Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slavery, DomSub, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A question never to be asked during sex unless you really mean it: "Are you my sex slave?"

"What are you doing?"

Personally, I thought that was pretty obvious. My fingers were tracing various shapes and patterns on her bare back. A swirl here, a letter there. No meaning, but there was no reason to tell her. Keep the mystery in the relationship and all that.

"Oh, just playing with my toy." Jodi gave a chuckle, a low, sexy one, turning her head to look at me. We were lying in my bed that Monday afternoon as was usually the case, round one of our activities in the past and rounds two and three in the very near future. I was on my side next to Jodi, as she lay on her stomach. One hand stretched out from under her head and her fingers started their own tracings. These had more of a purpose than mine.

"So, I'm your toy?"

"Don't you want to be my sex toy?" My hand went lower and caressed her ass, a finger briefly teasing the opening before moving on. We hadn't played much with that, but probably soon. Our sex was more fun and comfort than bold exploration. Jodi gave a half hum, half groan. "Don't you want me to play with you?"

"You can play with me all you want, Chris..." Her bottom moved against my hand, and her fingers started to search lower on my body.

"Are you my sex toy?" I squeezed a cheek.


"Say it." My ego isn't great, but what I have likes re-enforcement.

"I'm your sex toy ... my body is yours..." She turned on her side to face me. Jodi was not, in truth, beautiful. Her body was not really fat, but the extra weight hung around her tummy and waist. Small breasts, shortish brown hair that maybe reached the bottom of her neck, glasses, now removed, and brown eyes. Those eyes ... the way they looked at me, the openness in them ... they offered so much, and once again my needs fought down the guilt that I didn't love her.

We had met, as is sometimes the case in stories like this, at an online dating site. I was a rather lonely, unsocial guy pushing 30 who didn't date all that much, and given I neither drank nor danced, didn't have the option of bars to ply my minor charms in. Plus there's the whole shy, unsocial thing. The web however, especially before sites started to actually charge money, was a godsend. Online rejection is much easier to take, and I actually had a few dates. My looks aren't bad: six feet tall, brown hair that starts to curl after an inch or so, glasses, strong arms from my work as a baker, and extra weight down below. The guy from Bare Naked Ladies was my go to "who do you look like" answer. I don't remember who answered whose ad, but it quickly built up to a meeting. I jokingly suggested that instead of dinner or a movie she just come over here and we take each other's clothes off as soon as the door closed.

She said that sounded great.

That should have been a clue, had I been thinking. Jodi never said no to me. I honestly don't know if our needs and wants just meshed so well, or if she had that rare ability to train herself to truly enjoy what she wanted to enjoy, to wit what I said I enjoyed. That first afternoon she rang the doorbell on my home, and shyly stepped it. After an awkward moment or two (I lack the experience just jumping strange women) I took her hands, drew her to me, and we kissed. Our hands moved to explore, and slowly we took turns stripping each other there in the entranceway. That set the pattern for our relationship. Once a week she would drive an hour or so (she said she didn't mind) to my place, we'd great each other with a long kiss interrupted by the occasional removal of clothing, then retire to the bedroom. Or the floor, chair, etc. Three or four hours later she'd go home, having made me cum three or so times and having who knows how many herself (I'm not bragging, I just honestly never asked for the final score). There was fun in our encounters, and wonderful companionship, especially during the break where we'd sit on the couch naked and watch an anime or something. She'd lean against me, my arms around her, hands cupping her breasts.

But ... my feelings didn't go any farther than that. I never felt that connection I had sometimes had with others, or really desired more from her than sex. And, that wasn't what I wanted. I actually called her after a month or so and said we should probably stop and why, but she came over and said it was OK. She was content with whatever of myself I could give her, and she wanted to give herself to me. A month stretched out to over a year...

My hand on her ass pulled her against me, and we kissed. Our tongues lightly played with each other, and she lifted her left leg over me which had the effect of rolling me on my back with her half on top. Her left hand found my half hard cock.

Jodi's smile broke our kiss.

"Hmm," she happily hummed, looking down, then back at my face while her hand lightly went up and down its toy. "What do you want your sex toy to do?" I gave a laugh. We had never wandered into using that term before, but she was getting into it. My hand moved up to her face and caressed her cheek, my thumb brushing her lips.

"Suck me."

Her eyes widening a bit happily, Jodi gave my lips a quick lick then moved down my body. My king sized bed, filling up most of the room, gave her lots of room to work. Positioning herself between my legs, she put her hands outside of my thighs and leaned down to give the underside of my cock a lick. God ... she licked and nibbled a bit more, then took me in her mouth and swirled her tongue.

"Aaahh..." I groaned, moving my right hand to her head while my left found her right hand on my thigh. She lifted her smiling mouth off and gave the head a few more licks. I wasn't fully hard yet, but she was quickly getting me there. Slowly- I liked it slow- she alternated between playing with the head and taking all of me in her. I was by no means big, but she always seemed so proud she could do it I hadn't the heart to tell her it wasn't nearly as pleasurable as everything else she did. It was still incredible, though! My hand half guided her head, half just caressed her hair as she happily sucked.

"God, I like a woman who enjoys her work."

Jodi laughed. "I love your cock." She kissed then licked the tip, bringing a hand over to caress my now rock hard shaft.

"Come here." She resisted for a moment, taking me into her mouth once again for a quick swirl of the tongue, then crawled up next to me as I pulled her into a kiss. I rolled her onto her back, and as she spread her legs my cock found its familiar home and buried itself. Jodi groaned, and as her arms and legs wrapped around me I slowly fucked her.

"How do you want me?" I whispered.

"Slower..." I slowed down a bit, leaning down to kiss her neck and give it a quick lick. Her breathing sped up, and a hand found my head.

"I want to hear you cum," I whispered in her ear. Jodi tightened her grip as I kept up the slow rhythm. "I want you to say my name when you come."

"Oh, Chris ... you feel so good..." I lifted my head and looked at her face as I slowly increased the speed. She was only half here, the rest consumed with the feelings coursing through her. My ego, and its surrogate my penis, swelled with a pride only found in the bedroom. Well ... I'm just a poor baker who has to get up for work by 4 AM, so maybe the more successful experience it elsewhere. I moved a hand back and moved her legs higher, and she quickly adjusted and her legs crossed over the small of my back. It's amazing how limber even us out of shape people are when it comes to sex.

"Faster, Chris..." I obliged, and started talking.

"Are you going to cum for me?"

"Yes ... soon..."

"Are you my little sex toy?"

"God ... yes..."

"Say it."

"I'm your sex toy ... I'm your sex toy." She started working her hips back at me faster.

"Are you my sex slave?"

I don't know why I said it. It probably just sounded like a fun thing to say, and I had let her borrow my printout of the bondage/slave story 'The Lottery Winner' a few weeks before. She had seemed to like it. I have no interest in B&D, but the idea of a harem of women who love me ... well, I am a lonely male. It was just a throw away comment in the midst of sex.

Jodi's eyes shot wide open and her hands dug into my shoulders. She looked me in the eye with an expression I had never seen before. Not knowing what else to do, I repeated it.

"Are you my sex slave, Jodi?"

"Yes ... yes! Make me your sex slave!"

"Jodi... ?" I wasn't sure what was going on, but then most of my blood wasn't in my brain.

"Make me your slave! Take my body! I'm yours! Do whatever you want with me!"

Her hips were banging back at me, and suddenly I felt her clench my cock inside her.

"I'm cumming Chris! Oh, Chris!!!"

Her arms and legs had a death grip on me, and I rode it out while pumping the best I could. Jodi had cum hard now and then before, but this was incredible. My bedroom window is near the property line, and if anyone was in the yard next door they definitely heard this. After what seemed like forever, but was probably just a few seconds, she relaxed and dropped her arms and legs. I was still hard inside her, and as she raised a hand to caress my cheek her sweaty face looked at me with an indescribable expression ... happy, content lust, to a degree I had never seen. My ego gave my cock another "good job" shot of extra blood and I slowly gave Jodi another pump or two, then stopped and raised an eyebrow.

"That was ... interesting."

I normally would have expected one of her chuckles, but while she was happy this wasn't a laughing matter. Looking in her eyes, I tried to organize my thoughts.

"You ... want to be my slave." Jodi nodded. I ran a hand over her breast. "You're giving your body to me?"


"For play ... or for real?" The distinction had come up in the book, so with luck we were both understanding the terms right. Did she just want what we had now, or was she really ... my mind tried to process it. As a girlfriend, I knew it wouldn't work between us. But, this ... if I could set the rules, control how much space I had ... and to be WANTED that badly...

"For real," Jodi said. "I'm yours. All of me. Mind," she touched her forehead, "body," her pussy contracted on my cock, "and soul." She brought my hand to her heart.

"You want me to own you?"

Jodi licked her lips. "Yes ... if you'll have me."

I started to slowly thrust again, partly to stall, partly because this was turning me on even more, and partly to remind me that if I said "yes" this could be mine whenever I wanted. Not that I'd ever force her, being the nice guy I was, but if she wasn't ever going to say "no"...

"There'd have to be RULES." I thrust extra hard on that word. She moaned, closing her eyes, then opened them again to look into my eyes. My hands found hers, and moved them over her head on the pillow and held them there. "You'll obey me ... in all things, without question."


"For ... for example ... I may try and find another slave or two to join you." I had jokingly asked before about a threesome, usually when she was about to climax, and she had been agreeable although naturally nothing had happened yet. "You'll find her for me." Jodi nodded. "And if I bought a dog..." Her eyes widened. I had shown her an amateur tape I had found somewhere, but more importantly she knew the scene in The Lottery Winner, where refusing that condition had resulted in Rachel refusing her slavery at first. I slowed and just looked in her eyes. I seriously doubted I'd ever venture in that direction for real, but again there was no reason to let her sense that...

" ... I'd ... I'd fuck him, or suck him, for you, only for you..."

I could feel my pressure build, and I started fucking faster. Jodi started chanting my name softly, and a minute or two more was all it took.

"I'm gonna cum ... I'm gonna cum in you ... Ah!" I let go in her, and Jodi cried out as well. Normally I last much longer, but it's as if my body wanted to claim her before she changed her mind. As my heart rate started to come back down. we stared at each other for a long moment, then I rolled over.

"OK, I think we're going to have to talk."

It was time, in our normal ritual, for a break for toiletries, some water, and a restful sit on the couch while we recharged for a final long fuck before she went home. Today, however, after the first two were out of the way I didn't think much would be normal from now on. I got some ice water, took the two glasses to the couch and sat down. Jodi joined me a few minutes later, taking her glass as she sat down and leaned back against my chest as my left hand went around her shoulder and cupped a breast. I didn't bother turning on the TV, and we just relaxed. Well ... we sat. I could feel her tremble a bit, and I was probably nervous as well. We were going to be making life changing choices in the next hour or so.

"What is it," I finally said, putting my glass down on the end stand and moving my now cold wet hand to her right breast, "that you actually want." She shivered a bit at the cold.

"I want ... what Mei had in the book. I want to be yours totally." She took a drink. "I want to give everything I have for you, to you. I want ... to be possessed by you." I started to speak, but she turned her head towards me and kept talking. "I know you don't love me, at least that way, and I accept that. But you look at me a way nobody else has, and your touch is so gentle, and your kiss ... it hurts when I have to leave you. I don't want to leave."

"We don't even know if we can stand each other for long periods of time." I moved my right hand up to her face, and she rubbed her cheek against it. "If we do this, do this right, it will be more permanent than marriage. You'll be mine until I tire of you, and even then I might not let you go. I'll make sure you're all mine."

"How?" Jodi asked, her hand coming up to touch my face mirroring my touches. She turned her body more towards me, sitting more against the back of the couch.

"I've been thinking of the rules. Gotta have rules." She smiled. "I've never lived with anyone before, so partly they'll be to give me space if I need it. Not that I can't change them whenever I want, being your master and all." I gave a wry grin, causing Jodi to laugh.

"Do I get to call you 'Master'?"

"Naw, at least not now. I like how you say my name."


"See? Got Mr. Happy to twitch with that. Now, the rules."

The rules were simple, sexy, and childish. Just like the whole idea of her being a sex slave, at least how I saw it at the moment. First, she'd naturally have to move in with me. No big problem, she gets rid of the apartment and comes here. I live in a rather nice manufactured home in an upscale park outside Buffalo. With two bedrooms, and a third acting as a library, there was lots of room. However, I was planning ahead. As she was my property, that meant that she couldn't own anything, or to be more exact what was hers was mine. Thus ... all her money was mine. I looked to see if this unexpected condition caused any reaction, but apart from a quick widening of the eyes there was none. No scaring her away this quickly. She'd sell everything she wasn't bringing to the house and give me her bank accounts and all future pay checks. It wouldn't be much to start with, but maybe if I acquired a second slave (ha!) I'd be able to afford a new place, bigger and with more privacy. Privacy would be handy because the next rule was once she was home, Jodi had to be naked. Well, she could wear some sort of loin cloth if she wanted, that would be sexy and probably keep the chairs cleaner, but otherwise it was barefoot and open for my gaze and touch. Jodi's hand dropped to my lap at that, liking the idea. She would do the cooking and cleaning, and more importantly be there whenever I wanted some affection.

"I never expect to masturbate from now on," I told her. "If I'm feeling at all horny from reading a story or watching something, you'll be on your knees dealing with it. You'll be drinking lots of cum."

Jodi buried her face in my neck, placing small kisses and licks. "I love your cum, Chris ... I want to taste you every day."

Which was, probably, what I loved most about her. Jodi loved cum. Well, MY cum she was always quick to point out when I'd bring the subject up as she was sucking me. Again I'm not sure how much was natural interest and how much was learning to please me, but having me shoot in her mouth was one of her favorite things. The first time she blew me was incredible, her natural talent making me feel better than I'd ever felt before. I had warned her I was close, so she asked me where I wanted to shoot. I said her mouth, feeling brave, and when I came she drank all of it down and licked me clean. I pulled her up for a kiss, having found heaven. I'd usually cum in her mouth at least once when we got together, and often while we were fucking I'd give her the option when I was getting close of either having me cum in her or of tasting me. More than half the time, she's moan "I want to taste you!"

"Oh, don't worry, you'll get enough of me in your tummy we'll be able to cut down on our food bills." I brought her face up to mine, and I looked into her eyes. "Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes." Her eyes gave the same answer. I sighed, and ran my hand up and down her back, ending by cupping the back of her neck.

"We'll give it a try." She threw her arms around me, her mouth crushing against mine. My cock started to respond, but after a few moments I pushed her off. She sat there on the edge of the couch smiling. "Not right away, naturally." Her smile fell away, and my hand went back to caressing her back as I clarified. "First, you will try to find a job here. This will give us both some time to really think this through. If you're in the area for an interview or the like you can drop in and service me." This got another low chuckle from her, and her fingers lightly traced my half hard cock. "Once you have the job ... you can move in." It took me great effort to finish that sentence. I don't like change. To be more specific, at this point in my life I'd rather nothing got better than to have anything get worse. A careless word in the midst of fucking had Jodi pressing an issue we'd (or, at least, I'd) never thought about.

That'll teach me.

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