Playing Games
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Humor, Rough, Oriental Female, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After I played a Wii for the first time, coupled with my erotically oriented mentality, I wondered what would happen if someone developed a sex game? And who better to test it out than Mr. Marcus?

Because of my effective communication skills and pleasant demeanor, and because my boss likes to dump "special projects" on me in addition to my normal duties, I worked last year with a college senior intern. Andy was quite bright, articulate and not bad looking. He reminded me of me - when I was younger.

After he graduated, he got a great gig with a national company whose headquarters was out-of-state. North Carolina, I think. Unfortunately, that left his now-junior year girlfriend stranded here while he was away. On his frequent trips back to the Midwest, we'd chat briefly. After all, Andy wanted to spend most of his time catching up with Cassie. Which meant fucking until they were both exhausted. Andy fessed up once, when he looked like he'd caught the flu. It was actually sexual exhaustion.

Andy had shown Cassie off a few times, when she stopped by our office for a lunch date with him, or when she picked him up after work. But we never spent any time together. I barely recognized her when she showed up at my office door one night, just at quitting time. Anyone would call her "the girl next door," dark brown tight curls bobbing as she tilted her head, a cute face with tiny nose, black bellbottom slacks, and a yellow blouse with darts where breasts would normally be. Did I mention she's flat as a pancake?

"Hi." Her face was radiant, with a contagious smile. "Remember me?"

"Of course." My lack of skill with names choked off a reply. Then it clicked. "Carrie?"

"Cassie." Her face turned red, as if me forgetting her name was her fault.

"What's up? Is Andy back in town?" Maybe she was planning to escort us on a triple date. Not a date really, just three of us at dinner.

"Nope. He's still down south. I miss him so much." She hugged herself and crossed one foot over the other. "Andy talks about you all the time. You two are close, right? You had dinner together sometimes?"

"Yep. We enjoyed talking about all sorts of things." Andy had a particularly good grasp of technical concepts. We'd spend hours lingering over a meal, just to chat about technical stuff, like human-machine interfaces and artificial intelligence. Never about Cassie, come to think of it.

"Really? Then maybe, you know, we could go out. For a movie, I mean? Or dinner? Or order in." She had this lost puppy expression in her otherwise bright blue eyes. "I'm kind of lonesome." Her arms remained wrapped around her slender torso. "Maybe just a friendly drink in a public place?"

I stood up from behind my desk and considered my reply. Harriett was away - again - and my only plans were surfing for new porn online, or maybe breaking out Zenellis's hard disk drives, building a RAID array, and surfing the father-with-different-daughter videos from the Wisconsin conference. My curiosity about those captured scenes had become stronger with time. I liked Andy too much to do anything sexual with Cassie, and I decided I could use the company.

Before I could agree, Cassie spoke, "We don't even have to go out," she pleaded. "We can stay in. I can do popcorn and everything."

It was the "do everything" I was scared of. Could I control myself, alone, with an obviously horny young woman? The only saving grace, despite Cassie's cute face, was her missing chest. Checking out her tits left me limp. If I concentrated on that part of her anatomy, I'd never achieve an erection. "Sure, why not? A friend of a friend is a friend."

"Wow. Did you make that up, just now?" Her eyes were wide with anticipation.

"Nah, I probably heard it somewhere."

"Andy has a huge DVD collection. How about we go to his place? He told me he got a new flat screen TV, but I haven't seen it. It showed up just before he left. We can order in, whatever you'd like."

Flat screen, flat chest. A perfect flat couple. "Fine." I grabbed my suit coat, slung it over my shoulder and followed Cassie to the elevator. She sure knew how to wiggle her hips. Think tits, I coached myself, not ass.

Cassie and I drove to Andy's condo in my car. In profile, she continued to show no depth of chest.

"Nice coupe? Is it new?" she asked.

"Two years old."

"It even smells new." She leaned towards the dashboard and sniffed. No overhang from her bosom. Great!

The building was about eight stories tall with clean, modern lobby. I'd always met Andy at our mutual choice of restaurants. On occasion, I'd drop him off, but I'd never been inside. "Nice place."

"Yeah, his uncle owns it and rents it to him for almost nothing."

A short elevator ride put us on the third floor. A wrapped box sat at the door to Andy's place. Cassie bent over and picked it up. I tried to ignore another of those repetitive ass shots. She scowled at the addressing. "To Andy from Keiko. Bitch!" Cassie put her hand to her mouth, as if she was embarrassed to use the word in front of me, or out loud, or both. "Keiko lives in my house. She's been after Andy ever since she met him at one of our parties."

Evidently Cassie was a sorority girl, with sisters who were acting anything but sisterly. After Cassie unlocked the door, she tossed the package on an entry shelf fitted with coat hooks. The apartment was overly warm. "For a smart guy, Andy can be sooo stupid." She confronted an electronic thermostat. "The jerk locked it. Sorry. Make yourself comfy."

Andy must have set it before he left, during an obnoxious cold snap. She shed her jacket. I did the same. I caught Cassie glancing at the package on the entry shelf. She rubbed her hands, as if they were itching to open it. It certainly wasn't to remove a chill.

"How about that movie?" She fingered the DVD cases on shelves that covered an entire wall. "Hmmm. American Pie, unrated version. I didn't know Andy had this."

From a nearby table littered with carryout glossies, she tossed me a folded pizza parlor brochure, and then her cell phone. "Spinach and mushroom for me." I've never carried a cell phone, and never will. No one needs to contact me that urgently. I called in an order for a large half-sausage/half-spinach, with mushrooms across the whole thing.

I waited for Cassie to make the promised microwave popcorn before I put the DVD in Andy's player. My stomach growled, and not from hunger. Watching an unrated version of an overtly sexual movie was not smart, but objecting to Cassie's choice would raise the issue of "Why not?" and then I'd have to confront the issue out in the open, also dangerous. Better to just let the fantasy play out on-screen and behave myself.

When Cassie returned with popcorn in a big bowl for us to share, I hit PLAY. The wide screen was stunning, with a crystal-clear picture. Almost too clear, too detailed. The popcorn was the extra butter kind. Our hands slid against each other in the bowl. The frequency of contact was too high to be accidental. Cassie was timing her grabs. Each time I reached in, so did she, massaging my fingers instead of grabbing popcorn. Somehow, we ended up holding hands, slippery hands. I released and extracted my hand from the bowl. I couldn't help myself and licked the yellow coating from my fingers. Cassie followed suit and giggled. This was fun for her, and pleasant for me too. Pretty soon we were licking our fingers after each sampling.

When my eyes returned to the screen, I sat upright. The movie had reached the scene where the buxom female strips in the stupid kid's bedroom and the stupid kid watches from another friend's house via a webcam. The jerk could have been in his bedroom, witnessing the display in person, or maybe even scoring with the excited female, but noooo, watching it remotely with his buddies was some nerdy version of erotic. In the regular theater version, the camera cuts away after she unhooks her bra, but in this unrated one, the bra explodes off her massive chest. What tits!

Cassie yanked her hand from the bowl and fumbled with the control. It slipped from her grasp. She got down on her hands and knees, ass waving. She finally got it in hand and frantically pressed buttons. She must have hit pause because the image froze on the screen - large succulent tits with pointy nipples. Cassie was like a deer in headlights, as immobile as the photo on the screen. More button pushing turned the screen black. Cassie's face was bright red. "I had no idea-"

Cassie was obviously quite embarrassed.

"I should go." I shifted my weight to stand.

"No, wait. Don't leave. Not now." She put one hand on my shoulder and one on my knee. That was just enough to unbalance me and plant me on the couch. "It's just that I'm sensitive about, you know, these." She put her hands where there should have been tits. Again, she glanced at Andy's gift from Keiko. When she dropped her hands, handprints remained. She glanced at my groin. "Oh my God. I've stained your clothes."

Dark patches the shape of her fingers and palm decorated my pant leg. I couldn't see my shoulder, but expected the same.

"The least I can do is wash them. Take off your shirt and pants."

The dilemma: get undressed and risk something with Andy's girl or come home with a young girl's hand prints on my clothes, stains I had no clue how to remove. "You sure you can get these out?"

"Absolutely. I'm taking advanced chemistry."

What that had to do with stain removal, I couldn't guess, but she seemed confident. I stripped down to undershirt and boxers under her intense watch. I felt silly putting shoes and socks back on, so I didn't. When I handed her my shirt and pants, she smiled. "At least you'll be cooler."

I was still quite warm, as much from embarrassment as the apartment's environment.

Cassie's face brightened. "I know! Andy bought a Wii."

"A what?"

"It's the hottest game console." She tossed my shirt and pants down next to the couch.

Snippets of information came back to me. I'd read a news item that some folks using the Wii controller, kind of a stick with a wrist strap, accidentally chucked the things at walls, out windows or at other people when the wrist strap broke. "I'm not much into games." No way my clothes were going to get clean, lying in a heap.

"But this is different. Come on, just try once. Bowling? Baseball?"

The thought of dating vernacular got me flustered. First base? Third base? A home run? I shook my head. She took that to mean 'no.'

"Boxing?" she asked.

"I could never lay a hand on you." I could, but my conscience would never allow it.


I tired of the recreational inquisition. "Fine."

Cassie showed me how to hold the stick, and what the buttons did. Then I spent fifteen minutes creating my character, the one that would appear in the games. I tried to match my hairstyle and clothing preferences. Cassie already had a persona loaded on the machine. It looked like her, at least a little. On screen, it was flat chested too.

Cassie kept turning her head away from the screen. Because of her fixation with Andy's gift from Keiko, I won the match handily, despite Cassie's previous experience and my beginner-ship. Surprisingly, the amount of physical exertion to play pretend tennis was draining, maybe even more than real tennis, although that had never been my sport. The place was even warmer after our match. "Sorry, but I demand a chance rematch."

Cassie was competitive, that was certain. The doorbell announced the arrival of our flat round repast, interrupting our play.

"Let me get it," she said. "You're not dressed."

In my t-shirt and boxers, she was right. Normally I'd be wearing jockey briefs, but I hadn't done laundry while Harriett was gone, so all of my normal underwear was wilting in the basement. The boxers were an ancient gift from Harriett. Fortunately, it covered my dick better than jockeys.

Cassie answered the door and paid for our dinner.

"You didn't have to do that," I said.

"Do what?" She scratched her head and mumbled. "Your share is $12. I'm a big tipper."

I'd emptied my pockets onto the dining room table when I gave her my pants so I paid her back immediately. I make a habit of not being in debt. We sat at the table, taking slices from our respective sides of the pizza.

Cassie fetched an open two-liter bottle of soda from Andy's fridge. No pressure on her blouse as she bent and poured two glasses. The diet soda was also flat, perhaps because the bottle had been open in Andy's fridge, and he'd been gone - how long? - a week. From my vantage point at the table, I spied Andy's toolbox, a six-drawer green metal cupboard for all of his tools. Andy bragged that there wasn't a tool he didn't own. It sounded like Cassie believed Andy's tool was hers and hers alone. No sharing with Keiko or anyone else.

Cassie looked up from a meatless slice. "So, tell me, when you were dating, did you have one girl?"

One at a time, usually. "I dated around. Why?"

"But when you met your wife, was that exclusive? I mean, after you got serious?"

"Yes. Her and her alone." Harriett was a real prick teaser, too. Barely played around with me. Made her seem more exciting than she was. I had no idea she wasn't being coy, just reluctant. Boy, was I a sucker.

"Andy and I are like that. Serious. We make love every night. Which is why," she stared back at the entry shelf, "Andy getting a gift from that slut upsets me so." Her hung her head. "And she's one of my sisters!" Then her body began to bounce with deep sobs.

The crying got progressively worse. I stood and came around the back of her chair. Rubbing her shoulders didn't work, but it did get her attention. She stood and faced me. The dark curls hung limp around her face. I took her in my arms to comfort her. She looked up with pleading eyes. She leaned in and tilted her face up, positioning herself for a kiss, our lips just inches away. Nope, I wasn't going there.

"I'm soooo lonely." Her voice was breathy, sensual, in sharp contrast to her girl next-door look. Her forehead was dotted with beads of perspiration. Her eyes were shut, her lips puckered.

She was hot, at least, physically - and maybe that other way too. I checked out her chest to calm myself.

After waiting for what seemed to be an eternity, she opened her eyes. It must have clicked that I wasn't going to kiss her. Or anything else. "I don't know about you, but I'm boiling. Do you mind if I change?" she asked.

"Into what? Do you have clothes here?"

"Sure, for when I stay over. Don't you think we do that? We're a couple."

I needed to repeat that fact to myself. I liked Andy too much to mess with his girl. "Go on. You look like you're about to faint."

She walked towards the front door, as if drawn to Keiko's package, then made a sharp turn to what I suspected was Andy's bedroom.

Cassie returned in a strapless six-inch band of thin blue material that acted as a tube top and a pair of matching panties. All of the important parts were covered, thank God, but there was still a lot of skin showing. With no tits, the band lay flat. "No worse than a bikini, right?"

I hadn't stopped wiping my brow of sweat ever since we'd arrived. Cassie's outfit didn't help. "Yeah, sure." I refused to think about Cassie in a sexual manner. She was Andy's girlfriend. I was doing nothing but keeping her company. My dick had other ideas and got a bit inflated, but nothing my boxers couldn't hide.

"I can't stand it!" Cassie bolted to the shelf. Her panties clung to her round buttocks as she jogged. Paper flew in shreds. She ripped open an envelope attached to the plain brown cardboard and held up the contents. "Dear Andy, Thanks for last Friday night." Cassie looked up. "Andy said he was at a poker game on Friday. Boy's night out, he said." She continued reading. "Playing around with you was great - she spelled it G-R and the number eight." Cassie's face was red. "I got this sneak preview of a brand new game. Maybe we - she spelled it Wii - can play around some more, soon. XOXO, Keiko." Cassie threw the plastic cartridge onto the table. "Who the fuck does she think she is? Just because she has tits!"

This time, no remorse for swearing. Keiko sounded like stiff competition.

The game cartridge had a big sticker on the front, BETA 3.1, but no branding. I read the prose on the back sticker out loud. "Barbey Island Rescue. Barbey is stranded on a deserted island. As Kenny, rescue her and earn your rewards. The faster you save her, the hotter the action. Rated X. Not for under 18."

Cassie was still red-faced. "The last thing I need is a game starring some over-stacked bimbo."

"Tits don't matter," I said. 'It's what's inside." I pointed to my heart and then to my head.

"Really? That's so sweet." Cassie's smile returned in slow motion. "Okay, let's try it."

Huh? Cassie and I playing an X-rated video game? Bad idea, but how to refuse without divulging the root cause of my reluctance? My root was still flaccid, thank goodness. "I don't have much experience."

"Please?" Cassie batted her eyelashes.

It's only a video game. How bad could X be with cartoon characters? "Okay, one time."

I sat back as Cassie bent over to insert the cartridge. Without her clothes, her body was on display: thin waist, full hips and two round ass cheeks peeking out of her blue panties with lace trim. Any movement seemed to cause her panties to crawl up into her crack. My dick inflated involuntarily, just a bit more.

Despite the fact that we'd both created avatars, screen personas, this game wanted more information. For Cassie's character, it asked for breast size.

"Great! Since I'm pretending to be Barbey, I'll make myself a little bigger." Cassie specified a busty 38C.

A little? I used my controller to specify my character. The game asked for a new attribute for me as well - penis length. I clicked on the arrow until the number read "8."

"Good, we've both exaggerated."

"I didn't." Shit, did I say that out loud?

Cassie swallowed hard and sneaked a covert peek at my crotch before she handed me my controller.

A digital counter in the corner of the screen appeared to limit the time to solve the puzzles and save Barbey. I pressed START. "PHASE ONE BEGIN" appeared on the screen. My cartoon avatar stood on the beach of an island. A forest of trees began behind the beach, blocking the view of the island's interior. On the ground a few feet away was a large ax. As I moved with the controller, my on-screen body pivoted. The timer began a second by second countdown. A mechanical metal mouse scooted up to me and stopped at my foot. I ignored the artificial rodent. Looking out at the water, another island was visible in the distance.

I heard a chimp sound, ooh, ooh, oohing, then my character wobbled on screen. I turned to see a monkey clinging to a tall palm tree by one arm and two feet. He threw a coconut at me and hit me square in the forehead. My character fell, lifeless.

PLAY AGAIN? flickered on the screen.

"You're right, you're not very good," she said.

I wasn't about to quit that soon. I hadn't done anything yet. "Once more." My pride forced me to press YES.

"This time, for us Homo sapiens," she said to encourage me.

My musing about why we weren't Hetero Sapiens, like heterosexuals, was interrupted by Cassie's slap of my ass. "Beat the monkey."

Did she know that was a euphemism for masturbation? This time, I ducked three coconut projectiles. Defeated and out of ammunition, the monkey shook a fist and swung off into the distance. I heard a squawk and turned towards another tree. A bird in the upper branches of a palm repeated its call, and then flew down. It pecked at my head, my face, and my body, delivering a relentless series of fatal punctures. I died.

PLAY AGAIN? the screen read.

"That was quite a pecker," said Cassie.

Wait until she saw mine. Hold on, she wasn't going to see mine. She was Andy's girl. What was I thinking? "I hate these games." I let the controller fall to the floor. "They're stupid."

"No, don't give up." Cassie bent at the waist and retrieved my controller. There was that ass again. My prick pulsed. "It's a puzzle."

"Right, an arbitrary series of actions and reactions. There's no logic in it." If I'm a student of something besides accidental sexual encounters, it's logic.

"Try again." Cassie held out the controller.

I crossed my arms. "If you're so enthusiastic, you do it."

Cassie jumped to the challenge, grabbing her controller. She stood in front of me, partially blocking the screen. Her buttocks were half exposed by panties that were working their way into her crevice. 'Tits, ' I commanded myself.

In her scenario, Cassie's avatar, Barbey, stood on the beach with those unrealistic breasts, precisely to Cassie's specification, overflowing a skimpy flower print bikini. "I guess it's now Barbey Rescues Kenny." She ducked the three coconuts, a move she'd learned from my experience. I watched carefully to learn from her mistakes. She picked up the ax and began cutting down a tree. "I'm going to build a raft. Hang on, I'm coming to save you." The sound of the ax striking wood seemed to keep the bird at bay. "See, the sound scares the bird."

"That proves my point. A random cause and effect."

"I wonder what the mouse does?" She paused to pick up the creature. A loud trumpeting sound and ground tremble announced a stampede. A herd of elephants rumbled from the forest, knocking down trees and trampling the buxom heroine.


"Good job," I said. "Much more elegant to die by elephants than by a thousand small pecks."

I took my control from the coffee table. "Maybe I can just swim there."

When my turn started, I headed straight for the water. The game knew I was swimming, even though only one hand held a controller. The coconuts fell short of their target. A few dozen yards out, I saw a shark fin, circling. Shit! No matter how fast I swam, the shark closed the gap. My character went under, and a red spill formed on the surface.


I was getting pissed. That's what happens when I play these stupid adventure games. I get involved, perhaps as a reaction to a threat to my manhood, and keep at it until I figure out the stupid rules that came from the demented mind of the programmer.

Cassie stood with her controller but I grabbed her wrist. "Still my turn." Sure enough, the bird stayed in its tree perch while I cut down trees. It was time consuming, and the digital counter was heading to zero quickly. One of the trees split, a shard making a nice paddle. I wrapped vines around the logs and pushed the raft into the water. The shark appeared. I thrust the paddle at the demon and he bit it in two. Then he took a bite out of the raft. I was dead seconds later.

More attempts yielded the same result. I'd gotten lots of practice avoiding the monkey and the pecking bird. It was easier to manipulate the ax and logs and vines with the obligatory practice. I could hack at two trees at same time, shortening the process. The mouse hung close, useless. Building and launching the raft always led to a fatal confrontation with the shark. It ate the paddle, a coconut I tried to choke it with, palm leaves, everything I could think of. "I need a better shark weapon." The next time, I took the ax on the raft. When the shark appeared, I swung the ax through its head. "There. Now I won't be bothered." That's when more shark fins appeared, dozens of them. The group of Sharkey's friends ate the raft and me even faster.


I collapsed on the couch.

"The mouse has to be there for something," Cassie whined.

I'd been so engrossed in the game I'd almost forgotten my scantily attired gaming partner. She had moved closer to me, our bodies touching. Her lack of breast volume tended to keep me limp, but all of that exposed skin was tempting. My prick grew and shrank, conflicted. "It stampedes elephants. Maybe if we put our heads together, we can-" I didn't get the chance to say 'figure this out.' Cassie grabbed my head, pulled it towards her and leaned in for a quick kiss. Her wet hair slapped my ears.

Her face reddened. She looked scared. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean - I mean, before we almost - oh God, I've wanted to do that all night. Don't be angry. It's just-"

"I guess that's one of putting our heads together." Maybe the joke would break the tension. It was excusable. I stroked her hair. She was horny for her boyfriend, and I was sitting next to her in t-shirt and boxers. "No problem. Forgotten and forgiven." What was I thinking about before the forced kiss? The mouse. That's right. Mice and elephants? "Aren't elephants supposed to be scared of mice? Trying holding the mouse up."

Cassie stood. That's when I noticed that her panties were bright blue at the crotch, and the moist area was spreading. That couldn't have been from our incidental kiss. God, how horny was she?

After avoiding the coconut projectiles and the bird, Cassie had her on screen persona pick up the mouse. The elephants charged. But when she held up the mouse, they stopped and reversed course. And in the process, they'd felled more trees than necessary to construct a raft.

"There, no need to cut them down," I urged. "Keep going."

As she built the raft, Cassie struggled with her panties, which kept slipping due to their drenched state. She'd pull at them one-way, or tug the other. After all her effort, it looked like all she'd done was stretch them.

Cassie completed the raft and got it out onto the water. Her body swayed back and forth as she paddled, simulating the real motions. I hadn't been using body language, merely flicking my wrist to get the on screen result. Despite her realistic strokes, she suffered the same predictable fate - lunch for Sharkey. Cassie adjusted her panties, but the result left them more embedded between her buttocks than before, and sagging at her hips.

"Okay, smarty pants." When she turned around, her panties had slipped down, below her slightly rounded belly, just above her pussy, dark blue except for the top edge, which had not absorbed her pubic moisture. A narrowing patch of pubic hair shaped like an arrow pointed down. I needed no coaching where Cassie's coochie was. Hanging low, the panties left gaps at the creases between her groin and thighs. I was exposed to much more of her than necessary. "You figure out a way past the shark." She sat back and crossed her arms. Sweat dripped from her hair, now a stringy mass.

The phrase PLAY AGAIN? throbbed on the screen, taunting me.

My shoulder drooped. This game was physically exhausting. The overheated room wasn't helping my energy level either. And a practically naked woman, flat cheated or not, shared my space.

"One more try," I sighed.

I'd thrown everything else at the shark. What was there to lose? I refined my plan. Moving down the beach, the elephants followed a curved path, knocking down even more trees.

I launched the raft in record time. When the shark opened its jaws, I tossed the mechanical rodent down its throat. The shark coughed, its eyes bulged out, and disappeared beneath the waves. I paddled for all I was worth towards the other island. A small figure, I figured it was Barbey, waved vigorously. Dark clouds gathered above my raft, a localized storm. Lightning cracked. Thunder rolled. One bolt shot down smack dab onto the raft, zapping me into lifelessness.


"You shouldn't have paddled into a thunderstorm. Aim for fair weather. Watch," she said.

Cassie built the raft, and then paddled as if her life depended on it, not like she was a cartoon character who'd get infinite chances against Sharky. Her hips swiveled left, then right, as she changed sides with her controller, establishing a two-strokes-on-each-side rhythm. Cassie tugged at her panties, a distraction to her pursuit of rescue. For me, also a diversion. Her blue panties were a faint memory, with a mere sliver of cloth between the cheeks and around her waist.

She stopped suddenly. I pulled my eyes from her ass. She'd made it to the other island by landing further down the beach. Cassie turned and faced me, arms above her head in a Rocky dance of victory. Behind her, the screen flashed "PHASE TWO BEGIN." On screen, Barbey jumped in rhythm, large breasts practically escaping from her bikini. Cassie's panties threatened to slide from her hips altogether.

"I did it!" With the vigorous vertical motion, the hair arrow was fully exposed. Cassie's panties dropped dangerously below her rounded belly. Without assistance, they'd drop to her ankles and expose her pussy, something I dreaded. It was one thing to focus on her ass, even to the point of getting an erection. But seeing her naked from the waist down would be too much. After all, I'm only human. Or man.

She noticed the panty predicament and pulled them up. Way up. The material sculpted to her cunt lips, the promise of a deep crease between them. And then, in slow motion, the cloth slid into the crease, her pussy lips exposed on both sides of the tugged material. I swallowed hard. Cripes! Except for the strip of material across her chest, Cassie was, for all intents and purposes, naked. And my intent and purpose with naked young women has always been clear. My cock throbbed in my pants. No, Cassie was Andy's girl. I had no right to do anything. My prick didn't agree.

The game clock continued through Cassie's celebration and my fascination. A buzzer sounded behind her.


I decided that focusing on the game was better than staring at Cassie's pussy. Better? No, but safer. "Great job. Let me see if I can improve on your score."

I used all the tricks we'd learned, beating Cassie's time. I turned to examine the surroundings, just in time to see a coconut thrown at my head by a monkey in a tree. The same monkey? Stupid question, there's no logic in this game. "Damn!"

I worked quicker with what seemed like hours of practice under my belt. I reached the island, prepared to duck the monkey's one, two, three attempts to crack my skull. There was a fourth coconut, but I ducked that one too. Was the game adapting, getting harder? From the distance, I saw her, Barbey running towards me, arms out, breasts bouncing. That got me harder under my belt. With just a few yards between us, Barbey took a step and sunk from sight. Her arm waved briefly above the sand, and then disappeared.


"Where did she go?" I asked.

"Quicksand, or something like it. The color and texture is different. See?" Cassie pointed.

She was right. I hadn't noticed or expected that hazard. But that's the kind of trick wacky game developers create. "How was I supposed to see that coming?" I didn't ask Cassie's permission to take another turn. I missed Sharky's mouth on my next try and had to go back. Was his movement different?

With concentration, I landed on the destination island on my next attempt. After the monkey departed, I tried to maneuver around the quicksand, but it stretched across the entire beach. This time, as soon as Barbey sunk, I was prepared and threw her a vine. She grabbed it, holding tight. I pulled her out, minus her top, sandy breasts jiggling.

The screen announced "ENTERING TWO PLAYER MODE."

"Oh God, I'm naked," said Cassie.

She was almost correct, and I didn't need to be reminded. My erection waved inside my boxers.

The game clock had been reset to fifteen seconds. Barbey planted a big kiss on Kenny.

Cassie came off the couch and stood between the screen and me. "A kiss for my hero." She went up on tippy toes and pressed her lips against mine. I bent forward, so she wouldn't feel my erection against her belly. Her naked belly. Her naked belly with cunt lips exposed just below. God, how was I going to get out of here without violating my relationship with Andy by violating his girlfriend?

The buzzer sounded.


"Well, that was a lot of work, just for a kiss." I dropped the controller.

"Oh, I don't know. Not if the kiss was really good." Cassie swayed, one knee in front of the other, a typical coy pose, and then came forward for a second unexpected sample. She let her lips linger. This time, I couldn't avoid below the waist contact. "You're really getting into the game, aren't you?"

"I guess so. I feel invested."

"You're Kenny and I'm Barbey, right?" she asked.

"Sure." Minus two succulent breasts.

"What's fair is fair. After I save you, you'll need to thank me." Cassie swapped the game around, so it was Barbey saving Kenny. "Just watch."

Cassie used all of the tricks we developed to get from one island to the other quickly. The monkey decked her with his second coconut. On her next try, she picked up the first miss and threw it back, knocking the monkey from his tree perch. "That'll teach the little bastard."

I, that is Kenny, ran towards Barbey in a loincloth, with my package bouncing beneath. An eight-incher, by my specification. And Kenny fell into quicksand, as we both expected. Cassie pulled him out, sans loincloth. Also expected. On screen, in proportion to the character's body, it seemed more than eight inches, but it was erect and pointed. Cassie swallowed hard. I was hard too. I knew she'd noticed and even felt it against her, but hoped she wouldn't take advantage.

In two-player mode with a grant of fifteen seconds, there was time for a kiss or two. Cassie curled her finger, a "come hither" gesture. I took her face in my hands and kissed deeply. It felt less wrong the second time. After all, we deserved some reward for getting this far. I just had to remember my self-imposed limits. I was not going to have sex with Andy's girlfriend.

"I wonder what happens if we get there with more time?" she asked.

Good question, but whatever Barbey and Kenny did, we didn't have to mimic. Still, Cassie and I became partners, dedicated to a single goal. We collaborated on a strategy to optimize our movements, before the game adapted and got too hard to beat. We optimized the raft construction by laying the vines first and having the trees fall on them. We chose fatter paddles for the raft, and sheer practice allowed us to toss the mouse, anticipating the shark's position, mouth open.

On my next turn, with Cassie cheering from the sofa, I beat my best time by about eight seconds, including extracting topless Barbey from the quicksand.

The screen reminded us "ENTERING TWO PLAYER MODE" with a grant was thirty seconds.

The kiss became an embrace, Kenny's hands on Barbey's bare breasts, squeezing them before the buzzer signaling "Game Over". We mirrored the on-screen reward, but I let my arms dangle at my sides, for two reasons. One, Cassie had no tits to fondle, and two, we were approaching a dangerous boundary. I hunched my back so my erection wouldn't rub against Cassie again. She grabbed my ass and pulled me close. I guess I should have considered my self lucky that she didn't push me onto my back and mount me, without permission.

"You're not going to let this game beat us, are you?" Cassie asked. We were still in our embrace, bodies close.

My dick twitched, looking for action I wouldn't allow. "No way." The idea of simulated sex on screen had become intriguing. I just had to remember not to do it in real life.

The game was exhausting for me. I hoped Cassie was getting tired, so that we'd poop out before she accidentally put out. We were both hot, from the physical demands of the game, the physical temperature, and bodies exposed except for a few remaining articles of clothing.

"I've got an idea," she said. "Go ahead, I'll tell you when."

I grabbed my controller and faced the monkey, the bird, the elephants, and the shark. As I replayed, Cassie plastered herself to my back as I paddled the raft, sweat on sweat. "What are you doing?"

"Cheering you on."

Her hand moved from around my waist to my groin. Her fingers diddled with my prick through my boxers.

'Stop it!" The distraction slowed me down, and I had to paddle harder to correct my course or suffer a thunderstorm and certain death. Well, Kenny's death.

When I landed our raft on the beach, Cassie cried, "Drag the paddles with you." As Barbey approached, Cassie shouted, "Lay the paddles across the quicksand."

Sure enough, the bridge worked. Barbey tiptoed across the hazard using the paddles as a bridge. One minute and one second left on the clock.


"Bonus game?" I asked.

We looked at each other. The background music changed from up-tempo to sensuous mood music. Barbey and Kenny faced each other, in profile, on the beach. These versions of the characters were not cartoon characters. The artwork was more realistic, more sophisticated. Barbey's tits and Kenny's prick stuck out. Oh yes, and that pesky bird sat in a tree as the audience.

I dared speculate on the objective of this bonus game. "Are we going to have sex?" I meant 'they.'

"It sure looks like it," replied Cassie.

The game clock showed three minutes.

"We can't have sex in three minutes!" Cassie exclaimed.

She and I weren't going to have sex at all, but I understood her point. Timed sex was a difficult concept to grasp. Even a quickie takes longer than what they gave us. Unless Barbey and Kenny fucked at an animated rate. After all, they were animated characters.

I removed Barbey's bikini. Kenny did, that is. Barbey's tits didn't sag an inch. Cassie, I mean Barbey, pulled off my loincloth. Kenny's, I mean. The screen showed two sets of health and emotion meters. Our health was good, but our emotion meters fluctuated near zero.

We stood, facing each other, and our on-screen counterparts did the same. We didn't know which way to position our controllers to put Barbey and Kenny in the correct position. Using a natural and logical motion, I moved the controller forward and back, and Kenny humped, thumping his dick against Barbey.

"You'll never penetrate standing up," said Cassie. "Let's lay down."

I presumed she meant the characters, not us. I tilted my controller forward from vertical and Kenny lay down. Barbey was still standing. Cassie tilted her controller and Barbey fell on her back, but her legs were closed. When Cassie rotated her controller, parallel with her belly, Barbey's legs spread.

That's when Cassie went horizontal on Andy's couch. The couch was his. So was Cassie. It was difficult to remember, with her moist pussy lips poking out from her soaked panties. But I promised myself I wouldn't take advantage. Our controllers, however, were distance sensitive, and so on-screen Kenny was laying four feet away from the object of his desire.

"Come here, I won't bite," Cassie said. I climbed between her legs, remaining on my knees. The on-screen twosome were now in missionary position. I didn't have to be poking Cassie with my prick to make Kenny do it with Barbey. I held my weight on one extended arm while making gestures with my left. Now, I'm a righty, so my left arm and hand aren't that coordinated. Kenny jerked and wobbled above his prone sex partner. The timer clicked down steadily, relentlessly.

"Put some body English into it," Cassie shouted. "God, don't you know how to fuck?"

I've never been insulted by a woman about my technique, except that one time in college. Ah, but that's another story. I held the controller steady and rocked my body. Kenny was doing better, plunging in and out of Barbey, who raised her voice, keeping the pecking bird at bay.

Cassie and I watched the screen, our counterparts fucking, awkwardly.

"That's it. Don't stop. Oh my God!" Cassie was getting vicarious thrills from the role-play.

I looked down. My erection had popped out from the opening in my boxers, stiff and red. I leaned back and attempted to stuff it back into my shorts, but Cassie grabbed my wrist.

"Don't bother. Boy, you weren't kidding, were you?"

The implication was that Andy was smaller, but I didn't want confirmation. "Yeah. But I shouldn't be exposing myself."

A buzzer sounded. Time had run out.


"We almost had it," she said.

I stood up, my penis at a ninety degree angle. "Aren't you tired of this game?"

"Not until I get an orgasm. The ultimate reward, right?"

I assumed she meant Barbey. That also assumed we could get the simulated sex right. "Okay, whose turn?"

"You go." She stood next to me, hands on my shoulder, trying not to impede my progress. I was past the monkey and bird and elephants and shark and across the water in my best time yet.

"Wow, that was awesome!" Cassie jumped up and down. No flesh on her chest to wiggle or wobble. I glanced at the floor. Her soaked panties sat in a wet lump on the rug. I'd been concentrating too hard on the game to notice. She grabbed her controller, laid back and spread her legs. "You might as well take off your boxers, for all the good they're doing."

She was right. With my prick fully exposed, they were only good to trip over. I tugged them down.

"Now get up here, quickly."

The timer for our simulated sex had already begun, and the pecking bird was opening its wings, ready to fly down and exact fatal damage.

"Make some noise," she said.

I joined her in making sounds, but our characters remained silent. As I moved the controller, Kenny thrust into Barbey. She moaned, and the bird stopped.

Cassie held her controller stick horizontal under my prick, which slid back and forth, rubbing against the smooth plastic cylinder. There was no friction but I remained rock hard.

"You're leaking," she said.

"You should talk," I replied.

The emotional indicators were at about fifty percent on our characters, but went no higher.

"We still aren't doing this right. Hold the controller against your hip."

I did as she asked.

"Now," Cassie continued, "move like you're fucking."

I dipped and thrust my hips forward. The tip of my dick slid up Cassie's belly. I pulled back and made another pass. Kenny began to move in and out, at the same rate. Cassie relocated her horizontal controller to the top surface of my penis. That way, she could direct the motion and the pressure against her stomach. Cassie's moans mimicked Barbey's, high pitched and sharp. I groaned with each exhalation. Kenny's fucking was smoother, and both of their emotional meters rose past fifty percent. The health meters readings dropped, but not much. Our tempo increased.

Cassie's fingers toyed with my cock as it slid past her controller. "Keep going, I think we're going to win!"

Seeing time fly away, I picked up the pace. On one pullback, I went too far, and my forward thrust bumped my prick against Cassie's crotch. I startled, repositioned my knees, and continued the non-intrusive rubbing of prick on belly. Our characters hit a plateau at seventy-five percent.

The buzzer sounded. I got up and leaned back against the far corner of the couch. My dick was sticking straight up. There was no point in covering up, not now.

Cassie sat up, cross-legged. Her cunt was fully exposed, shining and damp. "Damn, this isn't working. It's not natural."

She was right. Using our hands to direct the controllers, which in turn moved Barbey and Kenny's bodies, was much too indirect. Our on-screen personas had gotten excited, but not enough to climax. We'd lost.

"Shit! I want to win this game," Cassie shouted. "And there's only one way we're going to do that."

I didn't ask.

She looked left and right, stopping her search at Andy's green toolbox. She marched over, threw open drawer after drawer, fumbled through the contents and extracted a roll of duct tape. She tossed it onto the coffee table and took her position in front of the screen.

Cassie choked her controller, jaw clenched. Her body undulated as she maneuvered Barbey through the hazards. As she paddled in a crouch, her glistening pussy swayed, wet and inviting. My cock lurched. I wanted to emulate her previous cheerleading, hold her from behind, run my fingers through her cunt lips and stimulate her clit. But I didn't. I just sat and drooled.

When her arms dropped at her sides, she'd beaten my score handily. Nearly two minutes remained.


We'd been awarded five minutes, a nice improvement.

Cassie tore two pieces of tape off the roll using her mouth. She used one to attach her controller flat and horizontal, below her belly button. "Get over here."

I crawled back between her legs holding my controller. She held it just above my hip and applied the second piece of tape.

'Now, let's get going, before that bird pecks us to death."

I positioned myself like the last time, with my prick sliding up Cassie's belly. Now, it was hitting the controller.

"Don't, you'll knock it off." She slid back. My dick was between her thighs.

"Hump!" she commanded.

On my first motion forward, my prick grazed her pussy but didn't go in. I tried to change position, so my thrusts would not be aiming for her slit, but she'd taken away that option by her position.

"Again!" she shouted.

Repeating the motion got the same result, thank goodness.

Cassie grabbed my dick. "Scoot up, big boy."

This was so wrong. "You're not suggesting that we-"

"Right now, at this moment, we're not Harvey and Cassie. We're Kenny and Barbey. And Kenny and Barbey need to fuck. Seriously."

"But you're Andy's girlfriend."

"That didn't stop him playing around with Keiko." Either perspiration or tears ran down her cheek. "I want to win this game real bad," she said. "Don't let me down, Kenny."

I glanced at the screen. Kenny was positioned between Barbey's legs. So was I. Barbey was ready, taking my prick her in her hand and positioning it at her pussy. "Easy in," she said.

It was only a simulation, I told myself. With only a slight lean, Kenny entered Barbey. She was quite moist, providing lubrication for the head and an inch more. On screen and below me, Barbey grunted. I wiggled up, balanced my weight on my arms and knees and tilted my hips. Kenny slid in further.

"Ooooh God," Barbey moaned. "Don't stop, the clock is ticking."

So I didn't stop. I thrust, gently at first, then more vigorously. Barbey writhed below me, lifting her hips to meet mine. Sweat dripped from my face onto the thin band across her chest. I'd seen it all except whatever was under the band of material across her chest. I pushed my face against the cloth, displacing it from her tits. Or where her tits should have been. I placed my lips on one flat nipple and sucked. And sucked again, hard, as if to give her a nipple hickey.

"What are you doing? I've got nothing up there. Stop!"

Except her movement became more exaggerated with my sucking. I gave her other nipple similar treatment. Her legs folded over the backs of mine. I was still only half buried and Barbey was groaning and panting.

The buzzer sounded. Had that been five minutes?

Our sex organs still coupled, we paused. A cold dread gave me goosebumps. Oh God! I'd penetrated Andy's girlfriend, despite my best efforts to avoid it. I leaned back, to get out and up.

Her hands grabbed my ass, and she kept her legs wrapped around mine. I wasn't going anywhere."I'm not done," Cassie said. "And you didn't finish either, did you?"

There was no reason to lie. "No, but so what?. I've done too much already."

"The hell you have!" Her voice was too loud for our immediate proximity. "We'll play this fucking game over and over until - until -"I knew the punch line.

"Do you really have the energy for that?" I could have added, 'and fucking too?' but I didn't.

Cassie's chest heaved a sigh. Her pussy contracted around my prick. My cock throbbed in response. I still hadn't gone down. God, her cunt felt great."Do you have a good imagination?" Cassie asked.

"Oh yes. Very good." Sex with Cassie had left nothing to my imagination.

"Then I want you to imagine that, as Kenny, you have a super power. You can fly." She squeezed her pelvic muscles. She had a secret power too.

"And what would I do with that power?" I asked. Fly the hell out of Andy's apartment? Too late. I was four inches inside his girlfriend.

"Pretend that as game started, you flew to the other island and rescued me. How long would that take?"

"Just a few seconds, probably."

"Less if you hurried. And, for such a performance, we'd be awarded unlimited time for the two-player bonus game. Sound good?" Her cunt muscles rippled, giving my prick a moist massage.

Quite a decision. I couldn't honestly deny that I'd fucked Cassie, just not to orgasm. The worst was past us. Was there any harm in finishing the job? I answered by pushing another inch into her pussy. "Oh yes, very good."

Cassie showered kisses all over my face. Her hands grabbed and massaged my shoulders and back and ass. We were fucking hard, our pubic areas colliding with each thrust. Can you break a pubic bone?

Somehow, the screen was registering us even though we hadn't started a new game. Maybe it was a bug in the software. The health indicators were marginal, but the emotion meters for both of us were teasing 100%. With everything I had left, which wasn't much, I attacked her, punishing her pussy with long deep thrusts, followed by a dozen or more quick tickles of her vaginal opening. Then, back to long penetration.

"I can't take any more." Barbey panted and pleaded. "Now, oh, please, now, it has to be nowwwwwww." Her hips came up from the couch, her back arched. My balls exploded cum into her welcoming pussy. Animated fireworks erupted on screen, documenting our victory.

I pulled my dead weight from Cassie's spent body. She'd melted into the couch after a muscle-clenching orgasm. I sat near, her legs stretched over my lap. "I usually hate these games." I rubbed her legs, from knee to ankle.

"Don't tell Andy, but so do I."

I thought about Andy. How could I live with myself, fucking his girlfriend?

She flicked my soft dick. "Think we can beat our time?"

We'd cheated, and Cassie sounded embarrassed. Not for cheating on her boyfriend, but cheating at the game. "Maybe, if we work closely."

"Oh, I like working closely with you." Her hand fell into my lap.

I'm not much for games, but after a slice of cold pizza and a little attention, I'd be ready for a rematch.

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