El Ojo De Malicio
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Extra Sensory Perception,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mateo, unwittingly, uses more of his gifts. Bailey has plans...

Being Bailey's secret fuck-buddy was not without inconveniences.

The secret part meant I had to watch Reggie try to get her back. Admittedly, a better show than every guy who thought he had a chance trying to land her. Janet Smith found an evil joy goading me about it, offering to place a bet for me in the pool the cheerleaders got going if I had a favorite horse.

Bailey was a handful, proven by her climb over Senior girls to become captain of the cheerleading squad. I needed to keep an eye on the power meter between us; if she ever got the upper hand, I'd be washing her car every weekend. A car she wasn't legal to drive yet! Come to think of it, Bailey being a handful probably lent to her sexually adventurous nature so it washed out.

Reggie and his friends kept hammering me. He had no proof and was still being a twat, so better to be fucking Bailey than not.

Truth is, there was only one thing that might have garnered me some sympathy if people knew about us. I had to attend the games Bailey cheered at. (Okay! Probably no sympathy even from the most avid sports haters since I was banging the hottest girl in school.) Having to say hi and be publicly friendly soon turned into 'Come watch the game', made tempting by a sweet coating of 'afterwards you can fuck me in my cheerleading uniform.' Bailey didn't have a hard time selling it the first time or the second.

Or the third.

"What are they doing now?" I asked.

"It's a timeout," Janet replied.

"Didn't they just have one of those?"

"The other team called it before." Janet leaned forward, as if trying to hear what the coaches were yelling at the players. There's much raising of voices in sports.

"Shouldn't our side have talked about what they wanted to talk about during that timeout? Or is it not allowed?" I asked.

Janet turned and glared at me. "You're joking!"

"I hate football!" I stomped my feet on the bleachers. A few people joined Janet in giving me the Evil Eye.

"What's there to hate?"

"I thought football season was over," I said, ignoring the silly question. Seriously, what about football is there to like? The only thing I could come up with was it might be marginally more interesting than other sports because jocks crashed into each other with enough force to do damage.

"I told you already!" Janet punched me in the arm. "The All-Star game got cancelled because the crowd at the state championship pretty much rioted. Our principal brokered a deal to have it here and disallow any players from those two teams."

"Brokering a deal involves money not this crap!"

"Now you're being an asshole," Janet huffed, spinning around to watch the players run back onto the field.

"Yeah," I grumbled. "It's fucking cold. How the fuck does Bailey do it?"

Our cheerleading team was doing the honors behind the benches nearest to me. I had the sick feeling even if Bailey weren't down there, she would have wanted to come and insisted I make an appearance.

"Yeah," Janet whispered to me. "Think about warming her up after the game!"

"It doesn't help."

Janet snorted.

Survivors say things go into slow motion. I guess I wasn't close enough to the action; if anything, things got faster.

A crash made everyone turn left. The pickup truck's engine gunned as it turned the corner on the bleachers. The first scream pierced the cold air! The truck hit a coach, throwing him twenty feet into the field. The truck did not pause, heading straight for the cheerleaders. The pictures and video camera footage would show Bailey tackling two of her friends out of the truck's path. A cheerleader went under the driver side. The truck rammed into a girl, sending her flying into another victim of the onslaught. The next girl had enough time to scream before the truck swatted her aside.

Finally, the truck stopped!

The screams around me died when the driver's door opened. He stepped out, raised his hand, and shot a coach running at the truck. Everyone around me yelled in fear. I might have been the loudest! I turned at the sound of a thump behind me--people were jumping from the back of the bleachers.

Janet grabbed my arm, "COME ON!!!"

I ripped myself out of her grip and took a step towards Bailey. The driver was yelling something at her.

"BAILEY!" My throat burned as I shouted her name. "NO!"

His hand came up. Bailey shook her head, raising her hands, and pleading for her life.

Sharp pain stabbed my right eye! I felt something--different from my heat but familiar. Turning my head, I sighted with the right eye. The driver's head snapped around. My left eye went blind which focussed the laser heat from my right eye on the driver. I could see the anger in his eyes! He walked to the front truck and took aim at me. My eye felt like it would burst.

Shots fired! The driver shook from the impact. More shots. Two men, pointing handguns at the downed driver, approached him slowly.

The bleachers were mostly empty, making running down easier for me. I grabbed the railing, hurdling it to get to the ground. The girl under the truck had to be first! The men with guns spun on me as I ran up.

"She's still underneath!" I yelled, not waiting for them to lower their weapons. I ran around them, and ... The back truck tire rested on her chest! "Fuck me!"

As I turned, I saw another cheerleader on the ground. Her uniform looked right out of the cleaners except for the red stain growing in the middle of her chest. I had not seen him shoot anyone other than the coach! I kneeled to touch her head.

"Gone," I whispered. I looked up to meet Bailey's eyes. She must have heard me because she shook her head to deny the word's meaning.

"Stop, dammit!" One of the men said as I turned to the other victims. "Do you know what you're doing? God damn it! Stop!"

"Get the fuck out of the way!" I screamed, pushing him aside to get to next girl, the one hit by the flying cheerleader.

"Broken back," I said after touching her arm. The life was almost gone. If I hadn't turned my head to look at the other girls, I would have tried to save her. The girl who had been sent flying into the one I was touching coughed. I could not help the one in my hands, but the coughing girl had time! Leaving one girl to die, I crawled to the other.

"I'm here," I whispered. She coughed again; warm blood sprayed my face. A touch told me enough--more life but she'd be joining her friend if I didn't do something.

"Quickly!" I shouted at two men. "She's drowning in her blood."

They must have decided someone who sounded as if he knew what he was doing was better than nothing. The doctors would say what we did saved the girls who could be saved. The two men wouldn't be able to remember what I told them to do. I don't remember either because I only called them over so they would hold her down. After a few instructions which must have sounded productive to them, my hands were free.

If not for what happened between Bailey and me, the girls would have died. Before Bailey, massage had been the greater part of my healing process. She opened different avenues, like sex allowing a greater transfer of heat. Without Bailey, I wouldn't have tried to save the girls or nearly killed myself in the process.

I leaned down as if listening to the girl breath. My left hand cupped her forehead; my right hand pushed her hair out of the way and grabbed the back of her neck. Reaching inwards, I gathered every degree of heat in my body and hurled it into the girl. Her body arched! The movement surprised the men, and they let her go. She sucked in a harsh breath, expelled it, and pulled in more air. Opening her eyes, she looked at the man to her right.

"You're going to be okay!" he said, grabbing her hand. "Hang in there! You're going to be okay! I see the ambulance. You're going to be okay!"

The last girl! The exhaustion that hit me made it feel like she was miles away. Someone grabbed me, pulling me up from my crawl to her. They set me down by her head.

"Shit! She's even worse than that one!"

Crisis is supposed to be a crucible; the girl was lucky I passed the test. I grabbed her by the neck, hands on either side. Looking up at the sky, I closed my eyes. Diving into my body, I grabbed the nothing that was left of my heat and pulled. I was ripping my soul from the rivets God used to attach it to my flesh. It fought to survive, to stay inside me. Stretching! Fraying! I breathed, reached deeper, grabbed the fucking bolts holding me together and yanked another 'everything' out of myself to give to the girl in my hands.

This one screamed. Someone shoved me aside!

"I'm here, Mateo," Janet said, grabbing me under the armpits.

"Is he okay?" a voice shouted.

"Yes! Yes!" Janet yelled back. Somehow she got me to my feet. "He's fine. His girlfriend was down here! I'll get him out of the way."

I don't know how she got me to her car; she was too small to have carried me. I puked on top of her trunk when she leaned me against it to open the back door.

"If you do that in my car, I'll fucking kill you, Mateo!"

She shoved me headfirst into the backseat. My face dragged along the seat cushion as Janet pushed me deeper into the car. Folding my feet in, she slammed the door shut.

"Jesus! Jesus!" Another door slammed. "Don't be dead! Mateo, if you die, I'll kill you!"

Oh yeah that makes sense!

"What the fuck did you do?"

A hand touched my face. I opened an eye.

"I guess you are my friend if you look that worried," I whispered weakly.

"I swear to God--I'm going to fucking kill you!" she screamed. Obviously, the crucible brought out the violent side of Janet's personality. The noise made me nauseous! The car spun. "What's wrong? Mateo! What's wrong?"

"Sugar," I said. Or maybe I didn't! I squeezed my eyes shut. Gathering what felt like the last molecule of strength in my body, I opened my mouth, "Sugar."


When I opened my eyes, Janet's face was a couple of inches away.

"Sugar," I said slowly. "Not the white shit. Health food store. Organic sugar. It's gold, not brown."

"What? Why?"

"And Cokes," I said, closing my eyes. "Sugar and Cokes."

Later, Janet told me it took her a half-hour to drive to the store and buy the stuff. I didn't move the entire time.


I opened an eye. Maybe if I closed it, the annoying person shaking me would go away!


I couldn't turn over to look at the woman yelling at me. "Please stop yelling. I don't like loud."

"I've got the stuff. Turn over." Someone grabbed my arms, pulling and heaving me over. "Sit up!"

I wouldn't have been able to if Janet had not provided most of the energy needed.

"Hey, Janet! What are you doing in my car?" For some reason, I could only whisper. "When did I get a car?"

"You did something at the game, remember?"

"Too close! Too loud!" I tried to move away. She got into the car and shoved her face a few inches from mine.

"The sugar and Cokes, Mateo."

I looked at bag and six pack of soda she held up to me. The football game! The girls!

"Spoon," I said, taking the stuff from her.

"A spoon for what?"

"Or a cup?"

She must have gotten tired of questioning me, instead she climbed into the front seat. "Here!"

It was a paper coffee cup. I put the Cokes down and took the cup from her. There were coffee stains at the bottom, but it was dry enough.

"Open bag," I told her, after failing to do it myself. "Fill the cup."

Janet looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. I opened a bottle of Coke. She handed me the cup, full of sugar. I tipped the cup onto my lips and dropped my head back. I washed down a quarter cup of sugar with half a bottle of Coke.

"That's fucking disgusting!" Janet blurted.

Another quarter cup of sugar and half bottle of Coke! As disgusting as Janet found it, she opened the second bottle for me. The second cup of sugar washed down more evenly, needing only the third bottle of soda. The third cup of sugar sucked to choke down though!

"You know that thing I said about wishing I could do what you do," Janet told me. "Not ever!"

Most of the time, Janet seemed liked she didn't believe I could do anything special so I wasn't offended. I burped around the top of the fourth Coke bottle.

"Are you okay?"

Putting up my hands, I stopped her jumping into the back seat. I was breathing slow, hard, and LOUD. Shaking my head, I lay down.

"I'll be okay," I told her. I'd never seen Janet so scared. "The sugar will hold me."

"You need more?"

"I'm going to take a nap," I told her.

"After that much sugar?"

"Can you do me another favor, Janet?" I asked.

"I'm not taking you home like this!" she said. "Don't even think it."

"No." I closed my eyes. "Next town. Main Street. Across the street from that monster Pathmark, there's a restaurant called Unico. Get me two dinners of anything except ribs. I hate ribs!"

It was getting dark when I woke up.

"Here," Janet said, opening the back car door and shoved a bag at me. "You slept for a while. The old lady in the restaurant speaks only Spanish. She got a kid to translate. I didn't know what to get you, but the old lady made me explain. She came out here and started screeching when she saw you. She said to let you sleep so she could make your favorite. How does she know your favorite? And some soup. She made me get the pork dinner. I have ox-tail soup. She made spaghetti and chicken. That's a lot of fat on the pork. Why do you come to a Spanish food place and get Italian? Spaghetti and chicken! How does she know you? She kept calling you 'El Cura'. Everyone in there seems to know you. Are you famous with Spanish people or something?"

Janet was losing it!

"Outside." I pushed the bag to her. "I need air."

The sugar must have done some work; I managed to crawl out of the car under my own power. Janet laid out the food containers on top of her car. She paused now and then to take a deep breath, but the simple task seemed to calm her nerves. She handed me a spoon and the soup when she finished.

"The old woman said to eat this first. So for real, how does she know you?" She waited until I finished half the soup before letting her curiosity get the better of her and poking me to answer the question.

I waited until I finished ALL the soup before replying. "They used to bring me here. The women that my mom had teach me to be a sobador. The woman's granddaughter got sick, and the doctors didn't know what was wrong."

"So you healed her," Janet said with a nod. She leaned against the car; something about saying those words let her relax, maybe for the first time since the game.

"I haven't been here in years. I guess people don't forget." The woman was right--the fatty pork went down smooth.

"So is the food special? Fuel for your superpowers!"

I must have been looking better because she grabbed my arm to look around me at the food.

"I don't have superpowers," I replied and ignored her snort. "And no, it's not special. It makes me feel good. I need food, but a cheeseburger wouldn't..."

"Make you feel good," she said with a nod. "Like my mom's chicken soup when I was sick. She hasn't made it for me in years."

Janet jumped up to sit on the trunk of her car. She watched me devour the rest of the food without saying another word.

"You've got blood all over" she said when I got back from tossing the containers in the trash can at the corner. The walk steadied my knees and straightened my back. Janet pulled the cuff of her shirt over the heel of her hand and patted my face. "If a cop sees us, they will ask questions."

"I think if we say we were at the game..."

Janet's face whitened, making me wish I hadn't said it.

"Bailey called me from the hospital," she said, dropping her head. "The girls are in surgery--the ones you touched. Everybody else he shot or hit with the truck is dead. Three girls from the cheerleading team, Mateo!"

I nodded.

"The men who killed him were cops from down south," she said. "They came to watch their sons play. If they hadn't been there!"

Looking around the street, I decided cleaning up was a good idea, even if I would have preferred not to go into the restaurant.

"It was Brianna's dad."

"What?" The name was one I knew from Bailey's circle.

"Brianna's dad was the shooter."

"Why?" A picture of Brianna crossed my mind, a short brunette with the kind of plush body I made sure Bailey didn't catch me staring at.

"Nobody knows! Brianna was in the bathroom when he killed all those people," Janet stumbled over the words.

"That's convenient," I said.

Janet slapped me, "Don't say that! She wouldn't have anything to do with it. He killed her friends, Mateo!"

I smiled.

"You said it on purpose!"

"I don't want to walk home," I said. "You need to stay in control for a little longer."

"I don't think I can do it," she admitted.

"Lucky for you, I have to wash up," I said. "Afterwards, we can drive around or go down to the river or whatever you want."

She nodded, following me across the street.

I ignored the awkward silence in the packed restaurant as I walked to the single occupant bathroom. My coat was ruined! How the fuck did I get that much blood on it? At least, the blood on my face and hands washed away easy. I ate with bloody hands! Janet did not mention it, which said a lot about her state of mind. I stayed in the bathroom longer than I needed to. No way the owner learned what happened and didn't share it with her patrons, so Janet was bound to get some much needed sympathy.

The knock woke me.

"Mateo, are you okay?" Janet asked through the door.

"Yeah," I replied.

"You didn't fall asleep, did you?"

"No!" I said, opening the door. "I put down some major food. You know what that means."

"Don't be disgusting, asshole," she said. "Are you okay now?"

I walked by her. Everyone in the restaurant was watching me.

"I guess so," I said.

She grabbed my arm to make me face her. "Where do you put all the food? You don't always eat that much, but it's not far off except for the sugar which, can I tell you, was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen."

Janet obviously needed a distraction from thinking about the game.

"I'm hotter than you," I told her.

"In the eyes of some visually challenged straight girls but so what?"

"One of those girls happens to be Bailey."

"Who you saved from cancer so she doesn't count," she replied with some derision. "Like you said, people don't forget when you help them. You're Bailey's hero so she has rose-colored glasses on."

"You've been waiting a long time to use Bailey and rose colored glasses in the same sentence, haven't you?"

Bailey Rose, rose colored glasses! I liked the way the smile lit Janet's face as she nodded. It gave me hope that maybe people would recover.

"My body temperature is higher than yours," I said. "My baby fevers would have killed other babies. It's why I don't go to doctors; they always think I'm sick."

"You don't feel warmer," she said, putting her hand on my forehead.

"Esta bien? (Are you okay?)" The owner of the restaurant had come up behind us. Her hand was holding tightly to the arm of a girl my age.

"Yes," I replied. "Thank you very much. The spaghetti and chicken is exactly like I remember."

"Pero ya no vienes. Porque? Pudrieras conocer a mi nieta, la que salvaste. (But you don't come anymore. Why? You could get to know my granddaughter, the one you saved.)"

"Abuela!" the girl exclaimed, looking embarrassed. "I don't believe in that stuff."

"It's okay," I said before the grandmother went crazy at the perceived insult. "My mother died."

"Dios la bendiga. (God bless her.)" The old woman crossed herself.

"I haven't been to many places I used to go with my mom." I pointed at Janet. "But now that my friend knows about it, maybe we can come back."

The old woman looked Janet up and down. She gave her granddaughter the same once over.

"I like girls," Janet told her. I tried not to laugh at the undercurrent to the old woman's purpose and Janet picking up on it so quickly.

"I'm glad your granddaughter is okay," I said. Looking at the girl, I continued, "It was nice to meet you, but we have to go. It's been a bad day."

"Si! Claro! Que maldad! (Yes. Of course. Such evil.)" the old woman said to me. "Pero por favor, tienes que regresar. Te voy hacer una ensalada de pulpo, a nadie le gusta como tu. (But please, you have to come back. I'll make you octopus salad, nobody likes it like you do.)"

"I'll bring him back," Janet told her. "I promise."

I almost groaned at happiness that the words brought to the old woman's face.

"Adios," I said before walking by her.

"A little competition won't hurt Bailey," Janet said from behind me. "Might remind her some of us knew you first."

"Or her first." I said.


"Let me guess, Bailey thinks we're exclusive."

"I'm not that big a bitch!" Janet complained. "I just don't see why Bailey and you being fuck-buddies means Bailey and I can't be fuck-buddies anymore."

"Because it would be cheating," I said, picking up my pace.

"You're not dating; you're fucking!"

The granddaughter yelled first. "But I have a boyfriend!"

I opened the door, almost making it outside before Janet latched on to my arm and anchored me in the restaurant.

"We gotta go, Janet," I said.

"Oh no, we don't!" Personal interactions were Janet's favorite form of entertainment.

"El es un Gran Cura! Puedes salir con cada desgraciado que venga a mi puerta, pero a un bello hombre le das ni el menor respeto! (He is a Great Healer! You can go out with every ingrate that comes to my door, but you can't give a wonderful man the least amount of respect.)"

"What is she saying?" Janet tried to pull me back inside. "Wow! She's pissed. We're definitely coming back here. With Bailey!"

"No es nadie! (He isn't anybody!)" the granddaughter shouted.

"Asi no vas hablar en mi casa de un angel de Dios. Cuando los demonios te llevaban de tu familia, el nos regalo tu vida. Ni una mala palabra de el va escapar de tu voca. (You will not speak like that in my house about one of God's angels. When demons were taking you from your family, he gave us your life. Not one bad word about him better come out of your mouth.)

The old woman turned around and walked to the cash register. Raising her hands, she spoke to the ceiling, "Dios, protege me de esta generacion! Creen que saben todo, cuando no saben ni como cagar! (God, protect me from this generation! They think they know everything when they don't even know how to take a shit.)"

"She knows we can hear her, right?" Janet said. "We haven't left yet."

"I think it's a Latin woman thing. I'm supposed to hear it." I replied. "Can we go now?"

"So are you going to ask her out?" Janet asked as we walked to the car.


"The girl inside," she said, pointing at Unico. "Maybe if you do, Bailey will fuck me again."

"Wouldn't it be easier if I told Bailey that I don't think having sex with another girl is cheating?"

She paused with the car door open. "You should make it clear that BAILEY with another girl isn't cheating."

"Good point."

"Cause your fucking another girl is the first thing which will come to her mind if you put it that way."

"Okay, I get it! But, then why did you suggest going out with the girl?"

"You don't have to fuck her. Plus Bailey is weird about that kind of stuff." She said, getting into the car. She started the car and turned around while I got in the backseat. "It would make a good cover for your thing with Bailey if you had a girlfriend."

"And you could fuck Bailey again."

"Yeah that too!" she replied before pulling out into traffic. "Bailey loves it when everyone gets what they want."

"I don't want to go out with anyone."

"MALE people should make sacrifices to keep their FEMALE friends happy."

I didn't have a response so I lay down. It probably wasn't the best idea since it let me think about what happened. I felt the girl dying from the inside! I remembered how Bailey looked at me.

"Bailey and I are through anyway," I said.


"Bailey and I--we're through," I said. The words felt right in my mouth, even if a bit bitter.

"Why are you going to break up with her now?" We must have been at a red light because Janet spun around in her seat to look down at me. "You can't break up with her now. She needs you!"

"We're not dating, Janet," I said. "She was grateful."


"She needs a guy who can be up there in the hospital waiting room with her," I said. "She needs comforting."

Janet's silence was damning.

"She needs a boyfriend. A guy like her. You know what I mean? I couldn't win a popularity contest if Bailey rigged it." I wasn't speaking to Janet. "Can you take me home?"

I closed my eyes.

"What did you do to Marie and Stephanie?" Janet asked.


"The two cheerleaders."

"See, I don't even know her friends' names," I said. "I don't do bullet holes or open wounds. Hell, if you came to me with a paper cut I'd give you a Band-Aid."

"You healed Bailey's cancer."

"It's different, Janet. Bailey would not die any time soon. Her body could fight and win, but those girls were fucked up!"

"So what did you do?"

"I called a timeout before the clock ran out on them."

The car door slamming shut woke me up. I was getting kissed! I didn't know what was going on so I tried to push the person away.

"You're cold!" Bailey said, stopping the kissing to climb on top of my legs. "Why are you cold? You're never cold."

"I'm okay." I grabbed her hands and pinned them to her stomach. "Give me a second!"

"You're not okay! You're never cold, Mateo. You feel like a dead body!" she screamed.

"Not in my car, Bailey!" Janet pressed her hands against her ears. "He's fine. He was eating like a horse, so even if he isn't fine right now, I'm sure he'll be fine. Stop yelling!"

Bailey leaned in and kissed me. I had woken up enough to kiss her back, hoping it would reassure her. She rested her forehead against mine. "They will be okay."

"They're out of surgery?" Janet asked.

"How long has it been?" It was completely dark out. "What time is it?"

"Late," Janet said. "I called your Steps and told them you were with me. You should give them a chance, you know. They were worried about you."

"Where are we?" I peeked out the window, not wanting to have that discussion.

"Hospital parking lot," Bailey said.

"So what happened?" Janet asked Bailey.

"They took Marie and Stephanie into surgery. They were in there for hours. The doctors expect a good recovery. A miraculous one since the girls are already awake. I heard one of the nurses talking; she said it was like the girls just didn't die. They should have died, but they didn't! She wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't been in the operating room."

"A timeout," Janet said looking at me. The awe in her voice made me uncomfortable.

"You did that," Bailey said to me. "I saw you with them at the football field. You can make someone not die?"

"Jesus! They weren't zombies or something," I said, dodging her attempt to kiss me. "They would have died without the surgery, so the doctors deserve all the credit."

They looked at each other and then at me. Fuck! It would have been better to go the Reggie-route and declare myself the God-King of Everything. Modesty, when a woman is convinced your shit doesn't stink, adds a subtle hint of her favorite cologne.

Bailey worked her hands loose and touched my face. "This can't be good, Mateo. Really! You're never cold."

She was still in her cheerleading uniform. My hand drifted down to her thigh. Leggings! That's how she stayed warm. Bailey kissed my forehead and drifted down to my lips. One second, we were kissing, and the next, we were scrambling to take clothing off!

My clothes were easy; belt buckle, jean button, zipper, and push the jeans down. Getting Bailey out of her clothes was not as easy because I wanted to be between her legs. She wanted it as desperately as I did and tried to help. Our hands bumped into each other too often. I grabbed Bailey's hips and flipped us over so I was on top. Reaching under her cheer skirt, I found her skin, grabbed cloth, and pulled down. She kicked me a few times, still trying to help, but we were getting there so I ignored it. One of her sneakers bounced off my face. The other hit the back window. They were the last barrier! Another kick and Bailey was free of clothing from the waist down.

Her hands were on my cock. I put my hands on her inner thighs, pushing them out and up. Bailey pulled to get me into position. She was not ready to receive; neither of us cared. I pushed in and came to a stop. Bailey grabbed my arms, arched her hips away from my dick, and pushed them upwards. Our timing had improved since the cabin--I was thrusting down!

Bailey wrapped her arms around my torso. Her legs were around my hips, locked at her feet. She stuck her face into my neck and bit me. I pulled back, thrust hard, pulled back, and thrust hard. Bailey moistened around my cock.

"Yes. Please!" She whispered against my skin. "Please! Please! Please!"

I grunted and threw my hips into it, pumping in and out of Bailey as fast as her body allowed. Every few thrusts, Bailey's body adjusted a little more until I was moving smoothly. She bit me again as her pussy squeezed down hard. So much for smoothly! I grabbed the car door handle and the back seat headrest. Using them as leverage, I fucked through Bailey's contractions.

"YES!" she screamed.

Bailey's pussy squeezed me harder. I felt the pressure building at my groin. I plunged in as deep as I could. I pulled back. I plunged back into her.

"Unh!" I groaned.

"I'm here, baby!" Bailey whispered. "I'm right here."

She pushed her hips up as I ground against her.

"Yes!" she breathed into my ear when I collapsed on her. My hips flexed and released in time with the ejaculations.

Bailey liked the hard fucks because I always felt guilty at being thoughtless. (Even if she got pleasure, there was something almost non-consensual when I lost control.) Inevitably, a hard fuck was followed by a slower, more intimate session. This time, it followed immediately when I didn't soften in her.

I pulled Bailey's arms from my body and put them around my neck. She released her leg wrap, letting her legs curl around my thighs instead. We kissed as our bodies found a more comfortable position. Brushing Bailey's hair out of her face, I let my tongue dance in her mouth. Bailey didn't move, allowing me to glide into her, back, and into her again.

We peaked together.

"First, I have to say, even as a lesbian--Wow!" Janet said.

"Holy shit!" Bailey cried! She pushed me around so she could use me to hide from Janet. "I forgot! I'm so sorry, Janet!"

"Bailey, we haven't done it in a while but I have seen you naked," Janet told her. "And though it is a little ego-shrinking to say I haven't seen you quite like THAT, I've been the face between your legs when you came so there's no reason to be embarrassed."

Bailey peeked out to smile at her.

"But to get back to my point, you two are paying to clean my backseat." Janet pointed between Bailey and me. "If my car is going to smell like sex, I should be the one who had sex."

Bailey raised an eyebrow. "Well, you could..."

I put my hand over her mouth.

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