Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Slavery, Rough, Sadistic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sexy nerdy roomate and how she fell into the trap I planned.

One day I got a brilliant idea. And it came to me in a dream. I had a room where I worked in the Japanese city I lived in. I called it my studio - because it was in fact a studio of sorts, where I took photographs and did computer work sometimes, but mainly I used it for entertaining and for the storage of all my stuff. The apartment in the city center I shared with my girlfriend was too small to handle all my stuff when I moved in two years ago, so I just asked my landlord to come down on the rent and I turned my old living quarters into the studio.

It was located about ten or so minutes south of the city center near a big urban park with a beautiful lake and green, open spaces. I would go there on average about once a week. It was a place I would take girls for the most part, girls I knew from before, or girls I met on the street or by the river, sometimes girls I met on the internet. Primarily we would just go there on my days off during the day and we would drink, play games and then screw. There was a dirty stained mattress in the back room. I wouldn't dare sleep on that bed, but it was great for throwing the girls down on, all year round. When I had lived in that room over five or so years, I had done anywhere from two to three hundred girls on that mattress. I lost count...

Life was getting expensive, and my girlfriend was often asking after the money I spent on my studio. Also, she wondered why I never brought her over there. I knew something had to be done to save the precious space so full of good memories, but I couldn't get any concrete ideas. Then it all came to me one night ... in a dream. There was a place where you could make announcements for roomates in the international center in the city. I decided one day to post an ad there, with a specific, long-term plan in mind. I would wait to see who answered it, and screen them, one at the time, until I got the perfect person. What I had in mind was a kind of nerdy, but sexy, and slightly psychotic Japanese girl somewhere in her mid-twenties. It took me eleven weeks of screening, but finally I got her.

I cleared out the photo room stuff completely and moved it all into the dark bedroom in the back. I put up some sliding doors for privacy and created, in effect, another bedroom. The common lliving space was still there. A sofa, a desk and table, TV and music station, etc, all in a separate room. The kitchen and shower were in an adjoining space. Finally, when everything was ready, I let her know she could move in.

Asuka was her name. She moved in during late summer, which was a good time to move house, as winters can be snowy and fierce, often carrying on well into Spring. I explained my situation, except the fact that I lived with my girlfriend. I just said I had a better room in the city where I had moved, but it was too small for all my stuff, so I was keeping both. I knew in time she would come to disrespect me if she thought I was cheating on my girlfriend so consistently. I wanted her to see me as a pure playboy, which is what I used to be for a very long time.

At first I was very careful. I wouldn't go there much, and when I did it was usually in the daytime. Often she was not there, but sometimes she was. Once or twice I came in and found her lounging on the sofa in a T-shirt and panties. She quickly covered herself with a blanket those times. I would try not to intrude too much on her and would just make it look like I had to do some quick work and then go.

She was of average height with short black hair, a great light skinned complexion with almond eyes under her dark nerdy glasses. She didn't have a boyfriend and I could tell she hadn't been laid in quite a while. She was always giving me a sort of round the way vibe, an 'Im horny' vibe. Over time, I decided to start fucking with her a little. One day I brought a sexy 19 year old street catch in and took her straight into the bedroom with a six pack. Asuka was in her adjacent space, separated only by a thin wall. I made sure there was plenty of laughing and giggling that could be overheard and then I took the girls clothes off and started fingering her until she squealed. I could tell Asuka was burning with jealousy in the next room. When I finally put my dick in her, Im sure Asuka was feeling tortured. The moans and sighs had to be penetrating the thin wall. We left quietly when we finished.

I continued doing this kind of thing about once a week. When we went in the room, if Asuka was there we would just say hi and quickly disappear into my room to repeat the same little party and noisy sex. After a few months of this activity, I started noticing some strange things drawn on the paper pad on the desk. Funny little drawings of people and characters and little glyphs and other strange things. I guess nerdy little Asuka had been doodling there. It took me awhile to catch what was going on, but finally i realised she was trying to send me some kind of odd, round-the-way psychological message. I couldn't just yet decipher what she was trying to say.

One day when I was screwing in the bedroom I heard a little repressed whimper or sigh from the next room that sounded decidedly sexual. I realised that Asuka had probably been masturbating to the sound of our sex. I smiled slightly at the thought that she had been lured in to my trap. Of course I always left quietly with the girls, and I never gave her any kind of sign that we were anything besides roomates.

Every month I would collect her half of the rent and bills, and I always kept the relationship strictly impersonal. I never spent enough time with her to create any kind of relationship approaching friendship.

On another day a few weeks later, I came there with a very hot 32 year old girl and we started our drinking in the bedroom. I timed our exit to coincide with Asuka coming out of her room in order to look at her to make her extra jealous.

The next time I came back about four days later, Asuka was drunk as a skunk. It was a Sunday and she had been drinking in the room by herself. I had a 22 year old student with me and we greeted Asuka, avoiding getting drawn into a conversation by simply zipping into the bedroom. I could tell I was really starting to get under Asukas skin when I heard her crank up the radio in the living room in order to drown out the sound of our fucking. She had never been so brazen before, and I just assumed it was her sexual stress compounded by alcohol's influence. Then she pretended to be on the telephone with some guy and faked like they were going to have some kind of meeting later. It was painfully obvious that she was trying to get back at me, however pitiful an effort it might have been. She didn't have any way to meet guys and was too nerdy to go out and get them in bars and nightclubs. Additionally, her social skills were such that there were few friends in her life and the sexual stress would have been so strong that she must have been masturbating all day, all the time.

It was a really fun time for me, just teasing her and pulling her into my game, meanwhile getting really good pussy all the time - and knowing she was just totally deprived of any kind of real sexual gratification. Eventually I was certain that the girl was totally infatuated with me, just as I'd planned. Every time I talked to her, her face would go red and she could scarcely make eye contact with me. The little drawings on the desk continued, and they got stranger and stranger. Then they started showing up in other places around the room, on scraps of paper here and there. I was still only showing up about once a week, or even less, and always with a girl - in order to keep myself distanced from her. After about six months we were deep into Winter and I was sure her loneliness was eating at her deep and hard. So one day I decided to go collect rent by myself. I dropped by in the afternoon, and sure enough, there she was, curled up on the sofa in her pink fluffy child's pajamas. I told her rent was due and retired to my bedroom.

About thirty minutes later, I heard the sound of the shower hissing and knew Asuka had timed it in order to try to get some kind of reaction from me. She came out steaming in her bathrobe after the shower, a towel wound around her head. Her face was pink as a lobster. She had let the robe slip down over one of her shoulders in order to try to appear erotic. I laughed to myself at what an idiot she was making of herself. I went back into my bedroom, collected some things and left, wishing her a nice day.

A week or so later i came into the room with two high school girls I had picked up on their way home from school. Asuka arrived a little later from her boring office job and I was sure she could hear the sound of the two young girls and me as we joked around and started taking each others clothes off, getting ready to make a nasty little threesome. One of the girls was sucking my cock while I got the other one to spread her legs and squat over me while I licked her bald little cunt. Asuka must have been trying to get invited to the sex party because she was clearly masturbating next door, not even trying to disguise the sound of her pleasure anymore. I whispered a joke to the girls about what a horny retarded little nerd Asuka was and they burst out in girlish laughter. I know Asuka must have understood that she was the butt of the laughter. And when i started lamming it into one girl after the next while they sighed and squealed, I knew that she knew that her fingers were hopeless compared to a good hard fuck by a master cock. She was beginning to boil over with lust, infatuation, and jealousy. It was great. I finished by unloading into both the girls throats and faces and then got them dressed and sent them on their way, giving them chocolates and candies for the fun. This time I didn't follow them, instead I just stretched out on the sofa and switched on the tele, just to see what would happen.

A few minutes later Asuka came out of her bedroom dressed in a skimpy summer get up that was way out of tune with the season. She sat down at the far end of the sofa and pretended to be interested in the program I was watching. I ignored her completely and lit up a cigarette. We watched the show in silence for a long time and I was sure her mood was building up. I can say I really didn't expect it when the little nerd just suddenly threw herself on me and tried to mouth kiss me. "Whoa WHOOA!! "I said, shoving her away. " Asuka!! What in the world are you doing? We're just roomates! Get that straight now, will you?? What the hell is wrong with you?" I balked at her. Her eyes, already reddish, just welled up with tears and she burst out crying and ran to her room like a child, sliding the door shut loudly behind her. After that I could hear her sobbing in her bedroom, actually more like bawling for about fifteen minutes. I finished watching the program, turned off the tube and went back to my city room.

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