Payback to the Bitch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Zoophilia, Bestiality, Lactation, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It is sometimes very satisfying to get REVENGE!

My name is 'Doc', and a couple of years ago I was married to 'THE BITCH'!

Sex was never big on her list of things to do; come to think of it being with her husband was not high on her list of things to do. She was always out with her "girl friends". After we moved to Los Angeles, CA. sex vanished completely. When I found out she had taken up with an old boyfriend and called her on it, she told me to "Get OUT, and Stay OUT"! The divorce left me with nothing absolutely nothing. Six years of marriage down the drain.

I had to drop out of school due to no money and no credit and ended up living on the street for almost 2yrs. I finally got a job working part-time in a medical lab. I got some assistance from the lab to get back in school studying genetic engineering. After graduation the lab gave me a position researching Genetic Abnormalities in Animals.

I had kept buried in the back of my mind some way to get revenge on 'The BITCH', and one day while working on genetic markers in certain large breed dogs I noticed a similarity with markers in some humans. Now I had heard stories of women becoming pregnant after being raped by a dog or other animal but had always put it off to over-active imaginations. My thirst for revenge took a warped twist and I thought it would be sweet if 'The BITCH' was one of those women.

I started tracking these six markers in dogs and found that they were common in Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs and Rotwelliers among a couple of others that fell in the same size category. The trick was to find out if 'The BITCH' had these same markers as all six were rare in women although many women had one or two, some even three or more. The biggest problem was getting a sample of her DNA to run to even check. It was then that I remembered that there was a sample of hers with the court in LA that was used by my attorney to prove that I was not the father of her 13yr old little girl. So I got my boss to claim it and a lot of others from 'Evidence Disposal' storage.

By the end of the third year my research revealed that there were four outward signs of a woman's possibility of having three or more of the markers; they are:

1) A rearward and downward tilt to the pelvic and hip bone,

2) Fuller and much more prominent outer labia,

3) Larger than average nipples with smaller than usual areoles,

4) Very slow growing and sparse body hair.

In tests in the lab the eggs of those women with all 6 DNA markers could be broken

down by the enzymes of the dogs sperm and a hybrid pregnancy ensued. Basically what you ended up with was a woman pregnant with puppies as it also caused the egg to subdivide and the result was multiple births.

After I received the DNA samples and ran then I found that 'The BITCH' had all 6 markers and so did 'The LITTLE BITCH'. My revenge was at hand.

First: I swap out her birth control pills for fakes that are actually fertility drugs. It is a good thing that her boy friend had a vasectomy about 15 years ago.

Second: I got a place ready to confine her for about a year or so. I had an old abandoned mine on some property I inherited, that would work out nicely.

Third: Any other toys and tools I might need to impregnate her with as many puppies as possible.

I started stocking the mine with food and other things for an extended stay then went to numerous animal shelters looking for just the right dogs. At one shelter I found a mixed Dane and at another a mixed Mastiff, neither having been fixed yet, and I took them to the mine and got them used to being there. The next 3 weeks I spent getting the lights, Audio and Video feeds, beds, custom made beasty bench and a unit to feed in knock-out gas.

Finally it was time to collect 'The BITCH'. I rented a small van and got the restraints ready. I drove to her place and waited for the boyfriend to leave for work. I waited for two hours after the lights went out to gas her room. Then using a key, I had had secretly made, I let myself in and bound and gagged her, gave her a shot to keep her out and loaded her in the van. I turned on the AC to dissipate the traces of gas and then locked up and took her to the mine.

I got her down the shaft and removed the gag but left her tied up. I gave her a dose of fertility drug that forced multiple eggs. I then wiped her down with a scent extract that is used in dog mating. I had mixed it with DMSO which would allow it to be absorbed directly into the skin and not be washed or sweated off. I also injected a time release capsule into the hood of her clit to keep her horny all the time. I then took the bonds off and left.

After about 5 hours she started waking up and boy-o-boy was she pissed. She was swearing like the Devil himself and beating on the wall as if she could break it down. About an hour later I decided to get her attention and spoke to her, via a voice modulator in my PC, telling her what was about to happen to her. "You are to be the main player in an experiment in 'cross species breeding', and you are to be the 'bitch' to two very large dogs". The look on her face was 'priceless', the absolute terror she showed, especially after she heard the dogs, was wonderful. She jumped across the room and curled up in the corner trying to cover her nakedness. Now she is not bad to look at: 5'8", 170#, 46DDD-32-40, medium dark skin and full lips (both ends). I left her to stew for almost 24 hours before contacting her again. By now the agent in her hood is starting to work and I can see her crossing and uncrossing her legs to tame the itch and to keep from pissing herself. I popped the lock and told her she could go to the toilet, "It is safe, the dogs are locked up". As she was pissing I could see she was trying to scratch the itch in her clit. Now the only thing she had on was the shock collar I had put on her when she was unconscious. I gave her a jolt and told her to get back in her room. She started to protest so gave her a good jolt and she literally jumped in and slammed the door shut.

After she dosed off I gave her some gas and went to take care of a couple of things. I put two more capsules in her hood, another shot for eggs, wiped her down with scent and put some suppositories in her to clean her out. I locked everything up, unlocked her room and left her a typed note telling her about the food (dog food), water, soap (with scent), shower and that she was being recorded. I then drove back to the city to turn in the van, after having it detailed inside and out, and left her to sweat for over a week. The boyfriend called asking me if I had seen her and I told him no and asked why, he said that she had been missing for about 6 days and that the police were looking for her as she had left 'Little Bitch" behind.

When I got back to the mine was I surprised, she was walking around rubbing her clit almost constantly, and as I reviewed the recordings she could be seen fighting the urge for about three days before giving in and fingering herself to orgasm. After she lay down I gave her some gas so that I could check some things. She had eaten the food, I refilled the cabinet, and she had showered daily so her 'heat' smell was in full force. I placed a 4th rod under her clit, put the bench in place and bolted it to the floor. I also gave her a shot to start her milk and if my 'friend' in the fertility lab was right she should be ready to breed in about 6 days.

I went back to the city and made sure that those looking for her were not looking around me. I went to work to start the week and then took a leave of absence to do research in South America. I flew to Rio de Janiero and then using fake ID's flew back to LA via Mexico City, and then went to the mine.

It was time, I moved the dogs to cages were they could see and be seen but most of all where they could smell her. They were really cutting up as her smell was everywhere. I made sure that the auto releases on the cages and the auto locks on the bench were working and then went back up to the control room. The Dane 'Prince' had about 10 inches of cock and a grapefruit sized knot, the Mastiff 'Duke' had about 9 inches but was thicker and his knot was slightly larger.

I used the collar to wake her up and told her to go to the other room. When she walked in the dogs started in and she ran back to her room. I hit her collar hard and told her 'Get in the other room', she walked in and I closed and locked her door. I told her to lie down on the bench and tickled the collar to show her I was serious. After she got in place I hit the switch and locked her down. The bench held her arms out, head down from the waist, ass up and legs spread. I could see that her clit was bulging and inflamed, her lips were engorged and there was fluid leaking from her slit. I left her locked down for almost 2 hours and she was wriggling and squirming trying to rub her clit on the bench and I could see the there was even more fluid leaking out of her slit.

I hit the switch to release Duke and he immediately went to her ass and started to lick. With the first stroke of his tongue over her clit she screamed and shot cum all over his snout. As he licks harder she cums more and he licks harder. After about 15 minutes he mounts her and with a little help from the adjustable bench he plunged his cock full depth in her slick hole. She snaps her head up and bug-eyed screams 'Oh God it's huge'. He is pounding her good and hard and she is panting like the 'Bitch' she is. His knot is growing and is banging against her clit and as he jams it into her and locks she screams 'I'm cumming, Oh God I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me you bastard; fuck me'. After a couple of good pushes I can see his knot has her plugged tight and she is screaming that she can feel his hot cum squirting right through her cervix and hitting inside her womb. As Duke stops humping he continues to pump cum into her and I can see some seepage around his knot but I know that most of it is in her womb. After about 20 minutes Duke's knot goes down enough that he can pull it out and as it pops free only a couple of tablespoons of cum drip out of her cunt. Duke licks her clean and the goes to his cage to clean himself.

I gave her about 15 minutes to catch her breath before I let Prince loose. He heads straight for her cunt and starts lapping at it like crazy. Soon she is screaming 'I'm cumming' and as she gushes Prince is licking deep into her hole to get at every drop. The more his tongue goes at it the more she cums and the more he licks. Soon she is begging to be fucked and is screaming it at the top of her lungs. 'Fuck me damn you stuff your cock in me and fuck me!'Suddenly Prince mounts her and as I adjust the bench he hits on target and buries his hot shaft to his knot. He is pumping in and out at an insane pace and BITCH is panting again. After about 5 minutes I can hear her begging him to fuck her harder and I notice that his knot is starting to enter her and with one hard shove he pops in and locks. She is screaming in pain and pleasure and soon she is yelling that she can feel him in her cervix and that he is squirting into her and she can fell each one as it hits inside. He stopped moving and just kept pumping load after hot load into her and she is cumming with each shot. He is sealed in her and there is a light stain of blood in her cum dripping down her legs. I release the clamps on the bench and as Prince steps over he pulls her off and she is now hanging ass up held in place by the huge knot in her cunt. It takes about 30 minutes for Prince's knot to go down enough for it to pop out of her distended hole and she drops to the floor. He licks her clean and then goes to his cage and I tell her to go to her room. I close and lock her door and as she crawls into bed she has a wide smile on her face.

The next day she can barely walk but the itch is still there as she is still fingering herself almost constantly. I give her this day and half the next to rest up and then do it all over again. After 6 days and 10 massive loads of dog cum it is time to find out if it worked. I get things cleaned up and then go back to Rio so as to prove my alibi. Upon my return to LA I check in with the police, they have no word, I hang around for a few days and then slip up to the mine. I've been gone almost 2 weeks and it's time to find out if it took. I wake her and tell her to pee in the bottle on the table and after doing so I lock her in and retrieve the sample. HOT DAMN it's positive, she is pregnant with puppies. Now, how long is it going to take? The normal gestation for dogs is 9 to 10 weeks but these are hybrids and this is unknown territory. I feel a certain satisfaction in knowing that soon my revenge will be complete and she will never know who did this to her. I key the mike and tell her, "The test on your sample is positive you are pregnant by one or both of the dogs and in a few weeks you will give birth to a 'litter of puppies'." I return to Rio and with the aid of a friend run tests on the hormones that trigger labor in both women and in dogs. After compensating for gestation and body mass and development find that the levels comparatively the same and that the hormone is nearly the same makeup in both. I again return to LA as me and check in to find out if anybody has heard anything.

The police tell me that there is no trace and that they feel that she may have been taken by slavers or she just plain ran away. I tell them I doubt either is true as she would fight and would not leave her now 17yr old daughter behind. I take my leave and return to my lab. I go to the mine on the weekend to get a blood sample. She is as big as a house and after only about 4 weeks she looks about 6 months. I connect the video feed and set up the computer so that I can keep track of what is going on via an internet connection.

I decide to make my revenge twice as sweet by impregnating BITCH's17yr old daughter. She was always just as evil as her mother and at 17 acts 30 and thinks that the world owes her everything. The trick is going to be how to grab 'The LITTLE BITCH' with all the security around. I was mulling this over when after a couple of days HE calls and asks if he can 'borrow' my camping gear as he is sending 'LB' to a special camp for a month to try and help her get her mind off of her mother. BINGO! I tell him yes he can borrow my sleeping bag, air mattress and whatever else he needs, as now I know how I'm going to get 'LB'. HE comes by my storage to collect the gear and we exchange small talk: camp so-n-so, no word on mom, gone almost 2 month, yada-yada. He left and I started making plans as I knew exactly where camp so-n-so was, it was only about 1hr from the mine on the other side of the mountains, that and the fact that I had hiked that area many times before I married THE BITCH. I make a quick trip to the mine to get things ready for LB and am I surprised as I BITCH tied with Duke and fucking like crazy. I have to wait for them to finish and boy am I glad all of this is on disc. I order her to her room and close and lock the door. Then I go down and get things ready for LB.

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