The Love Doll
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A virgin teenage boy is taken for sex therapy to cure his excessive masturbation. The therapist requires him to practice doing things with females using his mother and his sister for homework. She then provides a love doll for him to do further training on. The story involves extreme humiliation for the boy, but also lots of pleasure for him.

Scott was listening to the sound track of the soft porn video on his computer. Because of the headphones, he didn't hear his younger sister Melissa walk into his bedroom. He might have sensed her arrival if he hadn't been masturbating so furiously. He was wearing just pajama trousers, with his cock sticking out of the fly. He was beating it pretty hard now, as the black man on the screen pounded his monster cock into the cute white girl on the bed under him.

So his younger sister was able to walk close up behind him without him noticing her. She watched the video for a few minutes, by her standards a very boring one-on-one sex action, the only interesting feature being that the man was black, and hugely endowed. The girl looked as though she was grunting with each thrust, but Melissa couldn't hear the sound track. Melissa was wearing just a towel wrapped around her naked body, having emerged from the shower moments before. As she walked back toward her bedroom, she had noticed that Scott's door wasn't fully closed, and had gently pressed it, and it had swung open. She was amused to see the rapid motion of Scott's arm as he pumped his pork. She decided she wanted to see how big her brother's dick was!

After a few minutes standing at the door, she stepped closer, expecting him to notice her any moment, but she realized the earphones prevented him from hearing her, and he was far too engrossed in the vid he was watching to notice her behind his back. She had the sense to keep to one side so her reflection didn't appear in the screen Scott was focused on, until she was close enough to see it was tilted quite well back so she wouldn't be visible if she kept herself low down.

Very carefully she reached forward and suddenly tugged the headphone from Scott's right ear! Scott jerked, twisted round in his swivel seat, and gasped to see her standing there, grinning at him. She hissed at him to keep still. Both his hands were now covering his crotch, and the look on his face was a treat. She put her hands on his chair and turned him back toward the screen. "Shhh, hon, just watch the vid. Let me watch it too, I want to see it."

Scott looked back at the screen, and Melissa came very close behind him, her mouth close to his ear, and she whispered, "Scott, it's okay, I really do want to see this. The guy is magnificent. But let me listen to the sound track."

She reached over his shoulder for the dangling earphone and slipped it into her own ear then rested her chin on Scott's shoulder, watching the action on the screen. She started moaning in tune with the porn girl's moans, just to excite her brother. "Oh yes, give it to me, you beautiful black fucker," she panted, and Scott could hardly believe this was happening.

Scott was of course shocked and stunned, but also hugely relieved that Melissa was sympathetic and not critical. He had always known that Melissa was more advanced sexually than he was, hell everybody he knew seemed to be. But he had never discussed sex in any form with his sister, nor even with his mother except when she insisted on discussing things with him. He was just too shy, and increasingly ashamed of his lack of experience in that field.

And now suddenly Mel was in his bedroom watching porn with him! And, from that brief glimpse he had of her before she made him turn back to the screen, he knew she was wearing a towel, and just possibly had nothing on under it! That thought was far more exciting than what was happening on the screen in front of him.

The porn girl was now sitting up, the man standing in front of her, pushing his cock into her mouth. As she started sucking the black man's cock, her big silicon filled boobs were sticking out. "Jeez, I wish I had tits like those," Mel sighed. Scott should have said something nice about his sister's quite nice boobs, but he just didn't know how to compliment girls. Instead he sat there imagining that Mel suddenly did have those huge melons he was watching on the screen, and he imagined Mel pressing them against his back!

His sister twisted her head forward so she was looking down into his lap. "What happened to your dick, bro? It was looking fine when I came in."

Scott glanced down at the shriveled wreck of his erection. He wondered if it would ever recover! Then, as he watched, Mel's hand came around him and delved down into his pjs! "Oh God," he groaned, as her experienced fingers flexed his totally inexperienced dick. Inevitably his organ responded immediately, and in seconds was in full erection.

"You've actually got a great dick, Scotty, I'm impressed." She was holding the shaft now, and Scott shivered. "Why don't you have a girlfriend to play with it for you?"

Scott grunted something inaudible, and she stopped moving her hand. "What was that, bro? You don't have a girlfriend, do you?"

"No." She moved her hand again.

"Have you ever had a girl stroke your cock? Before me?" When he didn't reply she stopped moving her hand.

After a breathless minute, he moaned, "Please sis, don't stop."

Instead she took her hand away. "No, you do it. Show me how you stroke it. Go on, you were stroking it just now when I came in, stroke it again."

Reluctantly Scott put his hand back on his cock and started stroking it. Mel turned her head slightly and kissed his cheek, nibbled his ear, the way her latest boyfriend Troy liked her to do it. "That's nice. Keep doing that. Did you like me touching it just now?"

"Yes," he groaned.

"Yeah Troy likes me doing that. Your cock is bigger than his. Have any other girls touched your cock?"


She put her hand on his back, above the tops of his pyjama trousers, and slowly slid her hand down inside, behind him, stroking his ass. "Keep pumping it, Scotty. So you actually are a virgin?" She lent close to hear his reply.

"Yeah." Voice soft, clearly ashamed, but audible, so she accepted the response.

"I suspected you were. I think you are the only virgin I know! Of our age, at least." She didn't mention that Scott was two years older than her. She slid her hand around until it was on his right thigh.

"It's funny really, cos you've got a really nice cock."

She was now rubbing her hand over his thigh, close to his cock, the backs of her fingers brushing his balls. He groaned, shuddered, and started stroking faster. "No, bro, not so fast, I don't want you to spunk yet. I want you to tell me more about your girl friends." He obeyed, slowing his stroking, and his sister took her hand out of his pyjama pants and put it under his chin and twisted his head round, and kissed him on the mouth. Breaking off the kiss, she asked, "When did you last kiss a girl?"

Scott moaned, the taste of Mel's mouth lingering, teasing. "I haven't, not really," he whispered.

"Troy likes to put his tongue in my mouth as we kiss."

Scott groaned at the delicious thought, desperately hoping that Mel would offer to let him do that. But no, she had other ideas. Again she turned his chair round so he was facing her. "Stand up, Scott. I want to see your cock and your balls."

Scott nervously stood up, and Mel pushed his pants down to his knees. She squatted down and held his testicles in her hand. Scott thought that she was about to take his cock in her mouth, like the girl on the screen had done, but no. His sister just said, "Okay now sit down again and turn back to the screen. I want to watch you jerk yourself some more."

When he was doing so, Mel leant forward over him, while her right hand came round in front of him and again briefly cupped his balls. "Nice! I bet they are about ready to jet, aren't they?"

Scott nodded desperately, too excited to speak. "Keep still then, don't move for a moment. I don't want you to cum too soon. In fact put both your hands on the desk."

When he obeyed, she put her tongue out and licked the side of his face. "Show me some porn pics on your puter."

His hands were trembling as he opened folders on his puter to find the place where he hid his porn selection. He clicked the first pic, of a teenage girl in bra and panties. Melissa grinned, half expecting his collection of 'porn' to be pretty tame. "Put that whole folder on slideshow." He did, and as they sat there a procession of naked and semi-naked girls appeared on his screen, some just posing but some having sex, mostly with men but a few with other girls. "Do you like the idea of girls having sex together?"

He groaned that, yeah, it looked nice.

"It is, I like it. But I also like boys like Troy. Keep stroking, but don't cum yet," she whispered. The slide show continued, and she asked, "On a score of one to ten, with ten top, how do you mark that one?"

He whispered five, and then for the next pic six, and so on. A pic showed two teenagers fucking, the girl with a slender body like Mel's. "Ten," moaned her brother.

"Freeze that pic, I like it too."

He pressed the Escape key, and blew the picture up to full screen. They both looked at it for at least a minute, thinking their different thoughts. He heard a faint rustling sound as his sister dropped her towel, and suddenly he felt Mel's bare breasts against his back, the nipples hard. He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of her against him.

Finally Mel spoke. "I know mom says I'm not allowed to bring boys home, but next time, when mom is out, will you let me bring Troy home and not tell her?"

"Oh sis, I'm sorry I just daren't, if she found out she would kill me. And you."

She moved slowly, sliding her breasts across his back. "I might let you watch us."

Scott groaned. Mel asked again, her voice pleading, "Please, Scotty darling? It's so cold outside and Troy doesn't have a car to make out in. His parents are as stuffy as mom. He won't mind you watching."

Her poor brother was tortured by the fabulous invitation, but was just too scared of his mother to agree to what his sister wanted.

Finally she hissed, "You are a spoilsport!"

With that, she put her hands on the arm of Scott's chair and spun him around so he was facing her. He sat stupefied, staring at her naked body. Her small but perfect breasts were almost in his face! She reached her hand down and took his cock in her hand, and with just a few strokes brought him off in a spectacular ejaculation.

"Dirty sod," she giggled, then yelled out, "MOMMY LOOK WHAT SCOTT HAS JUST DONE."

Moments later their mother was in the door, and behind her a woman friend of hers! Melissa stood facing them, hands out to the sides, her breasts and face coated with her brother's semen. "His door was open and I saw that he was jerking off and I told him to stop being so disgusting and he did this."

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