Brighton Rock!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Humor, FemaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Massively mammaried Harriet Humper goes to the beach with her boyfriend and becomes a porn star!

It was a blazing hot Summer's day and Harriet Humper and Chuck Dicker were going to enjoy it by sunning themselves on the beach.

Harriet put on her tiniest bikini, a little pink number, beneath an overburdened white T-shirt and denim shorts, and they set off in Chuck's car.

The T-shirt covered Harriet's magnificent 44 inch breasts, but it did nothing to disguise their tremendous size or shape, and Chuck was having enormous difficulty keeping his eyes on the road.

"Perhaps I should sit in the back?" Harriet suggested, as she watched Chuck's eyes flit between the road and the passenger seat. She was quite happy for guys to stare at her tits, but not when they're driving down the freeway at what she suspected was more than 55mph.

"No..." Chuck replied as he shifted in his seat for perhaps the hundredth time since they left. "I think I'm getting the hang of it. Just tell me if I get too close to anything..."

"And why do you keep fidgeting?" Harriet asked, as Chuck shifted about yet again. Then she caught sight of the huge bulge in the front of his shorts. "Awwww ... You poor baby ... Does your lovely wee wee want to get out?"

"I don't suppose you could... ?" Chuck asked hopefully.

"Mmmmmm..." Harriet licked her lips and thought for a moment that a little snack might be just the thing to pass the time. "No ... I mustn't..." she said as much to herself as to Chuck.

Chuck gasped! Harriet Humper had turned down the opportunity to give a blow job! Unbelievable!

"I just don't want us to have a accident," Harriet apologized. "I'll suck your wee wee as soon as we get there."

"Promise?" Chuck looked a little forlorn.

"Cross my heart..." Harriet started to make a cross sign in front of her, but her hand kept colliding with her enormous hooters. "Ooops..."

Chuck took a deep breath and determined to concentrate on the road ahead.

A minute later Harriet screamed as the car began to stray across the central reservation toward an oncoming truck. Chuck hastily steered them back on course and the truck was narrowly avoided.

"Ooops," Chuck smiled weakly.

"Okay," Harriet sighed. "Perhaps it would be safer just to suck your wee wee after all. Then you can't keep staring at my tits."

"Great idea... !" Chuck didn't need convincing. "Makes absolute sense ... We'd be much safer with you sucking my dick ... Absolutely..."

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Harriet teased him for moment. "I know how much you like looking at my tits." She gave them a quick squeeze for emphasis, and they bulged out over her hands.

"Oh yes," Chuck replied gallantly. "I have all day to look at your tits; but in the interests of personal safety I think you ought to give me a blowjob now. And I mean right now."

"Okay," Harriet giggled as they passed a perfectly good parking spot. "But only as our lives may depend on it."

Harriet gave Chuck one of her long, smouldering looks - gazing him straight in the eye - before leaning forward to place her head in his lap.

Chuck's gaze rested more comfortably on the road ahead, but he couldn't resist the temptation to glance down as the blonde supervixen skilfully worked the zip of his shorts down over his rigidly erect prick with an ease that only came through a lot of practice.

Harriet quickly had her boyfriend's seven inch cock out of his shorts and took a moment to gently rub her hand up and down it, appreciatively. Then she dropped her head down and swallowed every inch of it into her mouth. An expert deep-throater, Harriet had no difficulty in accommodating Chuck's seven inches inside her throat - her lips pressed firmly against his pubic bone.

"Sometimes ... Oooohhh..." Chuck groaned. "I wish ... Mmmmmm ... That you wouldn't make that seem ... Urghhh ... quite so easy..."

Harriet giggled and drew her head back to lick and nibble around the tip of Chuck Dicker's dick.

"Oooohhh!" she lapped up some pre-cum and put on her best little-girl voice. "Look at this... lick ... huge... slurp ... hard... mmmmphh ... cock! Oh goodness! How am I going to get it in my tiny, little mouth?"

"That's more like it!" Chuck laughed as he settled down to enjoy one of Harriet's fantastic wee wee washes.

"It's just so big!" Harriet continued. "I'm sure it'll never fit inside my delicate girly mouth.

"You know it, baby!" Chuck smirked. "I'm the Cockmaster. Women see my mighty weapon and shrink back in terror!"

"I'll just have to try..." Harriet pretended to steel herself for the supposedly difficult task ahead. " ... to go one inch at a time..."

"Never!" cried Chuck.

Then Harriet swooped down and once again swallowed Chuck's prick in an instant. She shook on it gently for a moment, like a dog with a bone, before releasing it so she could speak without having her mouth full. "Well..." she laughed. "What do you know? It wasn't so difficult after all!"

Chuck joined in the laughter. He'd seen Harriet swallow dicks twice his size just as easily, but fortunately, he thought, there weren't too many of those around.

Harriet set about her task once again. Her pretty blonde head began to bob rhythmically up and down on Chuck's shaft while he responded with very appreciative oooing and ahhing noises at regular intervals.

Chuck had no words to describe the sensations Harriet was creating in his dick. She was by far the best cocksucker he'd ever met, with the possible exception of his teacher, who was coincidentally Harriet's mother, Hilda Humper.

He could feel the sperm forming in his balls, churning away in response to the unbelievable stimulation they were receiving from his beautiful blonde girlfriend. He could feel them expand as they built up a load bigger than any he could remember. And still, Harriet was licking, sucking and tonguing them into even greater efforts.

"Oh, yes!" Chuck moaned. "That ... that's fantastic... !"

Chuck felt his balls stretch still further to accommodate the huge load that Harriet was building up within them. If it wasn't for her heavenly ministrations, it would probably have begun to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Oooohhh!" he gasped and dug his fingers deeply into the leather steering-wheel. "Make me cum! Make me cum in that hot, sweet mouth of yours!"

"Slurp ... Not yet, honey..." Harriet let go of Chuck's cock for just a moment. "Soon, baby, soon..." Then her mouth sank down once more upon his defenceless dick, and began to suck the life out of him, down into his balls...

Chuck wondered how long Harriet had been tormenting his poor prick and balls. It seemed like ages! Normally he would have shot his load well before now; but he knew that Harriet's fellatic skills could keep him on the brink of cumming for just as long or as short as she wanted.

"Har ... Harriet ... baby..." Chuck was beginning to grow desperate. "I really need to cum! I mean really... !"

"Not yet, honey..." Harriet said once again, before continuing her merciless attack on his prick.

"Please!" Chuck began to grip the steering wheel still tighter, and felt his foot pressing further down on the accelerator. "I'm begging you!"

"I'm not coming back up until we get there." Harriet paused her vacuum-like ministrations for just long enough to say, "I don't want you starring at my tits again ... until we arrive safely that is..."

Arrive safely? Chuck thought. I'm all over the place up here!

His only chance was to get to the beach quickly. It wasn't far. He put his foot flat down and soon they were streaking along, Chuck in desperate need of the relief he would only get at the end of the journey.

It seemed like an eternity, but it was only a few more minutes before they reached the road that followed the beach for the next four miles. Chuck swung the car round the corner and looked desperately for a place to park.

"Oh shit!" Chuck swore. The road was packed with cars, and he needed a space - he needed it bad! Then he saw what he was looking for.

"Oh yessss..." Chuck gasped, partly as a result of having seen a spot - and therefore a source of release from his torment - and partly because of the wonderfully tortuous sensations coming from his groin.

"Oh shit!" Chuck swore again as a car with two people came into view from the other direction. It had slowed down and was indicating that it was going to pull into the space. "No you don't," he shouted and put his foot down hard on the accelerator.

As he neared the space Chuck flashed his lights, tooted his horn and swerved rapidly from side to side - anything to attract the other guy's attention. It seemed to work, as the guy driving the other car stopped without moving into the space.

George Williams, the driver of the other car, was captivated by the sight of a madman coming the other way and found himself unable to move. At one moment he was sure the car was going to hit him, but at the last moment it veered across the road in front of him and into his parking space.

Chuck brought his car to a screeching halt in the parking space and with desperation in his voice he cried "Jeez, Harriett! We're here! Now please, for pity's sake, finish me!"

Harriet wasn't through tormenting her boyfriend quite yet. "Are you sure?" she slipped the seven inch cock from her throat for a few moments. "You wouldn't fib now would you? This isn't some stop off the freeway, is it?"

"Christ, no! Pleeeeeessee!" he was desperate. "I can't take it any more."

"OK," Harriet giggled. "Anyway, I missed breakfast this morning and I could do with a snack."

Then she sank her lovely mouth down over Chuck's iron-hard erection for the last time - no more teasing, no more tantalizing - this was an all out assault on his cock, with suction that would do credit to any vacuum cleaner on the market - and it was obvious that he wasn't going to last five seconds...

"Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!" Chuck called out uncontrollably. "Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk!"

It was then that Harriet thought she must have a fire hose between her lips. Stream after stream, wad after wad, of hot cum flooded into her mouth. Quickly she realized that even a girl of her wee wee sucking experience wasn't going to be able to swallow this much cum.

"Ssshhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee... !" Chuck was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Confined in the car it would be too difficult to spray it onto her titties, however big a target they might be, and spitting it out was not an option. There was no way that she was going to waste all that yummy juice, plus she had her reputation to consider. With nothing to collect it in and save it for later, she was left with one alternative. Harriet pushed her head down a little more so that the head of Chuck's rod was comfortably back into the soft tunnel of her throat. There it was free to spurt as much juice as it wanted - straight down to her stomach - with nothing wasted.

"Ooooooooooooohhhhh!!!!" Chuck felt himself drain into Harriet's willing mouth.

Fortunately Harriet had mastered the art of breathing with much larger wee wees than this down her throat, because Chuck continued shooting for quite some time. Eventually though, his flow of cum slowed down and ended. Harriet had lost track of the number of spurts after about ten, and that seemed like ages ago...

Harriet belched loudly as she sat up. "Oooops ... Pardon me." She put her hand to her mouth delicately. "I shan't be wanting any lunch after that load, Chucky. "You shot sooooooo much down my throat. I thought you'd never stop..."

Harriet stopped abruptly as she saw the figure standing outside Chuck's window.

George Williams had got out of his car with the intention of giving this lunatic a lecture about safe driving. But the scene inside the car had taken his breath away.

There was a shapely blonde sucking away on the driver's cock, her rear end pointing out of the passenger-side window; and from the noises the guy was making, she appeared to be giving him one hell of a blow job!

Visions of gorgeous blonde vampires sucking young virgins to their death through their cocks crossed his mind, and he wondered if the lucky guy was going to survive the experience. When the vacuuming blonde finally sat back up he certainly didn't appear to be moving, although he thought he heard some weak, shallow breathing. Or was that his own?

"Oh, hi," Harriet waved meekly at the stunned-looking observer. "Say, do you have any mints?"

George didn't speak. He just headed back to his own car, where his pretty brunette wife waited for him.

"Did you give him what for, George?"

"Uh..." George replied, mindlessly.

"Did you admonish him?"

"Uh..." George repeated.

"George!" the girl called, growing annoyed with his silence. "What is it? What happened?"

"Maureen..." George turned to her for a moment as he selected first gear. "Buckle up. We're going home ... And then I'm going to fuck you until your teeth fall out..." He stamped down on the accelerator and they were gone...

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