An Affair I'll Remember
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband tries to save his marriage and takes his wife on a cruise. Here's the result

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Interracial  

I'm John Hubble and have recently divorced my wife of twenty-five years. Mary and I met when I stopped by the manufacturing plant where she works as a secretary. I am a tool salesman. I actually drive a truck and deliver tools to plants and small businesses. I bought my territory from our tool company and any sales that were called in from these businesses, I received credit for.

I'll tell you more about my business later. I still have my business which I've had for twenty-eight years. I remember when I first stopped by the business where Mary worked and when she smiled at me I was hooked. She was so pretty and had one of those bubbly personalities. We hit it off right off the bat.

Only problem was I lived in Steubenville, Ohio and she worked in Warren, Ohio. The two towns must have been a good sixty miles apart. I usually only get to the businesses on my route about once a month. After meeting Mary I asked her out and we began being a couple very fast.

I went to see her every weekend. We were only together about three months when I asked her to marry me. I was twenty-six and had dated quite a few women but never felt about them the way I did Mary.

She was twenty-four and recently out of college. She had been a secretary for about six months when we met. We kissed and petted on our first two dates. On the third date I told her I rented a room and was going to spend the night. After dinner, a little dancing and drinking she came to my room and we made love.

I called it love because we seemed to belong together. We didn't get much sleep that night. I did all I could to make her orgasm time and time again. She came by my oral manipulations as well as taking turns being on top.

She had told me that drinking made her give up some of her inhibitions. I made sure I brought a bottle of rum to our room. I got the coke out of the machines. Sometime during the night we finally went to sleep. Thank God we didn't have to leave our room till noon the next day.

We were married six months later and took a cruise for our honeymoon. We flew down to Florida and were picked up by the cruise ship tour bus. After boarding and before the ship even left the dock we had sex. Afterwards we went to a meet the Captain's party and tour guides showed us the ship.

Our meals were included and we were either eating or having sex for three days. That's not totally true but we did do it a lot. We did a little gambling by day, and drinking and dancing at night.

On the second day of the cruise the ship docked and we went to the beach. I don't know why we did it but there were two beaches, one was for nude people only. Mary said why not, no one knew us and it seemed rather daring.

I went along with her idea and we headed for the nude beach. We were young and just having fun. As we entered there was a sign posted that said, "No sex allowed on the beach." I thought it was rather funny as we removed our clothes, took our towels and headed to the beach.

I was surprised at the number of people on the beach. It seemed that there were mostly couples and then we saw some groups of women only. Didn't see any guys hanging together but then again I was too busy looking at all the women. I believe Mary was checking out the men even though she never said anything.

I knew one thing for sure that the men were checking out Mary as we walked by. I was thinking maybe coming to the nude beach might have been a mistake. Mary and I went as far from most of the other people as possible. The cruise line had supplied blankets to lie on as well as extra towels.

We lay there for a while, just taking in the sun. I went to the drink hut that we had passed and got Mary and I each a pina colada. We drank them and I put my hand on Mary's thigh. It wasn't long before I was finger fucking her. She had reached an orgasm when she reminded me about the no sex on the beach sign.

I had a hard on and had every intention of using it. I took Mary by the hand and headed for the ocean. I told her, "It said no sex on the beach, it didn't say anything about in the water."

I couldn't believe how comfortable the water was. We walked out till the water was over Mary's breasts and she wrapped her legs around me as I stuck my cock in her. There was no one near us which was good. I'm sure it looked like exactly what we were doing, fucking like rabbits and kissing up a storm.

When I came, Mary had her second orgasm, and we went into the shallower water and sat for awhile. After Mary was sure my cum was out of her we headed back up to our blankets and rested.

After a couple of hours we decided to go have lunch. The cruise people had a buffet set up under a picnic shelter. We had to show them our room key so they knew we were part of the cruise. As we were getting ready to leave to go to the shelter I asked Mary to wrap a towel around her bottom. I told her it was bad enough these men could see her tits. She laughed as we headed to the dressing room. I was right, the men did stare at her.

After the cruise we lived in Warren. I gave up my rented mobile home in Steubenville and it was nothing to rent a u-haul to move my stuff. We lived in an apartment for about six months. Mary found out she was pregnant so we started to look for a house.

We had two daughters in the next three years. Janet was the oldest followed by Susan. Mary's mother watched the girls while Mary and I worked. Life seemed to be pretty good. We had our problems like most marriages but we were always able to work them out.

My job was being on the road five days a week. Since it was my business I decided to take weekends off to be with my family. I usually came home as often as possible but I stayed at motels maybe an average of twice a week. It worked out the best for us.

Mary and I were like sexual rabbits even after the girls were born. Of course as they got older we had to be more careful where and when we did it. After about ten years our sexual activities dropped off quite a bit. We still made love at least a couple of times a month. Other times I might go down on her and she might jack me off. She did give oral sex once in awhile but she had to be pretty drunk.

At this point I should mention that Mary had gained a lot of weight. I put on some pounds also but Mary never lost the weight after having the girls. Every few months she would be on another diet. She wouldn't tell me how much she had gained but she wouldn't wear a bathing suit. I could see the weight gain but told her I loved her anyway and would be there for her.

She carried this extra weight all the years the girls were growing up. I told her time and time again that I loved her and didn't care what she weighed. When Susan was still in high school Mary became even more depressed. Our sex life was down to almost never.

She had gained even more weight and went to see the doctor. He told her she needed to get the weight off if she wanted to see her grandchildren grow up. We didn't have any yet but Mary decided she needed help.

The doctor suggested Gastro Bypass surgery. We checked into it and Mary had to talk to a psychiatrist and a nutritionist to see if she would be able to handle the surgery and after effects. Our insurance would cover the bypass surgery, and that was a big load off my mind.

We talked it over and I told her I would be with her and support her as best I could. She had the surgery and spent four days in the hospital. I was with her every day. The doctor said all went well and now it was up to her to follow the nutritionist's guidelines.

Mary could hardly eat anything but baby food and other soft items for a month. After three months she could eat most regular food but her stomach was now very small. She was only able to eat a few bites before she was full. How did they put it? "Small meals six times a day." Sounded like a lot until you consider a half of a banana a meal.

It was rough for her cooking for me so I told her I would cook for myself. She just needed to follow her new way of eating. The good part of all this is Mary was losing weight rapidly. After six months she had lost seventy pounds. By the end of a year she had lost over a hundred pounds.

The doctors were happy with the results. Now it was up to Mary to keep it off. She looked great to me but she still wasn't satisfied. She walked or used her treadmill every day. People were always complimenting her on her weight loss. When I asked her what was bothering her she told me it was all the excess skin that pretty much hung on her. It was mainly all hidden except for her arms.

She told me she wanted to get her upper arms reduced. I was there with her as usual throughout the procedure. She had out-patient surgery and needed to be taken care of for the first week. She always used her vacation time for the surgeries. One big downside was our insurance wouldn't pay for it. They considered it cosmetic surgery.

She was able to return to work but wore long sleeve shirts until her arms healed. I had to admit that her arms did look smaller without the excess fat and she was getting more compliments from everyone.

I failed to mention that through all this surgery and healing our sex life was near non-existent. She always told me she needed time to heal and I could always masturbate. Gee, how loving of her.

After the bypass and arm surgery she seemed much happier. I think it was all the compliments and attention she was getting. For some reason she had become self indulgent. Everything was about her.

She was watching the doctor shows on TV and said she wanted liposuction. When I asked her what it was she said they would take the excess fat out of her tummy region and do some sort of tummy tuck. Basically it was getting rid of the excess skin around her stomach.

I told her that she looked fine and that there was no reason for people to be staring at her bare stomach. We argued and she finally won out. Again she was back in the hospital but had to stay a couple of days. Our insurance paid for about half the costs. They again considered some of the surgery to be cosmetic.

I was by her side and stayed with her. After she returned home she wasn't able to lift anything for months so I did most of the cooking and cleaning. It was odd how she had acted more like a boss than a loving wife.

As soon as she had healed and most of the scars somewhat disappeared she told me she wanted her breasts done. We went around and around why she needed any kind of implants. She explains she didn't want bigger breasts but she didn't like her breast hanging and only looking good in a bra. She informed me she was going to have the surgery whether I liked it or not.

It was done as an out- patient procedure and I do have to admit after they healed she looked good. Of course the insurance company didn't pay anything. Mary had sure used up most of our savings. When I told her so she informed me that it was our savings, not just mine.

It didn't pay to argue with her. I asked her if she was finally done with all these surgeries and I couldn't believe it when she said she had one more she was going to have.

I said, "What the hell do you need done? You had the bypass surgery, then your arms reduced, your tummy and then your breasts done. You have the body of a woman fifteen years younger." I did add, even though I never get to touch it.

She had watched another TV program and it was some type of face lift or something. They would get rid of the extra skin under the neck and the wrinkles around the cheeks and eyes.

She promised me that this was the last one. It was an out-patient procedure but she would need to take two weeks off work for healing.

Well, she went through with it. As always I was there for her and have to admit she looked like she had been in an auto accident when she came out of surgery. Her face was bruised and swollen. Her head was wrapped up from her chin all the way around her head.

I took a couple of days to be home with her. She didn't want anyone else to see her. She had enough medication that she didn't even know where she was. I couldn't believe how quickly she was healing. After a few days the bandages came off and she was able to wash and clean up.

Within two weeks she looked better. She had stitches behind her ears but she wore a wig so no one could tell. Within a month she looked beautiful. It didn't change her appearance but without the wrinkles she looked much younger. She went back to the doctors and they gave her before and after pictures. I swear she looked fifteen to twenty years younger.

She was happy as can be. She started buying sexier clothing and must have gained a lot of confidence. Our daughter loved their mom's new look. I remember them saying that all those surgeries really made a difference. Janet said she didn't think she could go through all that pain. Her husband would just have to accept her the way she was.

Susan stuck up for her mother and said, "There's nothing wrong with looking good if you can afford it."

Our life went on and I thought we would be much closer but it didn't happen. When I came back from trips Mary never seemed happy to see me. She didn't even ask how my days had been. All she would do was talk about herself and everyone saying how good she looked.

She even told me that the girls in the office wanted to see her tits and she showed them. I was wandering if she showed them to some of the guys too.

Our sex life didn't improve all that much. It seemed the only time we had sex was after she had a few drinks. Since she never ate much when she drank the alcohol reacted a lot quicker, so if we went to a family event or out for dinner I would have a chance at some sex.

When I asked her to go places in public with me she usually made some excuse not to go. It almost seemed that she was ashamed of me. She never said it but I did get that impression. We would go out with family or some of our old friends and it wasn't too bad.

We usually spent the evening with everyone telling her how great she looked and how lucky I was to have her. I have to admit I was tired of hearing it. Especially when some of my old buddies would say how great Mary looked and if she was their wife they would be staying in bed a lot longer.

If they only knew! In the last five years since all these surgeries began, we were lucky to have sex twice a year. It's only recently that I found out that if she drank that I might get lucky.

Over the next few months I honestly had to wonder if she was cheating on me. She didn't want to go anywhere with me. She started going out with her girlfriends at least once a month. Some of the signs you read about were there so I started doing some checking. When she wasn't home I went through the e-mails. I knew her password and read all her deleted e-mails and the new ones. I didn't find anything other than her telling her friends how she loved it when she turned heads.

I did the laundry check you hear about. Her panties at times were damp but nothing resembling cum stains. I pulled our telephone logs for the past few months, again nothing. The same with her cell phone logs. No numbers that I haven't seen before.

I knew most everyone she worked with. I knew there are always men on the prowl but I didn't see much out of the ordinary. We went to her Christmas party and she avoided me as much as possible. I did keep my eye on her but other than a few dances and talking with her friends, I saw nothing of concern.

Granted I did see a few men attempt a few liberties but she rebuffed them so I didn't get involved. All I could hear everyone saying was that they wished they could get a woman that looked as good as Mary in the sack. I wanted to say, "Hell! I'd like that myself."

I knew men talked to her on the dance floor but had no idea what they were saying. It did look somewhat like two-way flirting. Mary would often look at me and whatever flirting there was stopped.

At least the night of the Christmas party I got laid. I guess all the attention she received and the drinks paid off. It was no longer love from Mary, just sex. It was easy to tell the difference. No real affection, cuddling and very little kissing. She was just interested in her orgasms. I didn't stop till I got mine.

Afterward she would get up and take a shower like I had lice or something. Life hadn't been the same since the operations. I actually felt that Mary thought she was too good for me now. I had to wonder how long our marriage would last.

I even told her that I would go shopping with her, which she knew I didn't care to do. She just said that one of her friends or our daughters would go with her. When she went with Janet, I didn't worry much about it, but if she went with her friends I'd actually follow her. They usually went to the mall and out for lunch. She ate like a bird now, and usually brought home her leftovers.

There was nothing out of the ordinary that I could see. Of course I had no idea what they talked about. Maybe I was getting paranoid. If I ever talked to her about anything it was like I was some kind of villain and every little talk turned into an argument. I once asked her if she had a boyfriend.

She called me every name in the book and told me she never cheated on me and I was just jealous of her looks. I couldn't believe this, I was jealous? Hell, I sat with her for five years through all these surgeries and never complained.

On her last two 'girls night out' I actually followed her. I wore a ball cap which I never wore and sat in the back of the lounge. I did all I could not to be seen, how would I have explained it? She did dance and flirt with a few guys. Again nothing seemed overly serious, maybe because her friends were married too and she didn't want witnesses.

Even though Mary was fifty, she looked so much younger. She danced and flirted with men of all ages. Most all of them had decent builds. I guess she liked the muscles.

Both times I followed her I made it home before her. I was happy she had a few drinks because at least I got laid. I needed to do something to see if our marriage could be salvaged. I honestly didn't know if I loved her as much as before but we were still married and figured I could make an effort.

I got us a vacation package on a cruise ship. It was a three day, two night cruise to the Bahamas just like we had for our Honeymoon. It would be our first vacation and really being together since her weight loss and surgeries. I was surprised that she wasn't all that excited about the cruise. I figured it was because she would have to be with me for three days.

Anyway, she got the time off. I got a friend to run my tool route. I was putting in a last ditch effort to save my marriage. I wasn't going to continue on the way it had been. I felt more like her house robot than her husband.

I drove to the airport in Cleveland Ohio. I parked in the long term parking and we flew to Florida where we were picked-up by the cruise line bus. I was feeling pretty good and hoping this cruise would change things.

We boarded the ship and went to our cabin. The first thing I did was come up behind her and squeeze her, just the way we did on our honeymoon cruise.

"John, what do you think you're doing?"

"I thought we could make love like we did on our honeymoon."

"For Pete's sake, we're older now and I have to get ready for the meet and greet party."

It didn't start off as well as expected but I had two nights and three days to hope it changed.

She looked beautiful dressed up for the party. She even smiled when I told her how great she looked. "Maybe this might work out after all," I thought.

We met hundreds of people at the party. Mary would tell people where she was from and would always slip in her age. That way she would get all the compliments she was fishing for. After the meet and greet party we went to our dinner table.

The way it works is you have permanent seating arrangements throughout the cruise. For breakfast, lunch and dinner you would be seated with the same group of people. Of course there were other restaurants throughout the ship if you wanted something more simple to eat. You could also have room service bring you your meal.

Since all meals were included most guests ate in the main dining room if they stayed on board. We sat at a table with three other couples. Henry and Eleanor were celebrating their fortieth wedding anniversary. Carl and Judy I later found out weren't married and neither were Tony and Pia. I'll tell you more about them later.

We ordered what we wanted for dinner and talked with the other guests at our table. I told Henry that we were celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary. Carl looked over at Mary and said how he couldn't believe that Mary could be married that long. He asked if she was a child bride.

Then I had to hear all the complements for Mary and what a lucky guy I was. Carl had said he wondered why Mary had married such an older man. He figured I must have had money. Of course Mary laughed and said, "She wished."

I could already tell Carl was going to be a problem. Tony and Pia were a little quieter letting Carl do most of the talking. Carl had already suggested that we all hit the main lounge for some music and dancing after dinner.

Henry and Eleanor bowed out gracefully saying how they wanted to go out on the deck and relax. To be honest I would have preferred that too but Mary jumped right in and said we would love to go to the lounge. Judy didn't say much but stared at me a few times. Tony and Pia were just going to do whatever Carl wanted.

I'll jump ahead a little bit here and tell you about Carl, Judy, Tony and Pia. I had gotten most of my information from Judy while Mary and Carl were dancing.

Judy was a waitress in Pittsburg. She was forty-two and I would say quite attractive. I had to wonder what she was doing with Carl who was thirty-eight and quite arrogant. They just didn't seem to match up. Although from a women's point of view Carl would be considered a hunk, I'm sure. Handsome and later as I found out he had the six pack abs.

"How did you and Carl meet?" I asked Judy.

"We're not a couple. Carl is a regular at our restaurant. He would always flirt and he did seem nice. I know he's arrogant but he was always nice to me."

"I didn't mean to imply anything..." I started to say when Judy cut me off.

"He asked me out a number of times and I always refused. I've never been married and don't really date all that often. Carl told me that he and a friend each had two tickets for a cruise which they were given for being top in their sales. They both work for a pharmaceutical company. They mainly sell to doctors, clinics and hospitals.

"Carl asked if I wanted to go on the cruise with him. It wouldn't cost me anything. I'm not stupid and knew I'd have to have sex with him but he's easy on the eyes and that wouldn't be that big of a price to pay. It wasn't like I was a virgin or against sex. He told me I wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to do.

"I thought it was a pretty good deal and said, yes. He asked me if I had a friend that might like to go with Tony. He's only thirty and would probably want someone younger. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend.

"Carl mentioned that the same rules would apply to any woman that went with us. I liked the idea because it meant I would have a friend along. I've known Pia for a few years. She's twenty-seven and a waitress and dancer at an area lounge. I've known she was kind of wild and would jump at the chance to go on a free cruise to the Bahamas.

"So here we are. I think Carl was a bit smitten when he saw Pia. She is pretty good on the eyes. He probably wishes he was with her instead of me. Needless to say Tony couldn't have been happier. We flew here from Pittsburg. I hope it all works well, I could use a little vacation."

"So, you and Carl are just friends?" I asked.

"Yes, I don't think it will go any further than that. He's way too much of a playboy for me. This cruise was just a nice getaway for me," replied Judy.

The six of us entered the lounge and all sat together. I asked Mary to dance and took her hand. I'm not much of a dancer but I was trying to recreate something here with my wife. All she talked about was finding new friends to spend time with. It's like she wanted to be with anyone but me.

After our dance we sat down. The others returned to the table and Carl immediately asked Mary to dance. She didn't even look at me as she got up; she had a big smile on her face.

Tony and Pia were up and dancing again while I sat there and talked with Judy. That was when she told me about her, Carl and the others and how they arrived on the ship.

Judy was a good looking woman. I could understand why Carl would ask her out. She had a nice personality and really did seem caring. We talked about our families and jobs. She had a daughter about the same age as my youngest. I explained to her about my tool sales business, delivery job. She actually seemed interested.

I figured since she was a waitress she was a good listener. Four songs were played before the others came back to the table. Mary said she had dance with Carl and Tony. They had to stop and take a little break.

I didn't say anything, I didn't want to start arguing over something as petty as a few dances. Carl ordered drinks and I was surprised Mary took one. She wasn't the best at handling liquor.

I danced with Mary one more time and then she spent most of the time dancing with Carl and Tony. I think she was trying to outdo Pia. I guess no one told her that Pia was a dancer as well as a waitress in a lounge.

I did dance two slow numbers with Judy. She wasn't a showoff or acting like she was in some kind of competition. I actually liked spending time with her.

It was getting late and we needed to get some rest for our big day the next day. The ship was dropping us off on a beach where we would be spending the whole day. They had two beaches and a casino. I also bought tickets to a stage show with topless dancers and all.

I figure I could rid myself of Carl so Mary and I could enjoy our cruise. It didn't happen. While they were dancing Mary told Carl what our plans were for the next day. When they came back to the table Mary mentioned that she invited everyone to join us at the beach the next day.

I said, "That's nice," but I probably didn't look too happy.

Judy and I were a few feet away from the others when she said, "I'm sorry we're messing up you're anniversary. Would you like me to talk to Carl?"

"No," I replied. "This is probably as much Mary's doing as it is Carl's. I guess we'll just have to see how it plays out."

Judy looked at me and smiled. "John thank you for keeping me company, I had a wonderful evening. I didn't have to worry about fighting off Carl half the evening. You are a nice guy, I hope Mary sees that."

I didn't know what to think. Was she just being nice? I had to wonder if Carl or Tony had made any advances toward Mary. It was a pretty crowded dance floor and I couldn't see them half the time.

Mary hugged Carl and Tony and told them she would see them tomorrow. We headed to our cabin. I watched Mary get undressed. She really had a nice body but it cost enough.

We got in the bed and I tried to start by cuddling with her. That's when she told me she was sorry but she had drunk and eaten way too much and her stomach was bothering her. She got up and went into the bathroom and I could hear her throwing up. She came back and told me she just couldn't eat the way she did.

She apologized to me and said maybe she would feel better the next day. She had taken some medication for her stomach. I just lay there thinking that day one of three didn't go so well. Rather than bringing us closer together it seemed to separate us even more.

At breakfast the next morning they had a breakfast bar with all you can eat. I got my plate of food and so did most everyone else. Mary came back with a bagel. She said she overate the night before and paid for it last night.

Eleanor brought Henry a plate of food. She said if he had gone up there himself he would have gotten everything he wasn't suppose to eat. He just laughed and said how much she always worried about him. Instead of getting mad he gave her a kiss.

After breakfast everyone went back to their cabin and got their beach garb. Carl was walking next to Judy. I had wondered if she might have said something to him. Mary wasn't talking much as we headed to the beach.

Carl spoke, "Anyone for the nude beach?" He looked over at Mary and she gave him a smile.

"No," I replied. "I don't have the body that anyone would care to see." I tried to say it in jest but I really meant it. Mary gave me an odd look. If it was just her and me, I might have considered it but not with Carl and Tony staring at her.

Judy spoke up. "I'm not much for the nude scene either. Twenty years ago I might have considered it, but I guess I've grown up since then."

Pia said she just wanted to get in the water. She didn't care where they went. Tony just wanted to see the women in suits or nude, he didn't care.

We headed for the regular beach. We set up our blankets and towels which were provided. We also rented lounge chairs to sit in. Hell, I was too old to be lying on the ground.

I took Mary's hand and asked her to walk to the water with me. Everyone got up and went in the ocean. All three women had on two-piece bathing suit. They all looked great. Pia's was the skimpiest. Mary's showed a lot of boob. It's the first time I had ever seen her in it. She bought it for the trip.

I could tell by the way she was walking with me that she was showing off for Carl who was walking behind us. So far our cruise wasn't working out the way I had planned. I promised myself that I would do my best not to start any arguments with her on this cruise. The whole purpose of the cruise was to bring us closer together but it wasn't happening.

We all were in the water and just kind of lazily swam around. I tried to put my arms around Mary but she said not in front of everyone. She wouldn't even kiss me. I was feeling a bit down and just swam a little.

I wasn't surprised to see Carl up next to her as soon as I was ten feet away. There they were, acting like best friends. Why did he want her when he had Judy who was more his age and honestly looked just as good? I was floating while my mind was busy thinking on what I should do when I bumped into another person; it was Judy.

"Hi Stranger," Judy said.

"Hi yourself, are you enjoying the ocean?" I asked.

"Oh, it feels so good. I just wanted you to know that I mentioned to Carl that you told me that you wanted to spend more time with Mary for your anniversary."

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He really didn't say anything, just kind of smirked. I'm finding that I care for him less and less. I have to admit that he has still treated me nice on this cruise but I think he would prefer to be with Pia or Mary. I've decided to just enjoy my mini vacation and do things that I like."

"I feel the same way. I'm doing my best to try and enjoy this trip but I'm done begging Mary to do things with me. If our marriage fails it will be because she made her own choices."

We all left the water and went and sat on our chairs. Mary and Pia both decided to lie on the blankets and get some sun. Judy said she wasn't much for tanning. She would burn first so she sat under an umbrella next to me.

Before I could say anything Carl asked Mary if she wanted him to put lotion on her. She said, "Please" as though I wasn't even there. Tony was putting it on Pia.

I needed to get away from there. I didn't know how much more of this flirting I could take. I told everyone that I wasn't much for sitting in the sun and thought I'd head up to the pavilion and to a little gambling. I asked Mary if she wanted to come along to which she replied that she would prefer to sun herself.

I received a somewhat rejected look from Judy. I told Mary that if she changed her mind I would be playing the slots, otherwise I'd see her at three for the lunch buffet.

I was playing the slots and having free drinks. I thought about Mary and figured our marriage was on its last legs. I would just have to see how the rest of the cruise went.

I knew I was drinking too much but really didn't give a shit. A few seconds later a lady sat down at the slots next to me. I looked over and it was Judy. I was totally surprised to see her.

"What are you doing here? Where are Mary and the others?"

"They decided they wanted to go to the nude beach shortly after you left. I told Carl that it wasn't for me but he didn't seem to care. I told them I would be playing the slots and see them at three. I'm sorry John. He's going after Mary and there is really nothing I can do. I don't own him, only you can stop him."

"No, it's up to Mary. All she has to say is no. I'll admit I don't like Carl and that he's an arrogant asshole but he hasn't forced himself on Mary. She's been with him by choice," I replied.

I was saddened because I thought this last ditch effort with the cruise might somehow bring Mary and I back together, but it wasn't happening. I decided for now to just go along with it and see what happened. Judy joined me at the slots. She said she really didn't have the money to spend so I took one of the plastic cups and poured half of my coins into it.

"You don't have to do that," Judy said.

"My pleasure, besides most of it is winnings. I guess I've been doing ok." I gave Judy a slight smile. "Besides, I enjoy the company."

We enjoyed each others' company and played different kinds of slots. If Judy's cup got low on coins I filled it back up. This is what I wanted to be doing with Mary but she wasn't interested in me. Maybe she figured I was too old, even though we were almost the same age. I'll admit I wasn't tall, dark and handsome but I was always good to her, always by her side when she needed me, so I guess she didn't need me anymore.

The other four met up with us at the buffet table. I looked at Mary and she knew I was pissed. "So did you enjoy showing your ass to the world?"

I decided to just confront her. I didn't care what she thought anymore.

"I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not ashamed of my body. You're the prude, you're the one who doesn't want to have any fun," Mary replied.

"If letting strange men feel and see your ass, you're right. It isn't fun for me to watch. Did you get off in the water too?"

Tony spoke for the first time, "Hey man, leave her alone. So she had a little fun."

I interrupted him. "She's not your fucking wife. So stay out of this." I was getting a bit mad. It wasn't like me to speak out like this.

"You got a problem with me Bro?" said Tony. Let's take it outside and we'll settle it like men, otherwise shut the fuck up. She's a grown woman and can do what she wants."

Needless to say I wouldn't have a chance in a fight with either of these younger men. Besides, what would I be fighting for? I turned around and got a plate of food and went and sat down. I ate alone. Mary sat with Carl and Tony. Judy and Pia left to go the rest room.

I ate and walked over to Mary. I didn't even look at the two men. "Mary, I'm going back to the ship. Are you coming with me?"

"Sure, I'm done eating anyway. I didn't want to eat too much and get sick and miss the party tonight," replied Mary.

"What party? I have ticket for us to go see the show at the lounge?"

"We'll talk about it later. Carl, Tony, I'll see you tonight," she said as we walked toward the ship.

As we walked back to the ship we argued. First about the way she was doing her best to avoid me, then how she wanted to spend time with Carl who was already with another woman.

"They are just friends, and hardly that. He just brought her along on the cruise for company."

"So what does that have to do with you? We married and suppose to be celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary. Instead you spend all your time with Carl and Tony."

"They're young and fun to be with. I just flirted a little, no harm in that."

I didn't believe she just flirted, I wasn't born yesterday. "Tonight you and I are going to the lounge on the Island and see the stage show like we planned. We already have our tickets."

"I'm not interested in your old show. I'm going to the upper deck party with everyone else. You do what you want to do. It's the last night of the cruise and I'm going to enjoy it."

We didn't talk anymore on the way back to the ship. In fact I didn't want to talk to her at all. She went to our cabin and I sat down at the pool side and talked with Henry and Eleanor. They seemed so happy together. They told me their secret in making it forty years.

They put each other first, and always communicated. They did their best not to go to bed angry at each other. "It wasn't all peaches and cream but we never kept secrets from each other," said Henry.

"We were always able to talk to each other and settle our differences. We didn't always agree but our love for each other always won out," said Eleanor.

Before going back to the cabin I picked up a flyer about this party Mary had mentioned on the third deck. It was an adults only deck. The flyer mentioned it was a progressive nude party. I didn't understand and talked to one of the ships workers.

"Well Sir, It starts out as a dress up party. Everyone is dressed in nice clothing, suits for men and dresses or skirts and blouses for women. Each hour they take off some clothing. This continues on during the evening and late night. The final clothing left on is usually a bathing suit or under garments. After that an announcement is made for nude partiers only in celebration of nude day.

"Guests can leave whenever they want. Food and drinks are included in the price for this party. It is fifty dollars per couple or thirty for singles. Hope to see you there."

I thanked the woman for the information. It was getting later and I knew I had to go back to the cabin. Mary was busy getting dressed She was putting on a nice skirt and blouse. I didn't know if she had under garments on or her bathing suit.

I was wondering if she might be getting dressed to go to the stage show with me. The party started at nine and the show started at ten, we would have to go ashore to go to the pavilion.

I was putting my suit and tie on and we still hadn't talked. I guess I had to speak first. "You look nice Mary. I hope we enjoy the show."

"I'm going to the party, not the show, I've told you that. You can come with the rest of us if you want," replied Mary.

"Mary, it's going to be another nude party and probably end up being some type of orgy."

"Guests can leave whenever they want. I'll probably come back after it progresses to the bathing suit. Carl and Tony are fun to be with, you haven't given them a chance."

"A chance for what Mary? To let them fuck you or me in the ass? What the hell has gotten into you? We're not kids anymore. We're grown adults and should have more sense.

"Mary, I'm going out to the lounge. If you want to go with me and save our marriage then come and meet me. If you prefer your party and your boyfriends then I'll understand it when you walk up the stairs to the third floor.

"Just so you are sure on what I said, 'our marriage will be over if you attend the party."'

"I know you better than anyone. You wouldn't end our marriage over me going to a party. I don't believe you," replied Mary.

I went out to the lounge and ordered a drink, sat and watched the staircase up to the third floor. I watched as a number of young couples headed up to the third floor. I spotted Tony and Pia but I'm fairly sure they didn't see me.

Next I spotted Carl and Judy. I saw Judy look my way but Carl headed up the stairs. She stopped for just a second and stared at me. A few minutes later Mary came into the lounge and stood by the stairway. She looked at me and I stood up hoping she would come with me. Maybe there was a chance for us after all.

As we stared at each other she turned and headed up to the third floor, never looking back. I gave her an ultimatum and she made her choice. It was at that point that I knew for sure that my marriage was over. I would go on the rest of the evening and the next day just trying to get a little enjoyment out of this trip.

It was after nine and I knew the party had started. There were still quite a few late comers still headed up stairs. As I looked up I saw one woman coming back down. It was Judy.

She came to my table and sat down. "I'm sorry John, you deserved much more than you are getting. You're too nice of a person to be treated like this."

"Why aren't you at the big party?" I asked.

"Carl was upstairs waiting to see if you and Mary were coming. When he saw Mary was alone he just laughed. When he greeted her he kissed her. That was enough for me. I told him I'd save him thirty dollars and left. If you remember when we first talked I told you that I was going on this cruise but had no obligations to Carl.

"I figured I would probably have sex with him but that was no big thing. It turned out he was too drunk the first night to do anything. He just passed out as soon as we got to our cabin."

"I have two tickets to a stage play on the island if you're interested. Tickets are paid for and you're under no obligations except to have fun. Care to join me? I just happen to have an extra ticket."

She was dressed very nice in a white blouse and black skirt. She told me later she did have a bathing suit under it. I mentioned maybe we could take a dip in the pool when we got back from the show. She gave me a friendly smile as we took a cab to the pavilion.

The show was really good. For a couple of hours I really enjoyed myself. I knew my marriage was over so I made the best of it. There were dancers, comedians, a juggler and a few great singers.

Judy and I didn't get back till after midnight. She told me she had a wonderful time and that Mary was a very stupid woman. I dropped her off at her cabin. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me again for asking her to go.

I went back to my cabin just wondering if Mary might be there, of course she had never come back. The room was just the way we left it. I didn't really want to be alone so I went and sat in the lounge for a couple of hours. Just trying to get my mind straight on what I was going to do next.

I could see the stairs to the third floor and at times a number of people were returning from the party. I guess not everyone stayed for the nude review. That's just what I called it. I was surprised to see Pia coming down the stairs by herself. She was heading toward her cabin.

I wondered if I might have missed Mary and the two jokers. I did make a couple of trips to the men's room. It was after two in the morning when I returned to my cabin. Still no Mary.

I did my best to get some rest. I must have finally dozed off when about four o'clock there was a knock on my door. I opened it and it was one of the ships people. He had a passed out Mary he had helped to our room. I thanked him and even gave him a five buck tip. What a waste of money, he could have thrown her overboard for all I cared.

All she had on was her bathing suit and a robe. The robe must have been supplied by the ships people. He handed me a bag filled with the rest of her clothes.

I tossed her on the bed, she was a mess. I removed the robe and I could tell someone had put her bathing suit back on her. It was all twisted and the tiny bottoms were actually inside out. I started to remove them when I saw cum stains all over her muff and even more dripping out of her pussy.

I just left them on her. She had sticky stuff all over her body, even on her hair and face. It didn't take much to figure she was cum dumped on. She had sucker bites on her tits and neck, even one on her belly. This was more than the work of one man.

I needed to know if she was used or if she volunteered to be part of this part of the party. I knew she went to the party and that wasn't going to change my feeling toward her or our getting divorced. I was very easy going but if she was drugged and used I might just have to get even. Time would tell.

This was the morning of our third day of the cruise. We would have until five in the evening to leave the ship. It would be docked all day for anyone wanting to leave earlier. Our plane tickets to return were for four in the late afternoon.

Needless to say I couldn't sleep and I packed all of my stuff. I only had the one suitcase. Mary had two plus a carryon bag. I was getting madder at the minute as I was packing only my things. This was not a good thing; I didn't want to do anything that might get me locked up.

I did take out my camera phone and took some pictures of Mary. I didn't know if it would help me or not but I didn't have any other proof.

After packing I went to one of the café's on board and started drinking coffee. It was now after six in the morning and I went to do a stupid thing. I went to Carl's and Judy's cabin and knocked on the door. Why I knocked lightly I don't know.

Judy opened the door and was surprised to see me, especially at that time of the morning. She was already dressed which meant she must have been up for awhile also.

"John, what are you doing here?"

"You know damn well why I'm here. I need to know what Carl and his friends did to my wife."

"John, please calm down. I'll go to the café with you and I'll tell you all I know. Pia came back at one this morning and I had a long talk with her. Carl and Tony didn't return till around four. Let me get my room key and I'll be right with you."

She closed the door and was back a minute later. We went back to one of the café's and she told me everything that Pia had told her. As she had mentioned before, Pia was young and on the wild side. Being nude was not a big thing to her.

"John, what I'm going to tell you isn't pretty. There is nothing you are going to like about it. I wouldn't tell you except you deserve a lot better than Mary, I'm sorry but she's nothing but a slut. I don't care if she is your wife."

"So, tell me all you can. I saw she was cum dumped on and used to the fullest. I need to know how willing she was."

"Pia, said the four of them entered the party. For the first hour it was somewhat of meet and greet the other guests. Every hour they removed more of their clothes. By midnight they were down to their underwear and bathing suits. At this time some of the couples started leaving but there were still dozens of people there.

"Once the last garments were removed it turned into a swingers party. Pia said she had sex with Tony while Mary was having sex with Carl. So you know, they also swapped partners and had sex at the nude beach during the day. Pia said they did it in the ocean.

"After having sex with Tony and Carl Pia put her clothes back on. She said that was enough for her but Mary wanted more."

"Was Mary drugged?" I asked.

"Both yes and no. She took drugs, ecstasy I believe, but she was offered them and took them willingly. John, she knew what she was doing. Pia said no one as far as she could tell was forced to do anything they didn't want to do. As she was leaving she said Tony and Carl were double teaming an Asian woman.

"She said at the time she looked over and saw Mary laying on a table being double teamed by an Asian and a black man. She had her head hanging over the edge sucking the Asian man while she was ... well with the black man. After that Pia came back to the room."

I lowered my head and had tears in my eyes. Not for Mary but for being such an asshole and staying married to her for all these years.

"I'm so sorry John. You were the best part of this mini cruise for me. I really enjoyed our time together. I'm sorry for what happened to your marriage. Believe me John, you deserve so much better."

"So what did Carl say when he got back to the room?"

"He was too drunk to say anything but smelled like booze and sex. I couldn't sleep after he got into bed. I sat in the chair awhile and read a book. After that I got dressed and was going to go out for coffee when you knocked."

"To bad you're with that asshole."

"I'm not really with him John. I did take this cruise but the funny part is I never had to have sex with him. That was good. After seeing what he was like I don't want anything to do with him. We'll have breakfast if he wakes up in time and then lunch. Our plane leaves for Pittsburgh at two this afternoon."

Our breakfast time was eight and it was almost that time now. I checked to see who was there and saw Henry and Eleanor sitting at the table, and both were smiling. I headed to the table and sat down. As we were talking Judy came over and joined us.

"Where's everyone else?" asked Henry. "We wanted to say goodbye. We'll be leaving the ship at ten this morning. We have an early flight back to Iowa."

Judy spoke, "I think they all had long nights and we decided to let them sleep in. Maybe they'll wake in time for lunch." Everyone kind of chuckled. Mine was rather phony but this nice couple didn't need to know anything about the maggots I left behind.

We had a nice breakfast and I said my goodbyes to Henry and Eleanor. After they left the table I told Judy that being with her was the only enjoyable part of this cruise. I actually said I wished I had met her twenty-five years ago, before I met Mary.

"Thank you John but I was a little wild in my younger days. After my daughter was born I guess I became more mature and family oriented. It was nice meeting you John. If you're ever in Pittsburgh stop in at the East Side Grill and breakfast is on me."

She gave me a hug and a light kiss and we both went our own ways. I went back to my room and saw my slut wife still passed out on the bed. I put her return plane ticket on the dresser, grabbed my suitcase and headed for the docking exit.

I sat on the deck as the ship docked. I might not have been the first one off the ship but was damn close. I hopped on the courtesy bus and headed for the airport. I was hoping to switch my ticket for an early return flight. As luck would have it I was able to hop a plane bound for Cleveland at eleven o'clock.

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