A Naked Encounter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I met a girl on the beach and she changed my life forever

The strident ringing of the telephone woke me and I smiled as I saw her name on the caller I.D.

"Morning beautiful" I said and heard the wonderful tinkle of her laugh,

"How's my favourite stud this morning?"

"Missing his favourite little slut" I laughed,

"I'm at Heathrow, can you come and pick me up?"

"Brilliant" I exclaimed, "I'll be there in half an hour"

"Hurry up, I miss you and I'm horny"

"Grrr" I growled and she giggled delightfully.

I'd only known her for just over two weeks but I was in love, I wanted this incredible girl more than anything else I'd ever wanted,

I'd been on a beach in Gran Canaria where clothing was optional and I'd just dozed off when I heard a woman's squeal and then a slap, looking round I saw a naked girl holding her face with a swarthy looking guy standing over her looking angry,

"Everything all right over there?" I asked and the guy made an obscene gesture to me, slowly I got up and took two steps towards him,

"Are you all right miss?" I asked the girl and she nodded,

"Yes, thank you, would you make him go away please?"

Turning to the guy, I jerked my thumb, "Beat it"

I received a torrent of what I took to be abuse, so a gentle slap on his face made him leave hurriedly, (I'm six feet five inches tall and have a nasty scar down one side of my face)

"I don't think he'll be back miss"

"Thank you" she stood up and shook my hand, "I'm Melissa Smith, I mean Saunders"

"Tony Burton" I smiled, "You're face looks sore"

"Oh it just stings a bit, but I can hardly believe what he did"

"Tell me"

"Well I was just about sleeping when he said something to me and waved his cock in my face, it was so ridiculous that I just laughed and he slapped me, I think he was drunk"

"Look, I was just going over to the bar for something to eat, would you join me?"

"I was thinking the same thing, thank you, I'd be glad to"

I fetched my shorts and jeans and had the pleasure of watching her wiggle into a very tight and very small thong and then a light, flowing sun dress,

"Ready" she said brightly and linked an arm through mine, "Look about the confusion with my name, I'm newly divorced and I'm trying to get used to my old name again"

"Ok, no problems" I laughed, "I'm newly divorced too"

"Why don't you come to my place, it's only over the road, I've got a fridge full of food just waiting to be devoured, fancy a big T-bone steak?"

"Oh yes" I laughed, "I think I can manage a T-bone"

With her arm in mine I was very much aware of the softness of a breast pressing into me as she steered me towards an imposing villa literally just across the road.

"Wow" I exclaimed as we walked into the lush grounds surrounding the villa, "Is this yours?"

"Part of my divorce settlement" she laughed, "He was very rich"

The place had an outside pool, an inside pool, five bedrooms, a games room, a lounge the size of London with a fully stocked bar and a kitchen that would have befitted a top London hotel!

"The steaks are in the fridge" she said, "I'm just nipping upstairs to change"

I looked everywhere for a fridge but gave up after a while and poured myself out a vodka from the bar,

"I'll have one too please" she said from behind me and I turned to see her all in white, a vision in a little white mini dress, the dark circles of her nipples could clearly be seen thrusting against the skimpy material and I could just make out the outline of what looked like a g-string beneath it,

"You look gorgeous" I smiled,

"Thank you" she smiled in return, "No steaks?"

"Where's the fridge?"

"Here" she laughed and took my hand to lead me through a door, the fridge was a walk in, like in a shop!

"God this is bigger than my flat" I gasped in amazement and watched as she reached up to take the steaks from a shelf displaying her lovely little cheeks divided by a string, she caught me looking and blushed prettily,

"Admiring the view?"

"It's a view well worth admiring" I laughed and she did a mock curtsey,

"Why thank you kind sir, you're not so shoddy yourself"

"Can I do something I've been wanting to do since I met you?"

"What's that?"

"This" I took her into my arms and kissed her, her lips were soft and yielding under mine, she moaned softly and melted into me as she drew her arms around my neck,

"What kept you?" she breathed and I tasted her tongue as it snaked between my teeth,

"I don't like being pushy"

"You can push me any time you like" she said softly as my hands found the zip at the back of her dress,

We broke apart just long enough to allow it to slither to the floor and she moaned as I kissed each rosy nipple before running my tongue down over her stomach,

"Yes" she breathed as I slid the g-string down over her thighs and touched my lips to her shaven slit in a delicate kiss, her lips opened like the petals of a flower and she moaned as I licked gently within them, she smelled and tasted like a dream and she held herself wide open for my tongue, I took the tiny pink nub of her clitoris and worried it with my lips before delving into her wetness again, she was panting with desire when I licked at her little rosebud,

"Tony" she gasped, "Come on up here Tony, I want you inside me now"

Kicking my jeans and shorts off I lay on top of her and guided my cock into her,

"Ooh yes Tony, that's nice" I felt her legs go round me and scissor behind my back and I began fucking her slowly and gently, her breath was warm in my mouth as we kissed hungrily and her hands gripped my buttocks.

"Fuck me Tony, I won't break, fuck me hard, as hard as you like"

"I didn't want to hurt you"

"I want you to hurt me" she hissed and ran her long finger nails up my back,, digging them in all the way,

The pain spurred me on, I lunged and she squealed sinking her teeth into my neck,

"Ooh yes" she moaned, "That's it, that's the way I like it"

"I lunged harder and found her little rosebud with a finger, pushing it in I hooked it and this time she screamed,

"You bastard" she hissed and I felt her nails drawing blood, every forward thrust of mine was met with one of hers, "Yes, shag me Tony"

She was like a wild animal, a beautiful savage, she bit my lips, my tongue and my ear as we rutted all over the floor, she rolled us both over so she was on top of me and offered me a breast in turn and squealed as I bit her nipples,

"I'm coming Tony" she gasped, "TONY, TONYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

Her eyes opened wide staring into mine, her mouth formed an O and she let out a long, drawn out moan of pleasure as the orgasm washed over her, I was only just behind her, I stiffened and she squealed again as she felt the spunk jetting into her body, spurt after spurt went into her, she gripped me and kissed me until I was empty,

We both lay back gasping for breath, her head on my chest,

"Have you ever been told you're a bit good?"

"My wife said I was a pervert"


"I've got a thing about anal sex"

"Well I guess that makes me a pervert too, 'cos I love it"


"Yes really" she smiled, "And you're still hard"

"Yes" I agreed,

"How's your stamina?" and she rolled on top of me pressing her sex down onto my erection,

"Fine" I laughed as she struggled to get her feet flat on the floor and get my cock into where she wanted it,

She was tight, but her anus expanded and her face lit up in a beautiful big smile as I slid in all the way,

"Ooh yes Tony" she smiled, "Ooh fucking yes that feels incredible"

We moved together slowly each of us savoring the feeling in our groins, her eyes were fixed firmly on mine her arms locked around my neck, her breath was warm and sweet as she kissed me,

"God you're beautiful Melissa" I gasped into her mouth, "I wanted to do this from the moment I first saw you"

"You should have done"

What on the beach?"

"That's why I'm divorced, he said I was an exhibitionist"

"With a body like yours, it would be a crime not to be"

I felt her anal muscles gripping me and I lunged in powerfully bringing a squeal of pleasure from her beautiful mouth,

"You bastard" she hissed and dug her nails into my back again,

"You'll split me in two, I'll never walk again"

I'll carry you everywhere" I laughed, "On my prick"

"Mmm yes please"

"Where's the bedroom?"

"Up there, why?" she gestured to the stairway behind me,

"I'm gonna carry you up there, hang on"

"You're mad" she laughed, "You'll never do it"

She squealed as I struggled to my feet, my hands cupping her sexy little buttocks, then she wrapped both legs round my waist and squealed again as I let her ass go and my cock went in deeper. Her only means of support were her own arms around my neck and my eight inches in her asshole!

Her squeals became shrieks of laughter mixed with moans of ecstasy as we climbed the stairs,

"Tony" she hissed into my mouth, "You'll make me wet myself"

"Wow, kinky as well as an exhibitionist" I laughed, "Go ahead and do it"

She squirmed on my cock and fastened her teeth onto my neck,

"You're incredible" she moaned, "I'm going to cum again"

I jumped up and down on the spot and she screamed,

"TONYYYYYY" and I felt the warmth of her urine on my chest and groin,

"TONY YOU BASTARD" she screamed again and I staggered up the remaining few steps into her bedroom, she was still cumming as I collapsed on the bed,

"I'm gonna cum too" I gasped as I felt it starting, hurriedly she climbed off me and took me into her mouth,

"Oh God" I shouted and let myself go, not once did she gag or take her mouth off me, I pumped what seemed like gallons into her mouth and she swallowed the lot her eyes on mine all the time!

"You were saying something about a steak?" I said as we lay together getting our breath back, her head was on my stomach and I was stroking her naked back,

"I've got my steak right here" she giggled and licked my cock, "But I'm hungry too, sex like that always makes me hungry"

"So you've done that before?"

"God no, never like that, you're incredible"

"You're pretty stupendous yourself Melissa"

"Come on we need a shower"

"I've already had one" I laughed and saw her redden as she remembered,

"Sorry Tony" she apologized, "I tried to warn you"

"Mel, I loved it, I told you I was kinky"

"Well I think you were perfect"

We showered together and went down stairs still naked, Mel stepped into her string again making my cock twitch while I poured out two large vodkas,

"So tell me all about yourself Tony" she said as we sat at the huge big table waiting for the steaks to cook,

"Well I've just done eight years in the army, which is where I got this" I touched the jagged scar on my cheek, "I'm twenty seven years old, single, unemployed and very likely unemployable, I've been left a house and some money by an uncle and I've just met a girl who I'd like to get to know better, a lot better in fact"

"How did you get the scar?"

"It was an I.E.D" I said, "An improvised explosive device, it blew the window out of our Land Rover and it took a bit of my face with it"

"I think it makes you look like a pirate" she said and touched it very gently with one finger,

"What about you?" I asked and she smiled,

"Melissa Saunders, aged twenty two, newly divorced, newly rich and a bit of an exhibitionist"

"No job?"

"No" she laughed, "I used to work in an office but I married the boss and divorced him last month, but I've just met a pirate who I'd love to get to know a lot better too"

"Well I have to go to London next week, come with me"


"Just like that? You've only known me for a couple of hours"

"Yes" she smiled, "Just like that, how long will we be gone for?"

"Oh just a day"

"Is it something important?"

"Naah" I laughed, "But they're giving me a medal at the palace"

"The palace?" she looked at me sharply, "As in THE palace?"

"Yeah, THE palace"

"Wow who's awarding it?"

"Er, well the Queen I think"

"The Queen?"

"Yeah well they reckon it's a bit special"

"Tony I'll throw this steak at you in a minute"

"The Victoria Cross"

"Oh I reckon that one's a bit special all right Tony, I happen to know that to be awarded that one you have to have had a ninety per cent chance of being killed, am I right?"

"Clever girl" I muttered as she served up our steaks,

"So you'd like me on your arm at Buckingham Palace?"

"I'd be honoured"

She bowed her head causing me to stare at her, her shoulders were shaking and I realized she was crying!

"Mel, what's wrong?"

"Tony, YOU'RE being awarded the Victoria Cross and you'd be honoured if I'd go with you?"

"Well I would, really I would"

"Oh you bloody idiot you" she laughed, "You're a big man and I mean big, you're obviously a brave man too, you've just given me the sort of shagging that most girls can only dream about and yet you still say you'd be honoured"

"I'm just an ordinary bloke Mel" I said slightly irritated now, "And I'd really like you to come with me to the palace"

"Of course I'll go with you, you big oaf" she laughed, "On one condition"

"What's that?"

"You come with me tomorrow to help me choose a dress"


"And promise to shag me again like you just did"

"That's two"

"I'm a woman"

"Let's go for a beer"


She opted for a baby blue mini dress that left only a little to the imagination and I was the proudest man in the world when we stepped out into the evening warmth,

"So tell me" I said as we sat with our drinks, "How do you know so much about medals?"

"Well not so much about medals, just history in general, I have a degree in modern history"

"Wow, a very clever girl"

She leaned closer and put her lips to my ear,

"And a very horny one too"

I slid a hand onto her thigh and stroked it gently,

"You're making me horny as well"

"If you up there any further" she whispered with a smile, "You'll get wet again"

"In that case" I smiled, "I'm going to get wet" and I stroked her naked sex,

"Did you really enjoy me wetting you?" she asked and closed her thighs on my hand,

"I loved it Mel" I answered truthfully, "And when we get in I'm going to make you lose control again, this time with my mouth"

"Ooh God" she shuddered, "I'll come now if you don't stop that"

"Go and get more drinks, I want to watch your fabulous ass wiggling when you walk"

She laughed all the way to the bar and she was still giggling as she returned carrying our drinks,

"You're turning me into a nymphomaniac" she laughed, "All I could think about was my pussy lips rubbing together"

"Nice thoughts" I laughed with her, "But just think about my tongue sliding in between them, separating them while your legs are wrapped round my neck"

She shuddered again and seemed to stiffen for an instant,

"Ooh you bastard" she whispered, "You've just made me cum without even touching me"

She came twice more that night before we fell asleep in each other's arms and when I awoke the next morning it was to the exquisite sensation of her lips around my cock,

"Mel" I exclaimed just as I ejaculated into her mouth.

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