Connexxx - the Office Bitch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Thriller Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex,

Desc: Thriller Sex Story: Chapter 1 - At ConneXXX Ltd Gemma Litten, the office bitch has been stealing money through the books while keeping ‘the old man’ Smith happy with blowjobs. Then the old man leaves and is replaces by a young black man. But Gemma can play any man, black or white....

She sat behind her desk watching as he walked out. The 'Old Man' had his stuff in a box and was looking around the room again. He still looked shocked by the speed of the procedure. From the first phone call from head office to the final visit from senior management had been a week. One week was all it took to bring a career crashing down. She smiled sweetly at him as he looked at her. "Gemma..." he started then looked away and started walking towards the exit.

Fucking old fart, she thought. Gemma Litten's seductive lips widened the smile into a grin as she watched him leave. Being his Personal Assistant she had received the first call and felt her heart jump as she heard the words 'Accounts Department'. Gemma was sure she'd been found out. Or they'd found the Shailling account - her little nest egg where the skimmed money she took from the company went. The Old Man had called her in and told her about the call. About how there was a question mark over the accounts. She did as she was told and brought the books in and they went through them. She saw the entries for the Shailling Account and was relieved when he missed them. He couldn't see it.

Gemma had felt the weight leave her shoulders as she quickly moved the money from that account to another one. She made sure she used a colleague's computer. That black dyke bitch Angie had it coming since she tried putting a complaint in about her. Gemma had found Angie in the stationary storeroom with Stacy, a new blonde girl in the department. Both half-dressed. Stacy, on her white knees, eating that nigger bitch's black cunt. After that she ruled over them. Making the women do what she wanted. Or everyone would know about the office lesbos. Part of the fun was sending messages to them. Stacy got emails from anonymous email accounts addressed to the nigger lover or the nigger's slave. They contained pictures of naked black women asking if she got wet. Angie got it as well. She found herself opening pictures of lynchings and black slaves and questions about how much she was worth. When Angie went and saw the Old Man Gemma wasn't worried. Angie was the one who got the warning and told to apologise to Gemma. God, it felt good, watching that black bitch have to say sorry. The first time she got them alone Gemma made sure she knew who was the boss. "You can't fucking touch me, you nigger cunt!" she told the black woman in the very storeroom she caught them in. "Now you and that little blonde dyke will do what you're fucking well told. I'm the boss, you are the slaves. We clear?"

" ... Yes," they said.

Gemma looked at the two dykes. ""Yes, what?" she demanded.

"Yes, Ms Litton." Stacy said quietly.

Gemma smiled and slapped her hard. Stacy held her face as Angie looked on stunned. "Try again. Dyke." Gemma told the white girl.

"Yes," Angie said through gritted teeth. "Yes ... Mistress."

Gemma stepped back. "See." she beamed. "The slave gets it. Now say it, you cunt-licking bitch." Stacy looked at Angie, tears in her eyes. Angie gave her a quick nod and took Stacy's hand. "Awww, so sweet." Gemma pouted. "Say it!"

"Y ... yes ... Mistress." Stacy finally got out.

"Not so hard, was it?" Gemma smiled.

It was when she got back to her desk he called her in and told her to watch her back and that Angie was a troublemaker. Gemma thanked him, saying how she didn't know what the problem was and how she'd tried to get on with the woman. When she left the office the first thing she did was make sure Angie was signed up with all the porn spam she could find.

Gemma looked across the office then and knew she was in charge. She was Queen Bee. The rest of them knew it too. She watched them look away from her. Gemma asked for something and she got it as she had the boss's ear. She knew the rumours said she had something else but she didn't care. They wouldn't dare say it to her face or it was bye-bye job. Gemma had them all by the balls.

Gemma Litton had learned at college the secret of power. It was a mix of good looks and the willingness to ignore the rule book. That meant learning that everyone had secrets. Like the girls gym coach having an affair with one the married teachers. The right words to the coach and she got what she wanted. In this case the position of captain of the cheerleader squad. Men were easier. For a woman to get power over them there was no better way than simple aiming where their brains were - between their legs. Within a week she was the football captain's girl. And no-one fucked with him so no-one fucked with her! That dumb jock had taught how easy it was to use men when you gave them a long, deep blowjob - and always pay attention to the balls. They would do anything after that. When Gemma left college she had a pass in most of her classes thanks to that married teacher who got her the papers ahead of time.

Work was just as easy. She used her sex and blackmail to get ahead everytime. Finally she arrived at her current place of employment and found her new boss just as pliable. The Old Man was like every other man - a sucker for a good blowjob. So as long as she kept up the pleasure she was safe. That's when the idea of getting herself a bonus hit her. The scam was simple. Set up the account and put through some fake transactions. Gemma kept them small so they wouldn't appear unusual. She would print up fake invoices at home and slip them into the records at work. She was surprised at how easy it was and how lazy the audits were too let them slip passed.

Then the call from the Accounts Department. It seemed they had been doing an audit on the finances through the computer and had gone a bit deeper than normal. Checking and double-checking, confirming and re-confirming. The fake transactions had popped up. She had worried about it. But more importantly Gemma made sure it was her who suggested the police be called, but only after she had moved the money through one of the other's computers. She remembered the day they walked Angie out. Two big cops leading that bitch out as she yelled she'd been set up. It was only when their eyes met that Angie fell silent and Gemma saw an understanding there. Something clicked. "You ... cunt!" Angie said and started yelling. "YOU FUCKING CUNT!" Gemma smiled as she saw Stacy's tears watching her black lover being led out in handcuffs. The Old Man was sympathetic, shaking his head at how one person could be so filled with hate that they would try and frame someone else. Gemma lifted her head from his cock and agreed before he shot his load over her hands.

"How could you?" Stacy asked in the store cupboard later. Gemma had shoved her in an locked the door after her. "How could you!" she demanded again. Gemma pushed the white girl against the wall. She just smiled at the girl.

"She's gonna have a lot of girlfriends now." Gemma said. "Every colour of the dyke-fucking-rainbow hunting for that pussy."


Gemma put a finger to the girls lips, silencing her. "You want to join her?" Stacy shook her head. "Good girl." Gemma said.

"Listen," Stacy began and Gemma felt the girl's body against hers. It felt warm and young and firm. "I'll..."

"What?" Gemma whispered pushing her face closer to Stacy's.

"I'll do anything..." she said and gently pressed her soft lips against Gemma's...

Gemma pulled back softly. "Anything?" she asked.

"Anything." Stacy agreed.

"Will you get down on your knees and lift my skirt?"

" ... Yes." Stacy said. "Mistress."

"Nice," Gemma noted. "Remembering your place."

"Yes, Mistress," Stacy said softly.

"You gonna make me cum, Stacy?"

"If you ... want..." the girl said and saw the glint in Gemma's eye.

"And all I have to do is what?"

Stacy cleared her throat. " Help Angie." she said, pleadingly.

Gemma pressed her face to Stacy's, opening her lips playfully. Stacy went to kiss them and found herself slammed against the wall. "Fuck you, you dumb dyke!" Gemma grinned and walked away, unlocking the door. "I was you, I'd get a new nigger to be a bitch for." she told the girl as she heard the tears start. "That whore's gonna be too busy eating pussy behind bars!" Gemma laughed, leaving the sobbing girl alone.

Much to Gemma's disappointment the case went nowhere. Angie had an alibi for the time she was meant to be transferring the money. There were no charges but Angie didn't come back. The company didn't invite her back either, giving her redundancy deal that included an agreement she wouldn't sue or they would drag any action out. Stacy had quit within days after that.

Then, suddenly, the Old Man was gone. Given early retirement officially but really fired for letting 'Angie' steal so much. They were cleaning house. Tightening up the systems. Everything would be through the computers. Serious audits would be quarterly and unannounced. Gemma knew the good days were gone. It was time to move on. They were offering a good package for people to go. Times were getting tight and the banks were beginning to implode. She'd heard the Old Man had died. Heart attack, through stress. Apparently he'd never been the same after being forced out. Well, fuck him. She had looked in the mirror of the Ladies and sized up what she saw. A good-looking blonde woman in her late 20s. Well, the blonde came out a bottle to cover her natural dark brown as men liked the sight of blonde hair bobbing up and down on their laps. She still had her figure. That would look good on the beach for picking up some stupid rich fuck. A good firm butt and shapely legs, all poured into a skin-tight light blouse and dark skirt. "You are damn HOT!" she told herself and blew a kiss at the fuck-hot woman looking back at her. Gemma got down to the business of fixing her hair and make-up. The new boss was due in and she wanted to look good. A few weeks of the dumb blonde sex-bomb and she'd hand her notice in. Then walk away rich and beautiful and give them all the finger. Good-bye, thanks for all the money and fuck off, shitheads. She was ready. Hair perfect. Face perfect. She put her hands on her fuck-me hips and...

Gemma undid two more buttons on the blouse and pushed up her breasts. The new boss was male. Some guy named Jones who had a firm but fair reputation. He was younger than the old fuck that'd just left. That was all she knew about him. But unless he was gay there wasn't a man who couldn't say no to this cleavage. Shit, it'd got her off enough parking tickets. Stepping back Gemma looked at herself and smiled. The bitch was fucking ready!

She left the Ladies and walked through the office. She didn't need to look. Gemma knew what they were thinking. The guys wanted her and women hated her. Fuck them all. She turned, sniffing as she surveyed the office. It was neat, tidy. The desk weren't cluttered with junk. "Good." she said to the shitheads behind the desks. "Nice and tidy. Let's keep that standard up."

Gemma spun on her heel and stopped as she saw the man leaning on the doorframe behind her, his arms folded. He was handsome, black, maybe around her age and wearing a suit that had the expensive look to it. Gemma smiled, aware of the sudden smell of money about him. "Can I help you?" she asked, noticing the interested looks from the other women. Back off, bitches, she thought. He is mine.

The black stud smiled. Then looked at the door and read the name on it. He looked back at Gemma, his eyes moving up and down her curves. "Well, it's the right place. I'm Sam Jones. The new boss." he said, his eyes stopping at Gemma's cleavage.

Hook, she thought, stepping forward and extending a hand. "Gemma Litton," she smiled sweetly, "I'll be your personal assistant."

Sam Jones took her hand and shook it gently, not releasing it. "Miss Litton?" he asked.

"Correct." she replied, letting him hold her hand. No wedding ring. Not that clever, Sherlock, she thought. Gemma could feel the daggers being stared into her by the cunts behind her. Fuck-You-All. He still hadn't let her hand go. "Never married." she told him, aware of the effort he was making not to look at her breasts.

He smiled and finally released her hand. "So you want to make the introductions?"

Gemma knew what she wanted to and it wasn't involve these bitches but ... She played the good PA and did the introductions before showing him his office. "You didn't bring anything, Mr Jones?" she said.

"Still down in the car. Call me Sam." he replied.

"If you let me have your keys I'll get someone to bring the stuff up. Sam." Gemma smiled. Nice butt, she thought. Looks trim, fit. Never fucked a nigger before, she thought, but he's as male as the rest of the dumb fucks. And if he's a good fuck, maybe hang around for a couple of weeks more.

Sam handed her his keys. "It's the BMW. The dark blue one."

BMW ... Good suit ... Gemma almost sighed and could feel the juices start to flow. Good-looking and got money. Nothing got her wetter...

The first week was very professional. Sam Jones went through the files to bring himself up to speed, all under Gemma's guidance. The Shailling account had long gone. The money syphoned off to another account where it was nice and safe and accruing interest. She also made sure her tits were pushed into his vision at every opportunity. It was at a late night meeting when the offices were empty she made her move, accidentally 'spilling' some juice over his lap and going to pat it up she felt the size of his 'package'. "Oh, my." she said looking into his eyes as her hand felt something long and thick down there. "It's true?"

"What is?" Sam asked, smiling and opening his thighs as he hand slid down the bulge of his crotch.

"About black men?" Gemma explained, still keeping up the dumb blonde routine.

"You never seen a black man's cock?" he asked.

"Ohh..." she cooed.

"Good-looking woman like you must have guys hitting on her all day?" Sam smiled, noticing her hand had moved. He could feel the blood stirring and looked at the cleavage on show in front of him.

Gemma shrugged. "Oh, yes, but..."

"OOH GOD!" Gemma yelled and gripped the desk as she ground backwards onto Sam. His huge black cock was deep inside her stretched cunt. Her skirt was around her waist and the blouse wide open. Both her tits were free of the bra and bouncing around as she rode that black stud. "COME ON, COME ON ... COME ON!!!" she cried out as he met every one of her thrusts...

Her first nigger cock, she thought as she reached down and felt his balls begin to tighten. It felt so right. This was a cock. A real fucking man's cock. Better than that small shrivelled needle that old man had. She listened to his grunting behind her and knew he was near cumming. Quickly she lifted herself off and sank down between his open knees, gripping the wet black shaft with both hand. God, he was big. So wonderfully big that both hands were needed to grip the shaft and there was still some cock to spare. "Aahhhhh..." he moaned as she pulled the foreskin all the way back.

"Yeah, cover my tits," she urged, fucking that thick shaft with both her hands. They looked so white against the blackness of the cock. "Cover my big, white tits!" she said, hearing the pleading in her voice.

Sam pushed her hands off and grabbed his cock, then her hair. He began jerking the cock quickly. "AAAAHHHH!!!" he cried out and his balls exploded, sending thick white streams of cum over Gemma's tits and face. He seemed to cum for ages, spraying her with hot spunk. He smeared the last few drops over her face and lips then sat back watching her lick the semen from around her mouth. "First black guy, huh?" he said, satisfied.

Gemma slowly smeared and massaged the warm juices into her tits and smiled as she licked her fingers. "Mmmmm..." she nodded.

"Am I your first..." she started, scooping up the blobs from her face and licking them from her hands.

"White woman?" he said. "Yeah."

"Was I good?" she asked innocently, running the tip of her tongue up his softening shaft.

"Oh, yeah." Sam agreed.

Gemma smiled, kissing the head of his dark cock. Hook ... Line ... Sinker...

Sam Jones was like any other male, Gemma thought as he fucked her up against the wall in the store room. She clung onto his strong shoulders as she felt that glorious black cock pushing up inside her. Like any other male nigger, she corrected. Give him a white pussy and he'll be a bigger sucker than the white guys. Jones kept a looser eye on things than the Old Man did. Mainly because he was watching her ass or her tits. He let her get on with running the office and as long as Gemma gave him her white pussy and lots of sloppy blowjobs, she had free reign. There were the inevitable resignations over things she did but fuck them. They were replaced easily.

Gemma felt him cum and slowly pull out of her before he let her down. She watched the dumb black stud remove the full condom and toss it in a bin then put that big, black monster away. Sam kissed her on the forehead and left the cupboard first. Gemma left a few minutes later. She walked into the office and surveyed her domain. Slaves, she thought, looking at the women. All of them white. It was for the better. No nigger cunts to fuck things up for her. She sat down at her desk and brought up the accounts then quickly noted down on paper what ones she'd skim next with the new account. Goodbye Mrs Shailling, hello Mr Lyndon.

It continued. His deep. black voice came down the intercom or the phone and she would adjust her clothing suitably before walking into his office. She would soon be across his desk and have her long longs wrapped around powerful torso as he pounded into her soft, white love-lips. Sam would take his time and slowly fill her up till she felt every inch of her vagina filled with hot, thick, hard black cock. Reaching down she felt there was still some cock to go. "More!" she panted.

"More?" he grinned. kneading her milky, white tits.

"MORE!" Gemma yelled.

"More." he said and SLAMMED the rest of his length inside her.

"AAAHHHH!!!" she groaned, arching her back as his cock stretched her fuckhole to capacity...

"More, bitch!" Sam said bending over her and began plunging his HUGE, BLACK SHAFT into her soft hole.

"AAAA ... AHHH ... AUUUU..." Gemma moaned wrapping her arms around him as he FUCKED her!

As she walked out of the office, she knew the rest of them had heard it. She smiled and sat down. He was hers. Fuck them all.

The condom was full of his warm seed after another hard, sweaty 'meeting', this time in a hotel room. She was naked and knelt up on the bed, still straddling his muscular thighs. She took the used condom and upturned it, squeezing the thick, warm contents onto her tits and massaged them in with both hands. "Mmmm..." she moaned.

Sam took his cock in hand and gently tapped the head against her pussy. Gemma climbed off him and walked towards the en-suite bathroom. She turned and walked backwards, letting her fingers rub her clit. Sam got up and followed her in, pushing Gemma into the shower. Then onto her knees.

He was getting hard again already...

The first time he stayed at her place overnight, she made sure there was nothing to make him suspicious. Not that he was going to look. Gemma made sure of that. On all fours, in front of the TV, Sam was watching himself fucking Gemma from behind. She had suggested it, setting up the camera and letting him watch himself being blown by her. She would watch herself later, her blonde head bobbing up and down, her lips savouring his impressive black cock. It seemed to make him harder and hornier.

Gemma felt his fingers run through her hair then grab and pull her up. She watched him fucking her as she reveled in every deep, powerful thrust into her as her tit swung back and forth and side to side as the black man pulled her back onto his huge shaft. "AAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhh..." she groaned.

"Like that black cock inside you?" he panted.

"UUUUUHHhhhhh ... Fuck me, you big, black motherfucker!" Gemma groaned...

"AH ... Kinky ... UHH ... Fucking ... AHHH ... Bitch, ain't ya!"

"Deeper!" she ordered. "I wanna feel you fucking balls!"

"Mmmmmnnnnnnnn..." he groaned sinking every inch into her...

When she watched it back later, Gemma saw her eyes roll upwards and remembered how those big, beautiful balls felt in her fingers as he went ball-deep inside her and she reached back between her legs...

Jesus, he felt so fucking BIG!!!!!

Gemma was on her knees behind his desk, his big, black cock and balls in her hands. "Mmmmm..." he moaned as she kissed the shaft.

"You like that, boss?" she purred.

"I love it." he replied, his eyes closed.

She stroked the shaft with her fingers, admiring the contrast of white on black. "I loved watching your big, black cock FUCK my white pussy..." she said softly.

He looked down at her. "Gemma the porn star," he smiled.

She grinned back, licking her lips. "Starring in 'Black-fucked'." she cooed and pushed a hand down into the open trousers between his legs.

"Wha--" he said suddenly then smiled. "Ooooohhh..."

"Let it in..." Gemma said softly and felt him relax. "My place tonight." she added, working his thick shaft as she sank a finger into his ass...

She watched it back after he left. Gemma watched every hard, sweaty pornographic second of it. God, he was fucking good. She couldn't stop watching that big, black cock slowly filling out her pink pussy lips. She moved it forward frame-by-frame, watching that thick shaft stretching her wider and wider and wider, remembering how it felt to be filled by hot, throbbing black cock.

Gemma gasped as she came again just watching it...

It was one of the late night sessions where she made sure there was no way she could be caught. Mr Lyndon had been sent a few more hundred and the transactions were excised from the computers. There was nothing that could tie her to any missing money. The building was empty but for the security guards who thought she was finishing up some paperwork. Gemma switched the computer off and got her coat and bag. She left the offices and went down in the elevator. Getting out at the underground car park she glanced up at the security cameras with their single low red light showing they were on. Gemma took her car keys and opened the door of the small car she used for the office. That would be going. Something good and big and expensive would replace it. She deserved it.

Gemma took another glance at the car park and felt the hand grab her hair from behind. She was going to ram her elbow back when she felt the knife at her throat. "Hello, bitch!" the voice said.

"Hello, nigger." Gemma smiled, freezing as she recognised voice. Female, black. Angie.

"Thought you could fuck me over?" Angie told her and shoved Gemma against the car. Gemma slowly turned and saw Angie. She was unmasked. A glance told her the cameras were still running.

Gemma smiled, ignoring the knife Angie held. "Fuck you, nigger." she sneered.

The slap was quick, hard. Gemma rubbed her cheek and looked at Angie. "Once upon a time, a nigger did that and swung for it. They'd just find a tree and string 'em up. There was even a song about it. Strange Fruit." she said. "Nigger song."

"Fuck you, cunt." Angie spat.

"Smile, nigger, you're on candid camera." Gemma grinned.

"Am I?" Angie returned the smile and Gemma nodded to the cameras.

"Maybe we could ask Mr Lyndon?" a male voice asked and Gemma froze as she recognised Sam Jones. He stepped out from the shadows.

"Sam?" she asked, putting on her dumb blonde voice.

"Cut the shit, Gemma." he told her, and held up a thick pile of print-outs. "I was onto you from day one. Angie here told me all about your bullshit."

Angie smiled as Gemma straightened herself. "Your going to believe this thief?" Gemma asked.

"What, no 'nigger' this time?" Sam said.

Gemma looked at him as he stepped up to her. "I..." she started.

"Quiet." he told her. "I have enough to send you down for twenty years minimum."

A car door closed behind her and Gemma spun round about to shout for help. Stacy stood there. The white woman walked up to her and punched her in the belly. Gemma went down hard. Sam pushed Stacy back. "Easy, Stacy." he cautioned.

"After what she did?" Stacy replied and spat on Gemma.

The cameras, Gemma thought. Someone would see it on the cameras and...

"Get up, whore!" Angie grabbed Gemma's hair and pulled her into a sitting position. "What was it you said to Stace?" she grinned. "I'd be eating plenty of pussy?"

"Fuck ... you ... niggers..." Gemma spat back then looked at Stacy. "And that means you too, nigger-lover!"

"That's the cunt we know!" Angie said.

Sam had his phone out and was looking at it.

"Wait, Sam." Stacy looked at him. "Why not give her a preview of prison life?"

"What d'you mean?" he asked.

"Make her eat pussy." Angie grinned, getting it. "Nigger pussy!"

Sam grinned as Gemma looked at them. "What?" she said.

"Sounds fair." Sam shrugged. "You fucked them, why not?"

"I'll scream!" Gemma said.

"911 it is." he said and switched on his phone.

"NO!" Gemma yelled then swallowed hard. "No ... Okay, I'll ... Just let me go. After."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Angie told her.

"What about the money?" Sam said.

"Keep it." Gemma said. "I'll get it back. Just let me go."

"How much?" Stacy asked.

"9,000." Gemma offered.

"And the Shailling account?" Sam said.

"Shaill--" Gemma fell silent. They couldn't get that. It was secure. "Never heard of it."

Sam walked up her and bent down on one knee. "You think we're related to Chicken-fucking-George. You took 2.4 million."

Angie and Stacy whistled. "How much?" Angie gasped.

Gemma looked at Sam. "Bastard." she muttered.

"I call the cops and you might have it, but you'll never be able to spend it." he said. "Unless..."

"What?" Gemma said, seeing the glint in his eyes.

"You are going to transfer that money into an account of my choosing." Sam smiled. as he walked to his car. He took out a laptop and switched it on. Holding it on front of her she accessed the account and gasped. There was nothing there! "What?" he smiled again and Gemma was starting to hate that big white grin. "Guess who was fucking who?"

"Your password was so easy." Stacy grinned.

"I..." she said hopefully. "Let me go. I won't say a word."

"And let you fuck over some other poor bastard?" Stacy said, getting down beside Sam. "You gotta pay for what you did to the Old Man."

They pulled Gemma to her feet and bundled her into the elevator. Arriving back at the office floor she was shoved out.

"You liked being the office bitch?" Sam said. "Well, your keeping your job. Office Bitch."

They took her into the office and Gemma saw the figures in the darkness. As the lights flickered on she saw all the women of the office, naked but for the huge, black strap-on cocks they were each wearing! Her gaze fell on the security guards as they walked into from a side room. All black, and unzipping their trousers. She saw them pulling out their long, black cocks...

"The bitch does what she's fucking told." Sam said, behind her. Gemma spun round to see Sam bringing his large, black monster out.

Fuck, she thought, moving around the centre of the room, looking for a way out. There was none...

"Every fucking hole, bitch." one of the women said, grinning and stroking her 'cock' seductively as she shoved Gemma back to the centre.

Fuuuuuuck ... Gemma thought again, seeing all the women were stroking their 'big, black, cocks'...

"And no fucking condoms..." Sam grinned.


Gemma ran but was caught by the women. She felt their hands grab at her, her blouse ripping open. "FUCK YOU, CUNTS! she yelled as she was pulled down and pinned onto the floor. "FUCK YOU ALL!"

"Soon, bitch," Angie said and Gemma saw Angie had removed her trousers. The black woman was naked from the waist down as she stood over Gemma's head. "But first, you're gonna eat nigger pussy, so smile, bitch, you're on candid camera." Angie finished and stepped towards Gemma...

EPILOGUE - Three months later.

The office crowded around the computer as Sam put the disc into the drive and closed it. A few clicks and the movie was playing. "There she is." he said as the screen was filled with the face of Angie walking along a dark, industrial corridor. The camera pulled back to reveal her wearing a leather corset and thigh boots and holding the dog leash. "Hello, bitch!" one of the white women leaning on Sam's shoulder said as the other end of the leash was shown.

Gemma Litten, on all fours and naked except for the gimp mask, was crawling like a dog. Angie stopped and released the leash and removed the gimp mask. Gemma blinked as she saw the old ruined factory building around her and the thick mattress on the floor. "All yours, boys." Angie smiled and walked off and Gemma's eyes widened as she looked behind her at the twenty-plus black men walking towards her...

"Oh, fuck," she muttered.

"I'm getting wet already." one of the office women said.

Sam just smiled as he felt a female hand slide over his thigh towards his crotch. He glanced at the DVD box on the desk. Gemma's face looked back from under the title: BLACK-FUCKED vol. 06. He saw another of the women had a hand down the front of her skirt as the cocks started to come out on the screen. The woman moved behind him and put her lips to his ear. She whispered to him and Sam looked round to her. "You want to be Black-Fucked, Alice?"

"Mmmmh," Alice, a brunette, nodded.

"First you got to audition." Sam smiled, pushing through the small crowd. He took Alice's hand and led her into his office for the 'audition'...

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