Five Little Words
Chapter 1

Sometimes people remember the strangest things at the strangest moments.

Sometimes it's a sight, a smell, or a situation. Other times it might be a phrase that causes anxiety and you don't know why. All you know is that it's caused your body to react in a negative manner.

And sometime some of us realize that it's the hand of "fate" that causes us to be more aware of our surroundings than others because it refuses to leave us alone.

I remember the moment when my marriage was over. When I looked back at what was the trigger that signaled it, it was at Friday, August 22 2008 at 6:38 pm when I looked at the clock on the dining room wall.

We were in the middle of our family dinner when five simple words were uttered that changed our lives forever.

They were "Guess what, I ran into Teala today"

Of course there were other words mixed into the conversation, but those were the words that made my insides go cold as a chill raced my spine.

There might be a million people named "Teala" in the world, but only one elicited that response from me.

Let me go back and explain some of what was going on so that it makes more sense.

My name is Jason Thomas. I am the only son of Martha and Steven Thomas.

Fate has always played a large role in my life. In fact since the moment I took my first breath.

For example, my mother almost didn't carry me to term because she was in an automobile accident and they had to rush her to the hospital due to complications.

They had to take me at only six and a half mos., and against all odds, I survived not only a premature birth but the collision caused when the drunk driver ran the light and hit my mother's side of the car. My mother had some spine damage and she would forever need to walk with a cane afterwards but I really showed no ill effects of the accident.

My father worked hard to provide for us, but the settlement from the accident made it somewhat easier and my parents insisted that I go to college and get a good start on life. Growing up I was somewhat gangly and my father took to working out with me once I reached fourteen. I reached my maximum height at fifteen of 6'1".

He kept saving one day I would have a body that women would be proud to be seen with. But that didn't happen until I was almost out of college. For some reason my body waited until I was almost 22 to show the fruit of my hard work. But it also might have been the poor eating habits and light nights as well.

It was only by the briefest of chances that during my senior year I met Katharine Galownia, but to me and everyone else we were to only call her Katie. She just preferred that, as she said only her parents called her Katharine whenever she was in trouble.

When I met Katie she could have stopped traffic without trying. Anything she wore she made look good. She looked like a California swimsuit model with her long flowing light blonde hair and very generous figure.

I wouldn't have ever met her but we were in the same Computer science lab one afternoon. I was putting the polish on a project for one of my classes "Data Analysis using Spreadsheets" when I heard an exasperated sigh from the front of the room.

Normally I wouldn't have stopped to speak with one of the beautiful people, but I heard "This is stupid. How do they expect me to figure what they want out without more information?"

Walking slightly closer I could see it was similar material as to what I was just working on. I was really only taking this class in case I needed some form of managerial foundation. I didn't want to be in the trenches forever.

"Do you need any help?" I asked.

Katie gave me a strange look. It was then I figured that she thought I was trying to pick her up.

"No I'm good thanks," said Katie tersely as she went back to her work.

"Ok, but the problem you've having is you're not using a pivot table to sort your data. If you don't use one then none of your data will line up correctly," I said as I started for the door.

"Wait, what do you mean use a pivot table?" asked Katie just as I reached the door.

Returning to her workstation I sat near, but not close enough to touch, and pointed out how the basics of a pivot table worked. Soon I could see that she was starting to grasp it.

Katie was overjoyed.

Suddenly she started asking questions and I tried to tailor my answers to keep them as simple as possible. I could see her starting to make sense out of what I was trying to teach her.

As I wound down, and could see she was getting it, I stood up to leave. Katie stood up and tightly hugged me. It was all I could do to will "little" Jason to stay asleep and keep from coming out to see what the fuss was all about from his home in the crotch of my pants.

Almost as if she realized what she had done she released me and returned to her station smiling.

Katie and I would meet a few different times over the course of my last year. I found out in bits and pieces when I helped her that she was an only child. Her father had been killed in a mine cave-in and she was raised by her mother on the death benefits and the insurance money.

Katie had worked hard on her own with part time jobs to go to school and she was majoring in communications. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do with her life yet, but she did know she wanted to work with people and not be cooped up a stuffy office the whole time.

While I enjoyed her company I knew I was way out of my league. Katie never seemed to act like she thought I was more than a friend. Guys do know when the girls see you as hot and available, or if they only see you as the guy who helps them with their homework.

Girls really do let you know these things if you're paying attention.

Besides, I didn't date and I was coming up on my twenty second year as a virgin. I had no problem being attracted to girls, but I just didn't have the time to spare for anything but preparing for my future life.

Between college work-study, studying, and my small part time job to pay for anything over my basic room and board I just didn't have time for a girlfriend. Not if I wanted to graduate in the top percentile of my class and get a good job. I only had one shot at top of my class and I really wanted that badly.

As such all my hard work at school paid off and I did graduate at the top of my class with honors.

The only thing I really regretted, when I looked back at my college years, was that I never asked Katie out. That and I never did date anyone else or really do anything outside of the computer lab. I sacrificed a lot to be the best in college.

If fate had left me alone I would have been happier, but it was determined to keep playing a hand in my life.

My first job out of college was with a smaller company that was on the rise and was hiring an Assistant service manager for their computer service department.

I would take over part of the duties for the service manager and I would be the one would to interface with the customers about their repairs. It would also allow me to polish up on the latest computer applications and hardware.

I applied for the job, and I beat out four other candidates for it. I was later told on my first day that I wasn't hired because I was the best qualified. One of the other applicants actually had better qualifications than I had.

That stunned me. I started wondering what the ulterior motive behind my hiring was.

The partner of the company who hired me went on to relieve the he could see was stress in my face. He said I was hired because while I did have the qualifications to work here, and would be an asset, it was my manners that set me apart from the others candidates.

A lot of their customers were doctors and Attorneys, and they would expect common curtsey as something they earned after eight to ten years of devoting their lives to learning their craft. Not to mention that manners also would also go a long way towards calming down irate customers.

Because of that I was picked because I really impressed the three people who interviewed me for the job with my level of professionalism and manners.

I was stunned. I never knew how much my mother's demanding that I use my manners all the time would be something I would be able to market into a job. She so ingrained it into me that it was now second nature.

Now I was able to start my new job, and for a year I was relatively happy. Eventually I would go out on customer calls to verify what our techs were doing what they needed to do to keep the customers happy.

It was on one such a call that I again ran into Katie again.

She was working at the company that I was visiting. She had been having problems with her computer workstation, and so far we had failed to fix it. We had tried to move her company from an older version of Novell to a Microsoft operating system.

The problem with that approach was there was no direct upgrade path for that. So the best we could do was move as much of their data as we could and then try to find out what didn't work. We also had to get various replacement applications for what didn't work.

The sales staff did the best they could, but the customer was still finding various little things that they "forgot" that we still needed to fix. It was things like this that kept us from closing the ticket on this conversion.

I had talked to Katie before on the phone, but to be honest I never put her name with the girl from college. For some reason after graduating she hadn't returned home, but stayed in Indiana. And to be honest I didn't just assume that everyone named Katherine Galownia was related to Katie so I made no assumptions.

I also didn't connect her with the name because the woman on the other end of the phone was a "touch" irate when she called in to complain.

When I went to see her I saw right away it was Katie from school. I tried to play it cool and not stare, but if anything Katie had become better looking than she had ever been before in school.

Of course by now "my" hard work on changing my body was also paying off. I had a few dates during the year, but not one clicked. And to be honest I didn't want to just go to bed for beds sake. I wanted more than that from a woman.

That didn't mean that I didn't fool around with kissing or hand jobs, and sometimes running my hand under a shirt or two. I just didn't commit to going all the way. The last thing I wanted was someone who felt a connection that I didn't after sex, and then I had to deal with finding a way to get away without hurting her feelings

Some men may not understand that and some might. Some of us aren't born with the gift of gab or the willingness to sleep with anything that moved. I might have tempted myself with a lot of things but casual sex just wasn't one of them or in the make up of who I was.

But another concern I had was if the woman would go to bed with me at a drop of a hat, what might I gamble at catching from her or her previous partners? And to be honest I just didn't have enough experience, and waiting was far easier.

Anyway, I had the need to visit Katie's company a few different times after finding out Katie worked there to see various people about their problems. I made it a point to always stop by just to say hello, but didn't stay long.

Eventually I found she was the girl Friday for her company. It was a non-profit fund for the arts business where she organized many things for the other members to keep them up to speed.

Working up the nerve I finally asked Katie out. I used the guise of wanting to catch up with what was going on in her life since we graduated.

She accepted by way of asking "What took you so long?"

What I found out during one of the many dates that followed our first one was that Katie always wondered why I didn't ask her out back in college. She was used to men always trying something or wanting to take her to bed if they gave her any help.

Katie told me she was surprised that I always helped her but always left soon after she understood what she needed to do for her class. That intrigued her about me. She hadn't met anyone before who didn't try to put the moves on her in some form or fashion.

Eventually Katie told me she started to make up excuses to see me in the computer lab, even though she had long since started to understand her class. She even started to fake lack of understanding to see me.

She said all she wanted was to see the quiet, but helpful boy, who asked nothing from her and appeared to expect nothing in return.

But she was always surprised that I never asked her out. Katie often wondered about me and if I even liked girls. And when I came to visit her company she decided she would finally get me to ask her out.

And here I thought I was being slick by waiting as long as I did to show my interest.

We dated exclusively for six months before we both knew it was right and I popped the question. I did the cliché thing and put the ring in her champagne glass during dinner. Katie of course said yes and I could have floated home I was so happy.

But that old trick almost ended badly. A cop having dinner behind me saw what I did and thought I was putting a date rape drug in Katie's drink. He tackled me from behind when I went to get down on one knee and had me on the floor. It was only when he heard what I said and Katie squeal yes that he let me up.

He felt bad but I was happy that he was dedicated enough to watch out for people even during his time off. Imagine if he had just looked away and I was trying to drug her?

Then only thing that had to wait was that Katie told me the only thing her father had told her mother from the moment she was born until he died was that he wished she would go into marriage a virgin. Her mother impressed that on her and pointed out that it was the only thing her father ever wanted. As such Katie was determined to honor his only wish since he had died.

I was ok with that because to be honest I didn't know anything either and I didn't want to be caught looking stupid or embarrassed if she knew far more than I did. I didn't mind learning, but I've always found that some people have very little patience if they think you are taking too long to learn things you should have already known.

But I did surf the web and read everything I could find. I also found a few sites on the Kama Sutra as well the best way to make love. I might not have any practical experience, but I was determined that I would have more book knowledge than anyone else in the world.

So Katie and I never went all the way, but we did make out hot and heavy quite a few times. Katie also let me touch her quite a few times under her shirts or blouses.

The first time I tried she started to balk, but when I pointed out she had been doing the exact same thing to me for weeks and it was my turn she settled down. Her only condition was that I had to keep it above belt.

During all this joy the only "fly in the ointment" to say was her roommate, and very best friend from college, Teala Johnston.

Teala and Katie were polar opposites.

Katie was 5'9 with very long blonde hair down her back and a figure at 38DD-28-38. She was all soft and nothing but curves. Katie also had a cute thin upper lip and a slightly fuller, but still kissable bottom lip.

Her friend Teala was somewhat slimmer at 5'8 with short brown hair often styled into man's cut. She also had a modest and very athletic (that I was to learn also later) 32b-22-33 build.

Teala was also gifted with what I was later told was called "dick sucking lips". They were very full and heart shaped, and she often would lick them in a way that made men stop and stare at her. Many men on the street solely stopped to watch her lick her lips like she did when she was out, and she always smirked at them once she was finished as she walked away.

I knew she enjoyed of their reactions to what she did. It was why she did it so often.

During our senior year in college Teala had gone to an end of year frat party, gotten fall down drunk, and ended up pulling a train with every frat member there. That wasn't anything new because Teala was always going through men like someone blowing their noses on tissue paper.

Problem was a month later she missed her period. It took a while but she eventually found the father of her daughter, but that didn't happen until shortly after Katie and I were married.

I have no idea how Katie stayed a virgin with a roommate who turned sex into an Olympic gold medal sport she was training hard for, but she did.

During the time while we were dating Teala did her best it seems to break us up or prove to Katie that I wasn't any different than all the other men who were sniffing around her in college. That once Katie refused to have sex with me I would disappear into a cloud of smoke and that she should have given it up long before now.

For example: I had always jus thought that Teala was just really slim, but one Saturday I came over to see Katie and Teala was getting ready for her morning run. She answered the door in a spandex pair of really short shorts and bra top. Her shorts were so short that I could see that, while her hips were very slim, they were very rounded and her butt cheeks were peeking out from underneath her shorts.

It was apparent to me right then that Teala wasn't thin, just very athletically built and slender. That morning in her tight clothing I could see she actually was proportioned quite well and very lean.

The way her hips flexed in her shorts as she turned to let me in, and the look of her very flat and ripped stomach, made it hard for me to keep from staring at her.

Teala always walked like a cat and looked like she could really wear out her partner given half a chance. She had a feline grace to her walk which made her hips roll while she was dressed like that. It looked like two kids under a blanket fighting when she walked

But then all I had to do was remember how much I disliked her and it was easy to avoid looking at her that way. Once I could put everything in perspective I found her quite easy to resist looking at.

Teala then decided that she needed to do her morning stretching right then and there while I was seated on the couch waiting for Katie to get ready.

I didn't know it yet, but I quickly learned three things:

One, Katie and I would be waiting until Teala got back before we could leave for our Saturday morning outing. Katie normally sat with Callie until Teala finished her five mile run. Katie thought Teala would forgo it since she had made plans with me to go to an art fair, but Teala shocked us by leaving for her run before Katie came downstairs.

When Katie came down I had to tell her that Teala had just left and I was then informed we would need to wait until Teala came back as Callie had no one to watch her and she was still sleeping.

Not that I would have left the small child alone anyway, but that irritated me. She didn't ask us to wait. She just assumed that we would and left.

Two, earlier while I waited I learned that Teala was unbelievably flexible. While I was waiting Teala took great pride in trying to draw my attention to what she was doing and I worked just as hard to not look. Teala could bend in ways that didn't make sense and put ideas in my head I didn't like.

I could tell she intended to do that by the way she smirked at me as she watched my discomfort in trying to keep from watching her. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, but I refused to look directly at her.

How anyone could lay on their stomach on the floor and then put their ankles up by their ears was a mystery to me. Of course that was right after she did the full splits and put her chest on the floor and then grabbed both ankles. The ease at which she did it was surprising.

And three, I knew after that I wouldn't be going to their place early anymore incase Teala decided to do more than just stretch. I might really dislike her, but she had a really tight body and I didn't need her using that to try and to come between Katie and myself.

What if she met me at the door naked or claimed I was trying to paw her to Katie? No I didn't need that I thought at the time and never tempted fate a second time.

But I did now understand why she had so many sexual partners. I've always heard that very flexible women are something that a lot of men seek to have been with at least "once" in their life. Teala must be trying to fulfill the wishes of the better part of the male metropolitan area.

It also explained why she had as many dates as she could squeeze in. A few times when I dropped Katie off I would see a man exit as soon as Katie entered their apartment, and he was often just fastening his pants. It was rarely the same man. I guess that Teala managed to get Callie down at some point so she could enjoy her evening.

The one other time that always came to mind that Teala tried to make me look bad and force my hand, was when I went to pick up Katie for a date about a month after the stretching incident.

Katie lived about thirty minutes away from me and I had a big day planned the next day so I tried to get to the apartment to pick Katie up early for out date so that I could be home no later than 11pm at best.

When I arrived I found that Teala had left Katie to watch her daughter Callie. Teala told her that she would be right back, but she needed to meet her mom and get in some shopping without taking the two year old with her. Katie said Teala swore it wouldn't take long.

Katie was sorry but she told me that she had agreed to watch Callie for a few hours and she thought that Teala would have been back by now. Teala had already been gone about two hours before I arrived. Katie had told Teala the night before that we had a date to see a movie Katie badly wanted to see. She had also told Teala that I wanted to get home early

Imagine my surprise when Teala rolled in with her mom at 10:45 and told us we could now leave. I could smell alcohol on her breath and when she dropped her purse on the end table I saw two movie ticket stubs in the top. She had gone to the very movie Katie had been asking me to take her to see.

After that I didn't tell Katie anything about our dates other than to ask her what her plans were that day. A few times after that I still made the mistake of standing outside to wait for Katie. Teala would say "I'll be back in a minute" and sneak out, and several hours later she would return knowing that we wouldn't leave her small daughter in the house alone until she returned.

From that point on I waited in a running car for Katie to come out.

About a year after we married I heard that Teala eventually found the father of Callie. She had tested everyone who was a member of the fraternity via court order and proved it to him via a DNA test. It took her a long time because all the members of that fraternity were fighting the court ordered DNA tests.

Brent Slate, Callie's father, didn't want Teala in Callie's life given how she was in college. Not that it said much about him since he was also there, took part in that massive gangbang, and was apparently the one who impregnated Teala at the time.

Surprisingly Teala quite easily agreed to sign over her parental rights to him and never looked back.

Once she did that Teala was able to go back to the wild party lifestyle that Callie was keeping her from. Often when I spoke to Katie about what Teala had done Katie would just shake her head. Teala seemed to be trying even harder to work her way through the male population of our city.

I knew that I never liked that bitch even once.

But to just walk away from her child like she was the thing that was hold her back to me is unforgivable. That was a person who needed a stable life and Teala was only concerned with find someone to put something between her legs.

She didn't even come to our wedding even though Katie asked. Teala said that her new job was transferring her out of town and she wouldn't be able to take off any time at the start.

Later I would come to realize that not asking what that job was would later bite me in the ass. I hadn't asked the entire time we were dating what Teala did for a living and I didn't then. I just didn't care enough to know any more about Teala than I had too.

All I could think of at the time was, "The best wedding present you ever gave me Teala was to not show up".

We might not have been experienced when Katie and I married but the two of us more than made up for it with enthusiasm.

I shared the fruits of my research with Katie and she was game to try a lot of the things I found. The only things that she wasn't into were oral, giving or receiving, and anything that would be considered a fetish.

On oral, Katie said that she didn't know if she would ever be able to kiss me ever again if I put my mouth on her that way. That she would always be thinking of where my mouth had been every time I tried.

Anal was also off the table. Katie told me unless I wanted her to put something in my ass first "to just give it a chance once to see if I liked it" to stop pestering her about her doing it.

When she put it that way I quickly took it off the list of things I would ever get to experience in my lifetime. But anytime we got the urge we would pull out my research and find new things to give a try.

It was after Katie and I were married for about a year that Katie and I started to discuss pregnancy. We both decided to wait until we had been married about another year and then try

But again fate found the need to humor itself.

Apparently that "conversation" was all we needed to have.

Condoms are only 99% effective and Birth control pills are roughly the same, so one might think the two together would make it almost 100%, right? But no, Katie got sick and was on antibiotics, and we didn't understand the implications of what that meant.

At the end of her cold we had some wild sex because it had been over a week since we had been together, and we were still newlyweds. The pent up desire we for each other was overwhelming. We later learned that we needed to give her birth control pills a chance to catch up since the antibiotics interfered with them, and I apparently was using a faulty condom.

So Stacy Marie Thomas was soon added to the family.

During that year I also got a job offer from one of the customers I visited as the assistant manager. I got job offers all the time, but this one was for almost four times the money, double the benefits, 401K matching, and better insurance. I would be working in their IT department as a Network systems analyst. I would get the chance to put to use all the knowledge I was accumulating.

I hated to take it because of my loyalty to the company that put me in the position to get it, but I now also had a family to think about. I explained it to my employer what was going on and why I was leaving. Smiling, he also said I would be a fool not to take it.

Soon after that I gave my two week notice and headed out.

While I was getting used to my new job we found out that Katie was pregnant again. Nine months after that, Michael Charles Thomas was added to the family. Katie had decided to stay at home for a while to raise the children while they were little. She said that once Michael started school she would go back to work.

I was fine with her decision to stay at home, but I didn't want her to be stressed by that selfless action. So I worked out a schedule with Katie. Even though she was home during the day I would do all the dishes when I came home. I was responsible for all the yard work, trash, and making dinner. I also took over watching the kids to give her a break to unwind from them.

Katie also managed to work in time go to the gym to try to lose her pregnancy weight, but only about three days a week. After she returned to her college weight she kept going to stay toned.

I made it a point to ensure that everyone at the office knew that on those days I couldn't work over for any reason, as I had two small children who needed me to give Katie that break at the gym. I kind of led them to believe it was because of the children's health problems, but I did it to ensure Katie got the time she needed for herself.

I also made sure to get a babysitter and take Katie out for some "adult" conversation and time. I knew she needed to get out and mix with others. My wife liked to dance and so did I, but I didn't keep her from dancing with others if they asked. Only she determined who she wanted to dance with.

The only thing we both agreed on was if the man's hands wandered even once then she was done dancing with them forever. A few men tested that, but after Katie walked off the Dance floor and left them standing there looking stupid they quickly got the message. The only one allowed to grope or press up against Katie was me.

After I was at my new job for a year, and going into the third year of my marriage, I was told that I was needed in Washington DC to support one of the older satellite offices. The office wasn't nearly as big as where I was working now, but it came with a substantial raise and they needed me yesterday.

I talked it over with Katie and she was game for it. She had already moved once from the small coal mining town in the hills of Ohio, so this would be a new adventure for us.

So after three years of marriage and two small children we headed out to the nation's capital. We would be living in a home provided for us by the company in the outer lying suburbs.

Once we were there we would take over the payments for three years as renters with an option to purchase it at the end of the lease. That way if we found something better later we weren't locked into it.

I can still remember that day when everything started to go wrong with our marriage because we had been married just four years. We hadn't even reached the seven year itch point. We had only been settled for about a year at this point in our new home.

We were having pot roast. I had put it in the crock pot when I got up for work at 6:30 am, and once I came home I found Katie had already made "Au gratin" potatoes for me and I finished the rest of the meal while she set the table.

I remember when she said those five word I heard nothing for a moment until she said "Jason are you alright?"

"I'm good, what did you say?" I asked praying I heard wrong.

"I said I ran into Teala today. You know my old roommate," said Katie.

"Yes, so how is she doing? What is she up to now?" I asked, but my heart wasn't really in it.

What Katie said to me about Teala I have no idea. I could have fallen off the side of a cliff and I wouldn't have noticed or cared.

But something she said snapped me back into the conversation.

"What was that?" I asked.

Katie had been talking about meeting Teala at the market as she shopped for something that she saw on TV she thought the children might like to try.

"I said that I invited her over for dinner tomorrow night. And she wanted me to go out with her for a few drinks afterwards to catch up," Katie said.

"Do you think that's a good idea?" I asked with concern.

"Why? Why would that be an issue?" asked Katie.

Exactly how do you say "Because your best friend is a whore who can't keep her panties up if I stapled them to her waistline or her life depended on it? Or that every man she meets she just has to give a test drive" and not sound like you're an untrusting jealous husband?

"I'm just curious has she, uhm, calmed down much? I mean she was pretty wild in college and right before we were married," I said

"Yes she has a job as chief aid to Congresswoman Candace Marshall from Iowa. Teala is working hard to change her image. She even has people working directly for her now. She's very responsible," said Katie proudly.

I tried to keep up the front, but inward I was saying "Yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it," but I wisely kept my mouth shut.

"So what is the plan for tomorrow night?" I asked, dreading the answer.

As Katie rattled on excitedly I wasn't really listening. I could feel the dread slowly filling me

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