Making Partner
Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julia's husband hopes to be made partner in his law firm, but the offer is conditional on Julia being accepted by the other partners. She has to present herself to each partner for approval. Once accepted, Julia has to provide sexual services to Greg’s clients. The story evolves into more severe female submission and humiliation, after the son finds out what his mother is doing. Read the codes, and only go beyond the first few chapters if those more extreme codes interest you.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Lactation   Enema   Doctor/Nurse   Prostitution  

"Go and wait downstairs while I get dressed," said Julia Hammond with a coy grin. Her husband had told her to buy something really sexy to wear under her new dress, and had asked her not to let him see it until after tonight's dinner.

"When we get home tonight, I will be a Partner of Heppleweight Major and Partners, and I want the first time I see those sexy new undies to be when I am a Partner."

She was trembling with excitement as she put on the red corset trimmed with black lace, with a quarter cup bra that lifted her tits beautifully. Silk stockings, then red panties over the suspender straps, and a red matching garter on her right thigh. Then the black dress and very high heeled black shoes. It had been some time since he had made love to her properly, he worked so hard poor darling. It was all going to be worth it, after all those lonely nights when he had been working late, he was finally going to be made Partner! At tonight's dinner! Apparently this was a tradition at the firm, people being made up to Partner had to attend a formal dinner, with their wife, and all the other existing Partners would be present to welcome the new person into their group.

Downstairs, her two teenage children, Simon and Sally, insisted on a full showing. "You look lovely, mommy," Sally said, while Simon just looked at her breasts and grinned. She had to admit the dress was showing more than she had intended. The problem, which she had only discovered a few minutes ago, was that the corset lifted her tits in a way her bra hadn't done when she tried the dress on in the shop, and now when she put the dress on over the corset, she realized much more of her was on display than she had intended. And now it was too late to do anything about it! She would just have to hope that the people at dinner weren't offended by her rather excessive display!

Greg escorted her out to their new car, a BMW, and he held the door for her while she slipped into the front seat. "Darling, that dress is low in the front!"

She blushed. "It didn't look quite so obvious when I wore it in the shop. Actually I think it's these new undies lifting my boobs. Is it too sexy?"

"It's beautiful, darling, you have lovely breasts and they should be shown off. Mr Major will love them. Everyone says he is a tit man." Julia blushed, knowing pretty confidently that Mr Major also liked asses! She remembered how his hand had rubbed her bum as they danced that night a month ago, forcing her against him with his cock pressing into her belly.

Greg was openly in awe of Mr Major, the CEO of Heppleweight Major and Partners, saying he was the most fantastic boss he had ever worked for. Brilliant, demanding, and quite unforgiving of mistakes, but ready to praise and reward good work. And indeed since joining the firm Mr Major had been incredibly good to Greg, giving him pay rises and bonuses, and now offering him a Partnership! On the basis of all this they had bought the new car, and just a week ago they had put down a deposit on a fabulous new house!

She settled back in her lovely new leather seat and tried to relax. Greg glanced at her and said, "Your nipples are showing through the dress, aren't you wearing a bra?"

She looked down and gasped, it was true. "I am but it doesn't cover my nipples, are you sure it's okay?"

"It's perfect darling, the Partners will love you. Just be nice to Mr Major okay? The partnership is still not completely final."

Julia took that to mean, let the man look at her tits if he wanted to, just to make sure he does the deal! Given that Mr Major was tall, well over six feet, and she was only a bit over five foot tall, he would be looking down into her cleavage even with her new high heels. Julia wondered if there would be dancing after the meal, and hoped the lights wouldn't be too bright. She didn't want her husband to see how intimately Mr Major danced!

After a long drive out into the suburbs, they arrived at Mr Major's house, about the biggest mansion that Julia had even seen, let alone been inside. They walked hand in hand up to the front steps, where a man in a dinner jacket was waiting. Greg went to shake his hand, but the man declined politely and instead gave a little bow. "I am James, Sir, the Master's butler. Sir, Madam, this way if you please."

He turned and led them through the house to a dining room, with five men standing talking. Julia recognized Mr Major immediately, as the tallest man in the room. She knew the other four too, the other Partners, whom she had met at various social events over the last six months, but in those days they had acted like gods, lording it over mere employees like Greg.

"My dear Julia," Mr Major said, kissing the back of her hand. Greg, standing beside her, probably didn't notice how his eyes were fixed on her cleavage as he did this. "You are looking more beautiful than ever! A most fabulous dress, that shows off your natural beauty. Your husband is a very lucky man."

For several minutes he talked to Greg, then announced, "Gentlemen, please take your seats for dinner."

Holding Julia's hand, he walked her to the head of the table, where there were two seats. As she sat Mr Major was leaning over her and blatantly looking down the front of her dress! The men sat, two Partners each side of the table, and Greg at the other end. She was grateful that Greg didn't seem to have noticed his boss's indecent ogling.

After a few moments, Mr Major tapped his glass with a spoon for silence and made a short speech of welcome to "Their future Partner Gregory Hammond and his beautiful wife Julia," before proposing a toast to them both.

Julia wondered why the other wives weren't here. She knew Mr Major didn't have a wife, apparently he was a widow. But the other four men had beautiful wives, who always wore expensive dresses like the one she was wearing now. She wished they were here, it was a bit nerve-wracking being the only female in the room.

Mr Major turned to her, and she felt yet again the intensity of the man's gaze, the way he made you feel you were the most important thing in his universe. Except that his eyes didn't stay locked on hers, they wandered, down to her cleavage, then up to her hair. He smiled as he whispered, "You have beautiful hair. If Gregory makes Partner, you must promise me one thing."

Although her heart had dropped at the word 'if', she struggled to stay composed, and smiled back, and asked, "What is that, Mr Major?"

"Don't cut your hair, keep it this length, it's beautiful. I love girls with long hair."

As he spoke, his hand came up and pressed lightly against the back of her head, then slipped slowly down, caressing her hair down past her neck, down her bare back to the top of her low-backed dress, just above the top of her corset. She was panting, unable to look away from him, terrified of looking down the table and seeing Greg watching her being so blatantly caressed.

But above all her mind was swimming with that one word, 'if'. Greg had said it was all agreed. But now Mr Major seemed to be saying it was still conditional on something! On what? They were buying a house on the understanding that Greg would make Partner tonight!

She tried to smile sweetly at Mr Major, as his hand moved slowly from her bare back, up to her bare shoulder, gently trailed fingers across her cheek, and at last slid back onto the table to raise his glass, offering her a private toast that she was too shocked to respond to. Her cheek seemed to have been scorched by the touch of his fingers! It had been years since Greg, or anyone else, had touched her so intimately.

Mr Major put his wine glass down, and then, almost inevitably, put his hand back under the table on her stocking covered knee! Most men, even if brave enough to do this, would have said nothing, but Mr Major was made of bolder stuff. He turned to her and smiled, and said, "Very expensive stockings! I do admire your taste, my dear. Are they stockings, stay-ups, or panty hose?" While she struggled to think of something to say, his hand slid up her left thigh, under her skirt, until he found the top of her stocking! Then he moved his hand around and found her suspender strap. "Ah, yes, perfect. I love a woman in suspenders. Please remember that, my dear."

At least he was implying he had a long term interest in her, surely that was hopeful? They were interrupted by waiters bringing soup to the table, and Mr Major had to lift his hand from her thigh to take up his soup spoon. Looking down, Julia saw her skirt was still up, exposing bare thigh above the dark welt of her stocking top. She yearned to tug it down but thought Mr Major might be angry, so left it as it was. The man on her right couldn't see, fortunately. For a few minutes Julia tried to forget what had happened, and looked around the table at the four men she hardly knew. She had danced with a couple of them, but they were not as demanding as Mr Major! The man on her right asked about her family, her two children, and they chatted pleasantly.

The soup was taken away, and Mr Major's hand came back to her thigh. He was chatting to the man on his left, and Julia was still engaged in a conversation with the man on her right, and as she talked she felt Mr Major's hand stroking the bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking top! Could nobody tell what he was doing? Or did they all know?

The main meal was presented, and Julia noticed that a red wine was about to be served. She gulped the rest of her white wine before it was taken away, feeling she needed all the help she could get! At least now Mr Major was using both hands to eat his meal, but he kept glancing at her, and as soon as he had her attention his eyes always went down to her cleavage, quite blatantly letting her know he was looking down there. But also now he kept glancing further down at her exposed bare thigh! Would he think her a slut, for not having tugged her skirt back down?

Quite the most embarrassing moment so far was when he leant close and whispered in her ear, "Tell me, my dear, what is your bra size?"

She flushed scarlet, looked at Greg, looked around the table, looked back at him. Not knowing what else she could do, she turned her head so she could whisper in his ear, "It's 36 D, Mr Major."

"Beautiful. I don't know what sort of bra you are wearing, but it certainly presents them delightfully. They look even larger than a D cup. Quite magnificent." He looked back at his plate, forked another piece of meat into his mouth, looked back into her eyes, then down at her cleavage. "Nice nipples too," he said, and she squirmed.

A few moments later, he asked, again whispering in her ear, "Are you wearing a suspender belt, or a corset?"

She delayed answering as long as she could, wanting to scream or die, but finally lent close again and whispered, "A corset."

To her surprise his next comment, in exactly the same tone, was quite innocuous! "I am told that you are buying a house?"

For the next five minutes or so they talked about her plans, the only bad bit being when he forced her to admit they were taking out a huge bank loan to pay for it, and had already put down a deposit.

"That might be a bit premature, my dear."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if Gregory doesn't get the Partnership, you might not be able to pay the mortgage."

She was whispering, but her voice was verging on hysterical. "But he said it's all arranged, that you have promised him the Partnership, tonight!"

"Ah, well yes, it's almost arranged. It just depends on this evening's vote. The Partners are all agreed that Gregory is the right material, but so far they don't know much about you. So tonight is to give them the chance to get to know you. I'm sure they will like you, there's really no chance that you could be blackballed."

"What do you mean, blackballed?"

"Well, it's a bit old fashioned, but we still like to vote by putting white or black balls into a box, and when everyone has voted the box is opened. If all the balls are white, you are accepted by everyone. But if any ball is black, it means one of us has reservations. We do it this way so nobody knows who voted against you."

Julia thought she was going to freak out. She struggled to keep her voice calm as she replied, "And if I am blackballed, what happens?"

Mr Major patted her knee encouragingly. "I am sure it won't come to that."

"If that did happen, if I am blackballed, then Greg wouldn't get the Partnership? Because of me?"

Mr Major looked around, as though embarrassed and not enjoying this part of the conversation. Finally he looked her in the eyes, and his hand patted her thigh as though wanting to comfort her. He said softly, "I'm afraid it's rather worse than that. If he doesn't make the selection process, then I am afraid he can't go back to just his present job. He will have to leave the Company. I would give him a good reference of course."

Julia sat in stunned dismay, thinking through all the consequences of that happening. She remembered that the car was on a lease from the Company. "The BMW?"

"We would have to take that back, yes. But please, don't worry about it. I am sure once they get to know you they will all vote for you."

"How are they going to get to know me? Just from chatting here around the dinner table?"

"Well, yes, this dinner is a key part of your evaluation. Once Gregory makes Partner, you and he will attend a lot of important social events with clients, representing the Company. So yes, the Partners are watching you all the time, assessing how well you would do in that sort of situation."

To Julia's relief the conversation moved onto travel and the holidays she and Greg had taken since they got married, few and far between because of Greg's work load at the Company. Anyway they had been desperately saving up towards a house, any house, and now they had their eyes set on the lovely house they had recently paid the deposit for. Which reminded her how, suddenly, it seemed that her beautiful house might be at risk!

She started smiling as warmly as she could as she looked around the room, realizing she didn't only have to gain Mr Major's approval, but also had to charm all the other Partners sitting at the table! The man on her right asked her more questions about the house, and a couple of the other Partners listened in attentively as she described what they were intending to buy. She didn't raise the question about whether they would be able to buy it if Greg didn't make Partner! It wasn't even debatable, without his salary as a Partner they could never buy a house like that, and if he lost his job they wouldn't be buying a house at all!

By now they had eaten dessert and were onto the coffee. Julia realized from the buzz in her ears that she had drunk rather more wine than she should have done, and began to hope the dinner would be over soon. She couldn't stand the suspense!

Mr Major tapped his spoon against his brandy glass, and everyone turned their attention to him. "Gentlemen, it is time for you to express your vote. I appreciate that none of you has had much of a chance to get to know Mrs Hammond, but you can see how lovely she is and you have heard her in conversation. Now it is time for you to decide if you are happy for the Hammonds to join us as Partner and wife. James, bring the voting balls, please."

James pushed in a trolley on which was a box with a small hole in the lid, and two glass bowls, one with white balls, the other black ones. After letting her see it, he pushed the trolley behind Julia so she couldn't see it without twisting around.

"Each Partner in turn will go over to the trolley and select a ball and put it in the box, a white ball if you agree to having her as the wife of a Partner, a black ball if you wish to reject her. If you are not yet sure, then vote with a black ball, there is always the chance we will give the Hammonds a second attempt. When everyone has voted I will invite Julia to tip all the balls out onto the table. I'm sure they will all be white, don't worry."

Julia sat in heart-stopped suspense as each of the four Partners in turn stood and walked behind her, then returned to his seat. Then Mr Major did the same, squeezing her thigh encouragingly before leaving his place. When he returned he gave her another squeeze and asked James to bring over the box and place it in front of Julia.

"You must reach your hand inside, Julia, and take out the balls one at a time, and place them on the table in front of you. If all the balls are white, then Gregory will be made Partner tonight. Stop if you draw out a black ball, as we don't want to know how many voted against you."

Her hands were shaking as she drew out the first ball, which was white, as was the next one. But the third ball was black. She turned to him in terror. "What happens now?"

Mr Major sat silently for a minute, while Julia thought she would wet her knickers. She was trying not to cry, but her whole body was shaking. At last Mr Major announced, "I am going to take Julia away for a little chat. If she convinces me that she is serious about Gregory becoming a Partner then I might allow her a second attempt in a month or two."

The ever attentive James drew her chair back, and Mr Major walked her from the room across a passage way into an old fashioned library, the walls lined with books. It was twice the size of Julia's living room!

He invited her to sit in a comfortable leather armchair, and sat opposite her. She realized he must be able to see up her skirt, and at first kept her knees clamped tightly together. "So, Julia, how much do you want to have Gregory become a Partner?"

Her voice was pleading as she explained to him how awful it would be if Greg didn't make it! He sat studying her for a few minutes, and asked a couple of innocuous questions about her life with her husband, then casually asked, "How often do you and Gregory have sex?"

She panted, thought about refusing to answer, then finally forced a smile and replied, "Not very often lately, because he has been working so hard."

He nodded understandingly and continued. "So what, two or three times a week?" In any other situation, Julia would have walked out, grabbed her husband, and demanded to be taken home. But this was not a normal situation. She realized her whole future life depended on this interview, on convincing the man to give her another chance. She didn't know what more questions he would ask, but knew she could cope with answering this sort of thing. At least he hadn't asked her at the dinner table in front of everyone!

Resisting the urge to yell at him and refuse to answer, she instead politely replied, "Actually rather less than that lately, but that's not because he's not able to, it's just that he works so hard and gets home so late most nights he just wants to get into bed and go to sleep."

"So you just do it Saturday mornings? So predictable."

Julia almost admitted they hadn't made love for weeks, but bit her tongue and nodded, implying that, yes, they made love every Saturday morning. 'I wish, ' she thought but managed to keep smiling.

"You have children, don't you?"

"Yes, a boy and a girl."

She waited for him to start asking about names and ages, but instead he asked something totally unexpected. "Did you breast feed them?"

Julia could feel her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. Oddly, she also could feel her nipples hardening at the memory of those times. Or was it that her body was responding sexually to this dreadful inquisition? He was an incredibly handsome man, and radiated power and influence. She nodded.

"Lucky kids! You have superb breasts."

Not knowing how to reply, she just smiled stiffly and whispered, "Thank you."

By now the tone of the interview was so obvious she should have been ready for the next question. "May I see them?"

She moaned, and sat motionless for a minute, contemplating her options, thinking of her house, the car, the deposit they had already paid on the house. She knew she had no choice. She reached behind her back and drew the zip down behind, sufficiently so she could slip the shoulder straps off and down, and allow the front of her dress to drop to her waist, exposing the corset and her breasts lifted and exposed by the quarter cups, the nipples hard and erect.

"Beautiful," sighed Mr Major.

"Please, is it really possible for us to have another chance?" She felt quite sluttish asking this while showing him her tits, but she needed to know there was a reason to do this.

"I think I need to get to know you just a little more, before I decide," he said, with a slight grin. "Why don't you take your dress right off? We don't want it to get creased, do we?"

Panting, she stood up in front of him and allowed the dress to fall about her ankles. She stepped out of it, bent to pick it up, and laid it over the back of another arm chair. She went to sit down again, but he stopped her.

"I like the garter! Now, let me ask again. How much do you want to have Gregory as a Partner?"

She groaned inwardly, looked down at the floor, and whispered, "A lot."

"Are you willing to do almost anything to give him another chance?"

She nodded, biting her lip and trying not to cry.

"Take your panties off, please, Julia."

She slid them down, stepped out of them, and stood holding them in front of her.

"Hands by your sides, please." She obeyed. He studied her for at least a couple of minutes then sighed, "You don't shave your pubes?"

Stupid question, she thought, but didn't dare express her response. "No, Mr Major."

"I want you to, before I see you next time."

Her heart leapt at the suggestion that there might be a next time! "Yes, Mr Major."

"Go over to the desk. There is a black felt tip pen on the desk, I want you to write something on those panties." She obeyed, laid the panties on the desk, found the pen, turned her head to look at him over her shoulder, very aware of him looking at her bare ass.

"What do you want me to write, Mr Major?"

"Write, 'I will do anything to have my husband Gregory become a Partner', then print your full name and sign it."

She carefully did as he said, then without moving said, "I have done that, Mr Major."

"Now keep still."

She heard him approaching her, heard him undoing his pants, heard them fall to the floor. He whispered, "Are you on the pill, Mrs Hammond?"

"Yes, Mr Major."

She felt his cock poking between her thighs, and moved her feet apart to help him. Then he found his way and rammed all the way inside in one hard thrust that took her breath away. "He is bigger than Greg," she thought as her body began to respond.

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