Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, White Couple, White Male, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Size, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, Caution,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A trio of people try to escape a contract that the mob has out on them. More codes added as the story progresses. Caution! This story contains graphic violence, severe torture and intense retribution.

As we made our final approach into O'Hare airport, I took another look one of the photographs that my best friend, Lisle sent me over a month ago. It was a photo of his young wife, standing on a fashion runway in a black, one piece swimsuit with a number three chevron on her hip. She looked majestic, standing there in her black high heels, and long, smooth legs, it was one of my favorite shots of her. I flipped the photo to another shot of her standing in a pale yellow sundress, with antique white trim, again showing off her long legs and slim features. It was not going to be difficult to pick this beauty out of a crowd, for she was my contact at the airport.

It had almost seven years since I had seen my childhood friend. We had been inseparable in our teen years, which were until I got drafted into the Army. I reported a day early, and enlisted for three years so I could pick the branch of service that I wanted. I chose Air Defense Missiles, thinking that I could avoid a tour in Vietnam and miss the dumb grunt syndrome of light weapons infantry. That worked well for me, until I raised my hand one day and was whisked off to chopper school.

As it turned out, the Army needed to replace all of those pilots that were being shot down in Vietnam, and I stepped right into it. I emerged ten weeks later a warrant officer, licensed to fly a UH-1D Iroquois helicopter. I was assigned to the First Air Cavalry and was promptly dispatched to ... you guessed it, Vietnam.

I flew around for four more years and finally emerged unscathed from the military. A couple of weeks ago, I received word from Lisle that he needed to meet with me, so here I am.

As I walked down the gangway, I scanned the waiting area to find the tall brunette standing there with a serious look on her face, until she saw me, then she smiled and waved. I walked over to her and she threw her arms around me in an embrace, this surprised me, as she tucked her arm in mine and led me to the baggage claim area to retrieve my bags. I had met her years ago when she was a teenager and Lisle started dating her. Then, she was a skinny girl with long, coltish legs, but today she was a full grown woman, all filled out in the right places. The photos that Lisle sent me didn't do her justice. We didn't say much as we went to the parking lot and to her car. But I did get a good look at her smooth thighs as her skirt shifted up her legs as she got into the driver's seat.

She drove us north towards Wisconsin to the cabin that we often used when Lisle's mother was alive. We used it as our hideaway with our mothers and girlfriends in our younger years. Not many people knew that we spent our time there and we liked it that way. She drove through the familiar gate, and up to the cabin where I saw Lisle sitting on the porch watching us enter.

As the car came to a stop we jumped up, ran to each other and locked in an embrace, happy to be reunited. Charlene came up to us, kind of like a fifth wheel, waiting for us to get the old home week syndrome completed. We started talking about old times and more recent times as well.

"Mike, there's a contract out on me for the beating that I gave Fred. (Fred had drugged and raped Charlene while Lisle was locked up in a youth camp.) It seems that one of his uncles is a wise guy, and wants to get some retribution. I need to get out of the country and try to sort this thing out. Charlene and I will be instantly recognized if we try to flee together. There's a contract out on her too. I need for you to take her and hide out until this thing is finished."

I was caught by surprise at Lisle's idea. Sure, we had traded women before but I knew that he was attached to his wife like no other. I knew that this decision was hard for him.

"Lisle," I said, "What if I went down and talked to Fred's uncle. Fred deserved what he got for raping Charlene and is lucky to be alive." I went on to say, "Fred's life could be in jeopardy too if this contract stays in effect."

Lisle was sure that Fred's uncle would not back down no matter what I said. "It's a matter of saving face." He said. "The mob does not take contracts lightly, and to cancel one is a major step to be taken by the Dons themselves." Lisle went on to say. "There'd be a better chance of getting that contract cancelled if the uncle was hit, but there would be no guarantees. And we both know that getting to him is next to impossible."

Lisle wanted me to take Charlene with me and keep her safe, while he made good his escape. His plan was for me to take her away and hide out until he could get the contract resolved. He gave her to me without reservation. This plan didn't shock me at all, since Lisle and I shared our women without fail throughout our teen years. It was just that it is now his wife that we're talking about. I reluctantly agreed but told him that Charlene would always be his wife as far as I was concerned. And that I was only with her for safekeeping. Lisle knew that I would Master Charlene the same way that I protected his mom, years ago.

Ruth, Lisle's mother and my mother, Katie were submissive and needed Masters in their lives to keep them balanced and healthy. Could it be that Lisle found another to fulfill that roll with him? No need for me to question him now, I would find out soon enough, as I took possession of his gorgeous wife.

We all retired into the cabin where Lisle took Charlene into the bedroom to perform his final farewell fuck before turning his wife over to me. I sat in the great room and listened as they finished. Soon I heard the shower run and later Charlene emerged from the bedroom, freshly showered and dressed, she walked over to me, and sat on my lap, she gave me our first kiss. As kiss that a newlywed bride plants on her husband's lips. The deal was done.

Without a word, we got up and headed toward the door and proceeded to the car. I got the keys from Charlene and opened the passenger side door for her, and helped her inside. I got in the car and drove it out of the camp. We didn't look back.

Once we were back on the freeway, I gestured to Charlene to scoot up next to me as we rolled down the road. She enthusiastically plopped her sweet ass down next to me; I rested my hand on her stocking clad knee, and slid it up about halfway on her thigh as we continued the cruise. She rested her head on my shoulder and slightly spread her legs, then intertwined her fingers with mine and drew my hand gently above her stocking tops to her smooth thighs, next to her panties. I caressed her as we raced north.

We didn't talk about Lisle that day. That would have to wait for another time, when we were better acquainted, and could be more focused. Instead, we kept our conversation light and simple, mostly about things along the trip and strategy to deal with the situation at hand.

We headed up to Janesville, Wisconsin to visit a friend that owned an RV Sales. We unloaded Charlene's car and made a deal with him to buy a motor home for cash. We were planning to tow the car to Rogers, Minnesota before leaving it at a car lot and doubling back to Minneapolis. Charlene asked why we went to Rogers, and I told her that from there it could look like we went either north into the woods or west through the northern United States. I didn't want to take the chance that the car was being tracked. From there we headed south, staying on the freeways and putting up each evening in the RV Parks that were scattered across the United States.

Charlene, for all intents and purposes became my wife. We did what Lisle instructed, and acted like a newlywed couple, with lots of kissing and plenty of bed time. Charlene was a natural at comprising her role. And as time progressed, I kept up my end of the bargain by fucking her silly every chance I got.

But I never forgot why we were together and often reminded Charlene of our purpose as well. We still had to be careful not to expose ourselves to anyone who might be looking for us. There was still a price on our head, yes mine too since I was instrumental in the hiding of Charlene. I just wouldn't show up on the radar as soon as she. But with that contract out for us, any bounty hunter would be game for the reward posted for the killing of us both.

Everything went well until we got down to an RV Park just outside of Kansas City. We laid up there for a couple of days, getting our land legs back so to speak. Being ever paranoid, I noticed a couple in the park that seemed to recognize Charlene. They had a large motor home with Illinois plates on it. When we got inside for the evening, I asked Charlene if she recognized the couple. She couldn't recall seeing them before, so I let it drop, and Charlene went to sleep. As she turned in, I told her that we would be leaving tonight. I went to the office and checked out then returned to disconnect the RV and prepare it for the road. We got out of there in less than two hours from the time that I planned to leave and headed for my brother's house in SE Kansas. It was a one horse town and I knew that we could park in his back yard, hiding the RV from the street.

My brother was a gun collector that specialized in Eastern bloc weaponry, and he had a massive collection of it.

I was in the right place as I thought that it was time for me to acquire a few firearms for our journey. And my brother, John happily introduced me to his collection. He had no heirlooms, but he did have some of the best that the Soviet Block had to offer. I selected two Makarov 9mm hand guns and a folding stock Saiga-12 shotgun with a 12 round clip. I also took a couple of 20 round drums. I added a Saiga-20 shotgun for Charlene to carry if the need arises. I wanted to take more weapons but could only carry so much while on the move. John had plenty of ammo too. We took thousand round cans of military ammo for each gun and stashed them in the back of the cab of John's truck, along with laser sights for the shotguns and pistols. I was adept with the weaponry, but Charlene could use all of the help that she could get

We left in John's Ford pickup, continuing South West, planning to travel through Texas before heading north through Yellowstone Park, then in to Montana

Our first stop was El Paso; it was late afternoon when we arrived. It seemed as though there was no one behind us we held up the Sands Motel and got a room on the ground floor facing the front. I couldn't relax but I had to be there to meet up with a guy that Lisle had arranged to drop me some money. Being ever paranoid, I parked the truck out of sight of the road as we checked in for the night.

I gave Charlene her shot gun, after checking that it was fully loaded and told her to keep it with her as she moved around the room.

Our bagman, Gene came to the door as scheduled but I didn't respond to the door knock as I got a glimpse of a scope flash through the peep hole. Soon a shot rang out and the Gene at the door dropped like a sack of potatoes. We ran back into the toilet to seek protection from the onslaught that I was sure to follow the sniper shot. I heard the front door bust open and I filled the entry way with buckshot as the hooded gunman and pressed through the door. He went down losing the AK47 assault rifle from his hands without firing a shot. The rifle had a drum attached to it, making it a formidable weapon.

I knew that it would hold seventy five rounds of ammunition when fully loaded. I grasped the weapon from the floor and scrambled to the front of the room between the door and the front window to survey the force that we needed to deal with.

As I was crouching behind the wall, I raised up to peek at the scene in the parking lot. There I saw three pickup trucks with desert tires and lots of lights parked in front of the motel room. Behind them were a group of guys with various guns. They seemed to be waiting for some direction.

I didn't wait; I fired the AK at the trucks taking out their radiators and front tires. Since they were pretty, I shot up the overhead light racks and windows out too. This woke up the gang and they started firing in earnest. I moved back into the bathroom to see Charlene, cowering in the bathtub covering her head with her arms, her shotgun at her side.

There seemed to be two minutes of gunfire and the room was destroyed by the time they ceased their shooting. While they were hollowing out my motel room I attached the twenty round drum onto my Saiga-12 and moved forward to engage the mob that tried to impress me with their firepower. They had not heard from me yet as I appeared at the door pounding blast after blast of buckshot over the parking lot. Thugs were going down every time that they showed their heads. And I was thankful that the Saiga-12 was as reliable as my brother claimed it was.

I shouted back to Charlene to come to the front and cover me as I planned to search the parking lot for any survivors. She came up and was pretty well shaken as she took her position at the front window that, by now was completely shot out.

All of the gunfire had ceased and I walked outside to check out the carnage. There were twelve guys in all. They weren't going anywhere as they all had multiple wounds from the buckshot. I did run across one that was wounded and tried to engage me with a hand gun. I dispatched him with another round of buckshot.

The three vehicles were all shot up and unusable and there was blood everywhere. I noticed that the gang wore body armor, which intensified my interest. Too bad that they don't do much for head shots, which were my primary targets.

I found the satchel of money at the front door and scooped it up as I went back into the room for Charlene. She was at the window where I had left her, traumatized as I pulled her to me in an embrace. We couldn't wait and I dragged her out to our truck and pushed her inside, as I made my way around, and climbed into the driver's seat.

We were out of the motel and down Alemeda Avenue heading west when I saw three squad cars enter the motel with their lights flashing.

We continued on heading north through Santa Fe, New Mexico and points north using US 85 to Denver, Colorado. We switched to US 87 and headed to Montana Where we could hold out in The Lewis & Clark National Forest.

We didn't see anyone trailing us but we never stopped to give anyone the chance to catch up with us either. We stopped an Army surplus store in Billings and stocked up on camping gear, as well as trip flairs and other survival equipment before heading into the wilderness and establishing a home base.

I didn't think that Charlene was much of an outdoors girl, being a model and all, but she surprised me as she took to the open air like a duck to water. She swapped her street clothes for camouflage fatigues and boots; she looked really sexy in her new attire.

We used a four wheeler that we purchased at an off road dealership to pack our gear into the woods and hiked for a day into the hills to our destination

I surrounded our camp with ground flares to alert us of any visitors that might come our way, and instructed Charlene to always keep her shotgun within arm's reach. I gave her a Makarov to carry in a chest holster as well. I wanted to be sure that she always had a gun at her disposal should she need it.

Charlene was in great physical shape and she hiked along with me like she'd been doing it all of her life as we made our way up the mountain, looking for a cave that we could make a permanent encampment.

Charlene and I spent our time playing in the woods. I called it playing but it was really survival training for Charlene. We spent a lot of time playing hide and seek. I taught Charlene how to apply camouflage cream to her face and also how to use the surrounding brush to obscure her silhouette. She thought it was fun and adapted to the lessons easily. I was good at spotting camouflaged soldiers in the field but Charlene took it to another level as she applied what I had taught her, making it near impossible to detect her in the bush.

We also spent quite a bit of time shooting the guns that we brought and Charlene got to be formidable with those as well. She fell in love with the shotgun as it had an acceptable amount of kick to it and the buckshot patterns were impressive. She practiced shooting the shotgun daily, changing the range frequently to gauge the various shot patterns. We shot up quite a lot of ammo to the point that we would have to resupply. It meant a trip into town. We hadn't been there in over a month and I thought that a little R&R would do us both good.

I dropped Charlene off at a bar close to the outlet store and went in to buy some more provisions. I found some more one thousand round cans of 20 gage #00 Buckshot and some #12 gage rounds as well. There were only five hundred rounds of Makarov ammo and I gathered that up too.

I was concerned at the shortage of the available Makarov ammo so I bought two Colt 1911-A1 autoloaders with hip/thigh holsters. I found cans of 45 ACP and bought two thousand rounds of that too. The store owner was happy to sell all of the firearm equipment but was starting to get concerned at the quantities that I was buying. I looked around the store, trying to get a working knowledge of what he had available for future purchases. I thought that I was done shopping for the day until I came across a crossbow and a quiver of bolts that I couldn't resist. I stored all of the equipment that I purchased in the truck and went into the bar, looking for Charlene.

I entered the bar and at first, I didn't see her, so I sat at the bar and ordered a beer. As my eyes got accustomed to the low light inside, I saw Charlene sitting at one of the back booths with three guys. They were laughing and talking as occasionally one of them would push her to take another drink from the highball glass in front of her. Upon closer observation, I thought that she was pretty high on the booze that they were feeding her. She was in disarray as the three guys felt her up as they told jokes that kept her amused. Her blouse was opened and a guy was copping a feel of her tit inside of her bra. She sat there passively as the other guy on the other side of her held her head as he pressed his tongue into her mouth. The third guy was between her spread legs, and it looked like he was eating her pussy. Charlene spread her legs wider to grant the third guy more access to her honey pot as the first guy started removing her bra. I was mesmerized as the three guys were molesting a slightly drunken Charlene as she sat back in the booth and allowed the strangers to consume her body.

As Charlene was heating up the two guys on top moved their attention to her full tits and began sucking on them. Charlene laid her head back and rolled it from side to side as the trio manipulated her trembling body to a climax. Charlene moaned loud and long as the trio started her on her next climb to another orgasm. The guys held their position as they undressed the overwhelmed woman. Throwing her dress onto the floor the first guy guided Charlene onto his lap that now had a rampant prick sticking up through the zipper, while the other two took possession of her swollen tits, sucking her elongated nipples as they clutched her generous tit flesh.

Charlene began struggling as the guy on the seat below her had lifted her in an attempt to impale her on his hard dick when I pressed my new Colt 1911-A1to the side of his head. His erection immediately shrunk as he looked at me in surprise. He immediately put Charlene down in her seat next to him and got up to leave. The other two noticed the disruption and scrambled to get out of the booth as well, leaving Charlene in a heap of semi consciousness.

I helped Charlene get dressed and led her to the truck. It was obvious that she had been drugged and although I would let her play to her heart's content, I wouldn't let anyone drug her for their pleasure. I'm sure that the trio did not like it that I had spoiled their fun, but they were out of line with their methods.

We went back to the camp and on the way, I booby trapped our first campsite with aerial flares. Again, paranoid, I was concerned about the three spurned molesters seeking retribution for their foiled attempt at scoring with Charlene. The flares would alert me to approaching danger. I also upgraded the trip flares located around our compound.

Charlene and I continued our training in the woods and trekked a few miles away to practice our shooting. The 1911's were easy to shoot, however they did have considerably more kick to them compared to the Makarov. I just didn't want to get into a situation where we could run out of ammo, and not be able to resupply. The 45's would eliminate that possibility.

So now we carried two hand guns and six extra magazines for each gun on our belt, along with a canteen. Of course, we both had our shotguns and I carried an AK-47 with dual 30 round clips. I had another dual clip on my pistol belt as well. Charlene carried the crossbow and bolts. We were loaded with firepower but there were numerous scenarios in this terrain that we needed to address.

It didn't take long for trouble to come for us. An aerial flare went off and I went over to our observation point to look down at our previous campsite to see six men with assault rifles searching the site for clues as to the occupancy there.

I returned to the compound and told Charlene to prepare for an engagement with the group on their way up the mountain. I set booby traps around our compound and we departed into the woods to await our visitors.

These guys were good as they were able to discern our almost nonexistent trail through the woods. We sat back, obscured in our camouflage and listened as the group made their way towards our campsite. The leader or guide of the group kept telling the others to stop talking to each other as we listened but the guys could not keep their mouths shut.

We discovered that these were hit men recruited to find Charlene and eliminate her. Talking to themselves they planned an extensive party to celebrate the beauty queen's capture, before her elimination.

I signaled Charlene to take out the last man in line. She used her crossbow and drove a bolt through his neck. He went down without a sound as the rest of the group continued their march up the hill. We continued shadowing them up the mountainside and Charlene eliminated another one of the gunmen. He started talking to the guy in front of him and was cut off mid-sentence, causing his partner to turn in time to see his stricken comrade collapse to the ground, again with a bolt through his neck. He shouted his alarm and the remainder of the group crouched at the ready looking for a sign of our presence. We had already left the vicinity to re- engage them further up the trail.

This time we sat on each side of the trail and waited to get them into a cross fire. Charlene would take the last gunman with the crossbow, and when they turned to engage her I would open up with the shotgun, behind them. Charlene was well hidden behind a cluster of trees and brush and was again undetectable as the group passed her. As the group moved into my view, she took out another gunman and the remainder of the group all turned and fired in the direction that the bolt originated from. They didn't crouch or take cover; they were content to fill the area that the shot had originated from with bullets.

This was perfect for me as I blasted the three remaining gunmen in their backs with my Saiga-12 shotgun. Remembering the body armor on the other group of would be assassins; I approached and dispatched the remaining trio of downed thugs with a .45 round through their heads.

As I looked over the downed gunmen, I determined that they all looked like Mafia street gangsters, and they over played their hand, thinking that we were a couple of inexperienced city folks in the woods.

After this confrontation, I decided that we should move on to a larger forest and set up housekeeping there as this area was too small to hide us from a larger force that was sure to come looking for us now.

We packed up and made our way to the Flathead National Forest where we moved around until we spotted a suitable place to establish a base camp. We parked the truck and loaded the four-wheeler to continue our trek into the wilderness. We were about fifteen miles away from civilization when we had to park the four-wheeler and hike up to our new compound site.

We set up camp and started hiking around the forest to get accustomed to the terrain and locate other sites to use if necessary.

We were an unbeatable team and I was determined to put an end to the contract that was written on Lisle and Charlene. Thinking that no one would come after us in the winter months, we held up in the mountains throughout the winter and when spring arrived we had decided that hiding in the forest was getting old. We had each other and made good use of our privacy in the woods. But we needed to get over the apprehension and boredom that hiding out was causing us.

I devised a plan to challenge Fred's uncle for our freedom from his contract. I knew that he was aware of the slaughter of his contract gunmen last summer and wanted another round of him trying to execute us. We made our way to Browning, Montana and I called Fred's uncle. I talked to him and told him that he was on my hit list and that I was adept in navigating the urban jungle as well as the western forest where we were currently residing. I did my best to piss him off and told him that I would kill Fred in the most humiliating way that I could to show everyone that he and Fred were nobody's in Chicago. As I expected, he didn't take my threats well. He assembled a gang of gunmen to search me and Charlene out and make an example of us. That was just what I wanted him to do.

We held up in the forest where we could observe Browning to see the forces pitted against us. We were not disappointed, two dozen guys were assembled at the local motel and they used it as a staging area. I noted that there were two helicopters with flight crews to carry the gunmen in to search for us. This was going to be a war, and we were ready as we would ever be.

Charlene was scared as we surveyed our opposition, but I calmed her explaining that we were prepared for these guys and would take them out just like the previous encounter. Yes there were more of them but the best that they could be was ex-military and we already faced some of them. I didn't think that these guys would underestimate us like the former group had.

We held our position and watched them stage for a couple of days. Nothing much happened until the third day as one of the helicopters loaded a dozen men and headed out over the forest. A second copter followed and they began their search for us. I knew that we would not be going back to our compound this time and I was glad that we booby-trapped it before we left on our recon mission. We had numerous sites that we could hold up in outside of the observation from the air. And I planned to start out there.

As we made our way deeper into the forest, we noted the choppers passing overhead occasionally. I knew that they were surveying the terrain, hoping to find a hint of a camp. But there was little chance of that due to the trees that covered the forest floor. They would discover our base camp, however and I expected that they would land there first. I was not disappointed, we watched as they dispatched one squad just about a mile away from our camp.

Charlene and I took up positions in the woods to take out a few of the gunmen. We used the same drill where she would use the crossbow to eliminate the follow-up squad member and this worked easily. We almost missed him as he hung back a good distance from the advancing squad. Charlene took him out with a bolt just as she had in our previous encounters. The squad moved on, oblivious to the fact that one of their own was missing from the formation. As they moved a couple of hundred yards away we moved in to check on the fallen gunman. We wanted to get an idea of how they were outfitted in the field.

Again, this guy was ex-military as we expected. He wore body armor and carried an assault rifle. Upon further examination, I found four hand grenades hung on his belt. This was a new development for us. I removed the grenades and attached them to my pistol belt and we moved on. I wondered what other ordinance this group carried. We would just have to keep an eye out. As this would change out tactics regarding ambushes, as we would no longer have the luxury of attacking at close range.

We moved around in the woods, shadowing the squads that were searching for us as Charlene eliminated the rear member of the squad periodically. I knew that it was a matter of time when these guys would figure a response to our selective elimination of their members. I didn't want to get them use to our use of a crossbow either. We decided that we would attack them the next time they stopped for a break. As we had been watching, the squad had started out taking their breaks spread out to avoid a cluster of targets close together. Although they had missed a couple of comrades through their trek, they had become lax in their break formations. They had never been outwardly attacked and never while at rest.

I told Charlene to take out the presumed leader with the crossbow while I would drop a grenade in the midst of the largest group of the gunmen. We would make this attack and retreat into the forest out of range of the rifles and possible grenade throws ... I figured that these guys would try to fill the forest with bullets, trying to hit anything that they could not see.

Of course, the surprise attack caught the group completely off guard as Charlene took out the leader as he stood to shout out an order to march. I lobbed two grenades into a cluster of relaxing soldiers, killing most and wounding those nearby. This attack was not as cut and dried as our previous encounters. I liked knowing that all of the members of the group were dead at the end of the encounter. But this couldn't be with the size of the squads that we were engaging now. There was the expected firing blindly into the trees in hope that a bullet would hit one of us, but it wasn't to be as we took great pains to hide from any retaliation from our adversaries.

Since we had taken out more than half of their squad, they decided to withdraw from the area and began dragging their dead and wounded to a prearranged LZ for evacuation. I couldn't allow that as I retrieved my 12 gage and started pounding the survivors with buckshot. Charlene was not to be outdone as she followed suit with her 20 gage, putting down the remainder of the assault group. We both advanced on the fallen gunmen, with pistols in hand to finalize our engagement with them by a head shot for each as the chopper approached. We shared the remainder of the bullets in our magazines with the incoming helicopter, noting that the windshields were bullet resistant.

We had taken out a squad of hit men this afternoon and had another group to go. I didn't expect them to come in today as they would try to regroup and fix a new strategy to take us. The good news is that we left no survivors to provide any intelligence of our tactics or outfitting. And I did manage to take some more hand grenades from some of the victims of our assault. Now Charlene and I both had grenades to use as necessary. On the other hand, the chopper crew was able to see us in our camouflage leaving no doubt that we were dressed as well trained infiltrators.

The question in my mind was what to do about the bullet resistant windshields in the choppers.

We went back to our observation point that overlooked Browning to see if there were any changes to the opposition there. I noted the Helicopters security force and started making plans to sabotage those birds while they are on the ground.

There were two armed guards that walked around the choppers. I noticed a sheriff's car drive near the pads and the guards hid their weapons from view. I pointed this out to Charlene and suggested a way to sabotage the birds. We both thought that this opportunity was too good to pass up.

We entered town and went to the sheriff's office to "borrow" a cruiser for our trip to the airport. It was late in the afternoon but the fact that we were in a sheriff's cruiser could not be denied. As we approached the helipad, I could see both of the guards hide their rifles and walk away from them casually. Charlene stopped the car and I beckoned one of the guards to come over for a chat. As the guard moved to within 30 feet of the car, Charlene shot him with the crossbow and he went down. I shot the other guard with my AK-47, a head shot that he couldn't survive. I ran to the tethered chopper and pressed a hand grenade into the transmission under the main rotor and proceeded to the second chopper where I did the same thing as the first grenade went off. I ran back to the squad car and Charlene took off toward the edge of town while the second grenade exploded.

With their air support eradicated we took up position at the entrance of the forest to await further developments. We didn't have long to wait as the second squad jumped into pickup trucks and headed for the entrance gate to the forest.

We met them right there as I threw a hand grenade into the bed of the first pick-up. It exploded, killing the guys in the back as well as the driver and leader inside of the cab. The second pick-up started to back away when I started firing the AK-47 at them, flattening the tires and progressing to the back of the truck where six gunmen had taken up position and began firing at me.

Charlene popped up on the other side of the road and began pounding round after round of 20 gage buckshot into the backs of the unsuspecting gunmen that thought that they had me cornered. Charlene followed up by lobbing a grenade into the cab of the truck, while I threw a second into the bed of the wounded gunmen, killing them all.

I looked upon Charlene as she stood there with her shotgun at the ready. She was a genuine bad ass lady. She wouldn't hesitate to pump a couple of loads of buckshot into an antagonist. She was a far cry from the little city girl that had met me at the airport last year. I knew that I could trust her with my life.

I called Fred and told him of the gross mistake that his uncle had made in writing a contract on Lisle and Charlene. We were going to finish this nonsense once and for all. He would be the first to feel the effects of our wrath. I knew that he was scared and I figured that he would run to his uncle for support. I called the uncle and told him not to bother sending any more gunmen to meet me as I was coming to see him. As he started to reply, I hung up and Charlene and I got into our pick-up and headed to Chicago.

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