The Competitor
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jenny is an intern at a prestigious architectural firm, an opportunity not usually afforded to a girl attending a city college. If she's successful, it will lead to a job offer. But her competition is a rich, pretty girl attending an Ivy League university. Tiffany is the type of girl Jenny envied in high school, someone who gets everything she wants through teasing, manipulation, phony charm, and sex. So when their boss takes a "special" interest in Tiffany, Jenny is concerned.

Jenny Strutzberg glanced at her competitor across the massive oak conference room table. Mr. Johnson, standing at the front of the room, should have had her undivided attention. After all, her future depended on this assignment, but she followed her boss's stare to the platinum blonde.

When he mentioned another rule, Jenny returned her attention to Mr. Johnson and forced herself to concentrate. She had to win. She just had to. Although speaking to them both, Mr. Johnson's gaze never left Tiffany Williams. And suddenly his fluid speech was impeded with pauses. Jenny's eyes darted back and forth between her competitor and her boss like someone watching a tennis match, finally settling on the blonde. Tiffany was toying with the top button of her frilly blouse. Not the top button, but the highest fastened one; the one between her cleavage. And then, to Jenny's chagrin, the girl's fingers slipped the milky-white button through the buttonhole. Tiffany's chair was pulled out from the table and turned towards the front of the room so Jenny couldn't see what Mr. Johnson saw, but she was sure the bra was now uncovered.

The ensuing silence caused Jenny to look back at Mr. Johnson. He had shifted more towards Tiffany's side of the table and his eyes were fixated on the girl who, when Jenny looked at her again, was twirling a lock of blonde hair near her shoulder. The smile on Tiffany's face was one that Jenny had never acquired. The popular girls in high school had teased and controlled boys with those smiles, but Jenny hadn't been one of them.

When Mr. Johnson cleared his throat, Jenny turned to the front of the room. He was still staring at Tiffany, but his gaze was lower. The well-spoken executive was babbling like a brain damaged person going through speech therapy. He mumbled something about the customer's needs while gawking at Tiffany.

What's going on? Jenny thought. What's he staring at?

She dropped her pen to peek under the table and her eyes narrowed when she saw Tiffany sitting at the edge of her seat with her knees apart. Her short skirt had risen up and Jenny was sure Mr. Johnson had an unfettered view beneath it.

She's flashing him. It's bad enough she's so pretty and going to an Ivy League school. She even has a cute WASP name. This isn't fair.

"Is something wrong?" Mr. Johnson said.

The thump of Jenny's head banging against bottom of the table when she abruptly sat up sounded like a clap of thunder to the shy girl. She grabbed the back of her head and immediately regretted saying, "Ouch." The other girl's giggle reddened her cheeks.

"No. I, um, dropped my pen."

"We're going to have to get you a hard hat," Mr. Johnson said with a twinkle in his eyes. "Can't have our interns in danger. I only thought architects needed them when on a site." He chuckled and Tiffany laughed louder causing Jenny to lower her eyes and blush redder.

"So you have the customer's requirements and two weeks to complete the design," Mr. Johnson said, now looking at both girls. He leaned forward with his hands flat on the table. "Jack will be available for consultation, but is under strict orders not to offer suggestions or lead you. I will judge your work and the best one will result in a job offer. Okay, time to get to work. The clock is ticking."

"Good luck," Tiffany said.

Surprised, Jenny's head spun in the blonde's direction. It wasn't until she saw the lack of warmth in her smile that she realized it was said for Mr. Johnson's benefit.

"You too. May the best girl win."

"I will," Tiffany muttered under her breath as she re-buttoned her blouse. Jenny looked to see if Mr. Johnson had heard, but he was already out the door.

When Jenny returned to her cubicle, she dropped her notes, the customer requirements, and the blueprints on her desk. She instinctively looked at the next cubicle which was Tiffany's. It was empty. Looking around, she spotted her walking towards Jack Armstrong who was chatting with his secretary outside his office. Tiffany's arms were full, and when she got close to him her papers fell from her clutches. Both she and Jack stooped to retrieve them and Jenny noticed Jack's eyes look under Tiffany's short skirt as she sat on her haunches with her knees spread.

That fuckin' bitch! Jenny thought while clenching her fists. She's playing both of them. She's cheating. Why don't they see that? Why are guys so gullible ... so easily manipulated?

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