Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Keep the 'ol pen out of the company ink well. I was not going to break that rule. and then there was that Saturday.

Sylvia Johnson was one of the first employees we hired. Even though Richard and I have always called her Sylvie, to the rest of the staff she has been, and always will be, Ms. Johnson. However, I am going too fast here, perhaps a little bit of an explanation is in order.

When my best friend Richard and I were in our junior year at the U, we came up with a new web-concept and we started our own internet company ... a company which took off a lot faster than we ever dreamed, or had planned. As we were getting the company initially started, we had used some people on a contract basis. However; within a short time, we realized what we needed were full time employees; which would entail all sorts of infrastructure and details we were not up for, so we decided to hire an office manager to help us get things started correctly and to help run the office. Sylvie was maybe the third or fourth person we interviewed and after she walked out of the office from her interview, Richard and I looked at each other and agreed, we had found our manager. She reported for work two days later and ten years later, we are just as happy with her as we were the day of her interview.

As I mentioned, Sylvie has been with us for over ten years and during that time, there were times we were not able to pay her the full salary she was due; so instead we offered her stock in the company to compensate, which happily for us, she eagerly snapped up.

Eventually Richard started a sub-company with-in our parent company, and gave me 33% of the stock in addition Sylvie got quite a bit of stock over the years as well. My 33% alone has made me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and I know Sylvie's share is a little larger than mine is. Shortly after Richard started his company, I too started my own business inside of the parent company, giving Richard the same percentage deal he had given me and through the years, I gave Sylvie shares in my company as well. I hate to brag, but my company has exceeded Richard's by quite a bit.

Sylvie has no reason to work now since she is an extremely wealthy woman, her stock holdings worth million's of dollars, but still she stays with us, running the companies with her cool efficiency. When Richard and I both needed our own private secretaries, Sylvie interviewed and hired for us, for which we were very grateful.

Sylvie is an extremely attractive woman in her mid 30's with dark brown hair, which she wears in a pleasant short style and beautiful deep blue eyes. Among the many things I like about Sylvie is she usually wears high heel shoes, which puts her around 6 feet tall. Since I am a little over 6 feet, it is different for me to look a woman directly in the eyes. I have noticed with several of the employees, she will use her size to intimidate, but not in an offensive way, more like just to keep order in the office. Another thing I like about her is she always wears either a skirt or a dress, I think I can count the number of times I have seen her in pants on two hands, which is just fine with me as she has great legs.

Sylvie would never be considered "runway model size", but for me it doesn't matter as I like a woman with some size to them. This is not to be construed Sylvie is fat or overweight; I guess she is just on the best side of being pleasingly plump with her large breasts and dynamite ass. I mean, there are bottoms, and there are butts, but Sylvie's has, in my eyes, a perfect ass! Not a bubble butt, just a perfect, womanly, well-shaped, voluptuous, sexy ass. However, I have kept my attraction for Sylvie my secret. I just try to be friendly and asexual in our conversations, it's difficult, but I do my best. She seemed nice and at times, I felt she tried to be a little friendlier than just the minimum, but I was fearful. I have worked hard keeping my eyes off that delightful ass, but it has been so difficult! Nevertheless, as she swished & swayed through the office, there were times I'll admit, I have fantasized about her, but I also know it is best to keep the ol' pen out of the company ink well. I will dream about her, I will fantasize about her, but I always felt I would never act on those thoughts.

A couple of years ago she met a man named Frank. Richard and I have no idea what his last name was, we just knew him as Frank. From day one, neither of us could stand the man. The surprising thing of all this is Richard gets along with everybody ... I mean everybody! He can chat with you for a few moments and you feel as if he is your best friend and you have known him all your life. He just exudes a personality that he likes you and you cannot help but like him in return. However, within 2 minutes of him meeting Frank, Richard could not stand the man. A couple of times Sylvie has shown up to work with a bruise here or there and one time she had a black eye which she clamed was caused from falling down some stairs. Richard and I suspected Frank had something to do with her marks, but we would never dream of saying anything to Sylvie unless she brought it up first.

A few months ago, she came into my office and just stood in my doorway. I could see she was acting very strange and I wondered what was going on. I watched as she fussed with the front of her dress, and then tugged at her other parts of her outfit, something that's totally out of character with her. Finally, I asked her if she wanted to sit down and she nodded. I stepped to the door and motioned I was going to shut it, something I would never do with any other female employee, and she nodded her head affirmatively. After I was back behind my desk, I saw the tears start running down her face.

"Do you want to tell me what is going on?" I gently asked. She shook her head negative. I continued, "Why are you in here then ... I think you do want to tell me what's going on." My comment seemed to have pulled some plug in her as she bent forward at the waist and stated to weep. I felt we had been together long enough I could come, put my hands on her shoulders, and not be out of line. As soon as I touched her, she quickly stood and slipped inside the circle of my arms and I held her as she cried. I tried to keep my touch as casual as possible, but still show some warmth and caring about what was troubling her. As she sobbed, her body shook as she wept. As I gently rubbed her back, I made comforting sounds, patting her from time. What I wanted to do was to take her in my arms, hug her and profess my feeling about her. Finally she hick-cupped and told me she needed to leave.

I didn't want to let her go ... I was enjoying holding her so. "You don't have to go ... are you sure you don't want to tell me what is going on?"

She gave another little hick-up and gave me a shy grin, "Not right now ... I'm sorry to come bother you ... I shouldn't have."

"Sylvie, how long have we been together? You are not a bother ... I have always considered you a friend as well as an employee ... my door is open to you anytime. You know that. Please don't feel that way."

She hiccupped, gave me her shy little grin once more and told me, "Thanks Paul. I just needed a friend. I feel better now."

"And you won't tell me what's wrong?"

"Not now ... maybe later." She turned and left the office. I could still feel her warmth in my arms and the smell of her perfume lingered. I saw her one more time in the hall that day and she seemed to be just fine, so I went on about my business. I considered saying something to her about the episode in my office but decided it was up to her to bring it up.

A few days later, I came to work and found a package sitting in the middle of my desk all wrapped up in handsome paper along with a ribbon and a bow on it. It was well past my birthday and still a couple of months to go to Christmas so I was dumb founded as to what was going on. I carefully opened the present and inside was a beautiful, 24 K gold Cross pen and pencil set and a dark green marble holder with an engraved plaque on it. The plaque read, "To the best boss and a very special friend. Love Sylvie". I had to sit down I was so stunned. Finally, I got up, went searching for her, and found her in her office.

I knocked on her door-jam and when she looked up at me, I smiled and said, "I found the present ... thank you ... but why?"

Sylvie smiled at me, "The smart ass answer is because you can never find a pen on your desk." My desk does tend to get very messy and I am always looking for a pen to write something down. She continued, "But, the reason is because the other day I came to you when I just needed to be held and allowed to cry, and you were there. I needed a friend and you were that and so much more. You didn't pry, you just let me get it out of my system and let me leave. It was just what I needed."

"OK ... But will you tell me now what the problem is ... or was?"

She sat behind her desk for a long time, then motioned for me to shut her door. Once it was closed, she started, "I know you have seen some of the marks Frank left on me..." I nodded, "well, I finally had had enough of him and I threw him out the morning I came to your office. He had just called me on the phone and said some really nasty things. They hurt! I needed a friend to hold me ... somebody I could trust. You were wonderful..." and her smile lit up the room.

"And is Frank staying away?"

"He called one more time when he was really drunk and I warned him I would call the police if he bothered me again." She paused while she was considering what she wanted to tell me next. "One time he hit me so hard he broke a rib..." involuntarily I stepped forward and she held up her hand. She continued, "I went to a doctor and lied about what happened. The doctor told me he knew I was lying and I asked him to just let it be. He told me if it happened again, or if I wanted to press charges, he would help me out. The last time Frank called, I told him about the doctor visit and if he did not leave me alone ... well, you know."

"And why did you feel you couldn't tell me about this the other day?"

Sylvie paused for a moment before she replied, "Paul, I was so embarrassed. I try to be as professional here as I can ... you gave me a shot at this dream job. I know the two of you must have interviewed a lot of women for the position and yet you picked me. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Along with an amazing job, you've made me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams ... and I appreciate everything so much ... if I live to be 100 years old I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Anyway, I couldn't let you know what was going on. I just didn't want you to know what a fool I've been."

I spoke softly to her, "You do know Richard and I had guessed what was going on?"

"I was afraid you had ... and I thank you for nor pressing it." And for the first time I saw Sylvie blush. I stepped around her desk, opened my arms and she stood and allowed me to give her a hug. I looked into her lovely eyes and told her, "Thanks for the pen and pencil set ... it really wasn't necessary ... but I will treasure it always. Thanks." I gave her one more hug ... thinking to myself how wonderful she felt ... and then I released her and we went about our day.

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