Between Us
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After being forced to perform sex with each other at gun point, brother and sister must deal with the aftermath.


When he discovered his mother was pregnant, David was thrilled. He was six years old going on seven and couldn't wait to have a baby brother. He wanted to be able to teach his little brother to play baseball just like him. Or maybe even basketball, another one of his favorite sports.

He marked the days on the calendar to when his mother would bring home his little brother. Of course he wasn't one hundred percent sure his new sibling would be a boy. His mother had decided she wanted it to be a surprise. David's father had painted the baby's room green. Green was a neutral color for either boy or girl. Some yellow was added too.

David still recalls how excited his folks were about their new baby. He felt somewhat jealous but eager to have a new sibling. He was tired of being the only child.

David's heart was broken when his father, Joe, told him they had a girl instead of a boy. David pouted as his father came out of the delivery room with a huge smile screaming "It's a girl! It's a girl!"

David sat in the waiting room with his arms crossed and a frown on his little face. His father sat next to him and put his arms around him. "Hey buddy you got a little sister. How cool is that?"

"It's not cool. It sucks!" David whined.

David's father laughed. "You're going to love her more than anything I can guarantee you that."

David pushed his father away. "No I won't! I wanted a brother!" He began to sob.

David's father wrapped his arms around him again. He held his son tight. "I know. I know. I'm sorry we could not give you what you wanted but look at it this way, since you have a baby sister, that means you have to protect her at all times. You will have to look out for her and make sure she's always safe. Now that's a big job. It's almost like being an adult."

David sat up straight. "Really?"

"Yes sir." David's father assured and grinned.

"Ok ... I guess. Can I see her?"

"You sure can! Come on buddy." David's father stood up and offered his hand to his son. They walked to the delivery room where David's mother sat up on the bed holding her daughter.

David walked cautiously towards his mother and looked at the tiny baby she held in her arms. He figured it would be just another baby, but one look at her and he felt his heat melt. She was absolutely adorable. How could he have not wanted her in his life?

"That's my sister," David stated proudly.

David's mother, Diane, smiled. "Yes David. Meet your baby sister, Regina."

David reached out to touch his sisters little hand. "Hi. I'm David. Your big brother. You'll always be safe with me." He held on to her little thumb and felt teary eyed. He was actually happy. "Regina?" He looked at his mom as if he was making sure her name was right. His mother nodded that he was correct. David looked back at his baby sister. "Can I call her Reggie? Like Reggie Jackson?"

His mother giggled. "Of course you can sweetie."

David smiled. "I'm going to teach you to play baseball. It doesn't matter that you're a girl." He gently squeezed his sister's tiny thumb. He had a feeling they would be close. Nothing would ever break their bond. Nothing at all.

-7 years later-

"Can you read it to me again? Pleeeeeasss! Pleeeeease! With a cherry on top?"

David sighed. "Again? Reggie, I read this to you almost every night. Don't you get tired of it?" David asked as he reopened Charlotte's Web.

Regina snuggled up next to her brother. "I like the story! I love the story!"

David laughed. "OK do you like it? Or do you love it? Which is it?"

Regina squealed. "I love it! And I love you!"

David rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah. I love you too sis. Ok I'll read it one more time but then I got to go to bed. I have to be at baseball practice early in the morning."

Regina nodded. She covered herself up with her blanket and stared up at her brother. David grabbed another pillow and propped himself up. He began to read. He'd read Charlotte's Web to Regina so many times, he could probably recite the whole book by memory.

He'd only gotten past the first ten pages, when he heard soft breathing. He looked down and saw his sister had fallen fast asleep. David smiled and quietly put the book down by her nightstand. He gently got out of the bed. Turning off her lamp, the nightlight came on giving him access to still be able to see.

"Goodnight Reggie," he whispered and left the room.

"Did she finally go to sleep?"

David saw his mother in the hallway. "Yeah. Didn't take long this time."

"Oh good," Diane sighed with relief. I figured after all that ice cream and pizza, she would never go to sleep. You know how it was a few months ago when we went to her best friends birthday party?"

David laughed. Jackie was Regina's best friend. "Yeah she stayed up jumping all over your bed."

Diane raised a brow. "As I recall she wasn't the only one jumping on my bed."

David tried not to smirk. "Sorry. It just looked like fun."

"Uh huh," Diane said playfully.

David hugged his mom. "Goodnight mom. I'm beat."

"Night honey. Thanks for reading to your sister."

"No problem." David headed to his room and fell asleep fast. He dreamt of baseball and screaming fans. He signed autographs and shook hands with his fans. In the midst of all the strange faces, he saw a familiar face. His favorite fan. His baby sister.

-6 years later-

David felt nervous. Regina scanned his room. She had just gotten back from softball camp for girls. He thought he'd be able to leave before she got back, but she had gotten back a day early.

"What happened to your room?" Regina asked. She took off her baseball cap. Her brown hair was long but held back in a ponytail.

David shrugged. "Nothing. I'm just ... I'm just moving out."

He looked down at the floor trying to avoid Regina's eyes.

"Why are you moving out?" Regina's voice sounded small.

David finally looked at her. Tears had already formed in her eyes. His heart broke. "I have to move out because I'm 20 years old and I'd like to live on my own."

Regina pouted. "So just because you're 20 you feel that you HAVE to move out?"

David nodded. "It's not that Reggie. It's just well ... I'd like my privacy and my independence."

Regina looked numb. David reached out to her but she flinched. "Ok ... whatever! I guess you have to go." She ran out of his room and a few seconds later, he heard her bedroom door slam shut.

David exhaled. He knew she would take the news hard. He had become so close to Regina despite their age difference. It's just now, he wanted different things. He wanted to be able to buy his own food and clothes and pay his own rent. He'd gotten a job at Walgreens and would be sharing an apartment with his best friend Tony who worked at Best Buy. He'd be working and going to school at the same time after finally deciding to go into the Pharmacy field of study. Besides, he wanted to be able to bring girls to his apartment not to his parents' house.

David went over to Regina's room. He knocked on the door and there was no answer. He knocked again, but still got no answer. "Reggie? Open up ok? Please?"

A few seconds later, he heard her footsteps on the wooden floor. When she opened the door her eyes were red. She'd definitely been crying. David looked at her and put his arms around her. "I'm sorry sis. I really am."

She hugged him back. She sobbed. "I don't want you to go David."

He looked at her and wiped her tears away. "I know you don't but look, I'll be living nearby. I'll come visit you as much as I can. Probably more than you think because I'm a lousy cook and I'll need some of mom's good cooking. Not to mention your killer lemonade."

Regina smiled weakly. "You promise?"

David nodded. "I swear to you."

Regina hugged him again. "I'll miss you." She said. Her voice muffled.

He held her tight. "I'll miss you too. I'll miss you a lot."

-2 years later-

"Ok, now if you don't want to kill us, you'll let me drive you back home ok?" David teased as he took the keys away from his sister.

Regina narrowed her eyes at her brother. "Hey! I think I did pretty good for my first driving lesson!"

David shook his head. "Define pretty good?"

Regina smiled shyly. "Well ... you know I knew how to turn on the car!"

David laughed. "Yeah and that's about it. I think you need A LOT of practice sis. Are you going to take drivers ed at school?"

"Yup. And then you'll be begging ME for rides."

David scoffed. "Don't be so sure about that sis."

Regina playfully punched her brother on the arm. "Jerk."

"Bad Driver," David shot back.

Regina laughed. "Whatever." Regina got out of the car to switch seats with her brother.

"Want to go get some grub before we head back home?" David asked.

Regina agreed.

The siblings went to Dairy Queen for burgers and fries. David was placing the orders while Regina waited at the booth near the ordering station. David was taking a while ordering two burgers and fries. Regina craned her neck and saw the reason why David was taking too long. A pretty girl at the cashiers station was talking to him. This girl was amazingly beautiful. One of those girls that every guy stares at but is too chicken shit to talk to. She was tall, slim, and had thick silky black hair and soft brown eyes. Her eyelashes looked to be a mile long!

Regina felt herself want to laugh. That's the reason David wanted to get some food. He probably already had seen the girl here before and probably knew her work schedule.

Once he came back carrying a tray with their food. He sat down and had a huge smile on his face.

Regina eyed him. "Uh huh."

"What?" David asked innocently as he put a french fry in his mouth.

"Who was that?" Regina asked.

David was blushing. "Who was what?"

Regina giggled. "You know who. Who was the girl you were talking to?"

David turned redder. "No one. Just the cashier."

"Oh I think she's just more than the "cashier" bro."

David quickly sipped his coke. Regina waited for him to answer. "Ok, well her name is Olivia. She's ... um ... she's..."

"Hot?" Regina answered for him.

David looked startled. "What?"

"That's what you were going to say right? She's hot?" Regina giggled.

David looked more embarrassed. "Well ... I wouldn't say that to YOU, but I was going to say she's ... so pretty. I think I like her ... A LOT. I see her on campus and then the other day Tony and I came down here and that's when I discovered she works here."

Regina looked over at the girl who had glanced at them from time to time in between taking orders. "So ... you decided to bring me here so she can meet her future sister in law?" Regina teased.

David tried to hold back his smile. "No! I just wanted to see her that's all."

"Why don't you just ask her out? I mean she looked interested in you bro."

David looked serious now. "You think so?"

"Yup. I could tell by the way she was looking at you like she wants to marry you and have all your babies."

David almost spit out his coke when she said that. "That was a really silly thing to say Reggie."

"But seriously bro, go ask her out. Don't be afraid. I bet you she'll say yes."

David took a deep breath. "You really think so?"

"Yes! Go!" Reggie lightly kicked him under the table.

David slowly stood up. "Ok, ok." He took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing."

Regina waited hoping the girl would say yes. She thought they made a cute couple. After a few minutes, David came back and sat down proudly.

"Well?" Regina asked anxiously.

"She said yes," David replied quickly.

Regina smiled. "See? I told you!"

The siblings finished their meal and David went to say goodbye to his potential future girlfriend. Once on the drive home David burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Regina asked.

David shrugged. "Nothing, just that when I asked Olivia out, she hesitated because she thought YOU were my girlfriend."

Regina cringed. "Eww! Why would she think that? Can't she see I'd have better taste?"

David reached over and rubbed hard on Regina's hair messing up her ponytail.

"Hey!" Regina yelped and fixed her ponytail. "Jerk!" Regina teased.

David laughed and cranked up the radio. The sibling drove home talking and laughing like best friends.

-1 Year later-

"Who are we waiting on?" Jackie asked. She was climbing on to the SUV Regina's parents drove. They were all heading out to the family's cabin for a few days as they often did during the year. Jackie always came along and David always brought Tony. They'd all hang out and go fishing and swimming. They would barbeque, and stay up late enjoying their time away from home. The cabin was only an hour away so it was easy to get away. Both girls were seated and ready to go. They had the SUV door open since their parents were still packing things in the back.

"We're waiting on the boys and David is bringing Olivia," Regina whispered in Jackie's ear.

Jackie giggled. "Ooh! David's bringing his GIRLFRIEND!"

"Shhhl" Regina hushed Jackie playfully. "I think it's SERIOUS."

Jackie's eyes widened. "Really? We're going to have to pick on him and embarrass him this weekend.

"Behave. Let him enjoy his time with her," Regina warned.

"Oh ok. You're no fun," Jackie pouted.

Just then David arrived with Olivia and Tony, David's best friend. "Hey, we're here. Sorry we're late," David announced as soon as he got out of his car. Olivia stepped out and went to greet the family.

"It's about time," Regina teased.

"Hey kiddo," Tony said to Regina as he approached them. "Hey Jackie."

"Hey Tony," both girls greeted.

"Can I ride with you all? I got my stuff in David's car, but I think David and Olivia need to be on their own." He made gagging noises.

The girls laughed. "Yeah of course. We got room for one more." Regina grabbed her overnight bag that was in the middle seat and put it on the floor.

Tony took a seat between the girls. Tony and David had been inseparable since birth. They were total opposites. Tony was covered in tattoos and had eyebrow piercing and listened to hard rock. David had no tattoos and liked more alternative rock and actually liked school. They were opposites, but that's what made them good friends. Tony used to be into sports like David, but just kind of grew out of it later in high school. Just like Regina and Jackie. When they met in third grade, their softball coach used to tease them calling them Jackie Robinson and Reggie Jackson. As the years went by though, Jackie became less interested in sports. Jackie was a total girlie and hated sports now. She was such a good friend that she would still go watch Regina play even though she despised sports. Regina was more laid back and didn't care to talk about make up or fashion, but the girls remained good friends all those years.

Just then Olivia poked her head in the truck. "Hey Reggie. Hey Jackie." she smiled sweetly.

"Hi Livy. You excited to come with us?" Regina asked.

Olivia shrugged shyly. "Yes but I'm a bit nervous. This is the first time I spent time with a boyfriend and his family. I hope to impress you."

"You'll do great, besides, David is crazy about you so it doesn't matter what the rest of us think," Regina assured.

Olivia smiled.

David came over and put his arms around Olivia from behind. "Ready?" He asked.


"Hey Reggie. Hey Jackie," David said happily as he hugged his girlfriend.

"Hey bro," Regina greeted.

"Let's get going," Diane announced.

"Ok we'll be right behind you all," David said.

Regina watched David and Olivia get in his car. Her parents started up the SUV and headed out with her brother and Olivia following behind. Regina loved being together as a family and now that David had Olivia it would be even more fun. She always saw it as the more the merrier.

After arriving at the cabin, while Regina and David's parents fired up the grill, the kids went swimming at the river near the cabin. Jackie and Regina lay out under the sun after their swim while David and Olivia played in the water and Tony went back in the cabin to take a shower.

Jackie stared too hard at David and Olivia kissing.

"Stop looking, will you?" Regina called out.

Jackie sat up on her elbows. "Look at them kissing! Man, I wish I had a boyfriend right now."

Regina sighed. "Give them some privacy will you?"

Jackie lay back down. She was smiling widely. "Your brother is such a cutie."

"I don't need to hear that Jackie," Regina groaned. She turned over to let the sun hit her back.

Jackie did the same. She looked over at Regina. "I want a boyfriend like David someday."

Regina laughed. "Yeah, yeah. You've told me that a billion times already."

Jackie closed her eyes. Regina was well aware on her friends crush on her brother. She thought it was cute but she knew it would never happen. She knew her brother was truly in love this time with the girl of his dreams.

-2 Year Later 2007-


"I still can't believe the wedding is only 3 months away! I mean it seems just like yesterday that David and I got engaged!" Olivia beamed. She looked radiant in her long flowy, spaghetti strap wedding dress. She had been trying to shed a few pounds before the wedding and was succeeding.

Regina ate her M&M's as she watched her future sister in law, Olivia try on her wedding gown. Regina's mom Diane and Olivia's mom Mari were both there too. Regina relaxed on one of the over sized couches at the bridal store. It was going to be her turn to try out her bridesmaid dress. The wedding color was going to be white and blue. The bridesmaid dresses were actually pretty chic compared to other bridesmaid dresses.

"Reggie baby, you're turn. Here," Regina's mom hands her the short dark blue dress.

Regina sighs and puts her half empty bag of M&M's in her jeans pocket. She grabbed the dress that was in its plastic wrapper and heads off to one of the dressing rooms. She doesn't know why she even agreed to be a bridesmaid. She was no girly girl. All her life Regina had been a major tomboy. She had been in softball since first grade, rarely wore make up, and tried her hardest to avoid wearing dresses.

As she undressed, she could hear Olivia and the moms bragging about how pretty Olivia's dress was. She had to admit, Olivia was going to be a stunning bride. Olivia was everything Regina would secretly like to be. She was sure a woman like Olivia would make her brother David, very happy. Olivia knew how to wear make up just right without looking trampy. Olivia wore perfume, was into yoga, had a perfect girlish figure and not to mention an ample chest.

Regina sadly looked down at her small b-cup chest and frowned. She knew she had such low self esteem because of her chest size. Her boyfriend Chris didn't seem to mind though. They'd kissed, and he'd felt her up and she'd jerked him off but that's as far as they'd gotten.

Regina stared into the mirror. Her soft brown eyes looked sad. Her silky long brown hair looked limp even in a ponytail. Her cheeks didn't have much color like they usually did.


Regina is startled by the rapping on the door. "Reggie? You finished?"

Regina rolled her eyes. She had barely slipped on the dress and her mother was already rushing her.

"Almost done mom!" Regina called out.

She managed to zip up the back of the dress only halfway. She opened the dressing room door and saw her mother waiting for her. "Can you zip me up?" Regina asked.

"Look at you. Wow! You are stunning!" Diane praised.

Regina didn't feel stunning. She felt odd dressed up.

"There you go," Diane said as she finished zipping up Regina's dress. "Turn around and ... wait here ... walk that way so I can make sure the dress doesn't ride up when you walk."

Regina moaned. She took a few steps. Luckily the dress didn't ride up, otherwise her mother would throw a fit. The line of mirrors everywhere were making Regina dizzy.

"Ooh! Nice! Future sis, you are looking like a Diva!" Olivia complimented.

As Regina walked back, she saw Olivia and Mari eyeing her. "Why don't you wear dresses more often Reggie?" Olivia asked curiously. She was still clad in her gorgeous wedding dress.

Regina shrugged. "It's not my style."

"You have great legs! If I had legs like yours I'd show them off all the time!" Mari added.

Regina forced a smile. She only wished she could have fuller breasts that would make the dress look better. "Can I get out of this dress now?"

"Oh wait! We have to make sure everything fits well. You are wearing the bra you're going to be wearing that day right?" Olivia questioned.

Regina nodded.

"Well I don't think you need it altered anymore. So ... yeah go ahead and strip out of it. I know you're dying to," Olivia teased.

Regina walked back to the dressing room and once inside, she exhaled. She quickly stepped out of her dress and back into her blue Levi jeans and green and white button up top. She carefully placed her bridesmaid dress on the hanger and into the clear plastic bag. She swung it over her shoulder and headed back out. Diane and Mari were busy chatting. Olivia had gone to get out of her dress.

"Reggie, did you ask Chris to be your date for the wedding?" Diane asked as she approached them.

This wasn't a surprise to Regina. Boys, dates, wearing dresses, that's what her mom mainly talked about. She had asked Regina at least four times that same week about Chris being her date.

"Yes mom, I told you Chris is going to be my date," Regina answered softly.

Mari cleared her throat and went to go check on Olivia. Diane took a deep breath and went to sit down next to Regina.

Diane kissed her daughter's forehead. "You really did look beautiful in your dress sweetie.

Regina smiled and leaned against her mother's shoulder. "Thanks mom. Love you."

"I love you more sweetie," Diane said sweetly.

"Oh my god! You're brother totally looks like Adrian Grenier!"

Regina stared at her best friend Jackie like she was speaking another language. "Who the hell is Adrian Grenier?"

Jackie's blue eyes widened. "You don't know who that is? Oh my god! He's like totally hot! He came out on the movie The Devil Wears Prada. He was Anne Hathaway's boyfriend."

Regina shrugged. "Haven't seen it."

"Hello! He came out on Drive Me Crazy! Remember that movie?"

Regina rolled her eyes. "The one who played Chase?"

Jackie nodded quickly.

"I'm trying to forget that movie."

Jackie sighed. "Ok, so it wasn't the greatest movie ever but he's so hot and your brother looks like him!"

Regina scanned the room until she found her brother David talking to one of his many college buddies. She had to admit he sort of looked like the actor Jackie was talking about. He had the bushy eyebrows and the thick wavy hair but that was about it. Jackie always liked to exaggerate.

"I guess he looks a little like him. Doesn't have the pretty colored eyes though," Regina said sarcastically.

"He's got gorgeous puppy brown eyes. I can't believe he's getting married. I always thought I'd be the one to marry him."

Regina laughed. "Are you serious?"

Jackie looked hurt. "Yeah why not me? Am I that ugly?"

Regina thought her friend Jackie was beautiful and she had plenty of boyfriends to prove it. Too bad David never noticed Jackie. Otherwise Regina and Jackie would have been sister in laws. How cool would that have been?

"Jackie, you're gorgeous. C'mon let's go get some punch."

Regina stood up and offered her hand to her friend. They headed towards the dining area to grab some punch. Regina had invited Jackie to David and Olivia's engagement party at Olivia's parents' house. Most of the people there were either David or Olivia's friends. There were some family members from both sides of the family as well.

"Hey ladies!"

Regina and Jackie turned to see Tony, David's best friend entering the dining area.

"What's up?" Jackie asked.

Tony hugged Jackie then Regina. "Not much. How about this party huh? Wild?"

"Oh yeah. I'm having a blast," Regina said sarcastically.

"Poor David getting married so young," Tony joked.

Regina chuckled. "25 is not too young."

Tony shrugged. "It is in guy years, kiddo."

"Guys never grow up," Jackie added.

"Hey! I take offense to that!" Tony looked hurt. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to playing video games in my spiderman briefs."

Regina and Jackie burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" David asks as he joins them.

"I'm just telling the girls how young and stupid you are to get married."

"Ah nothing like a best friends blessing," David teased.

"You know I'm kidding. Congrats bro," Tony hugs his best friend.

"So you all going to just stay here all night or you going to join the party?" David asked the girls.

"We were just getting some punch until we bumped into your friend here. We'll be out there," Regina replied.

"Yeah, and besides your fiancée needs you," Jackie pointed to where Olivia was. She stood in the living room staring and waved at them when they all looked at her.

"Oh well, it's a tough job but someone's got to do it," David said and went off to be with his fiancée."

Jackie grabbed two punch glasses and started pouring the punch. She leaned against the wall and sipped. "Man, don't you wish you had tatas like hers?"

Regina almost choked on her punch. "What?"

Jackie repeated. "You know don't you wish you could have tits like Olivia's? I mean I think they're fake."

Regina looked over to where Olivia was. David stood behind her with his arms wrapped around her. She wore a short black dress that definitely left little to the imagination. She still knew how to dress sexy without looking slutty.

"How do you know they're fake?" Regina wondered.

"Uh because you can only tell. They look too round."

Regina laughed. "Too round? Are they supposed to be any other shape?"

Jackie groaned. "You know what I mean Reggie! They look too perfect."

"Well maybe she was born blessed," Regina smartly replied.

Jackie nodded. "I doubt that." Then she stayed quiet for only a moment. "Would you ever get implants?"

Regina looked at Jackie like she was crazy. "No!"

"Why not?"

"Are you saying I need some?"

Jackie eyed Regina's chest. "Well ... you could use a little help."

Regina pushed her friend almost making her drop her punch. "Bitch."

Jackie laughed. "I'm kidding Reggie. But I know I would want implants. I'm a large b cup and I'd love to be a C or D cup."

Regina would secretly admit to no one but herself that she too would like to have bigger breasts since she was a small B cup.

"So ... what's the deal with you and Chris?" Jackie asked.

Regina flinched. She took a quick sip of her punch. "Um nothing why?

Jackie sighed. "Have you guys had sex yet?"

Regina blushed. She had thought about being tangled in bed with Chris, but was scared as hell. She knew she wanted her first time to be with someone she loved and loved her. She knew deep down she did like him, just not love him. Truthfully, she was also very insecure about her body. She had never felt sexy when she saw her naked body in the mirror.

"No. I think I can wait."

Jackie put her punch down on the table. "What are you waiting for? You're 18 for crying out loud! You're an adult. Mommy and daddy can't get after you for losing your virginity. Besides you're on the pill aren't you?"

Regina smiled. "Yeah but I want it to be with someone special Jackie. Not just a guy I kind of like. And who says I HAVE to lose my virginity just because I'm on the pill? I'm on the pill because of my acne, remember?"

"Uh huh yeah sure. You had TONS of acne," Jackie said playfully.

It was true though. Regina had had bad acne in her early teens but her doctor recommended she get on birth control to help her with her acne. Once she did, her skin became clear and flawless. She never needed makeup.

There was a silence for a few minutes as the girls studied the people at the party. Regina admired how much love David and Olivia had. They got along so well. Regina only hoped she could find someone like that.

"I bet they do it all the time."

Regina frowned. "Who?"

Jackie pointed with her eyes at David and Olivia.

"Eww!" Regina whined. "Don't tell me that Jackie!"

Jackie laughed. "They probably have wild hot sex."

"Ok I'm getting away from you. You're grossing me out!" Regina began walking away.

Jackie grabbed her. "I'm just playing. Chill out Ms. Virgin."

"Fuck off," Regina said trying not to laugh.

"But seriously, we got to get you laid before school ends. I'm not letting you graduate being a virgin," Jackie stated.

Regina pretended to ignore her friend.


Regina, a bit startled turned to see David standing next to her.

"Hey yourself. Nice party. When can I leave?" Regina asked.

Her brother nodded. "Never. You're stuck here sis. Sorry."

He put his arm around her and gave her a tight squeeze. She hugged him back. "It's about time you talk to us. You seem too busy to even talk to your two favorite girls." Jackie teased.

"Sorry about that." David gave Jackie a hug.

"So what you two gossiping about now?" David asked.

"Nothing just talking about boys," Jackie stated.

Regina scoffed. "Whatever, it's more like YOU talking about boys."

"Well, that's kind of true. I enjoy talking about boys, but your sister here thinks she should stay a virgin forever." Jackie realized she blurted out too much information.

"Jackie!" Regina's eyes widened.

David put his arm around Regina. "Hey leave my sister alone."

"Thank you!" Regina snapped.

Jackie shrugged. "I'm just saying..."

"Don't say anymore. Please," Regina warned playfully.

"Where's Chris?" David asked Regina releasing her from his hold.

She stayed quiet for a moment. "I didn't invite him. Thought it would only be a family thing."

"Oh ... I see," David said.

"Anyway ... so you getting nervous as the wedding approaches?" Regina asked trying hard to change the subject.

David nodded. "Yeah. A little. But Livy is great."

Regina hugged her brother again. "She's good for you bro. I'm glad you're marrying her."

"Me too sis. Me too."

Jackie smiled. "You two have the coolest relationship ever. How come I can't get along with my brother?"

"Um Jackie, you don't have a brother. You're an only child," Regina reminded her.

"Oh yeah, but I mean I bet if I had a brother I'd probably fight with him all the time."

"Well, not us. We are best friends," David declared.

Jackie pretended to look hurt. "Hey! I thought I was your best friend!" She moaned.

"You are. My brother is my OTHER best friend," Regina assured.

The siblings looked at one another and smiled.


After chatting with his sister and Jackie, David headed over to his fiancée. She was taking to some of her friends she'd known since high school. David thought Olivia looked damn sexy in her black dress. Her hair was down flowing down her back. When she spotted him, she excused herself and went over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tiptoed to kiss him.

"Hey," she whispered.

"Hey gorgeous." David kissed her again. "I really need to be with you right now." He pressed her against him letting her know he had a boner.

Olivia gasped. "You bad boy. We can't just leave OUR party to go make love!"

David held her tighter. "Why not? It's OUR party so let's do whatever we want."

Olivia bit her lower lip and looked around. "Ok, maybe we can do a quicky up in my room."

David groaned. "Yes please! Looking at you in that dress all night has got me all excited!"

"Mmm then follow me, lover," Olivia purred.

She grabbed his hand and lead David upstairs. Once up in her bedroom, David closed the door and made sure to lock it. His beautiful fiancée was climbing on her bed. He approached her and the two began kissing with passion.

David laid her down and kissed her lips, neck, and down to her cleavage. He slowly pulled the straps of her black dress down and her breasts became exposed immediately.

He slid his tongue on her nipples and felt them harden. He took turns sucking on them, making his fiancée moan underneath him.

"I'm already wet," Olivia whispered.

"I'm already hard," David replied. He quickly unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them down. He lifted Olivia up slightly to tug on her panties. Her black thong easily slid down her long legs.

David lifted up her dress and dived into her. Olivia whimpered with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around her fiancé. The couple began to kiss passionately as David began his rhythm of love making.

"Deep, get in really deep," Olivia murmured.

David slid deeper inside of his lover. He began pumping in and out of her roughly. He loved the way her breasts bounced all over the place as he rammed her pussy. Olivia felt wet, hot and so good! Her legs wrapped around his waist taking him in.

It took only a few minutes before David climaxed. His cum buried inside his lover. Breathlessly, he leaned down and kissed her hard. Olivia was panting in between their kisses.

David slid out of her and flopped down next to her. Olivia propped herself up on her elbow and turned to her fiancé. She touched his face and traced her fingers around his lips.

"That was quick, but oh so good!" she cooed.

David's breathing slowed. He turned to look at his fiancée. "I can't wait to marry you."

Olivia kissed his lips softly. "And I can't wait to marry you. You make me so happy."

David grabbed her hand and kissed it. He pressed it against his cheek.

"You know what we should do?"

David raised a brow. "Oral sex?"

Olivia playfully slapped his arm. "No silly! We shouldn't have sex from this point on until the wedding."

David quickly sat up. "What?"

Olivia laughed. "I said, we shouldn't have sex from this point on until our wedding."

David shook his head. "No way! You're kidding right? We don't get married for 3 months!"

Olivia sat up. "That's what is going to make it so special sweetie." She kissed his neck and lips again.

David didn't like this at all. "Please tell me you're kidding. Please, please."

Olivia snuggled next to him. "Let's just try it ok? Trust me, I'll make it worth the wait," she whispered softly.

David groaned. "But 3 months..."

"Is a long time, I know." Olivia finished the sentence for him.

David stood up and pulled up his boxers and slacks. Olivia looked up at him with sad eyes. "Don't be mad David."

David tucked in his button up shirt and zipped up his pants. "I'm trying not to be mad. I just can't believe you're going to deny me 3 months of sex. You know what that will do to me?"

Olivia stood up and pulled the straps of her dress back up. She bent down to grab her panties and put them on and pulled her dress back down. She got close to David and wrapped her arms around him. "It'll make you hornier and when it comes time to our honeymoon, we'll be fucking like rabbits."

David chortled. "You bet we will. You are not going to be able to walk for days Mrs. Tamez, I assure you."

Olivia smiled and held him tight. "I love when you call me by my married name. It makes me feel as if we're already married."

David slid his hands from her back down to her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Well if it feels like we're already married..." He began to lift up her dress.

Olivia pushed him away. "Hey! Don't get carried away Mr. Tamez."

David grabbed her hands and pulled her towards him. "If I have to wait 3 months I will. Just for you. But if you decided you can't wait ... well, you know I'm always ready."

Olivia giggled and kissed her fiancée. "Thank you love. I love you so, so much!"

David held her tight. "I love you more."


It was sometime past midnight or maybe it was little before midnight when Regina found herself wrapped up in Chris' arms. They were lip locked in his room at his house. Their tongues entwined and their bodies warm from their heat.

Chris had his shirt off and only wore his green sweat pants but Regina remained fully clothed still dressed in her black pants and button up top that she had worn to her brother's engagement party. The only thing that had come off of her was her black wedge shoes.

Chris lay on top of her and began unbuttoning her top until her bra was exposed. He slipped his hands inside her bra rubbing on her nipples with his finger tips. Regina let a small moan escape. She had to admit it felt really good having him touch her breasts.

"You look hot tonight," Chris rasped. "I'm glad you came over." His hand slipped out of her bra and down inside her pants. Regina hadn't realized when he had unbuttoned her pants. His hand felt warm and big sliding inside her panties.

He rubbed her pussy gently while kissing her neck. His hot breath caressed her skin. Chris spread her pussy lips open and rubbed his index finger on Regina's clit. Regina flinched and arched her back.

"Feel good?" Chris questioned quietly.

"Uh huh," Regina gasped.

His index finger moved downward and slid into her pussy. Regina bit her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning. Chris' parents were home, and there was no way she'd want them to wake up.

She could feel his finger was all the way up inside of her. With his free hand, Chris pushed her bra aside and started sucking on her nipples. This drove Regina crazy! She began to writhe uncontrollably underneath her boyfriend. Chris was obviously hard. Regina could feel his cock pressed against her leg.

"You want to try two fingers?" Chris looked into her eyes.

Regina nodded a silent yes. She groaned when her boyfriend slipped in a second finger. It hurt a little but then it also felt good.


Chris quickly eased his fingers out of Regina's pussy and sat up on the bed. Regina closed up her shirt.

"Yeah?" Chris asked irritably.

"Is Reggie still here?" It was Chris' mom.

"Yeah," Chris answered.

"Well, it's getting late. She needs to get going home."

Chris rolled his eyes. "Ok mom."

"I'm going to stay up to make sure she goes home Chris."

Chris groaned. "Ok mom!"

They heard footsteps indicating she was leaving. Regina stood up and began to button up her top and zip her pants back up. Chris laid back and watched her. "Sorry," he muttered.

Regina smiled and slipped on her shoes. "It's ok. We'll have more time to mess around another day."

Chris frowned. "Just mess around? No sex huh?"

Regina sighed. "No sex Chris. Not yet at least."

Chris crossed his arms. "When then?"

Regina narrowed her eyes at him. How could he even question that? They'd only been going three months. It was only a few weeks ago that she even let him feel her up.

"I'm not even going to answer that. I'll call you later," Regina grabbed her purse and swung it over her shoulder.

"Don't call. Don't bother," Chris snapped.

Regina remained composed. "Fine. I won't then. Bye." She left his room and saw his mother standing in the living room. Mrs. George was in her nightgown pretending to read a magazine.

"Good night Mrs. George," Regina said politely.

"Night Reggie. I'm sorry if I sounded too uptight. I just don't want your parents upset that you are here so late."

Regina smiled weakly. "It's ok. Well ... I better go."

"Bye Reggie," Mrs. George called out.

Regina just waved and left. She hopped into her mother's car and drove home. She couldn't believe Chris had been such a jerk. She liked him a lot but just wasn't ready for sex. She loved fooling around but sex was something she wasn't ready for.

~1 week later~

"No! Oh damn!"

Regina rushed downstairs when she heard all the commotion. Her brother, Tony, Olivia and her parents were watching the Spurs basketball game. Regina went and flopped next to David, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bucket he had on his lap.

"What's the score?" Regina asked.

"Don't ask. The Celtics are kicking their ass!" David said disappointed.

Regina put her feet up on the coffee table and ate popcorn. She looked over and saw Olivia had her head on David's shoulder. She looked sleepy.

"You're not into basketball Livy?" Regina asked her future sister in law.

Olivia nodded. "Not really."

"Yeah, she much rather be watching the Tyra Banks show," David teased.

Olivia giggled. "True."

"Tyra Banks used to be hot, now she's all weird," Tony blurted out.

Olivia frowned. "How is she weird?"

Tony shrugged. "She's not modeling in Victoria's Secrets underwear no more."

The whole room booed Tony's comment. David even threw some popcorn at him.

"What?" Tony asked innocently.

The phone began to ring and Diane was the one to get up to answer it. She brought the cordless phone with her a few seconds later. Regina looked and saw her mother holding the phone out to her.

"Here. It's Chris."

Regina felt uneasy. Chris had been trying to talk to her at school but she ignored him. He had been trying to apologize but Regina was still upset. She got the phone and quickly pressed the end button. The she simply put the phone on the coffee table and continued to get some popcorn from David's bucket.

"Ok ... what was that about?" David asked.

Regina smiled. "Nothing."

"Ahh teen love. Did you two have a fight?" Diane asked.

"Do you need for me and David to go kick his ass?" Tony asked.

"No, no. That's not necessary. It's nothing really." Regina quickly got up and rushed into the kitchen. She stood all alone trying to catch her breath. She didn't want to cry over something stupid but she was still hurt because of the way Chris had treated her.

A few minutes later David walked into the kitchen, his face filled with concern.

"Hey. You ok?"

Regina felt tears well up in her eyes. "I'm fine." She turned away from her brother.

David walked towards her. "No you're not. I know when you're not ok. What's going on?"

"It's nothing. Go back to watch the game. You're missing it."

David put his hand on her shoulder and hugged her. "Forget the game. Talk to me."

Regina began to sob in her brother's arms. "Just that Chris wants to have sex and I'm not ready for that."

David rubbed her back comforting her. "So he's pissed off because you won't sleep with him? Is that what you two are fighting about?"

"Yes," Regina muttered.

David pulled away slightly and looked into her eyes. "If he can't wait, then he's no good for you sis." He wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yeah I know. I just miss him but then I'm also still pissed off you know."

David smoothed her hair which she wore in a ponytail. "Yeah I know. You have every right to be mad. He'll get over it and if he truly likes you, then he will wait. Just like I'm waiting for Livy."

Regina raised a brow. "You're waiting for Livy? Since when?"

David blushed. "Ok well, not technically waiting but ... um ... well we made this deal where we can't have sex until after our wedding. Sure, I was pissed off at first but then I realized that I love Livy and I'm willing to make the sacrifice and wait to be with her again after our wedding."

Regina tried not to laugh. "Oh ... poor you."

David sighed. He moved away from her. He looked embarrassed having had revealed such intimate details to his sister. "Oh forget I said anything."

Regina giggled. "It's ok bro. That just shows what a great guy you are. Livy is lucky to have you."

David turned to look at her. "You think?"

Regina nodded. "I think it's really cool you two decided to do something like that. It'll only make your honeymoon more special."

David sighed. "That's what Livy tells me but I don't feel that way."

The both laughed.

"Hey everything ok here?"

The siblings turned to see Olivia poking her head in the kitchen doorway.

"Yeah, we're good," Regina answered. Deep down she was still hurting but David had made it all better. She still wasn't ready to forgive Chris.

"I can't believe they lost!" David griped.

"I knew it. I knew they'd lose. I shouldn't have bet on this game," Tony said.

David, Tony, Olivia and Regina were the only ones left in the living room. David's parents had already gone to bed. David was getting ready to drive Olivia home to her parent's house. David was still living with Tony but had already planned to move in with Olivia once they were married. He'd looked into several apartments, and narrowed down to two possible locations. He was still in school working for his pharmacy degree. In the meantime he was working as a pharmacy technician while he worked for his degree. It wasn't easy working full time and going to school part time, but he just needed one last semester before he was officially certified as a pharmacist.

"What was the score?" Regina asked.

"Celtics 91, Spurs 85," David answered disappointedly.

"Well, they can't win all the time," Regina assured. "They're still my favorite basketball team."

"Yeah mine too, I just feel a little let down. I'll get over it," David pouted.

"Well, we better get going," Olivia told David as she linked her arm in his. She had just gotten a job as a nurse in one of the cities most prominent hospitals and went into work early in the morning and on weekends.

David wrapped one of his arms around her shoulder. "Yeah, I'm beat. Let's go. Thank God spring break is next week. Plus I get the week off from work too. It's my last time to play before I get serious with my life."

"I'm jealous," Olivia pouted.

"Honey, I wish we could share the week off together," David said gently and kissed Olivia's lips.

"Ugh let's all get going now before you two make Reggie and I sick," Tony pretended to gag and Regina laughed.

Soon, everyone had left. Regina headed upstairs to her room. She closed her bedroom door and turned on her stereo. One of her favorite bands Silverchair, was playing on the radio.

She logged online to check her email and sure enough there was an email from Chris and the subject was "Talk to me." Regina had to admit she did miss him. She read his email and replied. She mentioned she would talk to him when they got back to school the following week. Until then, Regina only wanted to sit back and enjoy spring break.


"I'm serious. We should go!" Tony said excitedly and shot a basketball into the hoop.

Tony and David were playing basketball in the park near their apartments Monday afternoon. Tony had got a wild idea to go to Cancun for spring break. He had saved up money from his bartending job and wanted to take his best friend down to Mexico for sort of a bachelor party.

David frowned. "I don't think Olivia will be too keen on me going to Mexico. Especially Cancun."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Look, if she trusts you, she'll let you go. We can even invite Reggie and Jackie. That way it won't look as if you're trying to hook up with some cute Mexican girls."

David grinned. "Oh yeah, then we'll have a wild bachelor party with my little sister and her friend there."

Tony nodded and tossed the ball to David. "They can do their own thing while we go do our thing."

"I'm not letting my little sister run around Cancun alone. Are you kidding me?" David jumped to throw the ball into the hoop.

Tony sighed. "C'mon man. Let's just go. Ok, so we won't be going to strip clubs. We'll just go chill and go check out the scene. We can hang out at the beach all day and hit the clubs at night. Besides, Reggie is a senior this year. What senior WOULDN'T like to go to Cancun? And remember I'M paying so no one can turn me down."

David thought about it for a moment. It would kind of nice to get out for a few days. He'd been stressed out about school and work and not to mention his wedding. Even though Olivia and her mother had done most of the work, he was still stressing about being a married man soon. Besides, Tony had offered to buy everyone's ticket. He'd ask his parents to let Reggie go along so that way Olivia wouldn't have any bad thoughts. Hopefully Jackie could go too that way it wouldn't be Reggie hanging out with two men.

"Alright, I'll ask my folks if Reggie can come. But if Jackie can't, then we'll have a problem."

Tony smirked. "Jackie will come. I'll talk to her."

David narrowed his eyes at his friend. "Don't tell me you got a thing for Jackie."

Tony shrugged. "Well, since you'd rather have me dead before I ever hook up with Reggie, Jackie is the next best thing. She is kind of cute. Who knows, maybe we'll hook up."

David dribbled the ball and passed it to his friend. "You got that right. Stay away from Reggie. I know you too well."

"Please! Please! Please!" Regina begged her parents.

David had gone over to his parents' house and asked them to let Regina go to Cancun. If they left, they would be leaving bright and early Wednesday morning. Now his baby sister was practically on her knees pleading with her parents to let her go.

"It doesn't sound safe." Diane said in an uneasy tone. "Why don't you all just go hang out at the cabin? It'll be closer and safer."

"Mom, the cabin is awesome, but this is CANCUN!" Regina kept pleading.

"You're too young," Joe chimed in.

Regina sulked. "I'm eighteen! I'm an adult! Plus I'll be with David and Tony and Jackie is going too! Jackie is only two months older than me and her parents are cool enough to let her go!"

David grinned. He had to admit Regina looked so cute pleading.

"Regina, I don't think it's a good idea ok? Let's just drop it." Diane settled back on the couch and stared at the wall trying to avoid Regina's sad eyes.

"Dad?" Regina looked for her father's approval.

David decided to intrude. "C'mon mom. Let her go. I promise I'll take care of her. I won't let her go anywhere alone. I promise."

Regina have David a hopefully look.

"David, why did you have to do this?" Joe asked tiredly. "Now she's all excited and it would break my heart to say no."

Diane flashed angry eyes at her husband. "Joe! I hope you're not giving in!"

"Diane, she IS an adult. I trust my son to keep her safe. I say let her go."

Regina squealed with delight. But then calmed down when her mother held a tense face.

"Mom? Please?" David urged again.

Diane's lips formed a slow smile. "Ugh I guess! It's three against one. I lose."

"Yes!" Regina yelped and rushed over to hug her parents. "You guys are the best! The coolest parents ever!"

"You say that now..." Diane teased.

Regina then went to hug her brother. "Thanks David!"

David hugged her tight. "No problem sis. Now you better go start packing. I know you girls take forever you pack."

Regina stood back and put her hands on her hips. "Remember bro, I'M not like the other girls. I know what I'm taking and that is that. I just need shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. See? I'm ready." She smiled sweetly.

"You forgot sun block genius," David mocked.

Regina stuck her tongue out at him. "Nerd."

"Whatever. Get packing and I'll pick you up bright and early Wednesday morning."

Regina hugged him one more time. "You're the best!"

David tickled her making her shriek. "See you Wednesday."

It was four in the morning Wednesday morning when David, Regina, Tony and Jackie got to the airport. Olivia offered to drive them so she can kiss her fiancée goodbye. Their flight left at five that morning so they were just in time. After checking their bags, everyone waited for the lovebirds to say their goodbyes. Olivia pulled David to the side. She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight. She pressed her face against his chest.

"I'm going to miss you like crazy!"

David kissed the top of her head and ran his hands up and down her back. "I'll be home before you know it. I love you so much."

Olivia looked up at him with weepy eyes. David leaned down to give her a long soft wet kiss. Tony, Jackie and Regina looked away giving them privacy.

"Be good. Don't get tempted to do anything with any other woman," Olivia warned playfully.

"Don't worry future sis, I'll make sure he stays far away from temptation," Regina yelled out.

Olivia smiled and looked at David with triumph. "See? Reggie's going to make sure you don't get tempted."

David groaned and pressed his body against hers. "How can I even THINK of another woman when I got you?" He kissed her one last time before finally leaving.

They all went through the metal detector and waited to be called onto the plane. The girls were excited talking about beaches, boys and fun under the sun. David already missed Olivia but figured this trip would relax him. It'd been almost weeks since Olivia had called off sex until wedding and David was missing her body so much!

"Don't worry you'll seen her in a few days."

David snapped out of his thoughts. Regina was sitting next to him assuring him.

"I miss her already. Is that too sappy?"

Regina nodded. "Very sappy. But very sweet."

They were called on to their plane and the foursome left happy, excited and ready to relax in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.


"Oh yeah, I'd definitely do him."

Regina tilted her head to get a good look at the guy Jackie was drooling over. He was tall, nice body and had a tattoo of a skull on his left arm.

"Hmm I give him an 8."

Jackie gasped. "An 8? Are you kidding me? C'mon, he's at least a 9."

Regina scanned the beach. It was such a beautiful day. They had arrived before noon and got a rental car at the airport. They checked into their hotel which was only a walk away from the beach and changed into their beach clothing. Jackie sported her blue bikini, which looked great on her and Regina wore her short white shorts and a baby blue tank top. Jackie had recommended she wore something sexier, but Regina refused. They were going to be at the beach for a few hours and then going to go back to their hotel rooms to shower, take a nap and head on out for dinner and clubbing later that night.

Tony and David were getting some beers and drinks for all of them. It was nice to be able to drink while still underage in Mexico. Regina noticed Tony wore his long board shorts and nothing else. David had on a white t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts on. They walked back to the girls holding out their drinks.

"What did you get me? A wine cooler?" Jackie groaned.

Tony looked puzzled. "What's wrong with that?"

"Did it ever occur to you that I might like beer?"

Tony was speechless.

"You do NOT like beer," Regina reminded Jackie.

Jackie giggled. "That's true but he should have still offered me one."

Tony sighed. "Ah kids."

"Hey! We are adults!" Jackie protested.

"Then act like one," Tony shot back playfully.

Jackie rolled her eyes and took the wine cooler. Regina settled for nice cold bottled water. They guys made themselves comfortable next to the girls.

"Oh yeah time to babe watch," Tony smirked.

David laughed. "YOU babe watch. I will just sit back and relax."

Tony sighed. "There's nothing wrong with looking bro. You can look, you just can't touch."

"I only have eyes for Livy," David declared.

Tony groaned. "Whatever. I'm going to babe watch you can keep twiddling your thumbs or whatever engaged men do."

David laughed. A pretty blonde girl walking by did catch his attention. He couldn't help but take a look. He felt water splash on him.


"I saw that," Regina warned. "I told my future sis that I'm keeping an eye on you so don't misbehave."

David threw up his hands innocently. "I wasn't looking."

"Yeah right," Regina teased. "Remember, you got a fiancée at home waiting for you."

"Who will not put out until the wedding night," Tony murmured just loud enough for David to hear.

David playfully punched his friend's shoulder. "Don't remind me!"

For the next few days the four friends spent their time at the beach, and going to nightclubs. David was glad he decided to come to Mexico. It'd been good to get away for a while. He missed Olivia like crazy, but felt this trip was relaxing him a lot.

"Which club are we going to?" Jackie asked Tony.

They were spending one last day at the beach before heading home. That night they decided to go.

"It's the Congo Bar. I hear it's supposed to be pretty cool," Tony said looking at different club brochures provided by their hotel.

Jackie was laying on the beach towel soaking up the sun. Regina was sitting up applying extra sunscreen on her arms. This time she had been persuaded by Jackie to wear an actual bikini. Jackie had said, "Don't you want to go home with a nice tan? How can you tan if you wear your tank tops and shorts?" Regina felt comfortable for the first time ever in a bikini. Maybe it was the beautiful Cancun weather. Her bikini was red and Jackie's was green. Regina's bikini covered her sufficiently but Jackie's left little to the imagination.

"That sounds good to me," Jackie said.

"Just make sure there are not beautiful women there because I'll get tempted," David mocked.

Regina laughed. "Don't worry I'll make sure of that."

"No beautiful women? Then I don't want to go to that club," Tony pouted.

"WE will be there," Jackie said as she sat up and batted her eyelashes.

"That's good enough for me," Tony said sounding like a pervert.

"C'mon Reggie. Let's go hit the waves. I see some cuties I'd like to "bump" into."

Jackie stood up and offered Regina her hand. They girls ran over to the waters. The guys sat back and drank their Coronas.

"Reggie sure looks hot in the bikini," Tony uttered.

David looked at his sister. Her ponytail was still in place after having dove into the water. She was laughing and having a good time. "Quit staring at my sister like that," David playfully warned.

"I'm just saying. I guess I'm so used to seeing her in jeans and t-shirts and well you know ... I'm a guy."

David sipped his beer slowly. "Yeah you're a guy but she's my sister so stop it."

"Ok can I check Jackie out instead?"

"Well, Jackie is sort of like my sister too, so no you can't."

Tony growled. "Greedy bastard."

David laughed. "I thought you were going to babe watch."

Tony looked over to where Regina and Jackie were. "I am."

The Congo Bar was filled with loud music, bright neon lights and many American college students.

Regina wore dark blue Capri pants with a black camisole and brown sandals. Jackie put on a short summer orange dress with white sandals. David wore his green and white polo shirt with brown slacks and Tony wore a black button up shirt with khaki pants.

"Nice little bar," Tony said eyeing the place. "Nice looking women here too."

Jackie took Regina's hand. "C'mon let's go get a drink."

"Don't drink too much," David advised.

The girls headed off to the bar and the guys walked around checking out the whole atmosphere. There were barely clad girls that were making David take a second look but he kept reminding himself that he had a wonderful woman waiting for him back home.

Jackie ordered a mudslide and Regina ordered a margarita. They ordered beer for the guys. The girls found the guys near the back of the bar. The music playing was good and people around them were dancing.

"Here you go," Jackie said handing the guys their beers.

"Thanks!" David said.

The four chatted a bit and the girls went their ways and the guys their own way. Jackie and Regina went to go dance. Regina had to admit there were some cute looking guys at the club.

"You want to dance?"

Regina turned to see a tall blonde lanky guy asking her to dance. She looked over at Jackie and Jackie gave her a silent approval.

"Um sure..."

They went off to dance two or three songs. Jackie was busy dancing with an averaged sized curly haired guy with pretty blue eyes. Regina looked towards her brother and Tony. Tony was talking to a pretty brunette girl that had her hair pinned up with curls around her face. Poor David looked so lonely.

"Will you excuse me?" Regina said to the blonde guy she was dancing with.

"Yeah. I'll see you around?" He asked hopefully.

Regina assured him and went over to David. "Lonesome?"

David drank the last of his beer and placed it on the bar table. "How did you guess?"

"You want to dance? I know I'm your kid sister and all, but maybe that way you won't look so depressed."

David smiled. "I look that bad huh?"

"Yeah kind of. C'mon," Regina offered her brother her hand. The two siblings headed out to the dance floor just as Los Lobos rendition of La Bamba started playing.

"Hey remember we saw this movie?" David yelled over the loud music.

Regina burst out laughing. "Yeah. Remember ... RITCHIE!"

David laughed along with his sister. "Remember you cried so hard when he yelled that?"

"Shut up! That was sad!"

David spun his sister around for fun. "Good movie! Good one!"

"The best!" Regina danced in a silly way making her brother laugh more. A few seconds later, Tony and Jackie joined them and the four danced and laughed having the best time ever.

After about an hour of dancing, everyone was parched. Regina went to go get everyone some water. She stood at the bar waiting to be attended.


Regina turned to see a pretty Mexican girl talking to her.

"Hello," Regina replied politely.

"You are here with your boyfriend?" The girl asked with a deep accent.

Regina looked over to where David, Jackie and Tony were.

"The polo shirt," the girl asked sweetly.

Regina chuckled. "Oh no. That's my brother."

The girl smiled wide. "Oh. I thought he was your boyfriend."

Regina nodded. "No way."

The girl studied David from afar. "Is he single?"

Regina knew where the girl was getting at. "He's not. He's engaged. Sorry."

The girl looked disappointed. "Oh that is just my luck. Handsome American man in Mexico has to be in a relationship."

Regina looked around. "There are plenty of single guys here."

The girl eyed the bar. "Yes, I suppose. Well, nice to meet you."

The girl turned and disappeared into the crowd. Regina shrugged and finally it was her turn to order. She ordered four waters just to quench the thirst. Once she got back to her brother and friends, she told David about the girl asking about him. David hadn't seen the girl but listened to his sister.

"Was she hot?" Tony asked right away.

Regina rolled her eyes. "She was cute but that shouldn't matter. David is an engaged man."

"That's right!" David said happily.

"Jackie, let's go get something to drink," Tony said putting an arm around her shoulders.

The siblings went on to continue dancing and having fun, while their friends went to sit by the bar and drink. It was nearly three in the morning when they were all ready to go home. Tony and Jackie were really intoxicated. The siblings were barely able to get their friends into their rental car. Tony and Jackie sat in the back groaning and complaining about headaches.

"Pull over!" Jackie screamed as they began to drive off. David quickly pulled over and Jackie stepped out and threw up. Regina got out and held her friends hair back. She rubbed Jackie's back and tried her best to console her. "Let it go Jackie. Let out all the toxins."

"Dude, I'm not feeling good," Tony cried out.

"You need to throw up? You might as well do it now that we're here bro."

Tony nodded and as soon as he was out of the car he vomited as well. After about what seemed to be ten minutes or more, the four were finally back on the road heading back to their hotel.

"These two are going to be so hung over in the morning. Too bad. We were supposed to go riding around town tomorrow before we leave on Saturday."

"Maybe they'll be ok," Regina hoped. She turned around and saw her friends were fast asleep.

"Ugh! Shut the curtains please!" Jackie groaned and threw the covers over her face.

Regina took another look at the beautiful Mexico morning. The beach was already crowded with college kids. It was nearly eleven in the morning and Jackie had been fast asleep. She had an awful hangover from the night before.

"You shouldn't have drunk so much. Now you're going to pay the price." Regina said casually.

Jackie groaned again. "Ok MOM. Whatever you say."

Regina giggled and closed the curtains. She had already taken a shower and David had called her to see if she wanted to have a late breakfast or early lunch. Tony was also hung over and fast asleep.

"I'm going to have brunch with my brother do you want me to bring you anything?" Regina asked.

"No. Don't talk about food please."

Regina went to sit on the bed and yanked the covers off Jackie's face. Jackie's hair was a mess and the make up she wore the night before had been stamped on her pillow. Her mascara was smeared making her look like a raccoon.

"You don't want any orange juice or water? I can get you some aspirin."

Jackie opened one eye and smiled silly. "You're the best friend ever. An aspirin and water sound like heaven right now."

Regina stroked her friend's hair. "Ok I'll be back in about an hour with your heaven. Get some rest Amy Winehouse."

Jackie closed her eyes and threw the covers over her head again.

"How's Tony doing?" Regina asked. She and David were downstairs in the hotels restaurant eating. Regina had ordered a mushroom omelet, hashed browns and orange juice. David ordered ham and eggs and coffee.

"He's still asleep. How's Jackie?"

"She's out cold. Remind me, I need to bring her back some water and an aspirin."

David sipped his coffee. "Ok sis. Hey do you want to go ride around later? Maybe we can go check out some shops. Remember we got to bring back some souvenirs home."

"Yeah sounds good."

David's cell phone chimed. He looked at the phone and smiled.

"Is that Livy?" Regina asked.

He nodded.

"Aww, I bet she misses you."

"I miss her too," David said as he texted his fiancée back.

"Are you getting nervous as the wedding approaches?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't."

Regina swirled the straw that was in her orange juice. "I'd be nervous too."

David finished texting and put his phone down on the table. "You think you'll marry Chris?"

Regina winced. "Uh I doubt that."

David laughed. "Why do you say that?"

"He's my first boyfriend. I know you don't expect me to marry my first and only boyfriend. I have to explore a little."

David frowned. "You better not explore too much."

Regina giggled. "I'm done. I can't finish this omelet. It's too much."

David reached over with his fork to take some of Regina's omelet. "You always ate like a bird you know that?"

"Whatever! You ready?"

"Yeah I'm just going to go brush my teeth and freshen up a bit. You want to go around 2?"

"Sounds like a plan."

"Ugh thanks so much!" Jackie sat up and took her aspirin and chugged her cold bottled water.

"David and I are going to go riding around town you care to join us?" Regina offered.

"No way Reggie. I can't be in a moving car right now. I think I need to sleep it off."

"Ok then. I got my cell phone so if you need me call me ok?"

"Yeah ... ok." Jackie looked sad. "I'm sorry I had to drink so much last night."

"Hey it's ok. Just get some sleep. Remember we got our flight tomorrow bright and early at 6am so we got to be up by at least 4."

Jackie groaned and fell back on the bed. "Don't remind me."

Regina wore a white scoop neck t-shirt and blue jean shorts. She decided to wear her flip flops and pulled her hair back in a ponytail. She grabbed her purse and looked back and cheerfully called out.

"I'll be back later."

~David & Regina~

"You're supposed to be the navigator sis. Why are you getting us lost?" David teased.

Regina playfully slapped his arm. "Shut up. We are NOT lost. I'm just trying to figure out this map."

"I should have been the navigator, oh but wait, who would drive then?"

Regina hit him again. "Why are you being so mean to me? I'm trying my best to find this street."

David hit a red light and turned to look at the map his sister was trying to figure out when he heard a loud click. He saw Regina's eyes widen. The gunman was tall and had dark thick curly hair.

"Don't say a fucking word or I'll kill you right now," a harsh voice said with a thick accent.

David nodded agreeing with the gun man. He leaned back on his seat.

"Open up the back door," the man requested.

David pressed door button to open up the back doors. Two men climbed in the back both holding a gun to each sibling. Neither sibling had got a glimpse of the other man. "Now just drive up ahead and turn when I say," the other man said.

Regina sat still. Inside she was trembling with fear. David felt his stomach hurt. He knew he'd have to keep his cool for Regina's sake.

"We know you're David and Regina Tamez. You live in Texas and your parents are Diane and Joe Tamez. You're here on vacation with your two friends Anthony Bernal and Jacqueline Soto."

David felt his hands trembling as he steered the steering wheel.

"Now turn on this street coming up." David did as the man said. The street he turned in was desolate. "Parallel park right there behind that blue car," the gunman said.

David parallel parked the car as he was told. "Ok, now give me your cell phones right now," the unknown man demanded. The siblings handed over their cells phones as the other man turned them off.

"Now you're going to ride in the trunk. You scream or do something idiotic we will shoot you right here right now."

"I'll make sure no one is around," the unknown man assured. He got out of the car and gave the other man the signal.

"Ok get out of the car and don't cause a scene or I'll fucking kill you!"

The siblings stepped out of the car and were led one of the men the trunk of the car.

Once inside, David put his arm around his sister who was curled up in front of him.

"I'm scared," Regina cried.

"I'm here with you Reggie. Don't be scared. I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

The road was bumpy and seemed to go on forever. The ride to hell must have taken over half an hour. Regina trembled with fear. She began to think of all the things she didn't get to do like call her mother that morning and tell her how much she loved her. She didn't get to finish high school. She didn't get to tell Jackie what a great friend she has been all these years.

"David, I love you," she whimpered. She wasn't going to forget to tell her brother though.

"I love you too Reggie," he replied and held her.

They finally felt the car slow down and park. The trunk popped opened. The gun man gave them blindfolds. "Put these on." The siblings did as they were told and once their world was pitch black, they were guided by the men. "Watch your step, you're going to be climbing upstairs but watch it," the unknown man warned.

The siblings walked inside the house. They were careful when climbing up the stairs. They were led down what seemed to be a long hallway and once they were led into a room, the men took their blindfolds off.

The siblings saw the tall gunman and then there was another man who was shorter and fat. He had been the gun man.

"Sit down," the short man ordered.

The siblings sat down next to each other on a pale green couch.

"Take off your shoes and socks. I only want bare feet," the short man said.

Regina took off her flip flops and David took off his tennis shoes and his socks.

"Take off all your jewelry."

Regina took off her necklace that was white gold and had an "R" for her name that David had given her for her sixteenth birthday David took off his Rolex watch. The tall man had Regina's purse and dug through it taking out her wallet and driver's license. She saw him take the two twenty dollar bills in her wallet.

"Give me your wallet," the tall man ordered David. David handed the man his wallet. The man took out David's driver's license and some money too.

A girl walked into the room. The girl looked so familiar. Then Regina remembered it was the girl she had seen at the nightclub the night before. The girl had her hair pinned up and wore a pencil skirt and button up white shirt as if she was some sort of secretary.

"Here, go make copies of their ID's," the short man told the girl.

The girl looked at the siblings and shrugged like she didn't care. She took their ID's and left the room.

"Ok you two get up," the tall man spoke. "Follow me." The siblings followed the tall man as the short man walked behind them with a gun.

They got to a room which had a big bed coated with white sheets. A video camera was there as well as a tall lamp.

There was a knock at the door and the same girl who took their ID's came in. "Here you go. I made copies and I even scanned them."

"Thank you. Go now." The short man said curtly.

The girl took another look at the siblings. Her eyes looked empty as if she had no feelings. She quickly left the room closing the door behind her.

The camera man turned on the tall lamp and camera. The tall man showed David's ID first. "This ID belongs to David Tamez," the tall man spoke without showing his face. "This one here," he showed Regina's ID, "belongs to Regina Tamez. David and Regina are brother and sister."

The camera man filmed and then stopped the camera. The tall man turned and looked at the siblings.

"We need your assistance in something. We want to film you two having sex. Fucking," The dark haired man said in a slight accent.

David and Regina stood there, frozen. They both stared down at the floor filled with shock by the mans request.

"Move closer together," the man demanded.

David and Regina did as they were told. Regina's shoulder was touching David's elbow. Regina swallowed. She felt tears streaming down her face and wanted to wipe them away but was too afraid to move.

"So all you two have to do is fuck on camera and then we will let you go free," guaranteed the shorter dark haired man.

"It's simple. Just fuck each other and go. We'll give you back your cell phones, and ID's. We keep the money and jewelry though. You had a nice watch David," the tall man says as he puts on David's watch.

Regina could hear David breathing hard. He usually did that when he was very angry. The floor in the room was white marble and it felt so cold. Regina wished she could put on some shoes. She was starting to shiver, from the cold and from fear.

"Are you two going to participate or are we going to have to rape y and kill you both?" Threatened the shorter man.

David and Regina stood still. It was as if they had lost their voice.

"David, why don't you kiss Regina right now?" The tall man asked.

"David, kiss her," the shorter man said.

David and Regina stood still. David refused to move.

"David, step on over here," the tall man ordered pointing a gun at him.

David walked over to the man with his head down. The shorter man grabbed Regina and Regina screamed. He threw her down on the bed, face down and leaned on top of her.

David cried out. "Leave her alone! Leave her alone!"

The short man snickered. "Well if you want me to leave her alone, you'll do as we say. So either we get to rape and kill you both or you two can fuck each other. Take your pick."

David felt his heart pounding. Regina's sobs were muffled. The tall man yanked David's arm. "Here, come with me," he said to David. Then he turned to the shorter man and said, "Let me calm him down and I'll be back. Try to have her calm too."

David was taken back to the room where they were first brought to. The man pushed him inside and told him to sit down on the couch. David sat down and felt tears welling up in his eyes.

"So ... David, you really need to think about this," said the man. "Are you going to go along with what we want? Or are you willing to watch your pretty little sister be raped and killed and then we will rape and kill you? Imagine what your family would say? How would your little friends that are here in Mexico with you feel? You think they'd be able to identify you both?"

David gulped. "This is just wrong. Wrong on so many levels. How can you expect me to have sex with my sister? Why us?"

The man laughed. "You two are quite good looking. I think you make a hot couple. We keep an eye out for people like you two. Dudes that buy these videos like hot siblings. Your two friends should be thankful they are not related otherwise they'd be here with you and Regina as well."

David stared down at his bare feet. "If we do this ... you promise you won't hurt Regina? I don't care if you decide to hurt me, just don't hurt her."

The man's lips formed a crooked smile. "David, we will not hurt either of you, if you participate. That's all you have to do. Just do as we say and no one gets hurt. Now, we will go back in there in a few minutes. I want you to fuck your sister and fuck her good, otherwise you're both dead. And if you ever mention this to anyone, your whole family is dead too! Understand?"

David could only nod. He swallowed back his tears.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" The man yelled.

"Y-yes!" David yelled back.

The man stood up and grabbed something from one of the drawers. He came back and handed David a bottle of water and a little blue pill. David felt like throwing up. He knew that blue pill too well. It was Viagra.

"Here, take this. It might help you when you get down to business," the man mocked.

David shook his head. "I don't need that."

The man raised a brow. "Hmm ... interesting. Well, if you don't get a hard dick when you go out there I'm slicing your throat you hear me?"

David agreed silently.

"Ok, but you have to take this. I don't want you to be getting scared shitless when you go out and perform." He held out a little pill looked like a bar. Xanax. David didn't hesitate. He took the pill and swallowed down the water.

"I'm going to let you cool off for a few minutes and I'll be back."

"Don't hurt my sister," David warned.

The man chuckled and left the room.

"Here sweetheart, take this," The short man smiled sweetly at Regina. Regina cried. "It will calm you down. Trust me. It's nothing bad."

"Where's my brother?" Regina asked frightened.

The man grinned wickedly. "He will be ok sweetheart. Just take this."

Regina looked at the Xanax pill and grabbed it out of the man's chubby hand. She quickly put it in her mouth and accepted the bottled water the man offered.

"There you go, now just lay down for a little bit and relax."

Regina slowly lay her body down. What if it had been another drug? Like a date rape drug? She didn't care. At least she'd be unconscious when they raped her. She heard the short man and the camera man leave the room. She stared up at the stark white ceiling and cried softly.

In the meantime, David sat back on the couch and took a few deep breaths. He didn't want to do this but he had no choice. He could only imagine the horror of watching Regina get raped and killed. The Xanax was helping a lot but somewhere deep inside; David knew this would change his relationship with his sister forever. He would do this, and the two would be let go but then what? What would their lives be like afterwards?

"You ready? Have you calmed down? Are you willing to fuck your sister now?" The man tall man suddenly asked as he poked his head into the room.

David stood up and took one last long deep breath and exhaled. "I'm calm now," Was all he said.

He followed the man back to the room where the bed was. When he was pushed inside, he saw Regina lying down. Regina quickly raised herself up. Her eyes were bloodshot red from crying so much. David's heart broke.

"Get up," the tall man ordered Regina.

The camera man walked back in and went over to set up the camera. Regina quickly stood up and went to stand next to her brother.

"You ready?" The tall man asked the camera man.

The camera man gave a thumbs up.

"Ok David, get closer to your sister," the tall man commanded.

David moved closer to Regina.

"David, start kissing her."

Regina felt her whole body begin to tremble.

"Kiss her David," the man ordered.

Regina heard her brother breathing hard. She suddenly felt his warm breath on her forehead. Since Regina kept her head down, his lips were softly kissing her forehead.

"Kiss her on the mouth. And make it an open mouth kiss. What did we agree on? Don't try anything stupid!" The tall man yelled.

Regina heard David take a deep breath and felt his hand cup her chin. He gently tilted her head back and before she knew it, her brother's lips were on hers. His lips parted but Regina kept her lips shut tight.

"Kiss your brother back Regina. Come on now!" The short man said.

Regina slowly parted her lips and kissed David back.

"I want to see tongue," the tall man scorned.

As David kissed his sister, he tried his hardest to imagine Regina was Olivia. He held his eyes closed and imagined his dark haired beautiful fiancée but it was impossible. Regina's kiss was different. He kept his hands on her shoulders. Their tongues were intertwined now.

"Put her hair down. Take off her ponytail David and run your fingers through her hair," the tall man said.

David reached the back of Regina's head and slipped off the rubber band that held her hair in a ponytail. He put the rubber band on his wrist and ran his fingers through her hair like he did to Olivia when they were in bed kissing and caressing each other. Her hair smelled like apples. Regina kept looking down. Her bottom lip trembled as she cried.

"Touch her tits David," the tall man cheered on.

David put both hands on his sister's breasts over her t-shirt. They felt small and firm. Regina hiccupped as she sobbed.

"Ok now, David, undress your sister," the tall man ordered next.

David stood back and Regina held her head down. David bit his lower lip trying to stop himself from going crazy. He moved close to Regina and slowly pulled up her t-shirt. Regina lifted her arms up and her t-shirt quickly came off. She began to cry softly again.

David tried not to look at her. Once he took off her shirt, he looked away. He stood there for a while looking at the floor.

"Take off her shorts too David." The short man said.

David sighed and began unbuttoning Regina's blue jean shorts. He bent down to slip them off of her. Regina stepped out of her shorts but remained having her bra and panties on.

"Take everything off, David," The tall man demanded.

David's jaw clenched. Regina's sobs were all that could be heard at that moment. He knew she must feel so humiliated standing in a room full of men and having them all watch her own brother strip her down.

"Don't cry Regina," the short man said calmly.

David reached around to unclasp her bra. Her white lacey bra fell to the floor. The short man pushed it to the side along with her other clothes. David looked away and bent down to take off her black panties. He concentrated on her bare legs and didn't dare look up. He closed his eyes as he stood back up avoiding to look at his sisters naked body.

"Ok keep on kissing. Don't stop now," the short man laughed. "Kiss each other a lot. You're going to be fucking in a few minutes."

The siblings continued to kiss as if they'd been lovers forever. David kept his hands on his sister's shoulders and Regina put her hands on her brother's chest.

"Ok David, get undressed," the tall man insisted.

David stood back and slipped off his t-shirt. The he unbuttoned his cargo shorts and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and hesitated to take of his boxers.

"Everything David. Take it all off," the short man demanded.

David took his boxers off but covered his genitals with his hands. Regina kept her head down. She cried quietly. The short man pushed aside David and Regina's clothing.

"Ok get close again and start kissing. David put your arms around your sister. Pretend you're lovers," the tall man sneered.

David put his arms around Regina feeling her naked body pressed against his. He began kissing her and Regina kept her hands on the side of his arms. Her knees felt weak like she could faint at any moment. This was beyond humiliating. This was just mean. Did these men know how fucked up making two siblings have sex was?

"Regina, masturbate your brother. Get him ready for you," the short man ordered.

Regina sobbed.

"Regina, do it," the short man taunted. "David, help your sister. Get her hand and put it on your cock."

David gulped. He gently grabbed Regina's hand and put it on his limp cock.

"Regina, masturbate him. Get him hard. You don't want him dead do you?" The tall man called out.

Regina wrapped her hand around David's cock and began moving it back and forth like she once did to Chris. She remembered Chris guiding her telling her it felt good. She imagined she was doing this to Chris not her own brother.

"There you go. Now you two start kissing again. Remember, you're going to be fucking soon. Come on now, start kissing!" The tall man roared.

David leaned down to kiss Regina. He could taste her salty tears that dripped between their locked lips as she cried of humiliation. He wished he could stop all this but he felt defenseless. He closed his eyes and pictured Olivia going down on him. He pictured Olivia taking off her clothes seductively like she always did before they had sex. He pictured Olivia underneath him as he fucked her and watched her breasts go everywhere. He tried hard to picture his fiancée in compromising situations but it wasn't working. He wasn't getting hard.

"David, what did I warn you about? If you don't get hard..." the tall man began.

"David, try touching your sisters pussy. Rub her a little. She's got to be ready for you too," the short man intervened.

David reached down between Regina's legs and started rubbing her gently. Regina gasped feeling her brother's big hand between her legs. She felt warm and smooth. He rubbed on her clit and felt it swelling up.

"Continue kissing. Come on now, we don't have much time," the tall man said angrily.

David felt himself getting an angry erection. No matter how much he thought about Olivia, it was Regina that was giving him a hard on. He felt sick.

Regina felt her brother getting hard. His cock pulsed in her hand with each stroke. He felt bigger than Chris.

"There we go. There we go. Now David, lay your sister down on the bed and get on top of her," the short man spoke.

David led Regina onto the bed. He lay her down, watched her dark brown hair cascade around her pretty face. He hadn't meant to look, but he caught a glimpse of her breasts. He quickly looked away.

"Regina spread your legs more. Give your brother some room," the tall man directed.

Regina opened her legs more. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. She could feel David adjusting himself on top of her. He was trying to be gentle with her. He knew she was a virgin. Oh god! She'd be losing her virginity to her brother.

"David, slide it in her. Give it to her good," the short man jeered

David kept his eyes on the side of the bed concentrating on the white sheets. He positioned himself between his sister's legs. He grabbed his cock and began to put it inside of her. She was extremely tight but slightly wet so it helped. He heard her gasp when he went in halfway.

David licked his dry lips and continued to try to get inside all the way. He didn't want to, but had to look down to make sure he was entering her right. He cock began to pulse. He gently kept sliding inside of her until he was in all the way. She felt warm, tight and so small underneath him. Just then, he realized he was staring at her naked body. He got a good look at her breasts which were small, with huge brown nipples. Her tummy, flat. Her skin, silky and youthful. As he was staring, he realized Regina looked at him.

Their eyes met and Regina realized just how much they looked alike. Their eyes were the same almond shape and brown. Their lips formed the same kind of smile and their face was the same oval shape. Regina had never really paid attention to things like this before until now. Until she was being forced to have sex with her own brother.

"Start fucking her. What are you waiting for?" The tall man barked.

David began moving in and out of her slowly. He knew she was a virgin and knew he had to be careful with her. Regina looked away when he began sliding in and out of her. She looked to the side and closed her eyes. David looked away too, closed his eyes as well.

"Wait a minute! This isn't working. I can't get dick on pussy action," the camera man suddenly spoke.

David stopped moving in and out of his sister.

"David, I want you to fuck her doggy style," the camera man said coolly.

David looked at the man as if he was insane.

"Hurry the fuck up you asshole! Do as he says!" The tall man screamed.

David slid out of Regina. Regina began to cry again.

"Regina, don't cry. Get on all fours baby," the short man said trying to calm her down.

Regina did as she was told. She buried her head into the bed sheets and sobbed.

"That's better," the camera man said. "Ok put it in her. Put it deep inside!"

David looked down. He saw a bit too much. He saw Regina's pussy and her ass. His heart began to pound so loudly he thought the men might hear.

"Give it to her good David. Fuck her hard," the tall man cheered.

David slid his cock inside of her and felt her twitch. He put his hands on her waist and began pumping in and out of her. He needed to get this done and over with before Regina endured anymore humiliation.

"Regina, move your hair out of your face. Let them see your pretty face," the short man ordered her.

Regina lifted her face up from the bed and slightly pushed her hair back. She was no longer crying. The tears had run dry. She was numb. She stared into the camera wondering who would be watching this and if that person watching would know that they were part of breaking up a bond between a brother and sister.

David continued moving in and out of his sister. Regina could hear him panting. He was going faster now grabbing her waist harder. He grunted slightly and the last few pumps indicated he had ejaculated. Regina felt the warm liquid seep inside of her. She felt dirty.

David came like never before. He tried his hardest to keep from grunting hard. His cock throbbed the second before he came. He held on to Regina's waist pulling her towards him and fighting the urge to scream out in ecstasy. He felt perverted. He wanted to throw up for feeling the way he did.

After he came, he pulled out of her fast and turned to face the wall. He sat on the bed and held his head down in shame. Regina curled up in fetal positioned and closed her sad eyes.

"Ah yes. Perfect! Just fucking perfect!" The tall man said proudly.

The camera man shut off the camera and turned off the bright lights.

"Get dressed," the short man ordered heartlessly and threw their clothes on the bed.

The three men walked outside and Regina clearly heard the tall man talking to someone on their cell phone. "Hey, we got the Tamez siblings. Yeah, the girl is a hot little thing. You'll love her. Yeah he fucked her good. It's one of the best videos yet..."

He talked more but Regina tuned him out. She felt David move around and began to get dressed. She slowly got up and searched for her bra in the middle of the clothes pile.

David had his back turned to her giving her privacy. He said nothing though. She wanted to ask him if he was ok. She wanted HIM to ask her if SHE was ok but he stayed silent putting on his clothes.

It wasn't until after a few seconds that David spoke. "Here," David barely whispered.

Regina saw he was holding out her rubber band. With a shaky hand she took it and put her hair back in a ponytail.

Regina quickly put her bra and panties on and slipped on her t-shirt and shorts. The tall and short man came in the room again and handed them their shoes. The siblings put on their shoes and then were handed the blindfolds they had put on at the beginning.

"Put these on again. You're free to go but we don't want you to know where we live or where we do this."

The siblings put on the blindfolds and were led back downstairs and into the garage. They were put in the back of the trunk once again and led back to the street where they were originally driving on.

The men led them out of the trunk and into their car. David was back in the driver's seat and Regina in the passenger seat. "You can take your blindfolds off now. Here's all your things back," he carelessly tossed in their wallets and cell phones. "Thanks for the great job," the short man snickered and then they left the siblings in their car filled with silence and shame.

David stared to the road ahead of him and Regina stared out at the side window. David turned on the car and drove in silence. Cancun was lit up and filled with tourists. People having fun, drinking and partying. The people around them would never realize what the siblings had been through. Something so traumatic and unforgettable. Something that would change them forever.

It was dark by the time they got back to the hotel. David parked the car in the hotel's parking lot and the siblings stepped out without saying a word. Once they got inside the hotel, Regina dreaded going into the elevator with David. David pressed the elevator button and Regina felt somewhat relief when three other college looking kids stepped in with them. Regina stood on one side and David on the other. The college kids were two girls and one guy who were gabbing about having sunburn and how they were going to go dancing later. Regina only wished she could be in their place.

The elevator hit the floor where David and Regina were staying. The siblings stepped out quietly and walked towards their rooms which were next to each other's. Regina fumbled nervously with her wallet and dug around for the card key. David watched her for a few seconds and wanted to say something. Anything. But nothing came out.

Regina opened her hotel room door and quickly went inside. David slowly took out his key and went in his own room. Tony was sitting up on the bed watching UFC fighting on pay per view.

"Hey. It's about time you got back," he said casually. He didn't seem to notice David's bloodshot eyes or the fact that he was still trembling. "I got this fight on pay per view if you want to check it out. I'm done partying at least for the rest of the trip. I swear I'm never drinking that much again."

David walked past his friend and said nothing.

"You ok?" Tony asked turning down the volume on the TV.

David shrugged. "Yeah. I guess. I'm going to take a shower now."

"Alright. Cool. Then maybe we can watch this fight. It's fuckin' awesome."

"Yeah ... maybe," David whispered.

He got out of his clothes as fast as he could and turned on the shower. He began to cry hard. He placed his hands on his face and sobbed. He could still smell a mix of Regina's apple shampoo and her sex on his hands and that only made him cry more.

"Did you two get lost or what? You've been gone forever!" Jackie lay on her bed flipping the channels.

Regina walked past her best friend.

"Hey, I'm sorry I drank so much last night," Jackie apologized. "I was stupid for that. I bet Tony regrets it too. It was our last day here and instead of enjoying it, we were stuck with hangovers. It sucks we go back tomorrow don't you think?"

Regina was looking through her own suitcase and grabbing whatever was clean. She needed to scrub herself down. She felt like the dirtiest person ever.

"I'm going to take a shower," Regina said quietly.

"Ok Reggie. I think I'm going to hit the hay early. What time does our flight leave tomorrow?"

Regina winced. She didn't feel like talking. "Six," she answered quickly and went into the bathroom. Once she closed the door behind her, tears streamed down her face. She sobbed as quietly as possible. She didn't want to tell Jackie what had happened. She didn't want to tell anyone!

Regina turned on the water and put it on hot. She slowly stripped down and stepped inside the scorching water. She gasped feeling the heat burn her body but then it felt good knowing she was washing away sin. She could still feel her brother's seed swimming inside of her.

Getting up at four in the morning was never easy for David until that day they were leaving Cancun. He had been wide awake since two that morning. He'd only slept maybe an hour at the most. His heart was racing and his mind kept wandering. He feared facing Regina that morning. He still hadn't said anything to his sister. He didn't know what to say. Should he say "I'm sorry I fucked you?" Or "I'm sorry I should have let them kill us?" What would he say?

"You got everything?"

David snapped out of his thoughts. Tony zipped up his carry on bag and swung it over his shoulder.

"Yeah ... I'm ready," David replied.

They men grabbed their suitcases and headed on out. Jackie and Regina waited in the hallway. Regina kept looking down. She wore her khaki shorts and a white camisole looking top with her flip flops that she'd been forced to take off the night before. Her brown hair hung loosely. David wanted to hug her but didn't dare.

"So you all ready?" Jackie asked cheerfully.

"Ready as ever," Tony replied.

Neither noticed that the siblings kept quiet and simply followed them to the elevator. Once in the elevator, Jackie and Tony went on and on about their horrible hangover and how stupid they'd been for messing up their last night in beautiful Cancun Mexico.

The flight back home seemed eternal. Regina kept her mp3 player on listening to any happy songs she could find. She kept her face turned towards the window to avoid talking to Jackie. David and Tony sat a few rows down and she was thankful for that. She couldn't wait to get home and go in her room, stay there forever.

David pretended to be asleep so he wouldn't have to talk to Tony. Tony was busy listening to his mp3 player anyway. David kept replaying the previous night in his mind. Could he have done something different? He kept blaming himself for everything. He kept thinking on how to talk to Regina again. They'd have to talk eventually, but how? When? How long should he wait before he approached her?

After landing and claiming their luggage, Regina spotted Olivia waiting with a rose in her hand. Regina wanted to throw up. She grabbed her rolling suitcase and began to walk fast. Regina's parents were also there holding up a sign that said "REGINA."

Regina swallowed hard and walked towards her parents.

"Hey future sister!"

Regina froze. It was Olivia.

Regina turned slowly and smiled faintly. "Hi Livy."

Olivia smiled and rushed over to her, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. "How was Mexico? Did you make sure my man behaved?"

Regina wanted to cry. "Y-yeah. Of course."

Olivia laughed heartily. "Well good! Did you have fun?'"

Regina looked into Olivia's lively eyes. She wanted to scream "No I didn't! I was forced to have sex with your fiancé! My brother!" But instead she said, "Yeah. It was fun."

Olivia hugged her again. "I'm glad you're home safe."

"Yeah," Regina whispered. "I'm going to say hi to my folks now."

"Bye Reggie," Olivia called out before rushing over to David.

Regina hugged her parents and Jackie and Tony approached breathlessly. "Reggie, you were in a hurry to see your folks. You didn't even wait for me."

Regina shrugged. "Sorry."

"Honey, how was your trip?" Diane asked anxiously.

Regina held back her tears but she felt her eyes welling up. She heard Olivia squealing like an excited child. She looked over to see Olivia had her arms around David and watched them kiss. Regina felt nauseous. Or was it jealousy?

"Sweetie?" Diane asked searching for Regina's eyes.

Regina couldn't fight back her tears. She began to sob uncontrollably. Diane put her arms around her daughter and held her. "Reggie baby, what's wrong? Talk to me."

Jackie got closer and Joe did too.

"Reggie?" Jackie asked puzzled.

David was kissing his fiancée when he heard Regina cry. He pulled away from Olivia and panicked. Would Regina say anything? She couldn't say anything. If Diane and Joe found out, they'd go to the police and then the men would come back and kill them all! Shit! Not only that, but how would Joe and Diane feel about the fact that their children had been forced to have sex with each other?

David grabbed Olivia's hand and both walked towards the commotion. Regina wiped her tears and looked up and her eyes met with David's.

"We were ... robbed," David blurted out.

Diane gasped. "What? When?"

Jackie and Tony looked confused.

"Oh my god!" Olivia cried out. "Are you both ok?"

David looked away from Regina. "It happened yesterday when Reggie and I were out ... these men held us up at gunpoint-"

"Gun point?" Joe exclaimed.

"Yes, dad. Gunpoint."

"Shit, man why didn't you say anything?" Tony asked concerned.

"Yeah Reggie!" Jackie looked like she wanted to cry. She put her arms around Regina.

Regina buried her head on Jackie's shoulder and cried.

Olivia looked at David's wrist. Sure enough his Rolex was gone. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry," she said sympathetically and put her arms around him.

"Did they hurt you in anyway? Did you report to the police?" Diane asked anxiously.

David nodded. "Mom, its Mexico. You know how crime is handled there. These men could pay off the police."

Joe sighed. "Well, as long as you two are ok."

Tony approached David. He looked his best friend in the eye. Something wasn't right. "Why didn't you tell me?"

David felt like an asshole for lying to his friend. "Regina and I didn't want to worry you or Jackie."

Tony hugged his friend. "You should have told me."

Olivia sobbed quietly still holding on to David. "I'm sorry," David said barely audible.

"They stole your necklace? Oh Reggie!" Diane bawled. She kept kissing Regina's forehead and holding her like when Regina used to get hurt when she was a child.

"Well you are all home now. Safe," Joe said confidently.

Regina felt David looking over at her. She looked at her brother wanted to secretly thank him for stepping in before she spilled the awful secret. He'd been smart to say they were robbed. Sure they were robbed of their material things, but they were also robbed in so many other ways.


"Mmm, I'm so glad you're home. You don't know how much I've missed you! And I'm glad you're safe honey," Olivia purred. They were back at David and Tony's apartment in David's room. Olivia put her arms around David and softly kissed his neck. Something as simple as Olivia kissing his neck used to get David hot, but at that moment, he felt nothing.

"Livy I'm ... I'm kind of tired," David lied and pulled away from her embrace.

Olivia frowned. "Oh. Ok. I thought you'd miss me a little?"

David took a deep breath and turned to face his fiancée. "I did miss you babe. I missed you a lot but having been robbed kind of shook me up and the whole trip ... it was just kind of long," David stammered.

Olivia forced a smile. "Ok honey. I'm going to let you rest. You want to go get some coffee or a small dinner tomorrow?"

David's heart sank.

"Uh ... maybe. I'll call you?"

Olivia walked towards him and put her hands on his chest. "Please do call. I love you." She tip toed to place a soft kiss on his lips. "Goodnight honey."

"Goodnight. I ... love you." David forced the words.

Once Olivia was gone, David flopped down on his bed. He stared up at the ceiling fan spinning lazily in circles. He grabbed his cell phone and almost called Regina but then decided against it. He needed to give her a few days. He needed a few days himself.


Regina checked her voicemail. Chris had left her two messages. She remembered telling him she would get back on Saturday. In the first message, Chris just said hi and wondered if she had a good trip. The second message Chris said he missed her and was sorry for having been such an asshole.

Regina listened to her messages but then threw her phone aside on her bed where she was laying down. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out. She could still hear the men's voices guiding her and her brother. She could still feel David's hands on her body and feel him inside of her.

Tears pooled in her eyes and slid down her face. Regina wished she hadn't gone to Mexico. Her life would be "normal" and she wouldn't be withholding this horrible secret.


Regina quickly wiped her tears away and too a few deep breaths. "Come in," She said and put her head down as if to make it seem that she was sleeping.

"You coming down for dinner sweetie?" It was Diane.

"I'm not very hungry." Regina felt her tummy growling. The last thing she'd had to eat was breakfast the day before with David.

"You sure?"

Regina sighed. "You can bring me a piece of roll or something."

"I'll bring you up a fruit salad how's that?"

Regina nodded.

"Get your rest honey. I know you've been through a lot."

Regina felt tears again. Her mother would never know exactly what she'd been through. No one would know except for David.

Regina spent all day Sunday in her room listening to music and lying in bed. She'd gone downstairs a few times in order to not make her mother worry about her. It wasn't until later that evening when Chris called her.

"Hey you," he rasped into the phone.

"Hi," Regina answered.

"So ... are we still going to get together during lunch and ... talk?"

Regina was lying down holding the phone to her ear. "Yeah ... I suppose."

"You suppose?" Chris asked puzzled.

"I mean y-yes of course," Regina hesitated.

"Good. I've missed you Reggie. I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

"Yeah me too," Regina replied softly.

"Ok ... well, I'll see you tomorrow at lunch."



Regina stared absently up at the ceiling. "Huh?"

"I said I'll see you tomorrow at lunch."

"Oh ... yeah. Tomorrow."

She quickly ended the call and tossed her phone to the side.


"Hey, I know you said no visitors, but your fiancée kept calling you and you weren't answering! What's the matter with you?" Tony asked furiously.

Tony stood by David's door demanding an answer. David didn't feel like answering his friend. He didn't feel like answering his phone. He didn't feel like seeing or talking to anyone.

"Well?" Tony questioned.

"I-I'm not feeling good. I was asleep. I turned off my phone."

"Well, your fiancée is on her way over right now so you might want to tidy up."

David realized then that his room was a pigsty which wasn't normal for him. He hadn't unpacked and his bed was undone. All his music CD's were scattered all over the floor because he'd stayed up late deciding which one to listen to.

"Yeah. Ok. Sorry," David apologized.

"You ok bro?" Tony's tone softened.

"I'll be fine. Just shaken up by the whole robbery."

Tony looked sympathetic. "Yeah ... I'm sorry I came at you like that. I just worry about you and so does your fiancée. She means well."

"I know..." David's voice trailed off.

"Ok well, I'll let Olivia in when she comes by."

David agreed silently and closed the door to his room.

A few minutes later, Olivia arrived. She wore her dark denim blue jean skirt and a button up white shirt. Her hair was pinned up.

"Hey love," she said sweetly when David opened his door to his room.

David moved aside to let her in. "Hey," he said casually.

Olivia closed the door behind her and quickly threw her arms around David. She kissed his lips softly. "Tony is worried about you sweetie and so am I. How are you holding up?"

David released himself from her hold. "Ok I guess. Not sure."

Olivia looked sad. "If you need to talk about it you know I'm always here. We're going to be married soon so we shouldn't keep anything from each other."

David felt nothing but guilt. "Livy..."

Olivia searched his face. "Look at me David please."

David looked into his fiancées eyes. "Livy, I think we should ... postpone the wedding."

Olivia blinked. "What?"

David took a deep breath before repeating himself. "I seriously think we should postpone the wedding. I'm not in the right state of mind to get married right now."

Olivia's eyes began to water. David felt like the biggest jerk ever but he couldn't go through with the wedding so soon. He needed time to recover from the Cancun incident.

"David I love you," Olivia whispered sadly.

David sighed. "I love you too. I really do. I just ... I need to get my head together."

Olivia moved closer to him. "You're not ok. I can tell. If this is what you need, I'm willing to give you time. I love you so much." Olivia grabbed his hand and squeezed it.

David reached over and pulled her towards him. "I'm sorry to do this. I really I am."

Olivia held him tight. "Just get the help you need. I can recommend some therapists for you if you like."

David kissed her forehead. "That would be good. I think Reggie is going to need therapy too. I know she's been affected by this too."

Olivia sobbed quietly. "We'll work through this. We love each other too much."

David rubbed her back gently as he held her. "Yeah. We'll be ok," he assured her but wasn't so sure about that himself.


For lunch, instead of meeting up with Chris, like she'd promised, Regina left school grounds and took the city bus downtown. She spent the rest of the afternoon at the movies until it was time for her to go back home. She'd attended her morning classes and could hardly concentrate. She wanted to be alone. She didn't feel like talking to anyone.

She got home and her mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner. "Hey sweetie. You want to come help me with dinner?" Diane always sounded so peppy.

Regina nodded. "I'm not feeling good mom. I'm going to just go lay down if you don't' mind?"

Diane frowned and walked over to her. "You ok?"

"I'm fine. I'm just tired," Regina lied.

"Ok ... I mean if you need to talk to me about anything you know I'm here for you."

Regina almost laughed. She wanted to tell her "Ok mom, this is what happened. Your son and I were forced to have sex with each other and now I'm all messed up mentally."

Instead she forced a smile. "Thanks mom." She headed upstairs to her room and locked her door. She tossed her backpack on the floor and turned on her computer to check her emails.

She sat at her desk waiting for her computer to load up. She suddenly got this twisted idea to look something up. Once her computer was up, she opened up her browser and went to the Google website.

Her hands shook on the keyboard. She started typing out "Tamez siblings video" and then almost erased it. She stopped and stared at the words for a long time before she hit the enter key to search. Tons of searches were found but none of the video that was recorded. She then typed "David Tamez and Regina Tamez video." Once again she got many searches found but none of their incestuous video. She furiously typed in Spanish "Hermanos Tamez video" ... nothing. "Tamez incest" ... nothing. "Incest videos" ... tons of finds ... but too many to look through. Regina was going to try another search but then realized she was crying. Did she really want to see their video? What the hell was wrong with her? She put her hands on her face and sobbed uncontrollably.

"Yes can you believe that Joe? I feel so bad for Olivia."

Regina heard her mother talking to her father just as she was joining them at the dinner table. She past them up quietly and grabbed a plate. She served herself very little chicken and a lot of salad.

"Well, I mean if he feels he needs therapy, then I don't see what the problem is. I feel bad for Olivia too. I was starting to look at her like a daughter too, but David needs help then we should make sure he gets it."

"What's going on with Olivia?" Regina asked curiously.

Diane looked disappointed. "Well David has postponed the wedding."

Regina held still. "Oh?"

"He says he is still shook up about the robbery."

Regina took a quick sip of water because she wasn't sure what to say. Her heart was pounding.

"Honey, do you think you need therapy because of the robbery too? If you're not ok we can help you with that," Joe assured.

"I'm fine," Regina said trying to sound confident.

Diane and Joe looked at each other disbelieving their daughter. "Oh ... ok well just to let you know the offer still stands," Joe said.

Regina's parents continued talking. Regina had lost all her appetite now. She forced food down her throat just to make everyone think she was ok, when deep down she was confused, angry and sad.

"Hey, where were you yesterday? You said we were meeting up. Then I call you and you don't even answer my calls. I even emailed you."

Regina was sitting outside at the picnic benches during lunch taking small bites out of her apple. Jackie was with her happily eating her turkey sandwich. She turned away when Chris got there demanding an answer from Regina.

"I'm sorry. I didn't feel good and I went home early," Regina replied without looking at him.

Chris sat down next to her. "You could have at least text me telling me that you weren't feeling well. Ignoring me is just rude Reggie."

Regina chewed her apple slowly. "I like I said I'm sorry," she said unapologetically.

"Look, if you don't want to be with me anymore, just say so. I'm not here to play games."

Jackie frowned but said nothing. She kept her back towards them letting them talk. Regina managed to swallow the bit of apple. "Then I guess we're through," Regina replied.

Chris' jaw clenched. "Alright. Whatever. I should have been done with you a long time ago."

He stood up angrily and began to walk away. Jackie turned around and yelled, "Asshole!"

Chris gave her the finger and walked away. Jackie looked at Regina with concern. "You ok Reggie?"

Regina shrugged like nothing had happened. "I'm fine. I'm through with Chris."

Jackie put her hand on Regina's shoulder. "You sure?"

Regina sighed. "Yes! Ok! I'm fine!"

Jackie looked shocked. She sat back and eyed her friend. "Ok, what's with the attitude?"

Regina calmed down. "I'm sorry. I'm just not feeling well. I think I'm going home early again."

"Reggie, you're going to miss Chemistry and History. Those are two classes you do NOT want to fail."

Regina tossed her half eaten apple in the trash bin next to them and stood up. "I don't care Jackie. I don't' care." With that, she walked away and left school grounds.


"It's just ... everything has been really messed up. I had to postpone my wedding to the woman I truly love because of this. I can hardly concentrate at work and school. I've become anti social. I haven't even visited my folks in two weeks because I'm afraid I'll see Reggie. And I miss her a lot. I want her to get help but I just wanted to give her some time." David sat across from Dr. Tinsley, pouring his heart out. This was only the third session but David was slowly able to talk more about what happened between him and Regina.

"So you have no idea how your sister is doing?"

David nodded. He knew he'd been a coward avoiding Regina.

"I think you should encourage your sister to come to therapy with you. You two need to talk about this. You can't go on like this forever."

"Yeah, I know," David muttered, "I need to face her again. She's my sister and always will be."

Dr. Tinsley narrowed his eyes at David and questioned. "David, I know this is or might be too late, but do you know if your sister checked herself for pregnancy?"

David's heart sank. "Pregnancy?"

"Yes. You weren't protected were you?"

David hadn't thought about that. Everything had just happened so fast and he feared the worst. Now he really needed to go talk to Regina. If she was indeed pregnant, she'd have to abort. Right? Wasn't that the right thing to do? The thought only made him sadder.

"Go to your folk's house and visit. I know they miss you. Hopefully Reggie will be there and you can find a way to talk her and ask her to come to the sessions with you. We can talk things out and little by little you two will be a lot better. It's not going to happen overnight but it will eventually happen."

David agreed with Dr. Tinsley. He had to get the courage to go over to his parent's house and face his sister. His stomach hurt just thinking about the confrontation.

~David and Regina~

"David! Oh my goodness! Come in my love, Come in!" Diane screeched with happiness.

David hugged his mother. "How are you mom?"

"I'm good I was just reading a magazine and then I heard your car pulling up and you know I dashed to the door. I know when you get here Reggie likes to greet you first but I beat her to it. I've missed you! Why haven't you come by?"

"I've just been going through a lot of things mom. You know about the postponed wedding and I'm seeing a therapist because of the robbery."

Diane's eyes saddened. "Yes, I know but it would still be nice to see my baby. You know your father and I are here for you too."

"I know mom. I appreciate it. Where is dad?" David asked searching the house.

"He's out playing golf but he should be back in a while. Reggie is upstairs though."

David felt his whole body go numb. "Oh she is? Maybe I should go up and say hi."

Dian smiled. "Yes! Go talk to her. She's been moping around lately. She's hardly eating too. That girl was skinny enough now she's going to be nothing but bones! I asked her to go to therapy too but she refuses says she's ok. Plus, word is she and Chris broke up so she's probably also a little heartbroken."

David looked up the stairs. He feared climbing them and seeing his sister but he knew he had to. "Ok mom, I'm going to go talk to Reggie."

"You want me to make you something to eat?" Diane offered.

"No I'm ok mom," David said and headed upstairs. He walked slowly. His legs felt like jell-o.

Regina's door was closed which was typical. David knocked lightly on the door. No answer. He knocked again louder.

Regina opened the door. She looked up at him and quickly looked down towards the floor. Her hair was loose hanging around her face but looked uncombed. She wore a long Spurs t-shirt and blue jean shorts.

"Reggie," David began, "How are you?"

Regina squared her shoulders. "I'm fine."

They stood there for what seemed to be forever in silence. "Can I come in?" David asked. He never had to ask that before. Usually Regina would just swing the door open and leave it open giving him a silent invitation to come in whenever he wanted. Now she stood by the door guarding it as if he was a stranger.

Regina cautiously stepped aside. David walked in but left the door slightly ajar. He didn't want to close it and scare her off. He knew she was still badly shaken up. His doctor warned him to be gentle with Regina.

"I'm ... um I'm seeing a therapist you know."

Regina wrapped her arms around herself as if she was cold. "Yeah, mom told me."

"So I was thinking maybe you should come with me. You know to talk things out."

Regina kept her eyes on the floor.

"Reggie?" David searched for her face. He was afraid to touch her.

"I don't need therapy. I just need time to myself and I'll be ok," Regina assured.

"Look Reggie, you're not ok. I'm not ok. Let's face this together," David pleaded.

Regina turned away. "I'm not going David."

David took a deep breath before asking. "Reggie, did you make sure ... um ... did you check to make sure you're not pregnant?"

Regina felt dizzy. She moved further away from David. "I'm ... I'm on the pill," Regina's voice was low.

David felt relieved. At least his sister wouldn't have to go through more heartache. She'd been through enough. "Oh. Ok. I-I just had to check," David stammered.

The room was quiet again.

"Is that all you wanted to talk about?" Regina asked tersely.

"I wanted to check how you're doing. I miss you," David said kindly.

Regina stopped herself from crying. She'd cried too much already. "I heard you postponed the wedding."

David looked down. "Yeah."

"I'm sorry," Regina said softly.

"Sorry about what? This wasn't your fault Reggie."

Regina turned and finally looked at her brother. She wanted to reach out and hold him but feared she might want to kiss him. "Maybe if I'd read the map better we wouldn't have been on that street and the men would have never gotten to us."

David's eyes widened. "Reggie, don't blame yourself, please. It wasn't anyone's fault. The men probably would have gotten us one way or another."

Regina missed her brother so much, but now everything had changed. How could she ever look at him the same way? He'd seen her naked. He'd been inside of her. She'd touched him and kissed him. How could anyone expect them to go back to being the way they used to be?

"Well, I need to catch up on my homework," Regina changed the subject.

David couldn't read his sister at all. Usually he could tell if she was happy or sad or angry. Now, he wasn't so sure. Yes, he knew she was sad but there was something else he couldn't figure out.

"Did you need help with any of your homework?" David offered.

Regina looked down. "No thanks. I'm ok." That's all she said and stood silently with her arms crossed. She was secretly telling him to get the hell out of her room without really saying it. David felt the distance.

"Ok, I'm going to be downstairs talking to mom so if you need me ... um you know to help you just let me know."

Regina didn't reply. David waited for something but got nothing. He let himself out and closed her door. He leaned against the wall and felt his heart slow down. It'd been nerve-racking confronting but it was something he had to do.


It'd been a week since Regina talked to David. He'd seemed so sincere and was trying to help but Regina didn't want to be helped. She wanted to be away from him. She couldn't stand to think about him because every time she did, she only pictured him kissing her, touching her, being inside of her. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get that image out of her head.

She grabbed one of her pictures she had on a photo frame that had her and David standing in front of the Minute Maid Park after an Astro's game. Regina wore her Astro's baseball jersey and David wore his favorite Astro's T-shirt. Regina was fifteen at the time and David was 22. He had his arm around her shoulders and they were both smiling. That was when life was "normal." That was when everything made sense. That was before Regina fell in love with David.

Regina put the picture down and flopped down on her bed. She felt she loved him like a woman would love a man but for some reason it didn't feel right. Was it a phase? Was it just because he'd been her first?


Regina raised herself up quickly. Her mother was calling her from downstairs. Anytime Diane didn't call her "Reggie," Regina knew she was in trouble. She slowly went downstairs to the living room where her mother stood angrily.

"I just got a phone call. What's the deal with missing so much school lately?"

Regina sat down slowly on the couch. "I've just been ... I'm sorry mom."

Diane sat next to her. "You are about to graduate and with all the school you've been missing you might not be able to graduate! How would you feel about repeating senior year again?"

Regina shrugged. "Mom, I said I'm sorry. I'll start going to class."

"You damn right you will!" Diane raised her voice. The she took a deep breath.

"Reggie, if you need to talk about what happened in Mexico please do. I know this is one of the reasons you're skipping school. I don't want you to have to repeat your senior year."

"How far behind am I?" Regina hesitated to ask.

"Pretty far behind. I spoke with your principal and she advised that you stay two hours after school everyday to catch up. Hopefully then you can still graduate with your class."

"Ok. I'll stay after school. I promise," Regina vowed.

Diane put her hand over Regina's. "You sure you don't want therapy? David is getting therapy and he's doing better. I think you need it sweetie."

Regina stood up. "I don't mom. I'm fine. I'll go to class and I'll graduate. I promise."

With that, Regina went back upstairs and shut her door. She laid down on her bed and felt like crying. She didn't want to go to therapy and have to tell some stranger that she had the hots for her own brother. What would that stranger think about her? That she's sick? Twisted? She felt she was a sick person for even thinking about David in a non brotherly way. Then she began to wonder, was David REALLY doing ok?


Three weeks later

"You don't have to do this," David protested.

"Yes I do. It's your big graduation night and you deserve it!" Olivia reached up to kiss him.

David had finally graduated Pharmacy school at University of Texas. Now, Olivia had planned for everyone to get together at a restaurant to celebrate David's graduation.

David's ceremony had been earlier that day. Tony was there and so was Jackie. Olivia's parents were present as well and of course David's mom and dad. Even Regina showed up. David had scanned the entire row his family had reserved and hoped Reggie would show up. He was pleased when he spotted her wearing a black skirt with a red button up shirt, something her mother probably told her to wear. She sat with Jackie but didn't seem to be chatting as much as she used to.

Now, David was at his apartment getting dressed for the dinner. Olivia was helping him pick out a shirt. "Hmmm how about this one?" She held out a dark gray button up."

"Yeah that one's fine," David said.

Olivia groaned. "You've said that about every shirt I've selected."

David went to put his arms around Olivia. "I'm sorry, it's just that you got great taste and I like all the shirts you pick."

Olivia blushed. "You know the right things to say don't you?"

~David and Regina~

They arrived at the restaurant, which was an upscale steakhouse later that evening. Everyone was there including Regina.

"Congratulations!" Joe said proudly and hugged his son. Diane was next to congratulating him. Even Jackie went to congratulate him. Everyone was praising him expect for Regina. She sat just stirring a lemon in her water.

"Reggie! Come here!" Jackie called out.

He saw the way Regina hesitated to get up. It was almost as if she was being forced to congratulate him.

"Reggie baby, aren't you proud of your brother?" Diane asked proudly.

Regina forced a smile. "Yeah. Congrats David," she said indifferently.

David felt uncomfortable. Everyone looked uncomfortable. Regina knew they were waiting for her to feel a little more proud for her brother. She felt everyone looking at her. She went ahead and gave him a hug. Usually she would have hugged him for a long time and a big strong hug. She hugged him weakly and without any love. David lazily hugged her back.

"Aww there we go! Now can we all eat?" Joe announced.

While everyone scattered to their seats, Regina headed to the restroom. She went into one of the stalls and breathed in and out fast. It'd been a challenge to hug her brother. She hadn't touched him since Mexico. She was trembling from fear? Excitement? She didn't know!

"Reggie? Reggie?"

Regina got startled when she heard Jackie's voice. "I'm almost done," she said in a shaky voice.

"You ok?" Jackie asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah." Regina flushed the toilet to make it seem she'd gone. She hoped she'd stop shaking by the time she went out there.

David knew people were talking to him but his eyes were looking at the direction where Regina left in a hurry. He saw she was coming back with Jackie and quickly looked down pretending to read the menu.

"What are you getting sweetie?" Olivia asked.

"Um I don't know. New York steak sounds good, with a baked potato and a salad. Yeah that sounds good," David realized he was nervous.

Regina and Jackie sat far away but David was still able to get a good look at her. She hid her face behind the huge menu.

"You know, in two weeks, Reggie graduates!" Diane announced eagerly.

Everyone at the table clapped.

"And I do too!" Jackie pretended to pout.

"Oh of course and my OTHER daughter does too," Diane smiled at Jackie.

"Are you having a party for Reggie?" Olivia asked excitedly.

"Well ... I was going to wait to broadcast it, but yes!" Diane yelped.

Everyone clapped again. David saw Regina squirm in her seat still hiding behind the menu.

"Everyone is invited of course!" Diane said cheerfully.

Regina didn't want a party. She wanted to graduated and get ready to go away to college so she can get away from all this craziness. She felt David's eyes on her. She looked up and their eyes met for a brief moment before the wait staff came to take everyone's order.


"It's not going good," David confessed to Dr. Tinsley.

Dr. Tinsley wrote vigorously on his notebook. He stopped and looked up at David. "What happened?"

David slouched down on the couch. "She's not the same. I'm not the same either, but I'm trying to be normal again. She seems to just be withdrawn from everyone including our parents. Even her best friend says they don't hang out as much. These girls were inseparable. I'm worried about her."

"Did you ask her again to come with you to the sessions?"

"No. I only asked that one time. It's like I'm afraid to talk to her. It used to be so easy to talk to her. Regina is one of the best listeners I know, but now ... everything is so messed up."

Dr. Tinsley wrote more and then asked. "Do you think you're afraid of her?"

David laid his head back. "I don't know. I don't know how to approach her anymore. Do you think we'll ever get to be the siblings we used to be?"

Dr. Tinsley raised a brow. "That is up to you and Regina, David. If she's not willing to get some help then you two might not ever reconcile. But she has to be willing to get help. You can't force her."

"I think even if we ever get the help we need, things will never be the same between us will it?"

"It might not be, but it would be better than it is right now."

David knew he'd have to confront Regina again. She was obviously ignoring him. He only wanted them to get through this and be ok.

David and Olivia walked into David's parent's house and were amazed at the amount of people there. There was catered food, plenty of rented tables and chairs and had music blasting from the stereo.

"Wow! This is a great party!" Olivia said to David. She held on to his hand and squeezed it. "Aren't you excited? Reggie is graduating! Then she'll be off to college. How exciting!"

David forced a smile. "Yeah. I bet she's excited too." He scanned the room looking for Regina but she was no where to be found. He held her graduation gift in his other hand.

"I'm going to go say hi to your parents," Olivia said loudly over the music as they walked by the stereo.

She let go of his hand and wandered off. David spotted Jackie looking through the collection of CD's.

"Hey you," She said and hugged him.

"Hey, what are you the dj?" David teased.

"I could be." She giggled.

"So where is the guest of honor?" David asked curiously.

Jackie rolled her eyes. "She's upstairs in her room. She's such a grouch. I mean I figured she'd love this party. It seems I'm having more fun at this party than she is!"

David looked up stairs. "I'll go talk to her. I've got her present."

"Cool. Hopefully you can cheer her up."

David headed upstairs to Regina's room.

~David and Regina~

Regina went to answer her door. David stood there holding out a black box with a silver bow on top.

"Everyone is wondering why you're M.I.A." David said.

Regina looked away. "I just want to be left alone that's all. I didn't even want this stupid party." She turned to walk towards her bed. She wore her dark denim Capri pants and a black v-neck dressy top.

David closed the door behind him drowning out the music. "So does that mean you don't want my present?" He asked sounding disappointed.

Regina turned and smiled weakly. David held out her gift and Regina accepted. She opened up the box and inside was the same exact necklace with the "R" that David had once given her. The same that the men who robbed them of everything took. Regina felt her eyes well up with tears.

"I love it," she whispered.

David smiled. "You want me to put it on you?"

Regina nodded.

David got the necklace out of the box and placed the box on Regina's desk. He unclasped the necklace and Regina lifted up her hair with her hands to give him access to put on the necklace.

"There you go," he said satisfied.

Regina placed her hand on her chest where the necklace lay. "Thank you," she said sweetly.

"It was nothing. I know how much you liked the other one."

Just then, Regina put her arms around David and held him. "It means a lot," she sighed.

It felt good to finally hold her. He'd missed her so much. David felt her tip toe and kiss his cheek. He kissed her forehead and by the time he knew it, Regina had placed her lips on his. Her lips were soft and tasted like cherry lip balm.

David pulled away and stared at his sister with confused eyes. "Reggie..." he rasped. She looked back at him with innocent loving eyes.

David moved close to her again and embraced her. He leaned down to kiss her. Their kiss started out slow and quickly progressed to a deep intense kiss. David's tongue pressed against Regina's.

Regina kissed her brother passionately. It felt good to kiss him so lovingly. He was an incredible kisser! She pressed her body against his and felt him sucking on her tongue.


The siblings broke their kiss as soon as they heard Jackie's voice coming from down the hallway.

David was breathless. Regina was disappointed their kiss was interrupted. Regina's door swung open and Jackie stood with a grin on her face.

"There you are. It's almost cake time so you better come on down. It's your party and everyone but you seems to be having a good time."

Regina and David stood silently. David had his back towards Jackie because he was embarrassed she'd see his hard on.

"Um ... ok I'm coming," Regina muttered.

Jackie waited. Regina realized her friend wasn't going to leave her alone until she actually went downstairs. Regina fixed her shirt that had ridden up slightly.

"You coming too?" Regina asked David casually as she could.

David nodded. "I'll be right down. Can I just use your restroom?"

Regina looked down and realized her brother had a boner. It wasn't hide to hide it behind his khaki slacks. She felt herself turn red. "Y-yeah of course." She hurried out of the room with Jackie.

David waited until the girls left. He went into Regina's restroom and closed the door. He leaned up against the wall and took a deep breath. What the hell had just happened? Did he actually just make out with his sister without actually being forced to? He could still taste her cherry lip balm as he licked his lips. He had to admit deep down he enjoyed kissing her ... a lot. But also somewhere deep inside his heart he felt guilt.


David walked downstairs just in time for the big commotion. Everyone was standing outside. He found Olivia and she waved to him. "Come here! Look at this!"

David rushed towards the crowd and heard all the ooh's and ahh's. Turns out his parents had bought Regina a car for her graduation. It was a 2007 blue Honda Accord.

"Isn't that the best?" Olivia asked. David saw the look on Regina's face. For the first time in a long time she actually looked happy.

"It's all yours sweetie. You brought up your grades and plus you'll need a car when you go to college," Joe said holding out the keys.

Regina grabbed the keys and hugged her father and mother. "Thank you," she said a bit embarrassed.

"Let's go for a ride!" Jackie exclaimed.

"Let's go!" Regina said happily and the girls got in the car and didn't hesitate to leave.

David watched his sister leave. He could still taste her cherry lip balm.

"She kissed me. And I kissed her back," David admitted.

Dr. Tinsley listened.

"I don't know why she kissed me. And I don't know why I kissed her but honestly ... I liked kissing her. I know that's just sick right?"

Dr. Tinsley jotted down some notes. "It's not my place to say what's sick and what's not. You think you've wanted to kiss your sister ever since what happened in Mexico?"

David thought about it for a moment. "I don't know. I mean I guess I've been curious to know what it would be like to kiss her again." David couldn't believe he was confessing all of this.

"You two really need to talk about this. You can't keep ignoring it. It might get worse if you hold it in David. No one can force Regina to seek help but you can encourage her."

David laid his head back on the couch. "I know. I need to. I'm just afraid to be alone with her again. What if we ... kiss ... or do more? I'm engaged! Oh god! I'm engaged to a wonderful, beautiful woman and here I am thinking about kissing my sister. How fucked up am I?"

"You're not messed up David. You are just traumatized by what happened to you in Mexico. Take it one day at a time David. You and Regina need to work on this together. You alone, will not solve the whole situation."

David knew how stubborn Regina could be. How would he convince her that they both need therapy? The therapy David was getting alone was helping tremendously but not enough to get him to stop thinking about his sister.

David had rushed to his parents home when his mother called him frantically saying Regina was missing. She'd taken off in her car and hadn't come back the previous night.

Diane was crying and said she'd been calling Regina constantly and got nothing but voicemail. David held his mother tying to console her. Jackie had also tried reaching Regina but no luck either.

Joe was going to call the police but David saw something and realized he knew exactly where Regina was. His parents had been so worried; they hadn't even realized the keys to the cabin were gone. Diane and Joe usually hung all their keys including the ones to their cars hear a coat rack in the hallway.

David quickly spoke up. "Mom, don't worry I think I know where she is. Let me go check and as soon as I find her I'll call you. Don't call the police or anything. I promise I know where she is."

Diane and Joe looked puzzled but trusted their son.

David ran out of the house and into his car. He drove as fast as he could to the family's cabin house. He kept thinking what he would say to his sister once he got there. He knew he'd have to encourage her to get therapy. He'd have to talk about their kiss and how it was an accident and how confused he felt towards her now.

~David and Regina~

Less than an hour later, David arrived at the cabin. Sure enough, Regina's Honda Accord was parked in the front. David stayed in his car for a few seconds. He took a couple of deep breaths.

He climbed out of his car and nervously walked towards the door. He knocked loudly until Regina opened the door. She was barely dressed. She wore short blue and white cotton shorts and a black tank top. Her silky brown hair was up in a ponytail. Their eyes met.

"What are you doing here?" Regina asked quietly.

"Mom and Dad are freaking. Why did you leave the house without telling anyone where you were going? You know Dad was just about to call the police."

Regina kept a straight face. "You want to ... come in?" She asked nervously.

David didn't hesitate to walk in. He closed the door behind him. The cabin was clean and the air conditioner was blowing full blast. It felt good inside. "Let me call mom and dad to tell them you're ok." David began dialing on his cell phone. Regina looked down trying to avoid looking at her brother.

"Hey mom? Yeah ... I found her. She's up here at the cabin. Yeah she's ok. I'll be here with her. Yes I'll make sure she goes back home. Ok. Love you." He hung up and put his phone on the coffee table.

"So ... you want to talk about it?" David asked boldly.

Regina wrapped her arms around herself as she often did when she was scared or nervous. "There's nothing to talk about."

"Yes there is," David insisted. "You're not ok. I want you to be ok. You don't want to come with me to therapy but I really think you should."

Regina sat down on the couch. She stared down at the wooden floor with her hands on her lap. "Why did you kiss me back that night of my graduation party?" She suddenly asked.

David bit his lip trying to find an answer. Nothing was coming to him. He was completely blank not knowing how to answer his sister's question.

She looked up at him with wandering eyes. "Well?"

David paced the room. "I don't know to be honest. I guess I wanted to kiss you again. I really don't know Regina. I can't explain it."

"You love me?" She asked.

David was startled by her second question. "Of course I do."

"No, I mean you love me like you love Olivia?"

David's heart raced. "Uh ... no I don't ... think so."

Regina looked away. "I think I love you the way Olivia loves you."

David went over to sit next to her. "Reggie look at me," he implored.

Regina slowly turned to face him.

"I think you're just confused about your feeling towards me. What happened in Mexico, messed with our minds. Please come to therapy with me." He put his hand over hers.

Regina shoved his hand away and stood up. She started pacing the room. David looked at his sister. It was hard not to with her being barely dressed.

"So why did you kiss me back I ask again."

David hesitated. "I don't know-"

"That's not a good answer," Regina cut him off.

David felt trapped. How could he just admit that he was curious to kiss her again? How could he admit that he liked kissing her because her kiss was so different from Olivia's? But yet, he felt guilty for wanting to kiss her. It was all so confusing! He had to be truthful with her though. He owed her that.

"After Mexico, I was left with all this curiosity about you. I had never thought about kissing you or having sex with you, but when we were forced to ... I guess I kind of..." he took a deep breath... "enjoyed it." He felt awful for admitting it.

Regina stopped pacing. She stared at her brother. "You were my first you know that?"

David nodded awkwardly.

"I guess that's why I feel the way I do. I think about you the way Olivia thinks about you, but then I feel ashamed for thinking about you that way." She went to sit next to him again and looked him straight in the eyes. "When we will be normal again?"

David had no clue. He didn't even think he was "normal" himself. "I don't know Reggie. I really don't know."

"I miss you. I miss the way we were before all of this happened," she said sadly.

"I do too." David confessed.

"Now it's all so confusing. Everything is different. I don't think we'll ever be the same."

That saddened David. "Will you see Dr. Tinsley with me?"

Regina shrugged. "I'm considering it."

"You really should. For us."

Regina's eyes welled up. "I'm just scared David. I'm scared that maybe some secret feelings might come out. I don't want to ruin our relationship."

David put his arms around her. She sobbed on his shoulder. He wanted to cry too. "If we don't get help, we'll never be ok."

Regina put her arms around him and started kissing his neck. David froze. "Reggie..."

She continued though. She trailed kisses from his neck up to his chin and then his cheek and then his lips. She kissed his lips tenderly and pulled back. David cupped her face with both hands. "Reggie, let's not..." He felt weak though. He wanted her to kiss him again.

She stared into his eyes. Her eyes filled with curiosity. "I think we should. I really do. I need to know if this is real or not."

David hesitated but then leaned down to kiss her back. He pressed his lips against hers tasting her cherry lip balm again. She opened her mouth slightly and he did the same. Their tongues slowly caressed. David put his hands on her breasts and could feel her nipples harden underneath her top. He rubbed on her big nipples with his thumbs.

Regina let a moan escape in their kiss. His hands felt good on her breasts. She broke their kiss but David continued rubbing on her nipples. Regina's breathing increased. "Let's go to my room," she cooed.

David didn't want to stop but he took his hands off her breasts and stood up. He offered his hand to his sister. She took it. The siblings walked hand in hand to the room Regina always slept in when the family went to the cabin. The room was smaller than the one she had at home but it had a great view of the river.

Once in her room, the siblings stood by Regina's bed and continued to kiss. David tugged on Regina's drawstrings that held her shorts up. Her shorts came off easily leaving her in her white cotton panties. He broke their kiss and pulled her panties down. Regina felt herself blush.

David proceeded pulling up her tank top. Regina lifted her arms up and felt the cold air on her naked skin. David took a long hard look at his sister's naked body. Her nipples were rock hard and he could see goose bumps on her skin. He reached behind her and slowly pulled off the rubber band the held her ponytail, letting her soft brown hair fall down over her shoulders. He took off his t-shirt and pulled her towards him feeling her hard nipples press against his skin.

He ran his hands down her back and placed them on her buttocks. He kissed her hard. Regina liked the way David's hands felt on her body. Her heart was racing a million miles an hour.

Regina reached down to unbutton David's pants. Once, they were loose, David reached inside his own pants and took out his cock which was hard and throbbing. Regina looked down to get a good look at her brother's cock. She put her hand around it and started stroking him.

David moaned and kissed his sister with passion again. Regina's hand felt so good on his aching cock. She carefully moved her hand up and down his cock feeling it grow more in her hand.

David laid his sister down on the bed. She looked up at him as he finished undressing. All naked, he laid down on top of her kissing her mouth, down to her neck and letting his tongue tease her nipples. Regina looked up at the ceiling. Guilt was tugging at her but so was desire. David's tongue was warm and wet on her nipples, tantalizing her every need.

David sucked on her nipples and slid his tongue down to her tummy tasting her skin and stopped just above her pussy. He could smell her feminine scent. Regina stiffened when she felt her brother's hot breath between her legs. She'd never experienced oral sex before. David spread her pussy lips open with her fingers and his tongue began to lap her juices.

Regina whimpered and began to squirm all over the bed. She'd never known such bliss! His tongue flicked her clit fast and hard. Regina began panting and grabbing the sheets from her bed trying to hold back her delight.

David tasted her sweetness with each stroke of his tongue. He wrapped his lips on her swollen clit and sucked on it gently. Regina closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She moaned uncontrollably and found it hard to lay still.

David's hand reached up and pinched her nipples while his mouth pleasured her. Regina couldn't hold back. Her body exploded with excitement and sin. She moaned loudly as her climax slowly subsided.

David felt her tremble. Her juices seeped out indolently all over his tongue. He tasted her nectar and swallowed it up. He kept his tongue on her clit until she stopped trembling. He moved up slowly sliding his tongue to her tummy and to her breasts again. He took turns sucking on each nipple once again.

Regina kept her legs spread and let her brother adjust himself between her. He kissed her lips and she could taste herself on his tongue. Her breathing had slowed down after the intense orgasm. David kept looking at her face and then at her naked body over and over as if he was trying to keep her memorized. He wanted to remember her this way. He loved the way she looked completely naked waiting for her brother to get inside of her.

David looked at her and stroked her faced. He wanted to say something to her but was speechless. She longed to say something too but couldn't find the words to say. All these years had she secretly wanted this? Had what happened in Mexico let her inhibitions go?

David began to put his cock inside of her pussy. Regina put her hands on his shoulders as he slid in slowly deeper and deeper into her. She gasped once he was all the way inside of her.

She felt tight. Her tightness wrapped all over his throbbing cock. He moved in and out carefully. Regina wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her. What had happened in Mexico was nothing like this. This was consensual and enjoyable. Or maybe she had enjoyed what happened in Mexico? Had she liked her brother's kisses and the way he moved inside of her? She almost felt like crying. This was all so good but felt so sinful. Still, she didn't want him to stop. She wanted to feel his warmness flow inside of her again.

David closed his eyes for a moment and almost thought he was having sex with Olivia, but when he opened his eyes, he realized it was his own little sister underneath him. Why did that make him feel bad? She felt so good and he couldn't stop but he needed to. This wasn't right. As much as he wanted it to be right something just wasn't right.

David stopped for a minute trying to catch his breath. Regina kept her legs tightly wrapped around him. He wanted to cum. He NEEDED to cum but it felt like he was doing more harm than good.

"Don't stop," Regina whispered.

David felt his eyes water. "I have to. I don't feel right."

Regina groaned. "No. Please!"

David looked at his sister. She was his baby sister. He'd loved her since the day she was born. Was he harming her? Why would he want to hurt her? But she wanted him to cum inside of her. Her longing eyes said it all.

"Please," She urged again.

David began moving in and out of her again. He felt his cock twitch and suddenly he was ejaculating a lot inside of his sister. His cock pulsed with each shot of his seed. He was panting furiously until the last drop of his seed filled her up. He'd cum so hard, harder than he did in Mexico. Harder than he ever had with anyone else.

David slid of out of his sister and lay next to her. Both siblings were speechless. Their breathing slowed in unison. Regina pulled up the covers and covered her naked body. David grabbed an extra blanket that Regina had and hid his naked body underneath.

The sun was slowly dying into the night and the siblings lay in bed in silence. They were both lost in their own thoughts.

David hadn't realized but he fell asleep. He woke up and looked at the clock beside the nightstand. It was past six in the morning. The early morning sun snuck in the room. David saw Regina standing by the window. She was dressed in a long t-shirt and sweat pants. Her hair was back in a ponytail.

David stirred from the bed and was about to get up when he realized he didn't have any clothes on. He felt himself turn red and leaned down by the bed to put on his boxer shorts.

"Hey," he whispered.

Regina turned and smiled softly. "Hey."

David put on the rest of his clothes and went to stand by his sister. He wanted to hug her but he didn't know if he should.

"How long have you been up?" He asked.

"I didn't sleep all night." She answered keeping her eyes at the view outside.

It was a beautiful view of the sunrise and the river.

"You ok?" David asked.

Regina turned to look at him. Her eyes were sad. "I think so. I think we really needed to do what we did last night in order for me to know how I felt."

David licked his lips. "So ... how do you feel?" He wasn't sure he was ready to hear it.

"I love you as my brother. I thought it was more but after last night I felt my sibling love towards you more than lustful love. Does that make sense?"

David didn't know what to say.

Regina sighed. "I guess what I mean is ... maybe in the back of my mind, I kind of always wondered what it would be like to kiss you and even wondered what it would feel like to make love to you." She paused. "Yeah sick huh?"

David nodded. "No. Not sick. Just honest. I think maybe I've probably wondered about you too. It's just something no sibling wants to ever admit."

Regina began to cry quietly. "I don't want to lose what we had. I don't want those men to take away what we had."

David felt tears slide down his eyes. "Neither do I." He put his arms around her and held her.

At that moment he felt nothing but sibling love towards her and Regina felt the same. They had both gotten over their fear of facing their secret desires.

"I will go to therapy with you," Regina pledged.

David held her tighter. "Thank you," he whispered in her ear. He could smell her hair that smelled like apples. He cried harder.

-Two months later-

"Hey so I decided to go back to school," Tony announced.

David looked shocked. "You? Mr. against the world? Going back to school? What gives?"

Tony shrugged. "Well, I'd like my own bar someday you know. I was thinking business major would be good. What do you think?"

David smiled. He was proud of his friend's decision. "I think its great bro."

Tony looked confident. "So ... Reggie's starting school too huh? Is she going to be living on campus?"

David eyed Tony suspiciously. "Maybe. Why do you ask?"

Tony looked innocent. "I'm just asking. I'm going to be living on campus too since you're moving away with your soon to be wife and I'll be stuck here all alone. I was thinking living near campus would be cool"

"Yeah why not? Besides, Reggie could use your company now that Jackie is going to another college."

Tony got quiet for a moment. "Yeah, I think it'd be fun to bother Reggie. I hope she doesn't mind."

"Nah, she'll be glad to have a friend to hang out with."

"So ... just a few weeks until you are no longer a bachelor huh?" Tony asked.

David felt nervous. The wedding was now in September because it was postponed. He couldn't believe how fast the days had gone by since he'd spent the night with Regina.

After that night, they both went to therapy together and worked out all their feelings for one another. They would never be the same, but they would be ok.

"Yeah, I'm getting nervous, but I'm ready."

"I wish you and Olivia the best, man."

David smiled. "Thanks bro." He hugged his friend. "Well, I'm proud of you for going back to school."

"Seems like things are getting better huh?" Tony asked.

David thought about his sister and everything that happened between them. "Yeah. Everything is going to be ok."

-One month later-

Regina walked down the aisle after the other two bridesmaids Olivia had chosen. She saw David standing at the altar looking handsome as ever. Their eyes met and they both smiled.

Olivia walked down the aisle looking beautiful as always. Regina saw the look David had in his eyes when he looked at his bride. She knew then she'd made the right choice to get help for all the mixed up feelings she had.

The ceremony had been beautiful and the reception as well. Regina danced with Jackie and the girls both cried because they missed each other so much. They still visited whenever they could and talked nearly every day.

Regina danced with Tony as well. They'd become better friends now that they hung out almost every night. Regina hadn't realized how much fun Tony could be. She'd been having fun all night and realized she hadn't even had time to dance with her brother.

David had been so busy greeting the guests and dancing with his wife. The crowd at the wedding was dwindling and Regina saw her opportunity to go dance with her brother. The band was playing U2's "With or without you".

"Hey you," Regina said happily as she poked David on his shoulder.

David turned to see his baby sister smiling so beautifully. It'd been so long since he'd seen that smile and he had missed it so much. "Hey yourself."

"Great party. When can I leave?" She joked.

David hugged her. "Never."

"You want to ... dance?" She hesitated to ask.

"Of course," he replied.

They danced in the small crowd of guests.

"Livy looks beautiful," Regina complimented.

David smiled. "Yes ... she does but so do you."

Regina turned red. "Thank you. You don't look bad yourself bro."

"How's school going?" David asked her.

"It's going good. Tony's been great company."

David laughed. "I bet he has."

Regina frowned. "What's the supposed to mean?"

"He's got a crush on you sis. You know that right?"

Regina laughed nervously. "No he doesn't. He's just my friend."

"Ok, whatever you say," David laughed.

Regina put her head on his shoulder as they swayed to the beat of the music. "How are you doing with everything else?" She asked him. He knew what she meant.

"I'm doing good. I see Dr. Tinsley twice a month only now. How about you?"

"I'm seeing him once a week now. It's going really well."

"I'm glad Reggie. I'm so glad to see you're doing better and that you're off at college. I wish you nothing but the best."

"I know you do. I wish you and Olivia the best."

"I love you Reggie," David said openly.

"I love you more," Regina replied.

They both knew it was sibling love they spoke of. The siblings danced without saying anything else. Everything had been said.

-Two years later-

Tony and Regina ran from Tony's truck to Regina's apartment. The weather hadn't indicated that it would rain but now it was pouring. Regina laughed as they ran as fast as they could to avoid from getting wet.

Once at her door, Regina dug inside her purse for her keys. It was cold and she was trembling. She felt Tony looking at her. She looked up and smiled shyly. She finally found her keys and opened her door. Tony stood awkwardly. Regina felt something was different. She didn't want to admit it was different but it was.

"You ok?" She asked him.

Tony nodded. "I'm fine. I just wanted to say I had a great time with you today."

Regina giggled. "All we did was go make some payments and have lunch at Wendy's."

Tony shrugged. "I know but it was fun." Then he leaned down to hug her. Regina felt the air escape her lungs. Tony held her tight and Regina had to admit it felt good to hold him.

"Love you kiddo," Tony said and kissed the top of her head.

Regina looked up. Tony placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Regina was pleasantly surprised.

Tony stroked her face. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do that."

Regina felt her heart pounding.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked.

Regina blushed. "Definitely."

-Two years later-

Regina studied herself in the mirror. Her simple wedding dress fit her perfectly. She heard a knock on the door and Jackie burst in the room. "Reggie!" She squealed and hugged her friend.

"I didn't think you would make it!" Regina exclaimed. She felt teary eyed.

"I almost didn't. I'm in the middle of exams, but I wasn't going to miss my best friends wedding! I'm so happy for you and who would have thought you'd marry Tony? Oh my god!"

"I would have never imagined marrying Tony but here I am."

Jackie admired her. "You look absolutely gorgeous!"

"Sweetie? You almost ready? The Justice of the peace is here," Diane poked her head in the room.

Regina was marrying Tony at her parent's house. They'd set up for a justice of the peace to marry them there and afterwards they were going to have a small catered dinner with only close family attending.

"I'm ready mom." Regina took a deep breath and headed out.

The ceremony was short but sweet. Tony and Regina cut their cake and playfully stuffed a piece into each other's mouths.

David liked the way his best friend and his sister looked together. He knew Regina had found a good man to take care of her. He thought Regina looked breathtaking in her simple white long gown with her hair down in curls.

Olivia was already hugging Regina and Tony and congratulating them. David went over and hugged his friend and his sister wishing them both the best.

"Who would have thought my best friend and my baby sister getting married?" David joked.

"I know! It's so romantic!" Olivia squealed.

"How are you two doing?" Regina asked looking at her brother.

"We're good. We are about to buy a house so you two have to come to the house warming party."

"Hey you know we'll be there," Tony said putting his arm around Regina.

David couldn't help but feel a tiny bit of jealousy deep down inside. It was a feeling that would probably never go away no matter how much therapy he would get.

After dinner and toasting, everyone was mingling. David was searching for Regina. He found her getting herself a coke. He ambled through the crowd until he reached her.

"Hey, I finally get you to myself."

Regina turned and smiled. "Hey. You having a good time?"

"I am. It's a nice party."

Regina took sip of her coke. "So what do you really think of me marrying Tony?"

"I'm happy for you. I really am. Tony's a good man and he'll take good care of you. I'll make sure of it."

Regina searched his face. "How are things?" She asked knowing he would know what she meant.

David looked into her eyes. "Things are getting better everyday. How about you?"

"Things are getting better everyday for me too."

There was an awkward silence between them for a while.

"Well ... I better go attend to my husband," Regina said cheerfully. David hugged her once again. He held her for a long time and she held her brother back. His embrace was warm and filled with love.

"Take care Reggie," his voice was sad.

"You too," she choked.

She walked away nearly in tears. She was sad and happy all at the same time. She knew things would never be the same between them ever again. No matter how much help they both got. There would always be a twinge of jealousy when they saw each other with their spouses. There would always be awkward moments when they were alone. They would always share that dark secret which no one would ever know about. A secret just between them.

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