his spunk up her hole!

When they both had gotten their breath back and Charlies now limp dick had flopped from ellys sopping wet slit Elly slid over to sit beside Charlie, her legs still wide apart as she began the process of recovering. Turning to smile at Charlie in the dark she said, "Well dad? Nice?I enjoyed it very much! Long time since I was naked in the back seat of a car!Whoops I need to pee!" With that she leaned over to the front seat found her shoes and put them on, momentarily forgeting precisely where she was she casually opened the car door stepped outside parted her legs and began to pee, just as the car that had been parked nearby switched on its engine and headlights, the bright beams picked out Ellys naked body in a brilliant light, legs apart a stream of yellow urine flekked with Charlies semen gushed from her slit the stream glistening in the light!Elly needed to finish peeing and giggled to herself as she continued to pee, she smiled in the cars direction and placed both hands on her hips thrusting her peeing groin forwards, the car started to move slowly, very slowly the beam playing on her nude body! When she finished she placed a hand between her legs and wet a finger from her cunt and putting it to her lips blew the occupants of the car a kiss!They honked their horn twice in acknowledgement and then drove away!

Charlie emerged from the rear seat and began to pee as well, he said, "Well that was awkward!Hope they didn't recognise us!" Elly laughed and replied,"What the hell, they were probably doing the same as us! Now tell me dad, do you want me to wear knickers on the way home or do you want your daughter-in-law to be available for you to feel whenever you want?" Then Elly realised that Charlie was still standing next to the car, his pants were still down and he was gently nursing a new hard on!Elly giggled slightly and said, "Like father like son eh?come on, I have a idea!"

Despite the cold of the evening Elly found it invigourating, walking to the front of the car she said, "Dad switch on the side lights, then come around the front." Charlie did as he was asked and switched them on, the glow illuminated the front of the vehicle but not much more, elly touched the bonnet of the car and noticed it was still quite warm from their journey here, laughing sexily she lay down on the hood and placed her feet on the bumper! Charlie groaned as he saw Ellys legs spread wide once again for him and he didn't hesitate! He mounted her quickly and urgently his prick sliding effortlessly into her cunt with a wet sucking noise then he responded to her equally urgent upward thrusts by pounding his manhood into her till he felt his balls contract then spurt after spurt of come invaded Ellys vagina!Ellys arms had been behind her head for comfort, she was enjoying Charlie riding her, absently she wondered what it would be like if the car had returned to watch them screw on the car? Would she like that? In her mind she thought it would be lovely! whilst charlie had once again grasped her buttocks, when they had separated Elly once again had a quick pee then said, "Actually dad, think I will put my knickers on, you are more like your son than you know!"

Elly didn't bother with tights but did put on her bra, knickers sweater and skirt for the journey home, they had discussed whether to go to the nearby hotel for a calming drink but Elly said she must smell of come and pee and really needed a shower! Charlie remained very quiet and thoughtful on the journey home, when they were nearly there he broke his silence by saing, "elly I had quite forgot how marvellous sex can be, thank you, it was unbelievable!I feel as though I've recovered from my recent problems and I promise not to cause you and Ally any more trouble!" Elly smiled and responded by saying, "I enjoyed it to dad, you know very well that we are a sexual couple and we both take full advantage of any opportunity." She leaned over and patted his cock before continueing. "I'll make sure you don't go without again dad, not saying it is going to be every day or even every week, just when I can and when you feel the need!" they arrived home and after Charllie had garaged the car he came in to find elly already in the shower, her discarded clothing lying in a heap on the lounge settee, he picked up her dirty panties and brought them to his face and inhaled her scent, he noticed the little streaks of come on the dark ribbon of her gusset and greedily licked at his and her mingled juices! Then he was amazed to feel his prick stir for the third time that night!

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